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BENEFITS AT A GLANCE Benefits Contributory Conditions I.P. Should work for wages for 78 days in the corresponding C.P.(wef 19-9-98).

Duration Sickness Benefit 91 days in any two consecutive B.P. 124 days which may be extended upto 309 days in specified chronic cases during a period of three yrs. As per S.B.R. Rate To Whom Payable

a) Sickness Benefit.

Only to the insured person

b) Extended sickness benefit Continuous for long term diseases like employment for the TB, leprosy, etc. period of two years. c)Enhanced sickness benefit (for under-going sterilization operation for family planning) Same as for Benefit (a)above

25% Above S.B.R.

Only to the insured person

7 days for vasectomy & 14 days for tubectomy extended in cases Twice the S.B.R of post-coperative complications etc.

Only to the insured person

Disalement Benefit In case of temporary disablement: as long as a) For temp. Only to disablement the Disablement Benefits No Conditons incapacity lasts & in case of injured 40% above person S.B.R (employment injury) permenant dis-ablement: for life time. EXPLANATION: Where more injuries than one are caused by the same accident, the rate of benefit payable under clauses (c) & (d) shall be aggregated but not so in any case as to exceed the FULL RATE and in cases of disablement not covered by clauses (a), (b), (c) & (d) at such rate, not exceeding the FULL RATE, as may be provided in the regulations. Dependent's Benefit

2/5 of the FULL RATE. the amt. D. 14/- -----do----- 3/10th of the FULL RATE 2/10th of the FULL RATE . To the legitimate or adopted unmarried Daughter/s until she attains the age of 18 yrs. payable to the sons shall be divided equally between the sons. whichever is earlier. 3/5 of the FULL RATE. until he attains the age of 18 yrs. or until marriage. Subject to a min of Rs. Dependent’s Benefit (employment injury) No condition To the legitimate or adopted SON/S until he attains the age of 18yrs. In case the deceased person does not leave a widow or legitimate or adopted child. the amt.To the WIDOW/S during life time until remarriage. a) Parent or grand parent..B. if there are 2 or more sons. if there are 2 or more widows. shall be payable to. for life b) Any other male dependent. payable to the widows shall be divided equally between the widows..

6 weeks for miscarriage or for medical termination of pregnancy Twice S. Maternity Benefits Additional payment for one of Rs. consecutive periods. An insured person whose PERMANENT DISABLEMENT has been assessed as final and who has been awarded permanent disablement benefit at a rate not exceeding Rs. Medical bonus Only to the insured person.d.B. until she attains the age of 18 -----do----yrs. Medical Insured Benefit No Condition Full Medical care including hospitalisation . Or until marriage whichever is earlier.50 per day may apply for a lumpsum payment and such amount shall be determined by multiplying the daily rate of permanent disablement benefit by the figure indicated in Co. 1.R. 2 of the Schedule III of the Regulations. Medical From the date of entry of an employee into an insurable employment so long as he remains in insurable employment and three after for certain additional period Other Beneftis Person as well as his/ her Family Members as defined u/s 2(11) of the Act.B. Maternity Benefit Payment of 12 weeks of which not more contribution for 70 than 6 weeks can precede the days in one or two expected date of confinement.c) Any other female dependent.250/-where month for Complications (pre or ESI facility is not post) arising out of Pregnancy available. Subject t o min of Rs.20/.p. N.

15 L for Limb Center for fixation.Funeral No condition (i. has to pay Rs. Same as at 1(a) remains admitted in Artificial Up to Rs. or replacement of artificial limb. 10/. Medical Benefit IP and in lump sum for one year in advance every year. I. repair Rehabilitation.P. Till the date on which an I. 1) Insurable Medical Benefit to retired IP employment for a period of 5 years __ IP and Spouse .P.P.P.e.500/who actually incurs the espenditure on the funeral of an IP Rehabilitation Allowance No condition For each day of which I.merely by virtue of being an insured person) One time lump sum payment To the eldest surviving member of the deceased IP Not more than Rs. Only to the I. Medical benefit to IP who ceases insurable employment on account of permanent disablement No condition but an. or to the person 1. would have attained the age of superannuation Till the time yearly contribution is paid to the Concerned Office of the Corporation.

15/. __ IP and Spouse .2) Payment of Office of the Contribution @ Rs. each year.PM in lump __ do__ sum PMfor one year in advance.