An  Ambrosia  Ocean  of  Sublime  Explanations:     A  Clearly  Compiled  Commentary  Based  upon  the  Close  Lineage  of  Chöd  
Composed  by  one  of  the  terton  Heruka  Dudjom  Lingpa’s  disciples  who  attained   rainbow  body,  Pema  Lungtog  Gyatso,  and  is  a  word-­‐‑by-­‐‑word  commentary  on  the   terton’s  own  chöd  revelation  known  as    

Heart  Essence  of  Saraha  
Rough  draft  translation  by  Light  of  Berotsana   Lama  Chönam  and  Sangye  Khandro.   This  excerpt  is  drawn  from  the  refuge  section  in  the  commentary.  

Then surrounding oneself, imagine an assembly that includes one’s parents, enemies, gods, demons, with all sentient beings as well. Consider that all of them are single-pointedly going for refuge with faith and devotion. To expand upon this, according to the tradition of chöd, the principal objects for refuge and the cultivation of bodhichitta involve eight groups of sentient beings. They are one’s enemies, meaning those who have aversion toward oneself; harm-doing obstructing forces; obstacle-creators who bring about certain circumstances; karmic demonic forces; bodily demonic forces; demonic forces of the frightening places—totaling six demonic forces. The remaining two are one’s parents. [For the first] those who physically abuse oneself, steal possessions, threaten, slander, and the like; who have bad intentions, such as humans, are the enemies who harbor aversion toward oneself. [Second are] those who display magical feats, such as causing one to see visions and unusual phenomena, and who stir up fear and terror causing one’s hair to stand on end are the formless god-demons who are included here as taught. Those demonic forces who bring illness and negativity to one’s body and mind and who steal one’s life force and wealth bringing torment and despair are the harm-doing demonic forces. All those who attempt to obstruct one’s body, life essence, authentic presence, reputation, merit, ability to accomplish liberation, and so forth—both temporarily
Light  of  Berotsana    /    Draft  –  August,  2012  

org   .berotsana. totaling eight. charnel grounds. one thinks. and generally those who abide there who bring both well-being and harm and specifically the keepers of those lands—these god-demons are all referred to as “the demonic forces of the places. and due to the strength and solidification of that.   Light  of  Berotsana    /    Draft  –  August. are the obstacle creators who bring about certain circumstances. confused habits emerge. Each individual country.   and ultimately—no matter what activities are engaged in. such as the four continents and Mt. grants no opportunity for liberation and is the root of all negativity. their mountains. until the entire body develops. rivers. and while the flesh. valleys. forests. oceans. and skin self-destruct at death—during this entire process. bones.  2012   www. and temples. Then those who have given one this life’s body and who have shown great kindness are one’s parents.” These are the three inner demonic forces along with the outer [three] to total six. including dwelling places. the classes of demonic forces who have been engaged only in the negative deeds of distracting one’s mind from beginningless lifetimes until now come about.” Once one’s bardo consciousness called a “gandharva” enters the mother’s womb. whether great or small. That is called “the demon that accompanies oneself” referred to here as “the karmic demonic force. Connate dimmed awareness or self-fixation on the so-called “me. Meru. stupas. The outer appearances of the universe are the combination of the five elements comprising the array of realms in this world. “I am the owner of this corporeal form made of flesh and blood. From that.” This unruly nonhuman entity is the demonic force of the body.” or whatever name is applied.

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