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Tensions Rise between SU Election Results Creationism in Season Finales and Cliff-

the US and Russia Stuyvesant hangers

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Iran’s Nuclear Program to Transport

Inevitably Cause Conflict Company
Source: Yahoo News

of their obstacles and is beginning to enrich uranium on

a large “industrial scale,” just as Iranian President Mah-
moud Ahmadinejad said.
The IAEA workers found that Iran are currently for Aiding
using approximately 1,300 centrifuges, which are used
in the process of enriching uranium. Furthermore, about
300 centrifuges are being tested, and another 300 are
being built. This dramatic increase in Iran’s nuclear
program cannot be subdued any longer. Mohammed by Hanford Chiu business editor
ElBaradei, President of the IAEA, said that Iran’s ac-
The American Civil Liberties
tions are true, and there is no refuting it. “From now on, Union (ACLU), a National organi-
it is simply a question of perfecting that knowledge. zation advocating individual rights,
People will not like to hear it, but that’s a fact,” he said
has filed a lawsuit against Jeppe-
to the New York Times.
sen Data-plan, a subsidiary of Boe-
The UN is now attempting to slow down the Ira- ing Commercial Aviation Services,
nian program in an effort to delay any major success. a unit of Boeing Commercial Air-
As of now, they are only trying to delay, not end, the
The Bush administration said that Iran wa trying to build atomic planes, on Wednesday, May 31.
weapons in secret and suggested the international community to take Iranian nuclear weapons program.
The ACLU charges that Jeppesen
away Tehran's right to nuclear energy technology The US has taken a moderate view of the situation. knowingly transported three
The Bush administration, recently, said that Iran must
by Hesham Saleh assistant news editor “victims” of the government’s
completely dissolve its nuclear program, until not even
“extraordinary renditions” program
A recent United Nations Resolution called for Ira- a single centrifuge remains. Nicholas Burns, of the to overseas locations where they
nian suspension of their nuclear weapons program. On Bush administration, reported to the New York Times, claim they were subjected to
May 14, the International Atomic Energy Agency “We’re proceeding under the assumption that there is “torture and other forms of cruel,
(IAEA) announced that Iran has now overcome several inhuman and degrading treatment”,
IRAN continues on page 2 and files a federal lawsuit on their
behalf under the Alien Tort Stat-

Using Yale’s Name to ute, which permits aliens to bring

Source: CIA

Deceive Illegal Immigrants continues on page 8

by Jimmy Zhang, news editor his story worked out smoothly. the client updated as much as pos-
“Everything he did had a purpose. sible. As one of the victims puts it,
On May 1, Ralph Cucciniello “Every time you had a question, he
was arrested under charges of lar- had an answer; he always seemed
ceny. In his scheme he claimed to “He has not been au- to care what was going on.”
be helping illegal immigrants ob- Like other law schools, Yale
tain the necessary paper documents thorized by the law
funds student-run clinics aimed at
that they needed to become legal school or the clinics helping illegal immigrants seek
residents of the United States. His to undertake any ac- refuge. Thus, the Yale reputation
story was that he had found a was a major tool that established
“loophole” in the immigration sys- tivities or to repre-
Cucciniello’s credibility. Cuc-
tem and was using it to get green sent clients.” ciniello had set up interviews with
cards. The process was simple; the the immigrants in an office or desk
immigrants only needed paper- Jan Conroy
at the Yale Law School Library. At
work, a medical exam, finger- Spokeswoman, Yale
the same time, it is unclear how he
prints, and a $5,000 check made had gained access to Yale facilities
out to Cucciniello. or a Yale email address. Jan Con-
He played it all just like a lawyer,”
Over the course of two years, roy, a spokeswoman for the uni-
said one of his victims He would The function of the CIA or the Central
Cucciniello collected over a mil- versity, said that Cucciniello had
begin all conversations with an Intelligence Agency is to obtain and
lion dollars for at least 200 illegal merely served as a volunteer for a
official sounding disclaimer that analyze information about foreign
immigrants. The process made the particular professor from time to
guaranteed the protection of pri- governments, corporations, and per-
immigrants comfortable, for Cuc- sons. There has been many contro-
vacy. He conducted manners in a
ciniello was especially profes-
detail-oriented fashion, and kept Illegal Immigrants versy about the legality, morality, and
sional about it. Immigrants say that continues on page 3 effectiveness of its operations.


Founded 2001 EDITORIAL
“Your School, Your World—Your News”

Executive Leadership Team

DR. JOHN NIKOL FACULTY ADVISER The Board of Elections (BOE) is designed to oversee all Student Union
(SU) elections and make sure that they are fair. Unfortunately, it has been
ANGEL WONG CO-CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Voter turnout has been low the in the past years, with less than 50 per-
SANGHEE CHUNG LAYOUT EDITOR cent of students voting. It is the BOE’s job to promote the democratic proc-
DANNY ZHU COPY CHIEF ess in Stuyvesant. However, instead of encouraging people to vote and giv-
JIMMY ZHANG NEWS EDITOR ing people information on the candidates, the BOE focuses on having rules
HESHAM SALEH, TIM CHANG ASSISTANT NEWS EDITORS that do little for the election process. For example, there are many rules
PRISCILLA MELO OPINIONS EDITOR regarding posters. They can only be on standard-sized paper and can only
be put on bulletin boards, one per board. Candidates who break these rules
JOSEPH KRUTOV SCIENCE EDITOR are stopped from campaigning for up to a few days. The rules are designed
OMAR AHMAD ASSISTANT SCIENCE EDITOR to create a fairer process, but, in reality, do nothing. Is the size of a candi-
HANFORD CHIU BUSINESS EDITOR date’s poster really going to determine someone’s vote? Also, the rules
AMNA AHMAD LITERARY EDITOR assume that candidates have complete control over their posters, when, in
ROBERT STEVENSON ASSITANT LITERARY EDITOR actuality, other students may move posters without the candidates’ knowl-
JESSE ZHANG WEBMASTER edge. The BOE’s rules and the punishments for breaking them need to be
ELISSA TAM DIRECTOR OF PHOTOJOURNALISM made better known to the students. The BOE’s charter (from charges it with enforcing all rules for SU elections. It
Publication never specifies what they are or what their punishments are.
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD is a nonprofit and nonpartisan publication pro- In the recent election the BOE’s focus was clearly seen. It held candi-
duced by the students of Stuyvesant High School. dates to strict rules on posters, but never pushed for higher voter turnout or
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD distributes 2,000 free copies on a bi-weekly gave more information to the student body. The candidates’ platforms were
basis to the students and faculty of Stuyvesant High School and through- not widely available; they were only posted on the wall on election days. A
out the adjoining neighborhoods of TriBeCa and Battery Park City. debate between the candidates was held, which is a good idea. However, it
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD welcomes letters from its readers. was not effectively advertised. There was no announcement of it until the
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD reserves the right to edit any published mate- day it took place, June 4, and it was aired during homeroom the following
rial. The viewpoints of contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of day. Unfortunately, most students did not know its topic until after it was
the Standard staff. aired. Moreover, many homerooms do not have working televisions. Fur-
thermore, information on when to vote is limited. The BOE does not hang
Copyright ©2006 THE STUYVESANT STANDARD up posters telling people to vote, and no announcement is made. This year,
there was confusing information on how voting was to take place. Many
Contact Us believed it would take place during history class, which did not happen for
Source: Yahoo News

the primaries. Once a student makes it to the voting table, the problems do
Please direct all correspondence to: not end. There are often long lines, especially during popular lunch periods
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD or after school. Furthermore, in the primaries, there was little notification to
345 Chambers Street people that they got two votes.
New York, NY 10282-1000 Overall, the BOE should adjust its focus to making sure more people vote. It should give out better information on the candidates and on voting.
Find us on the web at
IRAN and the US. Some believe that Iran
Advertising continued from page 1 should suspend their program im-
If you would like to advertise in THE STUYVESANT STANDARD, please e-mail ㅊ mediately to delay the discovery of to request an advertisement form. We offer still time for diplomacy to work.” how to create nuclear weapons.
a broad range of options including full color capability for your advertis- However, he did mention that if But others believe that Iran should
ing needs. Iran does not suspend its program, immediately cease its program. If
the US will be forced to follow Iran does not comply, which is
Subscription another course of plan, which
might include war. At the same
very possible according to Ahmad-
inejad’s recent statements, a vio-
time, US Vice President, Dick lent conflict will most likely occur.
Cheney, did not suggest that a war Although it is possible for the US
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD to lead this war, the Bush admini-
would take place. He said to the
SUBSCRIBE TODAY New York Times, “They [Iran] stration might not want to because
1 YEAR — $15 ought to comply with the UN reso- US support is already declining as
Delivery Information lutions.” a result of the war in Iraq. It is only
Name:______________________________________________ An increased success of Iran’s a matter of time before we see the
Address:____________________________________________ nuclear weapons programs has crucial events unfold before our
___________________________________________________ created tension in Europe, the UN, very eyes.
Billing Information
Please circle your choices below:
Check Money Order Cash
Billing Address:______________________________________
Correction for Issue 14
Please cut and mail to THE STUYVESANT STANDARD, 345 Chambers
Street, New York, NY 10282-1000 OR send the above informa-
In the previous issue, Ms. Schweitzer was misquoted. The
tion to quote was taken from the Daily News, which misquoted
her. We apologize to Ms. Schweitzer.


Tensions between the US and Russia Rise
by Hesham Saleh, assistant
news editor conflicts between the two nations. Despite the great deal of ten-
The major conflict is over a US- sions between Russia and the US,
The Cold War occurred during proposed plan to create a European the two have tried to work out their
the second half of the 20th Century, missile-defense system. Although problems, and there is hope for a
immediately after World War II the US believes that this will help peaceful and cooperative future

Source: Reuters
ended. The Cold War symbolized protect Europe from major attacks, between the two nations. Rice dis-
heightened tensions between the Russians believe that it is a direct played a great deal of optimism as
United States and the Soviet Union attack on them, as reported by Igor she said to the New York Times,
(USSR), the only superpowers of Neverov, leader of Russia’s North “[This time will be used] to en-
that time. Although there was no America Department. Vladimir hance those things that are going
direct violence between the two Putin, the Russian President, also well and to work on those things
nations, there was constant strug- talked of mistrusting US actions. that are not going well.” With a
gle over political and foreign af- The New York Times reported that great deal of optimism, as well as
fairs. Fortunately, the Cold War Putin said, “[I do not agree with] successful diplomacy, a brotherly
ended during the last decade of the disrespect for human life, claims to relationship between Russia and
20th Century, at the collapse of the global exclusiveness and dictate, the US will arise in the near future.
USSR. Unfortunately, today, the just as it was in the time of the U.S Secretary of State Condoleezza
idea of another “Cold War” does Third Reich [that of Nazi Ger- Rice insisted there is no reason for a
not sound too far-fetched. many].” Putin is afraid that US new Cold War with Russia as she ar-
Tensions between the US and constant intervention in European rived to Moscow to appear in a meet-
Russia have risen between the two affairs will destroy the intricate ing with Russian president Vladimir
balance of power in that region. Putin.
nations recently over political af-
fairs. Although hostility is escalat- While Russia and the US are
ing at an abrupt rate, US Secretary fighting over several topics, they
Russian Foreign
of State, Condoleeza Rice, said to are also working together to re- Minister Sergei
the New York Times that another solve others. For example, they Lavrov and
Cold War is not likely. “It is a big, have been cooperating with each Secretary of
complicated relationship, but it is other in an attempt to find a suc- State Rice at-
not one that is anything like the cessful resolution to the seemingly tend a confer-
unending conflict in the Middle ence in Moscow
implacable hostility [20th Century
East, as well as to Iranian and to talk about a
Cold War],”she reported. possibility of a
This does not resolve of the North Korean increases in their
nuclear programs. new Cold War

Illegal Immigrants
continued from page 1

time. In a statement with the New

York Times, Conroy said, “He has
not been authorized by the law
school or the clinics to undertake
There are many more. In one of his
more serious convictions, his sen-
tence consisted of three years of
probation, three months in prison,
Dr. Nikol
any activities or to represent any and a fine. It is unclear whether he
clients.” has served time. Dr. John Nikol will be retiring at the end
Cucciniello has actually been Cucciniello’s trial is scheduled
arrested in the past for fraud for August. Witnesses are not to be
of this year. His hard work and dedication
charges. Many of the cases against
him were dismissed. In 1983, he
asked their immigration status
when making a statement.
will be missed. He is a wonderful history
was sentenced to 60 days in prison. teacher who opens his students to the
wonder and enjoyment of history and
Source: The New York Times

challenges them to use their critical think-

ing skills. He has served as The Stuyve-
sant Standard’s Faculty Advisor for many
years. He has read every issue and been a
source of guidance.

The Standard would like to thank him for

On the day of his arrest in Manhattan, Ralph Cucciniello, 55, on a video from a
being our faculty advisor, and more spe-
private investigator who had been contacted by an immigrant. cifically, for always being there for us.

The Stuyvesant Standard Remembers its

Former Editors and Staff Members
Dear readers,
As The Stuyvesant Standard ends it sixth year, we would like to remember our previous editors and staff members. We would like to thank them for all
their hard work. Without them, we would not have the strong foundation we continue to build upon.
The Standard has four graduating editors this year, Derek Weng, Managing Editor, Khoi Nguyen, Chief Financial Officer, Fanny Tang, Layout Editor,
and Bennett Hong, Director of Photojournalism. I had the pleasure of working with them. Derek helped with making changes to the layout and overseeing
the daily workings of the paper. He was someone with many ideas. Khoi helped to make sure The Standard had proper funding. She was always very help-
ful, answering all my question when I was first learning about finance and then later, helping our new CFOs learn their job. Fanny was twice voted most
dedicated editor. She put masses of effort into making the layout of each issue and to helping The Standard’s look. Bennett helped to make sure that The
Standard had more pictures than before as well as better pictures. He was also always willing to help The Standard besides photography. A big thanks to all
of you! Good luck in your futures!

Jennifer Schlesinger
Editor in Chief

Ernest Baskin Daniel Egers

Ernest Baskin was the EIC during 03-04. He was the original Daniel Egers, founder of The Stuyvesant Standard and Editor in
creator of the Literary section and was the Literary Editor before Chief from 2001-2003, is currently employed as a legislative aide to
becoming Editor In Chief. He is currently attending the University State Senator Frank Padavan (R-Bellerose)and will be attending Cor-
of Pennsylvania where he is completing a dual degree in Finance, nell University Law School in the fall. In December 2006, Daniel
Operations and Information Management, Statistics, and Anthropol- graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown University’s School
ogy. He is an avid ballroom dancer and has put on 3 shows as part of Foreign Service, where he was a John Carroll Scholar and a Peter F.
of the Penn Dancesport Team. Although he does not work for the Krogh Scholar, researching weapons proliferation with Dean and for-
school newspaper at Penn, he has applied the lessons learned from mer Under-Secretary of State Robert L. Gallucci. While at George-
his tenure to his extracurricular activities. He was instrumental as town, Daniel served as a legislative intern to former upstate Congress-
part of the first ever team of Cohort Mentors in Wharton Under- man John Sweeney (R-Clifton Park) and worked at DCI, a govern-
graduate Division’s new Cohorting Initiative. He currently serves ment affairs consulting firm. He also studied as a visiting student at
as a director on the Board of Directors as well as the Vice President Oxford University’s Mansfield College, where he conducted research
of Supervisory at the Student Federal Credit Union at the University on anti-Semitism for a new book by Dr. Emanuele Ottolenghi, the
of Pennsylvania, an almost 7 million dollar financial institution. As Ginzburg Scholar in Israeli Studies at St. Antony's College. In the
for research, he has a forthcoming publication, “No Carryover community, he serves as President of Friends of Oakland Lake and
Parts”, in the Journal of Finnish Anthropology. He will be spend- Ravine, Inc., a Trustee of the Bayside Historical Society, a member of
ing the summer in Melbourne, Australia working for First Manhat- Queens Community Board 11’s Parks Committee, the Greater White-
Source: Yahoo News

tan Consulting Group as a summer analyst. stone Taxpayers' Civic Association, the 109th Precinct Community
Council, the Alley Pond Environmental Center, and other community
organizations. Daniel is also a proud member of Stuyvesant High
School's Alumni Association. Daniel was recently elected Director of
the Queens County Republican Party, and sits on the Party's Executive
Committee and County Committee, is a delegate to the 11th District
Mike Bocchinfuso Judicial Nominating Convention, Secretary of the Whitestone Repub-
lican Club and a member of the Northeast Queens Republican Club.
Mike Bocchinfuso was The Standard's Layout Manager from
2001-2003. He is currently entering his fifth year at Stevens Institute
of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, where he is obtaining a bachelor's of
engineering in Electrical Engineering with a graduate certificate in
Wireless Communications, as well as Philosophy minor. He is heavily
involved on campus: he holds leadership positions in the Student Gov- Alexander Epstein
ernment (Treasurer), WCPR Castle Point Radio (General Manager),
SITtv (Director of Operations), Gear and Triangle Honor Society Alex Epstein graduated from Olin College of Engineering on May
(Secretary), and is a member of several other organizations. He hopes 20, partaking in the nascent school's second commencement. He re-
to obtain a job in audio-video engineering upon graduation. ceived a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering with a concentra-
tion in Materials Science, and next fall he will matriculate at Harvard's
new School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to pursue a PhD.
During his senior year at Olin, Alex successfully lobbied and organ-
ized a bus service to connect Wellesley and Olin Colleges, oversaw
his social dance club's collaboration with Babson College to bring live
Anna Ginzburg swing bands to campus, worked with Olin's president to consult on
restructuring the institution's organization chart, and for his senior
Throughout her four years as a staff writer Anna has contributed project worked with MIT and Draper Laboratories to design-build two
to the news, literary, sports, and arts and entertainment sections. She autonomous race vehicles for the DARPA Urban Grand Challenge
has also drawn several comics for various issues. In the fall she will competition, to be held in November 2007. Alex will continue to
attend Columbia University and is considering majoring pre-law. She work on the autonomous vehicles this summer at Draper, located in
is looking forward to the anthropology and international relations Cambridge, Massachusetts, while sharing a "pad" in Boston with his
courses. As for the future she hopes to become a legislature or work in sweetheart of two years.
corporate law.

Will Frankenstein Winnie Lee

Will Frankenstein is graduating this June from Stanford Univer- In January of her Georgetown freshman year, Winnie applied for
sity with a BS in Mathematics and Honors in International Security. the Business Manager position of The Georgetown Independent news-
He blames the quarter system for ending school late and being unable paper and out of all the upperclassmen, she was the chosen one. This
to attend most of the Standard reunions after graduation. The heady would not have been possible if Winnie was not given the opportunity
international spirit of the Standard's early days, as well as the scent of to serve as The Standard's Editor in Chief 05-06 and Chief Financial
freshly made Krispy Kremes carried on the subway at 7:30 in the Officer 04-05. On top of working for the newspaper, she was also
morning, developed into an extracurricular interest of acquiring better, selectively selected as a teller intern for the Georgetown Credit Union
and more accessible, food and drink for fundraising. In college, this and was promoted to the bank's Human Resources Manager. This
interest led to studying abroad in Berlin for six months, interning with summer Winnie is back in New York interning again under the Chief
DaimlerChrysler, and at school, improving US-China relations with Operating Officer of Allianz Global Investors. Then for a few days in
the Forum for American/Chinese exchange at Stanford (FACES). Will June, she will be volunteering with the staff of one of the big four ac-
looks forward to seeing other Standard alumni in DC, where he will be counting firms, Price Waterhouse Coppers in New Orleans. Together,
working this summer at the Institute for Defense Analyses' Science they will help rebuild Warren Easton High School, which was greatly
and Technology Policy Institute. damaged by Hurricane Katrina. In the midst of all these events, she
will be having fun at gatherings and parties with other Stuy alumni
and Georgetown NYC students.

Bennett Hong

Bennett Hong is a first generation American Chinese, son of two

Chinese immigrants. He became interested in drawing (mostly dino- Rufino A. Mendoza II
saurs) at a very early age, and has carried his interest in art throughout
his life. After graduating from MS 158 as Valedictorian he attended Rufino A. Mendoza II recently graduated magna cum laude
Stuyvesant High School. It is no wonder that sleep became his next with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from George-
favorite activity after art, as he travels 3+ hours to and from school town University, double majoring in Finance and International Busi-
everyday. During his latter years in high school, he became actively ness. While at Georgetown, Rufino worked as a Member Service
engaged in photography. This was when he served The Standard as Representative at the Georgetown Alumni and Student Federal Credit
the Director of Photojournalism. During his high school years he also Union, the largest student-run credit union in the United States. He is
won an award from the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition for a Founding Partner of Global Platinum Securities, LLC, an intercolle-
photography. Originally he was most focusing his photography on giate educational investment company, and currently serves on the
animals and landscapes, however he has since moved onto human Board of Managers. Additionally, Rufino is an alumnus of The
portraits. Although he is not going to major in photography at Colum- Georgetown Chimes, Georgetown’s oldest and only all-male a cap-
bia College he plans to keep it as a serious hobby. pella singing group. Rufino spent his latest summer studying at Trin-
ity College at Oxford University. This summer, he will begin work in
the Proprietary Investments Group of JPMorgan Asset Management in
New York City.

Khoi Nguyen

Khoi Nguyen was the previous Co-Financial Officer of the Stan-

dard in charge of Advertising. Next year, she will be attending Co- Sho Uemura
lumbia University, and she desperately hopes that one day soon she
will wake up with a sudden epiphany as to what she will major in. Sho Uemura, 2004-5 copy chief and 2005-6 managing editor, is
She would like to take this time to say goodbye to all of you and finishing his first year at Caltech studying nuclear engineering. While
wishes the best of luck to all of you in all of your future endeavors. doing research on cold fusion and waste-free fission processes, he is
involved with the college student paper and still keeps in touch with
The Standard's copy staff, dispensing advice on maintaining The Stan-
dard at the high quality for which it is known.

Derek Weng

Derek L. Weng is currently a senior, a dedicated journalist, and a

proud editor of The Stuyvesant Standard. He joined Standard in his Mark Leff
freshman year, and later became the Managing Editor for the school
year 2006-2007. As a Managing Editor, he provided valuable assis- Mark Leff started what he hopes to be a long career in journalism
tance and know how to the daily managing works of Standard. Derek at Stuyvesant, where he was one of the founding members of the Stan-
was also dedicated in improving the overall "look" of Standard, hav- dard and the first sports editor. Mark attended the University of Mary-
ing successfully updated it with a more professional layout with the land, majoring in journalism, where he was a sportscaster and news
help of the layout department. Derek is very glad to have given the reporter for the student radio station and a photographer for the
chance to serve the communities of Stuyvesant High School and the school's Jewish student newspaper. As a student journalist, he was
local neighborhood as a journalist. He also deeply appreciates the hard honored by SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) for his work. He
works of his fellow editors and writers, and all their help in the last also completed an internship with Comcast SportsNet. He graduated
four years. Derek is a hopeless romantic and a great admire of indie in May and is currently applying for several journalism jobs, including
music. He will be attending SUNY Geneseo College in Fall 2007, assistant photo editor for the magazine The Washingtonian.
majoring in Business and Psychology.
Cent banned is yet to be seen. One

Ban 50 Cent well as give details about the plea-

bargain that 50 Cent entered over an
assault and battery charge.
This Ban 50 focuses specifically
thing’s for sure, it can start up a
good conversation when walking to

by Mor Rosenburg, staff writer to make sure that the messages that
50 Cent raps in his lyrics are not on 50 Cent. They list numerous
If you have ever walked to school spread to children. Jamal Aloka- reasons why 50 Cent should be
from Church Street you may have sheh, a junior disagrees with banning banned, including his movie. “Get
noticed a poster hanging on the 50 Cent for those reasons, he be- Rich or Die Tryin” is a film about a
northwest building above the train lieves instead that parents should drug dealer who decides to give up
station. The poster is fairly large, give their kids guidance, “It’s so the life of crime and pursue rap mu-
and hard to miss, even when trying funny, why do you want to ban 50 sic instead. The ads for this movie
to avoid being late to your first pe- Cent? Doesn’t mean you have to were pulled after numerous parents
riod class. The poster has a big “Ban follow what [he] sings. It’s good complained. Mrs. Hudson, a middle
50” written on it, urging people to music.” aged African American woman, is
ban 50-Cent, a popular rap artist. Ban 50’s website, very sentimental about this issue.
The group that sponsored the (, has a Her friend’s son saw the movie
poster, Ban 50, is trying to make timeline in which they detail all the when it came out, and two to three
people aware of the message that 50 negative things that 50 Cent has weeks later he committed suicide.
Cent is spreading. These messages done, including criticizing Oprah for She believes that “They can have it
degrade women, are filled with sex- not inviting rap artists to her show, [hip hop] but the language has to
ual innuendos, promote guns and shooting and fighting that occurred change. Music should be music.”
glorify violence. The Ban 50 wants between 50 Cent and Ja Rule, as Whether this poster will get 50 The poster

Bring the Troops Home!
by Hui Ting Jiang, staff writer zation were put to justice. Ameri- why he felt the need to disap- the multiple names that Bush has
The War in Iraq has been can citizens were frustrated, an- prove the bill. given it. Originally it was re-
going on for too long. Since the gry and most importantly, disap- First, Bush believes that the ferred to as the War on Terror
September 11 attacks, President pointed. When the Democratic bill will prompt terrorists to and now it's the War in Iraq.
George W. Bush has pushed the Party took over the House of "mark their calendars" and plan If Bush was so passionate
idea of building up the army to Representatives in 2006, a beacon an attack. This is due to the with-
about not sending the troops back
fight the battle in Iraq. In addition, of hope shone from the darkness. drawal deadline that the bill man- home, why did he feel the need to
Bush insisted on finding "weapons Citizens marveled at the feat dates. Secondly, he feels that the issue a speech concerning his rea-
of mass destruction" and the al which hadn't occurred since 1994. bill imposes odd condition for sons for vetoing the bill? Didn't
Qaeda members as well. For that "I thought [the Democrats] would commanders to fight under be-
American citizens choose him as
fleeting moment of patriotism, end the war and restore peace," cause of the lack of soldiers. the President so that they can be
Americans raided stores to buy commented Nadia Quddis. How- Lastly, Bush considers the sum of represented through his actions?
Source: Yahoo News

American flags and every citizen ever, it took a while for Democ- money spent on bringing the
Perhaps the opinions of the public
was filled with a beacon of hope rats to take action. On April troops home which is a "non-
to end this prolonged war was evi-
that those responsible for the at- 2007, the House accepted the bill emergency" in his point of view. dent to Bush. "He should feel
tack would be punished accord- to fund the return of troops with a His reasons raise many questions guilty for vetoing [the war-funding
ingly. 221-205 vote. Despite the support among concerned citizens. One
bill]. He has no right to put the
As we all know too well, of Representatives, when the bill major question is: Why are we
lives of so many soldiers in his
there were no weapons of mass went to Bush on May 1, it was still fighting the war? "I think the hands," Philip Arvantis angrily
destruction found and not all the immediately vetoed. Clearly, he war didn't have a significant exclaimed. I, for one, agree.
members of the al Qaeda organi- thinks his veto was justified so he goal," Ellen Kong supposed. Oth-
presented a six-minute speech on ers feel the same way, because of

I’m Watching You

adolescents. it an invasion of privacy? Stu- playing cards to their chest in a
by Hui Ting Jiang, staff writer
Stuyvesant High School has dents' privacy cannot be that in- shady corner, and the rowdy
It seems like teenagers nowa- also taken a stand for the installa- vaded unless they like to think of group that saunters down the hall-
days don't care much about their tion of security cameras around school hallways as a bathroom ways or sit in a dim corner.
privacy. They post daily blogs the school. Due to mysterious and relieve themselves in the If you noticed, all these
concerning their lives, upload pic- Thursday fires on the fourth floor open. Students are expected to act 'illegal' acts are done in discreet
tures of themselves and record bathrooms and weird smells com- according to school rules which corners, as to prevent security
their activities for YouTube ©. ing out of the eight floor bath- include no loitering in the hall- guards from catching them. So it
Anyone can have access to their room, the school has decided to ways if it is not on the first, sec- makes sense that the school has
innermost thoughts, deepest de- take action and install more secu- ond or fifth floor, no card playing implemented an increase in secu-
sires, and aberrant behavior. In the rity cameras. Although the main and no bring food from outside. rity cameras. If students have
light of these events, adults have goal of these cameras is to protect However, as you walk down the nothing to hide, then the presence
learned to scrutinize teenagers students' safety, many disapprove hallways each day, you are faced of cameras wouldn't be a prob-
even more carefully. Due to the of its existence and say it's an with the reality that Stuyvesant lem. If it really is an invasion of
marvelous inventions of tiny hid- invasion of their privacy. "It's not students are not as rule abiding their privacy, then why do stu-
den cameras, adults are praising its really justified for [Mr. Teitel] to and innocent as adults think. dents feel the need to let the
practical purpose to aid in keeping do this", Martha, a student, com- Lunches brought from outside are world invade their privacy via the
a watchful eye on the actions of plains. consumed in corners with friends, internet?
The real question is: How is students sitting in a circle with

The Real From One’s Perspective
by Rammiya Nalllainathan , ceived some very interesting re-

Armageddon? staff writer

When coming across the ques-

sults. Some people tended to re-
member good memories with a
little negative twist to them. It may
by Devyn Buckley, staff writer kilometers closer to collision. The tion, “What makes me unique?” have been a remark given to them,
prediction was based on a simula- many people have tried in various or just a small thing that seemed to
For centuries people have tion done by J. Cox and Abraham ways to comprehend their person- have stuck with them for the rest
struggled to find a Doom’s Day, or Loeb of the Harvard-Smithsonian ality and find out what makes them of their lives. These details are
end to all mankind; usually the Center for Astrophysics in Cam- special. Although this question very important because they show
product of a great cosmic struggle bridge, Mass utilizing the cannot be answered simply, many how the person thinks of their
between forces of good and evil, “relative speed between the two are tempted to analyze their life memories and how they tend to
involving godly power and result- galaxies and the amount of gas events in order to reach the an- recall that particular memory. The
ing in a gloriously terrifying flood and dark matter in the intervening swer. However, new studies show type of people that tend to remem-
of destruction and salvation of space, which exerts a drag on that rather than listening to a per- ber memories in this way are usu-
mankind. However, at the rate their motions,” as factors in set- son’s life story of what they did ally those who have mood swings.
we’re going at, it appears as ting the collision date and impact. and why they did it, the tone and On the other hand, there are
though human beings are experi-
style a person uses to tell a story some people who tend to remem-
encing a much less monumental or
ARMAGEDDON can be revealing in it of itself. ber things using the exact opposite
spectacular end as we slowly de-
continues on page 8 Many times, when a story is way. They will think of a bad
plete our natural resources and
retold over and over again, the event that had happened to them,
alter our atmosphere’s tempera-
story tends to change and may end and then say how the overall end-
ture. But have no fear! For the ra-

up with a completely different em- ing was good because of some-

tional hand of science has once
phasis. It’s almost like a game of thing that changed their lives for
again come to the aid of re-
telephone. However, this is not the better. For example, take some-
inspiring our faith in an Armaged-
necessarily a person’s fault if such one that had not been very fond of
a thing was to happen. When peo- mathematics. However, when they
It is predicted by scientists
ple listen to a story, they tend to entered high school, they had a
that in approximately 2 billion
remember certain details and facts great teacher who changed his or
years our Milky Way Galaxy will
that they feel should be empha- her entire outlook on mathematics.
collide with our nearest neighbor-
sized. For example, a person may These types of people are usually
ing galaxy, Andromeda, located
be talking about a conversation energetic and enthusiastic.
approximately 2.3 million light
years away. In fact, for every they had with someone else.
second you are reading this arti- Simulated galaxies about to collide When researchers conducted a PERSPECTIVE
cle, the two galaxies move 120
within a cluster of galaxies. study on a few people, they re- continues on page 8

Science in Stuy: The Epic Battle of Creation

by Omar Ahmad, assistant sci-
ence editor phers, and scientists have spent tion to verify their assumptions. and do not sufficiently describe
their life’s work attempting to un- He continued to say, “just be- where the sea organisms or pri-
ravel the intricacies of life, death, cause the creation of the Earth mates even originated from. Even
Literally, since the beginning and who is responsible for it. may be explained by science, we so, religion also may seem a bit
of time there has been a great bat- To undergo my own research, still know virtually nothing about vague at times. For example,
tle between creationism and na- I looked towards the student body where the universe came from. there have been texts that have
ture. There have always been cer- of Stuyvesant High School and Until there’s a better explana- stated that men were created, but
tain aspects of life and death that interviewed a very passionate tion...I attribute the creation of not how or why. And also, there
have puzzled humans over the cen- student. Robert Colgan, a fresh- the universe to God.” Though he has never been a distinct picture
turies, either approving science or man at Stuyvesant, expressed his is of Christian faith, specifically or form that man may have been
religion. Researchers, philoso- ideas firmly involving this topic. Episcopalian, he says that he be- at that time. Humans could have
Source: Wikipedia Robert said, “I do lieves that evolution may have evolved from their original selves
believe in God, occurred over the course of time to create what we are today.
but people who and that, “evolution does not nec- Being of Muslim faith, I be-
push creationism essarily exclude God or religion.” lieve that God created men for the
rely on assump- Creationism is how the purpose of creating men. They
tions about the spread of religion very started, may not have looked the same as
Bible, Koran, and and now, about 78.6 percent of they currently do, but they served
other texts, most the world’s population follows the same religious purpose as
notably that it is legitimate religions with their they hold today. Religion is a
true to the letter, own tales of the origination of the much more promising practice
when it's obvi- human race, excluding evolution. than science in some ways, due to
ously much more This intimidating number has its instilment of faith and hope, in
figurative than towered over the few remaining times where science cannot possi-
literal.” The peo- people who have accepted the bly or sufficiently describe such
ple who stress theories involving evolution from things as afterlife, fate, and the
evolution, how- such beings as sea creatures and force of life itself.
Creationism is the belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and ever, use years of primates. These entail very un-
the universe were created entirely by supernatural deities. theory, research, clear means of adaptation to the
and experimenta- surroundings of the “pre-humans”
PERSPECTIVE ARMAGEDDON estimate that when the cores of
continued from page 7 continued from page 7 solar system to the farthest the two galaxies fuse, our solar
reaches of the Milky Way Gal- system has a 50 percent chance of
So the next time you tell a However, there are several axy, whose diameter is approxi- being swept to “a wispy tail” ex-
story, keep in mind the way you uncertainties that could result in a mately 100,000 light years in tending from the resulting galaxy,
are conveying this story to who- drastic change in predictions. For diameter. There is also a slight three times further out from ga-
ever it may be. Does your tone example, while the speed of the possibility that our Solar System lactic center than it is now.
change at certain points? Do you galaxies is known, Andromeda’s could end up in Andromeda. Af- However, many predictions
tend to look on the bright side of sideways speed is uncertain and if ter the first collision the two gal- of an exact outcome of something
things after something terrible it is moving fast enough to the axies still aren’t finished. as specific as our solar system,
happens? Or listen to the way side, Andromeda could avoid The two galactic cores will our sun, or Earth, are reliant on
your friends talk; you’ll learn collision altogether. Its speed is first orbit each other for three information we do not currently
interesting things. If you want to estimated to be very small and billion years and then merge into have, but don’t worry, we still
find out more about figuring out a collision is most likely certain. one. During this period, some have another 2 billion years to
person’s personality, visit http:// Just how much power is involved stars would fuse together and figure it out. in a collision of this magnitude? assume an orbit in a new galaxy;
and see what new things you can Let’s just say this collision packs the combination of Andromeda
discover. enough punch to send our entire and the Milky Way. Researchers

Another Marketing Campaign, Another
Bomb Scare
by Hanford Chiu, business timer and a hand lighting the fuse may ask Bank of America to re- the bank should have handled it a
editor of a bomb were sent accidentally imburse the town for the cost of little better," said Nick Markos,
without the words accompanying the response, which included owner of Townhouse Pizza and
Near the city of Boston, con- them, which are “The Countdown more than a dozen town officers Roast Beef, who estimated that he
cerned citizens evacuate due to a Begins” and underneath the pic- and firefighters, personnel from had lost $1,000 to $1,200 because
marketing campaign gone sour, the tures “Small Business Commit- neighboring towns, a State Police of the lunch-hour evacuation.
only city where people got scared ment Week June 4-8”. More than bomb squad, and police dogs, "She blew it all out of proportion,
and emergency services had to be a dozen small businesses around according to the Boston Globe. and all of us business owners had
called, costing the city in lost pro- the bank were evacuated for While Bank of America and to pay for it."
ductivity and bomb squads. nearly three hours when the bank the police department generally
Sound familiar? About four branch managers evacuated the stand by the

months after the Aqua Teen Hun- bank and called for police assis- branch manager’s
ger Force Colon Movie fiasco, tance. decision as being
Source: Yahoo News

involving flashing figures of ap- "It was not a communication reasonable given
parently bomb-like movie charac- that was ever meant to be distrib- the circum-
ters, a totally unrelated circula- uted to customers or anyone ex- stances, the small
tion of a misprinted advertise- ternally, and the fax machine businesses in the
ment has shuttered a Bank of malfunctioned, so when it came area, to whom
America in Ashland, Massachu- out of the fax machine, it looked they should be
setts and the surrounding areas. suspicious," Bank of America committed to,
In a misprinted fax sent to spokesman Ernesto Anguilla said. decried the over-
Banks of America across the na- Ashland Police Chief Scott blown response.
tion, clip-art like images of a Rohmer said that town officials "The women at The misprinted fax that was sent to Banks of America nation-

TORTURE Italian citizen, were all subject to what would happen if a missile the government's extraordinary
continued from page 1 the CIA’s renditions program, in company is charged with war rendition program," said Steven
which prisoners are sent to over- crimes for creating the weapons Watt, a staff attorney for the
claims in the United States for seas locations for interrogation to used by a government in war time, ACLU's Human Rights Program.
violations of the law of nations or places such as Morocco, Afghani- or what if a pet shop is charged for "Without the participation of com-
a United States treaty. stan and Guantànamo Bay, and murder after a dog it sold killed its panies like Jeppesen, the program
"We are filing this lawsuit on were subsequently abused or mis- owner? In this current example, the could not have gotten off the
treated. transportation services that Jeppe- ground."
behalf of three individuals who
The ACLU alleges that sen offers is being used as grounds
Source: COrbis

have been repeatedly tortured, ter-

Jeppesen provided logistical ser- for abetting torture and violating
rified, humiliated and deprived of
vices, such as flight planning, ca- US treaties. Such an extension of
their basic human rights," said
tering and hotel accommodation the principle of proximate cause, in
Anthony Romero, the executive
for more than 70 rendition flights which an entity could only be held
director of the ACLU. "American
over a four-year period, for the liable if it was close enough to a
companies should not be profiting
Central Intelligence Agency with chain of events to be a legally cul-
from a CIA rendition program that
the foreknowledge that prisoners pable cause of the action, could
is unlawful and contrary to core
of the renditions program are discourage economic activity in
American values."
likely to be tortured. the future if corporations are afraid
According to the ACLU’s
This lawsuit can possibly set of providing services in fear of
press release, the three men they
a damaging example to future li- lawsuits.
represent, Binyam Moh-amed, an
ability cases for corporations who "Jeppesen's services have
Ethiopian, Ahmed Agiza, an Egyp-
indirectly help or cause actions been crucial to the functioning of The lawsuit can possibly set a damag-
tian, and Abou Elkassim Britel, an
that lead to litigation. For example, ing example to future liability cases.
A&E June 12, 2007—VOL. 6, No. 15 THE STUYVESANT STANDARD 9

Season Finales and Cliffhangers: Blockbust-
Beware of Spoilers ers Boost
Box Office

Source: Corbis
Following in the ABC tradi-
tion, “Desperate Housewives” also
ended on a shocking note: Edie
Brit (Nicolette Sheridan) commits
suicide or does she? There have by Emma Rabinovich, A&E edi-
been rumors (or more like expres- tor
sions of false hope as it seems
pretty obvious she is indeed dead) It was an exciting three weeks
circulating ever since the finale but for movie fans everywhere as
once again we’ll have to wait an- “Spiderman 3,” “Shrek the Third,”
other three months before we get a and “Pirates of the Caribbean: At
Desperate Housewives, starring Eva definite answer. Other events were World’s End” all hit theatres on
Longoria, Teri Hatcher, and Nicolette less unexpected: Susan (Teri Lost is an Emmy and Golden-Globe consecutive weekends, boosting
Sheridan, ended its 3rd season in May. award-winning American serial drama
Hatcher) and Mike (James Denton) outrageous box office returns and
television series first broadcast on
finally tied the knot and Gaby (Eva September 22, 2004 that follows the breaking records down the line.
Longoria) and Carlos (Ricardo lives of plane crash survivors on a “Spiderman 3” opened first on
Chavira) reunited (sort of). tropical island.
by Emma Rabinovich, A&E edi- May 4 nationwide and went on to
tor “Grey’s Anatomy” was less break the highest-earning opening
shocking and more cryptic. The weekend record previously held by
question seems to be did they or Pompeo) break up with McDreamy
As shows closed shop for the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead
didn’t they? Did Meredith (Ellen (Patrick Dempsey) or not? It is
season, many dismayed viewers Man’s Chest.” While its domestic
unclear and the consensus seems to
were left gaping at their televisions BLOCKBUSTERS

be that by “it’s over, it’s so over”

in disbelief as cleverly designed Meredith was referring to their continues on page 10
cliffhangers threatened to leave us relationship as well as Cristina
scratching our heads all summer. (Sandra Oh) and Burke’s (Isaiah

“Lost” was no exception. In Washington). The finale wasn’t as
the last five minutes, it managed to gripping as season 1’s but we ea-
reverse all expectations and end on gerly await the premier in Septem-
a note I still can’t figure out. Did ber to see if Meredith is really as
they really make it off the island masochistic as she lets on.
and if so, what’s next? Obviously, Meanwhile, the most recent
the writers plan to somehow return episodes are available online at
Jack (Matthew Fox) and the others and previous season are
to the mysterious island on which Grey’s Anatomy, starring Ellen Pom- available on DVD.
they were plane-wrecked but how? peo and Patrick Dempsey, had a cryp-
A long summer of reruns awaits as tic ending to make viewers come back Shrek the Third, a computer animated
we anxiously anticipate the answer in September. . comedy film, opened in U.S theaters in
4,122 cinemas, grossing a total of U.S
to what really happened.
$121,629,270 in its first weekend.

A Taste of Art in the Sun

by Amy Qiu, staff writer include oldies such as Annie Hall, 45 of Hudson River Park on Tues-
Today Summer Concert - NBC’s The Thing-From Another World, day summer evenings. Student jazz
Basking in the summer sun is al- and Paper Moon. and classical musicians perform on
morning news show Today how
ready a delight, but it’s even better the peer starting at 6. On Wednes-
will feature morning concerts
when you get to enjoy music and Shakespeare in the Park- Doth days, the pier also has
every Friday starting at 7:00 am.
dancing at the same time. Luckily, thou enjoy Shakespeare? The “Riverflicks”, and as the name
(You’ll have to get there even ear-
there’s going to be plenty of free Delacorte Theater in Central Park suggests, one can watch flicks by
lier for a good view.) Located at
events all around the city this sum- will hold performances of favor- the river. This is also a great loca-
the plaza in Rockefeller Center, the
mer for you to do just that. ites Romeo and Juliet and A Mid- tion to watch the sunset.
weekly shows will feature popular
artists such as Enrique, Bon Jovi, summer Night’s Dream. Tickets
River to River Festival- Starting are handed out starting at 1 PM Met on the Park - Enjoy the Met-
and Hilary Duff. Since Today is
on June 1, the River to River fes- on the day of the performance ropolitan Opera at parks through-
filmed live, you might even get to
tival will host daily concerts and and are limited to two per person. out the boroughs. Performances of
be on TV.
arts programs at various areas in Shakespeare lovers can find them Giacomo Puccini's La Bohème and
Lower Manhattan, including by entering the park 79th and 5th, Charles Gounod's Faust will be
Bryant Park Film Festival -
South Street Seaport, Castle Clin- south of the Great Lawn. Tickets held frequently June 12- 23. Shows
Bring a blanket and settle down in
ton, and the Battery Park Espa- are also available at the Public start at 8PM, and can found at dif-
the lawn to watch a classic film.
nade. Check their website for the Theater in 425 Lafayette Street. ferent location including Central
The movies start at around 8 or 9,
calendar of events, which prom- Park, Pelham Bay, and Prospect
but the park usually opens at
ises to have something for every- Parks.
around 5 pm. Again, it’s best to get Hudson River Park - Listen to
there early, The coming weeks will potential stars of tomorrow at Pier
BLOCKBUSTERS time are “meaningless” and that “Shrek the Third” was re- World’s End” swept theatres the
continued from page 9 America is becoming more and leased only a week after the Spi- very next Thursday with previews
take so far is below its predeces- more a “niche nation” tired of the derman sequel and may have suf- starting at 8 pm. Breaking the Me-
sors, it will mostly likely overtake same old “Spiders of the Shrekib- fered as a result. Its opening week- morial Day record, it failed to live
the worldwide gross of bean,” such critique may fall on end take was also an impressive up the “Dead Man’s Chest” but
“Spiderman” (which is so far the deaf ears as these blockbusters $121 million, becoming the third accumulated over $400 million
biggest earner of the series at $822 appeal to audiences around the largest opening of all time. It fell worldwide in its first five days in
million) in the coming weeks as it globe. In fact, the top ten highest to $67 million in its second week- release.
has already earned $809 million grossing films ever earned the ma- end, however, which seems like a All three movies are unlikely
according to jority of their revenue overseas. So steep fall for the green ogre whose to experience any more serious
So while many critics (such as even if Americans ever do tire of previous film’s longevity was the competition for a while since the
Mark Harris of Entertainment mainstreamed sequels, it may not secret to its unbelievably high next blockbuster (“Harry Potter
Weekly) argue that titles like the keep studios from making more as gross of almost a billion dollars. and the Order of the Phoenix”)
the domestic market ceases to be doesn’t stampede into theatres
biggest opening weekend of all “Pirates of the Caribbean: At
Hollywood’s main target. until July.

SU Election Results
Student Union President and Vice President
Jamilla Ma and James Kim 322
Vanessa Charubhumi and Alexa Solimano 234

Senior Caucus
Lee (right) and Gonzalez
Michelle Lee and Lauren Gonzlaez 175
Andrew Kim and Vivian Luu 139

Junior Caucus
Phillip Kim and Jenny Han 80
Daniel Goldstern and William Oh 59

Kim (left) and Han

Ma (right) and Kim

Source: Yahoo News

Human Adaptability by Robert Stevenson

Situational Exchange Sudoku

by Amna Ahmad, literary editor by Jeffrey Liaw, puzzle columnist

To surrender to punishment for another's fault 5 7 8 6

Is to submit to his deed
And to lose one's identity
7 5
As a citizen of humanity
And so instead, when the situation is permitting 3 5 2
We offer an exchange
Unknowing of its prospective ends
7 4 9
Yet in clear favor of the opportunity
Distraught in belligerence that we had thus seized
NBA Williams, Kerilinko, and Boozer
continued from page 12 lead them. All three of these play- 9 4 1
ers are extremely talented. Wil-
McGrady and the Houston Rock- liams is sometimes called the best
ets in an exciting 7-Game Series. point guard in the league. Al- 2
Yao’s dismal comeback did not though this is his playoff debut,
help the Rockets, and McGrady, Williams has been averaging 16.5 4 8
who played fiercely, still has not points per game (ppg) and 8.9
gone further towards the champi- assists per game (apg) while
onship that such a duo is capable Boozer has been dominating the 1 9 7 4
of bringing. The Jazz then playoffs, averaging 24.4 ppg and
moved on to defeat the surprise 12.3 rebounds per game (rpg). BOOST a new feeling to the clubhouse,
favorite Golden State Warriors in Derek Fisher, the only veteran on continued from page 12 and turns a new page in the Yan-
only 5 games. the team has also been mentally kee saga this season. It is evident
The San Antonio Spurs are guiding his young team, has well has done for the Yankees is a 7.63 in the way the fans and players
perhaps the most dominating as contributing to their effort, ERA and a planned starting pitcher have treated him, giving him spe-
team remaining. They have many averaging 11.0 ppg. now sitting in Class AAA Scran- cial privileges to see his family
talented and experienced players The Spurs have an extremely ton. With their two hundred mil- and the level of respect he gets.
who have been in this position strong and experienced team. lion dollar all-star team, the Yan- Giambi even declared that “If he
several times before, including They have won the NBA Champi- kees are still lagging far behind in throws as great as he did when he
TIm Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu onships three times in the last the AL East standings with a was here, we should all carry his
Ginobili, and Robert Horry. The eight years. Tony Parker has been strong feeling of disappointment bags for him.”
Spurs defeated the Denver Nug- outstanding in the playoffs this and despair. Clemens has been pitching in
gets in 5 games, and then moved year, averaging 19.6 ppg and 6.2 Now, the new shining beacon the Yankees minor league system,
on to defeat the Phoenix Suns in a apg. The most important thing the of hope for the Yankees is the and is scheduled pitch in his first
controversial 6-game series. Spurs have is talent. much anticipated return of Roger major league start against Pitts-
Horry fouled Steve Nash hard in Predictions for this playoff Clemens. Clemens, a former burgh on June 9th. Clemens will
Game 4, leading to the suspen- year: Although it would be amaz- Yankee who won the World Se- probably not throw as fast, as
sions of Boris Diaw and Amare ing if the Cavaliers defeat the ries with the Yanks back in 2001, accurate, or as long as his previ-
Stoudamire in an important Game Pistons, it’s not going to happen is expected to be the savior to a ous self. With so much hype sur-
5, in which the Suns lost by 3 because the Pistons have more depleted pitching staff and a de- rounding his return, he may even
points. experienced players. In the West, pleted morale. The return of end up being the latest pitcher to
The West will probably be a the Spurs will have most likely Clemens may draw both positive go down as so many of his team-
similar story. The Utah Jazz have defeated the Jazz, due to their and negative criticism, for his mates have gone down. It would-
not reached the Western Confer- experienced and more talented unfaltering determination and n’t be surprising. Nonetheless, he
ence Finals since 1998, when players. The NBA Finals, it history of success, and his ques- brings a much-needed boost to
Karl Malone and John Stockton seems, will be the same two pow- tionable endurance and overall the team. In the eyes of loyal
were still in the league. This year, erhouses this year: The Pistons impact. Still, The Rocket brings Yankee fans, The Rocket will
vs. The Spurs.

The Sports Beat: Hope Springs Eternal
by Eric Mayo, managing editor one of the most complete teams in Rivera has been inconsistent due to Bronx Bombers. Counting on
baseball. Josh Beckett, Dice-K, inconsistent work. Roger Clemens to turn the season
A baseball season can’t be and Schilling form one of the most Pitchers could also stop get- around is wishful thinking. Then
won in the first 40 games. Now a formidable pitching trios in all of ting injured. Almost the entire again, hope does spring eternal.
day, the season can’t even be won baseball. Of course, Manny Rami- original starting rotation is injured.
in a half-season. It takes all 162 rez and David Ortiz provide all the Even the players called up from

Source: ESPN
games to decide who the best of offense the Red Sox need. This the minors, like pitching prodigy
the best is. That’s about all the isn’t like the Red Sox teams of old Phil Hughes, are already injured
New York Yankees have going for that could be counted on for a too. The latest casualty was Dar-
them. seven game losing streak. There rell Rasner, who lasted two batters
Yes, the Yankees have been are no holes throughout the team. against the Mets before breaking
in this situation before. In 2005, Of course, there are simple his finger. He’ll be out three
the Yankees started 11-19 only to things the Yankees could do. The months. When Roger Clemens
overtake the Red Sox in the second Yankees are a miserable 2-8 in one makes his debut, he will be the 12th
to last game of the season. In 2006, run games this season. That’s the Yankee starter this year. A more
the Yankees needed a five game second worst record in the entire consistent rotation with established
sweep of the Red Sox to ensure major leagues. The record can be veterans will lead to more wins.
their ninth consecutive American attributed to a number of different There is no magic formula
League East title. Never before circumstances. The bullpen has that will turn the Yankee’s season
though, has their situation been so been inconsistent ever since being around. There’s no Aaron Small,
grave. overused the first two weeks in no Shawn Chacon, who can turn
The Red Sox this year are April. Specifically, Mariano miracles into victories for the Roger Clemens will be the 12th Yankee
starter this year.

by Hesham Saleh, assistant

The End Is Near
Cavaliers took on the playoff- ex- years ago, in 1992. But this did A Rocket
news editor

perienced Detroit Pistons. In the not intimidate King James and
Western Conference, the Utah Jazz the Cavs from doing extremely
The NBA playoffs have been and the San Antonio Spurs went well in the playoffs. It took the
thrilling this year, to say the least. head-to-head, both competing to Cavs only 4 games to defeat the by Richard Mai, Sports Editor
After a number of exciting series, become the Western Conference Washington Wizards, who were
The Yankees seem to be stuck
the final four teams were chosen. Champions. missing their leading scorer and
in quicksand- the more they strug-
In the Eastern Conference Finals, The last time the Cavaliers best player, Gilbert Arenas. After
gle to get out, the deeper they sink.
LeBron James and the Cleveland reached the Eastern Finals was 15 sweeping the Wizards, the Cavs
They’ve been adding new people
faced the New Jersey Nets in the
to their lineup every year, people
Source: Yahoo News

Second Round of the Eastern

that were supposed to be “the
Conference Playoffs. The Cavs,
ones” to turn it all around for them.
led by James as always, managed
First it was Jason Giambi. Then it
to end the series by defeating the
was A-Rod. Then Randy Johnson.
Big Three, Jason Kidd, Vince
Every year, GM Brian Cashman
Carter, and Richard Jefferson, in
and owner George Steinbrenner
Game 6 in New Jersey.
expect the new selections to be the
The Detroit Pistons, even
ones that finally carry them to the
without Ben Wallace this year,
World Series that have eluded
are an elite team, led by many
them for so long. This year, that
great players, including Chauncey
selection was Kei Igawa, who was
Billups, Richard Hamilton, Tay-
supposed to be the Japanese
shaun Prince, and Rasheed Wal-
equivalent of Boston’s ambitious
lace. The Pistons easily swept the
signing of Matsuzaka. The Japa-
Orlando Magic in the First
nese players have been doing
Round, and then moved on to
pretty well lately, so why not sign
defeat the Chicago Bulls in 6
more? So far, what Igawa’s five –
games. The Pistons-Bulls series
year $20 million dollar contract
was a scare to the Pistons. After
quickly going up 3-0 in the series,
the Pistons could not manage to BOOST continues on page 11
put the Bulls away, bringing back
memories of the Pistons-Cavs
Source: ESPN

series during last year's playoffs

in which the Cavs miraculously
extended the series to 7 games.
This year, after allowing the
Bulls to win two consecutive
games, the Pistons closed them
out in Game 6.
In the Western Conference,
the Utah Jazz, led by Carlos
Boozer, Andrei Krilenko, and
Deron Williams, defeated Tracy The return of Clemens may draw posi-
tive and negative criticisms.
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