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We make your investment and insurance coverage work harder for you. With Philam Life's Abundance Plus, an investment and life insurance plan-in-one, you can now enjoy the benefits of an income-earning insurance and investment plan while you’re still enjoying life! Affordable and Flexible Investment Plan   You can start building your investment fund for as low as P20,000* a year. You can choose from any of our professionally-managed investment funds to suit your risk appetite and unique financial needs. You also have the ability to switch funds depending on your preferences. You can increase your investment and insurance coverage whenever you have extra cash through our top-up premium option. You can withdraw from your funds in case of emergency or other needs. Guaranteed Life and Accident Insurance Protection    You can get guaranteed life insurance protection that is at least 5x your annual investment. You will also get additional accident and health coverage amounting to at least 5x your annual investment. You are assured that your policy will remain in-force regardless of the performance of the funds.** With Abundance Plus, you can now enjoy returns on your investment plus life insurance coverage. * Also available in US Dollar currency. ** Policy will remain in-force until age 64 or 30th policy year, whichever comes first. Assuming no scheduled premiums are missed for the first 10 years of the policy and no withdrawals are taken.

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Attachable Benefits
We enhance your protection and security with our add-on benefits. For better insurance protection coverage, you may opt to add these benefits to your basic Abundance Plus plan: Accident and Health (A&H) In case of death, dismemberment or total and permanent disability, Accident and Health (A&H) Benefit provides you with additional protection coverage. You also have an option to add Medical Reimbursement and Weekly Income benefits on top of your plan. Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) If the cause of death is due to accident, Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) provides your family an additional amount on top of the deceased's basic plan. Lifeline (LL) Lifeline (LL) provides a one-time lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of any of the covered critical illnesses.

Below are common Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) about Abundance Plus that we have compiled for your reference. regular-pay variable life insurance that allows the policyholder to participate in the potential high returns of the financial markets. Q: What is Abundance Plus? A: Abundance plus is a peso-denominated. 10 years. or until you turn 65. You may choose to be covered for 1 year.Mediguard Mediguard provides daily hospital income and additional benefits (optional) for long term hospitalization. intensive care unit confinement. and surgery. This benefit will be doubled to help finance the consequent medical expenses for dreaded diseases. Q: Where will my money be placed for this investment? A: Abundance Plus allows you to invest in your choice of professionally-managed fund/s . Hospital Income Benefit (HIB) Hospital Income Benefit (HIB) provides daily cash benefit upon confinement due to sickness or injury. Guardian Rider Guardian provides additional guaranteed insurance coverage for a specified time period. 5 years. You may also renew this plan as it expires. HIB is attachable to products with at least 20 years of premium paying period. 20 years. Please click here to learn more about the product.

and preserve capital by investing primarily in fixed-income securities issued by the government and reputable corporate issuers. you can check your fund’s Net Asset Value Per Unit (NAVPU) anytime through our Fund Performance Section or through our VUL Customer Hotline (02) 528-2028. or switch investments from one fund to another as you deem best. while including appropriate value stocks. 2. Aside from this. Q: What is the composition of these funds? A: For better long-term. . Its objective is to achieve capital growth by investing in an efficient and diversified portfolio of predominantly growth companies. This fund is for the policyholder with an investment objective of long-term capital appreciation by investing in equities. Philam Life Equity Fund – This fund is for the policyholder with an investment objective of capital appreciation over a long-term investment horizon.based on your risk appetite. Q: Can I add to or withdraw my investments? A: With Abundance Plus you have the flexibility to make additional investment or top-ups. here are the composition of these funds: 1. and the risk appetite for the stock market. It aims to provide a stable return over the medium. Philam Life Balanced Fund – This fund contains a balanced investment in performing bonds and equities available in the market. Philam Life Balanced Fund and Philam Life Equity Fund. Philam Life Fixed Income Fund – This fund invests primarily in high-grade interestbearing bonds that present low to moderate levels of risk. You have also convenient access to your money through partial or full withdrawals of your account Q: How will I know how much my account value is? A: Philam Life will send you a Statement of Account at least on an annual basis. Fund choices include the Philam Life Fixed Income Fund. equityrelated securities and debt securities 3.