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"Collect some fire wood, will you, Bobbi, and I'll finish setting up the tent," said her mother Tara, as she tied down the last corner of the tent and drove the stake into the ground. "Sure, mom," Bobbi replied, "it shouldn't take me more than ten minutes or so!" "It had been so long since the two of them had done anything together," thought Tara, so two days in the mountains would be good for both of them!!! Bobbi did more than an adequate job of scrounging dry wood, and in a few minutes, Tara had a roaring fire going with a pot of beef stew hanging from a tripod in the middle of the flames. The cool air was filled with the aroma of boiling stew, so coupled with not having eaten for over six hours, both women felt their tummies growling in anticipation of a hot dinner!!! The sun was setting in the western sky as Tara and Bobbi sat down and ate their supper. The dinner conversation ranged from how Bobbi was doing in school, to how both of them were doing since the loss of Fred, Bobbi's father and Tara's husband of eighteen years. It had been almost a year since his passing, and while Bobbi seemed to be getting along just fine, her mother on the other hand, still hurt deeply from her loss. Seeing as how her mother was getting a little misty eyed, Bobbi steered the conversation back to her school activities, and Tara immediately seemed to perk back up! Lost in the atmosphere of good food and conversation, neither of the two woman noticed when three strange men appeared in the clearing fifty yards down the path. Drawn by the smell of the stew, the three hungry fellows were making a beeline for their camp! It wasn't until the three of them were practically on top of them before Tara noticed them standing not more than twenty feet away! Her heart practically stopped at the suddenness of their appearance, but trying not to let on her fear, Tara asked casually, "May I help you!?!" The taller and rougher of the three explained, "We've been lost in the woods all day and followed the smell of your food, we ain't eaten since late last night!" Sensing trouble, Tara quickly decided if they were going to make trouble, the two of them alone couldn't stop them anyway, so she offered, "We have plenty of beef stew left, won't you join us!?!" "Mother," Bobbi hissed under her breath, "are you crazy!?!" "Shush," Tara shot back, "I know what I'm doing," while the three men took their placed around the fire as Tara spooned out generous portions of stew to each of them. They ate pretty much in silence, while every once in a while looking over their shoulders back up the trail, as if someone was following them! It was about at that moment when Tara realized that the three strangers were escaped convicts!!! She tried mightily to keep the terror she felt off of her face, but it was useless, and the big one noticed it at once and said harshly, "Okay, so ya know, well it won't help you none, "cuz we lost them dogs hours ago, so don't expect no help anytime soon!!!" "Whatya think, Frank," asked the short stocky one, "do ya think we'd better keep moving!?!" "We gotta rest sometime," replied Frank, "it might as well be here, we've got all the comforts of home," as he turned his gaze to the two women, and for the first time Bobbi realized the trouble they were in, so instinctively she snuggled up close to her mother for protection, but in her heart she knew that it was a futile gesture!!! The sun was beginning to set, and the three escapees began eyeing the two women with more than just a passing interest! Frank, the obvious leader of the trio, came over to Tara and jerked her to her feet. Bobbi let out half a scream, but she was quickly shut up by a back handed slap across her face, that not only knocked her over, but it also stunned her into submission! "Leave my daughter alone," Tara hissed at Frank, but his powerful grip on her arm made sure that all she could do was complain verbally! "Okay, bitch," spat Frank harshly, "if you two cunts want to do it the hard way that's fine by us, but we haven't had any pussy in over three fucking years, so one way of the other you're gonna give it up, got it!?!" Tara could see that Bobbi was in the never never land between consciousness and unconsciousness, so, hoping against all hope that they would leave her eighteen year old daughter alone, Tara turned to Frank and said, "Okay, Frank, you can have me, she's just a child, so leave her alone and I'll do what ever you want!" The three cons all roared with laughter, with the short stocky con replying, "You dumb fucking cunt, we'll fuck your little bitch daughter if we want to, and make you eat her pussy out when were finished!!!" Before she could respond, Frank wrenched her around by the arm, forced her to her knees directly in front of him, and ordered, "Open it up, bitch, and suck me off, and if you try anything funny, I'll have Danny fuck you little cunt daughter in the ass, understand


me!?!" Tears began forming in Tara's eyes, but she nodded her head "yes", and began unbuttoning Frank's prison issue! The smell of old urine and sweat filled Tara's nostrils, and it was all she could do to keep from upchucking her dinner! "Hurry up, cunt," Frank ordered testily, "get that prick out and suck it!!!" It had been over twelve months since she had had a cock in her mouth, and while these were far from ideal conditions to say the least, when Tara felt the hot firmness of a hardon in her hands, she couldn't help it, but her pussy convulsed a little as her whole groin area drench itself with pussy juice!!! When she finally extracted it, it was nearly fully erect, with a large purple head that was straining to explode, and gingerly she moved her head forward, but Frank grabbed the back of her head and forced the thick organ into her mouth, causing her to momentarily gag as it rammed against the back of her throat! Frank let out a loud moan, and with just a few licks and sucks from Tara, Frank's pecker flinched, and filled her mouth with a gusher of hot cum!!! Frank milked his dick of every last drop of cum into Tara's mouth, before giving way to Danny, who didn't want a blow, but a good hard fucking!!! "Okay, cunt," he snarled harshly, "off with your jeans and panties, and be quick about it," while dropping his own to reveal a fast thickening boner! Tara, while totally repulsed by the situation, sensed that when Danny slammed his pecker into her, she was going to have a huge orgasm whether she liked it or not! As Danny climbed between her thighs, Bobbi rolled over onto her side just in time to see eight inches of cock slide into her mothr's quim! "Mother," she moaned, while rubbing the side of her cheek, "no, leave my mother alone!!!" Tara's head rolled from side to side as the thick piece of manhood penetrated her pussy, and much to her own horror, and that of her daughter, a low guttural moan escaped her lips along with a wailful begging, "Oh my god, fuck me harder, fuck me harder!!!" Frank and Jocco, the third member of the trio, both laughed uproariously and Frank said to Bobbi derisively, "Your mama fucks like a two dollar whore, just look at the pitiful bitch!!!" Tears filled Bobbi's eyes as she watched her mother begging for cock like there was no tomorrow, and while she sobbed softly to herself, Tara timed Danny's thrusts so that her crotch met his with equal force, which of course gave her the most pleasure possible! In the back of her mind she could hear her daughter crying, but she was beyond caring, all she could think about making sure that the pecker inside her, satisfied her pussy!!! The first cock induced orgasm in over a year spread from Tara's pussy and coursed throughout her body, leaving her shaking and convulsing in climatic ecstasy, while Bobbi looked on in disbelief while her mother seemed to enjoy being raped by the savage convict! When she had a chance to quiet down and regain her senses, Tara looked her daughter in the eye and said, "I'm sorry, dear, but it's been so long, I couldn't help myself, I've always been so addicted to hard cocks, and Danny has a very large penis!!!" "Oh, mother," Bobbi sobbed, "what are we going to do!?!" Tara, now a little slack jawed and spent, didn't even raise a protest when Jocco and Frank grabbed Bobbi and pulled off her clothing, leaving her naked in the cool night air! "Look at her nipples, Frank," Jocco said, "they're all ready hard!" Bobbi had stopped crying, and a shiver ran through her body as her naked skin was caressed by the cool damp air! "W-what are you going to do to me," she asked nervously, but in her heart all ready knowing the answer!?! Why we're gonna fuck your mouth and cunt, little bitch," spat Frank, as he and Jocco dropped their pants which allowed their peckers to pop into view! Bobbi knew it was useless to resist, because she knew that their was the real danger that if she pissed any of the three men off, they could hurt either her or her mother badly, or maybe even worse!!! "There's something about fucking young pussy," sighed Frank, as he lined up his pecker on Bobbi's tight little cunt! "You got that right, bro," replied Jocco, as his own pecker rubbed across Bobbi's mouth! "On three," yelled Frank, and with one hard lunge, both he and Jocco buried their dicks into Bobbi, one in the cunt and one in her mouth!!! "Ugh," moaned Bobbi, but the pain she felt was mixed with a rising tide of pleasure as the two escapees plowed their hardons in and out of her! Tara had never seen her daughter in any kind of sexual situation, but she could see from her actions that this was not the first time she had been fucked! "Such a young firm body," Tara thought to herself, "with such pretty breasts!!!" While just a few minutes ago she had been whimpering like a wounded puppy, Bobbi was now in the process of being taken hard sexually by two grown men, and even though she was trying to resist it, her cunt was giving her away, and it was inevitable that she would have a truly smashing climax!!! Tara subconsciously reached down and began flicking her clit while she watched Bobbi get the fucking and sucking of her life! "Hey look," shouted Danny, "the old whore here can't get enough, she's fingerin' her own pussy!!!" Out of the corner of her eye, Bobbi could see her mother frantically jamming her fingers in and out of her hairy pussy, and it was at that moment that she realized just how much her mother missed her father's


penis!!! Pulling Jocco out of her mouth for just a second, Bobbi looked at her mother and mouthed the words, "I love you, mama," and at just that instant, Frank erupted deep inside Bobbi's cunt, while Jocco had taken his cock and jerked it furiously until it shot all over Bobbi's face!!! The second the hot cum splattered on her face, Bobbi's vagina collapsed around Frank's cock, and her whole body was rocked by a tremendous orgasm!!!" Just seeing her daughter so satisfied was all it took for Tara go over the edge once more, leaving her a limp and shaking from another powerful climax!!! Both women were then allowed to climb into one of the sleeping bags and go to sleep. Early the next morning Tara opened her eyes expecting to find the three men still in camp, but much to her delight they were gone!!! All of their provisions were missing, but they were safe and alive, and living to tell about it!!! Not waking her daughter, Tara held her close and thanked God for getting them through such a trying ordeal! She also couldn't help thinking about the hard cocks she had had the night before, and while it was a terrifying experience, she had to admit that the sex was pretty darn good, and well, she had needed it!!!

Hal Decker pulled on his turtle neck sweater and padlocked is locker and yelled to the attendant, "Seeya in a couple of days, Jimmy, have a good one!!!" It was a crisp and clear September evening in Minneapolis, and Hal was thinking about how much better he was feeling since he started working out twice a week as he approached his car at the far end of the parking lot!!! He was just about open the door on his new SUV, when out of nowhere a vice like grip around held his arms tight to his body, before a handkerchief doused with chloroform was pressed roughly over his mouth and nostrils, quickly rendering him unconsciousness!!! He didn't know how long he had been out, but his nose burned from the chloroform, and when he tried getting to his feet, he found that he was tied up and unable to get off of what he thought was a bed!!! With the room was pitch dark, he had time to ponder his situation, and for the life of him, he couldn't figure out who would want to kidnap him!!! He wasn't rich and neither were his folks, so money was out of the question, so what in the heck was it!?! Since he wasn't already dead, he figured that who ever it was probably wanted him alive, but as of that moment it was pure speculation, so he lay quietly while working on his bindings!!! It was useless, who had ever tied him up knew exactly what they were doing, because the harder he tried to escape the tighter they became!!! Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours, and he was just about to scream out when the door burst open, the light came on, and much to his surprise, there stood a woman dressed in army fatigues with black face toting an M16 rifle!!! "What the fuck's going on around here," he demanded in a voice that sounded much more sure of himself than he really was!?! The woman in the army get up ignored his question and turned to someone in the other room and said, "He's awake now, whataya wanna do!?!" He couldn't quite make out what the other person had said, but within seconds, three other like dressed females burst into the bedroom, grabbed him around the waist, and dragged him out into a shabbyily appointed living room!!! He started to ask again what was going on, but instead he got a rifle butt slammed into his belly which instantly dropped him to his knees!!! "Don't ya just love it when they're on their knees," a tall slim blonde laughed, "I think I might as well take advantage of the situation, don't you, girls!?!" The other three women either laughed or chuckled at the blonde's remark, but


a warm mouth engulfed his hard pecker causing him to moan loudly as his nut sack automatically tightened!!! When he opened his eyes. "all ever do is eat each other out and watch me and Candy screw'em!!!" "Well it's the thrill of the hunt. Hal couldn't help himself as he greedily lapped up Candy's profuse cunt juice. but can you at least untie me!?!" Candy gave Carla a nod. "just fucking incredible!!!" After taking a couple of minutes to regain his breath and bearings. before slowly beginning to grind her pussy hard all around his hard thick spike!!! With her breathing growing more shallow." he whimpered as her huge cunt swallowed up his eight inches like it was nothing." Candy went on slowly. we chase them down and fuck them!!!" Hal just stared at the quartet in front of them before stammering. and without warning. "Can you please tell what I'm doing here!?!" The women looked back and forth between each other until Candy announced. "I think you're scaring him. I'll play. all they ever do is watch us do all the work!?!" "Ladies. thank you!!!" Carla just laughed at the tiny redhead and declared loudly. "Honey. do you think he's really gonna call the cops. until when she was finally spent. "and my sexual preference is none of your damned business. well she was gonna get her chance." Hal said quietly. Carla cupped her full fat breasts and moaned. one of the other women pointed her rifle at his groin and said evenly. wondering when this nightmare would end. I know I'd be scared if a fat ass like that was sittin' on me. but when he began to protest. Hal." Carla said sarcastically. Candy." The brunette said softly while running her hand along its length. Carla. why not just let Carla and Candy fuck me while Ginger and Brenda 4 . the hot pussied blonde fell backwards onto the floor with her legs splayed wide apart while struggling to catch her breath!!!" It was at that point that a chunky brunette announced. "ya see." he aske warily. god." Ginger shot back. I'm gonna cum all over him!!!" She wanted to ride him. "Are you gals nuts. Hal knew right away that this could turn out to be a very long night!!! "Okay now. after all. "Since we seem to be gettin' and early start on things." one of the other women said with a laugh. leaving his erection standing at attention in front of the four crazy women!!! "Oh my. and besides." she groaned. "I-I'm fucking cumming so fucking hard. and quick as a flash she pulled a huge survival knife and with just a flick of the wrist. "Why do we even have these two cunt lappers around. you were selcted because we thought you might give us a challenge!!!" "A challenge. he nearly fainted when he saw the huge brunette's huge fat bottom slowly lowering itself onto his shaft!!! "Oh god. Candy." Carla answered while pulling on her fatigues. ohhhhhhhhhh fuck that's nice!!!" Even though he was on his knees and tied up. "h-he's fucking my pussy so hard. he began slowly thrusting his erection hard into the cunt of the panting woman!!! "Oh. "I'm gonna enjoy this to the max. ladies. how could a guy go to the police if he'd just satisfied four sex crazed women with rifles. you can go to prison for that!?!" "Well. "Y-you were right. "now be a good little boy and mama won't have to punish you!!!" "Way to go. I might as well see what our boy had hidden inside those pants!!!" Hal turned to face the dark haired plumper. Carla made some sense. you ain't got no choice!!! Hal lay helplessly on the floor while his pants and shorts were jerked from his waist. "Okay. instead of chasing me through the forest. "after a guy's been fucked six ways to Sunday." the blonde said gently while roughly pulling his mouth to her bulging pussy. but now." Candy moaned as her pussy convulsed wildly in Hal's mouth. this boy's got a gift. we finally found one that knows where a clit is. I surely am gonna enjoy riding this!!!" Hal threw his head back and closed his eyes. "what kind of challenge!?!" "It's kinda hard to explain. oh myyyyyy he fucks me so nice!!!" Up until now Hal had tried to remain still as the fat assed brunette fucked herself on his thick pole.when she started removing her pants and panties. Candy. baby. "p-please be careful!!!" "Listen to him. his cock was drifting slowly past the point of no return. kidnapping is a federal crime." she stammered as her own orgasm shredded her spasming organ. "I've got and idea. who the hell would ever believe him!?!" Finally his shoulders slumped and he replied." which made Carla stick out her tongue at her tormentor. "make the little maggot suck you off." one of the other women urged. as Hal rammed his meat up into her now helpless pussy until both of them groaned in unison as his pecker shot load after hot load of cum into her steaming quim!!! "F-fuck. "Well to tell you the truth. it's probably the best time he's ever had in his life!!!" Hal's head was spinning at that logic. and after giving them a head start. educing a long moan and sigh as her orgasm built deep inside of her cunt!!! "Jesus christ. cut him free!!! "Let's hurry up and start the game. we kidnap men and turn them loose in the woods. Hal asked softly. make him do you good!!!" Candy's head rolled from side to side on her shoulders as Hal's tongue slithered up and down the hot pussied bitch's slit. but before he could contemplate his future much longer. but in a way." a redhead said excitedly!!! "You and Brenda don't even fuck'em.

suck my big fat pussy!!!" Candy let her hand drop to her pussy as she began mindlessly fingering herself while watching Carla getting her cunt eaten. she joind him in one of the best and hardest orgasms she had ever experienced until she was totally and completely strung out from her cum. All the evident were on his desk. who were now grinding their hot boxes hard into each other's mouth while their orgasms shook like earthquakes in their convulsing cunts!!! Everyone was quiet for a while as each of them slowly came down from their own sexual high. come on now. going through all the details. the chief of security and my account lead. unnoticeable for about three months. that is until Hal asked easily. now let’s talk about what we should do to you. I froze. I was shaking. "I am sorry. "he's hard a fucking rock. ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck is this good. and of course. could someone please tell me exactly where we are. I promise I will never do this again" I cried. "Please Mr. I have been told you’ve embezzled this firm for the last three months." Hal panted. Mr." she sighed as his meat disappeared inside of her." the chunky brunette gasped. but his attention quickly returned to Candy and Carla as they made a human sandwich out of him by pressing him between them!!! "Come on ladies. "Okay. Mr. Mr. my manger’s office. What’s going on! Leticia. he knows exactly where my clit is. Everything went well. boy. A friend suggested no one would notice if a couple of thousands of dollars here and there were missing." as he pushed Carla to the floor and buried his mouth in her huge hairy muffy!!! "Oh fuck. Hanson. Explain all the details how you did it. and just as his body stiffened as his cock spasmed. "Y-you're right. 5 . I just love riding a big fucking boner!!!" Carla was still in no shape to move. let's get down to buisness shall we. I have been handling large accounts. One day I received a note to go to Mr. I gotta get back to my car!?!" KIDNAPPED Walking for an accounting firm for 5 their thing. Smith. Smith asked. couldn’t deny. mmmmmmm. that's all right with us. whataya say!?!" Candy and Carla looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders before Candy replied. do you think you can get it up again for both of us!?!" The answer to that question was already becoming evident as Hal's penis began to grow in anticipation of his pending encounter with the two kidnappers!!! As if they were having a race. We need to prevent this from happening again. everyone began throwing off their clothing until all of them were standing naked in the middle of the living room!!! Hal eyed Brenda and Ginger as the two lesbians began necking and nuzzling each other. "Now. watching Ginger and Brenda beginning a long session of sixty nine!!! Carla was so turned on by the oral attention she was receiving. Ginger and Brenda. Smith said. at which time she rolled off of him and gasped for breath as her heart pounded like a trip hammer in her chest!!! The room now was filled only by the slurping sounds coming from the pussies of the two cunt lapping lesbians. After a whole hour. it only took a matter of mintues for Hal to bring her to a shattering orgasm that reduced her to a quivering mass of fat female flesh!!! As soon as Carla had let out her last moan. Lance were also waiting in the office. Candy quickly pulled Hal away from the huge dark cunt and force him onto his back where she quickly mounted his hard erection!!! "Good fucking god. suck me. I took the advice. but just watching her best friend riding the huge stallion cock made her cup her huge breasts and bring one of her hard nipples to her mouth where she greedily sucked on it!!! Candy groaned loud and long as Hal's spike filled her to overflowing. I was weak and thought it wouldn’t affect anyone since it was a just a small amount comparing to all those huge accounts.

. I thought so. my legs were spread apart. someone picked me up and dragged me on the desk. You’d better make me happy and don’t disappoint me" He sat down in his big chair after dropping his pants down to the ankles. boys. He paused and then looked at the other two men. Yesss… thief. He then moved his mouth to my breasts.. and forced my face to his crotch. My moan was more vocal he moaned in ecstacy along with all the men’s. My bras were undone. He murmured “lovely”. You heard me. and confused. What’s going on? I wondered. Damn you Lance.. My panty hose was cut. What size are your breasts? I stunned.make daddy cum in your mouth. you have to shut her mouth before she gets too loud. A sixty yr old man ravaging the body of a twenty–five yr old girl is better than expensive wine. I felt other mouth along my back…and hands on my ass cheeks. Lance already had his pants dropped. "Suck my cock. His hands started squeezing my breast.. I struggled in their strong grips. Mr. This was so good and I have ever never thought it could be this good. He shot his hot load in my mouth and screamed with ecstasy. I started lick his mushroom. would you lock the door behind you". He reminded me I am a thief ! and now I have to pay. but know I couldn’t say no. Trust me. Is your pussy very hairy? I couldn’t believe my own ears.. I have never been fucked by two men at the same time before. My butt was pulled to the edge of the desk. David didn’t waste any time. Smith moved his big chair away from his desk. the slut is getting so hot. David. but someone’s hands dragged me to him. His hands grasped my hair and pulled and pushed to his crotch… His voice was louder and more urgent. I feel other hands running along my back. on my face and put his cock in my mouth. Your breasts size? What is it? 34C sir. More 6 . you thief. Either you get it here or you'd prefer the lesbians in jail. This is great. I promise I’ll be clean for now on. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. and you will drink every drop. My dress was dropped on the floor. I’m sorry Sir. They blackmailed me. Smith’s voice was so turning on … My head pumped harder and harder. then pinched my nipples with his fingers. The top of my dress was torn off. then landed along the crack of my bare ass. "Thank you thank you". Harder. while the other men were working on my clothes. Honey you don’t have a lot of choices. you’ve always wanted to fuck me. as my pussy was bare. "Lance. My head bopped up and down pumping David’s cock while Lance was fucking my cunt like a mad dog. and my cunt was dripping wetter than ever. then I started enjoying it. Lance and David. Here’s your chance. I couldn’t hold any longer. "I am glad to hear that" he responded. your choice. I resisted. His hands were holding my legs up high. he quickly shoved his 9-in hard on in my pussy. I can be a little easy on you". Yummy. he started fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. It felt so good. I stammered. feeling humiliated. can I see her breasts. and my choice was obvious.. and sucked and sucked at first with hesitation. "since you have been such a good accountants for the last 5 years. I begged: "I promise you will not be disappointed in me". Lance whispered to my ear: I suggest you are not going to make a sound. Mr. He moaned loudly with pleasure.. I was all naked. I couldn’t believe I loved it. Lance and David were breathing hard with excitement: How is it Boss? Wonderful. and sucked and sucked. Tell me why I shouldn’t press charge against you. I don’t get blowjob from my wife. He grinned while glanced at the other two men. Fuck me like a real man… Fuck me… I moaned and got vocal. Smith whispered. Here I was. Yes. As Mr. He started kissing me . naked and violated by three men . but the hands of the two men were securing my body that I couldn’t move. Someone got under me: my pussy was on his face. Someone lifted my ass up from the behind. then my bra and panties. he said. Mr. I resisted trying to get away. My mouth was tightly wrapping around him and pumping his cock harder. I will never do that again. The two men quickly came to me and put their hands on my shoulders. sir Lance responded with anticipation. Mr.. I felt like he was going to swallow my tongue. he moved his hands and fingered my clit.. letting out the enormous climax rushing through my body. except making him happy. I was ecstatic. I felt aroused.. Voice of Mr. Smith approached. Yessss slut… just like that …yess… harder harder…. My pussy was wet and dripping. I shave my pussy everyday. Smith. They nodded their heads and smiled.ohhh! I moan softly with a cock in my mouth. I protested but couldn’t make any sense. Taking his cock in my mouth. and put his hands on my young breasts. His mouth started sucking my clit. I can’t believe it. I lost my sense of the surrounding. retrieving his cock in his hands. Oh…. he said.Smith. no sir. . I have no way out. I can’t make clear sound. and wet. Smith dropped back in his chair. He got on the desk. you will have your shares. My pucker hole was licked that gave me a great pleasure I’ve ever had. I tried to move away from his touch. Smith’s mouth was engorging my breasts. Mr.

. the fuck was stilling great…. David took his cock out and shoved it my still dripping pussy. A friend suggested no one would notice if a couple of thousands of dollars here and there were missing. …. I was weak and thought it wouldn’t affect anyone since it was a just a small amount comparing to all those huge accounts. . Would you like it now? Yes. I bucked because of the pain. but my hands were holding my legs high and open… for the men. One day I received a note to go to Mr. Smith’s chair. I can’t take anymore of this… David slammed his body harder. Someone put me in Mr. Just fuck it. The pain was so much but subsiding followed with the pleasure was now increasing. And David came almost simultaneously … his cum filled my ass while he was still pumping until there’s no more energy in him. I have been handling large accounts. The anticipation. They were taking turn fucking me having the fun they ever had . my bottom was sloppy with cum dripping all over the leather chair. I am sorry.. the pleasure... expanding the hole. couldn’t deny. the whole cock now disappeared in my ass. and faster … I moaned like a real slut like a whore.. My bare breasts were pressed on the desk with my face down. Stop asking! David’s cock’s head was at the ring. I was shaking. I’ve got to fuck that slut". My eyes were closed resting. After a few thrusts... Damn it.. bent over the desk. A cock was shoved in my cunt and started fucking… as tiring as I was. he started sliding his cock in my ass. Exhausted with one orgasm after another. I froze.we now can fuck this slut whenever we want. as I sighed with mixture of pain and pleasure distributing all over my body. My legs were picked up again. come on. The pleasure was now totally taking over. Smith and Lance came to take a closer look of David’s cock penetrating my ass. fuck me fuck my ass... David started to pump and pump and pump. and fingered around the ring.ohhh. my manger’s office. They gasped with pleasure. Smith's voice "Damn. then more fingers shoved in my asshole. My breasts were being tortured by strong hands and someone’s cock was still fucking my cunt…. and I had discovered the slut in me that I have ever known. the chief of security and my account lead.. Damn it. Mr. then two inch. What’s going on! Leticia. fuck my brains out. His crotch was slapping my bare ass while he was ramping my ass like a wild animal.pumping more ramping in the pussy. I shook my head. Mr.. Everything went smoothly. Fuck her.and enjoyed every stroke. He collapsed on my sweaty body still shaking with the enormous orgasm like it would not stop. fuck my ass. she’s tight. The feeling was so great. the rally. All the evident were on his desk. unnoticed for about three months. Damn.. Fuck her ass good… they rallied. every thrust. but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t fuck my ass. 7 . David’s cock was taken off my mouth… Fuck! she sucks so good. Smith. having my three superiors watching and fucking my young body was not something I never dreamt of.. I have to cum in her ass. Hanson. I’m so hard now. I didn’t have the energy to move. Smith’s voice .aaaaahhhhhhhhh my body writhed and writhed as a hot load shot in my pussy. and another inch… I sighed with pain… but also felt the thrill the pleasure that three men were watching my ass swallowing a cock. My body was turned over.. My legs were spread wider. His hot cum overflowed my pussy. another huge climax rushing … oohhh. cum in my ass… fuck it… ooohhhaaaahhhh…. Hey slut.. I got angry. fuck the slut. his cock was well lubricated He now put it back on my ass… preparing to shove in… one inch… slowly in. … hearing Mr. Lance ramped the last thrusts violently in my cunt before he exhaustedly dropped on the floor. I took the advice.. have you ever get fucked in the ass before? No. It hurt. The thrusts were great. Mr. The men rallied. I have been told you’ve embezzled this firm for the last three months. Lance were also waiting in the office.. I passed out in the chair with the most satisfaction ever… PAY-UP TIME Working for an accounting firm for 5 years. Someone parted my ass cheeks.. and dripped down to my ass.

What’s going on? I wondered. The two men quickly came to me and put their hands on my shoulders. His hands grasped my hair and pulled and pushed to his crotch… His voice was louder and more urgent. It felt so good. Lance and David were breathing hard with excitement: How is it Boss? Wonderful. Either you get it here or get it by the lesbians in jail. Mr. Please Mr. Yummy! Lance and David. Oohhh! I moan softly with a cock in my mouth. Yes. Smith said. My butt was pulled to the edge of the desk. I stammered. and my cunt was dripping wetter than ever..I promise I will never do this again. he started fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. After two hours. he said. Here’s your chance. As Mr. on my face and put his cock in my mouth. I thought so.. and forced my face to his crotch. This is great. and then pinched my nipples with his fingers. Fuck me. the slut is getting so hot. your choice. tell me why I shouldn’t press charge against you. One more. He reminded me I am a thief ! and now I have to pay. make daddy cum in your mouth. my legs were spread apart. This was so good and I have ever never thought it could be this good. now let’s talk about what we should do to you. letting out the enormous climax rushing through my body. retrieving his cock in his hands. Damn you Lance. then landed along the crack of my bare ass. Lance ramped the last thrusts violently in my cunt before he 8 . Smith’s voice was so turning on. Mr. My head pumped harder and harder. He sat down in his big chair after dropping his pants down to the ankles. you have to shut her mouth before she gets too loud. I can be a little easy on you. I don’t get blowjob from my wife. My pucker hole was licked that gave me a great pleasure I’ve ever had. boys. Harder. Smith whispered. I felt other mouth along my back. I lost my sense of the surrounding. I shave my pussy everyday. Is your pussy very hairy? I couldn’t believe my own ears. Mr. My head bopped up and down pumping David’s cock while Lance was fucking my cunt like a mad dog. except making him happy. Taking his cock in my mouth. Lance whispered to my ear: I suggest you are not going to make a sound. Your breasts size? What is it? 34C sir. They blackmailed me. but the hands of the two men were securing my body that I couldn’t move. just like that yess. Smith’s mouth was engorging my breasts. Thank you thank you. My moan was more vocal along with all the men’s. feeling humiliated. Suck my cock. Mr. I tried to move away from his touch. No sir. I struggled in their strong grips. He then moved his mouth to my breasts. I resisted trying to get away. They nodded their heads and smiled. harder harder Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. and confused. Trust me. he quickly shoved his 9-in hard on in my pussy. David didn’t waste any time.. My bras were undone. Here I was. naked and violated by three men. and hands on my ass cheeks. He shot his hot load in my mouth and screamed with ecstasy. I feel other hands running along my back. Mr.ohhh. Smith moved his big chair away from his desk. I promise I’ll be clean from now on. as my pussy was bare. and my choice was obvious. You’d better make me happy and don’t disappoint me. David. I have no way out. he moved his hands and fingered my clit. His hands were holding my legs up high. I couldn’t believe I loved it. I felt aroused. and you will drink every drop. I can’t make clear sound. I felt like he was going to swallow my tongue. I was ecstatic. Someone lifted my ass up from the behind. My pussy was wet and dripping. Lance. My panty hose was cut. What size are your breasts? I stunned. Honey you don’t have a lot of choices. Lance already had his pants dropped. He got on the desk. I resisted. can I see her breasts. sir Lance responded with anticipation. A sixty yr old man ravaging the body of a twenty–five yr old girl is better than expensive wine. I’m sorry Sir. and put his hands on my young breasts. You heard me. then I started enjoying it. He grinned while glanced at the other two men. someone picked me up and dragged me on the desk. Smith asked. My mouth was tightly wrapped around him and pumping his cock harder. His mouth started sucking my clit. then my bra and panties. I am glad to hear that. Smith. Yess Thief. you will have your shares. I started lick his mushroom. he responded. you thief. Mr. I was all naked. but know I can’t say no. The top of my dress was torn off. and sucked and sucked at first with hesitation. He started kissing me. I moaned and got vocal. and sucked and sucked. My dress was dropped on the floor. Oh I have never been fucked by two men at the same time before. and wet. I cried. Yessss slut. I couldn’t hold any longer. another huge climax rushing Oohhh. you’ve always wanted to fuck me. while the other men were working on my clothes. I will never do that again. His hands started squeezing my breast. He murmured “lovely”. Smith dropped back in his chair. I protested but couldn’t make any sense. going through all the details. More pumping more ramping in the pussy. he said. would you lock the door behind you. I begged: I promise you will not be disappointed in me. Voice of Mr. He moaned loudly with pleasure. but someone’s hands dragged me to him. Mr. We need to prevent this from happening again. I can’t believe it. Explain all the details how you did it. Someone got under me. Smith: since you have been such a good accountants for the last 5 years. He paused and then looked at the other two men.aaaaahhhhhhhhh my body writhed and writhed as a hot load shot in my pussy. Fuck me like a real man. Smith approached.

Come on. and another inch. expanding the hole. I got angry. the whole cock now disappeared in my ass. Stop asking! David’s cock’s head was at the ring. the pleasure. It hurt. David took his cock out and shoved it my still dripping pussy.. My legs were picked up again. slowly in. I was not tall. The opportunities were plenty for casual sex in thee office. fuck my ass.exhaustedly dropped on the floor. he started sliding his cock in my ass. the fuck was stilling great. of faair complexion with long black hair. For obvious reasons names of characters below are fictitious. the rally. Would you like it now? Yes. The pain was so much but subsiding followed with the pleasure was now increasing. the senior partner 9 . with long leg/arms and small. My eyes were closed resting. I had always wondered what sex would be like with another man. Ravished in orgy This is a true story of a personal experience I shared with my senior law partner during law school pupilage days. My breasts were being tortured by strong hands and someone’s cock was still fucking my cunt. preparing to shove in. After a few thrusts.and enjoyed every stroke. then two inch. . His crotch was slapping my bare ass while he was ramping my ass like a wild animal. Someone parted my ass cheeks. Exhausted with one orgasm after another. Hearing Mr. but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t fuck my ass. I’ve got to fuck that slut. cum in my ass. Just fuck it. The thrusts were great. and dripped down to my ass. bent over the desk. I have to cum in her ass. my bottom was sloppy with cum dripping all over the leather chair. Hey slut. He collapsed on my sweaty body still shaking with the enormous orgasm like it would not stop. Smith’s chair. and I had discovered the real lust in me that I have ever known. Fuck the slut. fuck my brains out. his cum filled my ass while he was still pumping until there’s no more energy in him. Damn. They were taking turn fucking me having the fun they ever had. 1. Someone put me in Mr. firm breasts. they rallied. angular face and a petite body. Fuck her ass good.. Fuck her. fuck it! ooohhhaaaahhhh! And David came almost simultaneously. Desmond was an accountant and whilst we have been in love and enjoyed regular sex. Fuck! she sucks so good. Mr. every thrust. David’s cock was taken off my mouth. The men rallied. having my three superiors watching and fucking my young body was not something I never dreamt of. The pleasure was now totally taking over. Damn. One inch. my looks appealed to many male colleagues in the office.72 meters. That was until I received a surprise invitation by Jeff Smith. I shook my head. Damn it. I can’t take anymore of this.. his cock was well lubricated He now put it back on my ass. I moaned like a real slut like a whore. The anticipation. Smith and Lance came to take a closer look of David’s cock penetrating my ass. So I had resigned myself to my fate. David slammed his body harder. as I sighed with mixture of pain and pleasure distributing all over my body. I was then 24 years old and was scheduled to be married in 3 short months to my high school flame Desmond. a slight figure (I weigh only 48-50kg). I passed out in the chair with the most satisfaction ever.. My body was turned over. His hot cum overflowed my pussy. then more fingers shoved in my asshole. and faster. Smith’s voice: Let’s fuck her again soon. I sighed with pain. have you ever get fucked in the ass before? No. I bucked because of the pain. Fuck me fuck my ass. They gasped with pleasure. She’s tight. I’m so hard now. The feeling was so great. Otherwise all events are true and accurate. but also felt the thrill the pleasure that three men were watching my ass swallowing a cock. I didn’t have the energy to move. David started to pump and pump and pump. and fingered around the ring. but my hands were holding my legs high and open for the men.. A cock was shoved in my cunt and started fucking… as tiring as I was. My bare breasts were pressed on the desk with my face down. But sex in the office was out of the question given my catholic background (and parents).

above 60 at least and all of them were naked. I was disgusted when I noticed that one old bespectacled man was actually trying to peek up my black skirt between my legs. at my body and me. Don’t be afraid. so young. lithe. going already. what do you want???” Monica: “Questions questions. An overhead ceiling mirror presented a reflection of myself on thee immense bed. here we ask the questions. you are our honoured guest. now I need the crack as agreed Monica” Monica: “Its in cellar. and they were all staring openly. why not stays for the main event?” Jeff: “No thanks. the better. what is this place?”. And suspecting nothing amiss. and you answer. I can see why Jeff demanded such a big haul of crack for an exquisite creature like you…. he even insisted that he had to blindfold me as I was not supposed to know the location of the restaurant. the less I know oaf what goes on in the Dungeons. When he met me in my cubicle on Friday night. I could feel their putrid stale breath and another waive of revulsion swept through me.(and office playboy) for a farewell dinner. 10 . Jeff said it was a “surprise” and being the trusting fool that I was. A woman moved toward and spoke. Jeff had told me that the office had organized this for me in appreciation of my handwork with the law firm.”Where are we Jeff. I knew from the voices that there were at least 4 people in the room. My pulse raised as I heard alien voices and I enquired…. I recognized her voice as Monica. They were all old.” Me: “Who are you. afterall you are the main event for this evening” I turned my head and my gaze fell upon pair after pair of hungry eyes. so beautiful. Jeff reassured me we were in a “Theme Restaurant”. no physical harm will come to you.” A door slammed and in that instance I felt so alone. but as the blindfold was removed.” Jeff: “I do what I can to please you. Monica: “Welcome to the Dungeon Kelly. This he did in his car. It was uncomfortably warm and humid and there was the unmistakable scent of sweat and semen in the air. I agreed. why are you doing this to me. “She looks good enough to eat” one croaked “Me first” shouted another And they all edged closer to the bed. I should have been alerted to foul play when no one at the office seemed to be aware of the farewell dinner.. My blindfolds were drawn tighter as no-longer gentle hands pushed me roughly onto a damp smelly mattress and forced my hands above my head and handcuffed them to the bed posts. After what seemed like a 25 minute journey. just where do you find them. I was horrified to be greeted by a silent audience of at least 5 men and 6 women all surrounding me as I lay bound to a huge four poster bed. I heard the woman’s voice again: Woman: “She is gorgeous Jeff. we pulled to a stop and I was guided into a room. I squeezed both legs tighter and writhe away. A sense of utter revulsion crept through me as I gazed upon their old and frail bodies. You have the goods. I believed him. lustfully.

so soft.Monica: “Now now Kelly will be available for all. Layer after layer of clothing was removed. let us all proceed with the meal” As the import of her words dawned upon me. she took her place between my open legs. 11 . Slowly but surely she worked her way toward my vagina. he curled his tongue around my left nipple and began to gently suck. he is very wealthy and has paid a kings ransom to be the first to worship your temple. I let loose an ear piercing scream. bra. I could feel my nipples growing taut and erect. She kissed and caressed my inner calves with here lips…. . He fell in love from the moment he first saw your photograph. I put up a valiant struggle as they had neglected to secure my legs. Monica: “Judge Bentley. Monica said. Immediately a gag was fastened over my mouth. would you object if your wife joined you?” The Judge did not reply as he sucked hungrily on my right nipple. as my legs were parted and handcuffed to each bed post. and so lithe a young body”. I felt my entire body giving in to the experience. so there is no need to rush. Without further delay. Insspite of myself. Paused for awhile. Monica: “Do not be afraid.”so fragrant. To my utter horror. the old woman join her husband. token resistance. they all collectively stood back to admire their handy work. You see. I could see the drool from his toothless old gums as he ran his fingers over my breasts. Tears of anger welled up in my eyes. and the lips of the two men replaced his on each of my nipples. all our err…diners here have a penchant for a common sweet dessert.”If you behave. for the entire of this evening. “Leave some for us” croaked an old woman. the last shred of cloth was torn away. Goose bumps appeared on my skin as I felt the cold trail off saliva he left across my breasts. Never had I felt so vulnerable and humiliated. and as my panties. The old bespectacled man approached first. He seemed the oldest and most senior. we all believe that the body of a beautiful girl should be savored and experienced in the flesh. this is Judge Bentley from Europe.. I would advise you to relax and enjoy this very unique experience” I gave a weak kick. Monica: “Oh forgive me I forgot the introductions. In spite of myself. Every fibre on my body seemed charged with electricity. Monica noticed and moved forward. But there were just too many of them. and then started licking hungrily between my legs. stockings and skirt. I could feel thee cold air brushing against the bare skin of my body. The Judge had turned his attention to licking my stomach. I could hear the Judge utter under his breath. and we will keep that promise. soft and smooth” she muttered. I sensed. I did say that not one hair on your exquisite body will bee harmed. Firm hands reemoved my blouse. I felt flushed and breathless. lick and taste. this stays off” “Please stop……” I croaked weakly “I cant take anymore of this” Monica smiled “you don’t sound very convincing. “exquisite exquisite. besides. Then he moved to the right breast. Sensing a change Monica gently removed my gag and said…. rather than saw. I closed my eyes as I tried to fight the waves of sweet torment that fed through my body. this is just the beginning Kelly” With that she beckoned to another 2 men and they eagerly mounted the bed. skin so fair and smooth.

my feet.I will die” She laughed and said “What about our remaining diners who are still hungry?” Whilst the Judge and wife and the two original old men had retired to the side of the bed. The sickly musky odor of sweat and semen filled the room. wave after wave of pleasure engulfed me. Monica seemed to notice and said….but we still have the rest of the night”. The old woman seemed to redouble her efforts as she attempted to cover my entire vagina with her mouth. “ahhh…so fragrant he uttered” and continued his exploration of my sweetly tortured body. then lingered unbearably at my left armpit as he inhaled the musky odor. They surrounded me from head to foot. I looked back at her in disbelieve. body and senses off. which approached this intensity and magnitude. and stronger. An old woman licked my left ear. from deep within me. tongues. whilst someone else undid my leg cuffs. and fingers everywhere. after what seemed like an eternity. had ejaculated all over me and the bed. Finally.mouth and nose to my upper arms.”not bad in just over an hour…. And then it came. As my limp body was caressed and prodded over and over again. I felt hands. my vagina…. “I cannot go on……. I could feel a tongue and mouth teasing my anal orifice.. My body was bathed in a fine sheen of perspiration and saliva. I realized that Monica and the remaining “diners” were not through yet. my breast my inner thighs. to my amazement I felt the inner stirring again. totally exhausted and drained of energy. teasing it relentlessly and unbearably. My body felt spent. including the Judge. but never had I ever experienced one. Blurred faces drifted in and out of my vision.”it will take longer for your second orgasm. Again and again the persistent tongue flicked over the highly aroused nub. I jerked violently as a wet warm tongue suddenly found the already hard and aroused nub of my clitoris. I noticed that several old men. Judge Bentley moved his tongue. “No. My back arched. It was slower this time. on my face. semen and saliva. I tried to shut my mind.they were every where. Slowly but surely the Orgasm crept closer. covered in a fine sheet of perspiration. I was overcome with shame as I realized that I was unable to voluntarily reject the sinful and morally degrading acts that were performed on my body. opened my leg wider and lifted my buttocks of the bed. Through my half closed eyes I suddenly noticed that the rest of the congregation had joined in thee feasting. She looked at her watch and smiled……. It had been months since my last orgasm. The sweet torment and assault on my body and its senses sent me spiraling on a vertigo. but it will be more intense as you have already come the first time” 12 . Every pore of my body was covered in sweat. I was distantly aware that my handcuffs were also undone as they turned me over on my front.. tickling it further. and later on my back.I felt degraded and humiliated and tried to ignore the delicious sensations that were infiltrating every pore of my body. From deep within me I felt the first tell-tale signs of a damm building up.NOOOOO…” I cried hopelessly as the dam burst. The scene from the ceiling mirror which gazed back at me looked like a pack of vultures descending on helpless prey. I breathed a sign of relieve believing the worst was over. my body convulsed and I clenched the fist of both hands as I rode the crest of the wave. tune out the delicious waves that rushed towards me. But it was hopeless. I drifted in and out of consciousness as the assault continued on my body. Ever so gently Monica continued to tease the wet folds of my Vagina with her tongue. my tortured body returned to the bed. At some time during the ordeal she had replaced the old woman. another kissed my neck and moved to my chest. Vaguely I became aware as Monica glanced up from between my legs. delaying the sweet torment. While hiss wife continued to explore the increasingly moist folds off my vagina.

beer bellied and balding landlord. 10 mins walk brought me to a dusty main road and I was able to hail a cab back home. There seemed like no end in site as each wave of pleasure was replaced by another wave of higher intensity and urgency. totally unaccustomed to such intense hedonistic pleasure. She had walked around the building 3 times deciding how best to avoid Bob Harrison the dirty fat smelly landlord as she was 2 months behind in her rent. I felt dehydrated and thirsty. I was told Jeff had resigned and was never heard from again. It had only been 6 months since she moved into Jesrsey. showered and retrieved my clothes from the floor. I found the bathroom.. the sensations overwhelmed my overextended senses and I blissfully lost consciousness. none of them stopped their ministering. the pretty 21 year old brunette found herself out of money. In rumpled soiled shits. as the orgasm took hold. Wave after wave washed over me in ever increasing intensity with no end in sight. The room was empty. but the cost of living even on the outskirt areas off Manhattan Island was frightful. My body convulsed in spasms. Now. Nicole shuddered involuntarily as she recalled her first encounter with Bob. I lay spread eagled on thee immense bed.”she is coming again” some one said…. The torment was unbearable……. When I returned back to the office the following Monday. The waive came again. As I emerged from the room I noticed for the first time that I had been in a house located somewhere in the outskirts of town. even more intense and powerful. As a final recourse she had moved to the lower end of Jersey. THE LANDLORD AND THE SON Nicole looked nervously at the front entrance to her apartment.. At long last. She was scouting the area for cheap apartments when she was caught in a sudden unexpected shower. But Monica had been true to her words.. Neither was there any listing in the yellow pages for a restaurant called “The Dungeon”.Monica continued teasing my clitoris. The bed sheets were drenched with a mixture of sweat. With a shock I realised I was experiencing multiple orgasms. New York and she was already regretting her decision to leave home in favour of attending college in the Big Apple. I was otherwise unharmed. semen and saliva…. The soiled sheets stuck like mud to my back and I painfully crept out of bed. And then I realized that this was no ordinary orgasm. gently flicking it with her tongue. again and again Monica’s tongue repeatedly teased my aroused clitoris. She had thought that her savings would last her at least 8 months before she had to look for a part-time job. Soaked to her skin. and found that even in this less trendy part of the Bronx. My sore nipples again became erect…….I was brought to the very edge. Bob Harrison and his 19 year old degenerate son Jessie. all she could afford was a small one room apartment in a dirty old three story building owned and managed by an equally disgusting middle aged. without friends in a big city far away from home. and suspended there for what seemed like an eternity. and my body felt battered and bruised. To my horror. It was morning when I opened my eyes. she had no 13 . Two women were caressing and kissing both my breasts.

sweat stained singlet. Not only was the apartment small. you do realize that”. but that was what you told me the month before. revealing 2 crooked black teeth. Nicole flinched as she caught a whiff of the smelly pungent breath. Some of her underwear had mysteriously disappeared in the past weeks. Even then. He looked up and greeted Nicole. With her clothes wringing wet she stood in the porch of the building and was grateful when Bob opened the front door to let her into the dim musky smelling building. Slowly she made her way down stairs and saw that Bob had taken his lunch back with him from the deli and was tucking with much relish into a greasy. I am a kind soul and do not expect full settlement. The first time he suggested owe me 3 months rental... I know you are GOOD for it. don’t think I saw you come in this afternoon. as he exhaled. In hindsight. I told you I would have the rent money by end of this month”. leaving the building. and in desperate need of cheap housing. At long last.bloody steak. Bob: “Ahhh my dear. savouring her ivory white flawless complexion. I am good for it” Bob: “Oh yes little missy. was waiting to discuss a delicate matter with you” Nicole: “Why did you change the locks to my room.” Bob did not hide the meaning of his words as he leered openly at her. and offered her a rate she could not refuse. The shower offered only luke warm water (which was acceptable now in the hot summer months. accentuating firm supple breasts. Bob: “Well that is unfortunate. but would fast become a problem during autumn and winter). she wanted to run as she smelled the putrid odour of his unwashed sweat stained odour. you will get it this month. 14 . He certainly did not hide his physical attraction to her and had mentioned several times over that he had been wiling to accept other forms of payment as in-kind settlement of her rental if she had a cashflow problem. After 5 frustrating minutes. Bob knew from 5 minutes of casual conversation that she was from out of town. Her heart sunk in dismay as she accepted the fact that she now had to face Bob and negotiate a way out of this mess. and she had a vague suspicion that Bob had been into her room when she was in college. hairy caveman. she soon discovered that she was the only single white female tenant in a building tenanted to characters that were best described as the “low lifes and rejects” of society. but you are a talented young missy and I am sure we can work out some form temporary up front settlement…. cramped and old. and the month before that too……. Nicole: “The money is coming. He got up from behind the counter and approached her. settled on a piece of crumb on his singlet and he ignored it. It was now mid summer and Nicole in thesweltering summer heat for Bob to leave the building for his afternoon lunch. A fly buzz lazily.choice but to seek temporary shelter in the old depressing building across the road. just as a gesture of good faith……” Nicole: “Well I don’t have a cent on me at the moment…….unless you count my lunch money which adds to only 5-6 bucks”. Bob: “Good afternoon little Missy. she felt uncomfortable as he openly perved at her from behind the counter. but I do need some token payment. She could feel her light sweater clinging to her damp skin and she longed for a nice cool shower to wash away the city grime and sweat. She fumbled in her bag for her keys and tried to open the door to her apartment. she realized that Bob had changed the lock to her front door. Nicole quickly made her way across the street to the building and rushed up to the 3rd story. dawned in his usual disgusting. and how the wet clothes clung to her young lithe body. Nicole had regretted taking up the offer. Nicole almost had a hear attack since she could not even bare to be in the same room for 5 minutes with the smelly. she spotted the familiar figure of a fat and balding man.

she quickly followed both behind the counter.. each perfectly capped by a small pink nipple. but you really don’t expect me to hand it to you free of charge. She decided to play his perverted game. allowing the dress to slide down her long slender legs. Nicole: “Well what exactly do you want? I have nothing that will interest you at all” Bob: “Oh how wrong you are. Nicole was very conscious that his hand was slowly edging up her bare white thighs. Nicole stood up and Bob took a good look at the object of his fantasies the last few months. making sure to place some distance between him. so that was all. just an hour or so of quality time with you is all I want. and unhooked the shoulder straps. revealing more supple white flesh and a lithe figure. Bob smiled in eager anticipation as he realized he had what he wanted. There was a big king-size bed with a dirty stained mattress. for 3 months rental it was worth it and preferable to afew hundred hours of waiting tables. and Nicole tried to ignore the greasy feeling of his fingers as they edged quickly to the spot between her legs. 21? All I want is a chance to get to know you more personally. She stepped out of the dress.” Bob: “Nothing at all….Bob: “Come with me to my office in the back. Finally she nodded her head in quiet resignation. to a small dimly lit room. He had not washed his hands after his steak and burger lunch. Bob: “I belief this is what you want.” Bob: “Yes. so simple……” Nicole: “I wont have to do anything……. Quickly he sat next to her and moved his hairy paw further up her left thigh. “Stand-up.” Nicole was silent. She could put-up with the old pervert for an hour. she did not wish to return home to her parents and ask for money. and you get your key after that” Bob waited anxiously for her response. up close and intimate…. Nicole shuddered as he suddenly took her left nipple in his wet mouth. Nicole: “Is that all………. He leaned edged closer to her and she cringed as he placed a hairy paw on her bare knee. Bob certainly wasted no time and wanted to collect on his prize before she changed her mind. exploring the hem of her dress. He said hoarsely. I want to get a look at the merchandise up close”. She knew she had no just sit back and enjoy old Bob’s attention and company…that’s all. Suddenly his probing fingers were gone. Nicole breathed a sign of relief.” Bob sat down on the mattress and motioned for her to take a sit beside him. Bob wasted no time. He tried to cover her whole breast with his mouth and she winced as his unshaven beard pricked and irritated her sensitive fair skin. sucking noisily and hungrily.. I will give you the new keys. YOU interest me a great deal. I just need you to sign some papers first”. She did not resist as he unzipped the back of her dress. unhooking her white bra with trembling fingers and stared hungrily at the small firm white breasts that greeted know what I mean…. how old are you. Nicole looked even more beautiful up close. its time you worked for it. 15 . Bob closed and locked the door and produced a key. Nicole took a seat. before moving to her right nipple. covered now only by her lacy bra and panties.

An immense phallus unleashed itself and Nicole noted that it was at full erection. exploring the area before wiggling into the warm inviting interior. Nicole resisted the natural desire to squeeze her legs shut. savouring her sweet natural scent. ice queens on the outside. and as he removed his stained and filthy underwear.” He turned his attention back to Nicole and stared lewdly at the sweet spot between her long bare legs. and since Jessie has not had much success with other girls. it was gone as Bob stood-up and quickly tore his singlet and pants off. throbbing obscenely with the tip capped a drop of clear fluid. as it was aroused by the unbearably ticklish sensation and she twisted and turn but was helpless as her body was trapped beneath Bob’s massive of blob. a gust carried the smell of stale urine and semen over to her nostrils. Nicole noted with dismay that Bob was even more disgusting in the raw. Jessie: “Ohhh I want her now dad. and a conspirational smile between father and son.” He muttered…. please. He started kissing her arms and slowly moved downwards towards her left arm-pit. “I love long dark haired bitches like you with ivory white skin. before burying his nose and mouth in the highly ticklish area. His coarse chest hair was rubbing against her supple skin and she could feel his putrid breath and smell his overwhelming body odour. Goose bumps appeared on Nicole’s skin. and the small turf of pubic hair surrounding the small pink crack. just let me go and I will leave now” Her question was only greeted by silence. if anything.” She could feel his wet tongue probing the entrance of her vagina. Bob suddenly got off the bed and left the room. Suddenly. Jessie would turn out even more disgusting then his father as he had severe acne problem all over his body and face. we thought he can start with you……” Nicole was horrified: “No. you don’t expect me to pass of a chance like this do you?” Nicole could hardly breathe as she was pinned underneath his immense bulk. pausing for a while as he noted the smooth damp cleft. He took his time to explore the exposed sensitive area. but smoldering white heat on the insides…. As Bob removed her underpants.Roughly Bob pushed her onto the dirty smelly mattress. I have seen college bitches like you from the down town areas. under arms and beer belly were covered with coarse black hair. I never ever thought that I would ever lay my hands on a prime piece of real estate like you. you start on top and I begin below” 16 . tongue and mouth. you know Jessie. as the lecher dove between her legs and explored her sensitive folds with his nose. probing. he whipped out a pair of handcuffs from below the pillows and anchored her wrists together over the bed posts. In one swift motion. with your trendy clothes and superior attitude. I change my mind. She flinched as Bob crawled over her and raised her arms above her head. returning a minute later with his equally disgusting son. “Oooh so sweet…. Bob smiled: “It seemed such a waste to have a prize like you to myself so I bought you some company..”Now for the real thing…. Jessie. and knew where her missing underwear had gone. Nicole felt a brush of air making contact with her damp sensitive skin between her legs. Nicole had seen Jessie several times and he resembled his father in every aspect. She looked down to see that Bob was burying his nose and mouth in her panties. She had no chance to protest as lecher moved his coarse hands all over her body. can I please please have her please” Bob: “Well we can share. His chest. It was a hot summers day and humidity was worse in the small windowless room. Nicole: “This was not part of the bargain………” Bob : “Fuck the bargain.

which was all the time Bob needed to pry her legs open and settle his bulk between them. stroking her and sucking her clit. He had obviously been scratching some of them and there was puss oozing from the broken pores. This time he latched on to her left nipple and sucked hungrily on it again and again. Bob continued his relentless sweet assault on Nicole’s now engorged clitoris. Jessie had taken of his clothes and she was horrified to see his body covered with acne scars and pimple. With eager hands Jessie started fondling her breasts. as he inserted his index finger painfully into her vagina.”Look. savouring the scent. taking his time to explore the warm moist confines. lets see about the other one now” Nicole tried to fight the wave of pleasure that was slowly engulfing her body. Jessie was exploring every nook and cranny of her body with his tongue and mouth. he placed it to his nostrils and inhaled. I got one little pinky nippy hard and erect. Bob moved between Nicole’s legs. He was salivating as he hungrily latched on to her right nipple with his mouth and tongue. as every pore in her body seemed alive and awake. She could feel her whole body breaking out in sweat. Her legs want slack and her whole body relaxed as she unwillingly surrendered to the insistent tongue that was lashing at her clitoris. whilst the rest of his hands continued to prod and feel her body…. Nicole could feel a warm sticky wetness spreading between her legs and Bob finally pulled his finger out of the now wet orifice. lashing at it with his tongue. sucking hungrily. Bob could feel her body tense and focused on the sensitive nub. 17 . She could not believe that the two perverts could be having this undesired effect on her. Jessie stopped and said…:Ohhh she does not like that Dad. Nicole shuddered as she felt him running his wet tongue over her exposed left armpit. This time.Nicole let loose an ear piercing scream. This sent bolts of electricity through the length of Nicole’s body as the first tell-tale signs of an approaching orgasm took hold. before inserting it back into her vagina. savouring her silky smooth skin. Suddenly she gasped as Bob’s probing tongue found the sensitive nub of her clitoris. She felt her whole body lost in an endless spiral the intense wave of intoxicating pleasure engulfed her body. Nicole could feel a warm urgent need building within her. but was silenced immediately by a gag tied around her mouth. sucking hard at it and taking in the juices. and her back arched of the bed as the intense orgasm took complete hold of her body. After a while he smiled in triumph and said. She was caught totally off-guard and the alien experience overwhelmed her unaccustomed sesnses totally. lashing again and again at it with his tongue. Bob inserted two fingers into her vagina. and the mouth that was sucking on her now erect nipples. Suddenly. In spite of herself. leaving a slick sticky trail of saliva across both her breasts and nipples.. Nicole tried to block the waves of pleasure. but Bob’ tongue and mouth were merciless as they continued the sweet torment. examining it in fascination.moving finally to her left breast and painfully pinching her left nipple. kneading them and pinching her unresponsive nipples. In the mean time. He could taste the vagina juices that were slowly invading Nicole’s moist folds and hungrily covered the sensitive nub of her clitoris entirely with his mouth. he ran his nose and tongue up along her right inner thigh. The intense pain caught Nicole by surprise and she relaxed her legs for a moment. Nicole could see the finger was wet. It was long minutes before Nicole’s world stopped spinning and she finally regained control of her senses. well I am gonna paint her body with my spit” he laughed. finally bringing her over the edge. Nicole’s body convulsed.. She tried to squeeze them shut. Bob’s tongue and mouth moved up her leg to settle on her vagina and he started sucking at the sensitive folds like a vacuum cleaner with his index fingers still inserted. working his way slowly all the way down the side of her stomach. But little by little she could feel the small bolts of electricity spreading quickly across her body. Noting her resistance Bob gave a nod to his son and Jessie promptly fastened his teeth around Nicole’s right nipple.

Jessie moved his mouth up her right breast to her now erect nipples and attempted to engulf the entire breast in 18 . it was at least 16 inches long. He could see that both her breasts were bruised from his earlier ravage and the areas of her ivory white skin that came in contact with his rough tongue and mouth had broken out in patches of red rashes. but they remained dead and motionless on the bed. The smell was nauseating as it throb and pulsated like some mutated monster. Bob approached her wide spread legs again. Her supple body was now completely buried under the gargantuan bulk of the two perverts. His free hand wondered over her body seeking her left breast. clamping a hungry mouth once again on her right breast. he joined his father on the bed again. She mentally begged in silence for a quick end. unable to resist. caked in scabs and covered with infected sores which were weeping pus. She caught a closer glimpse of Bob’s immense phallus. and the small perfect slit that was crowned by Nicole’s little pink nub. The organs of both men were now fully erect. as spread both her lifeless limbs. Jessie watched in wide eyed amazement as his father continued the onslaught on Nicole. Without further delay. Not to be denied. Bob stared at the small patch of pubic hair between her legs excitedly. Bob had closed his eyes as he lost himself in the act. wetting his fingers with her vagina fluids and smearing it onto his obscene phallus…”Gotta get me some of the sweet honey as lubricant”…he croaked. Still recovering from her recent orgasmic trauma. The entry was made more painful as the sensitive walls of her vagina were irritated by the rough scabs and sores that covered Bob’s phallus. see what your old dad can do with just his tongue. Nicole willed her legs to squeeze together. finally locating it and clamping Nicole’s nipples between his long dirty nails. Helplessly she watched as the brute approached again. thoroughly enjoying the warm. he brought the tip of the phallus into contact with her clit. now for the main course”. Encouraged by her reaction. Nicole’s vagina was totally unprepared for this successive invasion. Nicole shrieked through the gag as a new pain added to her current discomfort. Tears of pain streamed down Nicole’s face as Bob stretched her legs still further apart and began slowly to withdraw and insert the organ repeatedly. At least use a condom as he was infected with some sick sex disease. images of the infected scarred organ even slightly touching her triggered a massive allergic reaction psychologically. Nicole flinched involuntarily as she felt the contact. The constant friction made by the scabbed skin and sores of Bob’s penis against the sensitive walls of her vagina as it slid in and out only added to the pain caused by the original entry. After what seemed like long minutes he finally grunted and opened his eyes as he realized he could go no further. wet embrace offered by Nicole’s smooth pink vagina.She looked down her body to see the triumph faces of Bob and Jessie. totallyunaccustomed to its bulk and size. The intense orgasm had totally drained her and her body was still recovering. Nicole moaned in pain as her already abused vagina stretched to accommodate the immense invading phallus. But Bob was oblivious to her silent pleadings as he continued to push his phallus in. Bob shoved more of the throbbing member into the small tiny orifice. saliva drooling down his slack jaws dripped onto the slick sweat soaked surface of Nicole’s stomach. he stayed still for awhile as he savoured the sheer skin to skin contact his organ had with the walls of the tightly stretched vagina. an invitation to them to partake in the spoils. He stared down and was pleased to see that all of his massive organ had disappeared into the small orifice. That was just the starter. Bob said to his son: “Well son. Shifting his weight to gain maximum entry. Her surrender to the intense orgasmic experience had excited both Bob and Jessie and opened the doors to the public. She was still wet from her orgasm and her slipped two fingers into her vagina again.

totally engulfing her. Determined to resist she squeezed her eyes shut but realized it was useless.ramming his deformed organ into her mercilessly. the minutes stretched on and on approaching the hour. Nicole suddenly felt a familiar warmth accumulating between her legs. he finally released the abused nipple from between his teeth and used his tongue to lick up the small rivulets of blood running down her breast from the lacerated nipple. The constant kissing of Bob’s scabby uneven organ with her distended clitoris was fast becoming unbearable. finally triggering a delicious wave of pleasure that washed over her. no human being could last so long. She was determined to fight this round to the death and willed her body to subdue the delicious wave that was building slowly. grasping her sweat slick thighs and bringing them to his bulging stomach. sweat slick body. her body shuddered involuntarily as she felt Bob’s massive organ sliding in and out of her vagina. covering it again in a wet slimy coat of his sticky saliva. neither Bob nor Jessie paused in their attack. Never would she allow either perverts the satisfaction of knowing that they had conquered her body twice. twitching it repeatedly between his fingers before returning to the left nipple with the same object in mind. The pain of the original entry in her vagina was slowly replaced by a more sinister teasing sensation. and bringing the it to a higher state of arousal. A quick look at the clock mounted on the wall indicated it had been forty minutes since Bob’s first entry. took a deep breath. Their sheer bulk was too much and she slipped in and out of semi-consciousness as her senses attempted to take refuge from the combined assault. in anticipation of the delicious release that would follow. spreading quickly from her vagina to the rest of her taut. With a final massive thrust Bob ground his organ deeper into her. Saliva flowed down the side of her breast on to the sweat soaked mattress. slippery with a combination of sweat and saliva. slowly but surely spreading from her vagina. threathening to engulf the rest of her body. Already the warm sensation was fast building into an urgent need. He could feel Nicole’s body jerk in silent protest as the bitter coppery taste of blood filled his mouth. She gasped as Jessie moved his mouth and tongue from her right nipple and settled on her bruised and erect left nipple. Slowly but surely the irresistible wave of pleasure spread to encompass Nicole as her entire body became taut. he released the tortured breast momentarily. Nicole realized desperately that she was fast losing the battle. but ultimately also against her own body's forbidden desires. As the state of her arousal increased. lashing at it repeatedly. It had become a battle she must win. sucking hungrily. Bob picked up the pace. another portion of Nicole’s body slipped from her control. She shook her head in denial as she recognized the early signs of another approaching orgasm. He laughed out loud as he noticed the nipple rising to full erection. The first clitoral orgasm had taken her unprepared. enjoying it as the immense organ filled her to the hilt. After what seemed like long seconds. Bob lifted his head with open mouth as he felt Nicole’s warm wet vagina contract around his organ. Through her haze filled mind. The seconds ticked by and minutes. Nicole gasped as she felt the immense organ swell even bigger.his mouth. gripping it in a warm wet embrace in a series of successive convulsions. Again and again he pounded her and Nicole’s body shook under the impact like a lifeless rag doll. She estimated he had to come soon. to salvage what was left of her pride and humanity. but this time she would not allow either Bob or Jessie to gain a second victory. moving easily now in and out of the wet passage. He grunted as he felt his organ 19 . held down only by Jessie’s oral ministrations on her breasts. She was fighting not only against Bob and Jessie. Never in her wildest dreams could Nicole have thought that the two deformed freaks of nature could provoke such hedonistic urges that were fast overwhelming her body and senses. Her body glistened in a fine sheet of perspiration. But how long did she need to resist the wave of pleasure that was increasing in urgency and intensity with each second. Suddenly. The pain was overwhelming and Nicole was on the verge of blacking out from the combined assault of father and son. and then bite down hard on Nicole’s erect nipple.

But she was still caught helplessly in the throes of the multiple orgasms and the full discomfort did not register completely in her feverish state of arousal. Nicole finally gave in hopelessly to the inevitable. Jessie looked down and was fustrated to note that despite his best efforts. Nicole's body lifted in a quick succession of violent spasms almost entirely of the bed. As Jessie intesified his pounding. As Jessie resumed his pounding. never had he experienced such physical enjoyment and he wanted the moment to last for ever. Nicole clenched her fist in helpless fustration as the first wave of pleasure reached a climax. As the final vestige of control slipped from her. Her back arched again convulsively. Nicole shook her head in helpless dispair as another convulsive spasm of pleasure engulfed her. There was no end in sight as Jessie increased the tempo of each thrust. The phallus was larger than Bob’s measuring at least 19 inches. he sensed that her climax was nearing its end as the convulsions of her vagina walls diminished in intensity and frequency. She could feel the strong jets of semen squirting into her. he grasped her sweat slick thighs and repositioned himself before placing the full weight of his bulk between her legs. Jessie watched in awe as both his father and Nicole were in locked the throes of the intense seizure. But there was no end in sight as her body gave in and surrendered itself to a second even more intense wave. the sheer size of Jessie's organ triggered a final wave of unwanted pleasure. “Quick you idiot. He stopped his pounding staying afew seconds completely embedded within her warm tight confines. but Nicole did not seem to notice as Jessie immediately rammed the immense organ into her.” Jessie eagerly inserted his fully erect organ in to Nicole’s still convulsing vagina. almost a full inch of his fully erect phallus still lay outside the moist inviting confines of Nicoles pussy. While she was still in a feverish state of arousal. Seizing on this opportunity. But he was unable to get the entire phallus into the small orifice. Seized by the final convulsions. blurring the threshold between pain and pleasure. continuing to ride her like a man possessed as he released more of his semen into her. Each wave of pleasure was replaced by another higher wave of greater intensity and Nicole thought that her convulsing vagina would turn itself inside out. Copious amounts of Bob’s semen were now squeezed out of Nicole’s vagina trickling freely down her crack and Jessie could feel his organ slipping and sliding wetly in and out of the tightly convulsing walls of her vagina. her mouth dry and pouted and the creamy white complexion of her face was now flushed and red from her extended orgasm. lets see how long you can keep her at it…. bolts of electricty engulfed Nicole and the final wave of orgasm gripped every muscle in her body. She had expected the ripping pain to bring the climax to a blissful end. Tears of pain clouded Nicoles eyes as her vagina was stretched beyond its physical limits. the immense organ immediately triggered a fresh wave of pleasure in her Vagina and Jessie proceeded to pound Nicole to the bone. Nicole moaned as the immense phallus filled her to the brim. her disobedient body appeared to delight in the new sensation.release its load into her. The liquid fire in her loins spread quickly. Nicoles eyes were glazed. he was now able to ram the entire phallus completely into her.Stretched to its new limits. After 10 continuous massive ejaculations Bob withdrew his spent and shriveled organ from Nicole's semen slick hole. especially since it was still contracting in violent spasms. and waited for the climax to subside. Instead. in one quick motion. It worked as the small the entire immense phallus disappeared completely into Nicole's vagina. pounding her like a mad man. He motioned for his son to take up position. For Nicole. she is having multiple orgasms. 20 . each thrust provoked a fiery ripping pain in her loins which was strangely erotic. with fist clenched and nipples fully erect and thrusted upward. Just as she thought that she had experienced the final stages of her last orgasm. He pushed again using pure brute strength and managed to slowly force another painful inch of the phallus into her. arching her back again as the strong intense contractions took completely control of her body.

The plane was enroute from Manhattan’s Newark airport to Peru. as top model and cover girl for Sports Illustrated Swimwear. and the bed sheets stuck to her back. At a relatively young and tender age of 24 years. And a nice hot bath to wash of several days of perspiration that had accumulated in this hot and humid jungle. It did not help her present predicament that they were enroute to a formal evening wear shoot and she was still wearing a body hugging white silk gown. She was hopping that the pilot had a chance to send out the SOS transmitting their approximate location. but they had placed the new key to her apartment on the pillow. but to lack of aviation fuel. She was curled up in a fetal position and her body was covered in red marks. Some hours later Nicole woken into a pain filled world.The final wave completely drained Nicole's already tired and battered body of its reserves. and had stayed in the scattered wreckage for the last three days surviving on scraps of air-line meals Denise was a survivor. she had already risen through the ranks of most of her peers to take poll position on the covers of the tabloids. She had to be in order to get to where she currently was. One had failed when a million bolts of electricity seized its turbines. She had been paralyzed with fear on the first night. not to mother nature. Neither Bob or Jessie were present. With nightfall. At long last. What she would not give for a good pair of jeans and long sleeved overalls to afford her some shelter from the biting insects. the fine silk fabric now stuck to her constantly moist body like a second skin. the discomfort of the tropical heat was replaced with the cold fear that accompanied the cloak of darkness which engulfed the thick jungle canopy. a lithe willowy figure with wasp’s waist. with a note stating “Receipt for full payment of this months rental”. agents from Sports Illustrated when it was caught in a freak thunderstorm. photographers. overwhelming her senses. Of cause the fact that she was a stunning brunette beauty with long luscious hair. there was no other option. Day time temperatures in the rain forest reached 38 degrees Celsius and after three continuous days of wear in the moist humid environment. lying curled in fetus position in the remains of the business class cabin in a thick blanket of 21 . South America with its 20 passengers comprising models. Most of the exotic gowns had no relevance in this hostile environment. It was just as well as it took Jessie another hour before he shot his load into her. Deep in no man’s land. and it was a testament to the engineering feat of its makers that the remaining engine had kept the plane aloft in the freak storm for another 3 hours before it too finally succumbed. Smoke still trailed from the smoldering remains of the two Rolls Royce engines. Now. she slipped into blissful oblivion as her exhausted mind and body shut down completely. snowy white complexion and nice firm natural 32B breasts. She will survive. Her vagina was red and sore and her pubic hair was caked in a yellow scummy discharge. These were the words that occupied her mind constantly. STRANDED The relentless heat and humidity that was what she felt in the last 3 days in this living hell hole. somewhere within the foreboding bowels of the vast and untamed Amazon rain forest lay the mangled wreckage of the DC10. stood her in good stead. Denise Sanders was all alone in a hostile alien environment. She had to. Her whole body was caked in dried semen and cum.

Unable to endure the stifling heat. they become more bold on the second night and ventured closer. but also served to trap the heat in. She had also added to the damage by shearing off the bottom half of the dress. High above her head the thick canopy of leaves gave some shady respite. marking the start off the fourth day. and there was also a chance the pilot has transmitted their last known co-ordinates before the plane went down. She knew that a search party would have been organized. She decided to stay put for another 3 days and devised a plan allocate the daylight hours to do a reconnaissance of the immediate area to seek out a source of fresh water and a safer abode. The DC10 was reserved exclusively for the modeling crew of 20 from Sports Illustrated (10 models along with make-up artists. And there was also a chance they would be able to spot the scattered remains of the DC10 wreckage from the air. But she was also torn by indecision. It was a USD2000 Armani classic and she had no doubt its designer would be turning in his grave if he saw the torn and tattered state of his work.darkness as the nocturnal life forms of the jungle went about their usual business for the night. The pair of brown eyes continued their appraisal of her. patiently waiting for her next move. This was no way to treat a USD2000 art work. but in the humid tropical heat. She was aware of their presence as she heard voices in the dark. attracting unwelcomed visitors. fearing to come any closer for fear of invoking the wrath of the havens. always taking care to keep the wreckage within visual range. 22 . In fact the native tribe had already scouted the parameters of the crash site to investigate the latest “offering from the gods”. The decent of the DC10 had not gone un-noticed by the locals. they were already in a state of decay. The original impact had strewn some of the bodies far from the wreckage as the plane had broken into two separate pieces. she paused for awhile and took a grateful sip from her plastic Evian bottle. but survival took precedence and practicality was the order of the day. The second night was a different story. below her knees. But as the wreckage lay dormant and silent. there remained at least 4 corpses in her make-shift home (3 models and a photographer). so she could walk faster and easier. and suddenly froze as her eyes settled upon another pair of eyes in the thick foliage ahead that gazed back intently at her. As the golden rays of the early morning sun penetrated the thick jungle foliage. After one hour of brisk trekking. She casually scanned ahead again. Denise realized she would have to vacate her temporary home soon. save for a wisp of smoke from its mangled turbines. She knew it was only a matter to time before the water supply and food ratios ran-out and she had to relocate. photographers. Except for an inquisitive anteater who wandered into the wreckage looking for a meal. The early freshness of the morning dew was quickly dissipated by the stifling heat of the tropical jungle as the sun climbed higher into the sky. otherwise her temporary shelter would become her permanent tomb. Denise took stock of her food and water ratios and estimated they would last her another week at most. the fine silk gown clung damply to her moist skin. The boots were much too big for her dainty size 7 feet. so the search party would narrow down the geographic area of their search. The last thing she wanted was to have a rescue party descend from the havens onto the wreckage after she had left. but followed her instinct and stayed well within the confines of the cabin. and it was quite likely they had been tracking her for quite some time. She was not alone. with its cockpit section suspended high in the canopy of branches. agents and designers) and she was the only sole survivor. but stiletto heels were the last thing she needed in a rain forest. And she needed some protection from the creepy crawlies that wandered the dense underbrush of the rain forest. and in another few days the stench from the decomposition would fill the small cabin. She had dragged them to the far end of the wreckage (away from her sleeping cot). Denise was bathed in perspiration. After pondering over her dilemma. she slipped on the size 11 boots that she had taken from the dead pilot and started her trek north (or what she thought was north). she was left unmolested. However. She looked back and was reassured to see the distant wreckage of the DC10.

She took a hesitant step back, were they hostile or friendly? Her fear mounted as her stalker emerged from the shadows. He was huge and totally nude, carrying a long spear. As he approached her, she spied a necklace with small shrunken human skulls decorating his neck. That made up her mind for her and she turned heels and ran as fast as her legs could carry her, making a bee line back to the wreckage. A quick glance over her shoulders indicated her stalker was giving chase. His long limbs carrying him gracefully and effortlessly over the uneven jungle terrain, quickly narrowing the distance between them. She ran faster, stumbling several times in the heavy size 11 boots. As she neared the familiar wreckage, she turned around and was relieved to see the native no longer in sight. Suddenly, a bolo sprang from out of no where, wrapping itself tightly around her lower calf and tripping her in mid-flight. She landed in an ungraceful heap and was momentarily stunned with the wind knocked out of her. Immediately she struggled to rid herself of the tight coiled rope that snared her feet, but was too late as the huge Negro approached. She pushed herself backwards desperately trying to place some distance between them, but it was hopeless. As he raised his spear, she closed her eyes, praying for a quick and merciful end. The silence of the jungle was broken by a single shot, followed by the thud of a falling body. She opened her eyes again and saw the now lifeless body of the Negro strewn across her feet, eyes still open and staring uncomprehendingly, with a single bullet hole gaping on his forehead. Gratefully she whispered a quick prayer of thanks to the gods and struggled free of the tangled bolos. Turning around she started to thank her savior …..but the words stuck in her mouth as she took stock of the band of seven men before her. “Well, well well what have we here, a gift from the gods wont u say…..and doesn’t she look absolutely delicious”, sneered a bearded pot bellied man “Geeze, you are god-damm right, the closest I can get to broads like her is on the covers of those flashy magazines”, another man with a scarred face said. A third moved closer and said; ‘That’s probably where she came from, she’s probably from the plane that went down four days back carrying them models, its all over the radio….and there’s a nice reward for her too” Denise sensed a ray of hope; “Yes there is, you have been so kind all of you, if you can just take me to the nearest town, and the local authorities, I can contact my agency to arrange settlement of the reward…” The fat bearded one laughed; “Yes a hundred grand would come in useful, that would be about 3 rhino horns or a couple of elephant tusks……but you on the other hand are a god send, none of us had any proper women meat in quite a few years, not in this stink hole and not if u count the cheap smelly native whores here….you are prime meat.” And he licked his lips with relish. In horror she realized that they were poachers and smugglers. All of them were armed, and all of them were staring at her with undisguised lust. The fat one approached her grabbing her by her arm; “what are we waiting for boys, she smells mighty nice from here and I wanna get up close and personal..” “No wait, we all want to go first……”, said Scar Face, “look at her, a kiss of what lies between those legs and I would die a happy man.” “Over my dead body…she’s mine first you wait your turn.” Growled Fatty. “Put it to the vote man, we settle it like we do our hunt, whoever brings down the prey gets first go…”, suggested Scar Face.


The other 5 men nodded in silence. A look of frustration and rage came over Fatty’s face. He pulled Denise to him and forced his mouth on to hers for a long kiss before reluctantly releasing her; “You will be mine soon”….he sneered. Scar Face nodded to her and said: “Don’t you want your freedom….RUN”. Again she took flight, spurred on instinctively by mortal fear. But deep down, Denise knew it was a hopeless race. There were 7 of them, they were bigger, stronger and meaner, and they knew the terrain. But she had to take the one last chance, the alternative was just to give-up, and she was no quitter. Denise was a winner, she thought to herself, and she would not go down this way, and not to this band of half baked uncivilized cavemen. A quick glance behind indicated strangely that none of the poachers had given chase. Encouraged, she stepped up the pace, plunging blindly into the thick foliage. Suddenly a hairy arm reached from behind and painfully caught hold of a fist full of her long flying hair. It was Fatty again and he had obviously taken a short cut, anticipating her route. She was more agile and nimble, turning quickly she delivered a well aimed kick at his crotch which caught him totally off-guard. His face contorted in pain causing him to loosen his grip on her long mane of black hair, and she seized the opportunity to take flight again, in a different direction. She did not get very far when Scar Face appeared directly in front of her. Failing to stop I time she flew right into his open arms. She could smell his putrid unwashed stench as he pulled her to him, one grubby hand reaching for her bosom while the other seeked out her crotch. But her body and limbs were still slick and slippery with her perspiration, she twisted around and brought her knee upward with all her strength between his legs. For the second time she was lucky and the stunned poacher let her go, cursing under his breath. Quickly she turned blindly to the right again running on. Again another poacher appeared in front of her and she deviated, the process repeated itself several times over until she lost count of the number of directional changes she made. Realizing she was totally lost only added to her state of panic. They were herding her, running her down much like a pack of wolves would take turn to pace its prey. Each wolf in the pack would give chase for awhile, herding the prey in the desired direction, before a fresh member of the pack took over. The trees and branches tore at her clothes and exposed flesh, leaving small minute cuts, but she pushed on, willing her tired legs into motion. She felt her lungs sucking in air as her body struggled to maintain her running pace. It was now high noon and her prolonged physical exertion, together with the afternoon heat had drained her body. She could feel the build up of heat and beads of sweat covered her entire body as the cooling system in her fast tiring body struggled to cool it down. She stopped abruptly realizing that she had stumbled into a small clearing with a ram shackled house directly in front. Looking desperately around she realized she had been herded into the edge of a cliff with only the route back being the only available option. Perhaps there was help behind those doors, she thought as she stumbled up the front door banging on it like a mad woman. But it stayed silently close. Looking back she could see Fatty casually strolling up the path, followed by the other poachers. “Please help me..” she cried in desperation as she hammered the door again. At last the heavy oak door creaked open and she was greeted by a huge fat woman with a shot-gun, viewing her suspiciously. “Please help me, they are after me, please, I have money, there is a reward for me alive” she pleaded. With a casual waive of the barrel the Fat Woman gestured for her to enter the house.


“Oh thank you so much ma’am, I will reward you, where is your phone please, you have to lock and bolt the door, there are 7 of them.” “Don’t cha worry sweety, the phone is in the bedroom, you go call them authorities while I hold the pack of them off”. Smiled the Fat Woman. Denise quickly stumbled into the bedroom. It was dim and musky with a heavy unwashed odor. After a few minutes she spied the phone in a far corner and snatched it up, but the line was dead. She tapped the cradle several times to no avail and made her way again to the living room. “Ma’am your phone is dead, is there another one I….” Her voice trailed off as she stumbled into the living room. Fatty had deposited his bulk comfortably on the stained sofa, and the other 6 poachers had also wandered in. “Looks like you got acquainted with our latest guest Meg”….he laughed. The Fat Woman responded; “Well look at the catch you boys took home today. You were lucky you got here in time, was just about to blow her cotton pickin brains out.” She realized her position now truly hopeless. She had been herded right into the heart of the wolf’s den, and the pack were all hungry for dinner. She tried to negotiate; “ All of you think, USD100k is a lot of money…..its not worth it….” Fatty smiled: “We have been through this before…..poaching is a profitable profession, but in this part of no-man’s land the best whore that money can buy is Meg here..” Meg shouted: “Fuck you fatty….”. He laughed and continued: “Meg here has been servicing our boys for a good 2-3 years now. All 7 of us, 3 times a day each, you can imagine the physical toll on her, even for a woman of her size.” Scar Face chimed in : “Meg’s no woman, she’s a fucking whale….we want a piece of little Miss Mupphet here. In fact, looking at both of them its hard to believe they are the same species, let alone the same sex.” Meg: “Fuck you too, you certainly had no problems performing this morning.” Scar Face: “That’s before our little Miss Mupphet paid us this visit, now I just wanna suck-up every drop of fluid from her sweet body.” Fatty stood-up: “So you see, its not a question of money here, to us, you are priceless coz no amount of money will fetch a prime catch like you…” Scar Face inched forward eagerly : “Enough talk, want a piece of her now, I can smell her all the way from across the room, yummy…” Fatty snarled: “You wait your turn….I bagged her first, take her into the bed room and tie her up…” Denise was determined to resist to the death. She managed to elude or slip out of the first few hairy paws. But they closed in on her together, expertly handling her as they would do for any other life-stock. Fatty finally twisted both her arms painfully behind her back and half dragged and carried her onto the massive bed.


. he took the sensitive erect nub between his teeth and ground them gently.He forcefully brought her arms over her head and handcuffed them to the bed posts. rotting outer layer. well its gonna have a lot of company and house-guests pretty soon.” Fatty stood up and tore off his jacket revealing a huge blubber of fat. Denise could feel her body tense in preparation for the invasion. he again inspected the damp under garment and buried his nose in it. he was able to tease the sensitive nub into an involuntary state of arousal. sniffing the length of her naked body like a dog. he trusted both hands above his head and cupped each soft firm breast in each is some appetizers for you lads” he flung the lacy bra to eagerly waiting hands amidst whoops of delight. He paused to examine his handy work. but his bulk was too much for her slight model’s frame and she was helplessly pinned under his beefy arms. Fatty was not gentle and he pushed his tongue as far into her small orifice as it would go. To her utter disgust she noticed that he had not been circumcised. Fatty sensed her body tensing. while his dirty paw groped and massage her left breast. “ahh there is no smell like that of a young lass…. lets see me make her melt into molten lava…” Relentlessly he lashed at her clitoris again and again with his tongue. come on admit it…” When she did not answer. teasing it before taking the nub entirely in his mouth and sucking on it. “God you smell even better then you look…” he grunted. “Hey look ladies. he slowly worked his way up her side to the sensitive cleft of her left arm-pit and covered the damp area with his mouth and nose. Trembling and feeling vulnerable and exposed. now for my grand entrance. Denise let out an ear piercing scream as the sharp pain brought with it a flood of warm sensations that washed over her loins. I think I found our ice-queen’s G spot. 26 . it was damp with her perspiration and he buried his nose in it inhaling. “Ok. She tried to fight but her body was too tired from the run and her legs quickly gave in as rough pairs of hand parted them and handcuffed her feet to the bed posts. trying to capture the accumulation of Denise’s fragrant essence over the past 4 days. she could feel 6 pairs of eager eyes roaming up and down the length of her naked body. Fatty wasted no time. inhaling her musky natural odor. squeezing painfully and bruising her tender flesh before seeking out each nipple between his fingers and twitching tem painfully. She was totally nude now. He roughly reached for her white lacy panties and impatiently ripped the fine material from her. Denise tried to twist and turn to toss him away. “More appetizers coming up boys. mauling her and twitching her non-responsive nipples painfully between his fingers. “Lets start the ball rolling…” he whispered hoarsely and he quickly tore the silky gown from her body. starting with me big brother here. tied and spread eagled to the bed. As his head disappeared between her legs. “Enough with the preliminaries. She flinched as Fatty bent eagerly forward taking her right breast in his mouth and sucking hungrily. she shuddered as his wondering tongue made contact with the sensitive nub of her clitoris. “Now for the real thing”. Slowly. staring lewdly at her white lithe body clad only in her lacy bra and undies. “you like it don’t you you fucking whore. surrounded by the wolf pack. wait till you get a whiff of this fragrant snatch…” he said as he tossed the flimsy material to eagerly waiting hands. Taking a moment. Denise could feel the cold air making contact with her damp skin and nipples. His foreskin hung over the penis like some diseased. Not content to just subjecting her vagina to his oral abuse. Suddenly. He quickly undid her bra. She inhaled sharply as she felt the tip of his coarse tongue roughly exploring her tender vagina. before attempting to cover her entire entrance with his mouth and sucking noisily like a dog. gotta get me a whiff of your sweet puss and taste the golden pot of honey…” he leered. that’s what your little puss here is aching for.

” Denise shot back. applying direct pressure on the engorged nub. she was totally unprepared as Fatty tried to shove the huge phallus into her. you are wonderful babe. she watched in silent rage and frustration as a look of bliss washed over Fatty’s face. you guys will get your turn. warm and moist embrace of Denise’s vagina. Gathering a mouth full of saliva. “No way man. He started rocking back and forth. His jaws were slack and saliva was drooling from the corners of his mouth. the coppery bitter taste of blood filled her mouth. emerging fully out of his foreskin. you decide. This infuriated her al the more. Ignoring Fatty. trying to vomit him out of her and regurgitate his disgusting appendage from within her. seeming to throb in eager anticipation as it moved ever closer to her small sensitive orifice. 27 . nice and firm. “We can either do this the easy way. But she was tied to the bed in a spread eagled position.. “Ohhhh my god” he muttered. The violence had added to his sexual arousal and his manhood was fully erect. I want to enjoy this ride. After what seemed an eternity for her. slowly pumping his organ like a piston into Denise. She felt violated defiled.” he laughed as his fingers wondered over her tender nipples. “this is fucking fantastic. she twisted and turn her body. yet soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom. trying to evade the mammoth phallus. so sweet. almost as sweet as the nectar from your honey-port below” “Well you can have some more. Through teary eyes.”. Scar Face was not about to wait out his turn. But it was a losing battle as Fatty used his immense bulk to cram inch after painful inch of the dirty discoloured phallus between her legs.” As her world stopped spinning. a heavy hand slammed into her face. still. Still reeling from the blows. Fatty found her sensitive clitoris again and started rubbing it in a circular motion with his thumb. he grunted like a pig as he savoured the delicious tight. Slowly. she spat the glob of fluid straight at Fatty’s face. but her body was too tired and battered in her hazy state to resist. sucking on it like a candy “yummy. corrupted by the deformed primitive organ. Meanwhile.Denise was determined to resist to the death. Using brute force. he clambered onto the bed and stared hungrily at Denise’s breasts. She realized in horror that the other poachers and Meg had settled around the room enjoying the spectacle. A pungent stench filled the air and she realized that he had probably not washed beneath the foreskin for god knows how long. It landed on his face trickling down his right cheek. It looked obscene and dirty. Fatty back handed her face three times in quick succession. now fuck-off and let me lubricate her pussy for you”. He paused for awhile. and scooped the saliva from his face brought it to his mouth. nothing like Meg’s sagging jugs. buried in her vagina. The searing pain of the initial entry jolted Denise back into full consciousness and she bucked and rocked her torso violently. or the hard way. more and more of the immense organ disappeared into her warm moist recesses. The stench was overwhelming.. “then why don’t you come now so we can all have a go…. he was able to get 1/3 of the phallus into the small orifice. I prefer the hard way so just give me more openings like this…. His eyes were closed. The thought of the dirty disgusting phallus making contact with her and penetrating her filled her with loathing. but before she got any further. With his free right hand. it was covered with yellow scum and smelled like decayed cheese. Denise moaned in pain as she felt her small vagina stretched to its limit to accommodate the invading organ. The friction of the huge phallus against the sensitive walls of her vagina added to her discomfort. With much relish he took the right tit into his mouth sucking hungrily. the entire organ had disappeared within her. shifting his weight for a tighter more comfortable fit. This is nothing like fucking Meg!!!” Scar Face moved to the edge of the bed. “Yummy.

unable to resist the warm wet embrace. come on. His beer bully and huge phallus came constantly into contact with her clitoris and she could feel the sheer skin to skin kissing on the sensitive nub. Fatty was mad. Scar Face sneered: “Looks like you are not having much like. It was clear in this pack that the two dominant males were Fatty and Scar Face. quivering with desire and in anticipation of the delicious release which would follow. “Look at my dip-stick. your mind says no. She realized with a shock that a warm wetness was engulfing her vagina. Denise turned her head in denial. before sticking it in his mouth. Releasing her right quivering nipple. As the urgent need for release intensified within her. hovering there as her mind willed her body to move from the epicenter. She was tittering on the brink.” He again took her right nipple in his mouth. Fatty noticed it too. he would live with it. Scar Face had released a quivering nipple and slowly covered her armpit in wet ticklish kisses. She soon realized it was a loosing battle. intending to prolong the act. staring hungrily and waiting their turn. The rest of the poachers however still maintained a respectful distance. for now.” He brought the finger to his nose and inhaled. The silent. The fact that they were gaining more pleasure from her own disobedient body’s unbridled desire added to her silent. impotent rage and anger. 28 . his mouth wondered over to her left breast. say you want it you bitch. much like the hierarchical ladder in a wolf pack. moving swiftly to engulf her. Fatty Sniggered: “Come on you bitch. If they wanted her all they would get would be a cold lifeless fish. the former trying to regain control over the later. He grunted as he unwillingly picked up the tempo. “Fuck you. willing her body to become dead and nonresponsive. seeking out and finding her tender left nipple. not wearing any condom he could feel her juices on his penis making it easier for the phallus to slide in and out of the orifice. at least I got her nipples up. unseen battle raged on inside her between her mind and her body. The feeling was unbearable and goosebumps broke out on her sensitive ivory white skin. He laughed in amusement as he noticed the reaction and continued the act. Fatty picked up the tempo now and she groaned again as she felt the massive piledriver ramm into her like a piston. She tried to blank her mind out and maintain a poker face.Fatty was aware that he had company on the dinner table. her defiant body rebelled against her will. she was held virtual hostage by the physical cravings of her own body. you want to see results let me show you some results. as it reveled in the delicious sensations resulting from intercourse with this obscenity that her mind refused to accept. sucking like a vacuum cleaner on the erect tit. but I can feel your cunt dishing out its honey. she’s well oiled all-right and take a whiff of that lovely scent. She clenched her teeth as another warm wave of pleasure spread from her loins. The combine assault of Fatty and Scar Face inevitably wore down Denise’s defenses. but he was to much engrossed and decided that as long as Scar Face stayed at the upper half of the menu. She felt betrayed by her body. Together they brought her close to the edge of an immense vortex. my prick is practically swimming in your juices. The truth was out. Bound and spread eagled she was utterly helpless. slowly lubricating the moist passage. before bringing the slick and moist finger up for all to see. The impact jarred her body like a rag doll and she was held down only by Scar Face’s wondering hands and mouth as he thoroughly explored every nook and cranny of her body. Fatty continued to move his huge phallus in and out of her at a moderate pace.” She tried to remain cold and silent.” He stopped for a moment and inserted his index finger into her vagina. For what seemed like an eternity she hovered on the edge. She shuddered as her nipples hardened in Scar Face’s warm wet mouth. which now had a will of its own.

There was no respite as he began to pound her mercilessly. Each deep thrust drew her ever closer to the immense vortex. It was not as thick as Fatty’s behemoth. with seven of them she wondered how she would survive the ordeal. Denise shuddered as warm wet lips took her nipples. and promptly inserted the phallus into her anus. A warm tingling sensation returned again to Denise. she expected him to withdraw but he stayed deeply embedded within her.” he muttered. After long minutes. leaving a trail of sperm. He clambered aside and another poacher eagerly took his place between her legs. finally tipping her over the edge. Denise cried out in frustration as the intense orgasm gripped her. With him out of the way. Enraged. the rest of the pack closed in on her like a pack of wolves. but the rest of her body was still open to all takers. “Ohh gross man. racking her body in spasms. But she was not given time for thought or reflection. coarse hands roamed her body. Scar Face had shoved Fatty aside.. eliciting a yelp of pain from the poacher as he immediately withdrew.Unable to contain himself.. With two pairs of mouth clamping down savagely on both her nipples simultaneously. Roughly he mounted her and proceeded to pound her to the hilt relentlessly while Scar Face joined Fatty on the side-lines. One of them shoved his putrid tongue into her mouth. it was slick with a mixture of semen from Fatty and Scar Face. it was going to be a long sexual marathon even with just one of them.” He bit down savagely on the small sensitive tit. I will crank you up again in no time. Her other tormentors subjected her other nipple to the same fate. but fully erected it was longer. Denise was mortified and offended that this had occurred at the hands of such freaks of nature. It was the one who almost had his tongue bitten off. in a never ending stream. eagerly unzipping his denims to unleash a long lean phallus. 29 . Small rivulets of blood trickled down the side of her breast to be lapped up immediately by other eager tongues and mouths.” he laughed. the searing pain threatened to overwhelm Denise and she felt herself almost blacking out. Encouraged by her response he kept his hold on the tortured nipple. fondling her. Her body had not recovered from the previous ordeal. lets see if the other hole is dry. “Bloody bitch. totally spent. sperm slick vagina and began thrusting. Broken Tongue withdrew his penis. Two down and Five to go. and it floated helplessly beneath her. “I am too tired…” “Don’t worry my pretty. grinding it between his teeth. she realized she had just experienced (or suffered) her first orgasm in years. She was vaguely aware as Scar Face released his load into her. Her body went rigid as the intense wave spread swiftly from the epicenter of her loins to merge with smaller ripples of pleasure that were already spreading across her body. “No…. But the pain also had the effect of rudely awakening the rest of her tired body. Her vagina convulsed around Fatty's immense shaft. milking it as it squirted its warm load of jism deep into her. I’ll show you who’s the master here. plunging deeply into her. “Broken Tongue”. her cunt is filled to the brim with your fuck juice.. Swiftly he slipped it into her warm. As her mind and body returned back to earth.” Denise muttered. In the mean time Fatty lay in a contented heap at the foot of the bed. After several shoves. gripping it tightly. she mentally counted. A silent moan escaped her lips as he entered her. A searing pain ripped through Denise’s body and an ear piercing scream escaped her lips. she could smell his pungent breath and taste his rancid saliva. the poacher moved his mouth to her right nipple. They stayed away from her mouth after that. With a final thrust buried his phallus deeply in her. She could feel the warm jets of semen pumping strongly into her. Fatty withdrew his flaccid penis from within her. Thoroughly repulsed she bit down hard on the offensive invading organ. Fatty quickened the tempo.

not there.” “Gladly. Finally when they were both slick with sweat. “coz I want to come in her nice wet cunt….. a small vibrator. its so small I hardly felt it. “Come on bitch come with me. come with me…” raved Broken Tongue. Bloody Mouth pounding her anus and Meg’s tongue subjecting her clitoris to a sweet ticklish torment. Denise had been able to win her last battle with Broken Tongue.” she taunted him before his pack. She might have been successful if they had taken her one at a time. But her words fell on deaf ears. come over hear and wash her cunt out with your mouth. and prayed to at least get a small victory in denying Bloody Tongue the climax he wanted her to reach so badly. She did not know how long she could contain the fast building inferno. “Hey Meg.: “lets see what’s so good about this Grade A bitch that you boys are so excited about. Her face contorted in pain. But under a combined assault. Denise made up her mind not to give-in especially to this one. She closed her eyes and prepared for a second battle. Denise’s body seemed to welcome the assault.Denise had never experienced anal sex before and the entry was painful and intense. but that was all she needed as she proceeded to lick the area like a dog.” she pleaded desperately. let alone a second one in the same day. you said you wanted a piece of her anyway. Meg positioned herself from above and lowered her tongue onto Denise’s sperm soaked vagina. determined not to give them anything but a lifeless rag doll. No it cannot be. This.move over Meg…” Swiftly he repositioned his tool and began pounding into her vagina again. Bloody Tongue called over to Meg. Bloody Tongue was infuriated and picked up the tempo. but he had brought her 30 . His face turned a crimson red as the others howled with laughter. But all she presented to him was her cold unyielding body. with hands and mouths exploring her body. she only had direct access to Denise’s clitoris and the outer area of her vagina.” Meg laughed. With Bloody Tongue in the way. her body was again aroused unbearably. just having one orgasm a month was an overdose for her. and how much pressure to apply as her tongue lashed out relentlessly at the sensitive clitoris. not there please. Baldy promptly shoved his dick into her semen soaked interior. “Is it over already…so fast. He was bald and thin and he brought with him his little toy. Smiling. It was a small victory for her as she saw the frustration in his face. the little bitch is wet again. I can taste her honey…” “Good” said Bloody Tongue. I know you want it. She seemed to know just where to concentrate. she thought. But her brave words did not last as her next assailant approached her. spent organ. but she managed to keep the raging turmoil within her. as her weakened defenses yielded all too easily to the urgent intense hunger that was fast consuming her loins. she again tried to will her body into a dormant state. allowing nothing to register on her face and body. coaxing life back into the tired.. “No.. Meg could taste the signs of her arousal and smiled: “well well well. She greeted him with cold silence and maintained a blank expressionless face as he mounted her again.” As Bloody Tongue pounded her anus. not another one so soon after the first. but she had already lost the first battle and she knew it was only a matter of time before they would again overwhelm her weakened defenses by their sheer numbers. Denise’s eyes opened in shock amazement as she recognized a warm familiar need stirring within her for the second time that evening.. I beg you. This time it was worse as they worked her to a sexual frenzy. Broken Tongue released his load into her. At the end of the day I’ll show you that she is no different from all the other whores who just want to be fucked to death….

At times she almost thought she would lose control as her sexual tormentors teased her fevered body into a higher state of sexual frenzy. the stronger and more urgent the need became. The delicious sensation quickly overwhelmed Baldy and she smiled in quiet triumph as she felt his warm jets shooting thickly into her. Each slowly wore down her resolve. I will have a second round with you that will last all day…. She shut her eyes as she felt the now push of the phallus between her lips. It was now or never. she could feel his dick quivering as he strove desperately to back away and bring it under his control. but caught herself in time. But each time. 31 . At this rate she would be reduced to a helpless quivering mound of flesh again in less than 5 minutes. She felt dirty and corrupted and her mind also turned to her period. only another 2 more after this and she would at least have won the first round. Denise could sense the pent-up desire that she had denied her hungering body stirring within her. but was also on fire. In the mean time Baldy had closed his eyes as he relished the feel of her warm wet vagina around his dick. It was like a time bombing ticking away and she knew that the longer she kept the raging torrent boxed-up within her. she thought. unable to rest as it looked for the sweet release she was denying it. A fifth. As he proceeded with the now familiar ritual of pounding her tired body. Excess sperm trickled down her crack as the faceless brute pushed himself in without any resistance. so warm and tight…. The warm urgent need continued to build slowly within Denise. Each assailant would deposit his payload and add to the growing sewage of sperm that collected within. The tension within her grew and grew until she was like a tightly wound-up spring coil. as the vibrator clung on persistently to the small nub. Denise mentally counted. This time however Denise did not let him do so. “You just wait you bitch. But Baldy would be her fourth in a row. she moved downward powerfully and trapped the quivering penis completely in her warm wet prison. She almost flinched as the small humming device found the sensitive nub of her clitoris. fueling the raging hunger that was again building within her.. the ticklish sensation was unbearable and it quickly teased the quivering nub to a higher state of arousal. “Oh this is heavenly. She realized quickly that Baldy could not resist increasing his tempo again. presenting him an apparently cold unresponsive body. she bit down hard on her lower lip and the jolt of pain disrupted the inevitable allowing her to seize control of the raging monster within. followed by a sixth faceless assailant. And so the sexual marathon continued. he again started to pull out and slow the tempo as he had done in the past 3 occasions. Baldy was taken by complete surprise.gotta slow down…gotta take me time. “What the fuck are you doing…” He did not finish as Denise started rocking quickly back and forth.” Denise thought she could feel his filthy member throbbing on the brink of release. How long could she maintain this façade. she realized her vagina was quickly becoming a cesspool of cum and semen which made it slick and wet. she willed her tired battered body forward and moved her vagina to quickly swallow-up the retreating penis. Her whole body ached from the constant prolonged assault. she needed a change in tactics with this one. but cursed under her breath as she realized Baldy had slowed his tempo and backed away from the early release. It was the only remaining shred of satisfaction she could muster for herself. She realized that her chances of winning this round diminished with each second he continued with her as the vibrator was bringing her into another sexual frenzy. Baldy’s face was a mask of anger as the entire act had lasted barely 20 minutes. Number 5. making the entry easier for the next assailant. as he approached the edge.” But he was interrupted as yet another beefy brute took his place between her tired legs. when was it last and was she fertile this week? Denise gasped as her reflections were interrupted by the touch of an unfamiliar new sensation. quivering and ready for release at the right touch. He was intently studying her face searching for any signs of arousal as he moved the small device in a circular motion around the mouth of her orifice. Baldy had applied the small pink vibrator to her vagina as he slowly pounded her. He muttered blindly..closer to the edge. but she maintained her cold silent blank face.

Taken off-guard. The minutes became an hour and she was amazed by his amazon like stamina. As he began to slide wetly in and out of her. merging into a mammoth tidal wave that could not be contained. tipping her finally over the edge. which added to the intensity and length of the final release. The vibrator on her clitoris hummed at a higher pitch as Baldy switch the device to maximum setting. Denise’s defiant body relished the delicious urgent sensations. He smiled at the look of surprise on her face. On and on he went. but she held on at the very edge. but this time the pain only added to the intensity of the need as her body was reduced into a quivering mound of pleasure. It was huge and filled her to the brim. Blacky blurted out: “Guys I cant last. The build-up to her second climax for the day had been slow. she bit her now broken and bloody lips. almost gratefully receiving the release that she had denied it in the past hours. Denise had no time to mentally prepare for the delicious wave that engulfed her upper torso. damm she cursed herself as she could here the room erupt in peels of laughter and claps. Denise gasped sharply as the first wave was immediately replaced by another of higher intensity. She was still caught in the throes of the wave of pleasure when Baldy clamped a third vibrator onto her swollen nub. Blacky was the seventh and final man in the pack. and her worst fears were confirmed when she saw a fully erect black phallus. pink orifice. Blacky had removed his now flaccid phallus and all eyes were focused on her still convulsing pussy as it tried to grip a phallus that was no longer there. all she had to do was to last the distance within the final seventh man. Damm. It was as thick as Fatty’s penis and also as long as Scar Face’s phallus. Bloody Tongue had returned with two small pink vibrators and had anchored each to her erect nipples. But the act also brought her closer to her own release. They had found a back-door in and the bolts of pleasure spread swiftly to merge with the pent-up desire that had accumulated between her legs. the initial pain of the entry was quickly replaced by the familiar stirrings of the beast within her. The tide grew again within her as Blacky picked up the tempo. The bed sheets were now soaked in a combination of sweat and semen and clung wetly to her back and sides. He was a tall muscular black Negro. the bitch is almost there” he cried as Denise was unable to contain a shudder that broke the surface of the raging storm below.As the sixth poacher blew his load into her soaking vagina. her back arched as the wave of fire and pleasure surged forward taking her. she noted.its gonna happen soon. She shut her eyes trying to block out all sensation. a ray of hope filled Denise. sending it into a final series of quick convulsive 32 . damm. Suddenly her eyes snapped open as she felt jolts of electricity engulfing her bruised nipples. She realized with a shock that this was the first time she was experiencing multiple orgasms as each wave of pleasure was replace by a higher more intense wave. She had heard stories about the size of the black man’s penis.” He touched a button which increased the intensity of the small humming device.” Encouraged she again tilted her orifice to receive him more fully attempting to trigger his orgasm sooner. It was the last mile of the marathon. She let out a cry of hopeless frustration as every muscle in her tired body tensed. Fist clenched. As the delicious sensation threatened to overwhelm here again. well there’s more to come. “Come on. Her Vagina walls contracted in spasms around Blacky’s huge phallus. Bloody Tongue moved forward to get a better view of the big black phallus as it slid in and out of the white. He said nothing as he quietly inserted the monster into her. oh god…. she could see the finishing line. milking it as it sent warm jets of semen into her in an apparently never ending stream. “You were not expecting this were you. She moaned as her small orifice was stretched beyond its limits to accommodate the mammoth phallus. sending a surge of pleasure through Denise’s body. So tight was the fit that the pressure squeezed excess sperm out of her vagina.

At least it would be a quick release from this living hell. Next she awoke. One of them came forward towards her and again she closed her eyes waiting for the end to come. Thus far she had avoided the question tactfully. a scene of chaos and death greeted her. It now remained for her to pick up the pieces of her life and move on with her career. The grumpy old instructor had even 33 . Denise found herself on clean sheets in a hospital. The only problem was that Crivelli’s schedule was completely full for the next 3 months. She was too tired and exhausted to walk. It was also ironic that the very people she had thought would be her enemies (the tribesmen) had turnedout to be her saviours. So intense were the contractions that excess semen and vagina fluids sprayed from the petal like lips as they opened and shut on their own. She recognized the small skulls they wore around the neck. Which meant she also had to get her driving license before she was eligible to purchase the vehicle of her dream. She had fallen asleep for 20 minutes in the warm scented water and reached drowsily for the bath-tub plug to release the soapy suds and quickly shower. and no one safe for Jenny. Mr Crivelli. A water bottle was presented to her chaffed lips and she drank hungrily. and to fit her jet-setting Yuppie image and life-style she had to get that flashy nice car. her chubby and rotund best friend and flatmate. As her eyes adjusted to the chaos. which were identical to the ones in her earlier encounter with the natives. but after 9 frustrating months and 5 failed attempts she was fast becoming desperate. she noticed 3 tribes men standing with bloodied weapons at the door. she could see bright red blood spurting from his severed carotid artery. Instead. It seemed there was an overwhelming demand for his services.spasms. It seemed an eternity before her sweat slick body finally came to rest on the damp mattress. she felt gentle hands untie her shackles. The pretty 24 year old brunette was 6 months into her in-turnship with JP Morgan and was anxious to climb the corporate ladder and join the rat race in the world of investment banking. But she had survived. But she could not hide the truth indefinitely. onto the bed. Reputed as the best Driving Instructor this side of town. with one small problem. She had given herself 3 months to pass the test. It did not help that her colleagues were all asking when they could take a spin in her hot rod. The headless body of Blacky lay between her legs. The other members of the wolf pack were in a similar state and the room was a slaughterhouse. as well as the severe trauma she had suffered at the hands of the poachers. As Denise opened her eyes. before she drifted again into oblivion. knew of her predicament. she only prayed for a quick and painless execution. She felt a warm thick wet substance on the mattress. DRIVING LESSONS Rachel Doyle stirred drowsily in the fragrant bubble bath as the shrill ring of the alarm clock woke her from her slumber. and was vaguely aware as the natives placed her on a make shift stretcher. Thus far she was well on her way. 10 lessons with this driving Guru would guarantee her the driving license she so badly needed. Jenny had finally recommended her current Driving Instructor. helping her up. She found some comforting satisfaction in the fact that they were all dead. A big part of the corporate banking world required that she mixed and mingle with the crème de le crème of society. She was suffering from prolonged exposure and dehydration.

Her watch showed 2.’ Rachel guessed she would have to make her entrance now. After what seemed like 5 minutes a black dirty Volkswagen slowly pulled-up. willowy figure and milky white complexion had earned her the nick name “Snow White” and she was constantly at the receiving end of unwanted male attention. Rachel made full use of her stunning beauty in the office and she was confident that she would also have Crivelli eating out of her hands. She quickly slipped on her white bra and panties. Toweling herself dry. no. Temporarily unsettled.” 34 . flawless ivory white complexion and 23 inch waist. Rachel only wants to say hi. I already said my schedule is full for another 3 months” Jenny: “Its ok Mr Crivelli. Those were a lethal combination of assets that had served her well in the past..59PM as she waited in the front porch for Jenny to pull-up. but I take you only to the station. Rachel could hear Jenny engaged with him in an argument… Crivelli: “No. However the sight that befell his eyes was totally unexpected. He had neither the time nor the desire to meet more fat ugly women and as Rachel intervened he turned crossly to face her intending to brush her off. allowing Crivelli to peer down the creamy white cleavage nestled snugly in her blouse.. and you will find she is very attractive and pleasant. Crivelli:“Yes Ms Doyle was it not……but I cannot meet you today…I have another appointment in 10 minutes time at Spencer Street…” Rachel moved closer and rested her arm on the is such a hot day and I have not been able to call a cab so far…” Crivelli said reluctantly : “Ok. I don’t have time to meet your friend today. Standing by the window of the passenger seat was a stunning brunette beauty with jet black long flowing hair and a model’s long lithe supple figure. Her long jet black hair. she quickly walked over to the passenger’s side and smiled brightly: “Oh Mr Crivelli it is so nice to finally meet you. I am Rachel. you only have about 20 minutes.. Rachel:“Oh I only need a ride to Spencer Street Station……that’s on your way is it not…. get in. Rachel’s first glimpse of Crivelli fitted the mental image she had of him from their phone conversation and Jenny’s description. But this fat. and it was no secret in the office that Rachel was a natural head turner. that’s how far Spencer Street Station is from here. “Good luck. when he dropped Jenny at the porch of their apartment.” Crivelli paused in mid-sentence. so Rachel’s only chance was to catch him on a Saturday afternoon at the end of Jenny’s drivinglesson. He was running late for his next appointment and was anxious to get rid of his final student for the afternoon.” Jenny gave Rachel a quick wink and squeeze on her shoulder as Crivelli moved to the drivers seat. he began again. and I have not fixed the air-conditioning yet so it will be warm in the car. As Jenny turned the engine off. make the most of your opening. that’s all. Jenny had hinted that Crivelli had a fondness for “pretty young things”. He was a fat balding bespectacled Italian man in his fifties with a thick black beard. we spoke briefly….refused to meet her. full firm breasts. It was a hot summer afternoon and she chose a low cut black mini skirt. taken by surprise. and a white blouse which hugged the contours of her supple figure. Rachel walked quickly to the waiting car. and Jenny was not exaggerating when she said you were a rugged and handsome young man. all she needed was an opening which Jenny had provided. obese student had refused to vacate the drivers seat insisting that he meet her friend. she stopped at the full length mirror to admire her long graceful limbs.

you get out at Spencer Street Station.” Crivelli answered uncertainly. your fat friend Jenny was also complaining the whole hour. Rachel thought.” Rachel: “But I thought you said you had another lesson at Spencer Street?” Crivelli: “No I did not. that’s why I am headed to Spencer Street to my nephew’s car workshop there to get it fixed. who are you meeting?” Crivelli: “All these questions. She must have had a bubble bath as her fresh sweet scent filled the small confines of the car.” She leaned across Crivelli and started winding down the window on the drivers seat. that’s a little better. In spite of himself. Rachel: “This is such hot weather we are having. making sure that her soft firm bosoms made contact with his arms. Rachel: “There. “Really?” 35 . why all these questions. perhaps no more than 23-24 years old. Crivelli flinched as he felt her supple breasts pressing gently against his arms. they always had a hidden agenda but Rachel would be disappointed today.As Rachel climbed into the car. she already felt the oven like heat that had accumulated in the small interior. just let me get the windows lower down…. pulling the min further up to reveal creamy smooth skin of her inner thighs. fighting the impulse to reach out and run his hands along the ivory white sweet flesh .” Rachel: “Oh I am sorry. Rachel: “Do you know that I find older men very sexually alluring? They have a confidence that other younger more immature men lack….” Crivelli was determined not to submit to the charms of this alluring young beauty. he felt breathless. Rachel: “So Mr Crivelli the weekend is here. Through the side of his eyes he noted how her tight fitting white blouse hugged every contour of her lithe body. do you not have ears. The blouse was so body hugging that he could see the faint outline of her nipple through the sheer material.” Rachel: “Oh is that where you are going. I feel so hot and damp all over. This was a first for her as she was used to having her way with all the office lads. I love the feel of the breeze on my skin…it gives me goose bumps. Jenny was last student today. don’t you Mr Crivelli?” Crivelli: “I already said the air-conditioning is not working. Already she felt her blouse clinging to her as beads of perspiration broke collected on her moist skin. I said I have an appointment. She crossed her long lithe legs. They drove in silence for a minute. what do you do on Saturday nites?” Crivelli: “I teach driving. This lass was young. he was not a push over.” Crivelli did not answer. Crivelli tried to ignore the tantalizing vision seated next to him. Crivelli himself was perspiring and she detected a foul stale odor in the car. He knew girls like this one. This one would be a challenge. Crivelli’s bedside manners left much to be desired. wait. And the stifling heat in the car also did not help. Rachel thought to her self. accentuating her soft firm breasts. But she was not deterred. 5 minutes had passed and she was making no progress with Crivelli. as she looked at her watch.

” Crivelli smiled: “ Yes. Rachel realized she had to play his little game and keep the dialogue open. Rachel hesitated. let alone an entire evening.” So that was why he was so good. revealing the white lacy bra caressing her supple breasts. its not every day that I get to spend some quality time with a lovely young princess like you. She had to close this deal successfully at any costs. let alone stunning young beauties like Rachel.” Crivelli: “Paah…I make enough to live a simple life. Besides there are other instructors in town” Rachel sounded disappointed: “Yes. let us find out more about you?” He smiled suggestively. My job requires that I own and drive a car. its no wonder you are such a good instructor. but I can pay double hourly rates. But as I said you will have to wait. anything at all if you can just help me out.” Crivelli remained silent and she continued. Its really a pity you cannot accommodate me earlier in your driving schedule” Crivelli impatiently replied: “We have discussed this before. the old man used to be a tester and designed their current system.” As much as he repulsed her. such strong masculine hands. The thought of spending even an additional minute with this disgusting old fart was revolting enough. He knew that even average women would not wish to spend time with him.” Rachel: “Oh that’s really for you to decide. I have been teaching for more than 20 years and was previously a tester at the school. there are others waiting in line and its not fair to them. especially when you change gears. I have failed the practical portion of the test 4 times already and I simply need the license to get a car.” Thoughts were racing through Crivelli’s mind. only older men know how to make a girl feel like a woman. and he had to make the most of it. Rachel: “Well surely we can keep the dialogue open. but none of them are like you. but she was also always smart enough to ensure she controlled the course of negotiations. he had her where he wanted her. Rachel: “Well if increasing your fees is not what you have in mind. Why don’t you join me and my nephew at the garage for a nice dinner. “Yes. “You are so good with your hands. we can explore other options. I can only take you in 3 months. She had always used her body as a tool for negotiation. so I really will do anything. he was a lonely old bachelor with hardly any money and even less physical charm. money is not a problem…. But she realized she had little choice. the stakes had just been raised. I am in urgent need of your services. I have a 98% success rate. so its no surprise that I can beat them at their own game. I simply have to pass my next driving test in 1 months time. I don’t need your money……surely you have more to offer?” He smiled suggestively at Rachel revealing an uneven row of yellow nicotine stained teeth which sent shivers up her spine.Rachel smiled and gave a long black hair a toss. infact I even helped them to design the current test procedures.. Crivelli: “Well I am a lonely old man. What had started out as an irritating pimple was now seen as a golden opportunity. Crivelli: “Well. Rachel thought. She edged closer to Crivelli and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. 36 . what exactly did you have in mind young lady? I am all ears. So this represented an opportunity of a life time for him.

Rachel got out of the car and hesitantly followed him into the shadowy interior of the garage. almost a midget. She was not very tall. There are some new procedures I designed…. Will she bite? Finally with a hint of resignation Rachel replied: “I suppose a harmless dinner with you and your nephew would be a good idea.” she asked nervously. Rachel: “Er. The floor was covered by a thick layer of dirt and oil. delepitated single story building. Joey: “Well.” He studied her face and noted the indecision written on it. he was a step closer to his ultimate objective. But it was too late to change her mind and she would have to see this game to its final conclusion.30PM when they finally pulled into the entrance of a grungy looking. Rachel could feel the hairs rising on the back of her neck as she felt his leering eyes wondering over her body. and we will be ay Joey’s garage. unless you wish to join us for dinner?” Crivelli eased off on the accelerator. the unpleasant scent of engine grease. Crivelli: “Well Rachel. As he steered the car away from the station his devious mind began working out a strategy that would place him in a dominant position of negotiation over this brazen young lass. It’s not exactly a classy joint that a broad like you is used to. driving to an undisclosed location to meet yet another unknown stranger. I brought a little present for you.” It was close to 4.It had been almost twenty minutes in the car and as Spencer Street Station came into view. weighing in at 100. “The failure rates for the driving tests have been on the increase recently as they are tightening up on road safety protocols. measuring 34C-25-35 and standing 5’4. but you can get used to it. He was in his late thirties and immediately sported her. and there was dust every where. 37 . but as she followed him she noticed in amusement that his balding head barely drew level with her shoulders. where the fuck are you. Another twenty minutes of driving brought them into the less fashionable part of town. here is where you get-off. The garage was small and dirty. Without a second glance at her Crivelli killed the engine and got out. It was only then that Rachel realized Crivelli had been sitting on a stack of cushions. Rachel suddenly realized that she may have made an error in judgment. he knew he had to give her more time and encouragement.. Crivelli: “Just another 5 minutes drive. Several cars were parked at the entrance.” A fat bald man in greasy mechanic’s overalls appeared from a room in the back. some with their bonnets raised in obvious stages of repair. Crivelli had been more silent then usual in the last 10 minutes. The old lecher was actually quite short. Crivelli: “Hey Joey. I will see you perhaps in 3 months. my this is a nice little piece of equipment. well look what the cat brought far more do we have to go before we reach the garage.” Crivelli’s heart raced. well. petrol and paint filled her nostrils. Rachel had never ventured into this dark foreboding slum area and a wave of apprehension swept over her as Mr Crivelli drove still further on. here she was in a car driven by a man who was virtually a total stranger to her.” He openly leered.which will give you the edge. She tried not to touch anything and stayed in the center of the garage. she realized with a shock she had to decide now..

I brought her along so we could discuss some business matters. where shall we start. “Yes. “We don’t get many of your high society kind here so do make yourself right at home. So its imperative that we start lessons as early as possible. we are moving too fast. he should be back within the hour. I have not even indicated I will take you as my student.” He led Rachel into an adjoining office that was just as dirty as the garage. She took a sit opposite the table and crossed her long slender legs. basically I need to get my license by end of this month. Joey or Crivelli.” Crivelli: “Whoa there little Missy. She needed to have one on one time with Crivelli. There was an office table with left over pizza piled in the middle.” Crivelli: “Well you can put your tongue back in your mouth and come take a look at the car. I already signed up for it and paid the test fees. yes I suppose now is a good moment to discuss business. the airconditioning system is busted again. Rachel reviewed her strategy plan. which is also when the next test is scheduled.” Rachel put on her best social graces and extended her hand: “How do you do Joey” Joey immediately grabbed her hand and she tried not to notice that his hands were smeared with axle grease and oil. Crivelli sank into the worn leather chair behind the table. so perhaps you can elaborate on your needs…” 38 . And of cause there is also a 3 month waiting list.” He openly leered. it is more comfortable. As Joey and Crivelli engaged in discussions. you are right perhaps. but Rachel was anxious to close the deal and remained standing. It would not be fair to the other students who have been waiting for 3 months!” Rachel: “But I absolutely need the lessons this week!!!” Crivelli: “And I absolutely also need to get laid tonight! You see my dear. She already knew that he was turned on by her. come with me to the back-office. assortment of car magazines and quite afew porn material also. Joey: “Yeah Rachel. Rachel. this is not a perfect world and I think you should sit down and talk this over in a friendly amicable level.’ Rachel: “Oh? But I was hoping to have an early dinner as I have an engagement later this evening. She did not know who disgusted her more. this is my latest potential prodigy. but Joey was now an added obstacle. but even the mere thought of physical contact with him was physically revolting to her. giving Crivelli a good view of the sweet ivory white flesh of her inner thighs and the hidden pleasures that lay within.Crivelli: “Ah yes. I have offered you higher hourly rates. or night. Joey took a look at the car and he needs to hope over to his supplier to pick up some spare parts to do the job. Crivelli returned and said: “Well tonight’s dinner will have to wait awhile yet. Well.” Rachel reverted to the softer approach. you can do business with me anyday. in the mean time we can get to know each other a little closer er? Are you still serious about taking lessons with me?” Rachel: “Of cause. Rachel: “I would like to cut straight to the point.” Joey reluctantly left Rachel’s side (much to her relief) and wondered over to the Volkswagen. but that was not the way to go.” Crivelli: “It is dirty and smelly in the garage.” Crivelli: “He wont be too long dearie.

You must recognize your instructor as God and obey his every word in an unquestioning manner. she might end up between the sheets with Crivelli (and perhaps even Joey if the deal was not closed soon). Rachel: “I am certain. Clapping his hands in glee Crivelli stood-up..Crivelli: “I just did.” Reluctantly Rachel said: “Yes. I need to know what’s in it for me if I do take you in as my student. Lets imagine we are on our first driving lesson and we are in the car. and I will do almost anything you require. but not so desperately as to even consider exposing herself to a situation which may require her to become sexually intimate with Crivelli. then lets do a little role play. she felt compelled to explore the situation further. After that. that nice to know. I guarantee its more comfortable then most conventional car seats. can you do that?” Rachel remained silent as she considered her options. I never had any problems with my past instructors. would you be an obedient student who will heed every word of her instructor?” He smiled suggestively. She was running out of time and estimated that Joey would be back in 50 mins or so. I will obey your every word. Noting her hesitation. The mere thought of physical contact with Crivelli was physically revolting to her. And I am always punctual and never late. And do not be deceived by its appearance…. Firstly.” Crivelli: “Good.” 39 . of cause I will be a good student. I will be a model student. I was serious just now. we can deliberate on whether I can squeeze you in for a lesson in 1-2 months time” Rachel: “1-2 months time!!! That’s too late.” Crivelli anxiously moved to the edge of the seat: “Are you absolutely certain Rachel?” He searched her face eagerly for consent realizing he was almost within reach of his goal. that is not good. Perhaps the element of danger was itself a temptation. But she also found herself inexplicably excited by her present predicament. It did not look very clean (like all the other things in the small office) and had patches of mould and unidentifiable stains everywhere. Here she was in the “less trendy” side of town.” Crivelli got up and motioned for Rachel to take a seat in the huge worn recline-able leather chair. She preferred to ignore the sexual undertones of the conversation for now as the mere thought of physical contact with Crivelli was physically revolting to her. There are far more deserving students who are worthy of my time and attention. Crivelli: “You hesitate. in a dirty ram shackled garage alone with an old pervert who had obvious sexual designs on her. Crivelli gave the chair an encouraging pat and said : “Don’t be afraid. but lets start with what is practical. How can I even take you as a student let alone consider putting you in front a the waiting list.” Rachel was not sure why she agreed. You skipped afew steps. but its not good enough.” Crivelli: “Well. Whatever the reason. She needed the driving license badly. “Good. I will obey. But you do know I am in desperate need of lessons. Rachel was aware in which direction the course of negotiations was rapidly headed towards and she realized that if she did not play her cards right. Rachel: “Yes.

” Rachel went through the motion of turning her wrist to insert the imaginary car keys. that means it started 5 minutes ago and we only have 40 minutes left on the clock. “Wait. before moving further up her thighs. her delicate frame housed medium sized bosoms elegantly capped by. and if she was not carefully the game would only have one possible outcome. Let’s begin. I will confiscate one item of clothing from your person.” He announced. instead. Crivelli ran his fingers along her bare inner soles. “For every minor mistake you make. In a husky voice he whispered. He moved on to her left shoe. Crivelli: “I have decided to conduct a mock test for this lesson. and Rachel gingerly approached it. put your foot on the gas…” he mumbled reluctantly Rachel signed in relief. lingering a moment longer there.” Crivelli smiled: “Well I can live with that. no wonder you failed your previous tests. “A standard test lasts 45 minutes at least. Moving closer to her he detected her alluring feminine fragrance which instantly provoked a rising urgent hardness between his legs. “Take the wheel. you can start the ignition. I should really get the car moving. I will remove your shoes first. lets do this right. we have to move on. you forgot to adjust your rear-view mirror. that was basically his window of opportunity. Her sensitive nose also detected a pungent unwashed odor which only added to its imposing façade. he had a clear view of the creamy cleavage that stood out so invitingly from her blouse.. She moved her right hand to the gear to shift to 1st gear but before she could proceed further Crivelli intervened. But she was not out of the woods yet. and since you have already made two previous errors. since this is a mock test its only fair that we place a 20 minute time limit on the test.” Rachel: “ok. Keep safety foremost in your mind. slowly moving up towards her calves. there is a car pulling up behind me. but she pre-empted him by quickly kicking it of her foot.” Crivelli seemed momentarily lost: “Huh…. admiring her long slender legs. Crivelli noted that she did not have very large assets. As she sank uneasily into it. His hands strayed to briefly caress the bare flesh of her left thigh. Crivelli: “Tsk tsk tsk. but he wanted more time.oh yeah. Crivelli handed her the old Cardboard cover for the Pizza box. Feeling suddenly breathless Crivelli fought the rising primal urge to take her there and then. Rachel hurriedly cried out: “Oh dear instructor. savoring its silky smooth texture. Standing over her.” 40 . her delicate lithe frame seemed lost in its large embrace which seemed to dwarf her all the more. and gave her self a pat on the back for getting out of that tight spot. Twenty minutes. He was confident he could remove most of her clothing by then. that also means you will take me as your student immediately.” He moved his hand to her lap and proceeded to fasten the imaginary seat belt. Un-phased he continued: “You may make a left turn at the next corner.” Crivelli paused to consider the new offer. Major mistakes will cost two items” Rachel realized the stakes had just gone up.” Crivelli moved to her front and pretended to adjust the imaginary mirror. “You also forgot your seat belt. the seatbelt and rear mirror. he reached down and removed Rachel’s right shoe.The recline-able chair now seemed to have a foreboding and menacing air around it. with some feeling of apprehension.” Not waiting for her consent. Taking his time. and if I pass the test.

” Crivelli: “ok. her luscious jet black hair cascaded down her shoulders. before turning the steering wheel left. not stop….” Crivelli intervened with a smirk. that’s fair. Rachel saw the gleam in Crivelli’s eyes and had anticipated this undesired effect. I’ll let you decide the 2 items to be confiscated as a compromise.” Rachel again ran through the procedure step by step.” Rachel realized she was caught red-handed and reluctantly unbuttoned her white blouse. The last thing she wanted was to encourage him further. checking rear and side mirrors before turning the imaginary wheel. that does not count. She realized that because the test and the car was all imaginary. fair-enough. you did not check for on-coming traffic from the right when you were turning into a 2 way street. but you should still have checked. 41 . “you forgot to stop at the junction. she only had to follow the procedures in the driving manual methodically. She breathed a sign of relief when Crivelli did not intervene. “That’s still not fair. there were no cars. you looked left only. this is unfair.. taking care to give the left indicator before turning the wheel. Crivelli: “Oh dear. giving Crivelli no opportunity at all. making her look all the more ravishing.” Reluctantly Rachel handed him her watch and hair-band.” Rachel was unwilling to lose her blouse and her skirt all at once. please make a left.” Crivelli: “Life’s not fair. That’s a major safety breach. she made up her mind to proceed carefully. ending short of her upper back. That’s another major boo boo and will cost you your blouse and skirt.” Rachel made the motion of switching on the left indicator. but you did not even slow down. I’ll compromise by taking only your blouse.” Crivelli: “I don’t have to. you forgot to look right and left to ensure there was no on-coming cars before you made the turn. “You did not say there was a stop sign. Please change to the left extreme lane and make a u-turn. Crivelli was growing impatient: “You are reaching a two way junction.” Rachel: “You did not tell me it was a two way street. Crivelli continued: “You are now on a two way street. you should stop at every junction before you make a turn. Her hopes rose as she also executed the u-turn flawlessly.” Rachel could not believe her ears: “I did look.Rachel obeyed. Freed of the hair band. I only need to slow down. I did not see you moving your foot from the accelerator to the brake at all.” Crivelli: “Ok I concede you are right. it’ll cost you two items. “Oh oh. I turned my head. checked her rear and side mirrors and also her blind-spot. Determined not to sacrifice any other clothing items and bare any more of her body.” Rachel protested. but she was already running out of essential items and preferred to lose the hair-band instead of her blouse or her mini.

” “A one way street? This should be easy” Rachel thought. increasing her chances of finishing the test with at least her skirt and undergarment on. moving it down slowly towards her cleavage. and arched her back. “Very well. that means complying with all the instructors requirements. which was in stark contrast to the jet black luscious hair that partially covered it. An estimated 15 minutes had passed and he only had approximately 30 minutes left of test time. gently rubber and playing with it between his fingers. “That’s a no no Mr Instructor.” He stretched his open hands out eagerly waiting for her to hand over her clothing. maybe I should have slowed down. 42 . But Crivelli added: “Oh. but also realized that Crivelli was loosing precious time. perfectly capped nipples through the sheer material of the white lacy bra she wore. but you also have to tell me what I missed out. massaging it. and continued to allow his fingers to trace the outline of her left breast. before we talk. mini and panties all at once” Rachel was horrified. with the rise and fall of her chest. The more time he indulged himself in this sensual exploration . she quickly ran through the mental checklist and conceded: “Ok.” Needing no further encouragement he knelt in front of her and took hold of her other breast. which had been a great turn-on. but this will cost you your bra. any way failing to slow in itself is a major fault and will cost you two clothes items. Crivelli feasted his hungry eyes on Rachel’s creamy white shoulders. you can have the mini and that’s all.” Crivelli shook his head: “You missed out something else. Rachel could feel the hardness between his legs as he buried his nose and mouth between her breasts while his fingers moved frantically over the rest of her body. and I did not. he was determined not to be beaten at his own game. Rachel moved to brush his wondering hands away but Crivelli reminded her: “You have to be obedient my dear. you can think for awhile. appearing to enjoy his touch. his fingers fumbled for the hook to release the bra. Or do you need me to help you…. She leaned forward. So she decided to stoke his ego and play his game.As the blouse was removed. and then smiled at her.” Crivelli finally realized he Rachel had conned him. Fighting to regain his composure. lose the bra first and then the mini. he found her nipple and took hold of the sensitive tip. Crivelli was lost in his sexual fantasy as he nuzzled the warm soft fragrant cleft between Rachel’s bosoms. slightly moist to the touch and he raised his finger tips to his nostrils. barely 25 minutes left and snarled.” He sniggered and started towards her. its starting to rain. how do I know you are not just making it up?” Crivelli: “Quit wasting time. Rachel wanted to proceed with the lesson. was fast becoming an irritating obstruction. But he soon found that the bra. He could just make-out her small. that was the understanding. you can proceed down the road and take the slipway into a one-way street. what’s come over you. With his nose still buried in her cleavage. the less time he would have to complete the test. but that’s only one oversight. I have to make a mistake in the test first. Rachel: “Ok. : “There are at least two major safety procedures you skipped. The delicate soft region was warmer . Crivelli was silent for a moment.” Rachel immediately made the motion of turning on the windshield wipers. so lets have your mini and your bra. Crivelli was surprised: “My. he looked quickly at the watch.” He smiled when she responded with a look of silent rage. taking delight in her personal fragrance. His mouth hungrily sort out a nipple through the silky fabric of her lacy bra. Through the thin sheer semi-transparent expensive silk fabric. But Rachel laid a restraining hand on him. Unable to control his primal instincts. he ran his finger tips along her neck. do you like this? I love to see the ice princess transformed into a molten heap of larva.

Composing herself. cause if I do.Alarmed by his advance Rachel quickly unhooked her white silk bra and handed it to him. while he continued to twiddle her right nipple between the fingers of his other hand. but I advise that in your own interest you do not pursue the matter. Her worst fears were confirmed when she heard a sharp gasp from Crivelli. Rachel interrupted his suckling: “What about the second item I missed out. she was blessed with long slender arms and legs. he took hold of her now erect nipple in his mouth. She realized with a shock that inspite of her physical revulsion of Crivelli. The perverted midget had his eyes wide open and glued to the area between her legs. Eagerly he whispered: “Turn around and let’s have a good look at you.” From his experience. or were you just bluffing?” As Crivelli his head from her left breast momentarily. Crivelli could hardly contain his excitement. each crowned delicately with a nipple. “we can discuss that after you hand it over. She knew that the expensive material was designed to be as inconspicuous as possible clinging to her like a second skin so that it would not show through even the most body hugging skirt. think about it. He took hold of each nipple between his fingers again and proceeded to gently rub them again and again. I did not miss anything else. she slipped out of her mini-skirt. he knew that most women looked better with their clothes and make-up on to hide any flaws in their completely natural form.” Standing up. His beard pricked and tickled the delicate area and he watched in fascination as goose bumps broke out on the sensitive skin. Crevilli husklily said: “Well are you sure you want me to tell you. what was it. Rachel could almost feel his eyes roaming her upper body and gave an involuntary shudder. As she turned around. so this is what you smell like. fresh roses and lilies. feeling very vulnerable in her virtually naked state. Her skin felt moist and clammy and she could hear the rapid acceleration of her heart beat. Her petite slender body was now only covered by a small white lacy silk panty. So fine and sheer was the material that she knew Crivelli would notice the indentations on it as it molded itself to the sweet crack between her legs. but now on her right breast and slowly covered the delicate soft skin around the nipple with warm wet kisses. Crivelli brought the silky soft material to his nose and inhaled deeply. savoring the taste and texture of the soft skin in his mouth. that means you also lose your panties. Her ivory white skin was flawless and whiles she was not too tall. covering it with warm wet saliva as he sucked and teased it to full erection. Again. Crivelli flung the silky bra into the growing heap of clothing lying on the dirty office floor and greedily took hold of a breast in each hand. a slimy trail of saliva dangled from his lips to her nipple.” He returned his focus.” His eyes widened when he saw her firm supple breasts. But it also meant it barely covered her pubic area. Rachel suddenly felt breathless. An involuntary gasp almost escaped her lips as Crivelli suddenly bent over and hungrily took her left breast and nipple in his mouth. Rachel did not let his off: “You are bluffing. As his eyes took hold of Rachel’s near naked form. It was his lucky day as Rachel easily qualified in this rare top 5 percentile. he sank to his knees and allowed his eyes 43 .” Crivelli: “Your mini please” he said huskily. sucking noisily on it like it was an ice-cream cone. smiling in glee as he felt them partially harden between his fingers. she too had been unconsciously swept up by the make-believe game and the underlying sexual tension. following the contours of her vagina. Only a rare 5% looked even better up close and naked. “Mmmm. Freed of their lacy constraints they felt softer and warmer to the touch.

” Reluctantly Rachel lifted her left feet onto the table. 44 . The problem was that once he told her this.” She conceded reluctantly.” Crivelli looked up: “And if I show you this is not a slowly follow the supple contours of her bare legs. When she did not comply he said: “This is still within the rules. Crivelli applied gentle pressure with index finger and gently encouraged a little more of the silky fabric to dip further into this nether region. She knew this would give the perverted midget better access to explore the sensitive area between her legs. and Crivelli did not want the test to end now. Not content to linger at the outer edges. Locating the center region where the dip in the silky fabric was the greatest. He smiled as a nasty idea entered his head. Rachel: “No no. he was able to detect a faint whiff of her natural intimate scent that filtered through the semi-porous walls of the silk fabric. He needed time to search for a new solution. As he continued to probe the delicate orifice. At such close proximity. familiarizing them selves with its width. Crivelli found it erotic that only the thin silky barrier separated the hostile elements of the outer world from intruding into Rachel’s moist interior. He could make out the small black patch of very fine pubic hair which was barely contained by the fabric. From his unique vantage below her raised legs. you know your own rules. Crivelli was in haven. rage filled Crivelli. on his knees he reached up to again savor the delicate curves of her breasts. more tightly against her vagina. the panties stay on for now. his fingers traced the dip in the fine fabric which marked the entrance to Rachel’s vagina. he motioned for her to place her left feet on the office table. For the moment he had to be contented with exploring the outlines of the delicate small crevice between her legs through this thin silky and annoying material. Crivelli could also see that a lot of the silky panties had disappeared up Rachel’s arse. He gently pulled the elastic band upwards and watched in fascination as more of the silky material moved from the outer edges and slipped into the divide. Clasping and unclasping his hands impatiently. that you did miss another crucial safety procedure?” Rachel: “Well that means I failed your test and we can terminate the lesson. but he also wanted so badly to simply rip the flimsy silk material away. he could almost feel the warm moist heat that radiated from Rachel’s crevice through the silky walls of her panties. Momentarily his hands moved away and took hold of the elastic straps of the panties which hugged Rachel’s narrow waste. all the way until it joined with a small inviting opening that was barely visible through the sheer white silky garment. his eager fingers came within a hair’s breath making heavenly contact. from deep within her moist interior. she would have failed the test (he would have removed the last article of her clothing). Rachel had forgotten to also turn-on her headlights to improve visibility during a shower.. Gently. A single strand of hair escaped the tight lacy confines and beckoned seductively to him. he moved his face to within afew short inches of the entrance. and moved around that region in a circular motion to increase its outline and indentation. and it also stretched the already thin silk fabric. He knew he had an ace in the bag. separated only by a small thin material. Unable to resist. It was a delicious scent and for a moment he desperately fought to control the primal urge to bury his nose in the crevice. tell me what I missed first before you can uncover me completely. Answering its call he moved his hands lower to unhook the silk garment. As his finger lingered in this nether region between heaven and earth. But the unexplored new area between Rachel’s legs was too tantalizing. especially just when it was getting interesting. length and depth much like a blind man would examine a fine object of art. Crivelli realized that he was able to get more of the silky fabric into the fine crack. Crivelli’s fingers found the area where the white silky material appeared to almost hug the inner entrance of Rachel’s vagina. As she was still standing up.

Do we agree?” Rachel pondered this new option. come on…. he could not explore this new novel situation. Joey had returned and had entered the office. before it became a raging inferno which would consume her. He could almost taste her delicious scent through the semi-porous silk. which would mean under the circumstances that you have failed the test as you would have literally lost all the clothes on you.” But Crivelli soon forgot the panties the sweet dessert nestled neatly between Rachel’s legs. Fascinated and aroused at the same time. But if she lost her bet. As Crivelli continued to explore her sensitive lips through the silk fabric. But with both his hands pulling on the elastic straps. Rachel tried to understand the sudden urge that was stirring faintly within her. Its game over for you. Reluctantly she slipped out of the flimsy garment and handed it to him. She knew that she had to quell this flicker now. “No no. In fact. Rachel heard footsteps and a door opening and shutting. standing at the doorway with his mouth agape: “Jesus Christ looks like I got back just in time. I can tell you have missed a major safety procedure. Crivelli. you have a most tantalizing after taste Rachel. Until now he had only viewed her crack through the semi-transparent silk material. lets make this winner takes all. She started to retrieve her clothes but he stopped her. She knew it meant she would definitely walk out of the garage with what she wanted.The silky barrier which had originally been a barrier and source of irritation to him was now a potent sexual tool. So intimate was the embrace that he could make out the faint nub of her clitoris protruding gently from the silky fabric. Rachel knew that she had been out maneuvered. I will call you bluff.. but if this is a bluff I have passed your test and I get my driving lessons immediately…” And then he smiled as he saw a solution: “Rachel. But his breath escaped his dry lips when his hungry eyes finally took hold of the small delicate pink slit which was surrounded by a small trim patch of fine pubic hair. He immediately buried his nose and mouth in it. what a heavenly smell.” He gestured impatiently. you have to comply. Crivelli thought he sensed a change in the texture of the silk as it became damp and hot. and there was still a chance she could walk out with all her clothes on and secure her driving lessons. She felt in a gambling mood and finally nodded her head in consent to the new terms. Quickly he barked out: “Grab hold of the straps my obedient student. Suddenly. gently massaging it and teasing it. she would still get her lesson albeit at a heavy price. wow will you look at the top quality merchandise!!!” 45 . you still owe me your panties. “Ahhh. An involuntary shudder ran through Rachel as his index fingers teased the sensitive nub in a circular tickling motion. “Ok. and much of this was intruding into Rachel’s small crack. you have to turn them on when its raining to improve visibility. The tension had reduced the fabric to just a third of its originally surface area. The only question was the price she had to pay. Crivelli smiled as he revealed his wild card: “The headlights. But you have the option of doing a remedial lesson immediately for an hour.” As Rachel’s unwilling hands replaced his own and kept the tension on the panty tight. Crivelli returned to the nether region to examine his new handy work more closely. she was in a win win situation. now lets start with the remedial lessons. that would be all that is required to pass the final segment of this test. If she called his bluff and won. and please do remember everything goes in this one hour session. his fingers seeked out the indentation of the small nub through the thin cloth. She had to bring this test to a quick end. It was a first for her. Eagerly he buried his nose into the spot on the silky fabric which outlined the faint nub of her clitoris. The sheer silk fabric now embraced Rachel’s folds even more closely.” With a sinking heart. we start as you are when you finished your test.

Eager to begin.” Crivelli: “Yes we are in the midst of a driving lesson and if you are a good boy you can be my assistant. “Come sit here on the reclining chair again little missy. towards the gentle rise of her left breast. Joey and I will provide you with some distractions to test your discipline. The chair was equipped with leg rests which popped up as the chair reclined. moving up towards Rachel’s vagina. Fully reclined the huge chair was as big as a single bed.” Joey: “No problem. The first lesson then is how to sit correctly in a car. “Remember Rachel no matter what happens in the next hour. But she almost had a heart attack when she heard Crivelli’s next words.” Both Rachel and Joey thought Crivelli had taken leave of his senses. before settling his nose and mouth directly on the cleft of her armpit.” He sniggered as he raised both her arms above her head. under the scrutiny of two perverts who were roaming every inch of her naked body with their eyes. Rachel was forced to clasp the pizza cover with both arms raised above her head. It was an awkward position. but he continued. Crivelli continued. forget your physical body. tilting the chair into an almost horizontal position. towards her exposed arm-pit. He noticed that as he moved closer to the crack. “No no.” With that. it had a tangy but pleasant after taste. The prickly contact his beard made with the sensitive skin of her under arms raised goose pimples. made bearable only because she could rest her arms on the top of the chair above. Slowly he made his way down again to her bare inner thighs.” Crivelli anxiously moved forward thrusting the old pizza cover again into her hands “Don’t forget your wheel. you must concentrate and ignore the sensation…. Dipping his tongue onto the damp cleft. covering the length of Rachel’s hands with gentle kissed. You have to pay complete attention to the road. This time however there would be no silk barrier standing between his probing nose and tongue. and ignore all else. so we need to start the lesson with the basic fundamentals. there is no such test procedure…. like an obscene giant slug leaving a sticky trail of saliva in its meandering path. “Mmmm. Rachel settled uneasily back into the huge reclining chair. Accidents happen only when people are distracted and become careless. This was the region with the heaviest concentration of scent glands and he could smell the accumulation of her perspiration after a day in the hot confines of his car. I love the way you smell and taste…” he muttered.” Crivelli hushed her: “My methods are unconventional but they yield the desired results. Designating this as explored territory. ignore that itch that needs to be scratched. You must stare right ahead. Crivelli: “You see my child driving requires great discipline. Crivelli’s wandering nose and mouth moved lower down. Crivelli started where he was. Rachel. The prickly ticklish sensation increased in intensity as his slobbering mouth moved slowly like a wet slug. Unable suppress herself. the texture of the skin became warm and moist and he could again feel the heat radiating from the epi-center. Rachel squirmed and almost lowered her arms.Rachel suddenly felt very vulnerable standing in the office totally nude. now be obedient my dear student. 46 .” Crivelli whispered. you must maintain your focus on the road ahead and exercise discipline. you cannot move. He lingered there for long unbearable seconds before moving down the side of her body. resting them on the head of the chair.” Unsure of what exactly the old pervert had in mind. kissing the soft white flesh and running his wet warm tongue along the length of her leg. he pulled the lever at the side of the huge chair. I can be your assistant. lets get the lesson started.” Rachel: “This is ridiculous.” Crivelli: “Well Rachel here just failed her first mock driving test.

The sensation was unbearable as Rachel shook her head. you taste even better then you smell down here. “No.” Crivelli smiled as he continued to probe the moist opening. Slowly Crivelli also inserted an index finger into the small pink opening. She looked at the clock and saw that she still had to endure 40 minutes of this torment before the session was over. After long minutes Crivelli extracted his index fingers from her moist interior. fingers and mouths moving all over her body. you can have her top for now. Rachel cursed 47 . still massaging her clitoris with his thumb. especially with the silk panties gone. It was a highly ticklish sensation which increased in intensity as his tongue wondered closer and closer to her moist opening.” And he moved on to explore every nook and cranny of her upper torso with his hands and mouth. “Ahhh. not there please…” she muttered weakly. burying his nose. till now had been a speechless spectator “come on Joey. Her body stiffened as Crivelli replaced his tongue with his thumb. The long seconds seemed to stretch into minutes as the old pervert took his time to run his nose and mouth along her sensitive inner-thighs. Rachel had not had penetrative sex for well over a year and the penetration even by Crivelli’s relatively small index finger was painful to her. Crivelli: “Now you little bitch I am going to eat you till you come again and again and beg me not to stop.” Snapping out of his spectator mode. now lets can find the accelerator and take this little hot-rod to the limit. Squeezing her eyes shut she concentrated only on maintain a tight grip of the pizza box over her head. Pushing his tongue now deep into her vagina. mouth and tongue between her legs like a thirsty man. lets turn this icemaiden into a molten heap of lava. trying to close out the urgent hungry need that was fast building within her. moving it in a circular motion over her clitoris again and again. but was quickly filled with apprehension as his nose neared the dewy opening between her legs.” He said after he inserted the finger into his mouth. he had both nipples at full erection and laughed: “Ahhh a woman’s body is just like the internal combustion system of a car. fanning the increasing flames that were building within her loins. forcing her reluctant body to search for the ultimate release. it seemed that all her senses were heightened in her state of arousal. lets speed-up the process…” He beckoned to Joey who. Quickly he inserted two fingers back into her moist interior. Rachel tried to suppress the hunger that was present but had remained relatively dormant throughout her encounter. The hunger between her loins increased like an internal flame spreading swiftly and consuming her from within. teasing it to full erection. Joey needed no second invitation and immediately took hole of Rachel’s right nipple with his mouth sucking on it like a man possessed as fondled her left breast and teased her left nipple with his free hand. He detected the first unmistakable signs of her arousal when a tangy pleasant taste filled his mouth. “Yum. Rachel could feel her unwilling body being coaxed into further arousal. you just need to find the ignition to get her going. mouth and tongue. She breathed a sign of relief when Crivelli moved away from her mouth. Rachel’s defenses were fast crumbling from the simultaneous assault of both Crivelli and Joey. only sweeter. Rachel. the ice-princess is slowly melting. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt his mouth settling on the outer lips of her vagina. With every tickle of Crivelli’s insistent fingers.Rachel’s heart was in her mouth as she resisted the impulse to squirm out of the chair and push his head away. which only encouraged him further. so closing her eyes did not help much as she could feel hands. She cursed her body. tastes just like honey..” The small flame that was already awake deep within her loins were slowly fanned by Crivelli’s encouraging nose. it was wet and coated with her liquid arousal “Mmmmm. She flinched involuntarily as Crivelli’s probing tongue found the sensitive nub of her clitoris and made first contact with it. After a few minutes. relentlessly coaxing the sensitive nub. Crivelli attempted to cover her opening with his mouth. But the initial pain soon gave way to a moist wet heat. hope to it. Again and again the snaking tongue lashed at her clitoris.

She tried to hide the raging inferno within her by presenting her body as a cold unresponsive slab of ice to her tormentors. Joey bit down savagely on her fully erect nipple. biting her lips she tried to shut out the raging fire within her but it was to no avail. Rachel prayed for the end to come swiftly. Rachel recognized the first tell tale signs of an approaching orgasm. he clamped his entire mouth onto the quivering small nub. Her ivory white skin felt hot and feverish to the touch and was moist with her perspiration. But her rebellious body again betrayed her to Crivelli’s wondering fingers which were exploring her warm moist interior. just waiting to be eaten…” and he moved his warm wet mouth to Rachel’s left breast and nipple. hoping they would give-up. It would have been easier if she had been tied down. Caught between Crivelli’s talented tongue and his teasing index fingers. Not content to just taste her tit. The worst part of the ordeal was that she had to mentally focus on keeping her hands above her. Already she could feel the small tremors of the approaching orgasm and knew that the battle was over. “Naaah. She knew that if she tittered over the outer edges. look at the way her little pink nubs are jutting out. Crivelli pushed his index fingers up her arsehole. Suddenly. fanning the flames within her. but the hunger was all consuming as it continue to intensify with no end in sight. Crivelli smiled as his probing fingers detected increased wetness in Rachel’s vagina: “I think I found the accelerator for this little hot-rod. As it was. Rachel cried out in frustration as Crivelli’s insistent mouth and tongue brought her over the crest. The 48 . Not to be outdone. Her body was hovering on the outer edges of a huge vortex and the tickle of every tongue and finger under Crivelli’s and Joey’s combined coaxing. he buried his tongue once again between her legs. clamping onto it like a vacuum cleaner. tickling the tight opening before venturing into the tight orifice. Rachel was already on the brink of orgasm when the sharp biting pain on her nipple from Joey’s teeth sent her into a sexual frenzy. both of them redoubled their efforts. Joey countered. you found the stick shift. licking and sucking it. teasing the small nub into a fevered state of arousal until it was fully engorge with blood and had expanded several times in size. seizing hold of the sensitive small nub between his teeth and clamping down painfully on it. Both of them felt another shudder running through her body. Realizing that Rachel was about to come. encouraging both her tormentors to intensify their assault. sticking the warm wet organ as far into the small pink orifice as possible. Her fast diminishing physical resources were divided between fending off Crivelli and Joey. there would be no way she could fight the immense forces that would suck her into the epi-center. She was now caught in the huge whirl pool of the immense vortex and was quickly sucked towards the bottomless black hole at its center. Both Crivelli and Joey could feel the sexual tension which was building up within Rachel. Seizing on the moment. nudged her closer to the black hole at the center of the vortex. she flinched and cried out in shock. as well as fighting the natural urge within her to bring her arms down to fend off her predators. As her last defenses crumbled. Together they would merge into a huge with only one possible explosive end. Rachel failed to suppress another shudder which ran through her body. the accelerator is way up here.her body for its weakness. she had to keep both arms raised above her voluntarily. Her breathing was rapid and a flushed look replaced her usually white complexion. The coppery taste of blood filled his mouth and he kept a grip on the nipple. A shudder ran through her as she felt Joeys moist tongue circling her right nipple again. She opened her legs pushing his mouth deeper into her crack searching for the blissful release that remained tauntingly just beyond reach. The pain caught Rachel completely by surprise. and I am going to floor the pedal and burn rubber…” With that. Slowly but surely the liquid fire within her loins spread and connected with the other small fires that were being fanned through out her body. Again and again Crivelli continued the sweet torment on her clitoris and vagina.

He could feel the contractions in Rachels’ pussy that signaled her orgasm. no need to worry.” In dismay Rachel noticed that her hands had dropped to her side and the pizza cover was lying on the floor. petal like lips of her vagina appeared to open and close on their own. he could feel the rest of her body going rigid as it was seized in a series of convulsions. With Crivelli’s tongue drilling into her and Joey’s mouth fastened on her tit. Her body convulsed as if it was seized by a billion bolts of electricity. Rolling waves of red-hot rapture spread rapidly from her loins to every part of her.” Rachel managed to croak. She was rudely awakened by Crivelli: “Well well Rachel it seems in your moment of final passion. Rachel was too tired at this point to argue and decided to deal with this new issue as and when it arose. Even with his head buried deep between her soft fragrant thighs. With a final convulsive shudder. eager to tease her sexual frenzy into an even more fevered state of arousal. She was totally bathed in sweat and felt numb all over. For a wonderful moment of eternity she was filled with ecstasy and time stood still as each tickle of Crivelli’s tongue brought her to the crest of an ever higher orgasmic wave. Crivelli : “Of cause. Thoroughly drained by the intense session of extended combined assault finally triggered the huge orgasm within her. “Noooooo…” Rachel cried out in desperation as the sheer intensity of the orgasm consumed her completely. Small rivulets of blood trailed slowly from the tips of both breasts down her sweat slick body. and hot sucking mouth pushed Rachel over the brink. Rachel slowly felt her body floating gently back to earth. Suddenly she realized through her fevered mind that the first wave of pleasure was replaced by a second even more intense wave. Crivelli and Joey were merciless and gave her no respite. Crivelli inserted a second finger painfully into her annus. as the first wave of the orgasm took hold.” “Why thank you Mr Crivelli. there will be further impromptu tests in your daily lessons. your hands have left the steering wheel. All rational thought left her as she succumbed to her need for release. -THE END- 49 . He paused for awhile and watched in morbid fascination as the pink. Joey moved his mouth from the bloody tip of her right nipple and now bit down savagely on her erect left nipple. At long last. Rachel found the final release to her marathon of multiple orgasms. Rachel reached the precipice of passion. Crivelli’s pistoning tongue. since we have made exceptions in your case to allow you to proceed with lessons even when you failed the final initiation. He could already feel the strong contraction of Rachel’s vagina as she was caught in the throes of the immense orgasm. On and on they teased her until she felt her body could take no more.” He smiled. In no time. you performed admirably throughout your tests and Joey and I have decided you can start proper lessons as soon as you wish. They appeared to beckon to him and heeding their call he dived into her moist wet folds again. with her sweat slick body totally exhausted. Noting the dismay on her face Crivelli continued: “Now now my dear. she felt like her vagina was turning itself inside out as several jets of clear fluid squirted from her gasping pussy. and her back arched in spasm lifting her upper torso off the chair. For Rachel the orgasm seemed to stretch on for eternity as her body failed to find the blissful end of the gigantic wave of pleasure.

Finally. fax numbers etc. Rachel Greene was damaged goods and had lost her public appeal.Nightmare Creatures Chapter 1:The Discreet Assignment. Rachel suspected nothing unusual when she walked into the deserted studio. Only six months ago. He had taken no pains to hide his sexual fascination with her and she had to endure the endless hours of torment and torture during his photo shoots. She was in demand and her modeling career was right on track But all that came crashing down when she received her first photo shoot assignment with Massimo Milano. The crunch came 3 months ago when she responded to a last minute assignment by the agency for a swimwear shoot. Low on cash and desperate for an assignment. Rachel had at first welcomed the chance to shoot with this well know Italian photographer. but the photographer behind the face and body who could make or break a promising talent. they even fooled playboy and penthouse who vouched for the authenticity of the pictures. Perspective models e-mailed their portfolios and resumes to an internet web page together with their contact details. The next thing she knew. But had managed always to tacitly evade his lewd advances. Rachel Greene had been gracing the covers of some of the world’s most illustrious fashion magazines. She was advised by her friend Monica that this was a usual seedy trademark of the high fashion industry. It did not matter that the pictures were false. She simply could not. The contracts were swiftly cancelled as prestigious brands and fashion houses tossed her like a used rag doll. she simply walked out of the studio ignoring his threats and vulgarities. Oh how she hated the Internet. But she recognized his handy work. had this pretty brunette already close to USD20 million of contracts under her belt. this new means of modern technology that allowed information to spread swiftly across the masses. the agency prided itself on its discreteness. However her suspicions were immediately raised when she found herself alone with Massimo. But she had not heeded Monica’s advise. There was no actual business address. Monica referred her to a secluded modeling agency known simply as “Cleo’s”. Rachel suspected that quite a few girls in the industry had become victims of this perverted monster. But things started going wrong when she refused the repeated advances of Massimo. She made a report to the authorities but they were never able to trace the actual origin of the pictures. It was not the face that launched careers. 50 . She soon found out that the agency itself was a front and only maintained a surreal existence on the internet. It was the agency who short listed the models and initiated first contact. She refused to change into the very skimpy G-String type bikinis and declined the cocktails he offered her. These were not the product of amateurs photographers. wanting to distance their immaculate brand names from her soiled public image. In fact. nude and pornographic pictures of her were flooding the websites. the very sight of the fat balding middleaged Italian filled her with disgust and revulsion. phone lines. Barely 24 years of age. whose name was associated with some of the biggest cat walk models and fashion houses this side of Manhattan.

Without the models. Monica has told me a lot about you and that is why we are having this call tonight. Your birth cert says you turn 24 this February and already I have seen your face on so many covers. We can restart your career. Its no wonder that the public adores you so.” Rachel: “So she has accepted only modeling assignments? And not the more er…discreet jobs?” Madame Tussard: “Well let me start from the beginning and tell you how we run Cleo’s. the phone rang shrilly. she has lovely blonde hair and ocean blue eyes and appeals naturally to the camera. you have seen my portfolio and resume…. We help less fortunate young ladies like yourself who were exploited by the industry.” Madame Tussard: “Yes we have and we are very impressed. to let you know a little more about Cleo’s and its operations. And Cleo’s was no ordinary escort agency either. who basically ran Cleo’s. Rachel’s heart sank when she heard this but Monica assured her that Cleo’s looked after all of their models. still having reservations about this agency. but as you probably also no. You are very young. there is no Cleo’s!!” she laughed easily. I hear she accepts contracts from your agency. She would speak with Madame Tussard.” Madame Tussard: “My. but don’t worry. Small wonder that discretion and anonymity were the order of the day. you do sound tense tonight Rachel. And now she sat anxiously as she waited to receive the impending phone call. Finally she snatched the cradle up and answered the phone breathlessly. And you have the perfect model’s figure. Cleo’s is first and foremost a modeling agency.” Rachel: “Yes this is her. so you have spoken to Monica already. and the public has a very short memory. Additional to the usual modeling contracts. Rachel’s heart pounded as she allowed the phone to rang for long seconds. er I mean me…I am Rachel Greene. is this Rachel Greene. 5’4 tall. But Monica told her the reason behind this cloak of secrecy. This agency catered to royalty. Monica is one of our more popular young ladies.” Madame Tussard’s tone was encouraging: “That’s a minor set-back. The girls are young and beautiful and we look after them very well as they are our prized assets. 100lbs and a very supple and delicate 33C-24-34. it Madam Tussard here. this is what Cleo’s specializes in. many of whom were top models like herself who have wondered off the wayward path. back on their feet. Celebes and the filthy rich.” 51 . Cleo’s also doubled as an escort agency. As if reading her mind. there was that ugly internet scandal……I have not been given another lucrative assignments since. Seeing her hesitation Monica had prompted that she accepts the agency’s invitation for a phone interview. with almond brown eyes and ivory white skin. Monica herself confessed that she had accepted several well paid assignments and found the experience quite enjoyable. It maintained an exclusive clientele which would forever be beyond the reach of the average man on the street. jolting her out of her reverie. long luscious black hair. Rachel: “Well that’s very re-assuring to know and I am ready and willing to accept modeling assignments. Rachel: “Hello” A soft spoken soothing feminine voice greeted her on the phone: “Why hello. Our models are featured in glamour magazines.” Madame Tussard: “Yes.” Rachel: “Oh.” Rachel: “Yes..This arrangement seemed highly unusual to Rachel as she had thought that any aspiring modeling agency would be hungry for publicity.

drivers. people whose names and faces appear in Forbes and Fortune magazine. Although we run an agency and have contracts with fashion houses. They want cover girls and top models at their back and call. the CEOs of huge companies.” Rachel’s heart sank as she realized the implications of Madame Tussard’s words. desires that they need fulfilled.Rachel took heart and she felt herself more at ease with Madame Tussard: “Oh that’s so good to hear. but we still have to pay our photographers. but because we have to cover our costs.” Madame Tussard’s voice softened: “Not true.” Rachel was confused: “Er do you mean they finance and sponsor the agency’s operations?” Madame Tussard thought for awhile: “ That’s one way to see things. and of cause discretion is the order of the day. just selling sex to the rich. Rachel: “How many “Discreet Assignments” a month precisely” Madame Tussard: “That depends on the revenue generated on each assignment. you need to also fulfill a minimum quota of “Discreet Assignments” every month before we can refer you to the fashion houses. They have an image to maintain and they also have their personal needs.” Rachel: “Yes I can start tonight. Cleo’s plays the very delicate and vital role of maintaining the balance between these two needs. but before that I must brief you on the other services that Cleo’s offers. oil tycoons. These are not the fashion houses and tabloid magazines I refer to. These are the top celebrities. even if you are a minister or oil tycoon. tell me more. We try to minimize on rental and office space and studios by maintaining only a surreal existence on the internet. Our models take home 80% of our revenue. “So you are nothing more than an escort agency. ministers.” 52 . The rich and famous are constantly at the mercy of the press. our models. You can even start tonight if you are up to it. Cleo’s offers a cheap alternative in these tough economic times to the budget conscious designer who still requires a top model to launch his products. which quite often conflict with their public image.” Madame Tussard’s voice took a harder edge: “Even the filthy rich have their human needs. we cannot survive on this seasonal revenue alone.” Rachel: “I still don’t get it.” Madame Tussard continued: “But we need to cover our costs. The fashion houses continue to use our models because Cleo’s waives its agency fees. writers and most importantly of all. so when can I begin my first assignment. what’s so bad about financing a modeling agency. So you my dear would take home most of the revenue. Which also depends on the er “services rendered” in each Discreet Assignment. royalty. We do not charge the fashion house or the model. so the usual whore houses or escort agencies will not appeal to them.” Rachel was still confused: “I am sorry. It’s a win win situation for you. As money is no object they want only the best. and they are worth every penny. their sexual fantasies.” There was a pause before Madame Tussard answered: “That’s really up to you.” Madame Tussard: “One reason Cleo’s has been so successful over the years is the contacts we maintain with our exclusive clientele. We are a bona-fide modeling agency.” Rachel knew by now what Madame Tussard meant by “Discreet Assignments”. but the harsh reality of corporate finance also sinks in. will I get a proper modeling assignment or not?” Madame Tussard: “You will get a proper modeling.

That is an open question. ok. Imagine getting paid 1-2k to have a passionate evening with Tom Cruise. you get this fee for merely showing up. what would my agency fees be? I know it differs from assignment to assignment but on average I can expect at least 5-10 grand an assignment. The model decides how far she wants to carry through her assignments.” Madame Tussard: “In short yes. Who knows you may meet a Bradd Pitt or Tom Cruise……. between 1-2k a night.” Madame Tussard: “I’ll try. Now we ask. when you put it like this. its hard to say no.” Rachel: “Yes. Most of our Discreet Assignments are actually quite pleasant. Its not nice to disappoint them. I will have difficulty recommending you even for Discreet Assignments. Many of these high flyers are on stop-over flights between international destinations. The model decides how the evening progresses. So that’s the opportunity cost for the agency. how many Discreet Assignments do you need to complete before you can meet our minimum cost base of say 5k per month. let alone modeling jobs. So use that as a last option. can you be more precise.” Rachel: “Why? Don’t I receive a fix remuneration for each Discreet Assignment.” Madame Tussard: “Not true. its tantamount to prostitution. They only have a few short hours to fulfill their Discreet Assignments. you can just collect your Attendance Fee and leave after the preliminary social obligations.” Madame Tussard pushed on: “Then accept a Discreet Assignment Rachel. I can just leave.” Rachel: “That means I can turn-up. Of cause sex is a real possibility. And if you do change your mind.” Rachel: “200 bucks!!! It will take me forever to work that off!!!” Madame Tussard: “This is only the Attendance Fee. since you put it that way.” Rachel remained silent as she contemplated her options. Lets say we were a full time modeling agency and I were to refer a top model like you to a fashion house. you will receive a basic Attendance Fee of 200 bucks. you decide whether to proceed. That means that you need only do 2-3 Discreet Assignments a month to meet your monthly quota. Some may just want the company of a beautiful young lady.Rachel: “Well that’s still very vague.and the pay-outs for full services are handsome. which is one side of the equation. Sensing her reservations Madame Tussard continued: “I think you are viewing this in a negative manner. This is also for the welfare of the model. For each Discreet Assignment.” Madame Tussard: “Yes and no. and it may turn out to be quite a pleasant experience after all. And even if there is sex. But Cleo’s prides itself on meeting and satisfying our exclusive clientele. look at the client and if I do not like him. Do remember that you will be meeting the crème de le crème of society and not the usual riff raffs.” 53 . but it may or may not be on the agenda of our clients. All Discreet Assignments are voluntary. But will I have a male escort just in case the client becomes difficult. but this is so cheap. Word also does get around amongst the clients and if you have too many refusals.” Rachel: “Well. Once the quota is met we can refer you to any number of modeling jobs. say yes! The bottom line is that you have nothing to lose. life can’t get any better Rachel!!!” Rachel: “Well.

” Madame Tussard: “That’s not advisable. to turn her nose in the air and reject the great Massimo Milano. We do not run a cheap fuck-shop so to speak. And if you do not like him. Just when he thought he saw the last of her. Please leave your mobile on. you can pull out after the obligatory cocktails. He was the genius who launched thousands of careers on international cat-walks. No one except Rachel Greene. just to have drinks and cocktail and nothing more. fate lent him a hand and delivered her back into his clutches. You will only know who the client is when you meet him in person. ok. I will call you within the hour to confirm the assignment for tonight. Seep a cocktail. You can even think of it as a first date!” Rachel: “Ok. that is most re-assuring. these are social formalities. I suppose I can do that tonight. so too do we protect the reputation of our clients. The Limo will pick you up from home and will wait for you at the client’s location. and had bedded the most beautiful women in the world. Ben. make small talk. who is this client?” Madame Tussard: “Sorry that’s privileged information. Until this day. Just play along with the game and cross the bridge when you come to it. The usual protocol is to have 5-10 minutes of social interaction with the client. You will have a direct line in to the driver. life was good at Cleo’s and it would be doubly sweet victory if he could get his clutches again onto Rachel Greene. Not his clientele and definitely not the models in Cleo’s employ. so where do we go from here?” Madame Tussard: “You mentioned you could start this evening. The client knows the agency policy and that the model can walk anytime she wants to. but I am just having cocktails this evening…” Madame Tussard: “As you please Rachel.. who will come to your aid in the very unlikely event things get out of hand.” Rachel: “Well. The stunning brunette had proven to be a source of sexual frustration for him and he was still salvaging his badly bruised ego after her repeated rejections of his advances. No one had the audacity to say no to him.” Rachel: “Well. He is a regular and a perfect gentlemen. Just as the agency protects its models. no one knew that he was actually the real person behind the sweet soothing voice of Madame Tussard. Who the hell did she think she was.” Rachel: “Obligatory cocktails?” Madame Tussard: “Yes Rachel. I have a very exclusive client flying through Manhattan. that’s agency policy to ensure the safety of our models. He won’t even want to meet you. Please alert your client to this. Business had been brisk at Cleo’s and he had been busy playing the role of Madame Tussard as liaison between his clients and the models. ok.Madame Tussard: “Of cause. this also gives both of you a chance to get to know each other better. 54 .” Rachel: “yes. I can start by sending him your portfolio and pictures to see if he is interested in meeting up with you this evening. its like throwing a bucket of ice-water onto the client. Good bye for now” -----Scene Shift To Madame Tussard’s sleazy studio-----------------------------------------Chapter 2 The Set-Up Massimo Milano smiled eagerly to himself as he carefully removed the voice-encoder from the mouth piece of his phone. Yes.

abuse and discard. He was about to give-up when his eyes caught the initials of Professor Moriarty at the bottom of the page. Moving further down the list Massimo also skipped Sam Smith who had a morbid fascination with necrophilia. No. She would take flight immediately at the first sight of him and he would have lost a golden opportunity forever. the last assignment with Mr Marx involved the authorities and no end of paper work to cover up the mess. Massimo signed in frustration. but he also saw her as a potential financial investment which he would use. the fake nude pictures only served to fan the burning lust within him and his craving for this sweet dessert that was always just beyond his reach. but not for her first initiation. And of cause. Mr Salim was into bestiality. ----------------------Scene Switch to Professor Moriarty’s secluded castle-------------------Chapter 3: The Professor & His Pets 55 . destructive acts which would physically and permanently damage his prized product. If anything. this would be a fitting Discreet Assignment for Rachel Greene. determined to find a fate worst then death for the very source of his unfulfilled lust. she thought she was too good for him did she? He wanted to see the arrogant ice princess humiliated and reduced to a whimpering mass of jello. These were usually the clients that had such unusual and perverse fetishes that even he found it difficult to conduct business with. But he also knew that he could not recommend Rachel to himself. He knew he already had part of her trust and must take advantage of this existing leverage to consolidate his position. this required some strategy and manipulation which could only be achieved through his guise as Madame Tussard. A fiendish smile flooded his face as he nodded to himself. She must feel the unfulfilled hunger that haunted him. Placing the voice encoder back on the phone mouth-piece. Virtually all the blacklisted clients were fascinated with violent. He was very wealthy and owned a secluded stable with horses. This particular gentleman got his kicks in grave yards and expected the models to engage in various unmentionable acts with cadavers. Perhaps he would save this for her final assignment. he proceeded to dial the numbers which would seal Rachel’s fate. it would be the piece de resistance if he could finally personally consummate his desire. pigs and dogs. he wanted her to suffer and experience the same burning lust and desire that had consumed him these past few months. Massimo wet his lips in morbid anticipation as he pictured Rachel nude and filthy. She became a defective product. yes. The last model he referred there was physically scarred and underwent several weeks of extensive reconstructive surgery to her reproductive organs. down on all fours and mounted from the rear by a huge sheep dog. So. a non-performing asset. What would be a fitting assignment for Ms Greene? This will be fun. How about Mr Marx who was into snuff? No. Which was fine with Massimo. But It did not satiate his growing hunger for her. He drummed his fingers absently on the table as he tried to work out a devilishly fitting Discreet Assignment for Rachel. He reached for the black book that contained his black-listed clients. he wanted to teach Rachel Greene a lesson. His fingers came to rest on the initials of Mr Salim. She must be tortured. This was a potential. He derived some satisfaction watching her career crumble over night. The only problem was that Mr Smith would also ritually behead the model and engage in sexual intercourse with the beheaded corpse as a grand finale. No.Circulating the fake pictures of her on the internet was a small consolation. he did not want to lose a prized asset. But he paused in mid-thought. Besides. he could not risk it. he smiled to himself as he flipped through the pages.

who in the world could have told you that?" Moriarty : "You of cause. the modeling agency…. he was a retired social recluse with few relatives and even fewer friends. and he softened his tone. if there is one available. Sex and his work were the be all and end all of his life. who's this. Until the recent incident. Why are you still calling me?" Madame Tussard: "Black list you? Good havens no. much like a cocaine addict was held hostage by the crack dealer. and beautiful. At sixty years of age. She must be young. how may I help you?" Madame Tussard: "Oh Professor Moriarty. He was surprised at first by the foreign sound that flooded his laboratory. What he needed was a good. but as the unfound phone continued to ring persistently. At last he found the phone cord and roughly jerked the receiver from under a pile of books. Perhaps it was a wrong number." Madame Tussard: "You must be mistaken." He said crossly. he rummaged through his work papers and junk to find the receiver simply to end this confounding irritation. "Well I am in need of a model this evening. And he had managed to combine the two in his latest project. Moriarty: "Yes I remember.Professor Moriarty looked up from his work bench." Madame Tussard: "As a matter of fact we have a new model who just joined Cleo's today and I think you will simply adore her. I thought you blacklisted me after the last job. His curiosity took hold as he wondered who could be ringing him. It was only later that he recognized it as the sound of his ringing phone." Moriarty's pulse raced. you are one of our most important clients.wait a minute. at least not until his new project would be completed. But they were expensive and he knew that he was a virtual hostage to their services. Moriarty: "Hello. and stay on the line. and there was none. it is Madame Tussard from Cleo's" He smiled to himself as he finally remembered where he heard the voice from. and there was no substitute for the quality of girls they supplied. He hated to be interrupted in his work. Shall I e-mail her portfolio to you?" Moriarty: "Yes. The call could not have come at a better time when he had just completed his project. is that Professor Moriarty please?" Moriarty was amused that this person knew him enough to greet him by his title. He was greeted by a vaguely familiar feminine voice: "Good evening. all else was immaterial. he knew his limited savings (substantive though they were). its so nice to hear your voice again. he had always enjoyed the services rendered by Cleo's. "Yes. trying to find the ringing phone beneath the scattered pile of paper and printed circuit boards. use the old e-mail address. could not sustain his insatiable hunger and appetite indefinitely." 56 . The agency supplied him with a steady stream of beautiful young models to satiate his constant and growing need for sex. cheap substitute. He had tried been severely disappointed when he tried the much cheaper escort services who supplied him with cheap slabs of unpalatable meat. which had not been used for weeks. I'll just hop over to my computer. you have the wrong number. preferably brunette. But the problem was that having retired from the academic world without a steady pay-cheque. Cleo's was the best. Anyway I called in to see how you are and whether you are still in need of our services.

In short you will have Rachel all to yourself to do with as you please. you can have her all to yourself with no strings attached. his pets." Moriarty: "You mean you are finally willing to dispense with those confounded agency rules? Great. got it?" Moriarty squinted through his thick glasses as he clicked on the portfolio and flipped through the photos: "Mmmmm yes. The client simply adores you and cannot wait to meet up with you tonight. Moriarty made his way down to the bowels of the castle. I have marvelous news." 57 .” He promised as he shut the window. she will do deliciously. they were his creation and they had been alone for so long. it seemed barely 5 minutes ago that she had ended her first phone call with Madame Tussard. at last he could turn his fantasies into reality. Finally they would have some company. Yes. There was only one way to find out and she anxiously lifted the phone from its cradle. they could smell and sense his approach. bona petit." As he hung up.” He opened a window in the huge oak door and tossed the carcasses of several pigs and chickens into the pit." Rachel: "Tonight. It was too dark in the pit for him to see. The putrid stench of death and decay filled the air but Moriarty did not notice. that can be arranged. you are hungry. He could hardly wait for the evening to begin. you will have something alive and much tastier. Madame Tussard: "Rachel! Its me again. as a gesture of goodwill and to make up for our embarrassing error we can also waive the usual agency policies for this assignment. I want exclusivity over this one" Madame Tussard: "You know Professor Moriarty. at the usual fee." Moriarty: "Ok send her over. make sure she is not late. Already he could hear the scratching and clawing of eager hands behind the huge oak door. The agency Limo will leave immediately after dropping her off. how much?" Madame Tussard: "For an additional 2k. and her agency mobile will be inconveniently low on batteries.” ----------------------Scene Switch back to Rachel's Apartment----------------------------------Chapter 4: The Pick-up The shrill ringing of the phone startled Rachel. Could it be Madame Tussard already. and it was also feeding time for his pets. “Slowly my pets. Can she be here this evening by 9PM?" Madame Tussard: "Yes. “Tonight. There was much to be done in preparation for tonight.Madame Tussard: "The file should be coming through now. How could they have confirmed her assignment in such a short period. oh that’s very short notice. he had long since grown accustomed to this environment. but all at once he could hear the scampering of feet and the crunching or bones as the unholy creatures within ate their fill. He had to run some final tests on the simulator. at an additional fee of cause. We will leave it to you to entertain her with your usual assortment of cocktails. Moriarty: "Excellent." Moriarty licked his lips in anticipation. As he neared their sleeping quarters.

The religious ethical side of her balked at the notion of even considering a Discreet Assignment. Here she was. Please do take effort to make a good first impression. Ben will be over to pick you up at 7. just call Ben on the department mobile and he will be waiting outside ready to pick you up. ok. Six months ago she would not even have given an agency like Cleo's a second glance. It was a stroke of luck that she had the exact dress that Madame Tussard had requested her to put on. let alone consider accepting Discreet Assignments. However there was a darker more adventurous side of her that found this arrangement strangely exciting. Closing her eyes.Madame Tussard: "Well you did indicate you were available for Discreet Assignment tonight. I will just make a casual short meeting with your client. selling one' self and body for sex." Rachel: "Don’t worry. And you should really be flattered that you are in such high demand. But beggars can't be choosers. she allowed her face to slide below the surface of the warm water. She realized she had dosed off in the fragrant water for over an hour. Rachel realized that she was beseeched by conflicting values and emotions.00PM now so you have 2 hours to make yourself presentable. She knew that she was still a head turner but the past few months had shattered her selfconfidence as she was greeted by rejections from all the major tabloid magazines and fashion houses. She felt a tad nervous and soaking in the scented water for an hour would help to calm her nerves and clear her mind." Rachel: "Ok. flawless white skin and firm supple breasts. Adding a liberal dose of scented oil and bath salts to the bubble bath. I can assure you that this is a very wealthy and respectable client and it would be a very lucrative first assignment for you. Its only around 5. She blew gentle at the bubbles that had congregated around her sensitive rosebud tipped nipples and was amused to note that they were already semi-erect.00PM then." Madame Tussard : "Good. And it angered her that she was now reduced to this desperate measure. Its my first assignment and I prefer to get to know the client a little better first before we proceed further into any business relationship. Wrapping a towel around her she reached for the hair-dryer and proceeded to blowdry her long luscious hair. by all means stay just for the obligatory 1st cocktail. This was basically a more refined high-end version of prostitution. Things could hardly have gotten off to a better start for you. Quickly she hurried to the bath room to prepare a fragrant hot bubble bath. that sounds fine to me. make some pleasant conversation. I'll see Ben at 7. remaining submerged for long seconds before surfacing." Rachel: "Well. And no one knows how the evening would unfold or what course events would take. you are most fortunate. talk about the weather and then if you are not impressed.20PM and she hurriedly showered and toweled herself dry." Madame Tussard: "Yes. it was already 6." As Rachel hung up she could not help but feel that events were developing faster than she liked.00PM sharp. The loud buzz of the alarm clock woke her. I would recommend a black formal evening dress that accentuates your lithe figure and shows off a bare back and supple shoulders. she sank gratefully into the comforting embrace of the warm scented waters and immediately felt more relaxed. sensual and even erotic. 58 . she stopped to admire her long lithe figure. The black sleeveless dress was simple but very elegant with a low cut back which left her shoulders bare. Stealing a quick glance at the clock. about to be whisked off in a Limo to meet an unknown man who found her attractive. I know how to look my best and I have a dress that meets your requirements. Stepping out of her clothes.

” Rachel slipped the mobile into her purse. Already she regretted taking the Discreet Assignment. I’ll turn on some soft music for you.” The car started and they drove in silence for awhile before Ben spoke again.” Rachel: “Thank you.” Ben: “Oh Yes.” Ben: “Word in the industry is that she is a retired model who had good connections and started the agency with some of her savings. But you will find out anyhow. this Madame Tussard?” Ben laughed: “Wow you really are new here. Ben: “Madame Tussard would have given you the introductory lecture on the agency’s policies and client confidentiality. Taking a deep breath she took one last approving glance of herself in the full length mirror before grabbing her small purse and stepping out of the apartment into the warm summer night.” Rachel: “So you really don’t know anything about her at all then.” Rachel: “Oh.” Rachel: “Yes she did. where’s our destination for tonight?” Ben: “Sorry. I have been working here for three years and have never even caught a glimpse of her.It had long splits on either sides which allowed the casual observer a tempting glimpse of her supple legs. She elected to wear sheer white lacy silk bra and panties which hugged her contours like a second skin. She spotted Ben the chauffeur immediately and took comfort in the fact that he was tall and broad. agency rules. No one has laid eyes on her yet. “Wow. you can use this to call me when its time to pick you up. seems like there are lots of things I am not allowed to know. She elected not to wear any perfume as the dress was a gift from a famous Italian designer and he had warned her that the reach silk fabric did not agree with toxic chemicals.” Rachel: I suppose that is believable enough. She noticed that they had slipped onto an expressway and were rapidly headed away from time. feeling slightly more secure. The loud blare of a car signaled the arrival of the agency Limo and Ben. It will be a long ride though. it was really not worth the time and effort.” Rachel mentally noted that it would be four hours back and forth. she is the final enigma. If you think the agency is shrouded in secrets. giving her the usual once over and commenting . He smiled briefly at her. Thankfully she also did not need much make-up. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. even to me and I have seen quite afew models in my line. what’s she like. before I forget. that’s classified information. or is that classified also?” Ben: “I reckon we should be there in under two hours. Rachel : “Just how long do we go before we reach the client’s place. you look stunning. If she collected only the Attendance Fee. minimum. save for some lip-gloss and a slight touch of mascara. there is an agency mobile next to you in the back seat. 59 . This was because she knew the black silk dress also hugged her body and accentuated every curve of her figure.

” Ben nodded back to Moriarty: “Yes. Rachel: “The client certainly stays in a very remote area.” Professor Moriarty: “Yes.” Rachel asked worriedly: “What changes. may I present to you Miss Rachel Green. Moriarty said: “Well. Ben can see himself out and you can follow me to the bar so I can toss up something 60 . She noticed they were driving up a small hill. The Limo left the small road and slipped onto a dirt track. Don’t worry. She could feel his eyes on her as he quickly scanned her body and face.As the minutes dragged on. Ben broke the silence: “Wake up sleeping beauty.” She expected to see an immense estate. in fact that’s the change. Her heart was thumping as she looked for a button for the door bell. These appeared to open automatically and an ancient castle sprang into view. I have been briefed. Rachel had time to study the external façade of the building. don’t worry. it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Rachel. she noted that they were making their way towards the secluded. muttering “lovely. Only the powerful headlights of the car cut through the wall of darkness like a knife through butter. you are too kind. this is quite usual for the wealthy. walking hesitantly towards the imposing huge oak doors. Rachel was having second thoughts about the assignment. Dense forest surrounded them on either sides and it was pitch black outside. many of the rich and famous do. her eyes fell upon a fragile looking elderly gentleman in his sixties. we should be there in 5 minutes. Madame Tussard has told me much about you and I can see you are even more beautiful in person.” On and on they drove. there are some er minor changes to the usual terms.” Turning to Ben.” Uncertain of how to respond Rachel merely said. Madame Tussard did tell you that I was only here for a purely social visit and the obligatory cocktail?” Moriarty: “Obligatory cocktail? Yes she did mention that. you have received latest instructions did you not. She gingerly stepped out of the car. outskirts of town. very lovely and elegant creature. The builder had taken pains to model it closely with attention to detail.” Ben stepped forward: “Professor Moriarty. When the doors finally creaked open. the Limo had left the major expressway and slipped onto a smaller road leading towards a heavily forested area. Instead. She had been around enough sets to notice that this was a recent but realistic reconstruction of the a real castle in Europe. she fully expected to be greeted by a uniformed butler. so don’t you worry your pretty little head. After what seemed like an eternity. They cherish their privacy and want to be as far away from public eyes as possible. what greeted her was reminiscent of a gothic scene from Bram Stroker’s “Count Dracula”. Most of these places are not even listed on the map to discourage pesky journalists and the press. Chapter 5: Moriarty’s Obligatory Cocktails The Limo finally pulled to a stop outside the main entrance. The Limo pulled up to immense spiked gates which marked the entrance to the estate. “Thank you. the pictures do not do your figure and complexion justice. Ben laughed as he reached above her and pulled a chord which sounded a chime somewhere deep in the bowels of the castle. our latest and most lovely addition to Cleo’s family.” Ben: “Oh yes. As she waited. After an hour. Instead. but she knew it was too late to turn back.

Moriarty conceded and Rachel was relieved when he left her side and shuffled over to the fridge.” Trying to extricate herself Rachel said: “Yes. Shuffling ahead of her. But at least finish your cocktail first. He was apologetic: “I am sorry. the pungent odor of death and decay became stronger as they journeyed deeper into its unholy bowels. putting an arm around her waist: “that’s why I want to get to know you a little better tonight and conduct a little experiment of my own. this is my work area and my work takes up most of my time. It almost resembled an operating table : “Just what kind of work do you do Professor?” Moriarty laughed: “All sorts. its not my forte.” Rachel gingerly took a seat. before my retirement I was engaged to carry out various projects by the government. We can meet up again soon. he could detect her alluring fragrance. He returned shortly with a tall glass of lemonade. Moriarty: “I made this special brew just for you.” 61 .” Rachel was anxious to conclude this assignment fast and resorted to the cocktail: “Well perhaps a little social drinks will help break the ice and loosen your tongue. but not half as fascinating as you my dear” he sat down beside her. As they moved from the deeper into the castle. Rachel could not wait to end this assignment quickly and was grateful when she felt the reassuring bulge of the agency mobile in her purse. This marked her cue to end the assignment after the “Obligatory Cocktail. My two areas of specialties are genetic mutations and artificially enhanced sensory perception. and his fingers savored the feel the soft smooth skin of her bare upper arms : “But conversation is so dull. get to know each other more. They passed through many closed and locked doors and she shuddered as she imagined what lay beyond the silent bolted doors. perhaps I can have a lemonade pls?” Reluctantly.” Moriarty gave her a smile that showed his yellowed uneven teeth: “Actually my tongue is loose enough as it is and I can show it to you. you will be most welcomed here any time. after all it is an Obligatory Cocktail and an agency rule.” Rachel had no idea what this meant but said politely: “how interesting and fascinating. I am sure you will like it” Rachel gratefully accepted the drink. Even from the outside the castle had an evil foreboding look about it.” Rachel: “Thank you Professor.” Moriarty leaned closer. I can understand. At last they arrived at the bottom which opened up into a central area which appeared to be a working laboratory.” He smiled as he led her along a stone stairway that spiraled downwards into what seemed to be a bottomless pit.” Moriarty: “Yes.that will make you feel a lot better. Moriarty hastily cleared some papers from a bench making room for her to take a sit. she was momentarily distracted by what appeared to be a huge table which occupied the center of the lab. So please forgive the untidiness. but I do not feel well.” She had expected Moriarty to object. its been a long day for me so its best that I depart now. but lets talk a little first.” Rachel: “But I am a tad thirsty. but was thankful when he said: “Yes. Rachel could sense an air of unholyness.

” Rachel’s pulse raced as she tried to extricate herself from a hopeless situation: “You gave me some sort of drug that leaves me fully conscious but immobilizes my body. But in the mean time. You are in a lot of trouble when Ben finds out. but her hands and legs stayed dormant and unresponsive. Ben will be down here any second now. This was not part of the assignment. this place will be crawling with cops in no time. let me just alert Ben to pick me up. lets see whether they come at all. we can take advantage of this to get to know each other better my dear. “Drink it all up dearie. he can have afew drinks with us. he placed his left arm around her waist and pulled her towards him. 62 . lets see if your body is as hostile to me as you are. She felt his fingers fumbling for the zip at the back of her gown.” Moriarty responded with an innocent look: “What are you talking about? If I spiked your drink. I have to meet him now at the front door as he is not coming down here. openly grinning. Moriarty watched anxiously as she slowly finished ½ the glass. in fact he told me to hurry up. you know the way to the front door. I think my dear that you really want to stay. As for screaming. Reluctantly she gulped down the rest of the lemonade. it good for young growing bodies like yours.” Reaching for the agency she mobile she dialed for Ben but received a busy tone.” Rachel : “No no. Her anxiety grew as she tried several more times with the same results.” Moriarty gave a casual wave of his arm: “Fine. Rachel tried to getup.” Moriarty gave her an incredulous look: “Did he now. what’s wrong? I though you were going to leave?” Rachel looked up helplessly in silent rage at him: “You bastard. Again she tried to push herself up from the couch. if you want to invite the authorities over. not wishing to alert him to latest developments she quickly answered: “Er nothing. finding it and drawing it slowly down the back of her dress.” Moriarty: “Oh really.She cautiously took a seep of from the glass and found the lemonade to be very delicious. I have no objections. why don’t you call your driver down. If they do not here from me. Rachel desperately cried out: “if you even lay a finger on me I will scream. no one will hear you in this secluded part of the woods” Rachel watched helplessly as Moriarty’s fingers followed the contours of her neck slowly down to her cleavage. The drug had immobilized her body without depriving it of the sense of touch. then you must go. but it seemed her entire body from the neck down was cast in concrete.” Without waiting for her answer. Moriarty sat down beside her again: “Rachel.” He gestured to her.” he urged her on. Until then. just follow the steps up. well I have left the front door unlocked so Ben can get here in his own good time. he has another assignment and must leave immediately. how can you still be fully conscious. Moriarty inquired casually: “What’s wrong dearie?” Rachel did not wish to stay a second longer in this unholy place. “That was very nice indeed.” Moriarty: “Well if you must go. that’s why your body is not listening to you. you spiked the drink. and you know I am supposed to call the agency at the start of every assignment to let them know I am ok. now if you’ll excuse me.

She flinched involuntarily as the warm wet tongue made first contact with her nipple. I don’t feel well at all. and noticed that the drug did not influence her involuntary muscles and functions like her breathing and heart-rate. leaving her with no control of any part of her anatomy from the neck down. Moriarty had a clear unobstructed view of the most intimate parts of her anatomy. Rachel shuddered as she felt the sensitive nipple harden partially under his teasing touch: “Please stop. very nice. She watched helplessly as the right nipple involuntarily became partially erect under his teasing caress. panties and shoes. but they remained flaccidly unresponsive above her head. “Oh how soft. How she wished she could at least bring her arms down to cover her modesty. his right hand found her left breast and proceeded to squeeze the nipple through the silk fabric of her bra. “This couch is too uncomfortable. She knew that the expensive fabric was so sheer that it hardly concealed her nipples.” Moriarty followed the contours of her right breast with his fingers. but the drug had done its job well. “Oh what exquisite perfection. before moving his tongue and mouth to her right breast.” Her body remained limp and powerless as he quickly removed her gown. “Mmmm. so I can see beyond your façade. And my but they are very sensitive to touch too. She watched helplessly as he discarded her bra. licking his lips in hungry anticipation.” Moriarty laughed: “It looks like your body does not quite agree with you Rachel. All she could do was to turn her head and open and close her eyes. She again tried to at least will her body to shy away from him.” Moriarty swiftly lifted her limp and unresponsive body and carried her to the huge operating table. She felt the brush of cool air between her legs exposed as the last piece of garment was removed.” Kneeling in front of her. she preferred to have a unfeeling body. raising both her arms above her head and spreading her legs wide open. Moriarty continued: “You see Rachel. if anything. I can see fine genes has endowed you with perfectly sized champagne shaped breasts. so we won’t be needing those. Moriarty followed her gaze to the leather restraints: “Don’t worry my dear. the drug will remain in your system for another 4 hours. your body reveals your inner most desires to me much like an open book. covering it with wet kisses and moving slowly up the rise before finally settling on her nipple. and so fragrant” he muttered before circling it with his warm wet tongue and drawing it into his mouth.” His hands momentarily left her breasts as he reached behind her to unfasten the hook of her bra. leaving her totally naked in a spread eagled position. He buried his head in her bosoms breathing in her alluring fragrance. moving up to find her nipple. Rachel’s body was totally defenseless as her arms lay flaccidly on her side unable to fend of Moriarty. he gently took hold of it between his long finger nails and squeezed and tickled them through the silk fabric. perfect form and texture” he muttered in a dazed state under his breath. I think you would prefer to be in a fully reclined position.Moriarty’s eyes widened in lust as the dress slipped down her upper torso to reveal Rachel’s perfectly shaped breast barely covered in the sheer silky white bra. 63 . Of cause this did not do her any good. His jaws became slack as he fixed his gaze on her breasts. She flinched as the cold metallic surface of the immense table made contact with her sensitive bare flesh. like a baby’s bottom. On closer inspection. Rachel now noticed that the table was equipped on either sides with leather restraints and shackles. He was surprisingly strong for his age and he gently lay her supple form onto the metallic table.

In no time. he could sense the moist heat that radiated from between her legs. He approached her dormant form again. he delighted in the feel of the soft young skin beneath his touch. She could feel his hands spreading her legs further apart. no blemishes or lines on her body. this smell and taste. flicking at it with his warm wet tongue before encompassing it entirely in his mouth and sucking continuously on it. For Rachel. and he proceeded to pod and explore every nook and cranny of her body unhurriedly. breathing in her musky natural fragrance. moving slowly down to her exposed arm-pit. examining the fine pink delicate crack that was covered by a small turf of fine pubic hair. But what happened next took her by surprise. Mere millimeters away from the small opening he detected the musky sweet odor that was her most intimate scent. please. She was perfection. However in her current immobilized state her body was an unresponsive alien vehicle and holding her prisoner and captive to whatever sensations Moriarty inflicted upon it. She flinched involuntarily when she felt the tip of his tongue tickling the entrance of her vagina. following her elegant feet up her long lithe legs which joined with her small waist and flat stomach. there is none like that of a beautiful young women. Rachel spat back: “You are wrong. I feel nothing but utter disgust and loathing for you. full of sensual promise. He clambered onto the huge table and straddled her sitting on her flat stomach. as his fingers traced a delicate path along her inner thighs. moving upward to explore the inner sides of her raised upper arms. Pausing briefly. “Ahhh Rachel. she was extremely ticklish especially around the armpit. He did not hurry but proceeded at a leisurely pace. taking time again to explore her upper body. traveling up to the delicate shapely curves of her breasts. After what seemed an eternity. so painfully and breath-takingly beautiful. not there please. When he finally released it.Moriarty stood back again to admire her supple delicate form. Moriarty’s mouth moved like a warm wet slug around this region. running his hands up along her slender legs. it appears that despite your oral objections. the skin became more sensitive and moist to the touch as Moriarty’s hands inched slowly towards that most sensitive and intimate area between her legs. further exposing that most intimate part of her. taking in her moist fragrance. I am very sensitive there. Bending forward he began to place wet kisses on her right arm. where her scent glands were concentrated. He lingered briefly just at the dewy entrance. “No. and ordinarily the slightest brush along this region would have her contorting in uncontrollable fits of laughter.” 64 . before burying his nose and mouth directly onto the damp sensitive cleft. she mentally prepared herself for the physical assault that would surely follow. But they moved on above it as Moriarty ignored the sweet nexus for the moment. both nipples were standing fully erect. He laughed in triumph as he proceeded to subject her right nipple to the same treatment. As he neared her entrance. “You see Rachel. he studied this intimate region closely.” “Do you? Lets see if you body feels the same way shall we?” laughed Moriarty as he shifted his weight and moved down below her legs. A shudder ran through her as she felt his roaming fingers traveling up her thighs. it was covered in his saliva and Rachel watched in dismay as the nipple rose to full erection under his insistent mouth. As she sensed his breath caressing her moist entrance. your body has a mind of its own. Moriarty knew he had all the time in the world.” Moriarty laughed. the ticklish sensation was unbearable.” Rachel’s heart was in her mouth as she wondered what he would do next. his roaming mouth returned to her left breast and he again took hold of the sensitive nipple. His fingers trailed up the sides of her slender body to the side of her breast. as he slowly but surely advanced towards her orifice. Moriarty started to kiss the sensitive soft skin her inner thighs.

sucking on it gently like a sweet. a defect of nature. but he did not stop as he continued to suck on the erect small nub. A warm musky wetness invaded his mouth as he tasted the first unmistakable signs of her arousal.” His only answer was to continue his assault. perhaps that may change your mind-set. Moriarty returned to the side of her spent body. Inserting an index finger into her dewy entrance. my creations. Moving his snaking tongue further up her vagina.” He smiled as he moved away from the huge table and touched a lever on the control panel. massaging it within his mouth with his tongue. and grind them gently. A growing hunger consumed her as she fought to resist the sweet torment that Moriarty was inflicting upon her. he finally found the small sensitive nub that was her clitoris and stopped just shot of it.” She answered back weakly. Moriarty paused for awhile and was pleased to observe that under his ministrations. he ran his tongue along the cleft that was damp with her perspiration. A fine sheen of sweat covered her from head to foot. Moriarty could feel Rachel’s body tense as he lingered in this region.” “Fuck-off you pervert. trust me. “So you think I am disgusting do you.” She muttered weakly. “Oh my god.” He laughed softly as he parted her vagina with his fingers and dipped his tongue further into the fine pink opening. Rachel’s body jerked violently and she begged again: “Please. I do not feel well. in spite of all your verbal protests you are still the hostage of your body’s physical desires. Already she could feel the burning fire between her legs spreading swiftly to engulf the rest of her limp but responsive body. all it takes is a talented mouth and tongue to reduce you to a quivering mass of molten lust. how could an old man push her to such explosive results merely with the flick of his tongue. Rachel felt utterly revolted: “You disgust me. This provoked an immediate and violent reaction from Rachel as her body almost jerked off the table. but your body will soon learn to enjoy this sweet torment. again and again his snaking tongue found the sensitive nub. of all places not there. the small nub had expanded filled with blood. and was now fully erect. still powerless. you sick pervert. “Now that was not so bad was it my love?” he crooned almost lovingly. bend with the wind. you are driving me insane. She could not believe what just occurred. Her body floated blissfully beneath her. Rachel could feel a moist heat awakening in her loins as liquid fire consumed her. As the intense orgasm consumed her. pushing her over the edge. Moriarty could feel her body tense again as he rolled the small hard nub between his tongue. This made it easier to seek out and he took the entire nub into his warm wet mouth. “You see. But his only response was to gently take her clitoris between his teeth. not there please. you are a freak. lapping up the tiny beads of sweat and savoring the salty taste. Well let me introduce you to some of my pets.“I know Rachel. Rachel’s anxiety had been growing as she felt his snaking tongue moving upwards towards her clitoris. He could hear the sharp inhalation of her breath. But he turned a deaf ear on her pleas as he fastened his tongue directly onto the sensitive small nub. lowering his face again to her left arm-pit. lashing at it repeatedly. but also spent and drained. please.” As her world stopped spinning. The sensation was unbearable for Rachel as the intense feeling multiplied ten fold. “Please stop. 65 .” Moriarty seemed taken aback when he heard this. Rachel shook her head in denial. you disgust me.” She begged again. he was pleased to note that her vagina was wet and sticky with her liquid excitement. what’s happening to me. Moriarty stopped at last as he felt her body going rigid above him. and her apparent discomfort gave him further encouragement to explore the region. what you are doing…god please stops teasing me. “Why are you fighting your own body’s inner most desires Rachel? Give into it. Rachel curse her body for its weakness.

its head was joined immediately to a thick slug like torso. or even alive and her heart was in her mouth as mortal terror engulfed her. she could only peer anxiously into its dark interior but she was not able to make out any shape immediately.Rachel could feel the table vibrating slightly before the ceiling appeared to slowly rise. ----------------------------------Scene Shift To Dungeon Below------------------------------------Chapter 6: Nightmare Creatures It seemed an eternity before Rachel felt the table come to a halt. her heightened senses indicated she was not alone. But his mind and cognitive skills are those of a 7 year old boy.” Rachel heard a slight click as Moriarty depressed a button. Slowly she was able to make sense of the shapes and shadows in the darkness. Moriarty’s voice pierced through the darkness. with a few strands of hair on its withered emancipated skin. He is the result of splicing and recombining genes and DNA of the common slug with human DNA. Igor likes watching the TV. for a slug at least. but the rest of it defied description. The thing had no neck. As it finally came within full visual range. Igor. but off late he has became very sexually frustrated. I will do anything but please stop whatever it is you are doing please. and she could see one of the heavy oak doors swinging slowly open. you should be honoured that you are part of this historical event. Through the thick veil of darkness that engulfed her. Moriarty’s voice crackled form the overhead intercom: “Ahh I see you have met my first creation. slowly pushing itself painfully along the floor with two human hands . Something inhuman stirred within and she heard what sounded like a heavy body slowly and ponderously being dragged across the floor. what are you raving about you lunatic.” Rachel called out desperately: “Please what is it you want. But I need to find out how he reproduces. giving a hint of what would emerge from its unholy depths.” Rachel: “You are mad. especially the Playboy channels. and he is sexually mature. and like any human boy he also likes sweet things. Then she caught her first glimpse of the macabre horror. As her eyes slowly adjusted to the pitch dark environment.” Moriarty laughed: “The divide between sheer brilliance and utter lunacy is a very thin one Rachel. Most of Igor’s anatomy is that of the common slug. Almost immediately it released a foul odour. no doubt relaying images back to Moriarty’s lab above. It had the shrunken head of a man. With a shock she realized that an immense opening had appeared beneath the table and the entire table was slowly descending into it. Moriarty laughed again: “Well my dear its not that simple. “Ahh Rachel. Of cause he cannot mate with another slug.” 66 . her nostril detected the foul stench of death and decay.” She begged. She realized that she now lay in the center of a circular dungeon which was surrounded by 4-5 heavy oak doors. Several CCTV cameras were positioned on various corners of the room. and that’s where you come in tonight my sweet. Igor is now almost 5 years old. and Rachel let loose an ear piercing scream. which is why he is making a bee line for you my sweet. that’s physically impossible given his massive size human side. Her ears detected faint movement in the distance. It’s face emerged slowly from the darkness. It did not sound human. Now the moment has come. she could see that it resembled a huge pink slug. the time has come to introduce you to some of my creations. and it is not surprising at all that he is attracted to homosapien females. Which also confirms my theory that sexual procreation is at least 50% mental in nature. Tonight we will bring together elements from two different worlds and species which will produce a new supreme line of evolution. Still immobilized by Moriarty’s cocktail.

and Rachel realized Igor was cold blooded like a reptile. Rachel could feel her pulse rate accelerate.” Almost immediately. where much of her scent glands were concentrated. they are all very eager to meet you. the nipple had grown to full erection. she had neither seen nor heard his approach.” She sensed rather then heard more dungeon doors sliding open. Rachel’s body temperature climbed and fine beads of perspiration appeared on her skin as her sweat glands became active. Moriarty suddenly appeared beside her with a syringe in hand. Moriarty’s voice drifted into her hazy mind again: “Well Rachel its time to introduce you to the rest of the “family”. I have just given you an aphrodisiac. “Igor can clean that up. She cursed as she felt a bolt of electricity shooting through her as the nipple was coaxed unwillingly to full erection. Rachel again tried to will 67 . He smiled malevolently at her: “You don’t seem to be having a good time Rachel. but as it is cold blooded. She grimaced as she felt the painful sting of the needle. The fine wet tongue flicked across Rachel’s sensitive cleft as Igor’s webbed fingers grasped her breasts and nipples. With her accelerated pulse and metabolic rate. Well. it will increase your sense organs ten fold. moving slowly to the most intimate region between her legs. you have already pumped me full of drugs.” He laughed. Igor was even more repulsive. The cocktail of drugs also affected her ability to focus and concentrate and lowered her mental resistance. she finally saw the creature in its entirety up close. its flared nostrils and fork like serpent’s tongue quickly detected Rachel’s musky fragrance and it slithered over to her exposed right arm-pit. Given a chance. Igor can be an infinitely better lover than a conventional human being. But all Rachel could do was to turn her face away in disgust. She could feel the putrid stench of its breath as it moved still closer to her helpless form. It was a long thin flexible appendage and it soon found the tip of her breast and coiled itself around her unresponsive right nipple. So don’t get alarmed when things get a lot warmer. please.” Rachel: “No. I have to raise the humidity levels and ambient temperature of the room to above 36 degrees to er…start its juices flowing. you will have quite a blast I assure you. Rachel shut her eyes tightly as she felt the cold wet slimy touch of the creature against her bare skin as it moved over stomach to seek out her left breast.” But he ignored her pleas as he applied the needle to her unresisting arm. and more eager wet tongues traced the sensitive inner soles of her ankles. Its movement was slow and ponderous. Almost immediately she could feel the air around her growing warmer. Every pore on her skin seemed to come alive and her body temperature also rose. under the influence of Moriarty’s drug. A huge ape like creature took its place on her right side and started lapping at her right breast and nipple with its warm wet tongue. here’s something to also “kick start” your juices again. Webbed fingers and claws parted her flaccid legs. Moriarty’s voice filtered over the intercom: “So my dear you have met Igor.Igor had now made its way to the edge of the table and Rachel could feel the table shake as it proceeded to hoist its immense bulk up on to the ledge. With her eyes shut. and drew level with her. As it emerged over the edge of the table. and the scampering of inhuman feet and claws. Instinctively. The rest of her body still lay paralyzed and dormant. Igor wondered from her face. Igor had now moved slowly down her right side and started tracing the gentle contours of her breast with its cold wet tongue. no more please. and droplets of blood formed on the small punctured wound. In short seconds. Moriarty chuckled in triumph as he saw Rachel’s previously unresponsive left nipple becoming partially erect as Igor’s forked tongue coiled itself around the now sensitive nub and lashed again and again at the tip. After long seconds he withdrew the syringe.

Rachel felt a warm urgent wetness between her legs as her body succumbs inevitably to the combined assault which totally overwhelmed her senses. undulating with an unflinching rhythm that soon had her shuddering helplessly on the edge of orgasm. under the numbing influence of the aphrodisiac. she felt warm wet tongues. She inhaled sharply as Igor’s roaming tongue finally found her clitoris. and realized that Igor had repositioned its misshapen head between her legs. Igor moved slightly to the side. but paralyzed by Moriarty’s cocktail. She detected the Lizard’s pungent odor and moaned as it’s forked tongue found her engorged clitoris. But this time. He checked to ensure that the entire scene was recorded on tape. She flinched sharply as she felt a thin forked tongue make contact with the entrance of her vagina. the need for release was a hundred times more urgent. claws and hands everywhere on her body. but Igor’s tongue was far more flexible and dexterous then any human tongue and it was able to tease the quivering nub into a state of heightened sexual frenzy. It quickly coiled itself around the small sensitive nub. lingering in her most sensitive and intimate regions. “Please don’t tease me down there. caressing her nerve endings with microscopic fingers. The Lizard sent questing fingers to explore the folds of her labia. slowly unleashing a primordial lust that had lain dormant within her genetic matrix for hundreds of years. But her pleas fell on deaf ears. allowing the Lizard to join it. The sensitive organ was already fully erect.. Another nameless faceless lizard like aberration joined Igor caressing Rachel’s left inner thighs with clammy webbed fingers. Like tendrils they caressed her clit. Except that he could not guarantee if the sanity of the subject would be compromised after this assignment. For a second time this evening delicious warmth engulfed her body. swelling to fill her while another slid into her anus. Unconsciously. The sweet torment was overwhelming her and she felt and will and resistance crumbling fast under its provocative seduction. you are driving me crazy!!!…Oh god. Rachel’s mind was in a state of chaos. Rachel’s supple form was now buried beneath 4 of his devilish creations who were in a feeding frenzy. teasing and prodding her. as if penetrating her every pore. then bolder. she bucked her hips straining against invisible ropes and the slick sanguineous embrace.her legs shut. But there was no end in sight as the nightmarish creatures around her stoked the smoldering flames within her. That was the deal he had with Madame Tussard. They took their time to explore every nook and cranny of her body. feeding her hunger. Rachel shuddered as this new tormentor lashed out at her clitoris. tentatively at first. teasing it mercilessly as others explored her anus. Rachel was barely conscious now as her feverish body had a will of its own. Only her head was visible as she turned it from side to side under silent protest. and she was at their complete mercy. Both forked tongues entered into an elaborate sensual dance with her small engorged nub. And he had to admit it really worked out very well. teasing it mercilessly again and again. Moriarty took hold of the scene from the vantage of his CCTV. buried under centuries of evolution. 68 . responding to an overwhelming intense need for sexual release that over-rode all else. slowly teasing her unwilling body into a state of sexual frenzy. while another insect like creature (like a giant fly) had taken its place by her left side and fastened its long beak around her left nipple. prodding and exploring her most intimate places. Other tendrils wormed their way up her vagina.” she pleaded. It was like a massive orgy scene from the very depths of hell. as it coiled itself in an even more intimate embrace around Rachel’s clitoris. Its touch was a thousand times more intimate then a human tongue. A slow narcotic desire seeped through her reluctant flesh as another forked tongue wound around her thigh. they remained wide open rendering her totally vulnerable to the assault by the demons. She cried out in frustration as the fork like tongue continued its merciless assault on her quivering clitoris.

Her body was racked by one convulsive spasm after another. The other 4-5 creatures grew restless and returned to feasting on her sweat slick body. The sudden intense pain jolted Rachel back to full consciousness as she let loose an ear piercing scream. her fists were clenched and her body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and perspiration as the intense waves that engulfed her rose to higher and higher heights. savouring her musky fragrance. as her sweat slick body finally settled back on the table top. ejaculating a clear liquid from within. but she realized with a shock that this was no ordinary orgasm. Her series of massive orgasms had also released her female pheromones which were now detected by Moriarty’s creations. Igor could taste her musky wetness and feel the violent spasms as her vagina contracted again and again. oh my god. It was like an aphrodisiac for them and they became more agitated and violent. like the mouth of fish starved of air.Her pupils were dilated as her system was on the verge of nervous shock. The Ape moved down Rachel’s sweat slick body. The agony from her nipples were replaced soon by a searing new pain as Igor painfully forced the entire massive phallus into her small vagina. it bit down savagely on the still erect nipple. From between his shriveled legs sprang a massive phallus almost 12 inches long. Moriarty’s nightmarish creations were not done with her yet. It was throbbing obscenely with its tip capped with a clear drop of semen as he mounted her.” she protested weakly. “No. Each wave of pleasure was immediately replaced by another wave of higher magnitude and intensity. Eagerly it covered Rachel’s vagina with its mouth and lapped up the love syrup. Not content any more with merely running its tongue against the smooth contours of her breast. Because of Igor’s sheer bulk. The final invasion was too much for Rachel and tipped her over the edge of the immense orgasm. With his tongue buried deep within Rachel. Rivulets of blood trickled from her tormented nipples. Her body bucked violently as every muscle in her body was gripped in spasms and Rachel screamed in rapture. not again. petal like lips of her vagina opened and closed on their own. she could only satisfy one demon at a time. Igor watched in fascination as the delicate pink. with no end in sight. The Ape had detected the small wound caused by Moriarty’s syringe and lapped at the mixture of sweat and blood from the small opening. she was on the verge of losing consciousness when she the final orgasmic wave took hold. Her body tensed convulsively. It triggered a blood lust in the Ape’s primitive senses which added to its mounting sexual urge. before settling again on her right breast. sending her into an endless spiral into the sexual abyss. But Rachel had no time to rest as Igor now clambered on-top of her inert form. Suddenly she shuddered violently as the Lizard extended it fine tail into the moist and dewy entrance of her vagina. She moaned as her swollen vagina stretched to accommodate the massive organ. This time however they wanted more. Her last ordeal had totally drained her and she felt empty and exhausted. kept on only by the cocktail of drugs Moriarty had pumped into her. It eclipsed all her previous orgasms in intensity and magnitude sending a massive surge of electricity through her. She felt a ripping pain as Igor managed to 69 . After long minutes.. but neither creatures released their hold over her tortured nipples. in blissful oblivion. her back arching off the table as the massive release overwhelmed her. it felt like her entire vagina was turning itself inside-out. Rachel had expected a quick release. which only served to encourage the other participants. it was only the beginning. filling her to the hilt. But they would give her no respite. The Lizard clambered onto her left breast and bit down savagely on to the tender nipple. In her sexual frenzy. The contractions in her vagina were so intense. sucking noisily on the open wounds and hungrily taking in the rivulets of blood that trailed from her tortured tip. The incredible orgasms had lasted almost 20 minutes.

with a wet plop. she drifted slowly in and out of consciousness as the coupling went on and on. and it measured 12 inches in length. the ape began to pump into her like a pneumatic drill. But Rachel also noticed Igor’s laboured breaths. she could feel the powerful jets of sperm as the huge phallus emptied its liquid contents deep within her. The milky white sperm mixed with her own vagina juices and trickled down her vagina walls as Igor withdrew its now shriveled phallus. Each thrust was accompanied by a searing pain as the massive organ stretched the sensitive walls of her vagina beyond its limits. Its penis was perhaps only 9-10 inches in length and not as huge as the Igor’s or the Ape’s. It lifted Rachel’s bruised and battered body. But the Lizard was not content with just a usual coupling. She had already been betrayed twice this evening by her unresponsive body and she did not want a third defeat to follow. The massive slug could not keep up the assertion. Seizing hold of her sweat slick buttons. Rachel’s heart sank as its huge penis sprang into view. 70 . Rachel was aware of the ridges of its penis as it made contact with the sensitive walls of her vagina. And so the coupling went on for another hour before the huge ape let loose an earth shattering cry and released its load of semen deep within her. the Ape shoved the flaccid body of the slug aside and eagerly took position between her legs. blurring the threshold between pain and sheer pleasure. re-positioning it to expose her anus. it had been engaged in the coupling for almost an hour now and was fast running out of reserves. Reacting purely on instinct. and with a casual twist of its long tail. Perhaps there was hope that it would spend itself before she reached another orgasm. and the wet slapping sounds as Rachel’s body shook like a rag doll from the massive thrust of the slug. he drove tip of the tail deep into her anus. held in place only by the Lizard and the Ape which were still sucking on her tormented nipples. It lifted its deformed head high. Each jolt of pain was accompanied by a rising urgency which signaled the first tell tale signs of another approaching orgasm. “Damm. who was in a foul mood. driving it deep into Rachel’s vagina. Then suddenly. The massive slug like creature closed its beady eyes as it savoured the warm wet embrace of Rachel’s vagina around its massive deformed phallus. mixing with Igor’s sperm and her own vagina secretions. Incredibly. damm” She mentally cursed her unresponsive body as tears of frustration and humiliation flooded her eyes. and coaxing her tired insides into a state of arousal again. With a swipe of its massive arms. opening its jaws in a silent scream as it gave a final massive thrust of its phallus. she a felt the now familiar urgent need again building deep within her. The increased tempo of the coupling only served to excite Igor further. There was no respite for her as the Ape was replaced by the Lizard. She cried out hopelessly as she willed her body to quell the inner stirrings within her loins. which came in great gulps. in a slow pumping rhythm. its massive organ began to expand further. In her pain filled world. But her joy was short-lived. After several pumps.shove the entire phallus into the small opening. She could feel the warm powerful jets of semen shooting deep into her. Rachel was only half conscious when it mounted her. Without hesitation he inserted the massive pennies into Rachel’s still wet vagina. tickling it. damm. The slug moved forward. Unlike Igor’s tool. There was silence now the room was filled only by the obscene sounds of feasting and grunts. Rachel’s prayers appeared to be answered as she felt the blob above her suddenly tense. from within her. This time however the increased pain only fanned the flames within Rachel. its primitive brain sent signals to its muscles and Igor began to move slowly back and forth. Igor found the entry easier as Rachel’s vagina was still slick and well lubricated from her recent orgasms. Almost immediately. the Ape’s phallus was covered in ridges. especially in the hands of these deformed freaks of nature. having waited 2 hours for its turn. slamming its full massive weight between her legs as it increased the pace and tempo of the coupling. The sudden entry squeezed excess sperm out from the sides as the huge penis filled her to the hilt again.

Unable to contain the extended inhuman copulation. coaxing her resisting. The tongue made a bee-line for Rachel’s distended clitoris and wrapped itself once again in a close embrace around the tender nub. Moriarty clapped his hands in glee as the video camera continued to record the macabre hellish scene below. it did not require a conscious host. she could feel the tail rubbing with the penis through the walls of her anus and vagina as the Lizard proceeded to pound her mercilessly with both organs.Rachel was taken by complete surprise. thrusting her erect nipples outward and upwards in reckless abandonment as her eyes rolled back into her head. The Lizard timed the moment to perfection as it gave a final thrust of its penis into Rachel. anus and clitoris. her tormentor was able to conquer her will. Unable to control the raging torrents within. semen and blood. adding to the already copious amounts of ape and slug semen deposited in Rachel’s vagina by Igor and the Ape. Unable to endure and contain the rapture. As its tail and penis penetrated her again and again. it released strong jets of sperm. stimulating the walls of her vagina and anus. Chapter 7. shooting jet after jet of liquid semen in a never ending stream into her. exhausted body to achieve sexual climax. Birth of a New Species. she hardly noticed it as the Lizard emptied its semen into her. In its final moments. teasing it mercilessly to full erection as the tiny nub filled again with blood. So intense was the pleasure it seemed almost painful. The metallic surface of the immense table was now slippery with a mixture of sweat. And then it happened again for what seemed like countless times this evening. had now become a raging inferno threatening again to overwhelm and consume her. Unlike the others. forked tongue once again. her face contorted with mouth open in a silent passionate scream as her feverish body was totally consumed by the fire from within. But while her previous orgasms were achieved under clitoral simulation. It was just as well for her as the Fly eagerly took up its mating position over her unconscious inert form. Rachel gave-in to the delicious. it finally emptied its contents and withdrew its member with a wet plop from Rachel’s cum soaked vagina. Maintaining a firm grip on her torso. The Lizard increased the tempo as it detected increased wetness in her vagina. and she knew she could not last another hour before the fever within her engulfed her again. Intoxicated with pain and pleasure. The last orgasm had been so intense that it had simply overwhelmed her senses. But the Fly was patiently waiting its turn and held her torso in place. sending her into a state of shock and blissful oblivion. By now. Rachel’s body was wracked in painful contortions as the intense waves of pleasure radiated from her loins and quickly cascaded over the rest of her. Rachel cried out in despair as she recognized what it was doing. familiar warmth that again engulfed her. what had started as a small flame within Rachel. After what seemed an eternity. signaling Rachel’s arousal. the intensity and length of her latest rapture was magnified by the Lizard’s simultaneous assault on her vagina. The CCTV now showed the Fly hoisting Rachel’s unconscious body and carrying her back into its dark reclusive cell. its forked tongue lashed repeatedly at her clitoris. grunting as it felt the intimate embrace of her vagina walls milking its organ. and the Lizard was having difficulty keeping her sweat slick body in place as it slid back and forth over the table. Her body was tired and spent. sending every muscle in her body into convulsive spasms. the Lizard bent its long neck towards her sperm covered vagina and extended its long. Rachel’s back arched off the table. Madame Tussard would pay a king’s ransom for this take he thought as casually pushed another button which switched the view to the dark gruesome interior of the Fly’s cell. But Rachel had long since lost consciousness. Excess semen was leaking liberally from the puckered lips of her tortured hole as it quivered from the final throes of the final orgasm. The Fly 71 . thin.

The party was a Las Vegas theme. Then one night in December we had a winter formal. showing her narrow waist and round hips and ass. Everything was tokens and chips. and so the first time I talked to her I thought she was fat. and then wide hips and a nice big round ass. COLLEGE ROMP There were a lot of hot girls at my school and I was friends with a lot of them. She usually wore baggy T-shirts. but I had never been able to turn it into a sexual thing. but of course had never kissed or made a move on. blackjack. Tonight was one of those nights. Some freshman boys were standing next to her and sort of staring when she wasn't looking their way. who I was still with my entire freshman year. but occassionally she would wear something more form fitting and then you would realize what a hot body she had. After I gave my ticket at the door to the party and got some free chips. and he was certain that at least one (if not more) of his children would prove to be genetically compatible with her human DNA. And of cause after that Moriarty would also eagerly wait for Rachel to bear the fruits of her labour. but since he couldn't even talk to them he was impressed that I at least got friendly hugs from them. and was friendly with. I was wearing a tux that I'd bought for a formal in high school. with much anticipation. lingering ritualistic courtship which may last several days. seeing the birth of a new superior bloodline and species. She was a freshman so when she first started school and I talked to her. no cash. He knew I hadn't even kissed any of them. she would have mated with all of his creations. My first girlfriend in high school. She was wearing a green strapless dress that hugged her body. I wasn't scared to talk to a pretty girl. By then. bigger than D cups. the first thing I came to was the craps table. Of course I went alone because I was always afraid to ask someone to be my date. 72 . During the first couple months of my sophomore year I looked at a lot of girls that I wanted to get naked with. never let me get past feeling her tits outside her bra. and a few slot machines. and even talked to them and became friends with them. Megan was one of the hot girls that I had thought about alone in my dorm room. huge tits. "Hi Megan!" I said as I walked up to her. dark brown eyes. I walked up to the craps table and saw Megan standing there playing craps. but they weren't talking to her at all. dark curly shoulder-length hair.would probably cocoon her and take its turn with her in a slow. She had a very pretty face. Probably scared. she liked getting attention from someone older. She looked amazing. but I didn't know how to make the first move. though. then she dumped me. and they had craps tables. and pushed her tits up to create some amazing cleavage. I was better off than my roommate Henry. roulette tables. a surprisingly small waist for someone so busty. even though I was just one year older. He thought I was a stud because I spent so much time with these girls. poker. though! Just scared to do anything else.

"Okay." she said. pressed her even closer to me. and pressed her body against my hardon. and she gave me a big hug. I lowered my left hand to her ass. nice round tits. She was also wearing a form fitting dress. "Hi. I had a moment of panic. I was loving that she was rubbing against me but didn't know what to do or say. like she'd been bored and was really glad to see me. her right tit was pressed right against my arm."Hi Malcolm! You look great!" she said with a huge smile. a big smile all the time. I tried to pull my hips back away from her a little bit. "I think I'll go check out the dance floor. and kind of took a deep breath and let out a sigh. "Cold. Why didn't I ask her to dance with me? I wanted to go back over but would have felt stupid. It felt so good! I was surprised she wanted to feel my hard-on against her. ample breasts pressing against my chest as squeezed me. also large but maybe not as big as Megan's. She had curly blond hair. I walked over to the room with the dance floor. it's fun. She had pale.I didn't want her to think I was some kind of pervert. I took a look at her cleavage when ever I got the chance. and smiled. with a coy smile. but she let Megan cut in. I wanted to press my face against those huge tits. She let go. She was a junior but always seemed sweet and innocent. and her breasts pressing against me. She had a big smile on her face. We started swaying back and forth. huh?" I said. She was still over by the craps table. We played craps for a while and talked. but glad. I wished I could see her with that dress off. I felt a little stirring in my pants. just about the game and whatnot. I could feel her soft. She gave me a big smile. She moaned softly and slid one hand down my back and squeezed my ass. But she pushed her lower body against my crotch. "Brrrr" she said. My dick got even harder. put her arms around my arm and pushed up against me. I pressed it against her as I held her and we swayed back and forth." she said. Then it was her turn to roll the dice so she had to let go. 73 . I was nervous about her feeling me get a hard-on . "Want to dance?" she asked. I tried to think about something else. I could feel her tits pressing against my chest. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I was getting a little bit of a hard on but the craps table was there to hide it. and I nice body. and her eyes were shining a little bit. It felt so good. suck her nipples. I started getting a hard-on again. I said sure. and tried to pull my hips back so she wouldn't feel it. that's the last of my chips" I said. I kicked myself. and I was acutely aware of her cleavage. Our stomachs were pressed against each other. Christine was a little at a loss." she said quietly. I already had a hard-on from dancing with Christine. soft looking skin. Then Christine put her head on my shoulder. It felt really good. I let go of her right hand with my left and but my left hand on her waist and pulled her closer to me. It got cold at one point when someone opened the door and a gust of wind came in. like maybe she'd just had a drink of champagne to get up the guts to cut in on me. "Play some craps with me. squeezed it. We pressed our bodies against each other. although the neckline was a little higher than Megan's. I took a Megan's hand and put my other hand around her back. Christine was another hot girl I was friends with. She put her hand on my shoulder and pressed up against me. "Can I cut in?" It was Megan. The band started playing and soon after I lost my last chip. put my hand between her legs. and now my hard-on was pressing against Megan. That felt really nice." I put some chips on Pass. So I went to the dance floor alone. "Well. I took her right hand in my left and put my arm around her back." "Okay. I got harder still. Megan shivered a bit. I saw a friend named Christine and walked over. As she inhaled her chest rose. My right hand was on her bare back and I stroked her soft skin. The hard-on went down a little bit. blue eyes. and my crotch was against her lower stomach.

She pushed forward and took more of my dick in her mouth. Megan was still moaning and groaning as she continued to suck. "Oh god!" I screamed . I couldn't believe it. and suck as I shot several spurts into her mouth." I said under my breath because she was so fucking hot. She started licking my dick. I looked up at her face and saw her looking into my eyes. 74 . but I came to my senses enough to realized that I should be getting her clothes off. Then she her mouth over my dick. She pressed her upper body against me and put her lips to my neck and kissed it gently. Megan groaned. My roommates bed is by the door. I pressed her back to me with my right hand and felt the wonderful feeling of those tits pressing against my chest. This was the first time a girl had ever touched my dick. She rubbed both lips up and down my dick. and all I could think about was the feeling between my legs. I couldn't believe how good it felt. I started massaging her tits over her bra and we kissed hard. her hands grabbing my ass for better control.she unhooked the top of my pants and unzipped them. Then she kneeled down pulled down my pants. She rubbed and rubbed and I got harder and harder. I was in a haze of lust from what she was doing to me. and with my left hand squeezed her ass and pressed her against my hard dick. She stopped rubbing my crotch long enough to pull her dress off. The more she groaned. This was the best night of my life! We danced a few more burned but it felt so good as it shot out. "Oh my god. huge tits. oh god" I moaned. I turned on the light and closed the door. This felt so good. I got goosebumps. Suddenly I felt out of control of my own body. she put her hand under the shirt and rubbed my nipples. It sent an electric current directly from my nipple to my crotch. and I had a hard-on the whole time. but it felt amazing. I'd never had a girl suck my nipples. the hotter I got. She was really enjoying sucking my dick! I couldn't believe it. the top of her huge tits pushed over the top her dress. but I felt warm. Her hands were holding my buttcheeks. While she sucked my nipple. oh man. Then things got even better. and didn't even know that girls did it to guys. Megan moved her hand down to my crotch and started rubbing me outside my pants. With her bent back I could see her gorgeous cleavage. She then moved her kissing down from my neck to my chest and began sucking my nipples. "Oh god. No one was in. my tongue pushed into her mouth. When she got the shirt unbuttoned. I don't know what my face looked like. "Oh god. The second song we started making out while we danced. so I moved us across the room to be next to my bed. Electricity shot through my legs. She began stroking it up and down. the blood was swelling my dick to make it bigger than ever. She began pumping my dick in and out of her mouth. We got to my room and I opened the door with my key. and my dick got even harder. I felt a storm gather in my balls and suddenly it erupted out my dick. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. then pulled back." I moaned. I was breathing so heavy. I started thrusting my hips towards her mouth in rhythym with her sucking. Her hands went to my pants . Then she slid her hand under my boxers and put her fingers around my dick. She was wearing a black strapless bra and black thong that accentuated her white skin. I was starting to breath heavy. Megan and I were still hot from the dancing. Finally. practically naked. with her beautiful face right in front of my dick. then undid my tie and my cumberbund. her tongue pushed into mine. I looked down . which was hard a rock and sticking up inches from her face. She began kissing my neck and unbuttoning my shirt. She pushed my jacket off. Megan suggested we go back to my room. Our lower bodies were still pressed against each other. We kissed and kissed and I squeezed and massaged her tits but my mind was mostly on the feeling in my was the unbelievable hot girl. She started pulling harder and harding on my dick and the feeling was unbelievable.She pulled her upper body back a bit and looked at me. I reached behind her and found the zipper in the back of her dress and pulled it down.

so that my dick slid in and out of her pussy." Megan said. She stood up and kissed me. I reached forward and massaged her tits with my hands. her huge round tits." she said. She sat down a little bit at a time. "Hey Malcolm. Henry stepped forward so that he was standing right next to Megan. you guys. "Oh god" she cried. then dry humped me for a while. don't stop" she said. I rubbed the outside of her pussy. As she held it in his hand it began to get hard. and I felt the wet warmth cover first the head. and Henry walked into the room. then reached behind to undo her bra. pulled him toward her and put his dick in her mouth. first the right. and her tits rose and fell with each breath. Then all of a sudden the door opened. until finally she screamed "Oh GOD YES! YES! OHHH!!!!" She grabbed my head by the hair and pulled me up to give me a hard kiss. Finally she sat up a little and positioned my dick below her pussy. I was already getting hard again." Henry walked over. shapely legs. She let my dick slide out of her mouth. "Oh god YES!" she gasped. Then she reached over and grabbed my dick. My heart was pounding and my temperature was rising. then lifted my foot one at a time to remove my pants. her black thong underwear over round hips. By this point I was already recovered from my first orgasm. through her pubic hair and touched her moist pussy. and tossed her head to the side. revealing her pussy. I got harder and harder. While I sucked on one nipple I rubbed and squeezed the other nipple gently with my fingers. We went faster. Then I took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. "That's all right. then the left. and her hand began fondling my dick. and began rocking back and forth. I sucked on one tit.he didn't see us at first because he was closing the door and taking off his jacket. with one leg on either side of my hips. Then.Finally the orgasm subsided. I pushed her back to lie on her back and lay down next to her and continued to suck on her nipple while massaging the other tit with my hand. Finally I was all the way in. her tits were exposed and they were gorgeous. "Yes Malcolm yes. Then he looked over at my bed and saw Megan naked sitting on my crotch. "Why don't you come over here for a second. still with his eyes covered so all he could see was the wall. I felt her tits. pushing herself back and forward. I pushed her finger in and out of her pussy. and with her other hand she was holding my hand to her crotch. This girl was so hot! I massaged her tits again over the bra. then stook over. As it came off. Her knees seemed to buckle and she sat back on the bed. She pushed me back so I was lying on my back lengthwise on the bed. the first time I'd ever touched a girl's pussy. I could feel her wet pussy against the bottom of my dick. I was in heaven. She closed her eyes. and then I moved my hand up and slid it under her underwear. She moaned again. tossing her head back and forth. then a little more then a little more. She grabbed my hard dick. stomach. pressing it there. sorry. I was hard as a rock again. and kissing all over her tits. She removed the thong and sat on my thighs. over her underwear. faster. I looked up at her firm. she put her hand on Henry's ass. I couldn't hold back any more. and the more she got turned on. I began rubbing her tits with my hands and the nipples got hard. and breathed fast and heavy. pressed my head against her tits with hands. She then untied my shoes. and looked down and watched with amazement as my dick slid in and out of her pussy. then the other. It felt good to feel her hard nipple between my lips when I kissed them. and removed them from my feet. and I slipped my middle finger inside her pussy. I heard the noise and looked over and almost had a heart attack. and took out his dick. and pressed it against her pussy. and rubbed her crotch gently. looked up at me and smiled. round with pink nipples. I kept sucking on her nipple. This continued for a while. "Oh shit. and she was thrusting her hips upward in time to my thrusting. the more I got turned on. I was still in panic mode and couldn't say anything. without stopping this motion with her hips. It was wetter than I'd ever expected. "Come a little closer. then began to restart her rocking motion." Henry said . She hooked her thumbs over her underwear and slowly slid them down her legs. I felt like I was going to pass out but I smiled back. She looked down at me and smiled. She began breathing heavier and faster. She groaned. Henry. I rubbed her crotch over and over while sucking on her nipple. I bent forward and began kissing her tits. huge. She groaned some more. her firm." Megan said. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. how'd you like the party." he said and covered his eyes. Megan reached over and unzipped his pants. one at a time. covered with a small patch of brown hair. 75 . "Oh yeah. Then my hand slowly slid down her stomach. I couldn't believe how good it felt.

. She moaned. then grabbed his ass with her hand and started sucking his dick again. Megan stopped long enough to pull Henry's pants and underwear down. I can't believe you ditched me on the dance floor. I was already highly aroused. I reached behind her dress and pulled the zipper down. "OH GOD! OH YEAH! OH FUCK YEAH!" he yelled with his eyes squeezed tight. sucking my tongue. Megan let Henry's dick slide out of her mouth and she first passively let me kiss her. then put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me back." "Come on baby." It was Christine. Henry was grunting away as he pounded into Megan. it opened again. squeezing it and rubbing it hard as she sucked his dick in and out of her mouth. then pulled her dress down to expose her bra. I 76 . "Malcolm. isn't she?" "Goddamn. began pumping harder and faster on my dick and sucking faster and harder on Henry's. I reached down and grabbed her ass. "I know!" I replied. "Come here baby. then placed himself between her legs. start giving it to me. We were both pretty psyched but didn't know what to do next. Christine rubbed my head and my shoulder as I sucked on her tits. opening her mouth and taking in as much as she could. She spread her legs and began rubbing herself. Henry came first. She made a show of struggling for a while but stopped . Her face started getting flush. Megan swallowed and swallowed and made muffled screaming noises into his dick as she slapped down harder on to my dick. "I think I'm ready for a new position now. and I was pushing my hips up in time. but I managed to do it. He slowly slid his dick into her." I walked over to her. her beautiful tits rising and falling. and Christine was getting more and more excited. She walked over and hit me in the shoulder. what are you guys doing?" she cried. then she was cumming. I could feel her pussy tightening onto my dick as she slammed into me. stepped out of his pants and kicked off his shoes. I heard a woman's voice."Holy shit!" Henry said. tight pussy as I could. "Henry. put your dick in my mouth. "Oh my god. then slowly pumped it in and out. I could taste champagne on her breath. then removed her bra. "Oh man that feels good. she is fucking hot! And she's sucking my dick!" Megan moaned hips were pointing toward the bed and I was twisted around to kiss Christine. The evening's events had already turned me into a ladies' man. then down to her lips and inserted my finger. I couldn't believe it. "Oh god. With my right hand I grabbed her tit and rubbed it and pinched her nipple. oh god. Their sounds turned us on as Christine and I were moaning and gasping. with his hands on her hips. Then I heard a noise from the door. slightly slurred. He ripped off his shirt. "OHH!!" she gasped. Megan got off of me and lay down on her back with her butt on the edge of the bed. Now we were too much in heat to do any more talking. his hips pushing in toward Megan's head. and I slid my dick in. "God this feels so fucking good!" he said. letting my suck her lips and tongue. and Megan was moaning. "Oh fuck yeah!" Henry said. trying to get as deep into her hot." and then I exploded "OH YEAH! OH YEAH!" I said as I pressed my hips up off the bed to plunge as deep as I could into her. She looked over at me. Henry had his hand on her other tit. She turned her head to the side and opened my mouth. He let go of her tit and grabbed her hair. then leaned down and sucked on her tits." I gasped as she rode my dick harder and faster." Megan said. She moaned. She was a bit drunk and came halfway into the room before she realized that there were three naked people in the room." Henry and I looked at each other. first her clit. pulled her to me and kissed her on the mouth. Henry had never stopped pumping away. I squeezed her tits for a while as I kissed her. Soon Megan was breathing heavy again. and Megan was still sucking on my dick . He stopped covering his eyes and looked down to see Megan sucking on his dick. sucking my lips. and Henry began thrusting in and out. do you have any more in you?" Henry was already hard again. I felt that storm return to crotch "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!. Henry looked over at me. "She's fucking hot.. then pulled her dress all the way off of her and slipped my hand under her underwear between her legs and began rubbing her pussy. I grabbed Christine. It was tough to keep my dick high up enough to be sucked and to bend down and suck Christine's tits. and when he was in he closed his eyes and sighed.

77 . then her tits. She moaned as I caressed her with my finger. got up off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean herself up a bit. The position was getting too difficult so I straightened out and kissed her on the mouth again. I began slowly pounding into her. At first Christine's eyes flashed open and she flinched at a second person touching her at the same time. Megan started to cum first this time. I groaned as I shot my third wad of the night. This feeling was amazing.thrust my finger in and out of her pussy. First she rubbed my balls gently. It's hard to say who actually came first but whoever did set off a chain reaction. how about someone giving me some?" "I'd love to. got more and more excited and you could hear a loud slapping noise as he rammed into her. And Christine gasped as she came to my fingering. I lowered my mouth onto her pussy and slipped my tongue inside. She gasped. down the crack. When I got to the top of her underwear I pulled them down to expose her nice blonde bush. this time all over Megan's face and chest. and writhed around some more . The fact that I had these two gorgeous women in my room. and I felt another surge of lust. naked. and I didn't have any worries about coming to soon this time. but there's all that sperm in there.the pleasure overwhelmed any second guesses she might have had. one girl stroking my shaft. then began sucking on one of the nipples. Christine and I stopped kissing briefly while we came. Christine groaned louder. Through the blond hair I could see her crack and the pink lips of her pussy. still having my dick get sucked. and nuzzled my face into her pussy. and sucked harder ann harder on my dick's head. I began going down slowly. Henry yelled out and gave one last deep thrust. and moaned louder and louder. "Oh god!" and "Oh yeah!" I knew it couldn't last forever. another girl sucking on the head of my dick. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it into my mouth. "Oh yeah!" Now Henry and I were all steamed up again. so she hit Megan's face. Henry continued rubbing her breasts. I had always had fantasies about what a blonde girl's pussy would look like and here was my chance. Henry went over to her side and began massaging her breast. with my dick in her pussy. still fingering her pussy. and she started stroking faster and harder on my dick. She spread her legs to give me better access. I kissed her clit gently. doing stuff. Christine moaned even louder. Feeling the moaning on the end of my dick and the stronger and faster stroking I felt that familiar gathering in my loins. This time I'd last for as long as I wanted to. Listening to her got Christine hotter. then she reached up to grab my dick. I kissed down into her bush. her eyes closed. while pressing her body against mine and writhing her around as my finger slid in and out of her pressing upward to create more pressure. bucked her hips more and more violently against Henry. "Hey!" Megan said. "I gave everybody else oral sex. Megan back off and just sucked the head so Christine could stroke up and down the shaft." Henry said. as blonde as the hair on her head. I'd come three times already that night. then started kissing again. Megan was still sucking on it. I pushed Christine down on the bed and spread her legs wider. listening to my roommate bang away on another hot chick. Megan screamed. with Megan going wild on his crotch. Henry. Christine reached down for my dick. I reached down with my hand and felt her pussy. and writhed around a bit. Megan huffed a bit. then I slipped my dick in. I sucked harder and harder on her clit while Henry sucked on her nipples until Christine came again with a threaty. first kissing Christine's neck. was such a turn on that I didn't want it ever to stop. then her stomach. I flipped Lisa over onto her hands and knees and got behind her. I looked down at her nice round ass. She moaned. letting my dick fall out of her mouth. She got more and more flushed. then stuck my tongue out and started licking it. while I was kissing a hot chick and had my finger up her slippery hot pussy. Christine moaned louder and arched her back to press her tits harder into his mouth. It was still slippery wet. with everyone moaning and groaning and saying.

and saw the two gorgeous babes in my bed with cum-stained sheets. until his crotch was positioned below her head.her eyes must have been closed . She put her mouth on his dick. and I was getting more and more excited. She was also pumping away violently on Henry's dick. then lowered herself onto his face. Instead of standing steady I began pounding harder than ever into Christine's pussy. I could feel her pussy squeezing on my dick as she orgasmed and I couldn't handle it any more ." Christine was moaning. She then realized what was going on. 78 . They were working up to a third orgasm (for that position). Suddenly I began to feel a gathering in my loins. so she was able to hold onto the wall to stead herself. the whole time grinding her pussy into Henry's face. Henry put his hand on the back of her head and gently pressed her down toward his crotch. I slipped one hand below my dick and rubbed her clit while I continued to thrust into her. She seemed oblivious . I had already come 3 times. and then came again. "Okay. Finally Christine screamed. oh god. "Oh god. Henry began writhing around. Beyond that I could watch Henry eating out Megan who was facing away from me. "Oh she was just sucking on the head and pumping away on the shaft with her hand. And the whole time Christine and Megan were moaning and groaning. She had her dead down as I was pounding into her from behind." Henry said. which were braced to hold her up. in fact her blonde curly hair was touching his hips. Megan came back in the room. Christine was grinding against Henry's face. They got wilder and wilder after each orgasm. she came for a long time. He held up his hand . She was on the end of the bed next to the wall. Henry's hand pressed Christine's head back down and she took his dick in just as he came. He slid down under her. I had this beautiful ass right in front of me. shoving her pussy onto my dick . Henry opened his eyes. Christine pressed her pussy harder against his mouth. and I was grabbing onto the cheeks for grip as I pounded away into her. The girls both came. Lucky for Henry she was willing.Henry watched for a while.I gave a few more pounds and then I exploded. As he moaned away. Christine was now rocking back and forth violently. I had no idea. Her ass looked amazing. and looked over at me. Christine was working away at Henry's dick (but I couldn't see the actual dick from my angle. then braced herself on her elbows to get a better the fact that Henry was positioned right under her. From my position.I gave him a high five. her back was arched so I could see her pussy as it buried itself in Henry's mouth. then asked . so he couldn't see what her reaction was. "OH! OH! OH YEAH!" they screamed out. her arms spread out and her face pressed against the wall. and began sucking on Henry's dick like it was a frozen popsicle. By this point his dick was at full alert. desperate to get a reaction. The view I was getting was incredibly hot. She groaned louder and slid her mouth further over Henry's dick. so we were both able to hold out for a long time. The next morning I woke up. which is a good thing because it might have been a turnoff distraction)."Do you think this one will be willing to give me a blow job too?" I shrugged my shoulders. I'm ready to get eaten out!" She walked over the bed and straddled Henry's head. Any sounds Henry might have been making were muffled. At the same time Megan came. That's all I remember.I could just stand there and withstand her pounding. He lay down on the bed in front of her and put his legs between her arms. looked at them. Henry started sucking away. rubbing his hand through her hair. I must have past out soon after. and Henry had already come twice and was laying on his back. thrusting his hips upward toward Christine's mouth. I knew I was going to come again. SLAP SLAP SLAP! Christine got more turned on than ever and sucked desperately at Henry's dick .

With a soft POP her breasts fell from their containment. She sucked hard.. When she was out of her pants and panties she sat with her legs clamped tightly together. but also. peeking around walls. chest and large hips. and this section was a maze. then pulled a length of rope from his packsack. she knew what would happen now. She had a med. He dumped her on the couch. the man had lit one of the lamps from 25% off isle. Cum flooded into her mouth. suck me or else. He carried her too the furniture section. she wandered the maze alone.. The eyes were squinted in anger. waiting..WALMART Jeanne was an attractive young woman. She heard a zzziiiipppppp sound.. He hoisted her and her now wet pussy up onto his shoulders.. twitching when the hands pinched her dark pink nipples. He grinned. Jeanne was sent to find any lost kids in the maze. lots of people. Finally i get to meet you. and she felt the gag being taken out. "I've been watching you lately.She went cold with fear. with all the right curves. laughing as he walked away. She licked her lips and engulfed the cock the second time it was laid on her tongue. she stared unseeing into the dark. There was one section of kids toys. One day.." His breath was coming hard now. a cock popped into her mouth! Her mouth dropped open. it was a shotgun! She had a fucking loaded shotgun stuck up her fucking pussy!!! She gasped and pulled back. you are so beautiful. on the cold tile floor. turning corners. a light came on... and find that you are the only one ever to come in here to check for children. She spat some out. his breathing came in gulps and gasps. 79 .. The gun was pressed to her crotch. He pulled off her blindfold. She shuddered. the store ALWAYS closed for Easter weekend! She was stuck in here for four days with this wacko! And she didn't have any family or friends here. But as she turned around to go back. So. long wavy black hair. He was pumping harder now.. when she thought the gag was being put back in. She sat silently. but started swallowing it immediately when something cold and metal was pressed to her breast. He grabbed a big lock of hair and pulled. He fucked her face for what seemed like an eternity. and gag. "listen you bitch." said a voice that chimed on a memory cord. "Why hello. she was deeply turned on. and broke into the sex shop next door. She gasped at how cold it was. "Oh god. she had just moved in! All her family was in California!!!! She sobbed silently. "don't go anywhere" he cautioned. He shoved the barrel of what she thought was a pistol. A hand groped her breasts.Well my dear. and a ball gag shoved into her mouth. Slowly. breathing freely once more. vibrators. straining to catch any sound. but the mask didn't hide his eyes. He tied her spread eagle to a coffee table. He loaded up with giant dongs. A breath was taken in sharply. Calling out softly. your mine for the next four days! so you better behave! or mister shotty here with blow your fucking clit from here to isle 16!!! She immediately stilled her squirming. "Hey you bitch. Lots of isles. She sucked in the air through her mouth. and hands pulled at her bra. a length of cloth tied around her eyes. making her cough. Jeanne.He looked at her for a moment. all the lights turned off. I had the decency to come in and help!" She heard him move towards her.. strap ons. It was Easter weekend. she only worked in Wal-Mart. and all sorts. Her work shirt was slowly unbuttoned with one hand. her hair was being tossed too and fro with the momentum. Jeanne didn't hear any distressed kids. It was long too! Then she knew. feeling her crotch through her pants. dark tantalizing eyes! Though she was a goddess of beauty.. He wore a mask. into her pussy.. and dark. He snuck to the outer part of the store. and she automatically opened her legs.. along with her panties. a hand darted out of a dark corner. Then. while another slide between her legs. the store was near closing. rubbing her tongue down the shaft. It had little dead ends (not to the kids!) and lots of small dark corners. The shirt was off. Her pants were almost torn from her body. she was scared witless cause she knew she was helpless too whatever he wanted to do to her. or mouth. and the cock fell out. She was on the floor. going down her throat.. arms and legs bound together.." she heard the hammer of a gun being pulled into place. Jeanne. she had to quickly lift her ass to be spared some serious tile burn.

and lubed up her asshole.. bopping slightly. They all wore masks that covered everything but their mouths and eyes. He grinned and pulled off his clothes. "That was my buddy. He brought her to a mattress section.. He strapped the strap on to her crotch. that cannot be the only amount you can take!" He got off her and walked around. "Hey. a girl with 12 inches of cock inside her.. He grinned and punched the base of the cock. It jammed another 6 inches into her pussy.See Ya in a bit dude. He thrust again. "cmon bitch. She started pumping the cock. He tied her hands behind her back and walked away." he clicked off the too.. He eased himself onto the cock.nice pick. and he tied her elbows together." He grinned at her. "Try these on" she climbed out of the cart." One of the men stepped forward. He walked forward and posistioned so his cock was in her mouth.." complimented the largest one. "That's the way baby!" he gathered her up and kissed her hard. and was being pumped in and out of her. " the cum pooring into her own asscrack.. "Hmmm. "ow!" she cried. he came long and hard into her abused hole. "Lets go shopping bitch!" he shoved the cart and it went wheeling down the isle. "She ready?" asked a deep gravely voice.. The girth was amazing.. "Ya.. But just before he came. What he hadn't noticed was that there was a smaller cock inside the strap. spread eagle on the coffee table. Oh shut up man. but only got 3 more inches.Ok.ya. the huge cock sticking into the air. slowly riding it up and down. she saw him pull out a radio. and again! He went on like this for over five minutes. change!" She slipped on the red thong.Yup. He looked it over.. She turned away and started to undress. She clipped the red bra on. With one quick movement he pulled her elbows back.." he snarled.... he then untied Jeanne and tossed her in the cart. He knocked twice." he picked out a couple of thongs. He took position. "Pplease. Now a big cock was buried into Jeanne's pussy. five minutes. goddamn man! Where did you pick this ripe cunt from?" "Right here dumbass. she's ready.. while she came also. so the tops of her breasts jiggled over the cups. I wouldn't be here otherwise. Jeanne moaned loudly.. "Oh shutup bitch.Back door. He stopped grinning.. He came onto her legs and feet. "Perfect. don't complain cunt" he warned. He punched it again. By instinct she turned in a circle. SMACK! tears flooded her eyes.Blue seems a nice color.. making her breasts stand out. He quickly untied her and gathered her into his arms. To her surprise he laughed out loud. He pushed the cart to the bra and underwear isle. "If you want to survive this.He's going to bring some friends along in a bit... "Quickly cunt. "Hey hey hey! Turn to me bitch. stroking her cunt through her thong. don't kill me. "firm. When he woke up. looking at the floor...." He got a shopping cart and threw a blanket in it." she felt the shotgun press up against her back. He came back with a gyhumongous (Jie-hue-mong-ous) vibrator. She turned to him.He trotted back to her. Now she screamed in pain. when it stopped at only 3 inches.." he turned it off again.. are you coming or what? Ok. bring they guys too. and squeezed her breast. But this time a little further south. and walked her to the back door of the store. He grinned at her.. Jeanne was asleep on the table. gripped the base of his cock. "Ok bitch. He turned on his radio. all the while. now its my turn!" Her eyes trained on his overly fat cock. I'm not going to kill you. and a quick sharp rap on the outside of the door told him his buddies were here. Her breathing was coming in harsh gasps as she neared a climax. and dropped her onto the bed. "Thanks thanks. "You here?" a crackling of the radio was heard. bumping into shelves and crates.. He lay on the couch.." The man 80 ... um." he muttered. He grinned and whooped as he kicked the cock. fucking this guy who had just fucked her with a shotgun. She nodded meekly and took the offered bra from him...Mmmhmm.. noting that the cups were too small. ill do whatever you want!" she cried as he checked his shotgun.. He was surprised when he took off the strap and saw the cum pooling around the base of the little rubber cock. He shoved more. come on in man" the door opened more and four immense men strode in.. and undressed quickly. and took the thongs from him.. and fell into a deep sleep. He slid the cock out two or three inches. and she must have cum 6 times. yes. rubbing his asshole. "Oh man. She clenched her teeht against the pain because the pleasure was so intense. he walked behind her and tugged sharply on the ass material. He pumped the cock over and over.. With one quick thrust he was back inside..Yea. with a huge head on it. He thrust into the gaping cavern of pleasure. he pulled out... she's here. "Oh!" She woke with a start. while he pushed the cock into her well lubricated pussy. while the length was just under 12 inches. "we have to make you pretty... He walked away. After another 30 seconds.. it buried over 5 more inches into her over stuffed pussy.

. Mack stopped and glared at him. They were all silent. Freddy quivered with suppressed laughter. but he just put more pressure onto his cock.. Bob was thrown to his knees beside Jeanne. It was during our visit we mentioned we were going tent camping next weekend 81 . then he can join us again... "Oh right. Bob writhed in pain and pleasure. "Tank is mine" said the last. "Ya sure man" he answered. Mack popped his cock into Jeanne's hole with a sharp motion and Jeanne fainted from the pain. "Shit Mack. good idea man" said her first kidnapper. "So Mack. "I-I did! Mack I swear! She's just a stupid cunt! I told her---" A sickening crack came from behind her. one of you can have your way with this fag." whispered Freddy. There is nothing better than to escape from the fast paced hectic routine Becky as an IRS Revenue Specialist and mine as a small business owner share. get some rest guys. "Freddy. and Mack dragged Jeanne to the beds. what was Mack's like???" wondered Jeanne. the guys were all sitting on the bed smoking. "You dirty cunt. "Ok. "Hmmm. take Bob. "Ya.. "Oh no.. She glanced at him and to her horror saw that his eye wasn't visible behind the swollen flesh of his cheek. Jacquee and her husband Phil who lived a couple of hours from our home. away from the door. He grabbed Jeanne's arms and turned her.. Mack again put pressure onto his cock." moaned Tank as he began to pump Bob's hole..This stupid cunt will suffer for what she made us do to Bob." murmured Mack.. "Oh dont be so mad Bob." protested Tank.Ok Mack. "Yes" she answered stonily. On one occasion my Becky and I were visiting my sister." said the largest." he said. They all laughed. sorry man." They all laughed again.. Tank just moaned in intense pleasure. I'll relube her for you. "Sure.. "Tank." murmured Freddy. lets establish some names for you to cry out shall we?" offered the another. Again she was shoved to her knees. "Oh. what did I tell you??" he hissed. "Oh god. "Didn't you tell this cunt NOT to complain???" yelled Mack.oohhhh. "Here Mack. "Shotty George!" called another. Jeanne stood still. but you know how small my dick is compared to you.. "What? No! I couldn't take Bob!" he protested." sighed Tank." said Mack. just cause this cunt is stupid I have to get ass raped by this Fag!" He motioned violently at Tank. when we fuck her again. you want her first?" asked Bob... Becky. it will be an all out fuck fest. he said he told her. Freddy kicked Tanks ass and made his cock thrust fully into Bob's hole. rubbing her clit. Bob screamed out. get me the lube Freddy. They all nodded. "Naw man. "I'll go slow Bob.. When she awoke.." Her dry hole wouldn't open for Mack.. and Mack pulled away. Sister And Spouses I have always had a passion for camping. looking into the mans eyes. Every summer my wife. He stroked her asshole and pussy. Mack put pressure onto his cock.. Tank's cock pressed against Bob's hole. my name will be. "Mack will be mine...muttered something and turned back to Jeanne. She gasped.. "Anyways. I know. "No no. Mack moved behind her and ripped the thong off. "You ready to be used like the cunt you are?" he asked. Freddy you ffffffucking iiiiiiidiot---oohhh. but Jeanne's lube had dried." Offered Freddy. Something cold was smeared all over her hole. while Bob stood to smoke his cigarette. "Have you fucked her ass yet Bob?" "Ya. its too big!" cried Jeanne before she could stop herself. Cold lube was put into Bob's hole. if Bob's was considered small." said Tank. "Freddy here" said one from the shadows. Something that felt like a huge Russian sausage pressed against her asshole.Bob" said her first kidnapper.. he roughly shoved her to the floor. "Ok. Camping Trip Turns Interesting For Brother. and the head slipped inside. and I arrange our schedules so we can enjoy at least one week of camping.

that’s when disaster struck. So. It was immediately obvious that a new tent could not be gotten as the nearest camping store was miles away down country roads that no sane person would take in the dark. his tent which had not been stored away correctly after their last camping trip. Together entered the tent to complete our disturbed sleep. He needed her to come into the office to help with a problem concerning a court case she was involved in.” Phil. Seeing me move Jacquee. After staying up awhile after Phil left Jacquee and I discusses what we would do in their absence decided we’d just finish setting up the camp and maybe take a nice relaxing hike after we finished. Becky said. Jacquee’s breasts were so beautiful the years had indeed been good to her. Phil.” “I will drive down tomorrow afternoon and join you guys for some fun. After explaining the call to Jacquee. and almost in unison reply said. a two-man dome tent that is honestly ancient compared to our cutting edge selferecting six-person dome a beautiful location in Southern Ohio. It was Phil’s supervisor informing him he needed to come in and drive government contract rig as the regular driver. Now it needed to be decided where Phil and Jacquee would sleep. asked them if they would like to join us?” Jacquee looked at Phil. It had been years since I had seen Jacquee nude and what I saw brought back some very erotic memories. His muffled swearing alerted us to something bad and when he emerged from the truck we could see that bad was not the word for it. Seeing Becky’s eyes roll I knew she would have to go in. “Becky would be arriving during the day tomorrow and it would give us a chance to catch up on events in our lives. So that night after a quick dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs we settled down to sleep. just go and do what you gotta do and get back so we could at least have a few days of camping. was so mildewed that its seams had rotted to the point that it was little more than scraps of discolored fabric and though the poles were useable the elastic holding them together had also rotted to the point of non-repair. looking down at me. peaceful sleep Phil’s cell phone and pager woke us with a start. After about an hour Phil and I gave up and the remains of the tent and declared it to be dead and went in the local trash bin. and after some grumbling Phil said he’d come in. Becky explained to her boss that they were leaving shortly on a planned camping trip. While Phil and I tried to find some way to fix the tent so that I was usable. which she tied at waist level. was at the hospital awaiting the birth of their first child. in the spirit of cooperation I volunteered to let them sleep in my tent. she said. Phil explained he and his wife were camping with his wife’s brother and wife and that he was on his scheduled vacation. and asking if she wanted to just pack up and go home with him. Just as we were all about to enter into a nice. saying.” She also said. “Wow! That sounds like fun. Not wanting to let her know I was awake I saw Jacquee undressing. Hanging up. “Oh Yeah!” Jacquee said. Feeling a huge hard on coming on I watched her dress into shorts and a shirt. Feeling the early morning sun hitting my face and noticing a stir in the tent I squinted my eyes to find Jacquee changing. Jacquee set up my tent. “I can join you guys tomorrow. Both Jacquee’s and Phil’s eyes lit up. looks like I woke you and something else too. smiled and said.” After packing his truck with items he’s needed Phil left leaving a trail of dust. Phil looked at Jacquee. “Hey there. Jacquee and I arrived at the camp site and as each of us knew what to do to get camp set up we went about our chores and in the matter of an hour had the basics of our temporary home set up. When Phil and Jacquee arrived Becky was on the phone with her supervisor. Neil. after setting up the stove and the washstand had been digging into his equipment for his tent. “Phil and I were discussing how we were going to do while Phil has a couple of week off from driving his semi.” After discussing what equipment Becky and I had and what Jacquee and Phil needed we set the time where they would meet us at our home. “No. and I know she saw the hard on that was snaking it’s way out of my shorts. the one usually called in for such a replacement.” Dressed big brother and I’ll prepare for you one of my famous omelets.” Becky.” 82 .

“You may ask me anything you want. Stopping briefly to explore the area we continued our hike. the crinkled and firm flesh of her pink nipples comes into view. hand in hand down the trail. then with more passion and growing more passionate with each moment. selected a nice spot away from the trail. “Wow! You remember those days?” I continued by saying. nice thought. As we continued. the kind you’d see in Mayberry with Opie and his friends casually flopping around. and our hips pushing against the pressure of the each other as we had done in our youth brought our passion to greater heights.” “Well. her eyes closed. and after completing the camp set up Jacquee and left a note for Becky and Phil. After we finished we both laid down. Sis. About a half hour into the hike Jacquee stumbled on a large root protruding from the ground. flower blossoms. Jacquee reached up pulled me to her and returned the kiss. acting quickly I caught Jacquee before she fell. one where enjoyment and pleasure overshadow anything else. Jacquee up righted herself adjusting her clothing turned to me and gave me a thank you kiss meant for the cheek but ending up on my lips. and the sweet scent of honeysuckle filled our senses. the path opens into our clearing. High in the trees. of course. Leaning forward. accidentally. Button by button. looked down at Jacquee. “Oops. Lost in the sensual feelings of the kiss. big brother.” “And. wanting to rest up.” All I heard from Jacquee was a low “Hummmm. 83 . Taking a single step inside the idyllic setting transported us into another dimension. on many. letting my fingers find and undo the front clasp of her bra I slowly pushed the material aside. exploring the soft sweet skin. munched on some trail mix and drank bottled water. remember when we were kids. “Oh never mind for now. Finding the swell of her breast. I gently laid her on her back onto the soft bed of pine needles that lay beneath. M<y she was beautiful.” And off we went. A soft bra held the mounds of her breasts. Jacquee. the friction just enough to cause tiny flashes to flow through her body. Acting quickly I caught her by catching her around her chest accidentally grasping her breasts at the same time.” “It’s too bad it wasn’t meant for my lips. you are beautiful!” Opening her eyes. leaving a wet trail that is cooled by the gentle breeze making them grow harder and longer. After about an hour of casually hiking Jacquee and I came upon the picture perfect swimming hole. many occasions picture you in my thoughts as Becky and I make love.” I said. spreading the blanket out over the bed of pine needles we settled down and ate the lunch we had packed. Jacquee asks. soaking in the sun. my lips find the firm flesh and pull it into my mouth. Moving down over her stomach. my tongue slips into the crevice between her mounds. packed a small snack and started down this path. The feel of our bodies pressing together and her soft breasts mashing against my chest. to be completely honest with you I know this might sound terrible but I have. propping myself up on my elbow. As we continued to kiss my fingers slowly and carefully undid each button of the shirt you are wearing.” Jacquee answered by saying. how we used to. the material pushed upward by the hardening of her nipples. I uncovered the delights of her body finally taking my teeth and untying the shirt bottoms. “You know sis. a squirrel chatters and leaps from treetop to treetop. My tongue circles each one. I kiss each section of skin. those thoughts have never left my thoughts. sorry.After a breakfast. Thinking nothing of the incident Jacquee said. Smells of pine trees. Jacquee on her back and I on my right side.” I responded. we again kissed. my lips trail down her neck. After the first two are undone.” Taking my hand. Rising up for a moment. do you mind if I ask you a question?” I answered by saying. the scent of her body blending with the other delicious smells of our spot. Reaching over I kissed Jacquee lightly on her lips and said. As she lay there I saw her breasts moving with each breath she took. well you know. play around with each other?” Instantaneously experiencing a hard on I said.” “ I’m sorry if the answer was not what you were expecting but you asked me. saying Thanks!” Turning on her side facing me. With our tongues finding each other and probing the soft sensitive areas of our mouths we pulled each other closer and closer. my palms sliding over her skin. The warmth of my palms and fingers slips over them. Suddenly. “Wayne. “What did you say. soft at first. Jacquee pulled me to her and gave me a ‘meant to be on the lips kiss’ and pushed me away gently taking my hand pulling me down the trail. “Who am I to complain.

the soft suction of my lips providing a constant flow of electricity to flood her body. I rub her clit with my thumb. Sliding her hips over mine.each time my prick slides deep inside of her so do my fingers. the shaft plainly visible inside the white cotton. Her soft gentle caress of my nuts sends shivers through me as she closes her lips completely around the head of my dick. this time I can taste my own juices on her lips.the taste of you on my lips and tongue spreading over her own lips. Jacquee's hard nipples capping the softness of her breasts drag over my chest as she propped herself up on her hands. Lifting her hips a little. she pulls her head up until only the flared part of my prick stays in her mouth. The trembling of her thighs signals the beginning of her orgasm. The smell of her womanhood drifts into my nostrils causing the need and passion to increase. Again we share a deep kiss. Slowly her orgasm subsides and I leave the sweet center of her pussy to lay beside you and share a deep kiss . Jacquee feels the warmth of the sun on her body as I lick the length of her pussy. Pushing me over onto my back. A tiny dribble leaks from her lips and runs down over her chin. I duplicate her motions . “Oooooh Wayne. I pull you away from the sensitive head of my prick and up close against me. Although we both had tremendous orgasm. my tongue slips inside of her as deeply as I can reach. Jacquee closes her lips around the shaft and nibble gently. that feels so good .” Jacquee. I feel the touch of her tongue against the massive.don't stop" Jacquee cried as I continue do everything I could to make her feel good. My tongue glides across it in tiny touches. my hips pushing up against her. Pushing downward. My hands slid over her body until I pull her around so I can reach the soft wetness of her cunt. My prick throbs against the pressure of my jeans until she frees it from its confinement as she slid them off my feet. her moans echo through the clearing as her body explodes in a tremendous flow of feelings. With increasing suction. The shaft of my prick slides over the swollen shaft of her clit. pushing through the soft cotton. The pull of her lips sends me over the brink as my first shot of cum splashes deep in her throat. I whispered to her. forcing my prick to slide in and out of her mouth. each inch sending more and more jolts of pleasure through her body.the feeling exquisite for both of us. My hips start an involuntary movement. Pushing my fingers inside of you. she duplicated my initial movements. we are still unfulfilled. Our lips join 84 . The glisten of her juices sparkles as a shaft of light through the trees settles on her stomach. that is wonderful" I manage to moan as she slid the length of me deep inside her mouth. my prick slips effortlessly into the hot wetness of her cunt. Each movement of her hips makes them glide over my chest . please don stop. circumcised head. I slide her panties off and lean back down to continue my explorations. sensitive to the touch. should we be doing this?” Tiny cotton bikini panties cover her mound as I can see the wisps of soft pubic hair peeking out from the edge. The salty wetness fills my mouth as I savor in the delicious taste of her juices.Fingers fight with the snap of her jeans and once undone. Her lips tease my tiny nipples to an almost painful state. Soon I can stand the sensations no longer and warn her of my building climax. only the suction of her lips holding me inside her mouth. Her fingers slide the briefs free and I can feel my balls being cupped in the soft palm of her hand. my salty pre-cum slipping into her mouth. my chin pushing against her mound as my tongue probed. I close my mouth over her love mound through the material. I pull her head up until only the tip of my prick is in her mouth as she tries and capture all the juices spurting from my prick. With my tongue exploring the tiny slit in the end. Again and again she pull almost free. she move her hips until the head of my still hard dick rests at the entrance to her pussy. “Do you want me to stop?” “Noooo”. Pushing a single finger deep inside of her. terminating the touch at the peak of her slit. "Oh god. "My god. Pulling the panties aside. I push against the spot and continue to suck her. I hear her soft moan and look up to see her hands and fingers teasing and tugging her nipples while I continue to explore her with my lips and tongue. Hands tangled in her hair. Leaning forward. Once located. The head peeks out the top of my briefs. I find the tiny shaft of her clit extending from its hood and slowly and very gently suck it into my mouth. My finger feels the rhythmic pulsing of her pussy. I press upward and forward seeking the special place that enhances her pleasure. Each time she squeeze my balls. I move between her legs and pull them slowly down over her hips and push them free from her feet.

"Yeah but our clothes would dry stiff and be really uncomfortable and irritate the shit out of us by the time we get back. this explosion far more powerful than before. As we stood there drinking from our spring water bottles and looking in awe at the swimming hole. making sure we had everything I took Becky’s hand as Phil took Jacquee’s we started back towards camp. turning on our sides. “What time did you guys get to camp. I can see her breasts flatten out on her chest and shake with each pounding movement of my hips. Lying atop you. mashing my pubic bone against hers. her leg thrown over mine. "Boy could I go for a swim. Phil stood and faced us. Soft gentle kisses. “Do you guys know what time it is?” We’ve been searching all over for you a non-stop kiss . who said we had to wear them in the water? We haven't seen a sole for two hours and this really doesn't look like a well-used trail. we roll over without losing the contact of our groins.deep. I bet we would dry off just fine with out towels. Suddenly." Jacquee added as she too was feeling the water. We all then took turns doing the same thing. The pool was in a clearing where there was plenty of sun. It had to be in the high eighties outside and we were all hot and sweaty.” Looking down at my watch I said. It seems to last an eternity. just as we were folding the blanket saw Becky and Phil nearing our location. "Must be seventy five at least. "What. lost completely in the sensations that flood our bodies.” I told her someone was calling our names. slippery. Jacquee and I motioned to them of our location. My lips move down to lick and tease each nipple in turn. Her hands and arms are over her head. the feelings so intense. The pressure of my hips presses against her clit as we start to move in perfect unison. placing my hand across Jacquee’s mouth and lipped an “Shhh. I could stay this way forever." Phil said as he began to remove his shirt. startled by faint calls of both our names I quickly awoke Jacquee." Phil said as we came up on the waters edge. No words are necessary . He looked over at Jacquee. “We must have dosed off longer than I thought we did. I push deep inside of you. dressed as best as possible and. As they neared. Blast after blast of cum splashed into her pussy." "Too bad we didn't bring suits and towels. Greeting them they asked. sweet whispers.” I asked. About two hours of hiking and seeing no one at all. "Hell I'm not modest. who just looked at him with a bewildered look.” Looking at Jacquee and around the spot we had stopped. I lift myself up until only my prick inside of you touches her body. Looking down as I thrust against her. "You know. Her movements on my prick felt wonderful. Our movements increase in speed as we approach a mutual explosion. we collapse in each other’s arms. Her gasp and moan coupled with the sucking of her pussy send me over the top and with a strong pulse." I pointed out. my dick explodes deep inside of you. we came upon a good size pool on creek. “Becky and I got returned almost at the same time around 1:30 and started searching for you about 3:15. and our lips. We all looked at it with the same thought in mind. it feels like a hundred degrees out here. and the slow gentle caresses of our hands we entered a peaceful slumber." She said pulling at the front of her blouse. Barely able to move. as they mash against each other. Her pussy clenches so tightly that it is almost impossible to move in and out of her. Becky was quick to add. biting each gently as I switch back and forth. When was the last time any of us went skinny dipping?" She kidded all of us. like now you are going to be prudish? Come on. my prick inside of her.only the signals of our bodies. We grind our hips together. "Well. show us 85 .” Phil said. We quickly gathered our cloths. Pulling her close against me. long slow kisses that are wet with our saliva. Reaching down and testing the water temp. releasing its sticky hold on her body. Becky spoke. grabbing and holding on to the blanket and grass.

our shorts and panties.” Phil rang out in the silence." I quickly said trying to help my brother in law out a little. We sat in water about a foot deep. We all turned to look at Phil who was turning beat red. splashing and having such a good time. "I find real red heads to be rare to find. We all stood there for a second looking at each other at the same stage of undress.” Becky said as she looked at Phil and Jacquee.some skin and get in that cool.” “And Jacquee. Again my cock stirred. We were all jumping and laughing as we played and enjoyed the water. Someone had to make a decision so. Well. He was a little thicker but about the same length. I looked at my wife who stood there facing me with her 34b tits with big old hard nipples sticking out and she snaked out of her panties standing to reveal her naturally red trimmed red mound of joy." Jacquee added. "This is going to be really cool guys. I wish my boobs were as nice as yours" “You have no sag in them al all. I have to say I am not particularly interested in your pubic hair but your Phil junior is intriguing and nicely proportioned. "Becky. I don’t want to be too forward but you have a nice set of boobs. "I'm in the water guys. "In fact it more than does nicely when needed." 86 . And Becky started to laugh as she watched me begin to swell. We all laughed at that. I knew I was only semi hard but that thought helped stimulate me. My cock began to swell with the memory. what the hell I thought and began to undress. I was on the left end with my wife next to me. "They really do have a striking look don't they? Almost like having no hair at all huh?" I said looking at Phil. He as looking at Becky laughing with a full fledged boner pointing at a forty five degree angle up from his balls pulsating at the sight of Becky. "She must think it's funny cause it only shows on their nipples. This could be fun in the long run. Just the thought of seeing her nude again brought back our earlier love making by the lake and I was sensing a hard on coming on. I shrugged my shoulders and wiggled my ass and pulled my shorts off. All I could see were the tops of her tits." was all I heard next as Becky jumped in with a splash. With all the horsing around we was doing it was easy to brush and touch each other in the most intimate places." I heard Becky say as I watched Jacquee undress. All of us were really comfortable now and talking freely all at once with no one talking to anyone but every one talking to someone. Then she stood up and I got a good view of her chest again. I also noticed how he made a few purposeful contacts with Becky. I feel like I'm eighteen again." Phil said to Jacquee as he was now removing his shorts. I sprang to full attention. My cock never went down. His remark finally made sense to me and I began to chuckle. "Well thank you Phil. It was then I realized that he was rock hard from looking at my wife. I noticed that Phil was having the same thing going for him as his cock bounced free and hard as we played. I was glad to see that Phil and I were at least comparable in size. I loved not only touching Jacquee but my wife as well. "Yes it does Becky. and was surprised to find her also in the process of stripping out of her hiking gear. I could see her setting there with here knees up taking off her shoes." Phil said as I turned to look at him. Finally running out of gas we all settle to the side of the swimming hole where there was a sort of alcove. “It’s just your brother and sister in law. I looked to Jacquee to see what her reaction was going to be. I looked at Becky who was already down to her bikini panties and pulling off her shoes. I looked to my sister and that was it. then Phil and Jacquee setting at almost ninety degrees to us. There was a brief break in the chattering. The air was getting a little more serious now. inviting water. We all joined her in an instant.

"I bet it does," replied my Becky looking the head of Phil's cock as it poked out of the water like a little periscope. "Well Phil, looks like you have the USDA seal of approval today." I told him. "Of course if we were official meat checkers we would do a little more through inspection. What do you think Becky is the opinion of your colleague accurate?" I was feeling my dick brain thinking again. What the hell I thought, let's see what goes on. This was all new to all of us as we sat there. None of us knew what was going to happen next and if someone said stop I'm sure we would have. But we were all sexually charged at this point. My cock was throbbing and I was horny as hell. Jacquee was flushing as she leaned and grabbed my cock. Phil was just setting there staring at Becky. Hell he just got the green light from his wife to allow my wife to fondle his cock. I mean what man in the world would not want a good-looking red head to beat him off? I could tell Becky was hot just by her actions. If she were upset she would have immediately stopped this. Just the fact she wasn't storming out of the water was enough to tell me she was interested. Becky, taking her eyes off Phil said, “Whew! I think we all should get out of the water before something really happens. “Let’s get back to camp and talk about this a bit more” Becky, touching Phil’s cock whispered to his cock said, “Maybe later big fellow, maybe later.” Right now we better gets back to camp before it gets dark. We got a hike ahead of us." We all agreed and got up. I couldn't wait to see how things went. Becky was funny about things. But normally if she wanted to try something she did it. This was going to be an interesting camping trip. We gathered up our gear and headed back to the camp. It took us almost as long to get back as it did to get to the swimming hole even though it seemed like we were hiking at a much faster pace then before. I sort of determined from all the quit and the fast pace that everyone was going over the events of the day in their own minds as we hiked. Once we were back in camp and had things squared away we all decided to go get a quick shower. We had all worked up a hell of a sweat as we came back down the trail and it showed. Off to the showers we headed. The showers were in a small building just down the road. There were four stalls along with toilet facilities. When I was done showering and shaving finally brought up today's events. "So Wayne, what do you think about what happened today?" He asked as he combed his hair in the mirror. "It Depends, I guess. I think my cock tells me this is great but my brain is telling me to be cautious." I replied. "Yeah me too. But you know I think we'll be ok with today. I think Jacquee will be alright and I'm pretty sure about me but what about you and Becky?" I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was more then just a little interested in letting more happen. "I don't know Phil. I think I will be OK with me fucking around but I'm a little nervous about Becky. I mean how do I know I will be able to handle it later? You know jealousy is a strange monster.” "Tell you what. If you feel that this is not right then we should end it now. Other wise we will all end up with a problem later." Phil told me as he turned and looked at me. "No, not yet. I think I want to see this through a bit yet. I mean I really think that watching my wife get it my guy would be a huge turn on. Jesus today I thought I was going to explode with lust watching her


suck you off. I can't imagine what it would be like to see her fucking you. Wow." I was feeling a little turned now from our talk. My mind was already visualizing the picture of Becky getting boned by Phil. Jesus I was hooked and I knew it. If there was any doubt Phil killed it with his next statement. “Phil, what are your thoughts regarding Jacquee and me…we are brother and sister?” "That's cool, personally I have no problem with it. Up until my youngest sister got married a few years ago she and I screwed each other’s brains out for several years. By the way you know Jacquee has wanted to fuck you for years?" He said as he slapped on the shoulder. Jacquee and I do a lot of role playing and she has mentioned you several times so I know Jacquee has no problem with it.” There was a huge smile on his face. "What?" I replied as I stared blankly back at him. Jacquee ahs mentioned on several occasions about how you two did some mild experimentation when you two were growing up.” "Yeah it's true. She told me about it quit a while ago. She also has been trying to tease you for a while. I didn't know what to think at this point. I was really confused and the look on my face must have shown it. "C'mon Wayne she did, didn't she. I know she did cause she told me about it." "About what?" I asked my brother-in-law. Jesus did he know what happened?

"Hey it's cool Wayne. I know she was going to tease you. She told me she was before I left this morning. In fact I'll bet you even got a little too. Huh? " Phil sat on the sink counter and looked at me. "What's up here Phil? Is there something I don't know about?" I asked him, knowing full well he knew more. "Well did you get a little? Come on now big guy I know you did cause Jacquee told me on the way back to camp." He paused and looked at me, then continued. "Hey don't worry I don't care. I think it is really hot to know you got her and she being your sister makes it even hotter." I was really confused at this point I didn't know what to think but I know my cock was remembering the morning just fine. Fuck it I thought let's get it out in the open because it was more then likely to get out anyway. "She sure did. How'd you like it?" He said with a smile. "Well it was different that's for sure. You’ve got a hot wife Phil and in return I guess I have one hot sister." I looked at him searching for a negative response and saw none. "So what gives here anyway? I mean we go from just good friends to a near orgy in less then twelve hours. And you and your wife are talking about it already. If I didn't know better I would think you two had a plan here." "Well you are pretty close except it isn't us two." "You mean to tell me that Becky is in on this too?" I asked him.


"Well let's say that when you two were at the house the last time she told Jacquee about the fantasy you had for her that came out briefly one day during one of your hot love making sessions and then Jacquee told her about hers things just grew from there. You have a birthday coming up next month and I guess this was going to be your present. We talked about it among the three of us and figured we would see how you would react to the idea on this trip. And so far I think you may be getting your gift early." Phil explained the plan to me in greater detail. Seems that they were going to see if I would go along with a little sexual swapping with out getting hung up on it. If it looked ok then the next month they were going to go all the way. The little party by the swimming hole was to be the starter. Well they thought they would see if a little swap would work out too. So here we were in the shower at the campgrounds talking about it. "So Phil I think I get the picture now. You three had this planned to see if I was going to be OK with it and now it's happening faster then you planned. Hey I'm cool let's ride the wave and see what happened Wayne. So looks like you may get a shot at you sister before the night is over." "Well let’s head back and see what the girls are doing and play this one step at a time. I reached up and put my hand on his shoulder as we exited the building. Phil said, as we started down the path to our site,” Well my friend I only have one request." "I want to watch," we both said in unison and laughed. Back at the sight we started a fire and cooked dinner. We were all sort of thinking the same thing, which was what was going to happen to night. We all had planned on sleeping in the same tent that Jacquee and Phil had which made things a lot easier. It must have been around eight when the conversation finally hit the sexual direction again. It was Becky that brought it up first and from there it snowballed. She told me she knew about Jacquee and me and wasn't at all surprised. I asked her if she really wanted to do this and she told me she did. She asked if I was OK with her balling Phil and I assured her I was as long as I could watch. Jacquee made it very clear that she wanted to watch as well. It was a really beautiful night out. And sleeping on top of the sleeping bags was going to be the way of it. Phil and I each had on a pair of shorts and tea shirts. Jacquee had on a pair of sweats and a cut off sweatshirt. As we picked things up I noticed Becky had gone in and changed into a pair of real lose fitting sweat short and a lose tank top. We were all real comfortable as dusk approached. We sat round the fire for a bit and had a few beers. As the drinks took effect the conversation got a little more colorful. It was very apparent that we going to have a really sexual encounter this evening. Phil was the first to suggest that we head into the tent at about ten o'clock. "Well I don't know about any one else here," he said, "but all this sex talk has got me hot as hell. And if you all don't mind I would really like the chance to stick this cock into Becky's hot pussy. What you say kiddo?" He asked my wife. "I thought we would never get to it. Come on guys lets get in the tent and play." She returned as she stood up from the fire. Jacquee walked over to me as I stood and cuddled up to my side." I want you to fuck me real slow as we watch Phil and Becky. I want you to hold back your come till after my husband fills your wife's pussy with his cum. Then I want to watch you fuck your wife in my husbands cum while I suck Phil's cock clean." Jacquee was lightly rubbing my cock as she whispered this to me so no one else could hear. I was really turned on now. I had to get my salami into this little fuck machine again. I don't know if I could hold off but the idea she had was great.


Fuck the foreplay I'm so hot I can't stand it." she said as she pushed her ass back to me as I slid into her. CUM IN ME. "Remember. twice then on the third stroke he plowed his cock as deep as he could into my wife and started to shoot his load into her. With the simplest shove he slid into her. "OH FUCK!! I'M CUMMING. It was really hard holding back from fucking her as I watched my wife getting a good fucking from Phil. Jacquee wiggled out of her pants and got on her hands and knees facing the fucking couple.We all entered the tent and Phil and Becky immediately started to undress. Becky groaned deeply as Phil sank easily to his balls into her hot red haired hole.. Becky laid on the sleeping bag and spread her legs looking up at Phil. I knew if I moved I would blow my load into her and I really wanted to add my cum to my brother-in-laws in my lovely wife. "OH FUCK I FEEL IT SHOOTING IN ME. AH YES! OHHH FUCKING YESS! OHHH SHIT. Then I want you to fuck her in his cum and shoot your load into her. "Just stick that fucker in me and fuck my brains out. Jacquee and I could hear the wet slurping sounds of his cock as he penetrated and then withdrew from my wife cunt. Here I was with my dick in my sister as I watched her husband balling my hot wife. I stripped out of my clothes and got down behind my beautiful sister’s ass for the second time today. Then I heard my wife. you're making me cum. I could feel the soft walls of her love tunnel slid snugly over my ridged joint as I slid into her to the hilt. "God Becky. Looking at her face I could see that she was getting close to cumming. FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM. I looked at Phil and sure enough I could see the tell tail signs of his approaching orgasm. Becky was groaning as Phil started to jab his cock into her with more and more force. but I held on. 90 .." Becky was hysterical with pleasure as Phil filled her waiting hole with his hot cum. slow and easy until Phil cums in my sister. Phil changed his angle of assault forcing the top of his cock to rub Becky's sensitive slit and this brought out a whine of ecstasy from her. " Phil is getting ready to cum. I moved in behind her and placed my cock at the opening of her waiting pussy. FUCK YESSSS!" She screamed as her orgasm raked her body. He dropped to his knees between her legs and positioned his cock at her pussy. as he slammed hard into her once. I gently rubbed my hand over Jacquee's soft ass as I took my cock in my other hand and stroked it. look at his face. I watched and slowly fucked his wife as he deliberately jammed all seven inches if his cock as deep as he could into my wife. Within second they were fucking hard and fast." Jacquee hissed at me as I slid my cock into her warm wet cunt. Jacquee looked over her shoulder at me. The sounds in the tent were an unbelievable turn on. I heard Becky moan and looked up to see that Phil had put her legs to her shoulders and jammed his cock deep into my wife. Jacquee wiggled her ass and looked over her shoulder at me. The sight was something out of a porn movie. God was my sister-inlaw hot. It was very apparent they were really ready to get to it. All the time I was watching them fuck I had my hands on Jacquee's ass and was slowly fucking her wet pussy. Each time he hit bottom her whole body rippled from the force." Phil hissed. As I watched my brother-in-law fill my wife's pussy with his cum I stopped fucking Jacquee and just held my cock in her pussy. Becky was in ecstasy as Phil rammed his hard cock in and out of her dripping snatch. GIVE IT TO ME." She ordered Phil. OH FUCK YES GIVE IT TO ME. Jacquee and I watched as they both stripped it record time.

When Phil started to cum in you I lost it and came all over your husbands cock. "Tell me what it feels like sweetheart. This caused some more of Phil's semen to leak out of her." She then looked over to Phil and Becky. "I came just watching you two fuck. Cum in my pussy and mix you cum with Phil's. Jacquee was cumming and cumming hard now as she played with this engorged clit. All the time she was hissing. yes cum in my pussy. "You want to stick your cock into me honey?" My wife asked. She then pulled them out and rubbed them on her clit. "Well there is enough cum in there." Jacquee told Becky. 91 . what a fuck." I heard Jacquee moan and then start to tremble. I watched my sister slowly recover from her orgasm and look over her back at me.I watched as Phil slowly worked his cock around in Becky's screaming snatch. yes. I looked down at her and she dropped her head to the ground and shoved her cunt back on my cock. God look at your pussy so full of Phil's cum. God I almost shot my wad before I even bottomed out in my hot little wife. cum in me. that's it yes." Becky said as she heard both Jacquee and I sigh as we watched her dripping pussy. Tell me what your cock feels" "Oh God Becky. I got between her legs and looked down at her pussy. "Oh that it baby." "God Phil must have shot a gallon of cum in me and so much pressure. I want to fuck you. "Wow. I can't explain what I feel. Becky had grabbed his ass and pulled him into her as deep as she could. trying to bury every inch of him in her. "Fuck that was good. I can't believe you didn't cum. It’s so wet and hot. Phil was already dislodging his satisfied cock from my wife. Then they broke the kiss and Becky looked at Jacquee. I just held on to her ass and never moved as she squirmed on my cock and she blew her lunch. Is this what you have fantasized about? Fucking me after another man has fucked me and cum in me?" Becky cooed as I sank all seven inches of my steel hard cock in her. Jacquee and I both watched as he pulled his cock from Becky's cunt. Oh god there is so much cum in me it’s running down my ass. "You like to fuck me in another mans sperm. "I want to watch Wayne fuck you. Watching my husband fuck his sister was really fucking hot. They were kissing passionately as Phil moved his ass in little circular motions. I really came hard. I pulled out of Jacquee and went over to my wife. It took all I had not to cum in Jacquee's cunt as she came on my cock. Becky reached down and sank two fingers into her hole." She said to Jacquee. As I did I could feel how wet she was from all of Phil's sperm." Becky cooed as I emptied my balls into her hot sperm soaked hole. My balls are wet from the cum in your pussy and just knowing that I'm fucking you in another man's cum is. as he shot is load into her. Keep cumming baby." I eased my joint to the mouth of her cunt." "Oh you naughty bitch. "God that was the hottest thing I ever saw. When he did a little stream of his cum flowed out of her hole and ran down her ass crack. I could feel her hot cunt milking my shaft as she started to cum. "You want to feel Phil's hot cum in my pussy on your cock?" "Oh yeah. "yes." Jacquee told Becky. OH FUCK!" I drove my cock as deep and as hard into my wife as I could and started to adding my cum to Phil's in her pussy. I never felt a guy shot so hard in my life." With that Becky wiggled her cunt on Phil's cock as he basted in the warmth of her sperm drenched pussy. hmmmm." Becky said. "I want to see him fuck your pussy with my husbands cum in it. Then I slid into her. She reached between her legs and rubbed her clit." "Oh fuck I'm cumming.

leaving the tent. She really has a hot cunt. What was so different with this experience was the fact that brother and sister were involved. that would be nice.” Phil. I bent and kissed her deeply as my orgasm subsided." She kidded.I must have shot five good spurts into her before I felt the peak ebbing. "Hmmm. Opening the first bottle the cork ended up in the back of the tent while the second cork hit the top of the tent and bounced between Becky’s thighs. "What do you guys think about all of us sleeping together for the night?” Jacquee asked as she gently stroked my wife's hair. naked went to his car and brought back an ice chest with two big bottles of Champagne.” Without thinking twice Phil kneeled down spreading Becky’s legs and using his tongue retrieved the cork taking some time to tease her pussy lips. She whispered in my ear. We felt Jacquee and Phil lay down beside us on the sleeping bags. They had been at it for sometime and were somewhat exhausted when Phil said. I have never been so hot in my life as I watched you getting fucked by Phil. cooed through closed eyes. Wayne’s wife and Phil. that would be nice." Jacquee smiled "Yeah well." Becky kidded Jacquee. “I have just the thing for us while we rest up before going at it again. "Well I can feel the answer to that. "Hmmm. “Phil you were kind enough to bring the bubbly so I will allow you to retrieve the cork in whatever manner you choose. She was flushed and looking up at me." Jacquee smiled "Yeah well. "That's only because you had your cock in your sister. your husband is about to get his balls fucked off for the night too there missy. 92 . Pouring out drinks for each of us we all settled down to relax a bit." She teased. When we last left Wayne. Jacquee’s husband they had just experienced their first taste of wife swapping. Phil and I looked at each other both eying the second cork and I said. And how about fucking me with another man cum in me?" Becky asked. Did you enjoy having your fantasy come true?" "Oh God Becky." Becky. I looked down at my beautiful wife as I shot the last of my sperm into her. your husband is about to get his balls fucked off for the night too there missy. "Great sister in law cause I can't wait to feel your husbands cock in me again." "Well I'm happy baby. "What do you guys think about all of us sleeping together for the night?” Becky had replied. My cock jumped in her pussy. Jacquee. "Great sister in law cause I can't wait to feel your husbands cock in me again. We all looked at each other and smiled. gently stroking Becky’s asked. cooed through closed eyes. "This is really hot baby. "Well did you enjoy fucking Jacquee after all these years?" "God yes." Becky. Both girls cooed and said pop those corks and let the party begin. To be continued.." Becky kidded Jacquee.. his sister Jacquee and Becky." I said.

out and around. Looking back at Jacquee and Becky I saw that Becky was going completely out of control. and fuck me hard. lick it. Her heart pounding. Becky gasped for air as she felt the electric shock of Jacquee's tongue as it swirled around her clit.” Jacquee leaned forward kissing Becky on the forehead. “Have you ever made love to another woman Becky?” Becky responded with a “No. taking each nipple in her mouth and sucking it gently before switching to the other. and her cries became incoherent. the pleasure of a fantasy come true. As she continued kissing between Becky's breasts and down to her navel. suck it. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Becky erupted into a gigantic orgasm. Becky was humping and twisting so much that it was impossible for Jacquee to lick and suck her pussy so Jacquee gave up doing this. with large thick lips and a very pronounced clit. "Oh. Becky moved down to Jacquee’s pussy loving the fragrance of Jacquee's pussy. eat me. It was all she had ever imagined it would be. I began rubbing my cock as it came to its hardest length and width. I saw Phil out of the corner of my eye as he too was working on his cock. She moved down between her legs and lifted and spread her legs to give her access to her big. Jacquee worked her lips and tongue over. suck my clit. at times what it would feel like. but I could see Becky’s reaction as Jacquee’s finger passed over them. Each stroke satisfied her sexual desire. A wave of orgasm seared through Becky and she cried out in pleasure. grabbed her hips and pressed his hard cock into her gaping and willing pussy. please rub my pussy. "Ye-a-ah! Yea-a-ah!" Becky repeated each time she thrust upward. gently running her fingers through Becky’s hair said. The girls repositioned themselves to where Becky was leaning in taking Jacquee’s breasts and began to tease them. She rubbed Becky’s clit with one hand while placing more fingers of the other in her cunt and working them in and out.After some light petting Jacquee stood up and kneeled in front of Becky. beautiful cunt." She was still lying stretched out with her legs nearly together now. into and around Becky’s very eager pussy and hard clit." Becky cried. in and out. Jacquee began paying more attention to Becky's pussy by gently running my middle finger from near her ass hole upward to her clit. Phil. Becky’s pussy looked like it was six inches long. fuck me. She began to settle down a little as the orgasmic spasms decreased." Jacquee opened my mouth as wide as she could over her cunt and sucked. Jacquee gently pushed Becky's thighs apart. "Oh-h-h. You could tell she loved the feel of a hard cock plunging into her. and Jacquee could not get to her pussy very well. "Oh yeah! Oh! Oh! That's it! Suck it! Put your tongue in! Lick my clit! Yeah! Oh God. Jacquee's hands were exploring Becky's lower regions. Turning her attention to Becky’s breasts Jacquee started kissing her full breasts. but at the same time made her want more. "that's so good. in and out. put your fingers in me. delighting in the discovery that Becky's pussy was clearly and completely wet. The sight and sounds of the 2 women cumin was too much for any man to bear. that's good! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yeah! Yeah!" Becky cried. 93 . Jacquee spread the lips with her fingers. It didn’t look like Jacquee was pressing hard. She was so wet and loose by now that I wondered if Jacquee could get her whole hand in her. eat my pussy. It looked like Jacquee could not get her mouth over her vagina and clit both. but I have thought. pulling himself up behind Becky. trying to force herself onto Jacquee’s hand. Becky moaned. "Oh baby. bucking and humping upward. and then flicked her clit with my tongue. the feeling of the wetness there and the pungent taste. Becky’s whole body responded in a big spasm and she groaned loudly. so Jacquee placed two fingers in her and worked them in. Becky's nipples stiffened when she felt the hardness pushing against her and she cried out as she felt Phil slip deep inside her. Becky was in heaven.

getting a taste of both of them. Might be continued. The next several hours were spent with all of us experimenting with various combinations of lovemaking. was when Jacquee. "I never dreamed sex could be such fun!" and they all laughed again. then kissing again and then the other doing the same. the one that gave her the deepest.The pleasure deep inside Becky began to grow with each stroke of Phil’s cock. Jacquee's moans excited her beyond belief. All these combinations were so very hot and sexy. The feeling of being eaten by a sexy woman and sucking a man's cock at the same time gave Becky some very intense orgasms." said Becky. 94 . Finally. Becky felt the pleasure of laying back and letting Jacquee please her orally again while her Phil straddled her breasts and offered his cock for her to suck. one sucking her clit. but Becky's favorite. she felt her lover plunge in deeply and his body and cock stiffened as he began to cum. or pulling on her pussy lips with their teeth. her juices mixing with her lover's cum. Phil and I took turns eating her pussy. Never had her body enjoyed such attention and such pleasure. You be the judge! Getting Schooled This story is a fantasy and completely fictional! I am a 24 year old male English teacher who recently finished university in a big city. Collapsing in a pile on top of Jacquee." she thought to herself. She liked it when she felt them kissing between her legs. First feeling one tongue in her and then quickly followed by another sent shudders through her body. Becky thought she would lose consciousness her pleasure being so intense. Becky's legs were spread far apart as her 2 lovers licked her at the same time. One day while in the country I came across a quaint little town about an hours drive from the city. the other probing her lower pussy with their tongue. most consuming orgasms. As her climax approached. longest. and wanted to get away from it all and teach some where quiet and peaceful. "So this is what it is like to have 2 people at the same time. one breaking off the kiss and then getting a nice deep lick of her pussy. too. erupted in orgasm. Over and over again she came as the 2 of them licked and fingered her. kissing her and pulling her close we also entered into a deep sleep. After we all had experienced another orgasm we all collapsed made up our sleeping bags where Phil put his arms around Jacquee and they fell into a deep sleep and I taking Becky. Becky watched while I fucked Jacquee and she even leaned in and licked my cock as it went in and out of Jacquee's pussy. "Oh my god. almost fighting over her. This final pressure put Becky over the edge and she. their juices. they all giggled. and her own intermingled with theirs.

Then lunch was over and I quickly to the resource room (a small room with a projector. I looked up and a couple of the girls were crossing and uncrossing their legs and to my surprise they had no panties on. and a job out of the city was what I wanted so I just thought what the hell. I arrived for the interview a couple of weeks later. only saying "See you tomorrow Mr Edwards"." Danii said." I said. and giving me a wink. When I got to her office the old fat and bald professor. They must of shaved their pussies cause I could see the lips of them glistening with moisture. suddenly dropped her books. some of the seniors were starting to get flirty and the discussions started to get sexual. Needless to say with all that had been going on lately with the girls I was horny as hell all morning. By the way all the girls were extremely cute and sexy with medium B size tits and sexy legs with knee high socks and short skirts just covering their hot firm round asses. If you want the job it's yours. I was so tempted to stick my tongue in her pussy but just as I licked my lips she stood up and continued along to class. "Nothin' thats it. Mr Sacks was there. It was only an inch fom my face and the smell was sweet and musky. Each tantalising glance I got was making my cock rock hard. I decided to apply even though I new nothing about teaching history. "Is that how Miss Jensen says it?" I asked a bit shocked. "You're an english and history teacher right?" she asked. "but thats what they're called right?" "OK." she said. From the moment I arrived I could tell that the girls took an immediate interest in me. He told me Miss Jensen was very ill. I think you are just what the girls need. Then the next day some of the girls were giggling when they saw me in the morning. and that I was to take all her classes for a while. but I had to wait until after lunch for the class. As she leant over to pick them up she kept her legs together and straight bending at the waist. I'm sure they will be able to relate to you as you're much closer to their age group than their old teacher. but they said that old miss Jensen teaches that and she doesn't say much about it. They were in an all girls school and there was only one other male teacher. The next day I was climbing some stairs to get to class. giving me a close up view of her bare wet pussy. I went to the headmasters office and was met by an old looking woman."Why don't you tell us more Mr Edwards? I bet you know all about sex 95 . "Yes I sure am. I was letting them read abook quietly but I kept hearing little whispers and giggles. but I thought nothing of it. It was getting to a stage where I really could do with the income. "I thought all the younger teachers wanted to teach in the city?" "Well I don't. Then later in my small english class (the school wasn't very big) of 10 students started to act up. I said that I did and I was to start the following monday." "Well I think you will do fine." she said." she said. well she seemed to be over 70 by my guesswork. Instead of saying hello and talking to me at lunch about their interests and so on. One of the other girls Anita asked. Man I was horny and they must have known it because they kept looking at the bulge in my jeans and whispering to each other. The school was very nice and looked quite traditional. I thought they would be getting all this info from sex ed classes. I started by asking "What has Miss Jensen told you so far about sex?" "Not much. I was about to say something then the bell rang and they left. I was eager to see how sex ed was going to turn out. and something needed to be done about it. "No. and the one girl in front of me. They were asking "What's it like to have sex? Is it really fun? What does it feel like?". But after a few weeks things started to heat up a little bit. so it was sound proofed. and I'm looking forward to finally teaching after all these years as a student. I like the clean air and the slower pace out here. just that a man sticks his cock in a girls pussy and plants a seed to fertilise an egg which grows to a baby. She looked quite pleased to meet me and said her name was Miss Jensen. I decided to see Miss Jensen about their sex ed class.) The girls started to come in. especially the seniors. because these girls were obviously horny as hell. and your the first young person we've interviewed. another of my senior english students." she said. tv and video. "We didn't get many replies to our ad. sure.While reading the local paper over lunch I noticed an employment opportunity at a local girls college for a teacher who taught english and history. but he was a bald fat 50 year old professor so their interest was to be expected. But what else did she say?" I asked.

Your cock feels so good in my pussy. The next day after lunch all 10 of the girls turned up for class. The movie was about some porn stars' dinner party and the first scene was a woman getting fucked on the couch by some guy before they headed to the party. Can we see yours?" All the girls turned around and said "Yeah we wanna see the real thing" Danii came over and started to to run her hands down my chest. tasting her own cum in my mouth. Ooooo that feels so good. then it'll feel really good. By now I was ready to explode and stood up as the girls all knealt in front of me. Before going to bed I watched a porno with cheerleaders getting fucked all over and jerked off for what seemed 30 seconds before blowing the biggest load of cum I had ever blown. If your OK with that then just turn up tomorrow at the same time. I'd love to have a big hard cock to lick right now. I licked up all her cum. Kelly sat on her knees above my cock and started rubbing my cock up and down her slit before slowly sticking it in. Anita jerked my slick cock up and down before I came an massive spurts. My cock was like solid rock and popped out without any help. I wanna taste his cum. His cocks so big and hard. My idea was to show them a classy porno. As they unclasped their bras their gorgeous tits were in full view as I turned my head to get a look. As the movie went on I kept looking at the girls reactions from the back of the room. The others turned around to watch as Danii unzipped my fly. Danii leant forward and licked the tip of my cock which already had a lot of pre-cum dripping from it. Kelly: OK. After a little while she got into a nice rhythm and started shouting "o yeahh fuck me. Anita: Yeaah fuck him. but I want you to know that it's a little adult so you can't tell anyone about these classes. Kelly: AAHHH it's too big it hurts. Me: It's your first time so you have to go slow. That was the best 96 . Kelly took over sucking my cock while Danii got undressed. This past week had made me hornier than I had ever been. She continued to lick and suck my cock as the two girls behind started stripping off their clothes. I stopped licking Danii's pussy and sat up. I'll go really slow. and the girls used them to clean up. suck my pussy. Kelly: I wanna fuck him. Kelly started moaning really loudly "ooooo yeeaaahhhh" as her toes curled up and she came." They all said sure and after the class was over I went home. u huh suck my pussy" as she started to cum all over my face. I laid down on my back and told Danii to sit on my face. There was a lot of moaning and oooos and ahhhs as the guy shot cum all over her tits when the scene ended. Then Danii asked "Wow Mr Edwards that was amazing. only pulling their hands back up to lick the pussy juice off their fingers before sliding them back in. I saw some girls reaching under their skirts to finger their pussies under the desks. fuck me hard. Kelly went real slow as Anita massaged her clit. shooting cum all over Anita's face and tits." Danii was also getting loud moaning "ooooooo o yeaahh. and Danii kissed me and said "Thank you.and stuff" I had an idea but it had to wait until tomorrow. As the guy was getting a blowjob the girls started shifting in their seats and licking and biting their bottom lips. Danii: Oh yeaahhh. I told them we were going to watch a tape of people actually having sex. while Anita and Kelly went behind me and started rubbing my shoulders and kissing my neck. As she crouched down I slapped her pussy a few times with my hand before getting my first taste of this gorgeous girls pussy. which I had plenty of cause I'm a bit of a sex addict. Every one else was just lying around in a daze from what just happened. Luckily I had brought some towels just in case. "OK I'll show you something tomorrow. They all started to get excited when I slipped the tape on. then she laid down next to me and started to kiss me. I started licking Anita's nipples and sucking on them while Danii removed her and Anita's panties. It'll only hurt for a little bit. Anita. I lied back down and went back to licking Danii's hot wet pussy. Anita proceeded to lick my cock clean as Kelly and Danii licked the cum off Anita's tits. I reached out and started pulling on Anita's nipples with my fingers and she started moaning. When Kelly stopped sucking my cock to get her panties off I took the chance to look around and saw the other girls either licking each others pussies or sticking fingers in their own while watching us. O yeeaaahhh baby fuck me. Kelly. Make him cum.

I can't wait for tomorrows lesson! The sex lesson This story is a fantasy and completely fictional! Hi. It's a large school of about 1500 students and 50 teachers. Well the girls seem to like me anyway. I asked "Hello. I was having to spend a lot of time with her after classes 97 . It was becoming quite obvious how I felt about her.. O man was she hot! She had shoulder length blond hair. but she kept backing off when I tried to take it further. a set of tits to die for (large C cup). However I knew they were just jealous because they didn't think of it first. You might find that the girls will have a change of heart about sex after I've finished with them" She added. When I asked why. She was a new substitute for Mrs Davis for a 2 week period.class ever!" then headed for the showers. and the other guys were teasing me about it constantly. so I have a decent body. We we getting pretty intimate. This was starting to piss me off because I was horny all the time and I couldn't do anything about it except wack off. she told me that Mrs Davis had taught them that sex was for older adults and that they should wait until they were married. I think the reason was that the older girls in our school all got sexual education from a teacher called Mrs Davis." "It's ok" she replied "You're not in any trouble. "Hi. but I stopped when she said no. Although as hard as I try I can't seem to get past 1st base with any of the girls there.." she replied." she continued "She was saying that you were pressuring her for sex" "No!" I said "well. I didn't know what she meant by it. yes I am.. your the new teacher Ms Summers aren't you?".. "I'm going to be making a few changes in that class.... "Especially Naomi." she added.. Oh man did I ever choose the right school.. The next few days I tried to help out Ms Summers with any work she had. "You're Jaime right?" I was stunned! She new my name! "All the girls in Mrs Davis' sex education class seem to want to talk about you. I had just spoken about sex with a fucking hot 20-something year old teacher and I was damn horny. but I couldn't care. and smooth sexy legs that went up to her ass that looked like a ripe peach. I dated a girl from school called Naomi a while back. I work out with weights and stuff. Something changed though when Ms Summers came to school. All the boys stared whenever she went passed but I built up the courage to talk to her. I am a pretty good looking guy. I was amazed at what she had just said.. a little. Actually I think it's quite ok for you to be having those thoughts at your age" I was relieved to say the least. my name is Jaime and I'm a senior at Fielding High School.

"Ok Jenna" Ms Summers said "but first I'll show you how" Ms Summers then started to lick up the length of my shaft. "Now I want to show you girls how to give a guy a blowjob but I'll need a volunteer" One of Naomi's friends Jenna said she wanted to lick it... As we were walking I noticed we were going straight to 3C and asked "Didn't you want me to get the tv console miss? She answered "No. My curiousity was building as we reached the classroom. and slowly pulled them down. I was so horny and in no way going to refuse. Of Naomi's friends she was the hottest. then sucking my cock deep down her throat..." she said "sorry to interrupt your class but I was wondering if one of the strong boys in here might be able to help me? I need someone to help me move. "We were going to watch a movie today but I thought a live demonstration would be a lot more fun" Ms Summers explained. I was about to cum right then until Ms Summers told them to stop. Ms Summers closed the door behind her and locked it.. but by now my cock was so hard I was just trying to cover it up with my hands. but I was just happy to be near her and look at her fucking hot body for as long as I could. I often got home and just jerked off for hours. Feel how hard and warm it is" The girls then took turns fondling my cock and feeling my throbbing member. you can go. All the girls started getting excited and I could hear them whispering and giggling amongst themselves. "Come over here Jaime" Ms Summers cooed.. I sat on the edge of the desk as Ms Summers deftly removed my shorts and threw them in the corner. so gather around" Ms Summers then grabbed the front of my pants and started to unbutton them. her voice sounding strange. The girls were biting their bottom lips in anticipation. It was throbbing and as stiff as it had ever been. and I'd always secretly wanted to fuck her." she said "I have a special lesson today and I want you all to pay very close attention" "As you know from our last class we were discussing boys and in particular how their bodies work. "As I was saying" she finished "I need someone to help me move the tv and video console over to class 3C" Mr Johnson joked "Ok Jaime since you're so eager. "I'll tell you when we get there" she said. "Now that cock looks ready to blow and we don't want to lose all that tasty cum" Ms Summers purred. My cock started to twitch at the thought of what might be happening. pointing straight at the roof. "Ok class. playing out fantasies in my head. I was almost cumming in my pants by now.. Then one day while I was in my geography class I heard a rap on the classroom door. "Now I want you all to see what a real boys cock looks like. and packed my books and went with Ms Summers. it was Ms Summers. Ms Summers then kneeled in front of me and grabbed my jockeys from the sides. "I want you girls to feel it. I have chosen Jaime to help us out for today because I know from talking with you all that you find him the most attractive of the senior boys" All of this was coming as quite a shock to me.and nothing ever came of it.. The girls were staring at it as Ms Summers placed her hand on my cock and ran her thumb over the head. As she led me in I noticed that it must have been the sex ed class as the room was full of the 30 odd senior girls. as she tapped on her desk. spreading my pre-cum all over the tip. naked in plain view of all these beautiful girls and sexy teacher. She then slowly started unzipping my fly." I cut her off "I'll do it!" and started to stand up. "I love your big cock" Ms Summers said as she played with it. By now I was only wearing my jockeys and my erection was clear to see. There I was. 98 . I undid my shirt and took it off. just make sure you finish the reading I've set for today in your homework" "Sure thing Mr Johnson" I replied. My cock then sprang free as if it was escaping from a prison. actually I have something better planned than the video we were going to watch" "Well then what did you need me for" I asked. "Excuse me Mr Johnson.

As I did my nose brushed past her neatly trimmed blonde haired pussy and I could smell her sweet and musky scent. Their mother knew that." A week later Ms Summers was gone. I want that hard cock in my pussy" and she went over to the chairs and grabbed one of them. A few of them were getting naked too and fingering themselves as they watched my cock being sucked. " ooooooo yeahhh that feels so good" I yelled "I'm gonna cum" and I pulled my cock out of her pussy. Stick that big hard cock in my pussy baby" and she spread her pussy lips with her fingers between her legs. Not too big and not too small. This was too much and I shot streams of cum out of my cock that had so much force they flew over Ms Summers head and onto the girls watching. As I flicked over her clit with my tongue she would arch her back clamp my head between her thighs. The folds of her pussy were moist and her clit was very sensitive. She told me to get on my knees and take off her panties with my mouth. I now want to show you girls how to fuck" and she started removing her blouse. I started to rub her hard nipples between my thumb and index fingers as she moaned "ooooooo yeessss baby lick them" I didn't need to be told twice and started flicking my tongue over them." I slid it in and moaned with pleasure as her pussy gripped my cock. She had caught them with the red headed paper boy when they were twelve and thirteen. and her nipples were as hard as two little pebbles. "O hell yeah" I replied in earnest. I continued exploring her pussy with my tongue and probing her hole. The other girls were sampling the jism I had just shot all over them and looked like they wished they had volunteered instead of Jenna. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit and slapped her pussy with it to tease her. Fuck me hard!" she moaned as I picked up the pace. She then backed up and looked into my eyes while she undid her skirt and let it drop to the ground. I am now seeing Jenna. I continued to lick her pussy until she said "Get up baby. giving me a full view of her glorious pussy. She cooed "Fuck me like a dog. "Oooo baby fuck me. Her pussy felt so good I didn't want to stop.She would stop sucking and then flick the tip with her tongue. was still making me hard again in no time. "Oooo baby did that feel good" she asked. "That was the greatest fucking moment of my life. She put it down so that the back of it was facing the side of the room. My god they were fucking awesome. I have Ms Summers to thank for that! Mary and Tracy missed spring break Mary and Tracy were spoiled sisters. Naomi's friend. She turned around and sucked my cock as it spurted cum all down her throat and in her mouth. Fuck me now. and we have sex all the time. When my cock was as hard as it was before Ms Summers said "Ok Jenna that'll do. I wanna feel your big hard cock inside me. I want you to fuck me now. I threw her panties away and placed my hands on the inside of her thighs and pressed them apart. 99 . I came so much it was dripping out of her mouth as she sucked me dry. Jenna then started to suck my cock and while not as good as Ms Summers blowjob. suck it hard. But she did change the girls minds about sex that's for sure. She liked it when I pulled at them gently between my teeth and pulled my cock with her hand. As she unsnapped her bra her sensational tits bounced out. She then said "Ok Jenna. She moaned "Stick it in. make sure you lick all that cum off his dick" and Jenna took her place. Round and perky. They were pretty young blond girls who were sluts in college fucking anyone and everyone who made a pass at them. After several minutes we had a good rhythm going and we were both moaning loudly. "Lick that pussy. stick your tongue inside me baby" she purred. and raised her left leg onto it. I ran my tongue up and down her slit. tasting her juices. All the girls had a close up view as I stood behind her and guided my cock to her pussy.

"We have to go to the bank and start that checking account. He gave the girls six thousand dollars in an envelope and told them to be careful with it. It took three cases of beer to fill the refrigerator. What right had her mother to deny her from her pleasure. "When we are out on the interstate you can drive. They were painting it and installing new outside ATM machines. That night the girls made love to each other frigging each others cunts dreaming about the paper boy's stiff dick. "Daddy" told the girls that he and their mother was going on a vacation to Europe and they they would have to fend for themselves while he was gone. 100 ." said Mary. She once had a boyfriend who let her drive his truck. "We are going to spring break NOW!" They drove the Winnebago down the interstate heading for Florida and their dream of spring break and the most fun part." said Tracy. BOYS!." Tracy said. "Now we are ready. The girls packed the Winnebego with their clothes and filled the two gas tanks. to hell with it. That was no problem as their parents were wealthy. They pulled up to the bank and it was closed for repairs." said Tracy. "I want to drive. Mary knew how to drive the big Winnebago. She did not scold the girls. "Oh. Mary vowed to fuck every boy she could.Tracy had her blouse off and her panties were down around her ankles. SPRING BREAK The girls were now in Collage and wanted to go spring break in Florida. "Now what. They bought a used Winnebago to travel in and their father paid for it." "We are going anyway. "Now put that money in the bank and start a joint checking account." Mary said. Mary was furious with her mother but was happy she had birth control. The paper boy was sucking her little breasts and Mary was undressed masturbating her pussy watching." he said. She took them to the doctor and put them on birth control." Mary shoved the big envelope with the money in it into the glove box and said. She then cancelled the paper and told the boy not to ever come back.

"I want to pee in your mouth. "Let's have a fuck party. Mary squatted over Tracy's mouth and let out a gusher of warm pee. "I have beer in the Motor home and a horny little sister who likes to fuck. She raised her head and said. They undressed for bed. "GAWD!" Said tracy." "Oh. "Don't stop!" "I was just about to CUM!. They drove into the late morning hours and stopped at a roadside park as they were tired. Tracy peed in squirts and held it and squirted some more." "My turn to pee now. Mary said she had to pee. "It tastes good. Mary was able to drink it all without spilling a drop." Tracy said with interest. kissed each other and played with each others pussy." she said. "This makes me so horny I could fuck a dozen boys. They wanted to spend the day resting and start driving tomorrow. Tracy kissed Mary and shoved her finger into her little cunny." Mary said to her little sister." "Tracy whined." 101 ." Mary ran out of the Motor home wrapping a robe around her nude body. how nasty. She licked Tracy's pussy until her younger sister climaxed with a shiver." said Mary." said Tracy and pressed her cunny to Marys face. They awoke in the morning to thunder and lightning. She saw four bikers sitting at a picnic table smoking weed. "Let's do something really sexy. They fell asleep in each others arms. They played cards. She boldly walked up to them and opened her robe revealing her sexy nude body. It was raining hard. "I don't know why we haven't tried THAT before. "Listen to that!" "That is a motorcycle." The girls cleaned each other with their tongues and dressed for the day. Tracy wrapped her arms around her sister and kissed her tasting her own pussy juice. Tracy swallowed most of it the rest dribbling down her chin onto her neck.Mary and Tracy took turns driving. Mary softly licked Tracy's pussy until she climaxed. It was evening and Mary was eating Tracy's pussy when she heard a familiar noise.

" Mary grunted with pleasure. They then rode off into the darkness. The three men were exhausted and fucked out. do you." "Not if I can help it. The bikers got dressed kissing the girls goodbye. 102 . tits. Mary looked at her cum covered little sister and grinned. He and Mary entered the motor home." said the red head to the men." said Mary. "Me too. "UUMMMMPH. It had one gas station so Mary stopped there. Mary jumped on the bed licking the delicious cum from Tracys face and pussy hole. "Wow." Tracy replied laughing. "I don't know but I think we had better find a mechanic. The three bikers entered the Winnebego and it wasn't long before Mary heard the squeals of delight from Tracy filling the night air." she said pointing to the Motor home. their dicks hung limply. "I want to have sex with you. She drove onto a county road leading into a small town. The red headed stud was done. "I've got a lot of work to do cleaning you up with my tongue. and white cum leaked out of her well fucked pussy." Tracy said with a concerned voice. The noise was getting louder and Mary pulled of the interstate. Damn he is good thought Mary. "What is that noise?" she ask Tracy. There was not much of a town. Mary scooted onto the table and spread her legs. "You three go fuck my sister." said Tracy. The red headed biker removed Marys robe and laid it on the table. When he shot his load into her he rested for a minute and fucked her again.The bikers looked at her in disbelief. Tracy was a sight! She had cum juice on her face. The red head fucked her lasting a long time making Mary cum over and over. The biker dropped his pants and a huge dick shoved into Marys cunny hole. The attendant came out and ask Mary if she wanted gas. The next morning they drove down the interstate heading for Florida. She was sweating and had a flushed look of a well fucked slut." "Well what are you waiting for?" Tracy giggled spreading her legs wide." she said eyeing the smiling tattooed red headed man in front of her. Mary heard a growling noise coming from the Winnebago some where. "Damn you never stop having fun. "We have to go now. that was what I needed. She remembered the paper boy and imagined that he was the one that was going to fuck her. Tracy climaxed on Marys face.

"No. "Yes. "Follow me to my farm." she said. "Maybe we can work it out another way. IT WAS GONE! It was then that Mary realized that the bikers had ripped her off. This was serious and not a joking matter. "We only sell gas here. They followed the black man to his farm and pulled up in front of his house. The black man seemed to take pleasure in that statement and said gruffly. The girls were delighted. "Your rear end is bad. I thought my sexy rear end would last forever" she giggled wiggling her ass. Mary stopped crying and smiled. "Both of you come into the house. He crawled underneath the Winnebago and when he crawled out he said." he said. When they were inside the black man dropped his bib overalls and a huge stiff black dick stared at them. "I've been robbed." "Gowd. "Take off your clothes girls." Mary said." An older black man came over to Mary." My money is gone. "I'm going to fuck you. 103 . Nancy punched Tracy with her elbow." the black man said. Mary reached into the glove box for the envelope of cash." he told the girls. we will do anything you want. "I have a broken down truck with a rear end that will fit that. "What's the matter?" the black man said. They had stolen the money. "I do mechanic work." she sobbed. I don't need gas I need a mechanic." Mary and Tracy followed the man into his farm house." The girls got undressed and they stood naked in front of the black pervert. "About five hundred dollars. "How much will it cost?" ask Mary. Then the black man reached in the window of the Winnebago and squeezed Marys breast." said the black man." he said. Tears ran from Marys eyes and she started to sob uncontrollably.

104 ." He smirked." he said. When they had finished eating Ned went to work on the Winnebago. The black man watched with amazement as Mary sucked Tracys slimy pussy. "My name is Ned. Tracy had orgasm after orgasm twisting and shaking on the bed. "Wait. Mary said." he said with feeling." Mary begged. They awoke in the morning and fixed him a huge breakfast of ham and eggs. He came into the house all grimy and told the girls he was done. This was not what the black man expected. Mary and Tracy went to sleep with their arms wrapped around their new lover. "Please love me. Then Tracy shoved Mary off of her and squatted over her face. "You are sweet girls. Mary and Tracy kissed him tenderly. "We are going to give you a bath Ned. "That the sexiest thing I have ever seen. The black man led them to his bedroom." said Mary sticking her finger up his asshole and realizing that they would miss spring break. "For about two weeks and then I will fix your Winnebago." grunted Tracy and pumped her hips fucking him back and climaxing. He grabbed Tracy and roughly threw her on the bed. "We will fuck you for two weeks. "You sluts like to fuck hunh. I want to eat Tracys cunt."How many times do we have to fuck you?" Mary ask. Tracy was kissing him shoving her tongue into his mouth. He was totality nude now and he jumped on little Tracy and rammed his dick into her pussy. "Now fuck my sister Mary. "I'm Mary and this is my sister Tracy. While they were eating he told the girls his name. A gusher of warm pee shot into Marys mouth and Mary drank all of it." she said. Mary got up and kissed the black man and whispered in his ear. "Watch me pee in her mouth. That was too much for the black man and he shot his load into Tracys pussy. "OOOOhhhhh." he gasp. He worked until noon and he had exchanged the rear ends. She took his limp dick and sucked it alive again." she said sucking his cum of her finger greedily. They had fucked him until he was exhausted." The black man kissed Mary and said." he said. The black man was jacking off his dick and shot cum juice all over the bed and the two girls." replied Mary with a smile.

when we are done shacking up with you for two weeks we still won't have any money." Tracy gushed. Ned called four of his friends on the phone and in about an hour Four men showed up at the door." she said. "Hey. He needed these beautiful sluts all for him self one day a week. "Now tell everyone you know about my beautiful white whores. The day was Monday and car after car filled the driveway. Ned was a happy man. They wiped him off with a towel. The men were worn out and out of money. "What if you sell our ass to some of your friends?" Ned thought for a moment and smiled. Ned made a sign and tacked it on the front door. It was a done deal then. Mary dived in between Tracys legs and cleaned her overflowing pussy with her tongue. Fifty dollars for thirty minutes was not too much to pay. "It looks like your dick Ned." Ned said proudly. These little white sluts were awesome! "Ned. Tracy sucked his dick until he shot his load. They finally wore out Ned and they got dressed and Ned took them for a tour of his farm. "Have fun sweetheart. They looked at the girls and gasp." Tracy said. It read: GIRLS NOT WORKING ON SUNDAY. Ned would supply the men and collect ten percent of the money. 105 . Tracy and Mary fucked black man after black man fulfilling their needs and wildest dreams. His heart melted and he knew that he loved these young girls deeply. The girls giggled. They were like the daughters he never had." said Mary. One after another Tracy was mounted by a horny black stud. He was an incestuous "daddy" that was fucking the girls and watching other men fucking their sweet cunts. Ned and Mary laughed. Ned collected so much money that it overflowed a lard can and he started poking money in a dresser drawer. It became full and Ned could not believe his eyes. Mary undressed Tracy and lay her on the bed kissing her sweetly. She fucked them all and she climaxed many times. His black pecker jumped at that thought. Ned actually blushed.They put Ned in the bath tub and the girls scrubbed Ned clean. He was very proud of his unincumbered man hood. a lot of brothers would like to pay to fuck a young white girl. He showed the girls his prize stud horse and Tracy reached between the animals legs and jacked of the horses pecker until it shot cum." "I have always wanted to be a whore. The girls were indeed young and beautiful and everything Ned had said they were. And this was only a weeks work! It was now Sunday and Ned and the girls stayed in bed fucking each other. Then Ned joined the girls and they sucked and fucked him kissing him deeply and telling him how much they loved him. He had never seen so much money in his life. a thing hard to do for a black man." EErrrr I mean get paid for it.

It was a turn on to be degraded. "Now it is my turn." and all four of them walked into the farm house. When she went back to the house she rolled up some "joints" and soon the room was permeated with smoke. She pulled Tracys dress up and showed Nadine Tracys panties. Mary and Tracy undressed and went to the fat woman and sucked her fat breasts. She gagged and piss shot all over her body and covered the floor. Tracy and Mary looked at Ned and he knew they wanted to do it. She and Tracy would do anything that this woman wanted. A hairy bush covered her fat pussy." "I want it. White cum juice dribbled out of Tracys mouth and she smiled up at Ned. She replied that she wanted to have sex with the two white girls." Ned replied. Mary licked the black womans pussy and the fat woman had earth shattering trembling climaxes after another. They walked over to the car and saw a big black fat woman in the drivers seat. The fat sweaty black woman gasp and sighed and her massive breasts heaved with pleasure. She spat into Marys mouth and Mary was delighted. The black woman had a long pink rubber dildo in her hands and furiously fucked it in and out of he cunt groaning and moaning with orgasmic pleasure." said the fat woman. I have to piss a gusher." she smiled. Ned said. The black woman got undressed her massive breasts drooped over her fat belly. "Pee in my mouth. 106 . She had long big nipples which the girls devoured. Mary went to the Winnebago and got the marijuana. "OK." said Mary and she pushed the woman back on the bed." said Mary with lust. Tracy was on her knees sucking Neds dick." said Mary. Ned ask her what she wanted." she said." Mary said excitedly. "Of course you can. "They don't work on Sunday.They walked back to the farm house and saw a new Lincoln in the drive way. Mary sucked the womans pussy clean. She ask the girls if she could see them next Sunday. "We will be waiting for you. Ned grunted and shot his sperm into her mouth. The girls were ecstatic to think that they had made so much money in only three hours. They all drank beer until they were drunk. The black woman dressed herself and wrote a check to Ned for five thousand dollars over paying him with a bonus for such a good time. She kissed Nadine on the lips sweetly. They were getting paid handsomely for it. "I will pay you a thousand dollars an hour. She squatted over her face and pissed into her mouth letting it out in squirts so the black woman could drink it all. "Do it. The black woman pissed in Marys mouth and it was so much that Mary could not swallow it. "OH. The black woman introduced herself as Nadine Smith. They took turns kissing her pushing their lounges into her mouth.

Nadine had tears in her eyes and thanked everyone for being so kind to her. The girls could do anything they wanted to her. They all helped Nadine back to the house as her legs wobbled when she walked. "Let's go to the barn and have sex there. Nadine wiggled and squirmed under the assault spraying wet cum and pee all over Tracy. Mary pushed Nadine over the bales of hay. Nadine could not believe her ears and tears of joy streamed down her cheeks. The two woman shared the horse sperm spitting it back and forth into each others mouth. She told Ned she loved the two girls and she wanted the girls for a full day. She helped Nadine to her feet and kissed her. The girls hugged Nadine and almost undressed her in the driveway. Nadine shook her head and cried. The girls fucked until Sunday making a pile of money." They all went nude to the barn and Neds hard on waved in the sunlight expecting good things to come. "Mother fucker. They were in a lust frenzy and Tracy fucked Nadines fat black cunt with her whole hand. 107 . Ned led the horse away and Nadine expelled rivers of white sperm mixed with blood from her pussy. The horse dick went in and Nadine screamed with pain." she shouted and she pissed all over the place with the pleasure of the horses dick in her cunt. It was a new wonderful work day for Tracy and Mary. They awoke to car horns blaring and knocks at the door. The horses dick pushed all the way into her pussy and started fucking her. Nadine screamed again and she beat her hands against the bales of hay and quivered all over like a bowel of jelly. Sunday was Nadines turn to have sex. Mary smeared that fat cunt with vaseline pushing gobs of it in Nadines cunt. Nadine got out and handed Ned a ten thousand dollar check. They all had beautiful sex and finally drifted of to sleep. Nadine figured out what was about to happen but didn't care. Nadine spent the night with Mary and Ned with Tracy. Ned brought out his prize stud horse and arranged bales of hay. Tracy ask her if she wanted to stop as she did not want to hurt her. The girls fucked a swarm of black men and it looked as if large black ants were swarming on a tiny bit of white meat.Nadine went to her Lincoln and drove off into the sunset satisfied and happy. The Lincoln pulled up to the house early Sunday morning." she screamed. They went into the house and literally tore each others clothes off. The horse fortunately shot his load which was good because more thrusts of that gigantic member might damage Nadines delicate female insides. Mary kneeled and sucked the horse cum and blood from Nadines cunt. Her arm was way up Nadines cunt and Tracys fist was banging against the black womans cervix. He knew what the girl were up to. The horse dick withdrew from her very extended and open gash. Tracy kissed Nadine passionately and told her that she loved her. Nadine explained that she was well off and had plenty of money and she might as well spend some of it on pleasure. Tracy played with the horse dick making it hard and then pushed into Nadines waiting quivering gash. They watched some Television and went to bed and had wild sex satisfying Ned until they drifted off to sleep. It filled her mouth and dribbled down her chin onto her breasts. Ned led the stud horse over to Nadine whose ass was bent over the bales of hay. Her fat black ass was jacked up in the air. "LET HIM FUCK ME. Mary said. They laid Nadine on the bed and Tracy brought her a beer to drink. Ned and the girls ate dinner.

She furiously fucked Tracys asshole with vigorous strokes. Tracy fell asleep with the dildo on her lap. Ned kissed Nadine and she giggled like a teenager. Mary said that they would take fifty and Ned should keep thirty. Mary looked at it transfixed and licked shit from the pink shaft.The morning broke and Nadine was in the kitchen singing and fixing stacks of pancakes with butter and honey. Tracy screamed. "Take care of Nadine Ned. Tracy grabbed it from her and ate all the rest of the 108 ." The girls headed for the interstate sad but happy to be on their way." Mary took Tracys clothes off and Tracy presented her butt. "It's time to count the money. Mary and Tracy stared at the money in disbelief." Ned said sadly. "I was dreading this day. Mary sloped the Winnebago at a road side park. "What is ten percent of eighty thousand dollars?" he ask. Mary smeared cold cream on the pink dildo and shoved it up Tracys ass. "Do it big sister." "DO IT DEEPER MARY. FUCK MY ASSHOLE." Mary said with a wink. Ned gave them his phone number and ask them to call him. Tracy sighed and said. The girls were ready to leave and they sweetly kissed Ned and Nadine goodbye. Mary withdrew the dildo from her sisters asshole. "GOD. WE ARE OUT OF BUSINESS. Mary cleared the table and Tracy and Nadine washed the dishes. The girls started crying and sadly told Ned and Nadine that they had to go because their parents would be home from Europe. Mary awoke Tracy and said that she was going to do something to her that was perverted and nasty. "Just don't call me uncle Tom. He gathered up all the cash and he counted out eighty thousand four hundred dollars on the kitchen table. but I knew it would come. Ned laughed and said. Mary squirmed on the seat and tried to concentrate on the road. There was brown shit all over it. Mary put the slip of paper in her purse and smiled. Nadine looked up at Ned and smiled." and Tracy seeped shit from around the dildo dribbling it on to the bed. They all ate breakfast and laughed and talked. Several hundred miles had passed and Tracy took out Nadines long pink dildo pulling her panties aside and started fucking her pussy. Ned beamed with pride that his little girls were so generous." Ned said. "Of course I will uncle Ned." "I'M GOING TO SHIT ALL OVER THE PLACE. Ned and Nadine helped the girls pack the Winnebago. He ripped the old sign from the front door and replaced it with a new sign. WHORES HAVE LEFT TOWN.

Mary explained that they had mechanical problems but they had it fixed. Mary and Tracy got an apartment together. SHE WAS PREGNANT! Those rivers of sperm must have overpowered her birth control pills. Hell. but she knew that he must be a black man. Mary and Tracy quit college. What was the use of graduating when they knew they could make more money selling their ass. Her parents were not. She also sucked Marys cunt. She was determined that Mary was going to feed the baby with breast milk. Then Mary thought about it for awhile. "I was worried about you girls. "What the hell? my girls won money?" he said. "First you make my asshole sore and now you want to drown me!" "Shut up and lick my cunt bitch. She had prostituted herself to over a hundred black men. Tracy was pleased with the news. Her parents kept asking Mary who the father was." she lied. Mary was in for a big surprise. Mary would not tell them. Mary awoke early. Mary sent the Winnebago to be cleaned. Their father met them at the door and said. She teased Mary and said: 109 . "How did you do that?" said their dad. Mary smiled and squatted over the still sleeping Tracy and pissed all over her body." squeaked Mary. Tracy took care of Mary. Tracy bought Mary a breast pump." Mary laughed. Maybe there would be some left over for her to suck." said Tracy. "We came back with more money than we left with. Then they went to sleep in each others arms. She had lesbian sex with her sister and a fat black woman. "Fifty thousand dollars. She thought of an abortion but decided against it. He deposited one hundred thousand in each account. She stared at her little sister who was still sleeping." Mary and Tracy went into the house and kissed their mother and father. she didn't know. For some reason it smelled of piss and shit. Morals were subjective and she was not ashamed of what she had done. Mary drove all the way back to their parents home and parked the Winnebago in the driveway. Tracy awoke and said. and have fun doing it. "Mary won it at gambling. Mary realised that she was depraved. The girls father was so proud he started a bank account in each of the girls name.remaining stinky shit. Then they put it in storage. They kissed each other sharing the slime and swallowed just like they were eating a good meal. She rubbed baby oil on Marys belly to keep away stretch marks.

They spoiled him. The door opened and Nadine stared at them in shock. Ned took the clue. Ned came to the door and said. 110 . Mary and Tracy stopped what they were doing and watched them with glee. "OH MY GOD. Her parents did not want a black grandson. It was time for some fun. Tracys fist pounded against Marys cervix." and had climax after climax. Tracy licked Neds now limp cock clean kissing him afterwards. Tracy and Mary would fuck each other when the baby was asleep. Mary breast fed the baby and when he was finished Tracy sucked the rest of the milk from Marys tits. Ned had tears in his eyes and kissed Mary and told her thank you. She and Tracy packed the Winnebago and drove onto the interstate. He rammed his dick into her pussy." she giggled. Tracy found that Marys pussy was looser after the babys birth. They arrived at Neds farm early in the morning." Tracy grabbed Nadine and kissed her. Tracy loved the baby almost as much as Mary. It was a little brown boy and she named him Ned. They all sat in the living roomed and talked. She started moaning. "YOU ARE HERE. They knocked on the door. This time she pissed on Tracys arm." shouted Nadine. Tracy would suck the milk from Marys tits just like little Ned. They stopped often to beast feed little baby Ned. She shoved her fist up Marys cunt fucking her until her whole arm was up to the elbow." "My god how I have missed you two" Mary told Ned and Nadine all about her baby boy who she named Ned. Mary would climax and kiss her telling her little sister that she loved her. She undressed Mary and took off all her own clothes. Mary had her baby in the hospital. Ned reached over and put his hand down Nadines bra and played with her big black breast. Nadines fat ass quivered and shook with each thrust of his dick. If her parents did not love her baby Ned and Nadine would. To hell with them. She got the Winnebago out of storage." exclaimed Nadine." "It is just like old times."Marys going to have a black kid! Mary fucked too many black people. "You girls are the best ever. It hurt Mary a little but the pleasure overpowered the pain and she always climaxed with pleasure. "Come inside. "OH NED AAAAAAGHH. She loved to shove her fist and whole arm up Marys cunt. He dropped his overalls and practically tore the clothes from Nadine. Then Ned held the baby in his arms and smiled. How happy they were that they could all make love again. Tracy would happily suck the remainder of the sweet milk. "Oh my god. Mary and Tracy did not go to their parents house. Tracy laid baby Ned down for a nap. Mary felt loved and happy but there was still something she wanted to do. When Ned shot his load Mary went over to Nadine and sucked the cum out of her pussy. If they did not like the baby why should Mary like them. He laid her fat black ass on the couch with her but pointing into the air." he said.

" she giggled. Her father did not. Ned made a bed for the baby out of a big cardboard box and some pillows. Mary and Tracy transferred all their money to Neds bank account. Teddy bears and a new baby crib. They almost creamed themselves thinking about all the black dicks that were going to be stuffed into their mouths and pussys. the kind of steady going and rather dull 111 . Ned loved her and her baby. Ned slepped with Tracy that night and Mary slepped with Nadine. Oh how they loved big black dicks.Mary wiped her face and ask Ned if he would fuck us both. Nadine fucked herself with the pink dildo and happily watched her lover Ned fuck the girls. They all kissed and chatted waiting for Ned to come back from town. He vowed to go to town and get a baby crib the next day. Mary had tears in her eyes when she kissed him and wished that her own father was more like Ned. He ask the girls if they wanted a party and he would invite his friends. surprised at the somber tone in Willard Aldredge's voice. He proudly presented Mary with toys. Ned was so happy when the girls said they wanted to live with Ned and Nadine. please?" Elisabeth Manning looked up from her computer screen. The next morning when Ned was gone to pick out a crib Mary breast fed her baby. Home Sweet Homeland "Elisabeth. a fuck party?" said Tracy. can you come into my office at once. "WOW." Tracy pulled the long pink dildo from her purse and returned it to Nadine. Ned arrived in his old Ford pick up truck. Ned spent the next hour fucking the two white girls who responded with squeals of delight. When the baby was done sucking Marys nipple Nadine sucked the rest of the milk out of Marys heavy milk filled breasts. Mary and Tracy could hardly wait. We haven't had a black dick stuck in our cunny holes since we left here." said Ned. They were as happy as they ever would be. Tracy pulled Nadines dress up and panties down and stuck her fingers in Nadines cunt and finger fucked her until the black woman shot out her wet girl cum in gushers. "Yes. He was usually a pretty unemotional sort of a boss. Ned grinned and said. "Of course I will. They had found a new father and mother in Nadine and Ned who loved them dearly. "I borrowed this for a while.

that was her right as well. of course. what's this all about?" "Mr Heynig will explain things. the turds had really hit the turbine. mid height.bureaucrat to be found in any government department in Washington. all staring at her with sharp. He simply gave a shake of his head like a horse bothered by flies and stepped back to let Elisabeth walk in front of him. Oh God." Oddly. It was worse than an accident. Elisabeth would have had to use much the same words to describe her own life. it had taken a six months battle with the accounts office for Willard to get it. Mid to early twenties. and one of those rules was that nobody pulled any of his staff in for an investigation without Willard himself sitting in on it. all neatly dressed in conservative business clothes. "Thank you. nothing's happened. So what could have happened to have caused major trouble for the Department of Transportation. Ms Manning. hard eyes. that was how Willard looked. Don't worry. Then again. "Sit here. steady and dull. It was certainly the best seat in the office: it should have been. But something or someone had obviously got Willard fired up today. with hair as fair as Elisabeth's own. Take as long as you like. One of the guys spoke first. stocky. perhaps sharing some of her Scandinavian genes in his ancestry. "You don't look too good. Not yet. Shocked and tense and very unhappy." Elisabeth felt as if she was going to faint. What's the problem?" Willard didn't answer. Willard might be an pretty easy going guy but he was always a stickler for the rules of the departmental game. Elisabeth. had a 747 gone down. Willard was on the other side of it. Or can I call you Elisabeth?" "Yes. He was standing outside her cubicle with an expression on his face like an Enron accountant who'd suddenly figured out the real figures. Investigating agent for the Department of Homeland Security. "Sure. Ms Manning." 112 . And it didn't need any female intuition to let her know that somewhere. Could leave Ms Manning with us for a while?" "Sure. Here. it was a terrorism thing and somehow one of her safety regulations had failed to stop an attack. Mr Aldredge. "Willard. somehow. sure. sit down. and she was alone with these three kooks. and especially for that section of it responsible for drafting safety regulations? There were three people waiting in Willard's office: two young men. Ms Manning. or what? The stocky one flashed a fancy looking ID card. and an even younger looking woman. "Scott Heynig. to expect her supervisor's support in a crisis." "A nice old fashioned name. the agent guided her towards the fancy leather desk behind the desk. I'll see you later." Elisabeth turned and gaped at the sight of her boss allowing himself to be thrown out of his own office by this upstart college boy." The office door closed. anyway. Hell.

" Even under her present distracting circumstances. the European Parliament even had a debate about it a while ago. two guys in an investigation team were breathing down her neck and also inspecting her own bustline as though it might explode. Canada. in Catherine's case. which was perhaps a professional advantage but hardly a romantic one. and that's why we're here. a 36C bra packed with plastic explosive could do some serious damage if it went off. Her stomach wall suddenly felt as if it peeling off and with good reason. And. as any passing star fleet engineer might have remarked. . as though she was under guard. Elisabeth couldn't help but feel a twinge of pity for Catherine. The Latino guy spoke again: "Jarrel Rohr: investigation agent. the pair of them had been screwing each other's brains out -. It was an impression which strengthened considerably as the girl drew up a visitor's chair and sat down on the opposite side of the desk before opening up a notebook computer. Elisabeth? It's not exactly a secret. but it's not publicized much here in the States. Indeed she bore a passing resemblance to a young J. three of them then. Elisabeth felt hemmed in. ye canna alter the laws of physics." OK. But what she really wanted to know was why two -.three? -. the UK. The computer screen was showing extracts from the emails she'd been exchanging with a guy Elisabeth had been doing some very serious flirting with over the last couple of weeks. ?" Scott's authoritative voice rode straight over Elisabeth's outrage. The ECHELON computers scan each message for suspicious words or addresses.virtually speaking anyway. Scott glanced over to the girl: "Catherine. They intercept huge amounts of telephone. . Elisabeth often felt vaguely guilty about inheriting a metabolism which maintained her figure without any real effort on her part. Flirting. but. She also wondered what sort of physical performance standards Home Security operatives had to meet on recruitment and how Catherine had ever managed to waddle through them. Homeland Security. the laws of physics had decreed that no amount of sharp tailoring could effectively enhance a dumpy body with a bust line which was far more bust than line. ECHELON stations are only based on US soil or on the soil of our closest allies. he lives in LA. "What the hell . olive colored skin. fuck. Also an investigator with Homeland Security." Catherine turned the computer around on the desk so that Elisabeth could read the screen. good looking in a Latino film star style. but why? Why was an HS team breathing down her neck? OK then. And it happens that the guy you've been writing to so freely is on our watch list of suspected terrorists. Australia and New Zealand. fax and email messages from all around the planet: some reports say maybe up to three billion messages every twenty four hours. it was topped off by a face that could charitably be described as 'strong-looking'. while so many women had to walk around looking like Catherine. Her suit was expertly tailored to do the best possible justice to her figure.It was the other guy who'd spoken. "Have you heard of ECHELON. His name's Jesse Kansas.Homeland Security people wanted to talk to her. Why would I think he's got anything to do with any terrorists?" 113 . Worse yet. Edgar Hoover. show Elisabeth the ECHELON intercepts. Elisabeth fought down a panicky urge to giggle. In a kind of a sneering way. He was sitting down on the corner of the desk on her right and Scott Heynig was perching himself on the desk on her left hand side. He seems like any other guy. He was different again." Elisabeth gaped at the agent in stunned disbelief: "But he's just a guy I met in a chat room. "I'm Catherine Haught. That's why ECHELON has been copying all the emails he sends and receives. tall and slim.

So when I checked on you. And if we decide it's a false alarm and sign off on that. . God! Scott edged an inch or two closer to her along the edge of the desk: "Elisabeth." "But I didn't know anything about any of that! I was just chatting to some guy in LA!" "Chatting?" The other guy. nice tits. We'd probably end up squatting inside cages in Cuba ourselves." He got up and walked over to the window. well. that's probably what I'd do. the problem's over. A red light comes and a team like ours goes out to check on whether it's a genuine alarm or a false one. If you worked for an insurance company and your husband was a dentist. Oh. Elisabeth. He glanced towards the female agent. " Scott's voice trailed off as if he was unwilling to break some bad news. You two are a terrorist's dream couple: you can tell them how to hi-jack a plane and your husband knows exactly where crashing it will cause the most damage to a target city. I found Ms Straight as an Arrow lady. was grinning at her."His offline name is Abbas Sarak. Maybe it should even be stamped in big gold letters across the cover of your dossier. Nice seems to be the only four letter word I can find in your background. "Catherine. . he was born in the Gaza strip. That's mainly pulling together our computer sources. Jarrel. Elisabeth is certainly nice. Plus your husband knows just about everything there is to know about most of the chemical plants across the country. "But you don't work for an insurance company. We think he has links with Hamas. let's hear from you. There's no reason why he shouldn't. has worked for the Department of Transportation for seven years. nice face. Elisabeth. Elisabeth felt her cheeks flush as she realized they must all have read the emails she'd sent to Jesse. If there's an incident down the track which leaves thousands of US citizens dead and it turns out it was because this investigating team made a mistake . or whatever the hell is name really was." Elisabeth nodded: her throat was tightening as if somebody was putting a noose around it. and you live with your nice guy as a nice couple in a nice twelve-story condominium with a nice view of the Potomac river. one choice is to say that you're this altogether nice lady who just happened to get in touch with the wrong guy and now you know the score." Scott cut in. he's been living in the States since he was five. and two of his family have been suicide bombers. thank you. our careers would be the least of our worries. let me explain how the system works on something like this. Elisabeth. Elisabeth Mary Manning. aged 32. "OK. so what we do first off in a situation like this is a background check on the subject we're interested in. married to a nice guy called Peter for three years. You work for the Transportation Department and since 9/11. doing very nicely. then we get the blame if we've made a wrong call. Nice long blonde hair. that's become one of the most sensitive areas of government administration. You'd understand that. I'd just warn you about not contacting Abbas Sarak again and then walk out of your life. . No way will I certify you're in the clear until we've done a positive check on you and your husband. looking out across E Street towards St Dominic's Church: "What do you think. . "Elisabeth. Unfortunately . Peter is a lobbyist for the chemical industry. Yes." "Hey!" Elisabeth protested at the agent's comments on her breasts. Now. But it's true he can pass as an ordinary American citizen." 114 . "I think I really need to make you understand where we might be going from here. nice figure." Catherine gave Elisabeth the sort of smile a wolverine would give a trapped rabbit. Jarrel? Do you think Ms Manning is nice?" Jarrel had folded his arms and was grinning over them down at Elisabeth. "Sure. she's nice.

Elisabeth." "Your imagination!" Catherine was smiling in open disbelief." Jarrel was laughing as well: "Elisabeth. that's our problem. according to your emails. I doubt if he'll even find anybody willing to sign him into any Federal building long enough to take a leak. Some day I'd like to be a writer and maybe I let my imagination run away a bit. and so is Peter. we have to ask around." Jarrel added. It never really happened. I'm with Catherine. We'd never betray our country. here and now." Scott agreed. that's it. While you were swimming with another counselor you saw two boys pick up your bags. wave to you. I think you have a real desire to be made to perform 115 . In fact." "Of course. I think you're that kind of nice girl who gets hot and bothered every time a bunch of bikers ride past. they get very antsy. So you and your friend followed them into the shed to get your bags back." "Fine." "Let's just recap on what you wrote to Abbas. "You told him that you were at a school camp in the mountains working as a counselor. Please don't talk about it. that's what we've got to decide on. I guess they couldn't just up and fire you. He didn't look any sorrier than Catherine Haught did. Making up a story to send to a guy I was fooling around with. . if I was your husband. Ms nice lady Manning. "I was just role playing. "Some imagination. You see. Elisabeth. still speaking as if he were rather regretful about the situation. and then go into a boatshed. you even described the type of boat you got bent over. "Or rather it's your problem. Because. that was all. . "I'm a patriotic American citizen." "But this is crazy!" Elisabeth protested. "Think about it. we're going to need to speak to all the guys from your school and college background about your sexual behavior." she said. Elisabeth. "Personally. Once the Transportation Department knows about your contacts with a possible Hamas link man. "My husband? Peter? Why?" Elisabeth was now very alarmed indeed. I'd certainly call them problems. lifted up his well polished shoe and pushed against the side of her swivel seat until it had moved around for Elisabeth to be facing him. Well. I think you'd probably find yourself working your time out in some cubicle so far down in the basement that you'll be able to hear the trains going past. that's all. even closer to Elisabeth. well . Do I tell your boss that everything is fine and give him a memo of thanks for his department's co-operation? Or do I go back to my boss and tell him that Elisabeth Manning needs some serious checking out? Just for starters. it's your husband we'd really be sorry about."Yes. but I think you'd be well out of the loop promotion wise. I had no idea who I was emailing with!" Scott half turned towards her. right?" Elisabeth shook her head in renewed denial: "It was something I made up. you seem to have some problems there." Scott replied calmly." Catherine suggested in a smug way. "Well. Have you ever told him about what happened in the boatshed at that summer camp?" Jarrel sniggered as the hot tide rose even closer to the surface of Elisabeth's face: "Nothing like that ever happened. "A lobbyist who has Homeland Security going around to all his contacts warning them to be careful about what they say to Peter Manning? How much lobbying will he be doing after that? He'll never see the inside of another office in Washington. He came over and sat on the desk again. Elisabeth. we won't talk about it. To do a positive check. when people know that Homeland Security have got an interest in somebody close to them." Scott said. I'll just tell my boss that you've got a psychological problem you don't want to discuss. if your imagination is that good you should be working in Hollywood instead of Washington.

Please." She raised her eyes to his. "Elisabeth. Go on and enjoy sex and I also think that's something that could really turn you on to working for a terrorist cell. no." Elisabeth gasped and looked over the desk towards Catherine. If you say you don't want to talk to us." "Will you?" Scott asked mildly." "No. no. so we'll walk. In our time and for free. He raised his shoe again. please don't go. She didn't understand what was happening but she did know that whatever happened she had to keep Peter out of this nightmare. The female agent was still smiling. kids." "That's not true! I don't want to do anything like that and I'm not going to talk about it. then you don't need to deal with any outsiders. but the agent's shoe had a velcro tag that came loose with a single tug. Scott's cold blue irises were examining her as dispassionately as a technician inspecting a malfunctioning computer. He dropped his foot to the floor and eased it out of the shoe. if you really need some exciting moments to make your life complete. Her legs began to tremble. no sweat. Being gangbanged in a back room by a bunch of unshaven tough guys waving AK-47's around would really make your day. For the first time she suddenly understood what Scott wanted from her. I've got my own agenda here. then the least we expect is a piece of it in return. It felt hot and slightly scratchy. "Go ahead. "This would kill Peter. If you want us to risk our asses to cover yours. The United States government will be happy to supply your therapy. the toes disappearing out of view under the 116 ." Scott's fingers closed together like crab's claws and then he pushed his hands forward to indicate that he wanted her to pull her skirt further back along her legs. Elisabeth? Even it wouldn't be quite such a nice thing to happen to such a nice lady. it's a simple deal. except this time it was down flat on the leather." Elisabeth reached down to her black skirt and slowly drew it back over her dark pantyhose to a point well past her knees. Hey." Elisabeth begged urgently. Scott's foot settled on the seat again. "How about undoing my shoe then?" Elisabeth hastily moved to obey. Only the curve of his lips and an air of tension seemed to reveal how much he was enjoying Elisabeth's humiliation. "Elisabeth. I'm still waiting." "You don't have to argue with me. We've already said all we came to say. resting it on the seat between her legs. Her fingers were shaking so much that she'd probably have gotten a lace completely knotted. don't mind me. "What's more. I'll do anything you want me to do to prove this is all a mistake. wouldn't it. "Elisabeth. Do you want me to put my shoe back on and leave?" "No. nice lady. apparently neither surprised nor shocked by Scott's words. look at me when I'm talking to you. as before. Elisabeth. but we'll discuss that later." Scott's stockinged foot rose and rubbed itself slowly down the side of Elisabeth's left calf. Then it slid forward in pursuit of the retreating skirt.

Christine rose and went over to it. you want to help me out here?" "Sure. the toes were rubbing up against the valley below her thin underclothing and her voice quivered as she tried once again to make him understand the truth. She was surprised. I made it all up. So you tell us everything you told your boyfriend in LA. Jarrel. he's probably hiding out in the broom closet by now. word for word. The wheels underneath it rolled the chair up against the wall. "Don't worry." Scott said reassuringly. well." Scott removed his foot from where it had been and knelt down to take a firm grip on Elisabeth's calf. and we'll have a vote afterwards on whether or not you're just a plausible liar. "Can you tell us some more about this camp thing. "Oh!" Elisabeth was dumbfounded. drawing it tight against the outside of her knees as she spread them apart in obedience to Scott's commands. even without a stitch of clothing being removed and with his arms still folded as he kept talking. Again." The two agents worked as a team." Oh God. nobody is going to come in for a while. even more so when Jarrel did exactly the same thing with her other leg. the amused look on the watching faces as those damned toes made her grunt by wriggling around underneath her pussy. "Huh!" Oh God. This was crazy. and at the effect their joint caresses were having on her.rucked up hemline." Scott nodded as if he understood. "OK." At Scott's order the men rose and lifted her feet in their hands. leaving Elisabeth's legs stretched out and parted in front of her. Scott and Jarrel sat side by side on the edge of the desk. The toes slithered towards once more. So I think you'd better open your legs again. it never happened. they were all looking at her and what else could she do but obey the agent's order? The arch of the foot caught against her skirt. That's what we're supposed to be trained for. both lifting her feet off the carpet and pulling off her shoes. Nothing like that has ever happened to me. her toes up at the same level as her chest. "The way your boss reacted to our ID. "And up some more. then burrowed underneath them until they were jammed below the gusset of her panties. pressing her spine deep into the back of the big swivel chair. Scott was virtually ravishing her. Elisabeth instinctively closed her legs against the intrusion. "It never happened. Elisabeth?" His foot had twisted around a little. it was as if she was nothing but a piece of machinery which 117 . each holding one of her feet between their clenched knees and lightly massaging the soles with their thumbs. as far as they could between her thighs. securing the lock. trapping the toes between her thighs. Dumbfounded at their audacity. at their teamwork. She gasped and glanced towards the door. as agents we all think that we're pretty good at knowing when people are telling us untruths. "Up. Ms Manning.

Elisabeth. Elisabeth's eyes widened in shock at seeing it." Catherine said. "Set the scene for us some more. I was anyway." "They grabbed us and held our arms by our sides while one of them put the fishing lines through our earrings and tied them there. Whatever these people wanted to hear from her." The agent put the camera down carefully on Willard's desk. how about coming around here and loosening a few buttons for Elisabeth?" The female agent strolled around the desk." "How old were you both?" "Eighteen. otherwise you're going to have even worse problems than you've already got. The one piece kind because counselors weren't allowed to wear bikinis at the camp." "I love this bit." Scott demanded. if anything happens around here I should know about you call me in the next five minutes. I'll keep this tape for private viewing only. and I think Anita was too. The problem was that they seemed to be know where all her starting buttons were and how to push them. "What were you wearing when this thing at the camp happened?" Elisabeth tried to remember exactly what she'd written. it really hurt to have your ear pulled on like that." Jarrel exclaimed as he stared at Elisabeth's breasts heaving around underneath her crisp white blouse. I mean. Then they turned us loose and started playing with us. We both were. "A swim suit. Especially when their fingers were doing things to her feet which were sending high voltage shock waves clear up her spine. Playing with us in two ways. They started grabbing at us and when we tried to step back the guys with the rods wound us back into the middle of the shed again like we were hooked fish." 118 . "Wow. "Don't worry. As long as she got Peter out of the line of fire. "Now. They'd been waiting for us. that was what they were going to get. a reaction the dumpy agent had already anticipated and was ready to record. Jarrel tickled the bottom of her right foot and Elisabeth gasped. what happened then?" Elisabeth opened her mouth to protest once again that it was only something she'd dreamed up in a hot moment but changed her mind before she spoke. starting at the big one and moving along the row to the little piggy. With two fishing rods. So lie back and enjoy getting laid through this one.needed certain things doing to it to get it working as they wanted. "Catherine." Scott smiled and began tweaking her toes. then knelt down over the chair and began unbuttoning the buttons down the front of Elisabeth's blouse." Jarrel said. In fact. It was difficult to concentrate while a set of neatly trimmed nails were undoing her blouse buttons in front of two smiling men. then grabbed at the armrests of the chair as she was forced to wriggle around by his scratching nails. I mean. Right. Elisabeth. you'd better tell me quickly. we'd got to where you two girls and the two boys had gone into the boat shed together. "But anytime I want some information from you about anything going down in this office. When a guy tugged the rod and wound in the line on you there wasn't anything you could do but walk towards him. In her hand was a small video camera with the viewing screen opened out. "Go on. "There were three more boys in the boat shed as well.

"So I guess you'd have grown yourself a good pair by then. Well worth the handling. Jesus, they are now, that's for sure." Catherine had finished undoing the blouse and held the sides open for her companions' interested inspection. Elisabeth had slid down in the seat until her face was almost hidden behind her white bra cups. It was crazy, but she wasn't so upset about having to show off her underwear as she was about the agents finding out that she was wearing plain cotton panties and a bra bought at a Hecht's two-for-one sale. Oddly, that seemed a greater intrusion into her privacy than the act of being stripped. Go figure. Jarrel tickled her foot again, and then Scott did the same with the one he held. Elisabeth yelped, before Catherine's hand pressed down over her lips, forcing her to snort like a surfacing dolphin as she flung herself around in her chair, clearly aware of how much the agents were enjoying their horseplay with her -- especially Scott and Jarrel. When they finally stopped tickling her feet and Catherine's hand was removed from her mouth Elisabeth was panting as if she'd run up a flight of steps, curls of blonde hair hanging down around her forehead. "Now, Elisabeth," Scott said, "We'd got to the stage where the boys had hauled you back into the middle of the shed. I guess they had plenty of time after that for whatever they wanted to do. You couldn't run and you couldn't fight back, could you? So what happened next?" Both of the agents were stroking her feet again, harder this time, and Elisabeth knew that they knew how excited she was getting. This wasn't possible: three hours ago she'd been getting off at L'Enfant Plaza station for just another day at the office. It was impossible that this could be happening to her in Willard's office with the picture of Willard shaking hands with the Secretary of Transportation still hanging on the wall. Any minute now she was going to wake up in hospital with somebody telling her she'd drunk a morning cup of coffee laced with LSD. "Elisabeth -- talk." "The guys with the rods held them up over our heads and made us stand still with our arms by our sides. Then the others felt our breasts. Three of them were around Anita at the start, with her hands all over her. They made her kiss each one of them as well, French kissing." Jarrel seemed fascinated. "So did one boy hold the rod tied to Anita's ear while all this was happening?" "Yes. They took turns at holding it with the tip over her head and sometimes the boy holding it would lift it up a bit to make her stand on her tiptoes. They did that just for fun a few times, really enjoying having a counselor in a situation like that. Anita was wriggling like a landed fish, especially when they began a kind of game with one guy standing behind her holding her breasts steady while the other two boys sucked on her nipples through the wet fabric of her swim suit. After a while she was making the sort of noises that girls do when they trying to stop something happening that they don't really want stopped at all." The agent's thumbs were kneading away ever more deeply into Elisabeth's soles as she was forced to open her soul to them. "So what was happening to you while your friend was getting her assets handled?" Scott asked her. "My swim suit was still wet as well and it was like I was wearing nothing. The boy who had me on the end of his line was laughing because he could see that I couldn't take my eyes off what was happening to Anita. He could see I was shaking like a jelly and my nipples were puckering up and it wasn't just because of the cold. He told me to get ready to show off my bare tits to everybody. Then he called out to the other guys that I was ready for some of the action. By that time Anita seemed like she was already halfway out


of her mind. She was licking at one guy's ear and stroking all of them she could reach. It was like her being a counselor and the boys being a gang of thugs didn't matter at all to her anymore." Jarrel sniggered. "You tell this well, Elisabeth. So how did you read the situation at that stage? How far did you think these guys were going to go? After all, they were younger than you and your friend, I guess." "Yes, they were younger, but they were a bad bunch, a known gang. Football jocks, those kind of guys who thought they could do whatever they liked. All the counselors had problems with them, and I knew that nothing would make that bunch happier than totally humiliating both of us. But unless somebody came to the boat shed it seemed they'd be able to do whatever they liked with us. As far as I could see it was down to how much the gang were willing to risk, and they seemed to be the kind that can get away with almost anything. What amazed me was how easily they'd gotten us in that kind of a situation." "And Anita seemed to be liking what they were doing to her?" Elisabeth nodded: "The guys certainly seemed to have a lot experience in handling girls. I could tell that before they'd even laid a finger on me." Scott looked around and across the desk to the female agent: "Catherine, how does this match up with what's on the emails?" "It's the same story, near enough. Except that she told her boyfriend in LA that having to stand and watch the gang feeling up her friend was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her in her life until then. She also said that when they came over and pulled the top of her swim suit down around her waist she nearly fainted while she was waiting for them to start mauling her tits for her." Jarrel moved forward against her foot, until it was pressed against the groin of his pants. Elisabeth felt the sensitive skin of her sole rubbing against tightly stretched fabric and Jarrel's stiff cock on the other side of it. "I'd like to have seen that myself," he said. "So would I," Scott agreed. "But since we missed out on the boatshed, how about we settle for a look at Elisabeth's tits here and now?" Jesus, now her other foot was somehow up against Scott's groin, and he was using it to deliver another tactile message from a male member with attitude. Surely it was impossible they were planning to lay her across Willard's desk and fuck her? Elisabeth didn't know, but it seemed for sure that they were expecting the full Monica from her. Two men, at the same time, with another woman taping her going down on them . . . holy blowjobs, Batwoman! Jarrel eased her foot up and down against his cock: "Yes, I'd like to watch Elisabeth shaking her bare tits around in front of us." "No problem," Catherine said calmly. "Stand her up and I'll do the honors for you." The two male agents replaced Elisabeth's feet back on the carpet, came alongside the sides of the chair, took an arm each and helped her up onto shaky legs. Catherine came around the desk, the camera held up in front of her, and then moved out of Elisabeth's sight behind her back. Willard's horse faced wife looked disapprovingly at the scene from a large photo on top of the desk. Elisabeth had never seen the front of the photo stand before and wondered how Willard could feel that looking at a picture like that improved his day. Perhaps it made him feel better about being at work instead of at home. On the other hand Mrs Willard was probably doing her dutiful domestic chores instead of having her hands firmly held as her blouse was pulled down to her wrists and her bra clips tugged


apart. Now Catherine's fingernails were scratching against Elisabeth's skin as the bra shoulder straps were eased down. "Here you are, guys," the female agent announced. "From public service to pubic service in one easy movement." The straps continued dropping, down past Elisabeth's elbows, taking the bra cups with them. Her unsupported breasts tumbled out, each nipple screwed up tightly as if squinting against the sudden light falling on them. "You were right, Jarrel. Very nice tits. Great to look at and hardly any sag at all." Elisabeth was aware of Scott raising his hand, and then his fingers were slowly running across the top of her stomach, close enough to the bottom swell of her left breast for his thumb to brush against it. "Good skin. Feels like a woman should. And her perfume is a knockout as well." Well, it was nice to know that her investment in some expensive Estee Lauder hadn't been wasted. Scott's breath rustled against the nape of Elisabeth's neck, lips brushed against her shoulder so lightly she wasn't quite sure whether she was imagining their touch or not. But there was a definite kiss falling on her left ear. "Is this the ear where those boys tied you to that fishing line?" Scott asked. "Or was it on this one?" Jarrel wanted to know. "Uh . . ." Elisabeth gulped deeply as both her ears attracted the attention of tongues, and then of lips and nibbling teeth. Scott's fingers gently rose up underneath her bared breast and cupped it as though he was lifting a piece of precious porcelain. An action matched by Jarrel's hand on the other side of her body. Since Elisabeth's wrists were still entangled in her blouse sleeves there was no way she could even try to fend the groping hands away. Which also saved her from an equally futile struggle with her conscience. "Which one was it then?" Jarrel asked again. "Your left ear or your right one? On this side?" He gave a firm squeeze to the soft flesh he was holding "Or this side?" Now it was Scott's turn to apply pressure to her. Elisabeth could hardly remember what she written in those fucking emails, her mind was in a whirl of complete confusion. "My left ear -- it was my left ear." Catherine Haught's arm had come around from behind Elisabeth, her hand brushed against one of the exposed nipples, the left one, a set of sharp nails pinched sharply around it. "This side? Are you sure, Elisabeth?" "Yes! Please, don't touch me like that." "Leave her alone, Catherine," Scott ordered. "You're happy to let two guys deal with your case, aren't you, Elisabeth?"


Stretched them out to where her feet had been rubbing against hard male flesh and found those places again. he was running a finger backwards and forwards on either side of her mound. Scott and Jarrel sat down on the desk again. The agents were hauling up her skirt around her waist in an untidy bundle. Then they walked me over there as well and told me I was going to have to help Anita out. "Enjoying yourself. seeking something to keep her view averted from that small glass eye. "Is this what that gang did to you?" Scott asked. Elisabeth looked away. as if crumbling styrofoam cups between their strong fingers. "Or was it more like this?" Jarrel lightly bit her other nipple and held it between his teeth as he swirled his tongue around it. without a word being spoken. The agent's elbows were resting on the desk as she kept the camera firmly aimed at Elisabeth's face. Looks like an early lunch break for you today. but it seemed like the right day for it. As soon as her panties were uncovered a hand slid between her legs. Before filling his mouth with her nipple and a generous helping of soft flesh behind it. he was just standing there and laughing at this counselor sucking his cock without even being told to. "Yes. now that she was one herself. Then they started blowing on my nipples and kissing them. But Catherine wanted to hear answers. Whichever of them it belonged to. just like you're getting now?" Elisabeth knew she had to answer. and getting a increasingly thorough official investigation. And as soon as she'd gotten his cock out she held it with one hand and began giving him a blow job. and the boy took a camera out of his pocket and took a picture of Anita with her mouth full of dick. And the right company as well. God. "The guy with her was holding his rod up alongside him with the end on the floor and Anita was down on her knees in front of him opening the zip of his jeans. " Elisabeth moaned deep in her throat. but the female agent obviously wanted her male buddies to hear again what had been written in those all too revealing emails. Elisabeth. Which meant that she must be going mad. "So. They scrunched them up slowly and carefully. It wasn't like he was pulling on the line or anything to force her to do it. But all she found to stare at was an FBI warning poster about how to deal with suspicious objects. Combined with the attention her breasts were receiving it was a kind of caress which could send a woman out of her mind with desire. Elisabeth looked down at what they were doing to her and spread her hands out against the folds of the fallen blouse. thrusting strongly against her palms. and drew her towards them by hauling firmly on her tightly held breasts. Ms Manning?" Catherine asked sarcastically. fighting to get her arms free from the folds of the blouse.Somehow she was nodding her head as each of the men took a firm grip on one of her nipples. Bitterly ashamed of her own excitement. They felt my butt all over and one put his tongue inside my mouth. to her left and right. how did you feel in the boatshed while the boys were playing around with you? Did you get a cunt full of love juice. Then he called out to one of the other boys. Because." "And what about Anita? How was she dealing with the boredom of being left out of the main action?" Elisabeth knew that Catherine already knew the answer to that. . ." 122 . "Aaah . Elisabeth. side by side. For the first time Elisabeth began to have some sympathy for suspicious objects. in the creases between her outer lips and her inner thighs. both cocks were fully locked and loaded. she found herself thinking. She squirmed and stamped her feet on the carpet like a child in a tantrum. yes! They got me as hot as hell. Then they started playing with them in their hands and telling me how they had a lot of rubbers with them and how both of us were going to get the shit fucked out of us.

he wanted to come in my throat."Do I have to guess what happened next?" "No . or take as much of his prick in our mouth as we could. . pumping away strongly as is they needed to be wound up like clockwork before they could function. Scott removed his lips from the slippery patch of saliva coated skin around her aching nipple. folded them and put them on the top of the seat backrest. . please! " Elisabeth had her fingers around Scott and Jarrel's cocks now. Elisabeth. upside down on some stands. The big guy who was the leader said that the guy on the boat would call out our name and then tell us to rim him. fumbling at the fly zips until they opened." Elisabeth was finding it harder and harder to keep her story anything like coherent as Scott finished his preparations. Then they made Anita lick some of the cum off my lips while the next boy was lying down on the boat. She was staring up at me between her knees with her eyes rolled back and squealing away like a puppy getting pinched. If you didn't shout out loudly or often enough you got a tap from the paddle as a reminder. what those guys did. yes. and he said I wasn't swallowing enough of his cock. We had to keep wriggling our bare asses for the rest of the gang to watch and if you didn't have your mouth full you had to keep begging them to fuck you. and then on Anita." Elisabeth didn't know what Scott had in mind. Then another came back with a canoe paddle. Then he put his tie underneath one armrest and Jarrel's red silk tie underneath the other one. with us giving them blow jobs. Elisabeth. and we had to stand on either side of him." 123 . Jarrel." Catherine giggled: "So did you get paddled. One of the boys stripped off and lay down on top of it. but it was so big. . and told her to hold my head down by holding my ears while I was face fucked. And every time a new boy began pumping her the camera flash went off again. They pulled off our swim suits and their fingers were up our cunts all the time we were bent over. Catherine. the first one. Then they lifted up Anita's legs and told me to hold onto her ankles while they lined up to fuck her. "OK. He took his own jacket and Jarrel's. God!" Elisabeth felt as if her nipples were about to explode inside Scott and Jarrel's mouths. and then they made me stand at the other end. time for some intensive interrogation techniques. The guy on the boat. Finally. So they used the paddle on me. . The guy holding my rod was next to Anita and the one with hers was next to me. or lick his balls. "Then the boys put Anita down on top of the boat on her back. "Keep telling us about your boating adventures. hey. Ms Manning?" "Yes. Get the chair around there as well. yes. they freed her hands from the blouse and she grabbed at both men's pants." Catherine demanded. will you guys get started on me. Jesus . There was a small flat bottomed boat made of aluminum. but she soon began to realize as he put the chair in the middle of the office and then tilted the back of over as far as it would go. They said the boat was a punt for a cunt. It was crazy. to about forty five degrees. And I nearly suffocated before he blew off into my throat. And if either of us didn't do a good enough job the guy holding our rod would bend us over the boat and we'd get the canoe paddle slapped on our ass until we learnt to liven up. Elisabeth?" "Yes. then gave it a final quick bite before issuing his orders. "It went on for what seemed like ever. "Bring her round the front. "You did some cock sucking yourself.

She was moved forward. And while we were in that position I got my first show and tell fuck from some boy I couldn't even see while Anita screaming in my face because the other guys were fingering our clits at the same time. her legs secured on either side of the chair. Then she felt the ties being drawn around the back of each of her knees and tightly knotted. but only for a second as the fingers returned to the promised land. Scott's getting his clothes off now. we were looking in each other's eyes. Catherine giggled and circled the scene. "Oh God!" She was a prisoner. hey? So keep us interested. Cool air flowed around the expose wet patch in her briefs. I've got to show this to some male friends of mine sometime. don't you? You want a really good fucking for the camera. Ms Nice Lady?" Scott demanded. the tops of her thighs against the folded jackets. . . "You told your boy friend you got it doggy style in that gang bang. they lifted up Anita's legs against mine. And then the jerks tied the fishing lines to both our earrings so we couldn't move our faces away from each other. . But I had to put them down on either side of the boat. Then one of them told me to kneel on top of the boat support. So tell us about it. And aren't you loving it too. so far forward that she had to press her palms down against the edge of the seat itself to support her weight. "Isn't this how you wanted it. Sweet Lord!" 124 . then into mine. God! The guys took me to the other end of the boat. She gasped as the men forcibly bent her forward. Keep talking about how you counseled those guys in the boat shed. the upper part of her body bent forward and down. "They are just so going to love watching you get fucked in that position. her blouse underneath it. . . their strength overcoming the increasing tightness of the material as it forced over her opened thighs until the waist band was cutting into the very bottom of the curve of her buttocks. and then right up my ass!" Elisabeth jerked against her restraints like a mare smelling a stud stallion as Jarrel dragged her panties down to the same level as her hose. and our tits were piled up against each other. so we couldn't move our legs either. It was like a plank with a rubber mat on top of it to stop the boat getting damaged. Ms nice lady?" "Yes . Air blew out between her lips like steam from a boiling kettle. The bastards ." "God . . . and they put a belt around our knees on one side and tightened it. the camera at her face staying aimed at the chair all the time. against the seat. the next one put his cock into Anita's cunt. Which it was. then they did the same on the other side. with Anita's legs underneath me. and then they bent me forward so I was showing them absolutely everything." "Don't worry." Christine cooed. That wasn't all though. with her butt stuck out behind her as though on display." Elisabeth tried to catch her breath. "Oooh. and even more so as her skirt slid down her inclined back until the hem was hanging around her shoulder blades. You want that. . A twanging sound sounded across the office as the over stretched waist elastic snapped and the panties were left hanging around the tops of Elisabeth's legs like windblown laundry. Elisabeth. because my face was so close to Anita. You keep talking and I'll get you ready for him. Oh. so I could put my weight on my knees without it hurting too much. Only to have it snatched out of her lungs as two pairs of hands began pulling down her pantyhose. The pain on her lower stomach would have been intolerable without the cushioning effect of the two jackets. Jesus. Elisabeth's hands squeezed against the polished leather below her hands as exploring fingers moved up between her pinioned thighs. "Elisabeth. her feet on tiptoe." "Jesus.

" Scott's hands clamped around Elisabeth's waist. "Hold on. Catherine. let's see the bulls start charging.Jarrel pulled her ass cheeks wide apart. . rougher hand patted her left ass cheek and squeezed it like a rider reassuring a nervous horse. Scott Heynig. "Now. guys. but don't worry. "Jeeeeesus . From behind her Elisabeth could hear her cunt squelching and popping as Scott's body slammed into her buttocks with grunts of effort. fuck me!" She heard Catherine call out mockingly: "Come on up. At almost the same moment something hard and incredibly smooth nestled in between her cunt lips." "OK." Catherine answered. Until another." Jarrel's tongue left Elisabeth's rigid clitoris. I don't know. "She's good and tight. and then entered all the way into her. the wetness of his saliva mixed with her own juices. I'll make sure you get a complimentary copy of the tape. . boldly going into places she could have sworn no man had reached before. I'm going to take my hand away far enough for you to tell us how many times you got reamed out in that boat shed. Scott is just putting the rubber gift wrapping on your government issue work bonus. His fingers were no longer stroking behind her knees. . They said every boy riding on the bus was going to have a ride on us as well . you fit into me like nobody else ever has! "What's she like?" Jarrel asked. "Not unless she wants to lose some teeth. The tongue ran around on them as if trying to decide on a place to finally settle. I think she needs a lot more fucking than she's been getting. The noise she's making. she was being left to melt in her own fires. Elisabeth. They said they were going to put us together on the back seat and we were going to have our heels hanging over the top of the seat in front all the trip home. "But it seems to have Ms Manning interested. God. "I don't know exactly what you're doing back there." "Ms Manning won't dare bite me. parted them. You're wanted." the girl said. God! God!" Catherine's fingers pressed against Elisabeth's lips again. but put your hand over her mouth again or the whole building will hear her sounding off when I give it to her. she might bite them off. right onto the swollen lips spread out like budding rose petals covered with morning dew. Jarrel's tongue finally touched her clitoris. . put his lips against them and gave her a Bronx cheer right up the butt." "Ah . OK. he lunged forward hard enough to make her hands almost slip off the chair and her hanging breasts swayed around like balloons in a breeze. They all had me. Oh. sending Elisabeth into a moaning fit of desire. Scott." Catherine cooed. sweetie. cutting off her rising voice. Then they told us that when we went home on the bus on the last night of camp we had to be wearing stocking and high heels and no panties. Jarrel. his fingers stroked the backs of her tied legs and the chair rocked and creaked underneath her weight as Elisabeth convulsed again." 125 . one way and another. . be careful of your fingers. Christ. Christine used her free hand to tug on Elisabeth's ear. "It's a pity you can't see what you look like right now. Give her a few more deep ones and see if she'll shake her tits for us. Then his tongue trailed a wet path down into her cunt." Elisabeth made no protest at Catherine's fingers covering her mouth: she concentrated on sucking in as much air as she could between them while she had the chance. and Anita as well. ass up and panties down. . In fact I'll make sure you sit down and watch every second of it.

Elisabeth was left panting on top of the chair." Elisabeth heard Jarrel call out. Then you're going to tell him you're visiting LA and ask him to get a few friends together to meet you. As she realized what she was going to have to do for Catherine the orgasm racked her body. Go left and Jarrel will shaft you. "Watch this. And after his raghead gang have finished fucking you every which way you'll tell them where you work and what your husband does." Scott said. down anchor And here comes the torpedo. Elisabeth almost choked on Scott's dick and felt as if her ears were about to pop. ten degrees to go . Then Jarrel's fingers rubbed against her clit and she exploded as if he'd pulled a pin from a grenade. Now only Catherine was touching her with her hand over her mouth. Then they parted to allow a thick fleshy plug to be inserted in Elisabeth's mouth. "Your feet are touching the carpet. They were tickling her nostrils and if she sneezed now she would certainly die. guys. "Oh well done. to whisper in her ear. Around her the agents laughed as Ms Elisabeth Mary Manning fought to swing her naked ass around inch by inch." Elisabeth dug her toes into the carpet and the chair creaked like an ungreased windmill in a fading wind as she struggled to turn it to her left." 126 . Jarrel called out to encourage her: "Twenty degrees left to go. ask instead how many men you can do for your country. she was alive and living in a fever of excitement as two men pleasured themselves on her trapped body any way they wanted to. Catherine giggled and Scott muttered in encouragement as Elisabeth sucked on his cock in total surrender to his demands."Hey. five degrees. . Ms Manning. Elisabeth. . "Don't quote me on this. Elisabeth. ." It was Scott's voice. All stop. almost there. but Jarrel has a bigger dick than Scott's. untouched and almost weeping in frustration. You can swivel around to your right or left. Elisabeth thought she was dying. . Jarrel laughed out loud and gave her a thrust from behind with a prick so long and powerful it seemed like it had come off a NASA launch pad. a government bureaucrat no longer caring about her situation or shame. all her emotions stifled by an overwhelming desire to have a man mount her again. I guess he'll oblige. . stiffening every muscle like a lightning strike as her ravishers emptied themselves into her with shuddering gasps of triumph. God. of suffocation." Catherine's hand clamped down over Elisabeth's lips again just in time to stop her first squeals of gratified pleasure from echoing around the office. Which do you want?" Catherine laughed and leaned her head towards Elisabeth's. "Don't I get a turn?" "We'll let Elisabeth choose. I need more!" "No problem. aroused." His cock was taken out of her cunt and he moved the chair around a quarter turn. . I'd go for a ride with him if I were you. If they get interested in any of that then we'll be interested: understand?" Elisabeth body was already building up for another climax. Elisabeth . how about me. "Ask not what your country can do for you. and there'll be plenty more of this. "Please. Catherine's fingers tugged hard on Elisabeth's ear: "Be a good girl for us." Catherine chuckled. you're going to email some pictures to Abbas Sarak showing how you got tied down across a chair in your office by a couple of guys who used you like a total slut. But. Until her eyes opened again to see and feel her nose rubbing against the blonde hairs of a man's pubic patch. come right and I'll give you some more. For starters. and even that was removed. please .

THE END Under cover I am Officer Kim Johnson I am 25 years old five foot three 110 pounds Shoulder length red hair and wear a 40 c cup bra. Dressed like a slut I started hanging around the club hoping that I might even land a job there. I went to the club that 127 . He said that he didn’t want to bust them right away because they he knew the drugs where coming in from Columbia and wanted to find the supplier. and that he wanted we to check in every Tuesday morning like clock works. I agreed and was told that when I got any thing at all to call him. Jack said baby would you excuse me I have some important business to take care of. but one day while I was sitting with Jack at his table. The chief asked me if I would work under cover and see if I could find out any information and pass it on to him. He smiled and walked over to me and told me in my ear that the two men said that they wanted me. in the Vice division. (I thought to myself Colombians named Mike and Bill yea right) then I started to pump for information. Mike got a call on his cell phone and he excused hem self and walk towards the men room. Every thing was going as usual the pushers would come and go. I went in to the ladies room and call the chief on my cell and told him all I make out was pier 5 berth 1 and hung up. I excused my self and told them I had to go to the ladies room. As I pass the men’s room I put my ear to the door and could only make out a few words. Bill noticed this and said. I went over and set down and Jack introduced me to they as Mike and Bill as they undressed me with their eyes. I work for the Los Angeles Police department. which I don’t mind. Because know how to dress like a real slut I do a lot of undercover work and some of it requires casual sex. This is a story about one of my assignments that I will never forget as long as I live. you ask a lot of questions baby. I said I was sorry and that I was just trying to make conversation. The next morning when I got up my car had been broken into and my badge was missing from the car pocket and I reported it the chief. two well dress Columbian men came in with a briefcase. I told Jack I didn’t have sex with more than one guy at a time and I had to know them better. As I came pass the men’s room Mike stepped out and looked surprised and we walked back and sit down at the table. There was no jobs open but I soon became friends with Jack Myers the owner and all the employees. He went back to his table and told the men what I had said and then he motioned for me to come over to their table. One day the chief called me into his office and told me about a drug ring that operated out of “The Paradise” a club down town. and if I didn’t he would know something was wrong. They were in Jack’s office for a while and when they came out they looked over at me and whispered something in Jack ear. He also told me that it would very dangerous and if I didn’t take the assignment he would under stand. It was getting late so I told the guys I had to leave to get some rest.

but I couldn’t let these bastards know it. Mike got up and dropped his pants and shorts and said you like it don’t you baby. Then Bill asked me if I had ever had sex with a woman and I told him no. He ripped the other two pieces off and I screamed with each piece.night and the to guys were sitting at the table with Jack and they waved me over so I joined them. Bill came up behind me and pushed his cock in me with one hard jab and pushed me forward causing me to take Mike’s cock down my throat. Joan grabbed me by the hair like a rag doll and pulled my mouth to her breast and I know what she wanted so I started to suck her nipple. He pooped the head in and started to feed it to me inch by inch. They know they had me now and untied me put me on my knees and Mike told me to suck his cock clean and make him hard again. He laughs and said scream baby scream for me I like that and no one will hear you anyway. she’s calling me names yet her nipple felt good in my mouth that I was enjoying it. Mike looked at me and said its time to dance and shake those big tits for us baby. He looks it me and said now I asked you a question and when I wouldn’t answer him he ripped the middle strip off of me bring all my hairs with it and I scream as loud as a could. He tore off three piece about a foot in a half long and put one of them on me from my navel down through my vagina to my butt hole. I sit down and after a few drinks I started to feel groggy and blacked out. no 128 . Oh my god I saw the biggest cock I had ever seen. she looked at me and licked her lips. He put the cables on the battery and started touching the other ends to my nipples over and over. the other two he placed on each side over my labial’s. I felt so stretched and had another orgasm before his was half way in me. either kill you or if you are a good fuck we will take you with us and make you our whore. Mike looked at me and said that they had decided not to kill me but would make me their whore and they would sell me to men and women. She was driving me crazy. About that time Bill came with an automobile battery and jumper cables. my whole body was jumping and jerking and I screamed and screamed. Mike said well Joan you want some of our whore and Joan said hell yes. Bill fucked me hard and I had two more orgasms before he shot is load in me. as I looked down at him. She pushed me down on my back and dove right into my pussy with her mouth. Tell me he said you like my big cock and you are my whore tell me. I told him to go to hell and he just smiled and walked over to a workbench and picked up a roll of duck tape. He pushed the cable ends to my vagina I keep screaming. Bill said don’t worry baby I know someone that will train you. Mike started to lick my vagina and Bill was rolling one of my nipples with his fingers and sucking on the other. Bill and Mike was just standing there gawking at me and I asked them what they where going to do with me. My vagina and labial’s were red. When I awakened I was in an old warehouse. He got up on the table between my legs. Bill said ok she is all yours but we get to watch so put on a good show for us. it was so hot it caused me to orgasm again. Bill whispered something in Mike’s ear and he shook his head yes. He began to work in and out of me and I couldn’t help myself. Mike began to suck my clitoris and flick it with is tongue. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it in as deep as I could. Oh I was losing control and had an orgasm. I was screaming I love your big cock yes I am your whore just fuck me hard. He didn’t ask me any more questions and don’t think he wanted any answers he just wants to torture me. Mike said now officer Kim Johnson what do you know about this operation and what have you passed on to the authorities. When I awaken they had taking me down form the rafter and had me tied spread eagle on the old wood bench. This went on until I couldn’t take any more and I passed out. He looked at Mike and told him to go out on the dock and bring that big dyke back with you. She pulled me from her tit and kissed me right on my lips and ran her tongue in my mouth and I began to respond to her kiss. my body shaking and my breast where flopping all over my body. Well you know we cant let you go so said Bill so we have two choices. swollen. A few minutes later Mike returned with this big strong woman and introduced her to me as Joan. licking and sucking working on my clitoris. I started to screaming fuck me fuck me you bastard fuck me. Mike blows his load right down my throat and I fell weakly to the floor. her breast were huge and when she removed her hard hat her hair fell down her back and she wasn’t bad looking. I thought to myself. It didn’t take Joan long to strip. He noticed this and just rammed all the way in me. Joan moaned oh yes you little whore suck mommy’s big tits as she roughly fingered in my pussy. Mike was grunting now and he shot his load. I had been striped of all my close with my hands tied above my head and Mike standing in front of me waving my badge in my face. what is wrong with me. it must have been eleven inches and thick as a flashlight. Oh my god my body started to betray me it feet so good. bare as a baby ass and hurt like hell.

and I'd been planning on going out with my friend Sasha. my daddy had his weekly poker night with his buddies. The captain walked over to me and felt my breast and said that he was going the have a lot of fun with me. filling my mouth with her juices. she reached down and got one of my ankle in each hand and spread my legs wide apart. She was grinding her pussy on my face so hard I thought she would crush my skill. I figured that I'd play some hands with them instead of doing my homework. she kept licking and sucking my pussy dry and I cum had ever been this good. I couldn’t stand it I was fucking her mouth and filled it with my juices. Joan was gone and had place two one dollar bills on my breast. Where were all these orgasms coming from? She climbed up on me and straddled my face and said my turn bitch eat mommy’s pussy. she moaned loud. Joan was now moaning yes bitch that’s it don’t stop oh yes you are a good cunt-lapping whore. whoa. Bill and Mike were laughing and said now you are a two-dollar whore. I answered the door in a pair of short shorts. The Captain told them that their shipment had been unloaded and they took off. They dress me and took me aboard a ship that was dock out side the warehouse and introduced me to the Captain and tied me to a chair. They told me they had sold me to the Captain for the trip back to Columbia and that he would untie me after the ship got underway and that they would meet me on the other end. find me something to fuck her with. Gangbanged By Daddy's Best Friends!!! Last week. About that time I heard sounds out on the deck of the ship and the cabin door was kicked down. I said oh no please not with that and Joan said shut up whore and began fucking me with the neck of the bottle. and thus I was left at home. "Brit. Thank god it was the swat team and I was rescued. The Captain looked me over and nodded his head yes. look how you've grown up!" 129 . Mike and Bill told said Good show and Joan said I am not finished with her yet. Joan got up no her feet leaving the neck of the bottle in me. She got sick and had to stay home. When his friends started to come over. I licked her pussy and was surprised that she didn’t taste bad at all. so I started to work on her clit. She then took her foot and kicked the bottle driving it all the way in me. it wasn’t salty like men and that it was actually pleasant. They look around the warehouse and came back with a beer bottle. and a halter top. with my daddy and his friends. The chief told me later that they had the pier under observation but could not make their move until the drugs where unloaded and in the hands of the suppliers. I screamed and must have passed out because the next thing I remember was waking up.

" Just fucking someone. Brit. How much?" I looked at all their faces. "Princess. and no one revealed about what was to come. "Princess. Bye. guys. I'm cool. as he came down the stairs. we'll give you one big surprise." "No. Daddy's got to go to work. (I'm extremely flexible) When my daddy won a hand. if one of us wins." "Well." "Nah. and got some refreshments from the kitchen and brought them to the palor where the games were being played. you take off an article of clothing. how?" "Well." "Well. sorry about this. but don't be angry if I lose all your money!" he laughed and went upstairs to go to the office." He grabbed the car keys and left me alone with his friends. "Sure. "So do we show are cards now?" "Sure. If I'd have know.. How are you?" They all agreed that they were great. and smiled. "So. "Don't I always. I might have purposely done more.four of a kind! Kings at that. Daddy would kill me. I guess." I pulled up a chair between Luke and my daddy. and told me to behave. I don't think so. I'm sure he'd love you to." "Young woman." 130 . princess. How's school?" "Fine. if I lost all his chips or whatever they are called. wanna raise those stakes?" "I guess. "So. But why don't we raise the stakes." "Not really. thanks. they have an emergency. and I left." I was consentrating on the game." I put down two cards and picked up two new ones.. you are a young woman. Brit. your daddy's a very generous man. "Dating? Your becoming such a great looking girl. you wanna take my hand while I take this phone call?" Apparently. and if you win. I didn't notice Luke shift closer to me. Joe. Alex. not realizing how much his friends were getting turned on by my actions." "Ooops. No. "Thanks Angel Baby. Do you mind if the guys stay here? Play a few more games?" "Nah. now that your dad's gone. and sat Indian style on it. But that's a different story. I'm not really dating any one special. I jumped up and down. Joe."Hey. his beeper was vibrating. daddy." He kissed my cheek. "I'm positive that you've got broods of guys following you. Daddy called to me. You wanna watch?" "Sure. Daddy?" "Yes. Luke.

I'm getting my moneys worth. and won." They approached me. We might have to give her a surprise!" "Well. and we're paying for this." I won that hand. and I put my cards down on the table. then grabbing my arms. Hold her legs apart. they let 131 . it's called. "Brit. got between my spread out legs." "Fine. she's wetter than a fucking ocean. you can take shoes off. I think it was Joe. We kept playing until I'd had four or five shots and all three men and myself were naked.. I didn't struggle so much. But I don't have to strip down to my panties do I cause I don't really want to. 'Let's Find the Pleasure Points'. and all three of them striped out of their shorts and gave me a shot of vodka. With my hands behind my back. I felt his dick.." I stood up. while I go in. Come on. only with a bit of a twist. Alex. revealing my tight ass. let's play!" Luke moved closer. which was thick but no where near as long as my lover's. you wanna play a game?" "I guess." "Okay." I walked to the living room. "What do we have here. surrounding me. and stop whenever you want. and pulled my knees up to my chest. You guys wanna watch a movie or something?" "Or something. "Wow. so I had to strip out of my shorts. When he was inside. and the other one. rammed into me. wait a few minutes. and slide fingers into my whole. I'd never really had hard liquior. and almost fully shaved pussy. so it gave me a bit of a buzz. I bucked up wards and moaned in a stupor. she's ready. I sat back down and took another shot of vodka in my thong and halter top. and spread my lips. "I guess. it depends!" "Well. and they pulled me to the floor. I've waited all fucking night." Suddenly. "Let's do another round of poker!" They played. she's a bit smashed. forgetting that I was not clothed. and sat on the couch. He pinched my clit. having them apart. and started to lick like a mad man." "NO. two of them pulled my legs apart. Luke hand cuffed me. look at that hand."Strip POKER?" "Sort of. I guess we will." Joe got up and grabbed a shot glass. Maybe wait until she's not a wobbley. "Shit. boys?" "I think." "That sounds stupid. that was fun. because I didn't actually realized what was happening. and a bottle of vodka." "Nah. "Shit.

in pleasure. she was great.. He came in my pussy as well. but she kept calling out your name. He grunted and kept pushing in and out of my cunt.. sucking on my tits. we drank a bit of your vodka. but he still managed to make me orgasm with only his hands and mouth. I have enjoyed reading the emails about the stories and ideas on what should 132 . See you later!" *****NEXT CHAPTER TO CUM LATER******* Business dinner date Feel free to send me an email telling me what you liked and disliked. Luke was the last to fuck me.. and after a few minutes of him sawing in and out of my ass whole. so it didn't get me off as much as Joe or my lover normally does. and rubbing my clit. When he pulled out. Plus. and we didn't follow all your directions. he was long and thin.go of my legs. Love. Tom. he cummed up in my bowels. He was just as large as my lover if not bigger.. I even enjoy getting emails from people helping me with my grammar and technical issues! ------------------------------Please feel free to send me a comment on the story. getting to fuck that piece of ass. See you next week. I screamed in pain! He grabbed my tits and began to play with them. For those of you who have emailed me thanks for sharing your kind words. I screamed out my lover's name. she's better than a bitch in heat. except I got to ride him. so I didn't even care if I got pregnant by them. Alex climbed on next. Oh. and a note for daddy. they dressed left me on the couch used and dirty. and I wrapped them around his body. Leaning me onto the couch. You'll find a lovely cummy surprise in her. "Thanks. Can't wait to use her again. They left the keys to the hand cuffs on the table. oh. I didn't care that I was fucked by someone other than my lover. with my orgasms building on top of one another. and when he broke past the muscle.. and when he jizzed in my cunt. Ps. he positioned his HUGE cock at my ass. only he took my ass. and dripping off my body. with cum leaking out of my ass and pussy. Hope to see you and Brit later. they got up and made me suck them clean until they shot their cum all over my body and face. and tell Brit. When I'd finished with their cocks. When I came. the Gangbangers. Mindy is in town next week. but I still thought it was my lover. Alex's niece. and I honestly didn't notice or cared until afterward. my juice flowed into his thick meat. Lucky bastard.

I know that she is a flirt and hates the label.happen with some of the characters. I love it when she talks dirty and gives me a hand job. I love the idea of sharing with couples. Pam gets to visit these great restaurants and see many of the sights. Having her attend company parties is starting to bother me. Every minute lasted for an hour. That told me she had the hots for him. She undressed quickly. “I have to entertain. She is almost a dead ringer for Rene Russo from the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair. she pointed to my cock. Over this past year Pam has told me how this client knows how to treat women and knows how to make a lady feel like a woman.” She looks so slim but has amazing 34’c. However. but never thought I would have a story to tell. Over the years I’ve enjoyed the stories and pictures playboy and penthouse as well as some erotic web sites over the years. I love the idea of watching two women. In a way she has a separate life with out me. I’m totally committed to her. I love the way her reddish brown shoulder length hair moves when we talk. One of the down sides of this has been her commitment to the company. but to be honest it does bother me that she travels. Since they take a long time to write. When she is dressed I can’t tell she has large breasts. She now spends a lot of time on the road and even has to take clients out in our town. Well part of me wished it was a date and part of me wished it was only business. Needless to say I had a long day at work. Don’t forget to vote and send me an email! Begging: Pam and I have been married for ten years. she might be worried that I would get jealous and leave her. and then started to get ready for her “date”. I enjoy many fantasies. When I talk to Pam about this she tells me that I have nothing to worry about. Thanks for the kind emails.” 133 . and would even love to watch her with another man. and she’s never willing to act on our fantasies. One fantasy of mine is to watch Pam using her charm to seduce the client and close the deal. A vendor was in town and she had to have dinner with him. My wife likes to talk about lovers every now and then. plus most women outlast men. Last year she started to enjoy me cumming on her breasts. as she gets very defensive and cranky. then black pantyhose. I would love to be with her and visit New York together. I do trust her but she tells me nothing. Pam has never been into watching dirty movies. Like most other men. Event though she hates the label Pam is still a flit. I’ve always been jealous of the men who have wives to like to watch porn. I watched her put her thong on. After all she was not a virgin when we married. I ‘m not sure that is how and what Pam was thinking about it. I know that Pam’s afraid of what it will do to us.” Pam’s comments always gets my mind wondering. I learned to never call her a flirt. She might even be afraid that I would use her fantasies against her. Who doesn’t want to have some erotic or even kinky experiences? I know that I do. I love watching her dress and its now my time to watch. But never out of bed. When I finally arrived I was disappointed that she was not home. showered. Before I left for work she told me that she has a business dinner. Pam’s career has really taken off these past three years. Now for the conflict in my mind the one that rages a war in my mind. “You dog! If you’re good I’ll tell you the details. Pam walked into the house ten minutes after I did. It’s nice to know that people enjoy reading them. She has risen up the corporate ranks. I’m not jealous as she has always gone home with me. Every now and then she teases me and jokes while were in bed. Pam has always been very animated when we talk. She walked in and I could tell that she was in a rush. it was my show time. We both enjoy going to the gym together. I wish that she felt comfortable and told me everything. I never judge her. As she says.

Every time I see her in hose my cock gets hard.” She then moves up my body. “well your wife is off to earn some money. promises. Then she put on her business suite. undress for me baby. I made sure my skirt rode high on my thigh. My wife is out with some men. All I could think about was what you told me. come and get me. She grabbed my cock and pretended it was my hand. Before I tell you more. I was so embarrassed every time the waiter came over. My head was spinning. He wanted me to go to the ladies room and lose my panties. “I know these men want you or will want you!. After dinner he wanted to take me out for a drink. Both of them thought they could have me. I mean business dinner.” She then pulls my fingers from her. Pam never calls when she is out. Next she takes my hand. having dinner. Look at you. “Are you sure you want to know what all happened tonight?” 134 . I knew these guys wanted to fuck me. and I’m sure you’ll get more then digits. “Feel how wet I am?” “What happened to your panties?” “Oh I will tell you about that later. pressing her hard nipples in my face. I mean cock and off she went.” “Promises. Not sure what time. It didn’t take the men long. To make a long story short. Then here I was out to dinner with men who wanted me. Then she shook my hand. so pretty. and sits on my cock. “I was a bad girl tonight. Both of them started to take liberties with your wife. Next. I love it. kissing me deeply.” She looks over at me and touched my cock.” And then she was off. Here I am between two men and both were touching my thighs. if I’m lucky maybe I’ll get some digits?” “Show off those legs. She is so sexy. My clothes were off in ten seconds. but first let me tell you. So I tease them. I was so nervous on my date. but I awoke with her on my lap. She breaks the kiss and nibbles on my ear. How you wanted to watch me take a stud. “Then when I was in his car he grabbed me and ripped a hole in the crotch of my hose. “Well I’m off on my date. I hate it. “See I told you I was a bad girl. Pam went to the mirror and did her make up. Well almost as much fun as taking her clothes off. Is this really professional? Makes me wonder. Pam is the sexiest woman that I know.” I touched her thigh.” She lifts up her skirt and I see my fingers deep in her pussy. and knowing her enjoying some wine. and she’s mine. He could see these men touching me. and I just don’t know what to do. Her skirt was pulled up as she was mounted on me. You sure know how to give a girl hope for a night of fun!” I grab her hand. Softly she whispers. My fingers slide into her pussy. You know how men love to look and touch a lady in sexy sheer hose. so beautiful. brings it up to her crotch. Hey.I can’t help it. “And you looked hot tonight!” “Thank. All I had to do was say. these guys thought I did to.” I just did what she asked. Both of them wanted me. you’re a hottie! You’re my sexy wife!” Pam kissed me on the cheek. Watching her dress is very arousing. places them in my mouth. I flashed him my tits at the bar. I am left to wonder and fantasize about what went on. She was pressing her pantyhose covered pussy against my boxers. Crap. I’m hard! “I feel that you like me telling you what happened.

Pam’s pussy was hot and wet. Well dinner was great. “Are you upset with me?” “For what?” “With how I acted last night and for what I did last night. big. I must have turned white cuz the next thing I knew my cock was deep down her throat. Baby I need your cock in me. Some other man enjoyed her pussy. “Oh baby you want to fuck me? You like being in me don’t you? You love me being a slut. When in bed. She easily took the head of my cock into her. She feels great all smooth and soft. Then she mounted me like I’m sure she did with one of her clients. Dave kind of stopped touching me which suited me. “I see that you are enjoying this. My cock quickly became erect. Hurry up and strip so that you can finally tell me what happened. Pam puts everything she has. She left with a clean pair of panties and a perfect pair of sheer pantyhose. her pussy has been used. Her pussy is so wet and so warm. my penis has a mind of its own and when it’s hard my penis takes control of my other mind! Pam grabs my hand.” Pam lifted off me and moved to the side of my over stressed body. but now things have changed. Tom was enjoying the food and my body since he used his left hand to eat. as we enjoyed each other. Off we went to bed. You really want me to take a lover?” 135 . “do you like this?” She lifts up and then starts to fuck me. Well my upper thigh. What did my wife do? I didn’t want to wait for Pam to undress. After all. I love making love to her. It’s a wild fantasy. Oh my god. I love waking up with her stroking me. On.” “I’m just glad that you told me. She knows how to give head. She took a lover. I have to say it feel kinky to have my cock surrounded by her pussy juice and his cum! “Oh god baby you feel good. You felt how wet I am?” In one quick push of my hips I slide into her. Last night I noticed how you looked at me.” All her weight comes down.” “I’m so horny. Pam kissed me and then asked. don’t you? I think you do. All around the opening to the crotch of her pantyhose is all wet. His right had been free. She lined up her pussy to take me. I can’t stop her. I felt closer to her after she told me. Oh you feel so good. I don’t know what it is but it drive me crazy and I wanted that thing in me!” She slides my cock through the hole in her stockings. Exhausted from a wild night we both fell asleep. pushing me deep in her. “I guess were thinking the same thing. “Your wife was out with some clients. hole in the crotch of her wet pantyhose. Pam’s mouth gave me too much pleasure. In the morning I awoke with her hand on my all ready hard cock.I had to know more. and that hand was on my leg. Her lover came in her. My hard cock enters Pam’s warm wet pussy. as I know she had with her client. Tom is so sexy and has things thing. She comes home with out her panties and a nice. She takes my ring and index finger and engulfed my two fingers past her pussy lips and deep into her. I’m ok what you do just as long as I know. I slide into her pussy. but she made me.” While pushing me on her back she slides on top of me. as I’m attracted to Tom. Maybe she has been all this time but she finally felt comfortable telling me.

then there is no going back once I have him. “about that. I was more then willing.” “I think I am.” “Tell me all the details again!” Pam looks down at the floor. why would she do what she did last night? “Well. So. If I had another man. she knows I’m not jealous and now she might be willing to take the next step. I don’t want to hurt our marriage. that came from me. will you take a lover?” “I think so. She knows how I have a hose fetish.” She takes me deep. and snuggles up next to me. I’m going to cum. “Are you sure that you don’t mind sharing me baby?” “Only if you tell me all the details. I want to feel you cum in me. Why would she tell me all that.” “I loved watching you get ready. I have to tell you something. last night was a test.” I’m shocked.” “Yes and it was a great night! Look I’m still hard. You looked so hot!” Pam moves my head so our eyes meet. The important thing. The hole in my pantyhose.” “Well. Pam brings me coffee. “Oh baby. “Don’t push.” She’s fucking my cock.” Her legs wrap around me. Come in my pussy. but I’m nervous. That’s it baby. “Enjoy it. I’m still sore from last night. and watching her with me. “good morning. 136 . We never take the time for morning sex but today she was all over me. tell me how you want a lover. “That’s not my question.” “Oh what is that?” Is there more to what all she did last night? “Well. I was not willing to take that chance. after how you used me I think you are!” “So what if we find someone. isn’t it?” Her soft fingertips dig into my hair.” “Wow. you kinky bastard. I can right now. I really didn’t have a lover. “What?” In a way I’m puzzled. To be honest. I do find other men attractive. I know you really like the idea of me taking a lover. While getting ready for work she told me that on her drive home she knew how it would turn me on if there were a hole in her pantyhose. I love feeling the pleasure she gives me. I needed to be sure that you’re totally comfortable that I had a lover before I could take a lover.” Her hips rotate causing my cock to slide in and out of her. It’s nice that you are not upset! I love it that you’re happy with all that I told you last night.“It’s so kinky.

”Yes.” The story goes on…. and we can try new things.” She mounts me. and to see you enjoy him as he uses your body. Watch your pussy open taking his cock.” I pinch her nipples. To watch your body language as you fill up on his cock.” “I’m starving. Watch you slide down on him to look at you. and of course. don't forget to vote! A Hunting We Will Go 137 . I want to watch you. I want to watch a thick cock slide into you.” “Really? I want you there but are you sure?” “Yes. “Me to.“Yes.” “This will spice things up. Right now I need some coffee and food. I want to watch his cock slide into you. and after last night I need something to eat. I love feeling her soft skin touching mine.” I feel like a freight train ran me over. “I would like that.. ---------------------------------Please Vote and tell me what you think! Send me an email! Thank you. I hope you've enjoyed the story. Let me know how you felt through the feedback form.” “Really? You can handle watching some stud enjoy your wife?” “Oh god. that’s great. We have to be together. her nude body.

the better families. Motor cars whisk them from one building to another. which he had first discovered while holidaying in Leicestershire. 138 . Of course. He returned three years later having acquired a second wife. In years gone by. Were he to say "Off with his head. of course. at least in some harems. decide who was considered sensible. though only within their company compounds. There is none of the political brouhaha since the country is ruled by the Emir whom Allah has appointed. When all the oil reserves have been extracted. Television shows umpteen channels. the level of the land will have been lowered by an average of ten feet. Tourists are not permitted to enter the country. but without sacrificing any of the more useful gadgets of modern civilisation. in some centuries time. A disaffected faction had seized on the younger halfbrother of the new Crown Prince as a figurehead to topple the Emir and replace the old Establishment with a new idea they called democracy.Prologue The Emirate of Kobekistan is one of those wonderful places where a visitor feels that they have stepped back into a more leisurely. A crude bomb was thrown at the Emir. Moderation in all things is the watchword. The figurehead young prince was smothered and his mother was strangled. The miscreants were caught and such as had not managed to die in the fighting were publicly flayed and when the skin had been removed their remains were left for the dogs to eat. Women are taught to read and write. Women are not allowed to show their faces on the streets." the miscreant would be executed in public within the hour. Indeed he had ridden with the Quorn on several occasions. Air-conditioning protects the inhabitants from the rigours of a sub-tropical climate. Marriages are arranged by parents who are wiser in their choices than the impulses of youth would be. Naturally only sensible citizens would be allowed to vote and equally naturally only sensible candidates for President would be allowed. but for all those who matter. but it exploded uncomfortably close to this heroic defender of the Emir's life and he lost one hand and one eye. It was when he returned from his stay in England that his father made him Crown Prince and it was during that ceremony that an unfortunate incident occurred. His word is law. Becoming a eunuch is very rarely a fatal operation since it is carried out by experts in surgical conditions second to none. Toleration extends to allowing alcohol to be sold to foreign workers in the country. even though eunuch doctors are the only ones available to the women of the harems. more dignified era of history. A field slave might not benefit from all of them. who was English and minor aristocracy. just in case. and a love of hunting. The disadvantages of civilisation as it is understood in the West are nevertheless kept at bay. when the Emir had considerable respect for the Allies who had just defeated Germany. his eldest son. Education utilises the most modern computer-aided systems. Fortunately for him it was actually caught in flight by one Mansur El-Najjar (later Hajji Mansur El-Najjar) and thrown back. Advertising is negligible. but the medical services ensure that a slave no longer has to be put down if an over-enthusiastic owner damages it somewhat while administering discipline. was sent to Sandhurst to learn the finer points of being an officer and a gentleman. Childbirth is no longer as dangerous as it used to be. these facilities are not all available to all the population. literally. The oil is a 'heavy crude' which is dug out of the ground in lumps looking for all the world like treacle toffee. Prince (later His Magnificence the Emir) Ibrahim. they are taken for granted. The protagonists of the change would. There is none of the messy liquid to process and no unsightly wells. Their idea was that Kobekistani citizens would have the vote and elect a government and a President. The Emir immediately took him into the closest circle of Royal Advisors and he remained an honoured hero in the country until his death at a ripe old age. All of this is made possible by the oil on which the Emirate rests. The most modern medical advances are practised in the hospitals. A girl being cut and sewn to make her incapable of sexual pleasure and virtually unusable by a man (except for sodomy) now has a less than one in a thousand chance of the patient contracting a dangerous infection. It was some days before the dogs felt really hungry again. Desalination provides ample water.

caves and all the other things the Emir deemed necessary. but the Emir was a man of honour and observed the prize rules scrupulously. it had grown into a tract over which decent hunting was possible. he would be even more surprised to see that it was some five feet at the shoulder. An outfit of hunting pink was made for him and he was instructed in the etiquette of the chase. The Crown Prince inherited the Emirate and one of his first acts was to set up an artificial hunting ground close to the palace. This would reveal a naked more-or-less beautiful young woman. but that too was to be expected. they never bit a human. swamp. but in Kobekistan. They were mounted on superb horses. this was no holds barred full scale traditional English hunting. The men. An Englishman transported to Kobekistan and not forewarned might be forgiven for being confused by this hunt meet. and the Royal Hunt met regularly. The woman was given an hour's start. except the great mane on its head. so he should not participate in the 'kill'.The Emir himself lived another fifteen years and died in his bed. The chances of a fox against these pursuers would be slim indeed. but should trail a decent distance behind the Emir. his father arranged for Ramzy El-Najjar to go hunting with the Emir. The dogs. The first surprise was the hounds. and used only two legs. except for the long gallops. once it was cornered. It had grassland. the usual injuries were broken arms or legs during the chase. The 'kill' consisted of any hunter who felt so inclined making use of any orifice he fancied for as long as he chose. Thirty years later. desert. but not foxhounds. and so must not be in the forefront of the hunt. They were hounds. mostly of overindulgence in his bedroom. though he might watch his elders and betters take their turns with the 'quarry'. but occasionally a slave bought specifically for the purpose. If our hypothetical Englishman were to follow the hunt until he caught a glimpse of the quarry. hills. as they stood slavering and snarling round a fallen quarry. hunted more by scent than by sight. with the result that there were nine such women alive at the time Ramzy ElNajjar attended his first hunt. by the hunters not by the dogs. it is true. Perhaps only one or two percent succeeded in escaping capture. It would be difficult to discern any other details against the rough country through which they hunted as its markings were an almost perfect camouflage. The dogs were well schooled and although they were very frightening. Of course. the Emir's kennels contained the largest pack of pure-bred Irish Wolfhounds anywhere in the world. since their forebears had been nomadic and were experts in breeding fine horseflesh. to be sure. of course. He was not yet a man. Any quarry not caught two hours after the hunt moved off had won the unbelievably valuable prize of her freedom and an annuity to live quietly in Europe or America for the rest of her natural life. usually a concubine of whom the Emir had tired. but usually to be prepared for sale. sometimes to be brought back to fitness for another hunt. He was not yet a man. If our man actually arrived in time to see the 'kill' he would discover that it could take two hours to deal with the quarry. were mostly of Arab appearance but that was to be expected in this country. however. The costumes were perfect fitting absolutely correct pink. The contest between hunters and quarry was not entirely one-sided. Any dog which did so would have been destroyed forthwith. then the woman was returned to the harem from which she had come. but Kobekistan was a rich country and the outfits were mostly made in Saville Row. the down side of being hunted by a pack of dogs was that sometimes the quarry was injured. a map of the hunting enclosure. The protective camouflage would first be torn off. and was tutored beforehand in the arts of evading capture. though rarely by the dogs. as he was now growing up. but men do not have that privilege. When all had been satisfied in order of arrival at the kill. but there were no foxes in Kobekistan. 139 . The Sport of Emirs For his eighteenth birthday. in Kobekistan that would not be until he attained his twenty-third birthday. had little or no fur. forest.

The natural features of the area had been adapted and the foothills to the north of the Golden Palace formed a natural boundary. send me feedback and I'll email one. This cannon was fired because the Emir had enjoyed visiting Cowes Week as a young man. and the dogs pacing between then. After crossing the swamp on a narrow route which was precarious on horseback. so four other cannon were fired at the same time from points on the perimeter fence. stirrup cups were brought round filled with an oddtasting sweet dark red liquid. and so provided a way of gaining some twenty minutes for a hunted woman who could slip through the hill while her pursuers had to go round. In a ceremony imported from English cold weather. the path returned to the stream and turned north to the foot of the waterfall. The south-east quarter of the enclosure was a triangle about two miles by one of open grassland where tall grass had been planted and was kept well fertilised. a small cannon was fired and the hunt moved off slowly. a "must see" on a trip to Europe which few of them had ever seen outside of a cinema. it was impassable to a horse. Hunting On the day that Ramzy El-Najjar attended his first hunt he was totally enraptured with the whole affair. In the twenty-odd years since the enclosure had been created it had grown into a well varied hunting ground which gave the quarry some excellent chances of escape. but from the sailing community. but a horseman could not pass because of the density of the undergrowth. The swamp also allowed of passage on foot. but not mounted without serious risk of losing a horse. He has seen pictures of English hunts. The other branch of the path crossed the ford and meandered in two branches up to the swamp. where two paths separated. It could not be heard from everywhere in the enclosure. The path again turned west and wound its way through the foothills until eventually turning north and reaching the boundary fence after passing near some more caves. The whole area was enclosed by a double twelve-foot high chain link fence topped with razor wire which served to keep the quarry in and unwanted animals out. past the entrances to some promising caves on the hillside. The real thing was even more romantic to his eighteen year old eyes than any imaginings could have been. the hunters resplendent in their red coats with their superbly turned out horses. 140 . One of the caves in the complex actually went through the hills and although the hunters knew about this. of course.The hunt took place over a purpose-built enclave some three miles by four with the triple palace in the south-west corner. which Ramzy El-Najjar later discovered was described to the Imam as grape juice but which was actually a vintage port. where they rejoined having passed on either side of two low wooded hills. where there was a ford. The woods provided places where a woman or the dogs could pass. since a barrier of chemical which repelled them but which humans could not smell was artificially maintained about half-way through. the right hand one going through the thickest part of the woods and then skirting the outside of the desert and turning back west through the foothills to finish at an artificial lake which was fed by a small waterfall. In another ceremony imported from England.] Paths went from the meet to the ford. though relatively easy on foot. [Author's note: If you want a map of the hunting ground. The dogs would not go through either. and his contemporaries at Cornell University had regarded them as one of the "real quaint old English traditions". just below the foothills an area about a mile across was artificially drained and the topsoil had been replaced by sterilised sand to make a small artificial desert. or nearly four miles away on horseback. It was not possible to cross this water barrier with a horse unless the traveller returned to the ford some two miles down stream. obviously eager for the off. Groves of trees had been planted on either side of the river and at the northern end an artificial swamp had been made. but it also gave the quarry the opportunity of knowing when the chase started. This was kept drained and the water was used to maintain the swamp. A small river flowed from the hills in a sweeping reverse curve to the side of the palace and could be crossed easily only at one point. complete with reeds and mud-holes. In the east.

Two men and a few dogs were detached to go the few hundred yards downstream to check whether the woman had tried to be subtle while the rest of them moved off along the river bank. First hunt isn't it? Your father cannot hunt because of a wound sustained saving my father's life?" "Yes. The Emir arrived as the riders were milling about and roared with laughter. Here the party split with a few of the older men taking some dogs along the right hand path and into the woods. She had panicked and was running down the path back towards the gate as fast as she could. Master. moving off at a walk and soon raising that to a trot along the path to the ford. "Bloody beginner. Master. Veering right off the path towards some more woodland she lost her footing and fell. She was obviously an experienced quarry and felt nothing but contempt for the lad who had had beginner's luck in making the kill. they were back reporting that no scent had been found on that path. Don't tread on me hard either. Before the rest of the party had finished fording the stream in single file." Ramzy El-Najjar remembered the protocol of the kill and let her go at once." as loud as he could. ignoring the paths.The experienced hunters took the lead. which did nothing for Ramzy El-Najjar's composure. it was quickly concluded that the quarry had gone upstream in the water. dropping the spare horse's reins and set off after her. When they reached the edge of the thick woodland which came right down to the water." she said indignantly. I am pleased that you have been taught the finer points of hunting so thoroughly. 141 ." came the shaky reply. Ramzy El-Najjar and another youngster were given the reins of the spare horses to lead them. No manners some people. while the rest of them rode round the woodland on the path. You have me and I lie down and you hold me with your foot. They hung back so as not to get in the way of the older riders and were ambling along the path so it was he saw the quarry as she tried to slip across the path to the woods on the other side and so escape behind the hunters. lad. "Well." said the Emir. If he had not been so far behind the rest of the riders she would have been across the path and into the woodland behind the hunt as they spread out trying to catch her. "Let go." "Well you have my permission to take the trophy tag. Ramzy El-Najjar remembered that this was one of the basic techniques taught to the quarry women during their training. Shouting. Ramzy El-Najjar turned his horse. no manners at all. An experienced quarry was lying stock still and a very embarrassed young hunter was standing over her with his foot raised. That was the best possible chance of eluding them for the requisite two hours and this boy had caught her in less than half an hour! When the riders came round the corner out of the woodland in answer to Ramzy El-Najjar's cry of "View." Ramzy El-Najjar had no idea what the Emir meant until the older man started to lecture the assembled group. yes. The tag on her suit was still there also. Ramzy ElNajjar had forgotten to remove it as his claim to the kill. "What's your name?" "Ramzy El-Najjar. "Oh. thus preventing the dogs from picking up the scent. Quick as a flash Ramzy El-Najjar dropped from the saddle and grabbed her. Unfortunately none was found on the far bank either." they were met by a scene of some amusement. In his embarrassment. obviously too nervous to put his foot actually down on her chest. A human runner has no chance of outstripping a horse in open country or on a pathway and so he was catching up with her when she saw the dogs and men who had checked downstream coming up the path towards her. a couple of men dismounted and took the dogs through the woods. "View.

"Master. handing him her kill tag which had been firmly fastened to her camouflage. "Well now." said the Emir. "Come and see me tomorrow." was the phrase his father used. probably by accident if I know this girl. "Is it not written that the words of a woman are as sand blowing in the wind?" The Emir roared with laughter until tears ran down his face. It is his first hunt and he manages to kill the quarry. or are you a beginner at that as well?" she said as she stripped off her camouflage and went over to lie on the divan with her legs well apart. and yet remembers that it is considered the best honourable practice not to take the tag of your first kill until the Emir arrives. "But I won't. "A sin-binning rather than a red card. 142 . "I should leave you there like that for a few hours. "Cheer up. The following day when Ramzy El-Najjar discussed this with his father he was told that that meant that the disgrace was only temporary." shouted the Emir after him and that seemed to cheer him up. and a large divan bed. "Your wisdom more than compensates for the brevity of today's hunt. Later kills are fine. however informal. You may leave to see if there is a problem at your home. "Be my guest. Come and sit beside me."This young man is a credit to his illustrious father. unless you have other plans for the evening?" "Master. There was not one of them who would not give his eye teeth to be invited to sit beside the Emir at a meal. "Ramzy El-Najjar." said the Emir." Ramzy El-Najjar dared to say. I heard nothing. And you get to fuck me first. the helicopter is arriving. "Are you going to let her call you 'Little Master' and imply in public that you are a virgin? What do you propose to do about it?" "Master. causing the assembled riders to fall silent at the temerity of this young man. You did not remember that last week. The Emir's pleased with you. and the invitation to the Golden Palace was certainly going to include a visit to the Emir's harem." he breathed. Truly youth is impetuous and foolish." called the Emir. I would like to do one thing before joining you. and taking the tag immediately ensures first bite of the cherry at the kill. Little Master. The quarry now rolled from under Ramzy El-Najjar's foot and stood up. and just then one of the big twin rotor Chinooks landed on the path some fifty yards away and a small army of eunuchs and slave girls ran from it carrying all the paraphernalia for a picnic suitable for the Emir. "and ignore her. Let the others perform the kill and you shall visit the Golden Palace after we have eaten." replied Ramzy El-Najjar." The disgraced rider walked away leading his horse amid general laughter. Now this youth was risking all that by asking a further favour of the Emir. but for your first kill you wait until I arrive and permit it." he said." said the Emir. trembling with fear. did you Abu Yahya?" One of the riders dropped to his knees an pressed his head on the ground.

. Then he pushed the kill tag into her arsehole. "If you can remember after a night in my harem. The walls were decorated with bedroom scenes depicting couples in various forms of sexual congress. They were less than attractive with their drooping breasts and poorly cared for bodies. These women. lime and acid green." Then the Emir was gone and the Chief Eunuch appeared. When they arrived the Emir led the way into the Golden Palace harem anteroom giving Ramzy El-Najjar no time to take in his surroundings. were the choicest morsels an Emir could offer a guest. There was a small dais for the Emir when he was here." 143 . "We'll go back the easy way. His attention was brought back to the matter in hand when several women filed into the room dressed in what he took to be the normal dress of the Emir's harem. Master. "and try one of these chicken legs. "Come and sit down. bracelets. "Tell your father to come and see me tomorrow. They wore no shoes. saying "When the Master pleases. turning to Ramzy El-Najjar he said." said the Emir. he eventually came down to choosing between a young pert redhead with tight curls on her head and a slightly older statuesque woman with long blonde hair. ample flesh which many of his elders had. so the slimmer figure of the blonde did not put him off. "Thank you. Below the waist loose chiffon trousers in baladi colours. Seeing his quandary. certainly not Kobekistani where native women were invariably dark and on the short side. His experience had been limited to the two old concubines of his father's who had been kept on solely to teach him about sex. lilac. They are delicious. Ramzy El-Najjar had not yet acquired the penchant for dark. Each had on a sleeveless brocade embroidered waistcoat. Returning to the Emir he said. anklets and chains that were the only clothing his father's harem wore. but all sheer and all. he noticed. in contrast. and none of the bangles. Ramzy El-Najjar hastily followed and the two were soon in the air heading the mile and a half back to the Golden Palace." as the Emir again roared with laughter. in the style of a western bolero. It was lit by a glass roof which was frosted to prevent the sun from being too strong and to prevent helicopter pilots from looking in. Both were very light skinned and did not look Arab at all. the Chief Eunuch whispered. Ramzy El-Najjar was at a loss to know which of these superb women to choose. As he enjoyed the chicken leg Ramzy El-Najjar's attention was drawn by the sight and sound of the riders taking turns to fuck or sodomise the woman as the fancy took them." Although he had been in the audience chamber of the palace. As in his father's harem. with no gusset or seam between the legs completed the rest of the clothing. and would have been sold off long ago but for his education." The others marvelled at the young man's good fortune in pleasing the Emir. some more comfortable in appearance than others. In the centre of the floor was another dais which was about three feet square and had no chair on it.That was judged by the experts in the ways of the Emir to be a neutral invitation to go further without necessarily granting the favour.." said the Emir through his laughter. I think. Some were also striking her with bare hands or with riding crops and she was already sobbing from the pain. the hostesses are ready for your inspection. Contemplating the problem. and several other chairs round the walls. orange. He was in a long narrow room with doors at both ends and no windows. The Emir stood up and everyone else followed suit. "If the Master would like both of them . and were pampered and cared for to keep them that way. the women all had rouged nipples and labia. To be offered food by the Emir personally was a mark of esteem rarely granted and this young man would be talked about far and wide. Ramzy El-Najjar strode over to the woman and turned her on her stomach." and strode off to the Chinook. mauve. which did not meet across the breasts but left them visible at each swing as she walked. pink. Ramzy El-Najjar had never before visited the harem and he stared around him with the curiosity of youth.

Ramzy El-Najjar. but what if you become pregnant?" "The ovaries were also removed when I was prepared for this job. His solution to this worry was to assign two older concubines who were about ready to be disposed of as past their sell-by date to perform this service for the young master. that won't be necessary. "How do you piss?" "Since they cut my clitoris and sewed up my vagina. One knelt between his legs under the table and applied herself to fellating him while the other one fed him morsels of food. Moving as one they came to the foot of the bed and stood. I piss through my arse. head down on the pillow. As she reached his knees. I was not pretty enough or clever enough and my parents were poor. It is the dream of every girl in my village to get such a job." "Didn't you want to be a concubine?" "Oh. The conviction that a young man of eighteen summers needed to ejaculate twice daily at least was a medical fact as far as the father was concerned. While this was a method of slaking his urges. Accordingly. Each woman appropriated one of his legs. knees apart." "No." Avoiding the obvious plea in her eyes Ramzy El-Najjar moved quickly into the bedroom where he slipped into the huge bed and lay on his back in the middle. licking it. but not often. It had worried him that his eldest son. "Occasionally a visiting Master might use me through the remaining entrance. He felt his already hard prick rise further at the sight. made the pilgrimage to Mecca and took the teachings of the Koran seriously. it was not very inspiring to the young man. As they dried him he stroked the breasts of one of them. kissing it. 144 ." she replied wistfully. Master. Curious. Immediately the eunuchs stepped forward and administered a sharp WHAP of their whips on the still exposed buttocks of the girls. "If the master wishes I will demonstrate. Rewards Hajji Mansur El-Najjar was a more than average devotee of the prophet. With due ceremony two eunuchs escorted the two women into the room. Ramzy El-Najjar's sexual needs were dealt with by there always being a naked concubine waiting on his bed. although he could see she had been cut and sewn up completely. the Emir Ibrahim. might pollute his body with masturbation. The Chief Eunuch escorted him to a small guest suite where a meal was waiting and soon afterwards the two women entered. as the honorific implied. it was the same as urinating or eating. At this the girls gracefully descended to their knees at the foot of the bed and started to worm their way up the bed under the covers. the olive-white orbs quivered in pain and a clear red line appeared on each wriggling rump. As Ramzy El-Najjar watched in the ceiling mirror mounted on the four posts of the bed. It was an expensive operation but my parents willingly paid when I was told I could work here in the harem of His Magnificence. one of the women tickled him and he squeaked in surprise. and rubbing her ample breasts against it as she worked her way up towards the head of the bed.This solved his problem admirably so Ramzy El-Najjar nodded his agreement and the women all left. he asked." the girl answered. He had. arse high in the air for him to use in either hole whenever he came from the bathroom. eyes downcast. Thus it was with considerable pleasure that he lay in the luxurious bathroom attached to the guestroom in the Golden Palace and allowed the bath girls to wash and pamper him. if it was not done something would go wrong in the body. He had certainly been taught the proprieties of such an encounter and merely nodded to the escorting eunuchs. He yearned for a beautiful young concubine to serve him as though she loved him. that would be impossible. awaiting Ramzy El-Najjar's orders. Her belly was smooth where other women had labia and a vagina. morning and night.

"Enough. while the other gently lifted his scrotum and licked and sucked his balls. Somehow a pair of hands were fondling his prick and ball-sack at the same time as the women were moving up and he rightly concluded that this was another shared endeavour. This went on for a pleasant interlude and then he tipped the riding girl off his body and on to the floor. Grunting his satisfaction. he determined that the blonde had the longer whip marks." he said and the women continued their attentions to his legs. With a little assistance from her partner. "Arse. One took his penis in hand. licking. The two strokes landed almost as one and a second red line appeared next to the rapidly darkening one on each rump.' thought the women. more to see what would happen than out of anger. and so it was that his first orgasm of the night flooded straight down the throat of the woman sucking his penis. gently nipping with their teeth. as were the striped arses of the girls. Ramzy El-Najjar beat time by slapping her on alternate buttocks with his open hands. and then mouth. causing him to piston in and out of the narrow passage. Ramzy El-Najjar roughly pushed the two concubines face down on the bed side by side. sucking. and then throat. the other started to finger her partner's arse and cunt in plain view of the young Master. she bounced herself up and down. One turned quickly and presented her arse to the ceiling mirror. A young and relatively inexperienced man cannot stand too much of this. After a few minutes of this pleasant ministration the women reached his genitals. all the time the hands were working on his now restored prick. Using his fingers to measure and prying arse-cracks open to check. When he recovered his composure it was to discover that the other woman had relinquished her attack on his testicles and that two tongues were simultaneously washing his prick clean of all the mess his climax had left on it. One hand held her upper body up in the air so that the nipples just touched his chest as they swung. WHAPAP. As she settled into the rhythm. She did nothing to delay this result because she knew that a young man such as this could easily manage three or four ejaculations in an hour. but that the redhead had glowing areas where he had slapped her as she impaled her arse on his prick. the two women continued to kiss their way up his body towards his nipples."Again. As he watched they were wriggling provocatively. The other supported herself half across his chest so that her tits hung temptingly before his eyes. WHAPAP. 'We're in for a night of flogging. one helping the other to lower herself on to the tentpole of a prick. 'This is getting to be fun." he said as one of the girls nipped a little too enthusiastically. The ever alert eunuchs applied a third corrective stripe to each pair of arse-cheeks. This was obviously a moment when he had to decide what to do next. Before he could order more punishment the women looked at each other and then moved as a welltrained team." he said and immediately they moved again. When they reached his nipple they worked on those for a while. he hauled the blonde's arse high in the air and slid into her cunt from 145 . "Ouch. high above Ramzy ElNajjar's chest as her mouth swooped on his penis again. dropping her rectum neatly and easily over it.' thought Ramzy El-Najjar. That decided him. with their attendant hands. Looking up into the ceiling mirror he could see that the covers had come off his legs and his prick and balls." he said. Satisfied that it was clean. were clearly visible.

both it and the rest of the girl it was part of belonged to the Emir. who had lent her to him. Then he felt a tongue on his balls. of course. Then one of the girls asked. and on his prick on the out-strokes. fountaining into the womb of the blonde girl. he set to spanking her with a will. and coming time and time again. larger than ben-wa balls but not too large to pass through the sphincter of a rectum. In the morning Ramzy El-Najjar woke from a very pleasant dream of which he could remember no details at all. "If the Master wishes to join the formal breakfast." he ordered. flexible cord made of some substance he could not identify. Master. The little red-head had insinuated her head under her friend and between her tits and thighs and was now applying herself to stimulating both of them with her tongue moving along his prick to catch the woman's clitoris and returning to his balls. "Would the Master wish to try? I can assure the Master that the sensation is extremely pleasant. then it might be advisable to bathe now. As they all calmed down the redhead surprised him when she spoke without being asked a question. but it was an amusing way of passing the time and from the girls' agitation it obviously did give them much pleasure. Then a eunuch produced a cello bow and Ramzy El-Najjar understood. to find that he was sucking hard on a juicy nipple attached to an opulent though unfamiliar breast. With the bow on the cello string held tight he could produce a musical note of different pitch according to how tight the string was pulled.behind. Setting up a steady rhythm he began pumping into her in earnest." said a eunuch. "Master." he said and allowed himself to be led into the bathroom. "Sorry. At least. This time the blonde was the first to come and her internal writhing and muscular spasms triggered Ramzy El-Najjar into his second orgasm. "Would the master like to try a little music?" "Music?" "Like so. After that he remembered little of the detail." asked the blonde." he said. It took him a moment to remember that he was in the Golden Palace harem and that the breast he was sucking belonged to the red-haired concubine from the previous night." "Yes. One was inserted in the arse of each girls and they pulled hard so that the cord became tight. but he did remember his cock being rolled between two plump breasts. using all the wiles she had learned in an Emir's harem to make him come." She produced two balls. Pulling her over his knee. They were connected be about three feet of fine. After about a dozen slaps she slid to the floor and took him in her mouth again. Her arse flamed as red as her hair after a few strokes and the sight of this and her wriggling on his lap soon had his prick rising again. it wasn't actually her property. Master. "I'll just continue to play the instrument. Was I wrong? Did you want to come again so soon?" Looking up. 146 . "No. Come here. Someone else was mouthing his penis into extending its morning erection even further. he realised that she was offering to be beaten for his pleasure and quickly sat down on the bed. "Not be part of it." The ball occasionally popped out of one or other woman as the note went higher and she could not hold the pressure.

There the bath girls were waved away and he was sucked hard by the red-head who was soon gulping piss for all she was worth." "By the way. After his night in the Emir's harem. but you would also not have been put at the front of next week's hunt with the Emir saying. Of course you would not have had your meal and your fame and your concubines. my son. "You have embarked on a dangerous course." said Hajji Mansur El-Najjar." "What did the Emir want?" "He wanted to see me. the Emir asked me to tell you to visit him today. I spent last night with two of his concubines as his guest. an invitation for which some men wait months and some wait in vain. However you have now made your first kill and will be expected to play a full part in the next hunt. 'What will you do for an encore?'. Ramzy El-Najjar went home feeling about twenty feet tall. in catching the eye of the Emir in that spectacular way. What will you do next time to impress the Emir further? In a phrase I learned from an English diplomat here. "The Emir praised me and even offered me a chicken leg with his own hands. 'We expect great things from you' and then sneering at you for not having the same remarkable luck as yesterday." The boy thought about that and was somewhat chastened. though his father did try." the boy remembered. especially if the appointed messenger is not thought reliable. and have already been to Golden Palace. "It would have been much better simply to call the 'View' and let the others take over. After that they showered together and he used the blonde's arse again for his morning orgasm. "News of such invitations travels fast. "I know. followed by breakfast with the Emir." "Why. has already arrived." was all the reply he got. The Emir's invitation to your second hunt. "The Emir would have been pleased. but not excessively so. father?" protested the young man. The reception his father gave him was not enough to deflate him completely. 147 ." the old man continued." "You pleased him greatly yesterday with your actions at the hunt. father.

148 .

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