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James Acevedo Mrs.

Christopher AP English /Period 3 6 Sept, 2007 Living Like Weasels Analysis 14 Analysis: I must find the purpose to life. The summer helped me escape my world, to remember what it was to live for my own happiness. It was my opportunity to look to the sky and all of nature for the answer to the problems of my life. Yet I must look beyond the scope of this world and reach out to everything in the universe that fights the choice existence of man. Everything in nature reveals life in its purest form, mindless and instinctual. Our choices and thoughts have changed the way us humans live. My mind suppresses me from the most basic existence of everything I have observed around me. I must learn to react instinctually, naturally, like everything that surrounds me. 15 Analysis: I wish now more than ever that I could escape the fruitless life I am living. There is some comfort in the emptiness of the sea. No past. No future, (The Last Samurai). I look to the stars and wish that I too could get lost in the vastness of space, to become free and encompass the full beauty of life by existing always in the present. I find no happiness in the structure and order of everyday life among the men of this world. Everything tainted and removed from what is natural and pure. Can I live without the complexities of the mind and escape to my instincts. Where events go through my life without everlasting refection or effect, and I might simply react and continue on to my

destiny. I can not escape the world of man no more that a tree can free its roots and walk without burden. Yet I have learned from nature, from the stars, from this pure life. 16 Analysis: I must learn to live my life for my principles and beliefs. To make my life worth living I will live in the present. I must not live in the past, and dwell on events that are no longer part of my life. I know some who live for the future. They long for a legacy that will be remembered long after they die, so that their existence will not be forgotten through time. I think that I once held similar beliefs, yet what kind of existence is that. To live for a time when one is not living? That can not be the most fulfilling course. No, I will live for my own happiness and for the present, when everything matters the most. I will not fear death. 17 Analysis: I believe in following the call of you heart, rather than submitting to the call of your mind. If I can escape to the simplicity of primal life I will find true happiness. For then as I inevitably die I will have completed my intended purpose and be fulfilled, and not death or my rotting bones, can diminish it. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time (Jack London).