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AMB is currently involved in a trial to use recycled plastic wood in the construction of their structures.

What is Recycling?
Most items that we use everyday, especially containers, are made of materials that can be used over and over again. Recycling is collecting used materials that would otherwise be thrown away and breaking down and remaking these materials into new products. When we recycle more, we are saving resources, sending less trash to landfills and incinerators and will help us cut costs. That’s good for the environment as Recycling is about saving the earth. We need to recycle to prevent global warming. AMB’s initiative will recycle plastic containers, plastic wrapping, paper and cardboard. This material will be recycled into plastic wood and used in existing structures. This trial is currently underway in Jebel Ali Yard and Office and will be extended to al AMB sites if successful.
cardboards plastic container

paper plastics

JA Yard area is allocated, with separate bins clearly labeled, for the segregated rubbish to be collected by Eco Plastic Industries. Waste Disposal & Recycling Flow: Details Waste Production Yard: Paper, cardboard and plastic waste collected from office and yard. Office: Collect paper from individual waste baskets by Cleaner, and weigh to record. Yard: Throw in skip to be collected by FLT, and weigh to record. Collection request to recycling company via phone call/sms or email. Responsibility All Staff.

Individual/Cleaner Labourer/FLT Driver

Waste Disposal & Weighing

Collection & Recycling

Eco Plastics Industries to collect from AMB.

Al Masaood Bergum IS #39: Recycling

QHSE 25/01/09