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Excellence and Quality Nako® Dyes

The premium quality range of oxidation dyes, used for fur dyeing at low temperature and also for printing to produce fashionable tip effects. Their special characteristics make them useful in fur dyeing, and they result in solid and natural shades. All dyes can be easily combined with all members of the same range without restriction. Well balanced range to achieve different types of neutral and deep blacks without reddish shades, using ecological mordanting processes. Clariant International Ltd Business Unit Leather Services Global Headquarters: Rothausstrasse 61 4132 Muttenz Switzerland Phone +41 61 469-7283 Fax +41 61 469-7508 Application Center: Benzstrasse 11 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen Germany Phone +49 711 9032-0 Fax +49 711 9032-335 Leather Dyes Application Center: ZAL Prat c/ Cal Coracero, 46-56 08820 El Prat de Llobregat Spain Phone +34 93 4798 210 Fax +34 93 4784 438

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Excellence and Quality
Nako® Dyes
® Trademark of Clariant registered in many countries © 2012 Clariant International Ltd


0 1.0 1. hang drying. Color swatch reproductions are for guidance only.0 30 35 ºC 35 Run min. g/l (1:20) 1. stake. condition. Nako® AN p to be dissolved with 50% Caustic Soda. Nako Brown R p Nako Pardo R p Nako Bruno R p Nako Black HCN p Nako Negro HCN p Nako Nero HCN p For Nako® Black RN p and Nako® Black HCN p. 30 180 10 Adding slowly Wash Nako AN p Nako AN p Nako AN p Nako Black RN p Nako Negro RN p Nako Nero RN p Note: Water Centrifuge. Application proposal without obligation * Nako® Dyestuffs to be dissolved in 90-95ºC water.Nako Yellow 3GA p Nako Amarillo 3GA p Nako Giallo 3GA p Nako H p Nako H p Nako H p Dyeing working method for rabbit skins bath ratio (1:20) based on dry weight Operations Wetting back Nako TEG p Nako TEG p Nako TEG p Nako Grey BK p Nako Gris BK p Nako Grigio BK p Wash Dyeing Products Water Tergolix® W-01 Liquid Ammonia 25% Soda ash Water Water * Nako® Dyestuff Hydrogen peroxide 30% Quantity Temp. Nako Brown GG p Nako Pardo GG p Nako Bruno GG p . Comments 120 pH 8 pH 7 Centrifuge. centrifuge. 6. before addition.0 g/l used.0 30 (1:20) 1. Isopropilic alcohol can be used in some difficult case.0 2. mordanting with metallic salts.