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Ferrari  &  Masera*  

Sergio  Marchionne  

April 21, 2010  

Fiat Investor Day  


5% 2006 Net revenues (€bn) Trading profit (€mn) Trading margin 2007 ~2.9% 2009 ~2. 2010   Fiat Investor Day   2   Trading profit (€mn) .5 360-380 14.0 180-200 9.3% 1-8 105-115 5.5-15.1-14.7% 11.8% 15.8-6.Performance over last plan period Luxury & performance brands Net revenues (€bn) Trading margin 7.0 280-300 14.4 Lingotto Plan Targets (Nov 2006) April 21.9% 12.0-9.8% 2008 ~2.

458 Spider in H2 2011 and New 599 GTB in 2012)   Ensure a sustainable product life cycle of four years for all new models followed by M versions lasting another four years   Keep launching a new model every year to sustain turnover and reinforce brand   Selectively exploit Special Series to target high end customers (599 GTO in 2010.Ferrari 2010-14 product plan With California launch Ferrari product range is now complete with 4 key models to play in all different market segments Guiding principles for 2010-2014 product plan   Increase product differentiation in order to target a wider customer base by stretching further trade off between versatility and extreme performance (New 612 Scaglietti in H1 2011. New Enzo in 2012. 2010   Fiat Investor Day   3   . 458 Scuderia in 2013)   April 21.

2010   Fiat Investor Day   4   .Ferrari 2010-14 product plan – Range evolution NEW FERRARI ENZO (2012) NEW 599 GTB F152 (2012) NEW 612 SCAGLIETTI F151 (2011) PRICE POSITIONING >€230k 599 GTO (2010) 458 ITALIA SPIDER (2011) CALIFORNIA M (2013) California GRANTURISMO (versatility) 458 Italia SPORTS CAR (extreme performances) PRODUCT POSITIONING April 21.

maintaining exclusivity in mature ones   Further growth of Licensing. Retail & E-commerce (new category of product and shops opening) and Ferrari Financial Services (new markets and new services)   F1 racing activities •  continuing cost control •  significant contribution coming from sponsorship April 21. spare parts and after sales services improvement   Production efficiencies and fixed cost optimization. Enlargement of in-sourcing strategic activities to increase capacity utilization and programs of fixed costs reduction   Continuing search for opportunities in emerging markets.Ferrari 2010-14 roadmap Profitability growth in a scenario of substantial volume stability     Personalization. one-off program. 2010   Fiat Investor Day   5   .

H and High-end E segment ranking within top premium manufacturers Product plan objectives     Develop New Generation of Quattroporte with a completely new style. offering outstanding driving emotions and high-level quality   Extend luxury market coverage by entering High-end E segment offering a new product package with specific contents in order to exploit Maserati “DNA”   Maintain and sustain GranTurismo and GranCabrio products in H segment April 21. 2010   Fiat Investor Day   6   .Maserati 2010-14 product plan Maserati becomes a relevant player in the G.

2010   Changes in seg. already covered Fiat Investor Day   7   . covered April 21.Maserati New range coverage & product positioning Super Luxury €115-160k Quattroporte Sport GT S 440HP GranTurismo S 440HP GranCabrio 440HP PRICE POSITIONING New  G   Quattroporte 400HP GranTurismo 405HP Premium €70-115k Luxury >€55k New E High End E High End segment G segment SEGMENT COVERAGE H segment New seg.

2010   Fiat Investor Day   8   .Maserati 2010-14 roadmap Enlarge business and reach a double-digit profitability     Increase the global market share in the G segment from 3% to 8%   Reach a global market share penetration in High-end E segment above 10%   Maintain in H segment current top 3 ranking position with a market share above 10%   Dealer network improvement to support volume growth   New production organization in line with targeted volumes   Production efficiencies and fixed cost optimization   April 21.

Financials Capex – Luxury & performance brands April 21. 2010   Fiat Investor Day   9   .

2010-14 Financial targets Luxury & performance brands April 21. 2010   Fiat Investor Day   10   .