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Yantra & Mantra
What is a Yantra?
Yantra is the Sanskrit word for "instrument" or "machine". Much like the word "instrument" itself. Sanskrit, the world's most ancient living languages is written as . The specialty and uniqueness of a Yantra lies in it being an aniconic visible manifestation of God (Deity) or Divine entity. As per Vydic tradition, Yantra is a mystical, magical entity with many representation and forms with powers invoked from Supernatural Powers. It is an extremely Sacred composition of Mystic Symbols and certain Geometric diagrams using Spiritual concepts and astronomical derivations that are often inscribed on Paper, Precious stones, Metal Plates such as Gold, Silver or Copper which is said to possess strong magical powers which take effect only upon invoking the Divine energy in to them using correct recitation of the designated Mantras and with constant, continuous praying. There are many different Yantras for different specific reasons. Some of the popularly known and used Yantras by all in general are - Sri Chakra Yantra, Sri Yantra, Matsya Yantra, Ganesha Yantra, Sri Sudarshana Yantra etc. Each type of Yantra is designated to and represents a particular form of Deity.

Origin of Yantras:
Although yantras seem to be two dimensional forms, but in reality they are multi-dimensional sacred architectural structures that potentiate the accretion and manifestation of siddhi (Divine & magical Spiritual Power generated from Long term deep meditation/ Sadhan). They were envisioned by the great ancient Saints through their Divya Drishti (Divine Vision) when they were in their Tapo Sadhana and thus were invoked with their Tapas Shakti (Deep concentration and epitome of meditation on the Lord). This knowledge was bestowed by the Lord Himself to them. Yantras are specially designed and made with reference to the astronomical position of the planets in a specific given auspicious date and time. These yantras are supposed to be made only during special times choosing particular astronomical positions according to procedures as defined in the Vedas. If Yantras are made in any other way contrary to this, they may not be effective at all and will remain just as a mere geometrical drawings. Please know that it is also extremely important that the Lines, Circles and all other inscribed Yantra Symbols must be very correct, clear, distinct and only as per the prescribed Vedic Texts. Any kind of self imposed or imaginary changes by any individual, group or organization may not yield any desired effects.

Yantras should never ever be placed directly on the ground or on the Pooja Mandapa. it is better advised that Yantras should be placed in a sanctified and sacred place of your home. . cheating or even use of bad/foul language. The reason why many use Yantra is to gain the energetic source of a particular Deity to gain some special benefits. build good health. one will never be able to retain or passes a Yantra. happiness & bliss and longitivity. They should be placed in a plate kind of thing first which then is placed on the Pooja Manadapa. They should be touched only after taking shower and with pure mind and body. each non-vegetarian food or get involved sexual activities while wearing them. for the above mentioned reasons. Those who have Yantras in their homes. one is also led towards Spiritual enhancement. The following important points must be always kept in mind and followed by those who have Yantras with them and wish to gain their benefit. Always should try to remain "sattvik" (calm & composed). Ladies who are in their menses should not be wearing any such things during those four days nor touch Yantra at such times. But know that the main function of a Yantra function is to conduit the cosmic truth. Those who wear them on the body should not consume alcohol. Many do wear them as pendants also.Significance of Praying to Yantra: It is considered to be very auspicious in Vydic/Hindu tradition to be able to possess one and also be able to maintain its integrity and sacredness. astrological or magical benefits and also as a source of meditation. But it is extremely important for all those who choose to pray to Yantras to keep few important thing in mind. Many people do keep Yantras in their respective Pooja (or meditation) rooms and pray to them regularly for certain benefits. Thus as all the material wants being fulfilled. Hence. businesses or organizations must keep them in a sacred place and offer sincere prayers regularly. peace of mind. Persons wearing Yantra (or its representation) on the body must not indulge in things like lying. Yantras are in general held to have spiritual. Persons wearing Yantra (or its representation) as pendants on the body must not indulge in any killing of an animal activity of any kind. It is believed that constantly concentrating on the Yantra (Like meditating on its form) can help one to build develop tremendous spiritual strength and this energy can be used to gain huge fortunes. office or organization rather than wearing them on body. In fact with out Lord' s blessings or grace. These must be strictly adhered to for gaining the expected positive results from your Yantras.

square. the element of water. It also represents Energy of the natural element fire. with each petal representing a psychic propensity or vritti ( specific character) associated with that chakra A dot or bindu represents either the starting point of creation or the infinite. It may also denote the creative power of the cosmos. trishul etc represent a special character and denotes a special element in cosmos. 2. 11. 12. welfare. dot and other symbols such as conch. But in the recent past many such new Yantra concepts are being imitated by some followers. This is the most ancient custom followed by the Vydic tradition. fecundity. 7. Circle represents Energy of the natural element water Square represents Energy of the natural element earth Diagonal lines represents Energy of the natural element air Horizontal line represents Energy of the natural element water Vertical line represents Energy of the element fire. One very important thing to remember is that Yantras are only for the Deities as given in Vydic Shastras. Each line. It also represents Energy of the natural element ether/ sky/ infinity. triangle. lotus petal. the element of fire. 5. truly origin and most authentic proofs of the Vydic Tradition. 3. 4. Many other similar phenomena such as Mandala. 8. circles and floral patterns like Lotus petals but may also include more complex and detailed symbols some times. energy A downwards triangle denotes spiritual knowledge. Shapes and patterns commonly depicted in a Yantra include squares. 10. Some meanings of few important symbols in Yantras mean as follows:1.Significance of Symbols in Yantras with meanings. disc. circle. unexpressed cosmos. Bheeja mantras that are usually represented as characters of Devanāgarī that correspond to the acoustic roots of a particular chakra or vritti. 6. The lotus flower represent chakras. It may also denote spiritual aspiration. Some of the drawings of a few Yantras are given below: . 9. or Shiva. Rangavalli and traditions of drawing of such other sacred geometrical designs in India has actually evolved from Yantra Tradition. Rangoli (Also known as Muggu in Telugu or Kolam in Tamil). or Shakti/ A swastika represents good luck. The shatkona (Sanskrit name for a Hexagon) composed of a balance between the below given triangles. prosperity or spiritual victory. Yantra tradition is in strict accordance with the Veda Shastras which are the only. An upwards facing triangle which according to Tantra denotes many things such as energy. It is also said to represent the static substratum of the cosmos. triangles.

Sri Chakra Yantra Sri Gayathri Yantra Sri Lakshmi Ganesha Yantra Kali Yantra Shiva Yantra Gopala Yantra .

said or uttered yield exert their influence to yield certain effects through their sound-vibrations. Just as any medication when misused or abused creates problems to the physical body. it is very important also to know why it should be said as given the Veda Shastras only. it is best advised that Mantra should be received from a right Guru. Mantras are words on Yantras which are encapsulated with much power which when constantly heard. reduce and recover from physical ailments. which when said in certain way exert an influence to yield certain effects using the Divine energy or power that has been enjoined with 'Upasana'. Salvation). so also the Mantra when misused. Hence Mantras should be recited correctly. Mantras are used to resolve our material problems through which we have attain peace of mind which will eventually lead us to salvation and then to mainly to uplift us spiritually.Sri Krishna Yantra Parama Shiva Yantra What is a Mantra? Mantra is the Special Sanskrit Syllables that are inscribed on Yantras which in reality are the special representations of Divine. . material (Wealth related). with correct pronunciation. For these reasons. Just like any prescribed medication is used to control. in the right procedure as advised in the Shastras only or by the right Guru. But another notable point is that Mantras are for giving us relief from physical (health related). Cosmic power. social (inter personal relationships) problems as well as to enhance our spiritual growth (Uniting with God. How to recite a Mantra in correct way? The power of a Mantra power has been encapsulated in them with 'Bheeja Aksharas' means certain special Syllables that are carrying Divine energy and strength. Now that we know the difference between any ordinary prose/poetry and a mantra. abused or mispronounced or uttered in the wrong times or wrong places bring many adverse effects to the concerned person.

They should form a single opinion 'Sishya' takes up a sincere oath to completely trust and follow his Guru and that is when the Mantropadesa (Teaching of a Mantra) is done by the Guru to the 'Sishya'. Guru and 'Sishya' (Disciple) should first become one spiritually . Always remember that Yantra.they should have one vision and one destination. It is very important to be pure in body and mind while reciting a Mantra. "Mananatha prayete iti Mantraha" . constant recitation has to be made of such an advised Mantra which will lead us to the desired goal. Mantras must be recited correct pronunciation exactly as advised by a Guru after taking a shower and when in meditation. Then Guru' s 'Shakti' or power is transferred from him in to 'Sishya' through Shakti path.means sincere. It is best advised to listen to or recite then at the exact appropriate time like early in the morning during Sunrise or just before Sunset or as advised. How to listen to a Mantra? As Mantra is extremely sacred. . A Mantra is also Lord' s word and hence it’s a true proof by itself without any second. Recitation of the Mantra with complete faith and meditation on Yantra is what is known as Tantra. Mantra & Tantra go hand in hand. powerful. There are certain strict rules to be followed to listen to it or recite it.Receiving a Mantra from a Guru: Effectiveness of a mantra is said to be best when it is gained from the benevolent Guru.