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Project IHMS: Analysis and Design Details.

Section 1: Input, Output and Storage Specifications. List of Tables in the Database.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Diseases IHMS_Users Patient_Hospital_History Patient_Lab_Info Patient_Personal_Info Symptoms

The Fields in each table are as listed below:

1 2

Table Name: Diseases Field Name Data Type Disease_ID Number Diseases_Name Text

Table Name: Patient_Hospital_History Field Name Data Type 1 Case_Ref_No Number 2 Hosp_No Number 3 Admission_Status Text 4 Date_of_Admission Date/Time 5 Name_of_Doctor Text 6 Doctors_Diagnosis Text 7 Date_of_Discharge Date/Time 8 Status_Upon_Discharge Text Table Name: Symptoms Field Name Data Type 1 Symptom_ID Number 2 Disease_ID Number 3 Symptom_Name Text 4 Description Text

Table Name: Patient_Personal_Info Field Name Data Type 1 Hosp_No Number 2 SName Text 3 FName Text 4 Date_Of_Birth Date/Time 5 Sex Text 6 Home_Add Text 7 State_of_Origin Text 8 Occupation Text 9 Name_of_NoK Text 10 Relationship_to_NoK Text 11 Add_of_NoK Text 12 Name_of_Sponsor Text 13 Add_of_Sponsor Text

1 2 3 4 5

Table Name: Patient_Lab_Info Field Name Data Type Lab_Ref_No Number Hosp_No Number Blood_Group Text RhFactor Text Allergy Text

Table Name: IHMS_Users Field Name Data Type 1 user Text 2 pass Text

Section 2: Design Details
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etc.1 Top-Down Design Approach: This involves dividing a system into subsystems or modules and each subsystem being further divided into even smaller subs. attributes. as a class describing objects such as man. with properties such as hair color.1. Usually. etc.Project IHMS: Analysis and Design Details. A Class is a template or description of a set of objects with similar characteristics. An Object is an entity which has both properties (data) and operations (methods).1 Design Methodology. In the Software Development process. These models are implemented through abstract data types called Objects and Classes. 2. The top-down design of this project is as follows: Main Form Login Exit Register New Patient Admit Old Patient Discharge Old Patient Diagnose Old Patient Registratio n Only Register and Admit Fig 2. This process of division is repeated until each module is sufficiently small enough to be conveniently implemented as an independent entity that performs a clearly defined operation.1: Top-down design of the IHMS Project.1. In the case of Intelligent Hospital Management System. whale. An example is “mammal”. a combination of two or more design methodologies is employed in execution of a project.2 Object Oriented Design: This involves the use of models to build a system. talk. Page 2 of 4 . the following design methodologies were employed: 2. 2. or sleep. and operations/methods such as run. An example is man. Software Design phase involves decomposing a Software System into modules and defining the relationship among these constituent modules.

0 is a Graphical User Interface programming language. Stop Diagnose a registered and admitted patient – frmDiagnosis Page 3 of 4 . Register a new patient .Project IHMS: Analysis and Design Details. Generate Hospital history record 3. VB 6. The form is a visual object. Stop Discharge a registered and admitted patient – frmDischarge 1. Open patient file a. which provides a means of collecting input from the user. Collect Patient Information by filling the form a. and makes use of forms to interact with the user.frmDiagnosis Search for a registered patient’s file . Stop Admit an old (already registered) patient – frmAdmitExisting 1.2 Program Functionalities. Search using unique hospital number (using frmWait) 2.frmNewReg Admit a new patient .frmAdmitExisting Discharge a registered and admitted patient . Generate laboratory record 2. 2. receiving commands from the user and displaying output to the user. Edit/Update patient’s latest Hospital history record 3. Generate patient record b.frmAdmission Admit an old (already registered) patient . Admit the patient into care (optional) a.3 Pseudocodes. Listed below are operations that can be carried out with the use of the VB6. if necessary.0 application. and the corresponding Visual Basic Form used to perform them.       Register a new patient . “Patient objects” were extensively used throughout this project to facilitate the collection of data/information from the system user. Discharge Patient a. Admit Patient into care a.frmNewReg 1. Search using unique hospital number (using frmWait) 2. Generate Hospital history record 3.frmDischarge Diagnose a registered and admitted patient . Open patient file a.frmWait 2.

Input the patient’s (unique) hospital number 2. Stop Page 4 of 4 . 4.Project IHMS: Analysis and Design Details. Stop Search for a registered patient’s file – frmWait 1. Output possible ailments 4. Write the result of this diagnosis to the DB (optional) 5. If a match is found for the hospital number then a. Input illness/ailment symptoms 3. Search using unique hospital number (using frmWait) 2. Search the database using the hospital number 3. Inform user of search failure. Display the Patient record Otherwise b. 1. Open patient file a.