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To The Divisional Electrical Engineer, Operation Nidadavole APEPDCL Respected Sir, Sub:-APSEE Union RNO327 State Unit

Hyderabad-Request for placement of posting to Nidadavole CC Town as Line Man on promotion of Sri B.Ramesh Babu ALM/Town Nidadavole Request-Reg The APSEE Union RNO 327 General Secretary requested the kind Divisional Electrical Engineer Operation, Nidadavole APEPDCL, kindly take consideration of my few lines. Previously while in the Division Bifurcation in the year 2010 April, The Junior Employees pertaining to the cadre of ALM of Tadepalligudem Operation Division and Bhimavaram Division merged in this Nidadavole Division. At that time Sri B.Ramesh Babu ALM Nidadavole is the 1st person in that seniority list, but unfortunately the juniors are entered in this Division from Tadepalligudem. The Nidadavole Division Administration has prepared integrated seniority list as per rules in vogue Due to that Sri B.Ramesh Babu ALM serial number has become as 23 instead of 1st place. In this connection this organization has made much struggle on that issue and made representations against the Then Divisional Electrical Engineer Operation, Niadavole. The Administration supporting one-sidedly and make injustice to our organization Divisional Treasurer Sri B.Ramesh Babu ALM due to that he lost 2 years period without promotion. However it is learnt that he is the 5 th person in this promotional panel which was conducted in this month DPC.

Sri T. Murthy Secretary General. 2.e.Apparao LM CC Nidadavole vacancy i.LineMan post in Nidadavole Town in place of Sri G. .Ramesh Babu as LM in C.R. APSEE Union RNO 327 Mint compound Hyderabad Opp : C.L Corporate Office Hyderabad. Thanking You. In this connection I add to submit sir with my learned knowledge Sri B. Nidadavole Please.P. Sir. Mint compound Hyderabad Opp : C.L Corporate Office Hyderabad. Mohan Reddy State Finance Committee Chairman.Apparao LM/CC/NDD Town.C.C. APSEE Union RNO 327. on 31-07-2012 post only.Ramesh Babu as Line Man and reposting orders may please be issued in place of G.D. He is going to be retired from his service on superannuation date is 31-072012.V.N..K.Ramesh Babu ALM Nidadavole is eligible for promotion as on 31-07-2012 in place of G.Apparao LM CC Town.D.S.P. In the above circumstances I request the kind authorities to consider the promotion of B.Hence this organizational General Secretary has requested to consider the request of B.C. Sri G. Yours faithfully Station:-Nidadavole Date :-16-07-2012 (A.Rayudu) General Secretary APSEE Union RNO 327 Mint Compound Hyderabad Copy Submitted to:1.

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