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A.Y. 2012 – 2013
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Adviser, SSC

In every beginning lies an opportunity to change. This has been the guiding light of student council leaders across the globe. The Supreme Student Council of CTU Argao Campus produced the ground for an effective venue where the members shared commitment to reinvent the student movement out of its continuous discipline. In line with its ultimate mission to empower the rights and represent the entire student populace, the officers have tried their utmost best to advocate as the voice of the studentry thus promotes and encourages the involvement of students in organizing school activities. The council leaders were able to identify and help solve problems encountered by students in the school and communicate its opinion to the school administration on any subject that concerns students.

In behalf of all the officers and the adviser of the Supreme Student Council, we would like to humbly present to you the fruits of their administration’s labor that for one whole school year they have strived.


MILDRED MARTINEZ Deputy Executive Secretary, SSC

Report on

Summer Leadership Camp
Team Building Activities
CTU Grounds | April 18-20, 2012

With a theme of “ To Motivate. To Lead. To Excel.”, the 2012 LEADERSHIP SUMMER

CAMP comenced with the high expectations of forging camaraderrei and bond between the student
leaders of the Supreme Student Council and FSTLP. The three-day activity which was conducted last April 18-20, 2012 at the CTU-Argao Campus grounds. The activity also aim to discover unity despite diversity of character, attitude, knowledge and skills between them, as an avenue towards rediscovering efficient and effective leadership. The first day was started with an opening program in the afternoon, welcome address was given by Prof. Zandro B. Bernales, SSC Adviser, thereafter, Dr. juanita P. Pinote gave her statement of purpose of the activity. It was the followed by the acknowledgement of participants and then the inspirational message by Dr. Panfilo E. Ciriaco, the CTU-Argao campus Director. The House Rules for the activity was then presented by Hon. Rhea Lopez, SSC Vice President, it concluded the first day of the activity, the participants and facilitators was then given the rest of the time for billeting. The second day was full of workshops, games, and forums on teambuilding and leadership. It was facilitated by the BE Facilitator Inc. who made the entire day unforgettable fun, informational, and transformational. In the evening of that day, there was a sharing of reflections for the days activity with a bon fire. After it was a boodle fight dinner! In the morning of the third day was the continuation of the wokshops of the second day, however the days activity was a lot more fun and exciting, it was a treasure hunting actiity with challenges and stuffs! The hunt ended with a mosaic making activity on eac members’ commitment towards their organization’s goals. After that, there was a closing program, there was sharing of experiences and giving of impressions by the SSC and FSTLP participants. The awarding of certifictes and token to the facilitatra and participants followed. Prof. Jima S. Bejagan the gave her message of gratituted and was followed by Hon. Troy Rizon’s Closing Remarks in ended the activity asa whole. All in all the participants, facilitators, and advisers were able to build an unwavering bond between them towards competent leadership and passionate service. The 2012 Leadership Summer Camp was indeed a great success!

However it is something that should be learnt from. it can be a bitter advantage towards ones’ goal. However. Until 12:00 p.m. which is embodied by attitude. but also in a very narrow way. These external factors are undeniably beyond our grasp. nonetheless it is always upon us how we manage such things. The SWOT Analysis Seminar was conducted by the Supreme Student Council’s Adviser and Chairman. After each presentation. or an asset towards its success. 2012 Every organization needs a firm benchmark as a basis for their plan. Bernales and . incorporated with the participants’ dynamic participation on the activity. Further stated. weaknesses. whether for our advantage. The participants enthusiastically answered those questions and prepared a presentation. rather can be coped up and be use d for ones’ own advantage. And so. There was a 1-hour break for lunch. the groups were bombarded with questions from Mr. the later is a coercion that in a broad way may shatter an organization.Report on Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Analysis Seminar Audio Visual Room | April 25. The seminar started at about 9:00 a. Weaknesses are those that often lead to mistakes if not harnessed properly. the discussion run smoothly. 2012 at the CTU-Argao Campus Audio Visual Room. They were made to evaluate their selves on the strengths. there are also External Factors which an organization faces. Mr. within the institution. a break. These strengths and weaknesses in an organization are the so called Internal Factors. These external factors are: Opportunities. Albert S. This so called “benchmark” is a crucial technique in understanding your strength and weaknesses. Zandro B. Opportunities can be a chance. or a prospect which serves as a stepping advantage toward success. the participants continued on the seminar. we call this as the SWOT Analysis. opportunities and threats they posses and which they may face. with the help of a couple of guide questions. and etc. An activity was held on the later part in the morning. in order to evolve beyond mediocrity. It proceeded to a further elaboration of the topic with the aid of a power point presentation.. Meanwhile. and Threats. personality. which you and your organization may face. There was a presentation among the two groups. These are phenomenal events that can never be controlled but. The so called Strength of an organization is a foundation. The importance of learning these things lead to a 7-hour seminar held last April 25. Bern ales. the participants were divided into two. or the complete opposite. interrelationship.m. forming two groups. Humphrey (1960) quotes that: “It is a simple icebreaker which helps people to get together to “kick off” strategy formulation”.m. it was opened by an introductory speech by the speaker. identifying opportunities and threats. it is a sophisticated way of a strategy tool for an effective and efficient action plan. At around 1:00 p. On the other hand.

the activity was indeed a success. Therefore it is important to. . the seminar was ended by a closing speech by Mr. the essentialities of learning such things lie profoundly on the ability of an individual to master the skill to harness those he or she learns prudently.from the other group as well. not only stop upon satisfying the mind with knowledge. All in all. Shortly after the presentation of the works from the two groups. Bernales. rather to continue applying these in ones’ every endeavor. Furthermore.

and then the speaker continued on the traits and characteristics of a good leader. for if you fail to plan you planned to fail. It was first discussed and elaborated the duties and responsibilities of each officer of the organization. Consequently. a scheme. Hon. The seminar started at about past 9:00 in the morning. The participants listened attentively and applied what they’ve learned through the workshop on action planning. you might notice that there are enumerable catchphrases about planning. The participants were grouped into one to determine the plans for the . the essentiality of a plan in every endeavor. an action plan. in other words a plan always changes. a welcome address by the SSC President.Bernales. the seminar continued to the discussion about action planning. an outline. Subsequent to that. that is. There are a lot of factors that may. and rewarding. a plan today might not be feasible tomorrow. 2012 (Thursday) at the Cebu Technological University. Right after that. acceptable. Hence. Then.Report on Action Planning Seminar and Workshop Audio Visual Room | May 7. a plan must always be. As a student leader. specific. opportunities. yet all of them imply only one simple thought. the seminar discussion then commenced. it is an utmost importance to plan your work and then work with your plan. extended. and so it is also called. this is an essential tool in order to cope up with unexpected upbringings the future holds. Indeed. That is why in making a plan it is important to consider the strength. It is a series of steps or actions aimed towards the realization of a certain goal. The first part of the program was an invocation and then followed by the honoring of the country. measurable. upon seeking the knowledge in order to be equipped with the skill in planning. and threats. Meanwhile. In other words. Rizon preceded the statement of purpose that was delivered by Mr. 2012 Webster Dictionary defines a plan as a drawing. time-bounded. the Supreme Student Council student leaders undergone a 3-hour Action Planning Seminar & Workshop was held last May 7. Troy C. An action plan can be defined by the acronym SMARTER. However. or a method of action. an action plan should be initiated prior to the performance of duties and responsibilities so that everyone who can provide support is involved from the beginning that in turn might help maximize the transfer of desired services.Argao Campus Audio Visual Room. realistic. in some way or another cause tremendous amount of changes in a plan. weaknesses. This is in turn can ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of a plan.

It was officially closed by the SSC Adviser and speaker of the said event. The program came to an end with the finalization of the output of the action planning seminar. Bernales.activities and projects that might be considered for the academic year 2012-2013 first semester by the organization. . Mr.Zandro B.

Cecilio S. FSCL president gave her statement of purpose of the activity.16th FSCL Annual Assembly & 1st Student Leaders and Adviser’s Summit May 9-11. Joseph Pepito. Dr. extension programs and etc. 2012 Report on the It has been an annual tradition of the Federation of Student Councils and Leaders of the Cebu Technological University system to celebrate the opening of new administration for every student council of the university and the job well done by the outgoing leaders of each council. Baga CTU Vice President for Research and Development. It was followed by Dr. Invictus Buenaventura. 2012. At seven in the evening a seminar entitled ANONG TAYA MO SA PILIPINAS NATIN? was conducted by Mr. Dr. Bonifacio Villanueva the SUC President and Hon. then a short session on Empowering Student Organizations by Dr. workshops. A sumptuous lunch was then served after the seminar. Romeo G. Vanessa Oberes. a short hour was given to the participants for checking-in and billeting. the vice-governor of Cebu gave their Inspirational message and speech for the student leaders and adviser. On May 10. On the other hand the student leaders had an orientation and Forum: Pilipinas Natin given by Mr. At about 5:00 pm everyone participated in a festive boodle fight dinner. the second venue of the activity. Pableo the campus director of CTU -Moaboal warmly welcomed the participants of the assembly. Cecilio Baga. Beach Resort and Spa. Vicente Igot. The assembly on its first day was held at the CTU-Moalboal campus. respectively. another set of seminar-workshop was simultaneously done. teambuilding activities. Chief of Staff of Pilipinas Natin and Mr. a seminar was . there was a seminar on Developing a Campus Leadership Culture by Dr. and lastly a seminar on Engaging Yourself to student Leaders by Dr. Later. Invictus Buenaventura. A short evaluation of the day’s various activities was conducted afterwards and marked as the end of the first day of the assembly. coordinator of Pilipinas Natin it was followed by a fun and exciting activity the BAYANI CHALLENGE facilitated by him and others. a three day endeavor filled with leadership seminars. it was conducted last May 9-11. After the lunch. That is through the 16th Annual General Assembly & 1st Student Leaders and Adviser’s Summit with a theme of “Soaring to New Heights in Leadership: Service with Integrity”. At around 10:00 in the morning. Agnes Magpale. Vicente Igot. 2012 at CTU Moalboal Campus. The campus advisers had seminars on Student Organization and Leadership: Advising with a heart by Dr. It was started with the opening program. the second day of the assembly was started with a travel towards the Costa de Letecia Beach Resort. Diretor of SAO who presented the delegates. Hon. and Malabuyoc Cebu. Costa de Leticia. June Joson.

Joseph Pepito. An extension service was conducted on the entire half day of the third day. the closing program of the activity was conducted. Joseph Pepito. An opening remark was done by the newly elected FSCL President Sacchia Mendoza. participated by the SSC presidents. Later on. The awarding of certificates for the participants was initiated as well as the giving of projects from the FSCL to the student councils. followed thereafter by a message from the Dr. this party ended the second day. There was a feeding program and giving of educational supplies for the children of Montañeza Malabuyoc Cebu. Hon WilfredoCaminero gave his inspirational message for the activity. and an orientation was conducted after. there was a solidarity night after the dinner.conducted by the Municipal Councilor of LibanaBukidnon. Vicente Igot with his closing remarks. it was then followed by their orientation of new officers by Dr. . there was an awarding of certificates and privilege talk by the FSCL Board Director. the Presentation of Constitution & ByLaws 2012 of the FSCL and the New University Official Uniform. The three-day assembly served as a remarkable experience and catalyst that will drive the student leaders of the university into new heights in leadership and service. It was followed by a short lunch break. every campus gave various performances. And at ten in the morning back at costa de Letecia resort. Rightafter was the election of the FSCL Executive Board 2012. The program was ended by Dr. on Leaderhip and the Importance of Good Student Governance. After lunch the entire afternoon of the third day was given as free time for the delegates to enjoy the resort before going home. Adviser of the FSCL. The delegates served as facilitators for the program. Councilor Ernei Al o Meter Edralin.

Photos Day 1 Day 2 .

Day 3 .

Hence. Vip Semilla (Argao Municipal Tourism Officer) presented a powerpoint on the Basic Parliamentary Rules and Procedures. Being at the threshold of a newly instituted system. the office holds and conducts transactions in the most systematic way possible. A Welcome Address was delivered by Hon. and which is supposed to be deliberative and democratic (English 1963). Mr. For the workshop. In the middle of his presentation. Shortly after the introduction of the speaker. we resumed immediately and listened for the continuation of his presentation. but it has also provided the student leaders a wider spectrum on matters concerning governance. saw the cause to equip all its council members with knowledge on the very machinery of a democratic entity--parliamentary procedures.) and followed by the Philippine National Anthem conducted by Hon. the seminar proper began. After that. 2012 A parliamentary body is a group organized to conduct business. adhering to the tenets of democracy provided for by its Constitution and Bylaws is such an institution. 2012-2013. rules. The program was formally closed by the SSC Executive Secretary. a parliamentary body employs a system. Rhea Lopez (SSC Vice-President). we had a mock session facilitated by the speaker. The Supreme Student Council of the Cebu Technological University-Argao Campus. In this effect. the Supreme Student Council of CTU-Argao. Bernales. that which is the Parliamentary Procedure. The program provided a venue for the student council members not just to be familiarized with the procedures per se. Mr.Y. Gera Micah Egos (SSC BSHM House Rep. Being an organized body that it is.Report on Parliamentary Procedure Seminar and Workshop Audio Visual Room | May 22. Zandro B. “Equipping Leaders towards Effective Student Governance” was conducted on the 22nd day of May. Troy Rizon (SSC President) and then followed by the Statement of Purpose given by the adviser of the SSC. customs. 2012.). and politicking within the context of student management in a democratic . Kevin Donaire (SSC CoED House Rep. a set of techniques. the Keynote Speaker was introduced by Hon. at the CTU Argao Audio Visual Room. Thereafter. we had a break for 15 minutes to take our snacks. a seminar workshop on the said matter with a theme. Michael Van Divinagracia at exactly 11:57 in the morning. A. Hon. The program formally started at 8:30 in the morning with an Invocation led by Hon. and regulations that governs the entire Student Council itself.

. American Institute of Parliamentarians.organization. The seminar workshop was helmed under the tutelage of Hon. CoEd Representative. Work Cited English. most of our doubts and wrong notions during meetings have been corrected. we were able to raise questions on how to execute a formal meeting. The program lasted a day with Miss Mildred Martinez. Municipal Tourism Officer of Argao.Vol 1: (1). emceeing the event. Robert W. Meaning and Importance of Parliamentary Procedure. We have also learned from him that the uncorrected wrong becomes right with which usually happens during our meeting sessions.. Right after. If not all. We had an open discussion and sharing of thoughts. Vip F. 1963. Chicago. The expertise of the speaker contributed a lot in making us more knowledgeable and equipped of the fundamentals and basic rules of the parliamentary procedure. Semilla.

Unfamiliar faces are roaming inside the premises of the university with so much excitement for their first day in school. The participants were introduced to the members of the faculty of the university as they were presented separately. Policies and Services of the different offices of the institution. SSC Adviser ended the activity in the late afternoon. services rendered and other important concerns. The directors from their respective colleges introduced the faculty and staff working with them. The opening program was formally started by the invocation then followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. the freshmen students had registered and had fully occupied the seats provided for them. Early in the morning. staff and employees had arrived. . the SSC officers gathered to make final preparations for the said event. Panfilo E. The participants were warmly welcomed and informed of the purpose of the activity by the Director of Student Affairs. Troy C. 2012 at the Berks Activity Center for the purpose of orienting the freshmen students of the rules and regulation promulgated. Rizon. 2012 Cebu Technological University has once again opened its doors for freshmen students and transferees. The Office of the Student Services with the support of the Supreme Student Council conducted a general orientation program last June 19. The second part of the activity was followed in the afternoon. Director of Student Affairs. Juanita P. It covered the discussion of the General Guidelines. Bernales. A song number was performed to the students by the active and dynamic president of the SSC. Thereafter. Dr.Report on the General Orientation Program BERKS Activity Center | June 19. the activity was immediately initiated. Ciriaco gave his welcoming inspirational message to the students. Pinote. As soon as the invited faculty. Pinote. Dr. Zandro B. Juanita P. Not long before the speakers had arrived. The closing remarks of Mr. The presentation of SSC Adviser and Officers was conducted by Dr.

Photos .There was also another orientation program conducted on the night of the same day for the the same purpose of orienting the first freshmen students.

2012-2013. selected Faculty and employees gave a bombastic intermission number! Dr. Ciriaco then gave his words of inspiration to everyone. Camello. wo also acknowledge various guests of the activity. Edsel Galeos then inagurated the officers. Anecito F.M. Carillo Administrative officer IV introduced Administrative staffs and Non-Teaching Staff of the university. Pinote then presented the different Organizational Officers. and employees in the unversity. each department gave amaziing performences that made the crowd wild! Later on. Dr. which was the registration of students in their respective departments. being assisted by Prof. SAO Director. Part 1 of the event was the Holy Mass conducted at around nine’oclock in the morning. Right after. It was followed by an amazing opening number by the CTU Dance Troupe. Part 2 was at 1:00 in the afternoon until 3:00 P. Hon.Argao Campus which gives way towards forging acquaintances into real frienship between students. Juanita P. Hon. COE/CAS Director introduced the COE/ AS Faculty and Employees. that is the annual Acquaintance Party of the campus! This further aims to build a healthy and aconducive social atmosphere towards fruitful learning for the students of the university. Kita Magparti parti!” last July 6. A warm welcome was given by Dr. Rizon initiated the crowd to participate in the fun games and activities facilitated by the SSC officers. Bernales for the Oath-Taking Ceremony. the Supreme Student Council in cooperation with the departmental presidents. Dr. then Mr. Dr. At around 3:00 P.M.the 2012 Acquaintance Party & Oath-Talking Ceremony had launched with a theme of: “Wer na U? Hir na Mi! Ari sa CTU. Undeniably. it was a night worth remmembering! . Lynette Matea S. in celebration of a new school year. Pinote. students willingly particiated in the activities and had a lot of fun and friends! The program proper was started at around 6:30 in the evening. 2012 at the CTU-Argao Oval. fculty. 2012 A new school year can’t be complete without the annual activity of the CTU. Meanwhile. After the long hours of the program. Catalino S. Higida asst Campus Director introduced the CAFITE. faculty and employess enjoyed their festive dinner! And at about 7:30. its ILa-Ila Time! There was a disco open to all until 12:00 midnight.Report on Acquaintance Party & Oath-Taking Ceremony CTU Oval | July 6. this acvitity also includes the Oath-Taking Ceremony of the newly elected organizational officers of the university. Panfilo E. the students. And so.

This year’s Leadership Seminar and Departmental Action Planning activity was held last July 20. the participants of the event undergone a workshop on Action Plan Making. SSC Adviser. The distribution of Certificates was done right after and was followed by the closing remark of Hon. Zandro B. who officially ended the program. CTU-Argao campus director’s inspirational message. The whole day activity was warmly opened by Hon.Report on Leadership Seminar & Departmental Action-Planning BERKS Activity Center | July 20. 2012 at Berks Activity Center. and excellence in their service and leadership for the entire school year. Afterward a continuation of the seminar was given by Dr. Ciriaco. dedication. Prof. Panfilo E. both Curricular and Coo-Curricular organizations’ officers to partake in a Student Leadership and Action Planning symposium and workshop. Randy Villaflor. efficient and effective student leaders of their organization and the university as a whole. And at about ten and until 12:00 in the afternoon.the Student affairs Office in cooperation of the Supreme Student Council conducts an annualLeadership Seminar and Departmental Action Planning. with the ideals and virtues of competent student leaders. After an hour of lunch break. . Rhea Lopez. It was subsequently followed by Dr. SSC President. Before long it was followed by the seminar proper on the Essence of Leadership by Engr. SSC Vice-President. and values and to further hone their leadership potentials to become an edge towards competent. And thus. 2012 In the pursuit of equipping the new set of student leaders with the leadership knowledge. and at about three in the afternoon. gave a seminar on Action Planning. It involves the university’s recognized student organizations. Juanita P. each organizations presented their outputs to the body. Bernales. skills. Pinote SAO Director. the keynote speaker of the day. Troy Rizon. the organizational officers are then expected to show enthusiasm.

There was a tour to Our Lady of Manawag and to Uragay Spring. Jose Mari Oquenena gave a seminar on Developing True Leadership. The third day of the summit was started by a seminar on Psychology of Physical attraction &It’s Legal Impediments by Ms. there was a mass dance for a new and fresh leadership. Later. delegates and . an inspirational message was given by Dr. build and deepen commitment towards leadership and service. there was an Orientation of SCAP & Basura Eskwela by the SCAP-Cebu President. 2012. In the evening. held at CTU. For four hours. Jerlito Letrondo. At about five. The seminar on: “What is a Transformational Leader?” by the WAY Regional Director. Arcenal. Campus Director of CTU. In the evening. The dinner was done in form of a Monk’s Meal. and most importantly. Mr. The first day was spent on the registration and billeting of the delegates and fun activities and workshops were done before lights-off.Carmen campus last Octoer 23-26. Christine Villagowas then conducted right after the lunch break. Luzviminda Patindol. Ratchilisa Tecson. Guian Godofredo. develop each unique character. there was a threehour Team Building Activities. With the theme of “Embrace Biodiversity. Rizonan Hon. Hon Sacchia Mendza. the university president. CTU-Danao Guidance Counselor and Dr.this four-day activity was spearheaded by the Federation of Student Councils and Leaders Inc. An opening program marked the second day of the summit. Dr. FSCL Associative Adviser presented the delegates of the summit. was the grandiose Mr. Venerando Cunado. FSCL Adviser.Carmen gave his welcome address. At ten. everyone including the children. 2012 Report on An activity designed as an avenue to hone leadership potentials.1st FSCL Leadership Summit CTU Carmen Campus | October 23-26. it was a festive lunch. Prof. & Ms. followed by the dinner. and here the result: The fourth day was spent on a half day Extension Service after that. which is the1ST FSCL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT. there was a seminar Role Orientation of a Leader by Mr. respectively. Mr. FSL 2012-2013. and lastly. Bonifacio Villanueva. forge lasting camaraderie. Unleash Your Inner Potentials in Building Camaraderie: Bring Out The Leader in You!”. PorferioAlmerino. Afterwards. there was a fun workshop facilitated by Hon. Ms. FSCL president gave the purpose of the activity. SC Presidents of Argao & Daanbantayan Campus.

And in the afternoon. After that the delegates embarked for their trip home! This activity helped each one to acknowledge their individual uniqueness. The 1st FSCL Leadership Summit had been a fruitful endeavor! Photos .facilitators enjoy dancing Oppa Gangnam Style. appreciate their diversity in talents and their extraordinary gifts. it lead towards unleashing the inner potentials in building camaraderie towards efficient and effective leadership and service. was the closing program to mark the end of the Leadership Summit.


the group of Ms. for sacrificial giving. Pinote graced everyone with a warm and subtle welcome to open the program. and employees who made our stay here in the CTU-Argao Campus worth remembering. Although some faculty and employees refused to take part in the game. a fun and unforgettable experience had taken place at the BERK’S Activity Center. for going the extra mile. They faced many challenges and tasks in each stations of the game in order to obtain puzzle pieces. it has been a tradition of the Supreme Student council to hold an annual Faculty and Employees Association Day. Undoubtedly. Mrs. Marjorie de Joya. All of them are competing against each other to complete the mission of the game. Dr. employees and selected students. Rizon and the SSC officers. 2012 Teachers are known for their dedication. they had a lot of fun playing those games like PinoyHenyo. Another special dance number was again presented by the CTU-Dance Troupe. the winning team was Team A. every faculty and employees are group randomly and made to participate in various games facilitated by Hon. this is a very unforgettable event that will serve as our give back for their years of dedication to the teaching profession and as well as those staffs. which left the whole crowd in awe. The teachers and employees were very happy and grateful for each performances and messages given to them. The non-winning teams were also given consolation prizes for their effort during the game. That is why. they also had some fun as audience of the activity. The participating teacher and employees were grouped in to six teams each one comprising of faculty. Agbay then introduced all of the faculty and employees of the university. for caring and loving the students entrusted to them and for those people behind to curtains who made learning here in the CTU-Argao campus interesting. The CTU Dance Troupe then presented an astounding performance for the crowd. in which will en sure their victory if completed.Report on FEA Day BERKS Activity Center | December 6. charade and many more! The exciting amazing race then followed several minutes after the lunch break of the faculty and employees. their hard work. . 2012. they were given a sack of chips and some token. Ciriaco. they shared their experiences to everyone! Indeed. Dr. And so. because of some health issues. Everyone were thrilled and laughed hard during and after the game. Camello and was followed subsequently by the words of inspiration by the campus director. A short program was given to the faculty and employees present during the activity. With a theme of “FEA Day: A Giveback for Service and Love”. Afterwards various departments gave their heartwarming presentations for the faculty and employees. The SSC then distributed their token of gratitude to everyone in the activity. fun and exciting. las t December 6. Before the festive lunch break sponsored by the Supreme Student Council. A stunning statement of purpose was then delivered by Dr.

Photos .

exchanging of gift and radiating love and laughter to everyone. joyful gatherings. It was the Christmas Jingle and Christmas Singing Idol which was started. Christmas Lantern Making Contest. the Supreme Student Council annually celebrates Christmas with a BOOM! Hence. Rizon initiated a Christmas Pop-Quiz the audience enthusiastically participated and was given prizes if they got it correctly! After the awarding of certificates and prizes to the winning contestants. Troy Rizon. the SSC held a grandiose GENERAL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM with a theme of ”Ding-A-Ling-A-Ling: Celebrate The Yuletide Season Through Giving And Sharing”. as stated earlier. Wednesday. The contest’s outputs were displaye d during the general Christmas program and the winners were awarded during the said event. a time of merry-making. that was held last December 12. However several days before the General Christmas program the SSC facilitated several contests like: Gift Wrapping Contest. this year’s general Christmas program for everyone was a blast! . 2012. A number a student actively participated in these contests showing their skills and talents in different fields of art. SSC house representative to officially mark the end of the general Christmas program.Report on General Christmas Program BERKS Activity Center | December 12. The CTU Dance Troupe then presented an intermission number for everyone. An amazing melodic number was then given by a BSIT-CT 2E student after it. everyone in the audience was in awe with every performance presented by the contestants! While waiting for the results and the winner of the contests. Christmas Room Decoration Contest. Hon. Lynnette Matea Camello. Truly. On the other hand the program itself was remarkably fun and enjoying! The program started with a zestful welcome address by the SSC President Hon. Rubia LAHCAS house representative introduced the judges for the events contests. and Christmas Tree Making Contest. And in the pursuit of sharing the joy and magic the Christmas air brings us. Christmas Card Making Contest. Hon. Martinez. 8:00 am-12:00 in the afternoon at the BERK’S ACTIVITY CENTER. 2012 Christmas is the most festive time of the year. it was then followed by an inspirational Christmas message by Dr. a closing remark was given by Hon.

Later on the crowd enjoyed the games facilitated by the SSC officers. And with a reasonable number of participants. which was held in Sitio Banahaw Talaga Argao Cebu. “Thank you!”Thus. Lopez. a closing remark from the SSC President Hon. ROTC officers and the SSC Adviser embarked on an hour travel to the venue. and ROTC officers. everyone made the necessary arrangements and preparation for the activity. which was followed after by the Christmas message of the SSC Adviser Prof. In this pursuit the Supreme Student Council together with the university’s Curricular and Co-Curricular Organizations conducted a Christmas Outreach Program with a theme of ”CTU Aniana. Argao | January 2. KaninyoNaay I-Gasa”. Rizon ended the activity. The game winners were very happy upon receiving their prizes and undeniably enjoyed the game itself! After the fun and exciting games. Sa Takna Sa Pasko. everyone was grateful for the little gifts given to them a representative from the barangay Captain’s office gave a message of thanks to the facilitators of the event. Parents. Indeed it was a very heartwarming sight to behold.Report on Christmas Outreach Program Banahaw Talaga. the SSC officer distributed the goods and bundles of joy to the people of Banahaw. Upon arriving in Sitio Banahaw. as the people smiled from the bottom of their hearts and said. elders. Some officers gathered the residents of the Sitio Banahaw to partake in the program. Monday 9:00 am-12:00 pm. to share the true essence of Christmas through sharing love and happiness to other people. 2013 It is an annual tradition of the Supreme Student Council with its allied organizations. And then. and a national anthem. it was hosted by the SSC Vice-President Hon. And so the SSC officers together with some departmental presidents and representatives. departmental presidents. Bernales. especially to those who are in need. children and teens participated actively in various games! The audience cheered for the participants and so they worked hard to win the games. the program commenced with a prayer. 2013. on January 2. the SSC Christmas Outreach Program was a huge success! .

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the goal has come into reality! CTU. Pedrito Pontillas. Jerome Abregana was filled with lots of awards. and a much inspiring message was given by Dr.Report on the Honoring of LET Passers 2013 Diosdado Macapagal Sports Complex | January 13.this was the greatest achievement that these humble educators had brought in our beloved university. Fitzgerald Kintanar and Mrs. Argao’s government of ficials.Argao LET Passers was successfully held at the Diosdado Macapagal Sports Complex. our ever principled Campus Director. and many others.30% as the passing percentage. 2013. Dalaguete. 2013 On January 13. The ceremony started with a holy mass for the LET passers at about 1:15 in the afternoon. and it was followed by the motorcade or caravan from Guiwanon to Argao proper to Casay. cash awards. They have made lots of sacrifices and struggles. Janeth Amarillo as the masters of ceremony. most specifically. their achievements are not that easy to commit. . received a heart-warming welcome and audible applause from the audience. Laura Alcazar. and prominent visitors coming from different branches of Cebu Technological University. and Mr. Consequently. and back to the sports complex. And at last. from Argaoanon citizens. who ranked 10th in the licensure exam for the elementary division. Dr. Ciriaco. Jerome Abregana. The program has done the individual awarding ceremony of all the LET Passers. The Sports Complex was filled with finelydressed and gorgeously fixed educators. Panfilo E. all members of the CTU faculty.Argao Campus ranked 3rd in the 2012 Licensure Examination for Teachers in all public and private universities and colleges in the whole Philippines. The former Campus Director of CTU-Argao (formerly known as CSCST). the honoring of the 2012 CTU. education students. The ceremony flowed spontaneously with Mr. For most of the LET Passers. all those drops of sweats are later replaced with showers of cheers from the CTU Family. It was really the perfect time when the LET Passers recalled all their struggles in the past for the goal of passing the licensure exam because it was the key for them to improve their career as aspiring educators. A meaningful doxology or prayer was offered by Mrs.they had performed sweat. teachers coming from the Department of Education. with 96.dropping efforts just to bring the name of our university at its desired peak. a ground breaking performance was portrayed by the CTU-Argao Dance Troupe headed by Madame Jorelyn Concepcion. The spotlight of the wondrous and grand ceremony was geared on Mr. attended by all 2012 LET passers from CTUArgao. a sign that this ceremony is indeed made special and excellent for honoring the LET Passers.

which they have gotten out from the messages of the program’s speakers. accompanied by our act of pursuing our careers with an indestructible sense of diligence and responsibility. They have really proven to themselves that if we would not stop praying and trusting God. Jerome Abregana. . especially the message from Mr. then success would not be a distant star for us to reach.The program lasted at about 5:00 in the afternoon and all of the attendants had brought a special kind of inspiration in their hearts.

Report on CTU Argao Foundation Week February 12-15. Campus Face. 2013 during the search for Mr. and Ms. Cheska Blair Ybañez and Reggie Venz Esmero brought home the crown for the said pageant. and had displayed important books and readable materials. and the HM and Agriculture Departments had their own creative styles relative to their respective course. For the search for Mr. the HM Department conquered all the triumph when Ms. The I.T Department had their display and sales of discs and other technological materials. Christian Mamac and Jennifer Tolero of BEED 2A garnered the 3rd place. and the 1st place was conquered by Jhered Mark Luna and Chastily Nebria from CTU Oslob Extension. The celebration of the 2013 founding anniversary was indeed a peaceful and successful event done here in CTU-Argao Campus. and of all the CTUnians to all the activities being done. For the CTU Love Duet: Last Couple Standing Season 4. which is in collaboration with the COED Department.B English 1. which was held on February 14. This was successfully done at the Diosdado Macapagal Sports Complex. from approximately 9:00-12:00 pm.E department highlighted their Split lap. and Ms. faculty and staff. had sold out bookmarks with inspirational quotes and sayings. The blessed winner for this booth competition was the COED Department. . Every department has its own booth. relevant to their desired fields. 2nd place was triumphed by Marneh John Lucenara and Princess Canedo of A. the I. the Forestry Department had their display of pictures with descriptions below them and blind dating activity. the Lahcas Department had their karaoke and shooting activities. The COED Department itself had their sales of affordable but nutritious foods. through the cooperation of all the student organizations. The CAS Department. 2013 CTU-Argao Campus had spent four days of celebration for its founding anniversary. Campus Face.

Canuros Roger Rogue E. Sarte Mildred G. . Bernales’ advisory.Friday. Martinez Cristelle May Sandoval Shiela Mae dela Pena Francis T. Ybanez Forestry: Ryan C. 2013 The CTUnians once again casted their votes in the annual campus-wide Supreme Student Council Elections last March 8. Sandoval Shiela Mae dela Pena The 2013 SSC Elections was preceded by the COMELEC under Mr. Zandro B. 2013. Bustamante IT: Cristelle May M. Rotollos Cheska Blair C. The newly-elected SSC Officials for school year 2013 were the following: PRESIDENT: VICE PRESIDENT: FINANCE SECRETARY: SECRETARY on AUDIT: HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES: Education: Marcelina B. Durens John Peter Maneja HM: Crystal Jane G. Albiso Emely Natividad Agriculture: Angelie A.Report on the Supreme Student Council Election 2013 March 8.


I am so grateful to be able to work with those people mentioned above.Y. for his undying love and support. Juanita P.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND CREDITS At the outset. Thank You…Thank You! . Troy Rizon. for her generous help as the outgoing Deputy Secretary of the SSC where she in fact contributed much of the write-ups above. Above all. 2012-2013 and to our ever active and dynamic adviser. Allow me to mention some of them: Hon. Pinote. Mr. for her motherly advices and genuine trust. Thank You. Bernales. for her unconditional support in letting me use her articles as benchmark for some of the events and activities during the second semester. Irish Torres. Dr. Mr. Mildred Martinez. Zandro B. it is my duty to acknowledge with utmost gratitude the unwavering support that I received from the SSC Officers of A. Ms.