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Al-Shafi Group of Companies is one of the leading industrial and commercial business groups of Pakistan boasting sound production

, financial stability and international credibility. The group operates five strategic production units with primary operations in sugar production, manufacture of steel products, Poultry breeding and Poultry Feeds. The production facilities of this Group are operating primarily in the province of Punjab and supplying products throughout the country thus effectively contributing towards economic growth. Before its inception, Al-Shafi Group was a part of the renowned Ittefaq Group of Companies. Through constant hard work, enthusiasm and zeal of the Directors, who are all seasoned and leading businessmen, the Group emerged as one of the most formidable industrial entities of the country. At Al-Shafi Group people come from different walks of life. Given the diversity of its workforce, the group continues to shine on the country’s business horizon because of a set of values that shape its corpo rate culture. The present equity of the group is Rs. 8 billion, with total capital asset base of about Rs. 14 billion, and annual sales revenue amounting to Rs. 20 Billion. The average number of employees is 4000.

Board of Directors
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Mian Muhammad Javed Shafi (Group Chairman) Mian Muhammad Tariq Shafi (Director Commercial and CEO Kashmir Sugar) Mian Muhammad Pervez Shafi (Director Technical) Mian Muhammad Shahid Shafi (CEO Ittefaq Sugar) Mian Muhammad Zahid Shafi (CEO Kashmir Feeds)

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Ittefaq Sons Private Limited Ittefaq Sugar Mills Limited Ittefaq Biotech Private Limited Kashmir Sugar Mills Limited Kashmir Feeds Limited

Ittefaq Sugar Mills Limited.

The management & workers at our Sugar Mills are committed to produce high purity double refined sugar in healthy, clean & congenial environment free of all hazards by continuous measures for improvement in all areas of quality management system according to the needs and expectations of its customers. Ittefaq Sugar Mills Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on 4th May, 1982 as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Ordinance with a Registered Office situated in Lahore. The Ittefaq Sugar is Public unlisted Company and is engaged in the manufacture of sugar from sugarcane. Molasses is the only significant by-product contributing the Company's revenues. The mill is located at Sahiwal Pakpattan Road, Pakpattan in the Province of (Punjab). It went into commercial production in November 1983. It started with a crushing capacity of 4000 tonnes per day. Later on the plant was expanded to 5500 tonnes per day. Present Crushing Capacity of mills is 5500 -6000 tonnes sugarcane per day.