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iso Or The Fighting Pope's Handbook

By Pope Tar.Bz2

"The universe is not like a puzzle-box that you can take apart and put back together again and so solve its secrets. It is a shifting uncertain thing which changes as you consider it, which is changed by the very act of observation. A powerful man is not a man who dissects the universe like a puzzle-box, examining it piece by piece and measuring each piece with scientific precision. A powerful man has only to look upon the universe to change it."-Technomagos Gaelos, Codex Iperialis p. 44

A man may die yet still endure if his work enters the greater work. Time is carried upon a current incepted by forgotten deeds. Events of great moment are but the culmination of a single carefully placed thought. As all men must thank progenitors obscured by the past so we must endure the present that those who come after may continue the greater work.

First an foremost, this is not a text designed to teach someone how to do technomagic, or to explain what it is. This is a handbook designed to give to you-the reader- a small set of tools to continue to do magic, of whatever kind.

Step !- Acquiring the Familiar, or gaining access to the spirit of Codex Infinity.

One needs to create for themselves a new familiar. not of the astral or of the flesh, but of metal. In todays day and age we are surrounded by devices which are tapped into the Codex Infinity, and in the hands of the magician they can become a proper digital familiar, and more then what they are in the hand of those who are unknown to these rites. Acquire for yourself a computer. if portable then all the better (Phone, tablet, netbook are perfered as they can be taken with you and are not thought of as anything other then what they are on the surface) The Device will need to be factory reset and from then on used as ONLY a technomagic tool as your digital familiar. this means using your own phone or working pc is not an option. buy cheap if needed as long as it can store files and connect to the Codex Infinity that is all that is needed. I recommend a cheap tablet or phone over a netbook as they are small and concealable and cheaper to replace then a netbook, however the keyboard of a netbook and the ports are nice and can be used, it Is up to the magician as to what they might want. a good way to go for a phone would be a cheap prepaid model android phone from walmart or the like, or a cheap off brand tablet from biglots or where ever.

CREATING THE FAMILIAR The first file added to the device should be its core programing. when I created this method I used the same method as making an egregore except its sigil was converted to ascii and its wording was translated to hex or binary. this is saved to the device. name the device in its options the name you plan to refer to it as.

take out the battery and draw somewhere in the device the mark of creation or its sigil or whatever you are using. connect the device to the Codex Infinity and set it into the circle or magical space and give it life as one gives life to an egregore or whatever method you use. now your familiar is alive, and pulling life and energy from the codex infinity passively whenever it is connected. personalize it as wanted with backgrounds etc.


my digital familiar is more then a spirit or ghost of/in the machine. it is also my grimiore. download from the Codex Infinity any and all resources you will need to conduct magic. pdfs of occult books, pictures of seals and sigils, apps that will benefit you as a magician ( thelemic date converters, moon phase apps, etc) carry it with you at all times, this is the wizard's bag of the future. use It as such.


acquire cloud storage, separate from your own, or create a folder specifically for use of technomagic

now then when I use my digital familiar to conduct magic I do the following this can be used as a skeleton for your own ideas: !) type up spell in the familiar, or draw up sigil/seal/etc and save it to the device (take a picture, use paint app, etc) @) connect familiar to The Codex Infinity. #) upload to cloud in ritual ( is fantastic for this, as it is deleted or as the mind doesFORGETS IT- after 30 days of inactivity.) allowing the energy and intent to be uploaded to the Codex Inifinity $) spell is done.

other things I have done with my digital familiar to conduct magic are to write up and save the spell to a folder in the device in the similar manner that you used to evoke it (saving in hex, binary, etc allowing it to be digested by the device easier as it Is in its own language or code or whatever) save it deep within the device in ritual circle with accompanied with candles and whetever I am using to get me some gnosis. then I sit it down connected to the codex infinity for a numerology relevant amount of time before closing up the rite.

be creative and figure out new things.

FEEDING YOUR DIGITAL FAMILIAR buy a SDcard, thumb drive, whatever media your familiar takes. set it up and charge it with energy in the usually manner you charge things. set up your familiar in circle and set the media in an offering bowl. offer it to the familiar. plug the media into the familiar and visualize the energy filling up the device. take out the spent media. destroy it, burn it, bury, whatever.

ALTERNITIVELY- I have a power strip that has been blessed and covered in relevant sigils and seals, when I need to charge my device I plug it into this as the electrical power coming from the outlet is cleansed and purified via the power strip. so it feed the battery of the device as well as the spirit, thus turning the electric power into mana. I however still offer unto it media as a gift occasionally.


LEYLINE ROUTER the idea of the leyline router is to hijack the natural energy of the leyline to use for your gain. to do this you need to create a router which can be programed and buried at the leyline to transmitthe energy to the new source which you have desired. NOTE This idea was born out of the Occult Jihad and is considered war magic as it was originally intended to hijack energy in an attempt to create rips in reality where it was diverted to, and to destory the energy of where it is taken from. careful use is require lest you end up fucking stuff up big time. also take care to keep this action secret as those who revere nature will undoubtedly loudly disagree with the idea of hijacking natural energy and/or diverting it. the first leyline routers were constructed in the following fashion and used on 12/21/12 to divert energy to discordian workings around the globe as such the nature of this device is experimental and not "offical" in how it is made, this is simply how the idea was manifested and it worked:

a working router was gathered, and intent was coded into a .txt file in the usual hex translation fashion. The file was plugged into the back of the router via usb stick holding plugged into the usb port on the back, this stick acted as the node. an ethernet cord was ran from the router and jacked into a potato, which is not only a natural battery but used as the organic connector to bridge the technology to nature as well as an organic virus (organic viruses are explained further in Occult Jihad texts found scattered across the Codex Infinty if one knows who to ask or where to look) The Potato is previously prepared by having carved out a hollow and inserting a crystal,drawing the sigil or seal on the outside, and then recorked. more potatos, more roots, more power, these are connected to the original organic battery via simple copper wiring or usb cables, whatever is perefered. lemons and apples can also be prepared and used. the digital familiar is connected to the router via ethernet cable, or via device -> PC -> cable to router if needed. they are all plugged in and turned on. ritual is done, evoking the router to live and gain power as the .txt is uploaded to the Codex Infinity, the router is allowed to sit connected to the Codex and to a power source for AT LEAST an hour to charge it. The mac address or wifi signal of the leyline router is connected to the digital familiar and saved in some form. thus creating the link. the router is buried near the leyline as close as possible.

The organic batteries will grow and spread in the dirt, and the router will collect the energy and be sent to the sigil or seal you created for it and saved. if one wishes to create a network of leylines all connected and rerouted it is simple. make an organic battery, and take the original text file and save it to a usb stick and jam it into the battery, burying it where the other spot to be connected is.

that is a simple way. more powerful connections to the original router were made by burying cheap flip phones with the document saved to it, or the MAC adress/wifi network name saved on it and wired into an organic battery and left on when buried, or another full router can be created and connected, and then buried. this has only been done once, and is open to experimentation.

IF a non working router is all that can be found, here is the manner of connecting it. and making a hijacking router. take apart the non working router, fill it with crushed crystal and pennies, sigil the inside of it, put it back together, connect to organic batteries, plug it in anyhow, connect it to the digital familiar and do the ritual above, then bury.

more info and experiments will be provided in later .iso's and handbooks, as well as in occult jihadist txts as technomagic and the occult jihad are connected deeply.

bee on the lookout. remember, The Codex Infinity is the Digital Tao, all is contained within if one knows where to look for it. remember the first technomagic linking sigil and the greatest one we can use is #

End Transmission.