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Music in Advertising
The Purpose
for music in television advertisements is to identify a product and to encourage us to buy or support the product. Ads can take the form of short songs ( called Jingles) or instrumental pieces. The music can be original or taken from other sources and can be any style of music. The most important feature is that it must be memorable and the lyrics and musical style should be appropriate to the demographic or target audience. Since television began in the 1950’s, there are ads which stand out and are memorable to many generations of Australians.

Aeroplane Jelly (1956)
1. With a cute girl on a swing, what is the chosen demographic? Children 2. What is the mood of the music? Sweet, happy, cheerful 3. What is the time signature? 3/4 4. Write down the lyrics of the opening Chorus.

I like aeroplane jelly Aeroplane jelly for me
5. Underline the end word of each phrase that rhymes 6. Place a slash before each strong syllable 7. Try to notate the rhythm of the first phrase 8. Comment on the structure of the song , Ternary Form, 4 bar phrases 9. What is the purpose of the bouncing ball? 10. List the accompanying performing media 11. What makes this TV ad memorable?

Vegemite (1954)


‍the company agreed to a stay of execution. FILM. lyrics. What are the musical features of this ad? ( Refer to tempo.TELEVISION & MULTIMEDIA MUSIC 1 The ultimate Australian spread. xylophone. but he did play a significant part in ‍the creation of ‍the singing ‍Louie that first appeared on our screens in 1962 and was still there..tenor/bass male 4. spreading disease with ‍the greatest of ease. 12. At time of ‘What’s your name?’ He said. structure. (Late last year. Louie came “straight from rubbish bins to you. Compare the original ad with the 1999 commercial http://www. before Courtenay got his start in ‍the industry.TOPIC: MUSIC FOR RADIO. What instruments are used in the introduction? Muted trumpet. ‍the agency that then employed him. 1. ‘‍Louie. his fate is undecided.” Visitors to ‍the ‍Mortein website can view a TV ad starring a ‍fly called ‍Louie that dates from 1957. as he has long claimed. but after a public outcry. He cannot have invented ‍the character. vocals and instrumentation) Mortein ( 1962) Louie the Fly is a cartoon character that older Australians associate with advertising. Vegemite’s rise to fame was helped by the famous TV ad with marching twin girls singing: ‘We’re happy little Vegemites as bright as bright can be’. Courtenay tells me a well-polished anecdote about ‍the time ‍the manufacturers of ‍Mortein threatened to dump McCann Erickson. Comment on the type of voices used. he spent ‍the 20-minute taxi ride jotting ‍the outline of a new campaign on ‍the back of an envelope: “I said to ‍the cab driver. because their insect spray wasn’t selling.spreading disease with the greatest of ease”. some five decades later.’ And I wrote this thing about a ‍ • As a late-summer storm brews outside his livingroom window. bassoon 2.. Is the tonality Major or minor? minor 3.) (The Good Weekend 17/3/12) PAGE 2 OF 2 . ‍Mortein announced ‍Louie was finally to be killed off. What else is of interest? 5. tuba. Summoned to ‍the office for an emergency meeting.