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  TESOL Sudan Newsletter   Dear All, It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our 1st newsletter issue.

We wish you all a happy and peaceful new year! TESOL Sudan Board Dr. Ishraga Bashir, President Abeer Elzeen, Acting Secretary Rasha Mohamed Hassan, Editor/Acting Vice President Aymen Elsheikh, Liaison Officer Dr. Mohamed A. Elshingeety, Advocacy Rep Hind Sinada, Acting Academic Affairs Officer Muntasir Hassan Mubarak, Acting Treasurer Hafiz Waly, Acting Administrative Affairs Officer Mission TESOL Sudan’s mission is to develop and maintain professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages. Objectives 1. To develop strategies to enhance the development of teaching methodologies amongst the English language teaching community of Sudan. 2. To develop practice that reflects both the needs of the nation and the realities of the wider world. 3. To contribute positively to teacher training institutions and to promote lifelong professional development. 4. To develop a spirit of cooperation and ongoing dialogue within the English language teaching community. 5. To provide high-quality professional development opportunities utilizing both local and expatriate expertise. 6. To encourage and promote interaction and dialogue between research and reflective practice for educational improvement. 7. To share and co-ordinate information with other regional and international professional organizations.           Issue No. 1, December 2010  

TESOL Sudan underwent a formal process of registration with the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC). Under HAC’s supervision. TESOL Sudan President. Part of General Assembly . Executive Secretary. Aymen Elsheikh. will be attending the convention to represent TESOL Sudan. LA. TESOL Sudan Past President. a government agency overseeing NGO’s in Sudan. Ishraga Basheer and Liaison Officer. Official Registration Following the one day conference (see activities below). From left to right: HAC representative.Organization News  TESOL Affiliation We are in the process of being affiliated with TESOL. We hope to complete our application before TESOL 2011 Convention to be officially recognized in New Orleans. Dr. TESOL Sudan convened its General Assembly in May 2010 and elected its Executive Board. USA.

We will continue to revise it and add more materials. Please help by giving us your feedback. Visit the website for updates.tesol-sudan. We look forward to utilizing our affiliation with IATEFL to better achieve our objectives and fulfill our mission.IATEFL Affiliation We have become fully affiliated with IATEFL in April 2010. .org) in the very near future. TESOL Sudan Website We are excited about the launching of our website (www. TESOL Sudan International Conference We plan to hold our first International Conference next year (2011) between June and October.

Dr. Bloomington Indiana. Sudan Scholar: Khalil Ismail ELT Lecturer Teachers’ College Dalanj University Dalanj. TESOL Sudan initiated the first formal exchange opportunity with Indiana University. a TESOL professor at Indiana University will visit Sudan in the Autumn as part of the scholar exchange program to hold several workshops and other professional development activities for teachers and professors.Sudan Scholar Exchange In collaboration with the African Studies Program at Indiana University. an active TESOL Sudan member. Khalil Ismail. Sudan US Scholar: Dr. the Cultural Affair Office at the US Embassy in Khartoum. is the Sudan scholar who will visit Indiana University in March to participate in different activities on the campus and the community. Beth Samuelson. Bloomington. USA . Culture. Beth Samuelson Assistant Professor Literacy. and Language Education Indiana University.

its first locally-based conference. ‐ .   Opening Remarks by Fawatih Nagila. Ibraheem Alfaki. Presentation by Jason Muhl. in February 2010. Teaching Vocabulary Presenter: Ustaz Zainab. Challenges & Trends in EFL and ESP in Sudan. The conference was funded by the Regional Language Office in Cairo. 2010. Teaching Young Learners Presenter: Dr. TESOL Sudan Past President Ways to Encourage Oral Communication Skills in the Classroom. Ishraqa Basheer. Sudan. Board members’ contributions. and local businesses. Khartoum. a teacher at Khartoum Int’l Community School (KICS). October 23rd. Presenter: Dr. local NGO’s working with teachers and learners of English. TESOL Sudan has established partnership with ASTEL and ECS. A total of 8 sessions addressed different parts of the theme. Venue: Al-Neelain University. The following are the forums TESOL Sudan organized and participated in their organization: ‐ Testing across Cultures and Values. The partnership culminated in organizing a monthly forum.Activities  TESOL Sudan successfully organized. August 6th. The theme of the conference was Problems. 2010. Venue: Alahfad University for Women.

Characteristics of the Successful Language Learner & Effective Language Teaching. TESOL Sudan organized several workshops for public school and tertiary level teachers in collaboration with the Cultural Affairs Office at the US Embassy in Khartoum: ‐ ‐ ‐ Autonomous Learning: Advice for Teachers. Venue: Sudan National Center for Languages (SELTI). Presenter: Alsir Bashoom. Action Research. Venue: College of Languages and Translation. Teaching Young Learners. Venue: Nileen University. 2010. Venue: Sudan International University. October 6th. July 5th. Presenter: Dr. Alribat University.   . Khartoum. 2010. Presenter: Sheila Mullooly.‐ ‐ English for the Workplace. Ishraga Basheer. 2010. In tandem with the forum. Khartoum. 2010. August 8th. Sudan. Venue: Alahfad University Sep 25th. Presenters: Tagaldeen Hawa. October 7th. Presenter: Sheila Mullooly. Amna Badri. Sudan. Materials Development. 2010. Presenter: Dr.