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Supplementary form to be completed by applicants for the MSc Organisational Psychology/Behaviour


Sakshi Mittal

Please complete the following questions that ask for further information about yourself and why you would like to study on the programme. Please respond in no more than 250 words per question. Question 1: Why do you want to study on this programme? Please refer to both your past experience and future plans. For a long time now I have been interested in the subject of organizational psychology.The way people behave and why they do certain things has always fascinated me.Working as a Campus Ambassador for 2 years with Teach For India under the guidance of the human resource management has confirmed my interest in this field.In my undergraduate degree I have studied a variety of subjects allied to social sciences and management and I would like to attain a Master's degree in Organizational Behaviour to deepen my knowledge in this field.Being a student counsellor at my college and the coordinator for the placement cell of my college , I have been guiding my fellow classmates and other students in chosing the right course and the right kind of jobs .Working with a range of different people and problems has helped me to gain insight into how people work and I am eager to learn more about the easiest and most efficient ways of dealing with these problems. I would like to take forward this experience and knowledge and make it my full time job as a career consultant.I am an ambitious, hard working and a clear headed individual who has a clear perspective and taken the time to think about my future and my goals.One of the reasons that I want to move to a further degree is that I have enjoyed the whole learning aspect of my current degree. I have come to an understanding that learning is a never ending activity

Question 2: Please think of a time when you have undertaken a piece of research. Outline the project, the research methods you used and the statistical analysis undertaken.

.As a team we all contacted these company's .One of my major responsibilities was to collect the database of all the final year students who would be interested in sitting for the placements and seeking jobs .One interesting project that I recently undertook was for my Gender Studies class. their job expectations .Google ." Will you indulge in pre martial sex if your parents were fine with it" . The time span to get this job done was less as we had already scheduled placement drives with a few organizations.The data was pooled in for 50 undergraduate girls and 50 undergraduate boys. interests and the relavant job profile. Royal bank of scotland and more .I conducted a survey on Pre Marital Sex that voiced the opinions of 2 groups of people.Befor the job interviews I also got a few guest speakers to train the students on how to handle a job interview and write a CV .The work also included contacting various company's and get them for recruitments to our college.We were also succesfuly able to complile the database of all students and consequently matching their qualifications .Average Mean Population and Standar Deviation Population was calculated for both groups.The survey included a questionnaire of about 3 pages in which the respondants were asked to answer several questions with a "yes" or "no" . " Have you ever indulged in pre marital sex" etc. which proved benificial to many students. Question 3: Please outline a time when you have been responsible for organising a piece of work/project/event to a strict deadline.I formed a team of 5 people and distributed work amongst ourselves to collect all information that was required that is the CV's of the students . area of interest etc.As a result today we have more than 80 % students who are registered with us for the campus placements.Capital IQ . What did you do? What was the outcome? Recently I was appointed as the coordinator for the placement cell of my college. went to meet them personally and we were able to get many company's for recruitments like Ernst and Young . Zomato .The first group consisted of undergraduate femal students and the second group was that of the undergraduate male students across various colleges in New Delhi.The result proved that more girls in India are hesitant about pre marital sex in India than boys since more boys said that they would indulge in pre marital sex or have already been involved in it. Some of the questions that were asked were.The project was primarily undertaken to see how males and females differ in their ideologies and thoughts in when it comes to subjects which are still considered a taboo in India.I then prepared a detailed report about the same and also asked for personal opinions of college students to know the reasons behind the fact that why are girls still hesitant about this subject."If you would ever indulge in pre marital sex or no" .

I am well aware that the entry to this course is highly competitive and looking at the alumni has proved beyond doubt that the best of the minds get selected.Additionaly this post graduate program lays emphasis on lot of practical training as well as research methodology.It is very essential to apply what you are learning into the actual situations to be able to deliver what has been taught. Professional integrity also involves being ethical.It also means making decisions in the frame of mind as to what is right.The modules on professinal skills selection and assessment as well as careers.The approach of learning by practical experiments and research was somewhat lacking in my undergraduate course.Employee's are one of the most important stakeholders of a comapny and how they act and behave directly impacts the reputation of any organization.A lot of indepenadant study will also be expected of us. company. .It is very important in the doman of organizational behaviour because this subject deals with people and how they behave at a workplace. By ethical I mean acting in a way that is fair and responsible. and clients. or what will get me that promotion.coaching and research in organization of this course really interest me as in my opinion they are essential for any human resource manager. One should be responsible to their fellow co-workers. enabling me to apply all the skills and tactics that I will learn during this course into actual business situations. Question 5: How do you think this programme will differ from your undergraduate degree? What commitments do you feel will be expected of you in order to complete this programme successfully? During my undergraduate degree I have studied a variety of subjects but a Master's degree in Organizational Behavior will prepare me specifically for this industry .To me professional integrity is about making the right kind of choices for myself as well as the organization to which I am associated. instead of what will make me look better than others. research and presentation skills along with group work and dissertation.Professional integrity and ethical behaviour is crucial for personal credibility and professional success within the business world. giving me a close insight into the principles and methods of handling human resources in the business world and otherwise.This course requires a lot of reading .Professional integrity also has an aspect of responsibility to it.Question 4: What does professional integrity mean to you? Why do you think it would be important within the domain of Organisational Psychology/Behaviour? The words professional integrity in the simple language may mean the manner in which one should act in his or her professional front.At this level of study it depends on an individual that how much is he or she willing to make the most of the course and making the best use of the guest lectures and other seminars and workshops to enhance knowledge. .Once complete please send to: Amber Bowring Postgraduate Administrator Department of Psychology City University Northampton Square London EC1V 0HB Or E-mail to: