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Annexure No.67A SCAA - Dt. 23.03.2011

BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY, COIMBATORE-641 046 M.B.A (CBCS Pattern) (For the affiliated college students admitted during the academic year 20011-12&Onwards) SCHEME OF EXAMINATIONS – CBCS Pattern Examinations Ins.hrs / week Marks credits 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 100 Dur. CIA Course Title SEMESTER –1 Management Principles and Practice Organizational Behaviors Managerial Economics Financial and Management Accounting Quantitative Methods for Management Corporate Communication Computer Applications in Management using SAP* SEMESTER –II Operations Management Marketing Management Financial Management Human Resource Management Quantitative Techniques Research Methods for Management Computer Applications in Management using SAP* - Practical SMESTER – III Business Ethics and Global Business Environment Management Information System Elective Elective Elective Elective Summer Placement Project Report & Viva-Voce SEMESTER – IV Strategic Management : Indian Global Context Elective Elective Elective Elective TOTAL Total 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 2500

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25 25 25 25 25 25

75 75 75 75 75 75

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Staffing In Organization 6. Electronic Commerce 12. Rural Marketing HUMAN RESOURCE 5. Hospital Architecture and design ENTREPRENEURSHIP 17. Integrated Marketing Communication (Promotion Management) 2.67A SCAA . . System Analysis and Design PRODUCTION 13. Derivatives Management SYSTEM 11.MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 2 of 12 Annexure No. Advanced Production Management 14. Managing Interpersonal Effectiveness FINANCE 8.2011 * The Course will be taught during I and II Semesters. Electives for III Semester Students can choose any four of the following: MARKETING 1. Hospitality Management . Export Management 3. Integrated Materials Management HEALTH CARE 15. Financial Services 9. 23. Hospital Operations Management 16. Performance Management 7. Equity Research and Portfolio Management 10.Dt.03. Consumer Behaviour 4. Entrepreneur Development GENERAL 18.

Business Plan GENERAL 18. Cost Management SYSTEM 11.Dt. Public Health system and health insurance 16.67A SCAA . 2. Supply Chain Management HEALTH CARE 15. 3. Events Management . Training and Development 6.2011 Electives for IV Semester Students can choose any four of the following : MARKETING 1.03. International Health Management ENTREPRENEURSHIP 17. Organizational Development 7. Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations (Legislations) FINANCE 8. 23. Insurance and Risk Management 10.MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 3 of 12 Annexure No. Total Quality Management 14. Services Marketing Brand Management Distribution Management Retail Management HUMAN RESOURSE 5. 4. E-Marketing PRODUCTION 13. Software Project Management 12. International Financial Management 9.

Dt. S.MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 4 of 12 Annexure No.No 1 2 3 4 Semester First Second Second Four (Elective) Course Title Financial and Management Accounting Marketing Management Financial Management Insurance and Risk Management ( Instead of Principles of Insurance) Note: The Syllabus for the above four Courses is given in the respective page numbers .2011 Revised syllabus (2011 -12) for the following courses is enclosed herewith and for The remaining courses the existing syllabus (2010-11) to be followed. 23.67A SCAA .03.

67A SCAA .03.DuPont analysis.Size statement.Distinction between Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting Cost Terminology: Cost. UNIT III Fund Flow Statement .Computation of Fund from Operations .Concepts and conventions . UNIT I Financial Accounting .Cash Flow Statement Analysis. and Budgeting Control .Cost Sheet – Problems. Budget. Trend Percentage . Cost Unit .Computation of Cash from Operations Problems Distinction between Fund Flow and Cash Flow Statement. .Objectives . The content of this paper takes care of Financial accounting. To learn the cost accounting concepts and applications. principles. 23.Preparation of Flexible and Fixed Budgets. management accounting and cost accounting.Statement of Changes in Working Capital . Understood the concepts and application of management accounting along with the preparation.Elements of Cost .Dt.Meaning .Reorganizing the Financial Statement Information Techniques of Financial Statement Analysis: Comparative Statements. Master budget and Cash Budget . Objectives: On successful completion of the course the students should have: Understood the financial accounting along with the preparation of final accounts.Trial Balance – Final Accounts (Problems) UNIT II Financial Statement Analysis .Definition .Workings for Computation of various sources and uses .Problems -Zero Base Budgeting. Budgeting. Common .Accounting Principles .Preparation of Fund Flow Statement . concepts and application of Accounting in management. Goals: To enable the students to learn the basic functions.Accounting Ratios: construction of balance sheet using ratios (problems).MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 5 of 12 Annexure No. FINANCIAL AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING Subject Description: Financial and Management Accounting emphasize on accounting concepts and application of Accounting principles and managerial decision making.Types of Budgets . Cost Centre. Problems UNIT IV Cost Accounting .2011 1.

Advanced Accountancy . Management Accounting . 23.03.Antony and Recece 6. export decision.Khan and Jain 4.67A SCAA .Contribution. Management Accounting .L.N.Decision making under marginal costing system-key factor analysis.S. Management Accounting .J.2011 UNIT V Marginal Costing .Dt. Management Accounting . margin of safety .R.distinction between marginal costing and absorption costing Break even point Analysis .MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 6 of 12 Annexure No. .Definition .Gupta and Radhaswamy 2.Brown and Howard 3.Batty Questions : 80% of the questions shall be problems 20% of the questions shall be theory based. sales mix decision-Problems References: 1. p/v Ratio. make or buy decisions.Maheswari 5. Management Accounting .

structure. factors and methods. Training. Price adapting policies. Sales promotion and Public relation decisions.03. size and compensation. Unit I Marketing Concepts and Tasks. Unit III Marketing channel system . principles and concepts of marketing for effective managerial function.2011 2. Advertising. Channel design. MMS. Attracting and retaining customers.Functions and flows. Channel dynamics . New product development. Designing competitive strategies for leaders. 23. To understand the marketing communication process and mix along with the marketing channels. To learn the buyer behaviour and factors influencing the buyer behaviour. Customerism in India. Marketing Information System. Unit II Buyer Behaviour.Delivery network. HMS. Motivation and evaluation of channel members. Unit V Identifying and analysing competitors.Customer database. Telemarketing.67A SCAA . Customisation. followers and nichers : Customer Relationship Marketing . Positioning and differentiation strategies.MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 7 of 12 Annexure No. Direct marketing . functions and systems by emphasizing on strategies and global market. challengers. MARKETING MANAGEMENT Subject Description : To enable the students to understand the market and marketing concepts.VMS. Unit IV Integrated marketing communication process and Mix. Product Mix and Product line decisions. Objectives: On successful completion of the course the students should have: Understand the marketing concepts and tasks in the global economy. Changing marketing practices. Initiating and responding to price changes.Dt. Defining and delivering customer value and satisfaction Value chain . Market Segmentation and Targeting. Strategic marketing planning and organization. Price setting . Product life cycle strategies. Marketing environment-Digitalisation. Channel management Selection. Sales force objectives.objectives. Goals: To enable the students to learn the basic functions. .

4. 2002. .Golgatia. 3. 2007. 2003. Marketing Management: Planning.Ramphal and Gupta . 5. Marketing concepts and cases – Michael J Etzel. Marketing Management: A South Asian Perspective – Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Kotler. Bruce J Walker.Srinivasan .Macmilan India. Pearson Education.Jayachandran .TMH. Implementation and Control: Global Perspective Indian Context – VS Ramasamy & S.PHI.Rajan Saxena .67A SCAA . 2007. 8. Case Studies in Marketing . 2007. Marketing Management . Delhi. 2002.2011 References : 1. Basic Marketing .03. William J Stanton and Ajay Pandit. 7. Marketing Management . 11th Edition.Perreault and McGarthy .Philip Kotler . 2.Pearson Education/PHI 12th Edition. Case and Simulations in Marketing .Dt. 9. TMH 13th Edition.Tata McGraw Hill. 6. 2006.MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 8 of 12 Annexure No. 23.R. Marketing Management – S.Tata McGraw Hill. New Delhi. Namakumari .

principles and concepts of finance in management.Role of SEBI in Capital Issues .67A SCAA . Objectives: On successful completion of the course the students should have: To learn the various functions of financial management along with the application.Net Income Approach . To learn capital budgeting and cost of capital.Problems .Valuation of Bonds and Shares UNIT II Capital Budgeting .Net Operating Income Approach .Receivables Management and .Factors affecting Working Capital requirements . dividend policy and working capital management.Computation for each source of finance and weighted average cost of capital EBIT -EPS Analysis .problems.Time value of money concepts – An introduction to Indian Financial System .03. UNIT III Cost of Capital .Working Capital Financing . UNIT V Working Capital Management .Cash Management .Dividend Policy .Capital Rationing .Sources of Working Capital and Implications of various Committee Reports.MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 9 of 12 Annexure No.Dt.methods of appraisal . finance.Forecasting Working Capital requirements (problems) . UNIT IV Capital Structure Theory .Risk analysis in Capital Budgeting.Working Capital Policies .Types of Divided Policy.Conflict in criteria for evaluation .Role of Financial Management in the organisation . 23.Risk-Return relationship. dividend and working capital function along with the practical management problems.2011 3 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Subject Description : Financial Management emphasizes the functions of financial management explaining the investment. Goals: To enable the students to learn the basic functions.Operating Leverage .Financial Leverage .MM Approach . To understand capital structure. .Inventory Management .Definition and Objectives . UNIT I Objectives and functions of Financial Management .

67A SCAA .MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 10 of 12 Annexure No. The Gryden Press. 2.Tata McGraw Hill.Hampton. New York. .Pandey. “Financial Management”.03. “Financial Decision Making – Concepts. James C.. Prasanna Chandra.Brigham. Richard A.Van Horns. Engene F.2011 References : 1. Vikash Publishing.M. Problems and Cases” Prentice Hall of India (P) Ltd.Dt. 5.Brealey. 23. I. B J Camsey. 6.NewDelhi (1994). Stevart C. 3.“Financial Management–Theory&Practice”. “Principles of Corporate Finance” McGraw Hill. New Delhi. New Delhi. 4. John J. “Financial Management & Policy” Prentice Hall of India (P) Ltd. “Introduction to Financial Management”..Myers. New Delhi (1994).

Health and Income exposures.Insurance Claims – the need for insurance-personal automobile policy-personal automobile rating.MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 11 of 12 Annexure No.Investment norms – Protection of policy holders Interest . Business liability and risk management insurance .Risk Management of commercial property. risk management process. Health. Unit . Unit – II Property and liability risk care reforms. Goals : To help the student to understand the risk and its management process through insurance and other incentives for life insurance. and Loss of Income exposures and non insurance risk management techniques.disability income insurance . Understand the functioning of Insurance Industry in India.67A SCAA . It further elaborates on property and liability risk management. Employees and retirement benefits. It explains the state of affairs of insurance industry in India. Understand the Property and Liability Risk Management techniques 3.III Risk Management of Auto owners . 23. 4. Risk management of home owners policy coverage-perils covered by the policy-flood Insurance-personal articles floater-personal risk management Unit – IV Loss of life –types of life insurance. Selecting and Implementing Risk management techniques.Workers’ compensation and alternative risk managing. Objectives: On successful completion of the course the student should be able to 1.structures of annuities. Health and income exposures. Unit – V Life and General insurance industry in India – IRDA Act.heath insurance policy provisions . Unit – I Risk – Risk identification evaluation. Calculate the risk and manages it 2.Health insurance providers. Life.Life insurance contract provisions. Understand the risk management techniques of Life.03. Property and liability Loss exposures.premium and death rates-cost containment advances in driver and auto safety.annuity characteristics. Loss of Health.annuity taxation.mechanics of cost expense insurance.Dt. INSURANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT Subject Description: Provides an overall view of the risk. Life. Annuities. .2011 4.

New Delhi 2007. 23.Chand and Co. Jave S. New York 2007. Scoh E Herrington Risk Management and Insurance Mc Graw Hill New Delhi 2003. 2.03. 5.Dt.N. Robert E Houyt. 3. Trieschimam. 4. Gupta P. Risk Management and Insurance Thomson Sowlla Western Singapore 2003.67A SCAA . Dorfman Mark S Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance 8th Edition. Insurance and Risk Management Himalayan. Gustarson.R Insurance Principles and Practice S . 6.. Misra M. Sandra G. Harold D Stephen and W Jean Kwon Risk Management and Insurance Blackwell Publicing co.K. Prentice Hill India New Delhi 2007. Publishing House New Delhi 2008. . and Misra S.2011 Reference: 1.MBA – 2011-12 & Onwards -Colleges Page 12 of 12 Annexure No.