ONE IS ONE AND ALL ALONE Synopsis This is a futuristic science fiction that happens in 2045.

A spaceship is on a mission to Planet Trion and it will take two years to reach the space station there. The main character in the story is a young girl name Trish who also happens to be the only child on board on the spaceship. She feels very lonely and lings for a human play mate her age. To keep herself occupied, Trish communicates with her private diary, a Voice Printer which is multi-functional. One day, after a lesson on cloning, Trish decides to clone herself in the Bio lab on the spaceship so that she can have the perfect playmate. She creates Clo without her father’s knowledge. Everything seems great for a while but Clo soon gets on Trish’s nerves when she speaks, behaves and thinks exactly like Trish. Trish finds it most annoying when Clo starts to intrude into her most personal and private thoughts. She cannot forgive Clo for invading her privacy. Trish decides to get rid of Clo by dumping her into one of the disposal hatches. Clo will disappear forever in infinite space and nobody will ever find out about Clo. However, since Clo has access to Trish’s thoughts , Clo gets rid of Trish instead. Clo then happily assumes Trish’s identity and is very contented to be the only one on the spaceship. Clo says, “Just one… Only one..who needs two? There’s only one Me!! ‘ Clo is perfectly happy to be the only child on the spaceship, “Finally free! Alone at last!” Setting Year 2045 Spaceship in outer space Destination is Trion The biolab (Where Trish did her cloning) 2. Clo -Clo who is a clone of Trish, will have exactly the same characteristics as her. The following characteristics is only after Trish is disposed Quick thinking She pushes Trish down the hatch before Trish has timeto carry out her plan to dispose her (Pg. 56) Cautious “But that’s something I must remember from now on –my name. It isn’t Clo any more.” “Now I’m Trish” (Pg 56) Optimistic “You have no idea how wonderful it feels, how bright the future looks” (Pg. 55) Cheerful / Happy to be the only child on board “I feel terrific” (Pg 54)

41) Indulging “ Have as many as you like. a big man. on Trion. 41) Responsible “ He’s the ship’s Executive Officer. Father Busy “ Even when he talks to you. (when Trish asks whether VP is her best friend) (Pg 43) Sympathetic “ I sympathize” . I try to be. . (Pg. (when Trish complains about her loneliness) (Pg 44) Themes Loneliness Friendship and Companionship Cloning Betrayal Tolerance The importance of having our own identity. 42) Versatile “Its my private diary (Pg 42) Practical “ I hope I am. he’s glancing sideways at the latest printouts” Caring “ Everything all right?” (Pg. Voice Printer Faithful “For now. Moral Values We must learn to be contented and be thankful for what we have.“There’s only one Me!” (Pg 54) Minor Character1. (When Clo asks for a chocolate milkshake ) (Pg. I am your true friend” (Pg 43) Clever “It’s clever “ (Pg. 54) 2. But later. you will meet human companions : boys and girls like yourself .

What is the name of the planet the spaceship is heading to? ______________ 6. 1.How does Trish plan to kill Clo? ___________________ 11. Form 2 Literature: Short story .What is the name of the intelligent computer that talks to Trish? _______________ 9. We must not be so quick to judge others.When does the story take place? ___________________________________ 4.What is Trish’s favourite drink? _______________ 7.Does Trish’s father notice the difference in his daughter at the end of the story? _________ . We must think carefully before making decisions. Point of View story is told in FIRST PERSON point of view as Trish constantly talks to her diary and Clo also on the latter talks to Trish’s diary.Where does the story take place? ___________________________________ 3.'One is One and All Alone' by NicholasFisk Comprehension quiz: Give short responses to the questions below.Where does Trish create her identical twin? _________________________ 8.What is Clo’s annoying habit? _______________ 10.What is the title of the short story? __________________________________ 2.How many children are there on the spaceship? _______________________ 5.We must value friendship. We must be willing to forgive others.Who gets killed in the end? _________________ 12.

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