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Have  you  ever  imagined  that  someone  dies  due  to  cooking  MEAL  for  her  family,  here  are  the  facts!   § § Half  the  world’s  population  cook  on  biomass  (wood,  animal  dung  cake,  forest  litter,  etc)   This  is  done  on  dirty  stoves  or  three  stone  fire  which  are  inefficient  as  well  as  give  out  hazardous   smoke  equivalent  to  two  packs  of  cigarettes  everyday  which,  the  lady  breathes  while  cooking  the   meal.   As  per  WHO,  there  are  4  million  deaths  annually  because  of  Indoor  Air  Pollution.     Nearly  30%  of  these  deaths  happen  in  India.  These  are  women  and  children.   This   also   results   in   excessive   deforestation   which   can   be   brought   down   with   efficient   cookstoves   as  biomass  is  a  renewable  energy  source.   It  also  leads  to  excessive  emissions  into  the  air  and  contributes  to  the  global  warming.   There   are   studies   which   also   reflect   the   glaciers   are   melting   faster   because   of   the   soot   from   these  stoves.  

§ § § § §

All,  these  issues  are  addressed  with  a  simple  solution  of  adopting  Improved  Biomass  cook  stoves,  a  clean   and   efficient   way   to   cook   and   protect   the   families   and   the   world.   Please   check   the   details   on   Please  check  on  the  following  youtube  links  as  well  

The  reason  to  connect  with  you    
We   are   a   small   social   enterprise   doing   our   best   to   eradicate   this   silent   killer   and   want   your   help   to   attract  CEO  /  MD  of  large  corporates  (we  have  their  lists)  and  preside  on  the  workshop  to  discuss  on  the   challenges  of  the  various  dissemination  program.  We  will  bring  various  CEO’s  (as  testimonials)  who  are   already  doing  this  dissemination  in  their  member  base.  We  want  you  to  lead  and  help  us  in  finding  the   solutions   jointly   in   that   room.   We   are   planning   to   have   this   workshop   somewhere   in   the   last   week   of   September  2013  or  early  October  2013.     We   are   trying   our   best   to   save   lives   and   improve   the   emission   standards   across   the   globe.   Hence,   trying   all   means   hence   this   message.   Sorry,   if   this   was   an   improper   invite   but   trying   our   best   effort   to   save   lives.