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Recruitment & Recruitment Advertising solutions from m2r Education

International Recruitment Specialists

UK based international recruitment firm. Over 15 years experience. Experience in handling roles at all levels. Proven track record in volume recruitment and one off hires. Able to project manage recruitment workshops. Global agent network. Recognised by the British Government for international services. Winners of 4 international Business Awards. Named as one of top 5 International SMEs based in the UK
All from a multi award winning international recruitment company!
We are very happy with the service provided by m2r and will continue to use them. We recommend other overseas companies to do the same . General Manager, Al Hoty Ltd, Saudi Arabia / +44 845 388 4145

Focussed on Education and Training

Experienced team to handle all our international Education and Training clients. Global Teacher and Trainer database. Client base includes schools, universities, training institutes and corporate companies.
Education ESL Maths Sciences Modern Languages Humanities Business Training / Instruction Mechanical Operations (Process) Instrumentation Welding / Pipefitting Electrical Safety

I highly recommend m2r. They are extremely diligent and constantly in contact throughout the process of recruitment. As a Teacher, I advise other Teachers to spend their energy with them because they are always on top of your business. I make my living overseas and have worked with dozens in his field. By far, m2r are the most outstanding. Timothy Avants Ph.D. / +44 845 388 4145

Some Facts and Figures - 2013

50 ESL and Technical Trainers supplied to a major oil & gas company 60 ESL Teachers supplied to a major university 15 ESL, Maths, Finance & Supply Chain Teachers supplied to a global education company Teachers and Trainers supplied from:
United Kingdom United States of America Canada South Africa Algeria India Pakistan Egypt Jordan Philippines

We do have access to Teachers and Trainers from other countries as well.

I found m2r to be invaluable and exceptional in their efforts to find employment for me in the Middle East and elsewhere. I have no hesitation in recommending m2r. Robin Aaron Bright PhD (English) / +44 845 388 4145

Our Services
Fixed Fee Recruitment An extremely cost effective way to recruit Unique to Education and Training From CV sifting to full recruitment process Payment per project not per hire Success Only Recruitment Cost per head model. Full recruitment service. International database access. No placement, no fee.

Education and Training Companies across the globe successfully fill their vacancies using our services!
I got a new job through m2r and I am now in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Changing job is often stressful, m2r made it as easy as possible and even checked I was settling in. WOW! Baker Shnaa, ESL Teacher / +44 845 388 4145

A Letter of Recommendation
19th June 2013

I have had the pleasure of dealing with m2r Ltd; the Innovative Global Recruitment Specialists. It has been a wonderful and a very pleasant experience. They are one of those very rare, devoted, and very professional recruitment companies who achieve results in a very short period of time. Since I first got in contact with them, till I received my offer, it took just few short days. They would be following up so efficiently on every small detail to ensure that the hiring process would go so smoothly as possible, in a way that is fair for both the employer and the employee. In the past, and throughout my academic career - that expanded over a period of more than twenty years, I have dealt with several recruiters, hiring managers, and human resources specialists, but I have not met someone with the calibre of m2r . They will call, email and do whatever it takes to achieve results promptly and ensure smooth sailing. All and all, it was a very pleasant and rewarding experience dealing with Munir who represented me with a very prestigious academic institution and secured an excellent contract Moreover, m2rs role does not stop at getting you a contract, but they would follow up on every step on the way to help you get your visa and assist you in your process of transition to your new job and country of choice as an expatriate. They show you endless support and understanding. For all of the above, I do highly recommend working with m2r for those candidates seeking rewarding careers with prestigious institutions.
Sincerely, Dr. Alan Alda, Professor of English Language, Literature and ESL / +44 845 388 4145

Our Most Recent Awards.... / +44 845 388 4145

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2012 International Business of the Year 2011 International Business Commendation Award 2010 Best New Exporter of the Year 2009 Business Entrepreneurial Excellence Gold Award