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Technical Data Sheet


Outdoor Termination 245 kV OHVT-245C (-1A)

Basic Description
Fluid filled outdoor termination for cables with XLPE insulation, composite insulator and silicone rubber sheds, solid rod connector bolt and support insulators

Electrical data
Relevant standard Rated voltage Uo/U (Um) Rated frequency Lightning impulse voltage 1,2/50s Power frequency voltage withstand dry (1 min) Power frequency voltage withstand wet (10 s) DC voltage withstand (15 min) Rated current Rated short-circuit current (conductor) Rated short-circuit current (sheath) 1s Total creepage distance Protected creepage distance (90 shadow) Flash-over distance Withstand voltage of support insulators (AC/DC) kV Hz kV kV kV kV kA kA kA mm mm mm kV IEC 62076 / IEEE 48 127/220 (245) 50/60 1050 318 510 as per cable as per cable 40 9100 3100 10/20

Mechanical data
Length L Outer diameter D of insulator Inner diameter of insulator Cantilever force Max. permissible radial pull at connection bolt Diameter of connection bolt Length of connection bolt Earth connection Weight approx. Silicone-Oil volume approx. mm mm mm N N mm mm kg l 3456 514 290 10500 2000 60 110 4 x M12 300

Design data
Diameter over insulation Diameter over sheath Cable screen types Max. Cross section (Cu / Al) Conductor connection Material of connection bolt Material of insulator outer surface Profile of insulator Colour of insulator Method of stress control Stress cone Max. permissible dielectric stress at core screen Insulating liquid Material of fittings Clearance between terminations 93 119 mm 160 mm Cu-wires w/o laminated foil, lead sheath, corrugated metal sheath, Cu-tape (other types and combinations on request) Approx. 1200 / 2500 mm Mechanical (shear head bolts) or Compression connector Mechanical: aluminium / Compression: same as conductor Silicone rubber regular sheds grey geometric pre-fabricated silicone rubber 8 kV/mm (at core screen of cable) Silicone oil Aluminium as per IEC 60071-1

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