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C 162 General Chemistry II online Section 31583 Fall 2012 Ms. Tomosada Koki’o 201 TR 9:00 –10:30 am ; R 12:15 – 1:15 pm Textbook: Logic of Chemistry II by Voyce Web site: Supplemental Textbook: General Chemistry II by Tro (optional)

Are you: Self motivated, self disciplined. You will be working independently and at your own pace, and will
need to meet deadlines.

Computer friendly? You will need to “trouble-shoot” your own computer problems. There is a Laulima Support Team that you can access from the Laulima site Good with dates and times? You will need to take tests and quizzes according to the dates and times
listed below. (The time you are allowed to complete the assignments are not always the same) Conscientious? There will be announcements posted in your Laulima site throughout the semester and emails that contains information you will be responsible for. The type of student that procrastinates? You will need to meet the deadlines listed below Independent: You will be working independently

Can you: Think on your own, solve problems by yourself? “Trouble-Shoot” your own errors? Follow instructions and directions by yourself? Do mathematical problems well? Think math problems through, on your own? If you passed Math 25, you should be okay Although you should be able to do these things, there is a lot of class support. (see end of this document) Meet the deadlines listed below for all tests, homework assignments and quizzes? You
should try to finish the material before the deadlines. All tests, homework and quizzes are online in Laulima. You will need to take the tests at a testing center. Homework and quizzes are open book. If you are planning an extended vacation during the semester, you may want to think twice before taking this class. Use various functions on your calculator? You will use different functions on your calculator and it will be assumed that you know how to use your calculator.

Be at a Hawaii Community College Testing Center at the tests dates listed below Do you have two browsers? It would be best to have two browsers on your computer so you can open
two windows to Laulima while taking the quizzes, and doing the homework. This way you can view the “Course Materials” while taking the quizzes and doing homework.

Course Description:
Chem 162 is the second semester course in a two semester General Chemistry sequence. ( first semester Chem 161) The subjects covered in this course are found in the textbooks, The Logic of Chemistry II by Voyce, and General Chemistry II by Tro. (both textbooks can be found at the KCC bookstore) These include

43. Course Objectives: This course is designed to familiarize you with the general concepts of chemistry that may be used as a basis for other more intensive courses in other science fields. equilibrium. 38. Homework Assignments and Grading: Tests (tests are not open book or open notes. 41 Chapters 42. changes will be posted in “Announcements”) 1st Test 2nd Test 3rd Test part 1 part 2 What is covered? Chapters 31. Course Requirements: The textbook The Logic of Chemistry II by Voyce is required by the course. Permission must be granted before the deadline. 44. concentrations. 40. optional) A scientific hand-held calculator is also required and.2 . and gas laws. computer with internet access. (Permission may be asked via email) . (General Chemistry II by Tro is supplemental. and a broad understanding of chemical systems. you must take all tests at that testing center. Deadline to submit your testing center 08/31 friday Make-up Test? All Tests taken after the deadline will be worth 80% and permission must be granted by the instructor. 45 ( 11 questions from previous chapters) How much time do I have? one hour and 15 min to finish test 1. Test 3 144 points Where do I take them? University of Hawaii Kapiolani Community College testing center If you need to take the tests at a University of Hawaii testing center. or open “Course Materials”) How many? 3 When? Open and Closing dates 1st Test opens: 09/28 (Friday) closes: 10/05 (Friday) nd 2 Test opens: 11/09 (Friday) closes: 11/16 (Friday) 3rd Test TBA (subject to change. two hours for Test 2 How do I prepare for tests? view the “Preparing for Test” document included on this site (Tests cover material in Voyce text only) Points? Test 1. 34. 39. 35. Mathematical application is emphasized. 32. 36 Chapters 37. and completion of a “C” or better in Chem 161. you must give the instructor the email address of the testing center of your choice. Only a hand-held calculator and pencil will be allowed for Exams. Tests. Quizzes. Once you have done this. Course Prerequisites: Math 025 or higher Math course. kinetics.2 will be worth 100 points . acids and bases. other than Kapiolani Community College.subject matter such as solutions. electrochemistry. As you complete this course you will develop problem solving skills by mathematical application. 33.

45 11/26 (Monday) 8:00 am 12/06 (Thursday) 11:59pm (subject to change. Tests and Surveys” on left side bar. then click on Q ?. true or false) When? Deadlines: Open Closes Chapter 31.34 09/03 (Monday) 8:00 am 09/16 (Sunday) 11:59pm Chapter 35.32 Chapter 33. multiple choice. changes will be posted in “Announcements”) What is covered? The Chapter Section that was just viewed and covered in the “Course Materials” How much time? Unlimited. Make-up quiz? No make-up quizzes.34 Chapter 35. Questions on each quiz will be different.38(to section IV) Chapter 38(section V to VIII). Homework Asignments: (Homework assignments are open book.Quizzes: (quizzes are open book.1. open notes.36 Chapter 37.1) CLICK ON THE CORRECT QUIZ Points? Each question of the quiz is worth one point.43 11/12 (Monday) 8:00 am 11/25 (Sunday) 11:59pm Chapter 44. and open “Course Materials”) How many? One after each Section of the chapters viewed in the “Course Materials” in Laulima (consist of one or two questions .38(to section IV) 10/01 (Monday) 8:00 am 10/14 (Sunday) 11:59pm Chapter 38(section V to VIII).41 10/29 (Monday) 8:00 am 11/11 (Sunday) 11:59pm Chapter 42. (each question comes from a question pool) Your quiz 01. click on “Tasks.39 .1 click on Q 31.36 09/17 (Monday) 8:00 am 09/30 (Sunday) 11:59pm Chapter 37. but must be completed by deadline You must log in at least 3hours and 30min before the closing time of the quizzes to allow enough time for completion How to prepare? View the Chapter Section in the “Course Materials” How do I take them? In the Laulima course site. and open “Course Materials”) How many? 8 When? Deadlines: (Same as Quizzes) Open 08/20 (Monday) 8:00 am 09/03 (Monday) 8:00 am 09/17 (Monday) 8:00 am 10/01 (Monday) 8:00 am 10/15 (Monday) 8:00 am Closes 09/02 (Sunday) 11:59pm 09/16 (Sunday) 11:59pm 09/30 (Sunday) 11:59pm 10/14 (Sunday) 11:59pm 10/28 (Sunday) 11:59pm Chapter 31. Quizzes should be done by yourself.39 10/15 (Monday) 8:00 am 10/28 (Sunday) 11:59pm Chapter 40.32 08/20 (Monday) 8:00 am 09/02 (Sunday) 11:59pm Chapter 33. open notes.? (for quiz 1.1 will have a different question from someone else’s quiz 01.

Example: 1. the percentage viewed in “Gradebook” will be 100%.32) CLICK ON THE CORRECT ASSIGNMENT Points? Each question of the homework assignments is worth one point. a.45 11/26 (Monday) 8:00 am 12/06 (Thursday) 11:59pm (subject to change. problem number and actual problem.43 11/12 (Monday) 8:00 am 11/25 (Sunday) 11:59pm Chapter 44. quizzes and exams that you complete.32 will have different questions from someone else’s HW quiz or exam the percentage shown will not reflect the incomplete. Questions on each assignement will be different. Example: If you take quiz 1 and score 1 out of 1. and miss quiz 2 and therefore score 0 out of 1. Ms Tomosada If you have questions please see me during my office hours Or email me at atomosad@hawaii. Make-up homework assignement? No make-up homework assignments Homework assignment should be done by yourself. then click on HW CH ? (example: For homework assignment 1 click on HW CH 31.7 Write the measurements in scientific notation. There will be no extra credit work to bring up grades. When emailing questions: From the textbook. include.32. (each question comes from a question pool) Your HW 31. The percentage that is in “Gradebook” in Laulima is b ased on the tests. 55000m . so please do well from beginning to end. Tests and Surveys” on left side bar. Grading: overall percentage 100 – 90 % 89 – 80 % 79 – 70% 69 – 60 % 59 and below Letter grade A B C D F The percent that you view in “Gradebook” in Laulima is not the percentage that your final grade will be based on. click on “Tasks. Available HELP for preparing for tests and exam: 1. but must be completed by deadline you must log in at least 3 hours and 30min before the closing time of the tests to allow enough time for completion How to prepare? View “Preparing for Homework” document included on this site How do I take them? In the Laulima course site. but your final grade would be based on 50%. therefore if you miss a test. changes will be posted in “Announcements”) What is covered? The “Comprehensive Exercises” and examples in “Course Materials” and all problems that are found at the end of the chapters in the Voyce text How much time? Unlimited.41 10/29 (Monday) 8:00 am 11/11 (Sunday) 11:59pm Chapter 42.Chapter 40.

go to this site and follow instructions. it is not a legitimate excuse for taking the test late. Ilima 105. and staff. In addition. The student will be denied financial aid for the class he/she is not attending. 3. 2. Examples of extreme or unusual circumstances are: 1. the student must have a very good reason for not being able to complete all the work on time. the instructor will submit the student’s name to the Financial Aid Office. UH POLICY ON EMAIL COMMUNICATION: The electronic communications policy adopted in December 2005 establishes the University of Hawai'i Internet service as an official medium for communication among students. you may not get a response in time so you must prepare for the test ahead of time. you are invited to contact the Special Student Services Office. Grade related excuses are unacceptable. Examples of good reasons are the same as those listed under the withdrawal policy above. TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION DEVICES: These devices are not allowed in the classroom. 734-9552 (V/TTY). include the chapter section. “I” grades will be given only to students who are achieving passing grades and are very close to completing the course. Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered.5 hrs? If you email questions close to the day of the deadline of a test. In addition. it is solely the student’s responsibility to withdraw from the class or attend the class and pay the tuition. For those students who receive financial aid and fail to attend the first week of classes without making arrangements with the instructor. Failing to do so will mean missing critical . Every member of the system has a hawaii. If this should happen. 2. a certified medical reason 2.hawaii. . slide #. If a student is unable to attend address. and the actual “tools” in your portal MATH/SCIENCE DEPARTMENT POLICY ON WITHDRAWALS (W GRADES) AND INCOMPLETE (I GRADE): 1. WITHDRAWALS (W GRADES) – After the “last day of withdrawals” April 2. If you do have a disability and have not voluntarily disclosed the nature of your disability and the support you need. 4.7 #6 How many min in 2. faculty. KAPI’OLANI COMMUNITY COLLEGE POLICY: 1. he or she should contact the instructor in advance to give notification of the absence and make necessary arrangements. a death in the immediate family Students who no longer attend class and who DO NOT OFFICIALLY WITHDRAW from the course will receive “F” grades. 3. Extended time in a distraction-free environment is an appropriate accommodation based on a student's disability. and the associated username and password provide access to essential Web announcements and email. Kapi’olani Community Collage is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Institution.From the Course Materials on Laulima. UH Manoa Online tutors at: http://manoa. 2012. Please see to it that these devices are turned off while in class. INCOMPLETE (I GRADE) – Students must present the “Request for Incomplete” form prior to the last day of instruction. You are hereby informed of the need to regularly log in to UH email and Web services for announcements and personal mail. for assistance. the instructor will sign withdrawals only in cases of extreme or unusual circumstances. smarthinking online tutors . Example: 2.

Finally. he/she must abide by the college's conduct codes and regulations. student organizations. instructors. registration and business office staff. the student is responsible for meeting all of the instructor's attendance and assignment requirements.information from academic and program advisors. . classmates. and others. if he/she decides to file a grievance. Failure to do so may affect his/her final grade. including instruction. refraining from behavior that interferes with the rights and safety of others in the learning environment. In all college-related activities. In instructional activities. he/she is fully responsible for providing proof that he/she has been wronged.