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COMMON MEDICAL ABBREVIATION ABG- arterial blood gas Abo-the main blood group AFB-acid-Fast Bacillus Amp-ampule Approx-approximately

AP-appendicitis AROD-assistance residence on duty ARIC-assistance residence in charge APL-artero postero lateral BM-bowel movement BMR-basal metabolic rate BE-barium enema BUN-blood urea nitrogen BRP-bathroom privileges BRAT-banana, rice, apple, tea BT-blood transfusion cc-chief complaint CNS-central nervous system CSF-cerebro spinal fluid CSR-central supply room Ca-Calcium CA-cancer/carcinoma CBR-complete bed rest C/S-caesarian section CPR-cardio pulmonary resuscitation C-centigrade CB-cotton balls IOD-intern on duty IV-intravenous IM-intramuscular IVF-intravenous fluid K-potassium KVO-keep veins open KUB-kidney ureter bladder Lab-laboratory

LMP-last menstrual period LP-lumbar puncture LD-last dose MGH-may go home Na-sodium NSS-normal saline solution NGT-nasogastric tube NOD-nurse on duty OT-occupational therapy OF-osteorized feeding o.s.- gauze op- operation OPD-out patient department OS-left eye OU-both eyes OD-right eye ORT-oral rehydration therapy OGT-oral gastric tube O2-oxygen EEG-electro encephalogram RIC-residence in charge per-by, through po-per orem; by mouth; oral PI-present illness PE-physical examination PR-pulse rate Post-op-post-operative Pre-op-pre-operative pt-patient PNSS-plain normal saline solution PR-pulse tare PRBC-packed red blood cells Prep-preparation PT-pulmonary therapies QNS-quality no sufficient ROD-resident on duty PH-past history RR-respiratory rate RBC-red blood cell

RTC-round the clock S/S-signs and symptoms TF-to follow TO-telephone order TBS-tepid sponge bath TLC-tender loving care TPR-temperature, pulse, respiration Tx-treatment T/C-to consume TCB-to come back TPN-total parenteral VO-verbal order V/S-vital signs WBC-white blood cell AM-in the morning pc- after meals ac- before meals od- once a day BID-twice a day TID-three times a day QID-four times a day stat-at once; immediately PRN-as neede H-hour q h-every hour hs-hours of sleep @ -at c-with s-without q-every i-one ii-two iii-three 2-secondary Amt-ammount H2O-water meds-medication comp-compound cap-capsules dist-distilled

dil-dilute;dissolve elix-mixture fld-fluid mist-mixture pulv-powder syr-syrup sol/soln-solution tinc-tincture tab-tablet ung-ointment susp-suspension supp-suppository wt-weight gr-gram kg-kilogram l-liter mEq-milliequivalent mcg-micrometer mg-milligram gtt/gtts-drops mcgtt-microdrops cc-cubic centimeter ml-millimeter tsp-teaspoon TC-to consider CPAP-continuous positive airway pressure CR-cardiac rate DR-delivery toom D/C-discontinued D&C-dilation &curettage DAT-diet as tolerated DAMA-discharge against medical advice DOA-dead on arrival Dx-diagnosis DNR-do not resuscitate EDC-expected date of confinement E-emergency ECG-electro cardiogram

ED-expiration date FWD-fresh whole blood F-Fahrenheit FHT-fatal heart tone FBS-fasting blood sugar GIT-gastro intestinal track Het-hematocrit Hgb-hemoglobin Hgt-hemogluco test HAMA-home against medical advice IE-internal examination I&O-intake and output ICU-intensive care unite IVP-intravenous pyelogram