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life sty le 45

Turning rolls into ripples
Never too late to shape up

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Forget the dreaded “freshman 15.” Jordan Galloway says he packed on a whopping 50 pounds during his first year of college. He blames his rapid exCARY CASTAGNA panse back in 2000 on a lack of activity and some poor nutritional habits. “It was not a healthy diet But it wasn’t until — drinking a lot of alcohol and stuff on weekends, and pretty much (eating) what- his early college days ever,” recalls Galloway, who ballooned from that he wandered into the weight room 150 pounds to 200. “My first year at Grant MacEwan college and mustered up the was pretty much a write-off fitness-wise. At courage to ask a that point, I was pretty low because the beer trainer how to use gut was there and I wasn’t too happy with the machines. These days, he’s that.” Galloway went on to complete a two-year the one being sought diploma program in correctional services, for advice. Galloway pumps only to decide that a career in law enforcement wasn’t for him. The following year, he iron four or five days switched to NAIT’s personal fitness training a week, usually for 45 to 60 minutes. program. “For a lot of my But that’s not the only change he made. Knowing it was imperative that he shape training, I go on how up, Galloway started practising what he I feel that day,” he explains, adding he would soon be preaching. “You have to live the lifestyle you’re going gives himself an exto teach people about,” he explains. “You’re tra day off if he’s basically a phoney if you’re not following sore. And to avoid letyour own example. Most trainers I know live ting his workouts get a healthy lifestyle.” stale, Galloway likes Chiselled to mix things up by Fast-forward to today and you’ll find Gal- rotating dumbbell loway, 24, is a chiselled 192 pounds at five- and barbell exerfoot-nine. He’s also an assistant manager cises every few and trainer at Mayfield Inn and Suites Ath- weeks. letic Club on Edmonton’s west side. “Keep the body Prior to his freshman year in college, Gal- guessing so it reloway didn’t have much trouble keeping fit. sponds a little betGrowing up on a cattle and grain farm in ter,” he says. the tiny hamlet of Altario, 374 km southeast Galloway tosses in – DAVID BLOOM, Sun Media of Edmonton, he hardly had time to slack off another 30 to 45 min- Personal fitness trainer Jordan Galloway executes an alternating front shoulder raise at the Mayfield between feeding cattle and working the utes of cardio traincrops. ing for his heart and Inn and Suites Athletic Club, 16615 109 Ave. “And if I wasn’t doing that, I was playing lungs at least twice While he gives a wide berth to processed start on a health and fitness path is to start sports,” said Galloway, who kept busy with a week, and also does a couple of weekly ses- foods, sugars, fats and alcohol, Galloway slow, and steadily build from there. taekwondo, track and field, cross-country sions of martial arts work. “Exercise and training is as complicated does allow himself occasional “cheat days,” Although he takes pride in his appear- when he splurges on sushi, chocolate and as you want to make it. It doesn’t have to be running, basketball, volleyball and badance, he says, “I’m more geared to making diet Pepsi. minton. some scary thing where you have to do these “There wasn’t ever any days where you’re sure my health is in check at all times.” weird exercises,” he says, advising to seek Sweet tooth On the nutrition side of his fitness equajust watching TV or sitting at home.” out enjoyable activities that can be susGalloway excelled in taekwondo as a teen- tion, Galloway eats six meals a day with a “I have a sweet tooth, so chocolate is kinda tained for a lifetime. ager, eventually earning a trip to England on diet that includes oatmeal, egg whites, pro- my kryptonite,” he says. “If I do get those “The bottom line is, if you’re not happy, the national junior squad as a fresh-faced 16- tein shakes, eight to 10-ounce lean cuts of cravings, I won’t beat myself up if I have a then why are you doing it?” year-old. He notched his second-degree chicken and beef, brown rice, fruit and veg- chocolate bar.” If you have an inspirational story for Keeping Fit, e-mail Cary Castagna at ccastagna@edmsun.com gies. Galloway’s advice for anyone looking to black belt the year after that.

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