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Serves as a primary resource for CMMS implementation and the maintenance of all related databases. overhauls. Monitors the status of ongoing major planned repairs. equipment and parts manuals as required to determine sequence of crafts. processing of MWOs and provides overall work control to ensure the maximum utilization of internal craft labor and contractor labor. Evaluates the level of backlog and provides recommendations on use of overtime for priority repairs and PM scheduling. 3) Develop the labor estimates for planned work and establishes schedules based on confirmed priorities and craft labor availability. overhauls or new system installations. Please explain in two or three sentences: Provides overall maintenance planning and scheduling support to include contract maintenance and the planning of repairs and overhauls during scheduled shut-downs. % of time 5% 1) Coordinates the Maintenance Work Order (MWO) system. Reviews the drawings/prints. and all maintenance work to be scheduled during scheduled shutdowns or as future capital projects. Maintains the site’s master plan for major repairs. scope of work and job plans for major repairs. Utilizes the site’s priority system to support effective planning/scheduling of critical repairs. Please add additional sheets if needed.The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 2 POSITION QUESTIONAIRE Position Title: Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Number of Associates with same title in Department: Department: Maintenance Operations Is this a new position? X Yes Reports to: Engineering and Maintenance Manager __ No Date: 7/22/2010 1) Primary purpose and function of position. Indicate the percentage of time spent on each duty. List in order of importance the major duties which are performed and normally assigned to the position. 2) Reviews MWOs to confirm priorities with manufacturing operations and maintenance and to establish craft requirements. Provides support to storeroom operations and is responsible for the site’s preventive maintenance program. 2) Duties and Responsibilities. Coordinates with manufacturing operations to establish firm schedules for equipment availability prior to start of repair 4) Develops and maintains a current backlog summary of maintenance repairs and Preventive Maintenance/Predictive Maintenance (PM/PdM) inspections due. 5% 10% 5% .

Coordinates development of Predictive Maintenance technology applications based upon results of assessment for predictive technologies application at the plant site. 13) Coordinates with plant operations staff to establish PM/PdM. 10) Responsible for coordinating the PM/PdM Review Team for review and updating of current PM/PdM procedures and the development of new PM/PdM inspection procedures and frequencies. min/max stock levels. Coordinates with the storeroom to reserve and kit parts prior to major planned repairs. lubrication. 12) Develops and provides the data (MTTR/MTBF) and recommendations for improving equipment reliability. and planning of maintenance repairs to correct deficiencies found during both the PM and PdM inspections. Reviews the equipment repair history and PM/PdM results for failure trends and supports maintenance in identifying and correcting root causes of major failures. access control method. information. bin location system along with improved storage methods. additions. parts lists etc. specifications. Develops the planning times for PM inspection procedures and frequencies for revision and improvements and ensures PM/PdM database is accurately maintained. 10% 10% 5% 2% 10% 2% 5% 2% 5% . and/or deletions from inventory.The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 3 10% 5) Develops and coordinates the modernization of current stores area into an organized storeroom operation with an effective parts inventory management system. warranty. Identifies critical spares and updates the equipment history database with the critical spares being carried in storeroom inventory. Works with craft supervisors and crafts work force to determine parts required on major repair. overhauls and all repairs is added to the equipment history database and that this database is accurately maintained. equipment specifications. Maintains the status of requested materials/parts to meet the established repair schedule. Becomes the primary resource for ensuring that the parts database is maintained over the long-term with proper internal stock numbers. 11) Supports the scheduling PdM technology application such as oil analysis/infrared etc. vendor part info. 14) Responsible for supporting. Ensures that the current PM/PdM procedures reflect the actual operating conditions. and parts requirements for any new equipment or systems. 8) Evaluates the requirements for contract maintenance against existing craft capability and current backlog levels. 9) Ensures that information on contract maintenance repairs. implementation and administration of a future computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) as a prime internal technical resource. Coordinates the entering of job plans to the CMMS and updating these standard job plans as required. 6) Determines the material and spare parts availability prior to scheduling. etc. Provides recommendations to the storeroom on stock levels. Provides the support and coordinates the completion of a physical inventory of existing stock items and developing the initial parts database master file on a new Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Updates the equipment history database with information on vendor. Coordinates the introduction of all new PdM technologies to the operation. 7) Develops job plans and standard repair practices during the planning process.

operator-based maintenance or vendor partnership for MRO parts and materials. and plan for contract maintenance support as required.The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 4 Coordinates the development and maintenance of databases for equipment history. work orders. life cycle costing and other maintenance cost information. a) Provides training and support for a maintenance planner/coordinator back up in case the incumbent is absent.. Supports craft areas (and contract maintenance) by providing drawings/prints as required with MWO for major planned repairs and overhauls. Develops the overall master plan for maintenance-related activities and coordinates development of materials/parts requirements and requisitioning. all craft supervisors and manufacturing operations staff to support effective planning for shutdowns and special projects. 2% 5% 5% 3) Briefly describe any special functions performed in addition to normal responsibilities and include the percent of time? Serves as a key internal resource for effective CMMS implementation. b) Provides support to the maintenance manager for other maintenance initiatives such as craft skill development. 16) Works closely with the maintenance manager. Supervises clerical support for major data entry tasks. and PM. supports the utilization of all CMMS system modules and supports training of internal users on a new CMMS system Are the special functions above performed:  Weekly Monthly Quarterly Other ___________________________ 4) Office machines and clerical skills needed to perform in the position: Please check one: Daily Weekly Occasionally Special Training Required typing dictation 10-key  personal computer   . 2% 15) Provides support to updating engineering drawings and coordinates cross-referencing of engineering drawing numbers to equipment history database. 17) Serves as the primary support the maintenance manager in developing performance information for the company’s Maintenance Excellence Index. estimates of craft labor. 18) Performs other related duties and special projects as assigned.

list any special computer packages. programming knowledge. b) Needs formal maintenance planning & scheduling training and on the job training as well. etc.The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 5   Windows 2000 Other CRT’s   MS project & Access DB Energy system   Future CMMS management Graphics packages  Programming/CMMS Language In detail. used: 5) What level of education is required to perform in this position? less than high school college degree  certification (planning/scheduling)  high school diploma/equivalent advanced degree Technical/trade school plus multi-skilled crafts background Why do you feel this level of education is required for the position? a) Needs a good craft background (preferably multi-craft experience) for technical knowledge to support the planning of maintenance work. c) Must have good computer skills d) Must be able to develop skills in MRO materials management 6) In detail.. give an example of an independent decision made in this position? a) Work backlog level high –this position recommends scheduling of overtime b) Contract maintenance work is of poor quality – this position reschedules contractor. recommends new contractor or recommends withholding payment to the current contractor c) This position may recommend a new vendor/supplier for spare parts 7) Does this position make recommendations to: policies & procedures vendors    course of action 8) Is this position supervised?  yes no .

low productivity of maintenance man hours and obsolete or excess spares parts in stock How would such errors ordinarily be checked or discovered? • Maintenance metrics via Accuride Maintenance Excellence Index. which of the following:  instructing X yes no  Assigning work (to craft work groups. 11) What kinds of errors could happen in this position? • Lost capacity on plant operations equipment. It provides direction to storeroom operations and ensures availability of parts and materials at right time and best price. First-line supervisors actually assigns work to individual craft person)  Work schedules review work performance reviews __recommends __approves/handles handles disciplinary problems __recommends __approves/handles List position titles supervised: Storeroom Attendant if available CMMS Data Entry/admin 10) How does this position use resourcefulness. originality and/or initiative? • This position allows the maintenance department to operate in a planned and controlled environment instead of a high stressed reactive environment. excessive downtime of critical equipment .The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 6 What amount of supervision? Supervisor is available on the floor/department at all times  Supervisor is available only when needed 9) Does this position have supervisory responsibilities? If so.

maintenance manager. first-line maintenance supervisors and plant operations staff .The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 7 • Feedback from associates.

letter.The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 8 What would happen if an error is not caught? • • Nothing catastrophic. This person can have major economic impact affecting such things as craft utilization. • • This person can provide valuable information such as which vendors/contractors are performing to the company’s standards based on actual performance and reliability data. the cost of .)? • • High level of contact with first-line maintenance supervisors and maintenance manager. Vice Presidents. administrative. managers. Regular contact with the plant operations manager and other plant operations personnel needing maintenance service. in person)  other departments  stores (maint)  vendors general public  All In person. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please describe any other aspects of the position that are important and have not been covered above. etc. Give an example of such contacts: • • Coordinates scheduling of repairs or PM tasks where asset must be scheduled out of service for repair or PM Has major input on deciding the level of repairs made. but this position allows a progression toward continuous improvement for the maintenance of valuable plant assets (both human capital & plant equipment) 12) What “people” contact does this position have? Continually (at least 2x daily) Frequently (4-5x week) Occasionally (1-2x week) Never Method (phone. via a PC   All  gov’t/state agencies  What level of contact (clerical.

The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 9 maintenance repairs and parts. timely repair service and status of work being requested by operations. conferences and/or make travel arrangements and reservations         Maintain confidential records and files and handle confidential correspondence Open. format and retrieve data for finished report Proofread and correct errors Have experience to operate power equipment. Not Required Occasionally Required Frequently Required  Design and determine performance report. TASK LIST: Please check the appropriate section for each task on the following checklist . layout. sort and distribute incoming mail. (Occasionally is defined as irregular or infrequent intervals. power tools or perform general maintenance Conduct specialized training sessions related to CMMS to educate department or company associates          Operate computer peripheral equipment Set up and type financial reports or statistical tabulations Compose department memos without supervisor approval Set up appointments independently. FREQUENTLY REQUIRED. Indicate whether or not the task is required for the position and the degree to which it is required: NOT REQUIRED. OCCASIONALLY REQUIRED. and refer callers to appropriate parties      .) • If a task statement does not exactly fit the position. schedule meetings. screen and place calls. Date stamp papers and documents Answer telephone . change the statement by crossing out or adding additional words.

bills and/or receipts                       . sick leave. sort and update mailing lists and labels Handle work requests. process and verify invoices. complaints. or inquiries from callers/customers Prepare. vacations and holidays Maintain.The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 10  Gather and analyze data to prepare complex reports Audit records for accuracy and make appropriate corrections Investigate accidents/injuries to determine cause Receive and welcome visitors and refer them to appropriate parties Write and test complex computer programs Prepare and process expense accounts Maintain an inventory of maintenance parts & supplies and requisition new parts & supplies Monitor department overtime.

compile routine reports as directed by supervisor Record and verify entries in CMMS data base Balance ledger accounts and reconcile accounting statements Arrange for equipment repairs via planning process Maintain records of cash receipts and disbursements Prepare complex legal documents Photocopy. state and local agencies Extract. unpack cartons Compose department memos to be reviewed by supervisor Manipulate computer control switches on console panels. storage devices. analyzing and prepare budget for department or Company  Unload/load materials. printers and punches according to detailed instructions Type and proofread legal documents Research errors by reconstructing past events as related to maintenance reports x       x          x                  . process and trace purchase orders Gather and tabulate data. collate. punch and/or bind documents Compile routine reports for federal. tabulate.The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 11 TASK LIST (continued)   Coordinate work to complete. and summarize information for periodic or special reports Interpret and enforce Company policies and procedures Manually key in and verify data and correct errors Negotiate prices with vendors Troubleshoot equipment for problems or repairs Support maintenance manager in researching. readers.

The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 12  Council associates or managers on performance related issues Assist others in the company with computer. and CMMS questions Write basic computer programs as directed by supervisor File. papers documents and reports Make non-routine decisions without a supervisor Make decisions that impact bottom line of company   x          Please draw your organizational chart: . assemble and distribute records. retrieve.

The Maintenance Excellence Institute Maintenance Planner/Coordinator Position Description – Page 13 Immediate supervisor’s position This position   Any direct reports to this position  Associate’s printed name Associate Signature Phone Extension Date Completed SUPERVISOR SECTION I have reviewed the contents of this questionnaire and feel it is an accurate and complete representation of the position ______________________________________________ ____________________ .