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No. DMER/NEET-PGM-2013/Revised Personal Counseling/Notification No.


Date: 17/8/2013

Personal Counseling Process of NEET-PGM 2013 for
State Quota admissions to Medical Postgraduate Courses (MD/MS/Diploma) in State of Maharashtra (excluding PH candidates)
In compliance to the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India order in WP (L) No. 433 of 2013, dated 01st August, 2013, there will be 4th round of online allotment process from 07th August 2013 to 21st August, 2013, under 50% All India Quota - 2013. In view of the above stated round of 50% All India Quota seats, the schedule to fill State Quota seats by Personal Counseling round will be as per below stated schedule. Date Thursday 22/08/2013 Up-to 5.00 p.m. : The candidate who has joined a seat of 50% All India quota in the State of Maharashtra and who has already filled Preference Form for State Quota, and wishes to surrender his/her seat so as to be eligible for Personal Counseling Round should surrender his/her seat. [As per the rules of NEET-PGM-2013 (Rule No. 13.4.1 (c))] (Note : Any candidate who cancel All India Quota seats after 22/8/2013 will be penalized as per rule no.17 of NEET-PGM 2013 brochure.) Friday 23/08/2013 After 5.00 p.m. : Combined Display of following Vacancy 1) Non Allotted / Non-Joined / Resigned seats of state quota after 1st round. 2) Non Allotted / Non-Joined / Resigned seats of 50% All India Quota returned to State Quota after (22/08/2013). 3) Unallotted PH quota seats. 4) Unallotted In-service quota seats if any. 5) Seats surrendered by Private Institutions. : Submission of Status Retention Form at respective Institute. All the desirous candidates of NEET-PGM-2013 who have joined the State Quota Seats in 1st round should submit Status Retention Form. (Note: The Candidates who have filled status retention previously is hereby stand cancelled. The retention form filled on 24/08/2013 will only be considered valid for confirmation of admission and will not be considered for subsequent admission process.)
Notification No.6A_NEETPG13 Revised Round_Personal Counseling

Saturday 24/08/2013 upto 5.00 p.m.

9. way of filling Status Retention) Schedule of Personal Counseling Round at Dept.m. Medical Education & Research. 1. 28/08/2013 Thursday. DMER Final State Merit Number 1 to 300 301 to 600 601 to 900 901 to 1500 1501 to 2000 2001 to 2630 Inter-Se Round : If seat/s of Constitutional Reservation remain vacant. cash as admission fee and deposit all the original documents at the time of personal counseling.30 p.m. 1.2. 1. Mumbai Notification No. 12. The candidates should bring all the original documents for verification as per the rule no.Monday : Display of all seats available for Personal Counseling Round 26/08/2013 (These seats will be excluding the seats retained by the candidates by by 5. 9. of Physiology. 29/08/2013 Friday.00 a. All the desirous candidates who are eligible as per the rules should attend the personal counseling round according to the above schedule. NOTE : This Notification is subject to Order(s) of Hon'ble Court Sd/Director.m. Mumbai Day and Date Tuesday.00 a. 27/08/2013 Wednesday.1500/.00 p.m.30 p.m. 30/08/2013 Time 1. Candidates who have already joined a PG Course through NEET-PGM-2013 at Government/ Corporation/ Private Medical Colleges/ Institution who opted for admissions to PG courses through NEET-PGM 2013 and not submitted status retention form should bring a certificate issued by the institute where he/she has joined.m.6A_NEETPG13 Revised Round_Personal Counseling . Grant Medical College.30 p.30 p.m. The selection process will be according to the rules of NEET-PGM-2013.3 of NEET-PGM-2013 information brochure. Candidates should note that they have to confirm the admission immediately after allotment of seat by paying Rs.00 a. stating that the original certificates have been retained by it.m.