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Project Time Management

Project Time Management includes the processes required to accomplish timely completion of the project.

Project Time Management Processes
• • • • • Activity Definition – identifying the specific schedule activities that need to be performed to produce the various project deliverables. Activity Sequencing – identifying and documenting dependencies among schedule activities. Activity Resource Estimating – estimating the type and quantities of resources required to perform each schedule activity. Activity Duration Estimating – estimating the number of work periods that will be needed to complete individual schedule activities. p – analyzing y g activity y sequences, q , durations, , Schedule Development resource requirements, and schedule constraints to create the project schedule. Schedule Control – controlling changes to the project schedule schedule.


Define Activities Activity Definition: Inputs Inputs. and Outputs . Tools & Techniques Techniques.

Define Activities … .

Sequence Activities .

Sequence Activities … Precedence Diagram g Method ( (PDM) ) .

Sequence Activities … Precedence Diagram Method (PDM) … .

Dependencies Determination .

Estimate Activity Resources .

Estimate Activity Durations .

.Estimate Activity Durations . .

.Estimate Activity Durations ..

y The duration of the schedule activity. i Pessimistic.Three-Point Estimates • Most likely. ti Optimistic. realistic expectations of availability for the schedule activity. • • . given g the resources likely to be assigned. y. dependencies on other participants. and i t interruptions. The activity duration is based on a best-case scenario i of f what h i is d described ib d i in the h most lik likely l estimate. their productivity. The activity y duration is based on a worstcase scenario of what is described in the most likely estimate.

Estimate Activity Durations . ..

..Estimate Activity Durations .

Develop Schedule .

Develop Schedule . ..

..Develop Schedule .

EF .Develop Schedule . Float oat (S (Slack) ac ) Float = LS – ES OR Float = LF ..

..Develop Schedule .

Example : Finding CP and Calculating Float Develop Schedule . ..

Develop Schedule .. Example : Finding CP and Calculating Float .

Schedule Compression • Fast tracking. such as engineering drawings. This approach can require work to be performed without completed detailed information. . A schedule compression technique in which phases or activities that normally would be done in sequence are performed f di in parallel. and increases the risk of achieving g the shortened project schedule. It results in trading g cost for time. • . ll l A An example l would ld be to construct the foundation for a building before all the architectural drawings are complete. Fast tracking can result in rework and increased risk risk. Crashing. Crashing does not always produce d a viable i bl alternative lt ti and d can result lt i in i increased d cost. Schedule compression technique in which cost and schedule tradeoffs are analyzed to determine how to obtain the greatest amount of compression for the least incremental cost.

. .Schedule Compression .

Develop Schedule .. .

• The critical path is then calculated calculated. .Develop Schedule . After the critical path is identified identified. resource availability is entered and the resource-limited schedule result is determined. The resulting schedule often has an altered critical path. Critical Chain Method • Critical chain is a schedule network analysis technique that modifies the project schedule to account for limited resources. • Initially.. the project schedule network diagram is built using duration estimates with required dependencies and defined constraints as inputs.

. Develop Schedule : Outputs .Develop Schedule .

Control Schedule Schedule control is concerned with: • • • • Determining the current status of the project schedule. Control Schedule is a component of the Perform Integrated Change Control process . Influencing the factors that create schedule changes. and Managing the actual changes as they occur. Determining that the project schedule has changed.

SPI) are used dt to assess the th magnitude it d of f variation i ti t to the original schedule baseline. .Control Schedule… Variance Analysis (Technique) Schedule performance measurements (SV. Work Performance Measurement (Output) The calculated SV and SPI values for WBS components. t in i particular ti l th the work k packages k and d control accounts. are documented and communicated to stakeholders stakeholders.

Control Schedule… .