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Operating Level Agreement Template

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Operating Level Agreement Template The following table helps set the stage for preparing an operating level agreement (OLA). and senior management. • Tools and reports with: • Regular training. • Participants from service desk. Facilitate realistic and measurable service level goals. Setting the Stage Why an OLA? • • • • Set customer expectations. • Service level definitions. • Issues addressed. Critical success factors (CSFs) CSFs include: • Visible sponsorship by informed senior management. • Solid project plan. • Effective communication within IT. • Measurement capability. Manage escalations. with OLAs reviewed regularly and adapted as business needs change. • Effective team collaboration consisting of: • Facilitated weekly and monthly service level meetings. Considerations include: • Business requirements. • Support process definitions. • Documented and published expectations with customer-focused outcomes. Align information technology (IT) services with critical business tasks and services. Considerations . functional support management.

. • Wrong team members involved. • Automating where feasible. • Poor communication. • Adapting to current and future business processes.2 Operating Level Agreement Template Setting the Stage Key capabilities Key capabilities include: • Implementing process improvements. • Poor planning in development and implementation. • Unrealistic timelines. • Fear of accountability. • Implementing and managing service levels. • Weekly: • Service level exceptions • Open and closed incidents Monthly: • Service level exceptions by category • Service level exceptions by support groups • Service level exceptions by priority Measurement and reporting • Factors contributing to failure These factors include: • Poorly defined customer and business requirements. • Lack of sponsorship. • Providing appropriate notification when a service level breach is imminent. • Linking to change management and configuration management.

This agreement remains valid until replaced by a revised agreement mutually endorsed by the signatories indicated below. • Priority 1 and Priority 2 incidents must be resolved within 6 hours. Priority 3 and Priority 4 incidents must be resolved within 12 hours. • Any downtime associated with changes to components delivering the service must occur outside the core hours of 08:00 – 21:00. • All minor or standard changes must be acknowledged within two working days of receipt. but can be changed at any time as agreed upon by the signatories indicated below. This agreement will be reviewed every six months. Monday through Saturday.Operating Level Agreement Template 3 The following table provides a template for a basic OLA. Simple Document Template Suggested Wording This agreement is made between insert the name of the IT Service Level Manager or representative and insert the name of the IT Manager or representative This agreement covers the provision and support of insert the service and a description of the service and department IT guarantees the following objectives for the service: insert a description of the service deliverables The following are some examples: • The support function must be available 24 hours a day. Signatories: Name: Position: (business organization or IT organization representative or Service Level Manager) Date: Client Specifics .