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1. What must you log-in to at the start of each shift? PHONE SYSTEM 2. How do you navigate within the MyCsp Interface? -Use the top tabs or predictive search function and use filter options to narrow results. 3. Where can you locate troubleshooting tools in MyCsp? TECHNICAL TOOLS 4. How do you personalize MyCsp? Create own weblinks and bookmark the articles you use frequently.

1. What are the four levels of the Harvard Business Model? GENERIC, EXPECTED, DESIRED, UNANTICIPATED 2. What Harvard Business Model is defined as a Business that has exactly what makes it what it is? GENERIC 3. What does LAGNIAPPE basically mean? GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND 4. AT&T’s most valuable asset is: THE CUSTOMERS 5. If a loyal customer is very satisfied with AT&T, has experienced excellent customer service and believes all their needs are met or exceeded. This customer is likely to do what? RECOMMEND AT&T PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS. 6.Which characteristics describes a loyal AT&T Customer? RECOMMEND AT&T TO HER FAMILY AND FRIENDS. 7. If customer’s loyalty were a ladder, where would you place a customer who is loyal to AT&T and always returns to buy AT&T products? TOP RUNG 8. What should you do if someone approaches you while you are speaking with a customer ? FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER, THE CUSTOMER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON AT THAT TIME. 9. Over what percentage of consumers form their images of a company based on their experience with an agent? 90 % 10. To show a customer you care, what is true maximum amount of time you should leave them on hold? 2 MINUTES THE AT&T CUSTOMER RULES! 1. The AT&T Customer rules include all of the following except: THE RULES OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO ABIDE BY. 2. What is the set of principles that guide how AT&T agents interact with customers and each other? THE AT&T CUSTOMER RULES! 3. As an agent, your TACR!FT metric depends on: FEEDBACK PROVIDED BY YOUR CUSTOMERS 4. A TACR!FT score is only generated when: A CUSTOMER COMPLETES A WEB-BASED SATISFACTION SURVEY. 5. NetSat puts more weight on TACR!FT responses that are: VERY SATISFIED, DISSATISFIED, VERY DISSATISFIED 6. Customers with what TACR!FT rating responses are most likely to stay with AT&T, refer friends or add services/features? VERY SATISFIED 7. TACR!FT is very important to you. What ratings do you need to receive on each and every call you take? VERY SATISFIED 8. Identify the AT&T Customer Rule that speaks to an organizational focus to improve the total customer experience and meet their time expectations. BE RESPONSIVE AND DELIVER

1. What are common issues for which customers call in for support? CAN’T SEND/RECEIVE EMAIL,NO VOICE DIAL TONE,POOR TV PICTURE and SOUND QUALITY. 2. What are common issues for which customers call in for support? ALL SERVICES DOWN, WHERE’S MY TECH, BILLING ISSUES. 3. What is appropriate scripting for the opening phase of the call flow ? THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING AT&T. THIS IS JOE WITH U-VERSE SUPPORT. MAY I HAVE THE TELEPHONE NUMBER ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR ACCOUNT? 4. What should you do in the Assure Customer phase of the Call Flow? ACKNOWLEDGE THE CUSTOMER’S CONCERN, EMPATHIZE WITH THE CUSTOMER AND OWN THE CASE. 5. What should you do in the Gather Information phase of the Call Flow? ASK THE CALLER’S NAME, CBR and REVIEW CUSTOMER HISTORY. 6. In which phase of the call flow should you ask probing questions? IDENTIFY PROBLEM 7. What is appropriate scripting for the Resolve Problem phase of the call flow? MR. ROBINSON, I AM GOING TO SEND YOU THE STEPS TO RESOLVE YOUR ISSUE. MAY I GET YOUR PREFERRED EMAIL ADDRESS? 8. In which phase of the call flow should you watch the right service to the customer’s needs and/pr offer self -help options? ADD VALUE 9. What is appropriate scripting for the Confirm Resolution phase of the call flow? I WANT TO THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME TO RESOLVE YOUR ISSUE. ARE ALL OF YOUR OTHER SERVICES WORKING PROPERLY? 10. A good closing script example is: MS. CHAVIS, IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN HELP YOU WITH TODAY? THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING AT&T. 11. How can you achieve respect, resolution and retention on every call? BE SMART, FRIENDLY, FAST.

1. What services make up the AT&T Uverse Bundle? UVERSE TV, UVERSE VOICE, UVERSE HIGH SPEED INTERNET 2. What is U-verse? ADVANCED DIGITAL TELEVISION, HIGH SPEED INTERNET AND DIGITAL HOME PHONE SERVICE 3. How do three components of uverse work together? FIBER OPTIC TECHNOLOGY AND COMPUTER NETWORKING BRING FULLY INTEGRATED EXPERIENCED TO THE CUTOMER’SS HOME. 4. What are the features of AT&T Uverse TV? MULTIVIEW, WEATHER ON DEMAND AND ELECTRONIC PROGRAM GUIDE 5. DVR service tier functionality allows uverse tv customers to select from which of the following dvr options? NO DVR, DVR ONLY, TOTAL HOME DVR 6. What are the features of AT&T Uverse HSIA? SUITE OF POWERFUL SECURITY TOOLS WIRELESS HOME NETWORKING AND UNLIMITED CAPACITY FOR MAIN EMAIL ACCOUNT. 7. What does the free Basic Subscription to AT&T Wifi Service provide for Uverse HSIA? ACCESS AT&T WIFI HOTSPOT 8. What are the features of AT&T Uverse Voice? CALLER ID via Uverse TV, Online Features Management and AT&T Uverse Messaging. 9. How can Uverse Voice customers check their voicemail? FROM THEIR UVERSE VOICE TELEPHONE, REMOTELY VIA ANY PHONE OR THROUGH THE UVERSE PORTAL 10. What wireless options are available with AT&T Uverse? MICROCEL, MOBILE REMOTE ACCESS and WEB REMOTE ACCESS 11. What can customers do with AT&T Uverse mobile, provided they have and eligible smart phones? BROWSE THE TV PROGRAM GUIDE, SCHEDULE A DVR RECORDING, AND WATCH TV CONTENT ON THEIR MOBILE DEVICE.

Five most important thing to our customer’s today are accessibility. What is within your scope of support for cvoip features? CONFIGURING FEATURES. What relationship skills will help you provide excellent customer skills? PERCEPTION SKILLS 6. What is within your scope of support for Windows Operating System? CHECKING TCP/IP SETTINGS 6. How do you locate a Customer’s account in CRM? CLICK THE FIND CALLER BUTTON AND THEN ENTER THE CUSTOMER PHONE NUMBER OR BAN 5. What network component at the customer premises divides and combines signals from different sources running at different frequencies? SPLITTER 12.COMPUTER CONNECTIVITY SOLUTION WHEN NEITHER CABLE NOR WIRELESS NETWORKING ARE FEASIBLE IN HOME. What is within your scope of support for Cvoip hardware and wiring? INSIDE WIRING FROM THE RG TO THE PHONE JACK 9. BIBA. What are features of the Uverse TV easy find Remote Control? RECHARGEABLE BASE STATION. What is the purpose of encoding and decoding at the SHO? TO PUT INCOMING VIDEO CONTENT IN A FORMAT THAT CAN BE TRANSMITTED ACROSS THE NETWORK. HELPING WITH STAR CODES UVERSE NETWORK OVERVIEW 1. 9. 3. What is the defining feature of FTTP? FIBER OPTIC CABLING GOES ALL THE WAY TO THE CUSTOMER’S HOME 4. What is within your scope support for U-verse TV connectivity issues? RESIDENTIAL GATEWAY 3.THE UVERSE CPE OVERVIEW 1. What are the features of the Uverse Reciever? SUPPORT FOR HDTV. What is the difference between coax and CAT5 as it pertains to the delivery of Uverse service? COAX IS AN HPNA CARRIER AND CAT 5 IS AN ETHERNET CARRIER. How do you authenticate a Customer in CRM? USE EITHER PASSCODE or Q/A DUO. ANSWERING QUESTIONS ABOUT ONLINE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT. What is within your scope of support for Uverse TV features? SETTING PARENTAL CONTROLS 4. What does the receiver do before responding? DECODES THE MESSAGE 2. MOTOROLA 2210 MODEM. What do you have 100% control of? YOUR ATTITUDE 8. What FTTC network component disperses different signals to different units in an apartment building? MDU – ONT 9. How can you access CRM? EITHER FROM THE START MENU ON YOUR PC OR FROM MYCSP 2. what could you use to the customer to understand? SILVER or BLACK BOX with LIGHTS. What is the function of the VHO? TO SERVCE AS THE LOCAL VIDEO DISTRIBUTION POINT FOR EACH OF THE MAJOR MARKETS AND FULL IN ATTIS DATA. How do you view the status of a customer’s account in CRM? GO TO THE CUSTOMER INFO TAB and LOOK IN THE ACCT STATUS FIELD 6. What are the customer control with the Universal Infrared Uverse TV Remote Control? ANY UVERSE STB EQUIPPED WITH AN INFRARED SIGNAL ON THE FRONT THAT IS PROGRAMMED TO THE RG 8. you should? ASK PROBING QUESTIONS 4. CONFIGURING AT&T WIRELESS ADAPTERS and TROUBLESHOOTING WEBMAIL 8. SCOPE OF SUPPORT 1. What is the function of the AT&T 3G Microcell device? TO IMPROVE AND EXTEND AT&T MOBILITY SERVICE COVERAGE INDOORS 11. What is within your scope of support for HSIA? LAN CONNECTIVITY FOR THE RG. 3. If you don’t understand a customer’s problem. How do customers acquire the Uverse Premise Equipment? A TECHNICIAN INSTALLS LEASED EQUIPMENT OR NON-TV CUSTOMERS PURCHASE AND INSTALL THE EQUIPMENT THEMSELVES 4. What is the defining feature of FTTN? EXISTING TWiSTED PAIR COPPER WIRING IS USED FOR THE “LAST MILE”. How do you log out CRM? SELECT LOGOUT FROM THE FILE DROPDOWN MENU 3. ePay)through the CRM Interface? USE THE TOOLBOX PANEL ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE SCREEN AND THE SYSTEM DROPDOWN MENU ALONG THE TOP 4. 3. What is the function of the Uverse Residential Gateway/ Wireless Gateway? TO BRING TOGETHER ALL THE UVERSE SERVICES AND DISTRIBUTE THEM THROUGHOUT THE CUSTOMER’S HOME 2. PROGRAMMABLE FOR UP TO 3 ADDITIONALT DEVICES. Which of the customer service myths is not cure if the customer continues to receive poor service? SAYING “IM SORRY”. 7. 2. What is the Customer Self-Install Equipment? 2WIRE 3600 HGV RG. When talking with customer. 6. DVR CAPABILITY and VIDEO ON DEMAND 7. An initial perception of you is formed within what time frame? 30 SECONDS to 4 MINUTES 7. FLEXIBLE NETWORKING and GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE. In the Communication Model. . What is within your scope of support for Mac OS? ESTABLISHING AN INTERNET CONNECTION 7. What is the function of the Uverse Receiver? TO BRING DIGITAL TV PROGRAMMING TO THE CUSTOMER’S TV 6. What technology delivers Uverse High Speed Internet and Uverse Voice to ares where VDSL is not available? IP-DSL ESTABLISHING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP 1. What is the definition of in-scope support? RESEARCHINGAND TROUBLESHOOTING THOSE CUSTOMER ISSUES FOR WHICH YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. What is the function of the home plug adapter? TO OFFER A MULTIPLE. value. What is within your scope of support for Uverse TV setup and operation? UVERSE REMOTE CONTROL 5. What network component at the customer premises combines multiple data streams into one signal to travel along a cable? DIPLEXER 13. What is the purpose of flashes in CRM? TO INDICATE IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE ACCOUNT 7. What percentage of your phone conversations are determined by your tone? 87% 9. MAKES UP FOR POOR SERVICE. MOTOROLA 2310 VDSL MODEM 5. communication. you want to avoid technical terms. What is one component of PSTN? SAI 2. CRM BASICS 1. helpfulness and what other trait? RELIABILITY 5. How do you navigate to the addition built-in systems (OMS. What FTTN network component connects the PSTN to the inside wiring in the customer’s home? NID 8. the sender sends the message. What is the function of the Central Office? TO ROUTE SIGNALS TO THE CORRECT LOCATION 5. Instead of using RG. 10. AND EASILY LOCATABLE WHEN MISPLACED. What are features of the Uverse RG/Wireless Gateway? PROFESSIONAL-GRADE FIREWALL.

How do you access SCANR? VIA CRM/CLARIFY or MYCSP 3. Which type of question helps you to verify understanding? EVALUATIVE 11. How do you cancel a trouble ticket in CRM? BE THE OWNER OF THE CASE AND CLICK CANCEL TT ON THE VIEW CASE SCREEN WORK FLOW ENGINE (WFE) 1. How do you enter case/call notes in WFE that are not captured in WFE or Smartnotes? TYPE YOUR NOTES IN CRM and WHEN THE CASE IS CLOSED. The two components of effective listening are: PASSIVE AND ACTIVE LISTENING 12. When you are talking to a customer about a problem. What is standard HD/SD option that customer will receive? 2HD / 2 SD . If SCANR is opened through CRM/Clarify. When multitasking. Which is NOT a key component of multitasking? IMMEDIATELY RESPONDING TO A CUSTOMER 10. What can you tell by looking at the SCANR screenshot on the previous slide? THE CUSTOMER’S SERVICE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF SYNC BUT IT WORKED RECENTLY. 6. What is the third? PROVIDE FEEDBACK 5. CONTACT INFORMATION AND CLICK SAVE AND DISPATCH TROUBLE TICKET 8. 6. When connecting to an HDTV set. How do you interpret SCANR test results? LOOK FOR GREEN. FALSE UVERS IPTV 1. A customer is on the UVclass11 profile. what type of listening should you use? PASSIVE 3. SHOWING STATUS AND DEVICE DETAILS 5. When your customer is explaining a simple issue and has clear information. 12. How do you handle duplicate accounts? CREATE A FLASHON THE DUPLICATE ACCOUNT IF ONE DOES NOT EXIST and USE THE ACTIVE ACCOUNT FOR TROUBLESHOOTING 12. you want to stay concentrated on what? FACTS 9. THEN GO TO THE CONTACTS TAB 9. When should you escalate to collections? IF THE CUSTOMER IN TREATMENT MESSAGE APPEARS IN CRM AND THE ACCOUNT STATUS IS SUSPENDED. What specific information can you determine in SCANR’S orders tab and First-RT Utility? ALL OF THE ANSWERS 11. PERFORM ALL TROUBLESHOOTING. Advanced troubleshooting in SCANR may consist of all the following except: LOGGING OUTAGES / ISSUES IN THE TRACKER 7. Which tool obtains real time and historical data about the entire Uverse network performance and a customer’s circuit performance? SCANR 2. What case status is used when the case has been dispatched to LFO? ESCALATED TO TELCO 15. For the guidelines for performing port-bounce. When you rudely interrupt an angry customer. what is the first important thing you must do? ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR EMOTIONS 8. How do you escalate AT&T Internet Security Suite (IIS) powered by McAfee Issues? CREATE A TROUBLE TICKET ON CSR ADMIN TOOL 5. THE NOTES TRANSFER TO WFE SCANR 1. What is available on the Troubleshooting Issues Tab in SCANR? ANY ISSUES FOUND WITH THE CUSTOMERS SERVICE AND RECOMMENDED STEPS FOR YOU TO TAKE TO RESOLVE EACH ONE. To avoid interrupting a customer. What is available on the Network Map Tab in SCANR? A GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION OF THE UVERSE NETWORK INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF THE CUSTOMERS HOME. How will you dispatch this? SELECT DISPATCH FROM THE WORKFLOW DROPDOWN MENU. What tab does it displays first? WORKFLOWS 10. What must you do in order to update Customer Information in CRM? AUTHENTICATE THE CUSTOMER 10. 4. How do you add a new customer contact in CRM? CLICK THE ACCOUNT INFORMATION LINK ON THE CUSTOMER INFO TAB. What case status is used when the case has been dispatched to queue? PENDING-CUS 14. How do you determine the correct ctv codes to enter in an open clarify/crm cases when you end a call using WFE? CHECK THE WFE SUMMARY PAGE FOR CODES 5. 7. When you receive a call from an angry customer. How do you handle suspended accounts if the customer is not requesting to make a full payment? TRANSFER THE CUSTOMER TO CREDITS & COLLECTIONS 11. In SCANR. What is the preferred method o accessing WFE? CRM / CLARIFY 4. There are 5 levels on the anger curve. Where are HD profiles determined for customers who request to upgrade HDTV? OMS 3. all of the following information is available to you on the Account Information Tab except? EXISTING CRM/CLARIFY CASE 4. 2. speed should always be sacrificed for accuracy. which of the following must be done? SET UP AN RGB CONNECTION FOR EVERY TV RECEIVING HDTV 2. How do you locate an existing case on a customer’s account in CRM? SELECT A CASE FROM THE LIST OF EXISTING CASES PRESENTED BY WFE CRM ADVANCED 1. If SCANR is opened through CRM/Clarify it will open with the WFE tab showing first: TRUE LISTENING EFFECTIVELY AND MULTITASKING 1. What must you do in order to dispatch a premise technician? PERFORM ALL TROUBLESHOOTING IN WFE AND CONFIRM THAT IT IS NOT A THIRD PARTY EQUIPMENT ISSUE. WFE advises you to transfer the case to the Billing Investigation queue.8. Showing empathy and asking probing questions are two of the skills needed for active listening. what type of behavior are you exhibiting? REACATING 6. you must do all of the following before performing a port bounce except: REPLACE THE RESIDENTIAL GATEWAY / WIRELESS GATEWAY 9. How do you dispatch a premise technician for repair from CRM? SELECT AN APPOINTMENT WINDOW. How do you create case in CRM? WFE CREATES A CASE OR PERSENTS A LIST OF EXISTING CASES FOR YOU TO CHOOSE 13. What can you use over the telephone to let the customer know you are actively listening? REFLECT BACK WHAT THE CUSTOMER SAID 4. What level can you not problem solve with a customer? LEVEL 3 7. All of the following are performed by WFE except? COMPLETE UP-SALE ORDERS FOR NEW UVERSE SERVICES 2. SELECT THE QUEUE and CHECK THE HISTORY TAB FOR SUCCESS. AND VERIFY THERE IS NO OUTAGE 3. What must you do in order to escalate a call to a tier 1 ICU? CONFIRM THAT THE PROBLEM IS STILL IN SCOPE OF TIER1. What must you do in order to escalate a call to tier 2 when prompted by WFE? CREATE A CRM CASE. YELLOW AND RED 8. you should do what before you speak? TAKE A BREATH 2. All call types require the use of what tool? WFE 3.

If bypassing the inside wire loop.4.from the list of available networks? HE TYPES IN THE ENCRYPTION KEY FOR HIS PERSONAL NETWORK UVERSE CVOIP 1. resolves the customer’s issue. Customers can access their call history log from Uverse TV and which of the ff? UVERSE PORTAL 7. Robert has a pc that uses…. What are the three simple steps when troubleshooting Uverse HIS CPE according to the installation guide? (Check all that apply) CHECK YOUR CONNECTIONS. One type of video issue may be: NO VIDEO ON ALL UVERSE TV’s 5. POWER DOWN – POWER UP. Which of the following is NOT true of IP-DSLAM? UTILIZES PPPoE AUTHENTICATION 11. what should you always do first? CONFIRM THE CUSTOMER USES THE UVERSE CVOIP SERVICE 2. Where can the workaround solution for HDMI audio dropping and or popping be found? MYCSP 11. One of the first thing you do when working with video issues is: FIND OUT HOW MAY TV’s ARE AFFECTED 6. Ethernet. is an example of what kind of troubleshooting? CHECK DEFAULT PROXY SETTINGS 9. . Customers can watch a live program while recording another program when: AN OPEN STREAM IS AVAILABLE UVERSE HSIA 1. OUTAGES 1. The Motorola 2210-02-1ATT has ___diagnostic LEDS. BUT BROWSER NEEDS TO BE REINSTALLED 8. – INTERNET AND SOLID GREEN 8. latency. To determine if a customer has uverse voice service. A TECHNICIAN WILL BE NEEDED TO PROPERLY WIRE THE HOME 9. 10. The modem remained in the POST position for over 50 seconds you should: SWAP THE MODEM 9. Which buttons should the customer use on the remote control to see what is playing on the other channels without leaving the show the customer is watching? ARROW BUTTONS UNDER BROWSE 12. All of the following are troubleshooting steps for wireless connectivity issues except? CHECK WIFI NETWORK 6. For Uverse cvoip troubleshooting. Which of the following is an example of Network Outage? HIS FOR INDIANAPOLIS GOES DOWN 4. Use SCANR Tool and check tests to determine which of the following? ALL ANSWERS ARE CORRECT 5. For general IP-DSL email or intermittent troubleshooting you should use: WFE 6. All of the following are true of Uverse voice battery backup? IT CAN TAKE MORE THAN 2 DAYS TO CHARGE A FULLY DEPLETED BATTERY. two Samsung Plasma Tv’s and 2 LG LCD. Before accessing a customer’s account in Yahoo AMT. Sytem outages typically affect: TOOLS USED BY TECHNICIAN SUPPORT AGENTS WHILE ASSISTING CUSTOMER 2. then there is a problem in…etc: THE CUSTOMER INSIDE WIRING 4. Which consumer IP-DSL speed tier must be FTI? 18mbps 2. choose the one source who can instruct you to tell a customer of an outage: WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL 5.5 7. first have them check: THE REMOTE CONTROL BATTERIES 9. All Uverse voice issue deals with which of the ff? PHYSICAL ADDRESS IS NOT TIED TO PHONE NUMBER UVERSE IP-DSL 1. You can assist customer in changing their video input selection for following: MYCSP 8. Residential customers now ordering IP-DSL High Speed Internet will be shipped: MOTOROLA NVG510 3. How do you help a customer find the network name for her wireless? GO TO LOCAL NETWORK/WIRELESS SETTING SCREEN ON THE CUSTOMER’S RG GUI 5. DSL and __LEDs should be____. John has four TV on Uverse. When a customer calls about volume issues. Which tool would you use to confirm the customer’s RG is accessing the STB? CMS 7. Which of the following is an example of a System Outage? WFE GOES DOwN FOR ALL AGENTS 3. A Uverse care agent supports all of the following except? CAN CONNECT. Verify that no outage are affecting picture quality issue through: SCANR 7. What is the set of communications protocols used for the internet known as? TCP/IP 3. If a customer installs a new Home Alarm or upgrades an existing Home Alarm and has issues AFTER voice Installation. You should try all of the following before escalating a voicemail issue except? UNLOCK VOICEMAIL BOX IN SCANR USING VOICEMAIL UNLOCK ONLY UTILITY 8. you should? AFTER THE CUSTOMER CONTACTS THEIR ALARM COMPANY. He is experiencing some volume problems on one of his Samsung Plasma TV’S. THE INTERNET LED IS RED. Bandwidth. Which of the following is true of IP-DSL? ALL OF THE ABOVE 10. WAIT FOR THE BLINKING INDICATOR LIGHTS 4. John’s DVR is full but he wants to make sure he record the ball game tomorrow since he is out of tow n. you can check which section of SCANR ? ACTIVE SERVICES 3. Who provides you with the repair time frame for an Outage? USPOC . Ensuring the “never dial a connection” option is selected. What must you do? OBTAIN CUSTOMER’S PERMISSION 10. From the list below. Which of the following is an example of a connectivity issue involving customer software? INCOMPLETE TCP/IP SETTINGS 2. What is used to assign IP Address? DHCP 4. AT&T supports which of the following Email Accounts? AT&T WEB MAIL 11. by plugging the phone on the RG. What is the quickest way for John to record the ballgame? ACCESS HIS DVR FROM HIS CELLPHONE AND DELETE PROGRAMS RIGHT NOW 13. When troubleshooting the Motorola 2210-02-1ATT in “ready state” the Power. If the 2701 is unable to authenticate. Which of the following OS is supported for troubleshooting wireless connectivity? WINDOWS 7 12. and jitter may affect which of the following? VOICE QUALITY 6. The CO SELT tool is used for: VERIFYING IF THE CO WIRING IS COMPLETED 5. How many TV’s should you check for volume problems? 4 10..