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Food Safety Management

- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System (HACCP) and pre-requisites - Traceability - Supplier Approval and Control Program - Internal Audit - Training Courses - Facilities Sanitary Design and Construction (Lay – out) - Consolidated Standards for Food Safety AIB (American Institute of Baking) - BRC Global Standard - Food (Version 4) - SQF 2000 Code (Version 6. August 2008) - Good Agricultural Practices: GAPs and GLOBALGAP - ISO 22000 Standard - Good Farming Practices (GFPs) - Good Aquacultural Practices (GAPs) - Allergen Control Program

- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System (HACCP) and pre-requisites The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System (HACCP) is a systematic and preventive procedure, recognized internationally to address biological, chemical and physical hazards, in lieu of final testing or inspection. In this way your company will be capable of minimizing product contamination, respond promptly to safety problems, use resources effectively (savings), expand markets, reduce complaints and recalls and increase your clients confidence, among others.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or the pre-requisite programs are basic conditions and activities that are necessary to maintain an hygienic environment on the whole food chain, suitable for production, handling and the supply of safe products for human consumption. These are fundamental to implement a HACCP System.

The Pre-Requisite Programs include:

- Personnel Control - Training - Cleaning and sanitation - Pest control - Effluent and solid waste management Powered by Joomla! Generated: 12 September, 2013, 05:18

GRUPO FS is committed with the HACCP team in implementing the system.Grupo FS . The result of this service is a graded Technical Report that describes all findings and non-compliances with applicable sanitary legislation.2 Implementation of HACCP System and pre-requisites Following the company&rsquo. During the service. 1. identification of weaknesses of the System and promotion in the application of improvement opportunities. records review.Calibration .Maintenance . offering a permanent technical support. 2013.3 Internal audit of HACCP System and pre-requisites Once the HACCP system and pre-requisites are implemented.Control of operations . Together with the company&rsquo.Supplier approval and control .Foreign material control .Non conforming products . This can then be verified through second or third party audits.grupofs.Water Management .s Quality Team we&rsquo. the actions to be taken.Recalls .com Powered by Joomla! Generated: 12 September. The service includes.s requirement and the diagnosis from the HACCP System and pre-requisites. 05:18 .ll work and Action Plan to handle the non-compliances that were identified. in plant observation of practices and controls during processing.Glass and breakable plastic control . responsible people and time frame.Chemcal contol . the Action Plan previously designed is carried out. http://www.Allergen control 1. 1.Traceability . GRUPO FS with the staff of auditors will perform an internal audit to identify findings that will allow to adjust the system.1 Diagnosis of HACCP System and pre-requisites Verification in situ of the implementation of the HACCP System and Pre-requisites on how are they applied and maintain.

weaknesses and improvement opportunities are described. verifying the correct application of the HACCP System and pre-requisites. methodology and frequency established in the Program.s requirements and/or your internal standards. ingredients. upon your Powered by Joomla! Generated: 12 September. The audit allow to verify the proper design of the system. transformation and distribution. directing it to an official or recognized entity certification. The system facilitates the batch by batch identification of raw materials. strengthening the HACCP system and increasing the trust from your clients. and may be carried out as an outsourcing with GRUPO FS. In such way your company will be capable of minimizing risks related with your suppliers. client&rsquo. intermediate and final products.grupofs. 05:18 . that allow to find and follow the trace through all steps within production. and your internal requirements to design and implement the traceability system. the regulation that your company must comply. GRUPO FS has an audit staff that is qualified to carry out third party audits that will enable your company to verify the proper implementation and maintenance of the system. Our staff will audit the suppliers following the criteria. [top] . packaging material. in which all the findings related with strengths. The design and implementation of a Supplier Approval and Control Program is done following the requirements established by the client Management System. http://www. [top] . ingredients. if the activities are done following with what is established and whether the results obtained are the ones that had been intended. as well as international standards. Audits are done following regulations of the specific destination country. GRUPO FS will evaluate and analyze your system. This report is also used to prepare an Action Plan that will help in the design and implementation of corrective or preventive actions. In such way your company will attend and respond immediately safety issues that may involve your products.Internal Audit Auditing is a tool for the continuous improvement of Food Safety and Food Quality Management Systems.Grupo FS [top] . At the end a Technical Report is issued. The design of this program is directly related with the risk of the products supplied and the level of confidence you have from the supplier company.Traceability Is the capacity to provide information regarding the origin and history of a food product.Supplier Approval and Control Program In a Food Safety and Quality Management System. 2013. raw materials and packaging materials must comply with standards to ensure the quality and safety of your products.

technicians. achieving the participants identification their organizations. To befit our client&rsquo. out) Premises must be located. Powered by Joomla! Generated: 12 September. reinforcing or updating concepts in accordance with current tendencies and new technologies. etc. and also from pest access and harborage. which are developed depending on: . The following must be taken into account for the lay-out: . intermediate products. HACCP. . adapted and maintained to reduce contamination risks. Our training programs are designed following our clients&rsquo. we offer in-house training programs.Implement easily Safety Management Systems (GAP.Eliminate or reduce the potential of cross contamination and process flow obstructions by circulation of personnel.Protect the premises from external contaminants. It gives them knowledge. Civilians and Sanitarian Engineers. Fishering.Specific topics that are of interest to the company [top] . . .Forsee possible future growth and expansions without risking food safety.he processes in which the audience is involved .Training level of the target audience (plant personnel. residues.Grupo FS [top] . ingredients. 05:18 . strengthening the bases of responsibility and commitment with the implemented system. [top] http://www. They facilitate an active participation from the audience. raw material.grupofs. These programs also are also suitable to comply with current applicable legislation. with a sequential and logical flow. requirements and needs.Training Courses Training is of great importance in any organization because it allows to improve competitiveness and capabilities of your staff and/or personnel.).s time constrains.Comply with national and international regulations. so activities as cleaning. designed. staff) . constructed. GMP. . Our company offers a working team comprised by Food. . 2013.Have a design and distribution that enhances processing operations.Facilities Sanitary Design and Construction (Lay &ndash. as well as Architects that give a complete support in the design and re-design of Food Facilities. sanitation and maintenance can be done as planned.

GRUPO FS offers the technical support for the implementation and integration of BRC Global Standard &ndash. branded food products and food or ingredients to be use by food service companies. Level 2: General food safety requirements applied by a supplier involved in manufacture.Food (Version Version 5. 05:18 . housekeeping and hygiene. processing. Food (Version 5) with your Management System for the purpose of Certification by UKAS (UK Accreditation Service) or other equivalent accredited bodies. This code has been design to be applied on all sectors of the food industry. August 2008) The SQF Code 2000 is a quality management sistem that uses the guides and principles of the El Código SQF 2000 es un sistema de manejo de la calidad que utiliza los principios y guías de NACMCF (National Advisory Committe on Microbiological Criteria for Foods) and Codex HACCP Principles and Powered by Joomla! Generated: 12 September. corrective actions and traceability) and the plant operation (layout. transport and storage of food.Consolidated Standards for Food Safety AIB (American Institute of Baking) [top] . transport. Compliance with pre-requisite programs.Grupo FS .BRC Global Standard .sets out the requirements for the manufacture of processed food and the preparation of primary products supplied as retailer brand products. internal audits. catering companies and food manufacturers&rdquo. The supplier develops plans for its products and processes to cover controls to ensure food safety and quality. food products and processed or prepared food and beverages. 2013. In its last version of 2008 it &ldquo. which must be properly set and continuously maintained and monitored by the company.SQF 2000 Code (Version 6. It is necessary that SQF 2000 System Certification be done by an independant third party that consider 3 levels: Level 1:General food safety requirements applied by a supplier involved in production. January 2008) The BRC Global Standard was developed by the British Retail Consortium in 1998.s quality and safety management systems (HACCP.. Offer benefits to suppliers and their customers at all links in the food chain. quality management. storage and distribution of raw material and ingredients.grupofs. manufacture. control of operations and training). processing. [top] . http://www. product flow and segregation. The requirements deemed as being fundamental are focused on the company&rsquo.

sorting.s productive system. GRUPO FS offers services of design. This system has been aligned or integrated with the quality requirements found in ISO 9001 Standard.s trust about the safety of the food purchased (safety control. processing. proper management of the soil and water.EUREP established a self-control program for fresh fruits and vegetables based on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) called GLOBALGAP to ensure the traceability of fresh produce from its point of origin and reinforce consumer&rsquo. pre-requisite programs and HACCP System Powered by Joomla! Generated: 12 September. transport. It integrates safety issues to quality. [top] . and workers occupational safety). GRUPO FS offers technical support to implement and integrate the SQF 2000 Code to your Management System with the purpose of Certification by any authorized competent body by SQF Institue and accredited by international standards. in order to have higher guarantees of the food consumed in the USA. http://www. packaging and transportation of raw fruits and vegetables for direct consumption. objectives and your client&rsquo. and also encourage its implementation in the production. or supplying contract services related to food manufacturing. processing or distribution. use resources effectively and increase the trust of your clients. distribution and supply of raw material and ingredients. 2013. [top] . your company will be capable of having a food safety management system more focused. consistent and integrated compared with what is normally required by sanitary standards.Grupo FS Compliance with HACCP system Level 3: General food safety requirements applied by a supplier involved in manufacture. handling of control pesticides and fertilizers. In such a way your company will be capable of controlling the safety of your products. harvest.Good Agricultural Practices: GAP and GLOBALGAP In 1998 US FDA and USDA published a guideline for minimizing microbial risks in the production of fresh produce. storage. The Euro Retailer Produce Working Group . food products and processed or prepared food and beverages.ISO 22000 Standard The Standard specifies the requirements for a food safety management system that combine 4 key elements to guarantee safety through the whole food chain: interactive communication between suppliers and clients. 05:18 .s requirements. washing. With the implementation of this system by GRUPO FS. We have a Certified Lead Auditor in ISO 22000 by RABQSA International (unique body that certifies people). management system. Compliance with HACCP system and quality management system.grupofs. implementation and/or audit of these systems in accordance with your company&rsquo.

Good Farming Practices (GFP) Currently livestock products are trade by standards established by economic groups as MERCOSUR. packing and dispatch.grupofs. economic and human resources rationally and efficiently. with the objective of producing food from animal sources in compliance with international quality and safety standards. Powered by Joomla! Generated: 12 September. control of cross contamination from raw material and ingredients reception to storage. and also be sure that animals&rsquo. Applying management criteria to use physical. CAN. diminishing the practice of selling them through small stores and traditional markets. packing material and proper worker´s training. [top] . UE. a supplier approval program.Allergen Control Program A significant number of consumers are allergic to a very small quantity of certain basic foods and if consumed. within others. 05:18 . put in jeopardy the health of the population or the persons that participate in its manufacture. Control in labells. with minor environmental impact and workers social fairness. Our company can help you design and implement an Allergen Control Program as well as the training for your employees. You can verify that the products do not have any residues that affect the environment. The GFP help your company to deal succesfully with these new consumption and trade requirements for livestock products. and mainly through supermarket chains (locally or internationally). processing. allowing traceability on the product quality and safety within the food chain. [top] . Companies that work with these type of foods need to implement an allergen control program that will need to include. formulation. they can experience very violent and even fatal allergic reactions.Grupo FS [top] . welfare is guarantee. [top] http://www.Good Aquacultural Practices (GAPs) GAqPs are nowadays an oportunity to implement continuous improvement on integrated aquacultural productive units.