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: Lecture and Demonstration : Family Planning (Natural) / Some Alternatives : After (30) minutes of lecture and demonstration on natural family planning, the participants will be able to gain more knowledge on the different types of natural family planning methods, explore their family planning options that best fit their lifestyle, practice and values, exhibit understanding on the importance of family planning, and show a positive attitude towards family planning. : Community Center, Barangay hall, 1 on 1 with a patient, home visit (in Video: home visit) : Married couples, Couples in domestic partnerships (live-in partners), Men and women of reproductive age (15-49 years old) (In Video: Man and Women of reproductive age (18-21) : Pictures, Adhesives, White board, w. board marker, PA System, Video Screen, LCD Projector, Poster Boards, Anatomical (genitalia) dummies, Sample condoms, diaphragm, spermicide and vaginal rings, Manila paper, Take Home Pamphlets CONTENT ALLOTED TIME METHODOLOGY RESOURCES EVALUATION

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES After 30 minutes of rendering health teaching, client will be able to: 1. Define Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning - is a method of preventing pregnancy that does not involve introduction of chemicals or foreign materials into the body. - The effectiveness of these methods vary greatly on the couple’s ability to refrain from having sex on fertile days. - The only method accepted by the Catholic Church. -An individual or a couple’s choice of family planning method should be made carefully with complete knowledge about the advantages, disadvantages, and side effects of the various options. Important things to consider are: > personal values > ability to use a method correctly > how the method will affect sexual enjoyment > financial factors > status of a couple’s relationship > prior experiences > future plans

2 minutes


Visual aids, with use of laptop and PowerPoint presentation Materials: - Pictures - Adhesives - White board - w. board marker - Manila paper -poster boards Equipment: - PA System - Video Screen - LCD Projector


Identify the important things to consider in choosing a family planning method

3 minutes


. Don’t accept any drugs to “help you relax” or “be cool” as such as drug would impair your judgments. say “no” and mean it Be certain that your partner understands that you consider being forced into relations against your wishes is the same as rape. To plan for this.Anatomical (genitalia) dummies . with use of laptop and PowerPoint presentation Suggestions for Promoting Abstinence: (especially for adolescents) Discuss with your partner in advance what sexual activities you will permit and what you will not Try to avoid high pressure situations (e. b. she subtracts 18 from the shortest cycle documented. ABSTINENCE The most effective way to prevent against conception is to abstain from sexual intercourse Also the most effective way to prevent STD’s.Adhesives . board marker  .Pens and papers . Clients may find it difficult to comply with abstinence or may completely overlook it as an option In a moment of passion. she would avoid coitus during these days.3. 15 minutes Giving of accurate examples by lecture or discussion Visual aids.Manila paper . excessive alcohol consumption) If pressured. and not simply an irresponsible conduct.White board . many otherwise responsible people may fail to consider this as an option. FERTILITY AWARENESS METHOD Rely on determining when the women will be capable of impregnation (fertile) and using periods of abstinence or contraceptives during that time. Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol). The drug could also be the “date rape” drug. This number represents her first fertile day. She subtracts 11 from her longest cycle.W. Enumerate the natural methods of family planning and explain how each should be done a. This is her last fertile day. party with known drug use. to calculate the “safe” days. To calculate. a woman should keep a diary of six menstrual cycles. Calendar Rhythm Method Requires a couple to abstain from coitus on the days of a menstrual cycle when the woman is most likely to conceive. To avoid pregnancy.g.

watery and transparent. Sperm can survive for at least 4 days in the female reproductive tract. thin. the woman takes her temperature each morning immediately after waking. before she undertake any activity. This is her BBT as soons as she notices a slight difference in temperature followed by an increase. the mucus is copious and the 3 days after the peak day are considered to be fertile days or days that the woman should abstain to avoid conception. At the time of ovulation. Sympto-Thermal Method This can be combined with cervical mucus and BBT methods. She also analyzed her cervical mucus daily. Cervical Mucus (BILLINGS) Method Uses the changes in cervical mucus that occur naturally with ovulation. The couple must abstain from intercourse until 3 days after the rise in temperature or   . She must refrain from having sex for the next 3 days (the life of a discharged ovum). DISADVANTAGE: woman using this method must be conscientious about assessing her vaginal secretions daily or she will miss changing cervical secretions. changes in woman’s daily schedule like starting on aerobic program. a woman’s BBT falls about half a degree. The woman takes her temperature daily. her BBT rises a full degree because of the influence of progesterone. watching for the rise in temperature that marks ovulation. BEFORE OVULATION: the cervical mucus is thick and does not stretch when pulled between thumb and finger (SPINNBARKETT) WITH OVULATION: (the peak day) cervical mucus becomes copious. she knows that she has ovulated. thus combining this method with a calendar method is usually recommended. To use this method. DISADVANTAGE: Many factors can affect BBT such as: illness. This higher level is then maintained for the rest of her menstrual cycle. The feel of vaginal secretions after sexual relations is unreliable because the seminal fluid ( the fluid containing the sperm from the male) has a watery and has post ovulatory consistency which can be confused with ovulatory mucus. Basal Body Temperature Method (BBT) The basis for this method is that just before the day of ovulation. It feels slipping and stretches at least Breast tenderness All the days.

 4. However. some spermatozoa may be deposited in the vagina and fertilization may still occur. The couple proceeds with coitus until the moment of ejaculation. there is some natural suppression of ovulation. does not strain financially Accepted by the Catholic Church Does not require any form of purchase Free of side effects If pregnancy should occur. Advantages: - Inexpensive. the woman should be advised to choose another method of contraception. Coitus Interruptus One of the oldest known methods of contraception. the continued use of these methods poses no risk to the fetus Easily done/obtainable Safe Free of effects on future pregnancies More spontaneity in sexual relations is possible once non-fertile days are determined. Determine the advantages and disadvantages of natural family planning. Then. ADVANTAGE: this method is more effective than either the BBT or cervical mucus method alone. After 6 months of breastfeeding. DISADVANTAGE: ejaculation may occur before withdrawal is complete and despite care used. the woman may still be fertile even if she has not had a period since child birth. the man withdraws and spermatozoa are emitted outside the vagina.  Lactational Amenorrhea Method As long as a woman is breastfeeding an infant. the use of lactation as a birth control method is not dependable because women may ovulate but not menstruate while breastfeeding. 5 minutes Lecture/Discussion .- the fourth day after the peak of mucus change because these are the woman’s fertile days.

diaphragms. Talk about some alternative methods (artificial methods) ie. interaction with the participants in order to answer their questions if there is a need for them to clarify every method that was taught to them. diaphragm.Pens and papers .White board . with use of laptop and PowerPoint presentation .  Confirm any questions  Correctly follow and execute the methods . etc. spermicide and vaginal rings .Disadvantages: Failure rates usually ranges from 10% to 20% Required days of abstinence may make a natural planning method unsatisfactory and unenjoyable for a couple Adolescent girls tend to have occasional anovulatory menstrual cycles for several years after menarche and do not always experience definite cervical changes or an elevated body temperature. spermicidal.Sample condoms.Adhesives . Interaction with the participants/ question and answer portion After 30 Minutes of the teaching the participant/s will show understanding about the presentation by:  Explaining back what he/she has learned  Asks any questions to clear up things  Start to apply what they have learned to their sex life  Take home pamphlets for continued learning After 1-2 months of the teaching the participant/s will show understanding about the presentation by:  Continue to apply the teachings to their sex life.Anatomical (genitalia) dummies . Saying “no” to sexual intercourse is a difficult task to do for adolescent especially under peer pressure. Visual aids. board marker 5. virginal rings.Manila paper . Condoms. Encourage them to apply these methods as mentioned above in order for them to yield in natural family planning. Verbalize feelings and concerns about family planning methods 5 minutes At this time.W.

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