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JUNE 2009
Dear Readers, So I woke up to start my daily routine, grabbed the cereal off the shelf with my eyes half open, turned on Skynews at twenty past to get the latest football news then rushed up and jumped in the shower before making it to work at nine o’clock. I sit at my desk and get called in from our Managing Editor who is looking optimistically shocked as I enter the office. “Your doing CO-EDS now”…. The rest is history. Hi. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is written on the side of this page! I am a local artist / music producer on the island. I graduated from UCB and now I’m in charge of the media from which I came from! This issue was a pass down from our old Editor so I was really just filling in the blanks of what she had left me. But watch this space as I guarantee to bring the style and swag that college students demand and I promise to put Bahrain on the map for its college lifestyle! I got invited to the Bahrain Fashion week, which is a first for me, I enjoy clothes and everything about fashion, but I had never actually attended a show, and it turned out to be great! So good in fact, that I left the place with my cover story in mind, Khaleda Rajab, a local designer who opened up and closed for the show with her unique style. This has to be one of the best interviews conducted so far! Along with the interview we have coverage of the Bahrain Fashion week as well as other interesting topics of discussions such as the direction of education in this day and age. I noticed lots of people opting for online education, which made me ask myself, is education facing a possible evolution? Finally, with most of the major European football leagues coming to an end, we look at all the transfer rumors that start to spread. In fact, as I write this, KaKa has just signed his record breaking deal with Real Madrid which will please our Managing Editor Mr. Kayani who is off in Germany testing out some of the hottest rides! I hope you guys enjoy this issue and stay in touch with education outside of university!



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an ‘Etch ‘a’ Sketch’ Hum
New York artist Ariana Page Russell has a strange way of expressing her creativity. But if being creative means doing something different and new then Miss Russell has hit the nail on the head. The artist has turned her body into a canvas, tracing intricate patterns and words onto her legs, arms and torso. This is not a tattoo or even body paint but rather simple scratching. Ariana has a rare skin condition called dermatographia. This condition makes the skin swell up into welts at the slightest scratch. She uses a blunt knitting needle to trace her art work which she then photographs. Miss Russell needs to photograph the sketches as the welts disappear after about half an hour. Miss Russell likes to call herself the human ‘Etch ‘a’ Sketch’ and has sold her pictures for up to $4,500. Dermatographia is though to be caused by cells in the surface of the skin releasing histamines under the slightest pressure. This causes the skin to swell up in an allergic-type reaction, similar to hives. Imagine never having to buy art supplies but still making $4.500 on a photo of a picture which doesn’t exist after half an hour. Brilliant! It is awesome to see people utilizing the hand they were dealt with imagination.

‘Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii’
A Family Court Judge Rob Murfitt from New Plymouth was shocked and disturbed by a couple who named their child, ‘Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii’. Yes you read correctly a, supposedly, loving parent actually named their child that. The child is a nine-year-old girl who has always kept her name to herself (is that such a surprise?). The Judge said in the hearing that, “It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap,” He was so disturbed at the effect on the girl that he ordered her temporarily placed under court guardianship so a suitable name could be chosen. Although putting the child away from her parents is not the way to really go to save her future psyche but at least she has a fighting chance in the big bad world now. Names can be declined for registration if they may cause offence to a reasonable person, are unreasonably long (generally more than 100 characters) or resemble an official title or rank. It seems a bit odd that a parent would willingly opt to have a child who could potentially be bullied all because of their stupidly bad choices. The new name of the child was kept quiet for privacy sake.



Man transforms Postman Pat
A car f fanatic has made the world’s tiniest motor from a Postman Pat children’s ride. Perry Watkins has previously entered the record books three times for having the world’s lowest car - or Flatmobile as he calls it. Now he has turned his mechanical talents to making what he claims is the world’s smallest car. Amazingly it was the popular children’s television character that inspired his fully street legal creation. It runs on a 150cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, but at 39 inches high and 26 inches wide, six foot Perry has to perform a feat of contortionism to actually get into the vehicle. By day, the Buckinghamshirebased car fan is a sales director for shoe specialist Timpsons - and even drives a swanky Jaguar company car. His love of wacky vehicles has previously seen him make a road-going Dalek as p well as the Batman-inspired Flatmobile, which is the world’s lowest car.

Not Just Fiction

Now there are probably people out there rolling their eyes and saying “I knew they existed why are you boring me?” Well you would be surprised with how many people think they are just a figment of the writer Bram Stokers imagination from his book ‘Dracula’. So just to make

sure that everyone out there is as clued up I thought I should let you know. These wonderfully weird and freaky Vampire Bats exist and really do live off blood. They feed on the blood of birds, cattle, horses and pigs and even have been known to feed off the occasional

sleeping human, Yummy! They need to consume a few tablespoons of blood every day and if the poor-little-flyingrodent doesn’t eat for more than a few days it will starve. There is no need to freak out at all as they can only be found in Central and South America.


Little Puppy
A Chihuahua puppy born in Japan with a heart shaped pattern on his coat has captured the hearts of people everywhere. Heart-kun, as he has been named by owner Emiko Sakurada, was one of a litter of puppies at the Pucchin Dogs shop. Things like this are such an unexpected surprise that you can almost imagine what the “Paris” wannabe’s are thinking when they see the sweetness of this dog. I can just picture women all over the world holding onto their Dolce and Gabanna bags while their faces go redder and redder due to them holding their breaths in order to blackmail their other half into pulling one of these things out of thin air (don’t worry guys you can thank me through email). In all fairness who wouldn’t want a dog with hearts on it? You would have to be heartless (or male) to not want one of those. They should so clone this thing, you could make millions. You could also make a children’s show and a series of novels… Am I taking this too far??


Who’s Heart Warms Ours

Art is Art in all its Forms

Like many fine art collectors, Geoff Ostling plans to leave his greatest treasure to a museum, so that others may enjoy it long after he’s gone. He’ll just need a taxidermist. The 65-year-old tattoo legend plans to be skinned, so that his “flesh canvas,” can be put on display in one of Australia’s most prestigious galleries. Imagine how much money and time he spent laying their while someone scratched into his skin with, what feels like, hot razor blades. To give him credit the work and detail is beautiful. In 1988, Ostling began working with the renowned eX de Medici to create a neck-to-ankle work that he calls, “All the Flowers of a Sydney Garden,” complete with roses under his armpits. Now, Sydney taxidermist Sascha Smith is challenged to preserve Ostling’s skin when he dies, so that it can be put on display at Australia’s National Gallery in Canberra. It would be nice to have a friend who was painted in loads of beautiful flowers when ever you were sad he could just spray some perfume and give you a hug and it would be way better than a bunch of flowers.


© H-D 2008. Harley, Harley-Davidson and the Bar and Shield logo are among the trademarks of H-D Michigan, Inc.

Strange but True
Seventy-year-old twin brothers have died within hours of one another after separate accidents on the same road in northern Finland. The first of the twins died when he was hit by a lorry while riding his bike in Raahe, 600 kilometres north of the capital, Helsinki. About two hours later, his brother crossed the same road on his bicycle and was also hit and killed by a lorry. He died just 1.5km from the spot where his brother was killed. “This is simply a historic coincidence. Although the road is a busy one, accidents don’t occur every day,” said police officer Marja-Leena Huhtala. Police in Raahe say that it is unlikely that the second man knew that his brother had already been killed, as they had not yet informed the family of the accident. “It made my hair stand on end when I heard the two were brothers, and identical twins at that. It came to mind that perhaps someone from upstairs had a say in this,” said Ms Huhtala. Many twins believe they share a mysterious connection to each other, and can feel each other’s pain or distress. But it is thought extremely rare for deaths to occur within such a short space of time.


Headless Chicken
in a way he’d never have expected in his wildest dreams. When the chicken was decapitated, he refused to lay down and die. While many birds slaughtered this way will appear to run around for a few seconds, it’s actually a nerve/adrenalin response by the body, with no actual intent to escape. He continued to run around the chicken pen and Olsen let him be, and the next morning, found the bird asleep with his “head” under his wing. Figuring that any bird who wanted to live that bad, was worth the work, he began feeding grain and water directly into the gullet through an eye dropper. When Mike was still alive a week later, Olsen packed him up, and drove him to the University of Utah, to explain the phenomenon. Apparently the axe had severed the head above the brain stem, missing the jugular vein and leaving the entire brain, and one ear. A large clot had stayed any major bleeding, and the wound healed over, leaving the gullet open for feeding. Not only did Mike live for another 18 months, but he grew to a creditable eight pounds, and became a national news story as well as a sideshow attraction. Mike went to that great chicken coop in the sky during a

A Colorado farmer, Lloyd Olsen had been sent out to the yard, to sacrifice a plump young rooster of about six months. And guess who was coming to dinner to eat it? His mother-in-law. Knowing how she favored the neck, Olsen went about his task with the idea of keeping on the mother-in-law’s good side, by keeping most of the neck on the chicken. He succeeded

road trip in Arizona, when he began to choke in the middle of the night, and Olsen was unable to find the eyedropper with which they kept his throat cleared.



Pianist With Tourette’s
Nick van Bloss, 41, described by award-winning music producer Michael Hass as the most exciting pianist in years, retired from life as a professional musician as his Tourette’s got worse. His body assaulted by 38,000 tics a day, he found it too much to carry on giving public recitals when he was 26. But now – after overcoming cancer and recovering the confidence in his own ability – he is to perform in front of 900 people at the Cadogan Hall in Sloane Square, London. In a strange neurological quirk, the only time van Bloss’s tics stop is when he is seated at a piano stool. Nevertheless, he found the business of convincing people his performances were not simply “freak shows” too much to bear. His talent was almost extinguished when he discovered he had stage three lymphoma – a type of cancer – when he was 32 Remarkably, he made a full recovery, although the treatment exacerbated his Tourette’s. Last year van Bloss went into the recording studio with the English Chamber Orchestra. Within two minutes, van Bloss said, the orchestra’s manager had asked him to perform with them live. “I couldn’t believe it.” Describing van Bloss as having a “nuclear-powered clarity” who exhibited “a superhuman degree of precision and individuality” when he played, he said: He thought van Bloss was “in an equal league” to the great Hungarian pianist, András Schiff. “The big unknown is how he will be in front of an audience.” “What I want to do is to use this as a gauge to prove to myself that I can do it, and that I still love it. It is like testing a love affair.” But he was adamant the audience should appreciate his music “without qualification, without that element of freak show that should not be there.” “There are people who would abuse having Tourette’s, who would go on stage, gyrate a bit and make millions. I probably could, but I don’t want to. I want a proper career.”

Two Ohio Strangers
parents, the Jess Lewises of Lima and the Ernest Springers of Piqua, 40 miles away. As schoolboys, both enjoyed math and carpentry—but hated spelling. Both pursued similar adult occupations: Lewis is a security guard at a steel mill, and Springer was a deputy sheriff. Both married women named Linda, only to divorce and remarry—each a woman named Betty. Both have sons: James Alan Lewis and James Allan Springer. Neither the Springers nor the Lewises ever met the 15-year-old mother of their sons, and both couples were told that their adoptive child had a twin who died at birth. Then one day, when Jim Lewis was 16 months old, and an official remarked offhandedly, “They named the other little boy ‘Jim’ too.” For 37 years that hint tugged at Mrs. Lewis, who occasionally urged her son to find out if it was true. Finally, last Thanksgiving, he agreed to search. Jim Lewis wrote the probate court, and contacted the Springer

Find Out They’re Twins
parents in Piqua. “I came home one day,” Lewis recounts, “and had this message to call ‘Jim Springer.’ “ When he phoned Springer, Lewis blurted out: “Are you my brother?” “Yup,” Springer replied. Four days later, Lewis drove to meet his twin for an emotional reunion.

Identical twin males, who had been separated by adoption at three weeks, suddenly rediscovered each other in Ohio at age 39. What was immediately apparent were eerie similarities that left everyone speechless. Curiously, both had been christened James by their adoptive


ALHOSN University launches awareness campaign in support of UAE Government’s aims to create knowledge-based society
ALHOSN University, a leading Abu Dhabibased university dedicated to high-quality, value-based education, has launched an awareness campaign in support of the UAE Government’s commitment to build a knowledge-based society. Marking the first leg of the university’s initiative is the opening of an information booth managed by ALHOSN University’s students, at Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi. Committed to impart high quality education through programs developed in collaboration with international scholars, ALHOSN University offers a total of 11 undergraduate and 7 graduate programs, including new graduate engineering programs, all of which have been accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The University also encourages female students who want to pursue a career in the field of engineering, caters to special needs students and provides scholarships to underprivileged but deserving students.

Emirates Driving Institute focuses on road safety
Road safety and in particular, the use of seatbelts is to be the main theme presented by the Emirates Driving Institute, when it attends Barbican Turbo - the Middle East’s custom, tuning and motorsports festival organised by United Business Media from the 8th - 10th of October at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi. Road safety is a particular concern in the United Arab Emirates where figures released by the Abu Dhabi Health Authority and the Ministry of Interior indicate 424 people were killed on the roads in Abu Dhabi and a total of 1,071 were killed countrywide in 2008. To combat this issue the Emirates Driving Institute aims to achieve excellence in the field of driver training and road safety and believes a reduction in road traffic accidents can only be achieved by improving the current skills level and knowledge of the driving population; something which they plan to do while at Barbican Turbo.



Test your nerves and skills in ultimate hummer experience

Bahrain International Circuit calls on all petrolheads and adventure junkies to take advantage of one of the most exciting offers available in the Kingdom this summer. The award-winning Sakhir track is opening its doors for ‘The Ultimate Hummer Experience’, which offers a unique opportunity for guests to test their nerves and show off their driving skills at one of the most challenging off-road courses in the world. In the event, a personal instructor will guide you as you take on each of the 32 intense obstacles one by one. Along the course, you will be performing gravity-defying manoeuvres in a Hummer H2 or H3 vehicle, and the sheer amazement of tackling such hurdles will get your heart racing. Following the drive, you will be taken to enjoy the pleasures of a more serene and relaxing environment at Royal Golf Club, with a chance to play the 9-hole ‘Wee Monty’ academy course designed by legendary Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie. You will also be able to get behind the wheel of a Mini Hummer during your round, and all the top-of-the-line golfing equipment will be provided.

Bahrain Goes Green for Sixth
Annual Environmental Treasure Hunt!
The sixth annual Environmental Treasure Hunt will take place in November 6,2009 under the theme “CHANGING BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS THE ENVIRONMENT” and is being organised with the support of the Commission and the Bahrain Women’s Society, which has introduced Wanees, an environmentally-friendly mascot for kids for the 2009 Environmental campaign. Following the success of previous Environmental Treasure Hunts which raised awareness of various environmental issues such as pollution and desertification, EVENTSCOM has chosen to support the same cause but with a focus on changing people’s behaviour towards the environment. Activities for the Treasure Hunt are specifically designed to steer people towards the path of a cleaner and greener Bahrain in fun and interactive ways. In previous years, a combined total of 800 bags of garbage were collected during beach clean-ups, and more than 40 trees were planted.


Seaatcrnetd r Reu i es H
The Sacred Heart School held its first reunion last month which brought together students from the year 1982 all the way through to 2005! Students arrived from Dubai and Turkey to attend the event and get the chance to catch up with old school friends from high school. One of the organizers of the event was Clair Mumm who said, “It was a joint effort of passing the word around and without many of them this wouldn’t have been so sucessful. Next year we hope to have a bigger event with a lot more batches present.”



27 27

an Colle University organizes t students. dom en King sign Departm e for Interior D
Under the auspices of the President of Kingdom University, Professor Yousef Abdul Ghaffar, the College of Engineering organized an open day for the students of the Interior Design Department. It was supervised by the Dean of the College of Engineering, Associate Professor Sami Ali Kamel, and organized by faculty members Dr. Khaled Heba, Dr. Sherif El-Wageeh and Dr. Mohamed Farouk. Students of the College of Engineering and their parents as well as a number of students from secondary schools, who are willing to join the Interior Design Department, attended the open day. It was also attended by students and professors from the different universities in Bahrain as well as students from King Fahd University for Petroleum and Metallurgy and King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. Fresh students, who want to join the Interior Design Department, were given an orientation about the study in this department and they were also briefed on the various career opportunities that are available for them in Bahrain. Open discussions were held between students and the faculty members of the College of Engineering. An exhibition of the Kingdom University students’ projects and creations in the fields of interior design, free-hand drawing and coloring was held on the sidelines of the open day. In addition, students’ animated films were displayed to the attendees. The attendees praised these students’ projects while the students expressed their pleasure in participating in the organisation of this open day that reflected the effort they have exerted during the academic year. They further expressed their gratitude to their professors who helped them to present their projects in an artistic style.

eeopieng, ngin r n day ge of E




Why DoStudents Cheat and What is
All the time constraints and rules can lead to their being confusion about what is right and what is wrong. The time constraints especially lead students to the temptation of cheating and plagiarism

There are many reasons why someone would cheat especially students whose only thought is how not to have to do that boring paper. Hardly anyone will stay in studying and do what they are supposed to do when the opportunity to be around the guy or gal they fancy comes up or even just to chill with friends. Of course that does not mean that everyone cheats but in this day and age of technology and especially downloading it seems to be extremely common. Let’s first off find reasons why students cheat!

5230 30

• The first thing about students is they are busy. They are busy in school and they have a busy social life. This means that they need to economize their time. This is why students ask, “Will this be on the test?” They want to know if they are wasting their time learning or writing something down which is not needed for the final product. • Many students will actively search for the shortest route possible through a course and copying a paper is definitely one of the shortest routes to take. This is especially true if the assignment is on a topic which does not interest the student or they have other more interesting things to hand in at around the same time. Don’t forget that the purpose of the course is to learn and develop skills and not just “get through.” The more you learn and develop your skills, the more effective you will be in the future. Also if an assignment is too boring for you speak to your professor. Ask them can you add something to it which is of more interest to you. It might not work of course but if it does you will have a better chance of completing your course through your hard work.

CO-EDS Says :

• The majority of students have terrible time management skills. Procrastination is a typical issue which students face but there is also the problem of students not knowing the extent of the assignment they have so they may have it playing in the back of their mind that they have loads of time to do a certain assignment so they leave it to the last

minute and then they notice that it involves weeks of research and work as opposed to a few hours. So they start up the internet and buy the paper.

CO-EDS Says : Ask

your lecturer when they assign a topic about how best to structure the assignment. Ask for advice on

how to give your self deadlines for each area such as topic, early research, prospectus, outline, draft, bibliography, final draft. If you are lucky you might be able to get the professor to check it at each individual stage and receive advice. This will completely eliminate the time constraint and will guarantee you do your best work without stress.


down with you. Just because you are not interested in a course you should own that feeling, don’t attempt to spread your lack of motivation around. This is something you either choose to do or not, also some people do have issues with the way things are taught. If that is the case then find alternative courses ones which suit you and your personality better.

CO-EDS Says : Don’t bring others

Plagiarism : Copying someone else work, using paper mill sites and using other peoples ideas is plagiarism and the majority of ways in which we cheat on writing exams or papers is classed as plagiarism. The Honor Court defines plagiarism as “the deliberate or reckless representation of another’s words, thoughts, or ideas as one’s own without attribution in connection with submission of academic work, whether graded or otherwise,” in other words taking someone’s ideas and using them as your own whether your work is graded or not.

• Students can regularly suffer from lack of confidence and if they think that their writing ability is less than adequate then they will be unwilling to even try a certain assignment. Fear of a bad grade and lack of confidence or even knowledge can make a student stray towards finding a product which is thought to be superior. Sadly due to the lack of knowledge on the subject it is more common for the student to hand in a copied version of an already poor paper.

CO-EDS Says : Never be afraid to ask for help, if you feel like you are unable to complete an assignment don’t keep that information to yourself. Speak to your friends about it and most importantly speak to the professor who assigned you it. Explain your difficulties and worries and get the correct advice. There is also help available on line in the form of online writing lab sites, writing centers and even teaching assistants.
• Now the one which is almost impossible to change or alter is the ones who just couldn’t be bothered especially as they find cheating to be a fun thing to do. The thrill of rule breaking and the lack of interest in a subject can lead to a constant destructive habit.

32 32 54


Plagiarism might seem like it is impossible to get around as most things have been done before. All knowledge is created from previous knowledge. It is a process of growth and advancement. So there is nothing wrong with taking someone else’s ideas and growing on them as long as we clearly mark the original idea and where it came from. This means that your professor can see where your inspiration came from, how you understand what the original idea is saying and the conclusions and new ideas you have come up with. Professors need to see the building blocks to your thought process. Kind of similar to when you are dealing in mathematics and you need to show the whole working out process as to how you came up with the answer, with out the process you do not get the marks even if the answer is correct.

Paraphrasing : Paraphrasing means taking another person’s ideas and putting those ideas in your own words. Paraphrasing does not mean changing a word or two in someone else’s sentence, changing the sentence structure while maintaining the original words, or changing a few words to synonyms. If you are tempted to rearrange a sentence in any of these ways, you are writing too close to the original. That’s plagiarizing, not paraphrasing. (The Writing Center, University of North Carolina)

In order to be sure you have not plagiarized you must make sure you cite your source, even if: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. All your direct quotes are in quotation marks. You changed the words into synonyms. You completely paraphrased the ideas to which you referred. Your sentence is mostly made up of your own thoughts, but contains a reference to the author’s ideas. You mention the author’s name in the sentence.

Two things necessary in order to not plagiarize
Citation : A prime purpose of a citation is intellectual honesty; to attribute to other authors the ideas they have previously expressed, rather than give the appearance to the work’s readers that the work’s authors are the original wellsprings of those ideas. (wikipedia-citation)

33 33 55

Not for the weak hearted, extreme sports is captivating, heartstopping, adrenaline exuding. Depending on which type of extreme sports tickles your fancy, it can be the most petrifying most exhilarating experience. Not all the activities mentioned in this article are necessarily classified as extreme, but to one degree or the other they are perilous and can leave you with more than blue bruises and broken bones.



Diving (skydiving, scuba diving, diving)
One of my all time favourites is scuba diving. I personally do not consider scuba diving an extreme sport but for many, the risk factors involved invite it into this category. Open Water diving is a controlled, safe environment that is pretty much like a walk in the park, or more accurately a scenic swim in the pool. It is when one embraces the risks and goes beyond the scenic dive with the colourful fish that scuba diving becomes extreme. Up to 20 meters, and if rules and calculations are followed correctly, then there is

nothing to worry about. Yes, some things may go wrong such as running out of air or an equipment malfunction but that is as probable as something going wrong in any activity down to driving, which is possibly even riskier. Tech and deep diving is when one should start to worry and that is where the extreme enthusiasts find their delight. As the diver goes deeper and deeper into the blue sea, it gets darker, quieter and colder. The minutes that can be spent at such depth are limited and each second counts. As with other sports where athletes get hit with a burst of adrenaline, divers get hit with what is known as narcosis which is practically a knock of nitrogen

which gives a head rush also known as ‘sea drunkenness’. Many recreational divers will not experience narcosis as it requires qualification, experience and mostly guts in order to dive such depths. For the recreational diver it is an uncomfortable and scary feeling that is not required in order to enjoy the underwater life. Combine deep diving with tech diving, in which the diver has unusual gas mixtures, takes additional tanks and uses more advanced equipment, diving indeed becomes an extreme sports that is a test of nerves. With each depth an increased risk arises. Yet, not all divers get their extreme thrills from depth. Wreck and cave diving are just as


risky as any form of penetration could lead to closed exit routes leaving the diver trapped. It most certainly is not for the claustrophobic either. And yet a third brand of extreme divers can be found, which are those in search of sharks whether out in the open sea or through cage diving. Death, paralysis and being eaten alive are all risks that need to be factored in for those wishing to dive beyond the comfortable recreational dives. Yet, another form of diving is skydiving. Whereas with scuba diving you can choose the extent of adventure your dive will give you, skydiving is a one-stop adrenaline pumping extreme sport. After all, jumping from a plane, dependant only on a parachute to prevent you from meeting the ground with a crush of your bones is by far the ultimate definition of ‘extreme’. To skydiving fanatics, it is hardly considered risky and some even explain that sky diving has higher associated risks of something going wrong. To those who grip the plane seats, reciting little prayers during take-off and landing, skydiving is seen as a frightening sport that one should only endure if the plane is about to crash. For those who experience it however, the feeling of conquering the sky is a feeling that cannot be matched. It is a combination of feeling as invincible as superman and as free as a bird. It is the ability to fly. From jumping out of the planes comes jumping into water. Diving from cliffs and three storey yachts might not be as excessive as jumping out of a plane or diving into deep, dark waters, yet it is just as spinetingling. Jumping down from a 10-15 meter height is not a short distance and the depth of water you splash into is another added 10 meters in which together with the rush of the jump and the depth of the water, it becomes an exhilarating rush to resurface. The impact into the water can be quite painful and it is unknown what lies in the water. But the rush of free falling from a modest height and plunging into an unfathomable depth is quite arousing, calling for a repeat

Boarding – K board-Kite ing, snow boarding
For one who has experienced quite a few heart-stopping thrills, I must admit that kite boarding is the one activity that has managed to startle me. The talent of controlling an 11 foot kite is one that is not easily mastered and requires intense practise. So large and powerful are the kites that if not controlled properly, they can kill someone. It is indeed exhilarating when a kite with the power of the wind lifts you out of the water, but it is another feeling altogether when the kite sweeps you to the destination of its desires, sometimes lifting you so high above the water that you are practically paragliding (but without safe control) and other times sweeping you across the surface of the sea until either the kite loses its powers, or you swallow enough sea water to lose the strength of holding on any longer. But for those who manage to master the sport, it is indeed an exciting experience. Far from a one-off plunge out of a plane,

kite boarding allows you to perform acrobatic stunts. It becomes even more stimulating when you manage to perform more advanced and more daring stunts. However, kite boarding does have a history of severe injury. Unlike other forms of extreme sports such as scuba diving and sky diving, which if carried out properly are safe, short of a technical malfunction, kite boarding is a constant injury waiting to happen as it is dependent on foolish stunts, making it the thrill it is as opposed to safe sailing. While not considered extreme, snow boarding is yet another accident attracting sport. Sliding down slopes in expeditious speed, surrounded by white snow is a breeze. The real excitement occurs when the jumps start. Unlike kite boarding which sees an inexpert get pulled, dragged and drowned by the kite, snow boarding’s vice is only to drag the snow board under uncontrollable speed down the slope until either momentum is lost or a crash is met. Another one dependent on talent for excitement, it also draws broken bones.

36 36


Bungee Jumping
A rare few would endure bungee jumping only to do it again. Risks include backlash, incorrect calculations and equipment malfunction. The idea of jumping off a crane or bridge 50 feet above the ground, heading straight towards water, jungle or land head first might not be appealing to some. The ability to push oneself willingly in itself is what requires gut. During the actual plunge, the feeling is of an everlasting fall that is simply so high that it does not come to an end. Eventually of course, after many bounces on the elasticised rope, the shrilling comes to an end and the heart goes back to a normal beat. Is it worth enduring again? I rode on a scary rollercoaster after that experience and wondered how on earth I ever managed to bungee jump. Others challenge themselves to more elevated heights and more scenic drops.

Compared to bungee jumping, abseiling is temperate. Safely secured to a harness, wall abseiling is a sensible sport; mountain abseiling is higher and rougher; jungle abseiling is exotic and challenging. Yet, like the others it is considered intense. After all, swinging from tree tops or dropping off walls is hardly considered a norm. Whilst wall abseiling is exciting to quite literally be climbing down a building like Spiderman, jungle abseiling like Tarzan has another feel to it altogether. Not only is jungle abseiling exotic but the distances swung can be just as exhilarating as a free fall slide, with very scenic routes. But unlike bungee jumping, a lot of work is required and arm strength is a necessity if you do not fancy getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Why people adventure into such risky activity is unclear. Some people do so only for the sake of saying that they did it as a one-off experience. Others do it to overcome a fear. But for the die-hard enthusiasts it is a lifestyle. Some of those people thrive on the adrenaline rush and electrifying moments. Some like to push themselves to the limits to see how far they can go. But the simplest explanation is that it is an exciting change to a mundane lifestyle. For most people, daily routine involves a comfortable job and a cosy home. Embarking on extreme sports is the ability to venture outside this comfort zone and create some exhilarating moments.

37 37

By Hamdan Bin Mohammed

The evolution of education
ith time all industries have indeed changed and evolved. Many new products and technologies have been introduced over the years, in one word, the world has matured. The education has of course also been part of this global evolution. Over time, the way we learn and teach has changed; unconventional learning methods that came to life in the past two decades, in combination with the latest technologies, have made it possible to utilize internet in the learning process, this changed the learning process forever. The UAE has taken a step into the world of e-learning via Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University, the first accredited online university in the UAE. With extensive experience in e-learning and online education Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University has now become one of the leading elearning institutions. The e-University is determined to play a key role in building the future of the UAE.


In addition to being fully accredited by national bodies and academic institutions, particularly the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hamdan bin Mohammed e-University enjoys international accreditation from major educational institutions around the world, such as: University of Wisconsin, University of California Berkley, Bradford University, Huddersfield University and many more. Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University has even been nominated for the prestigious Canne award for education. The wide spread credibility Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University enjoys is a proof of the experience it has in e-learning.



One major challenge learners at HBMEU face is the common misperception of elearning, people tend to think of e-learning as a less serious alternative to conventional education. The truth is, e-learning is much harder than conventional learning, yet it is more convenient. The only difference between these two types of learning is the delivery of information and the degree of self-discipline needed to complete the course. In e-learning the learner has to ingrain organization in him/ her, because contrary to conventional learning, e-learning requires strong dedication from the learner, as some of the process is 3 dimensional and compromises of face-to-face learning, online learning, and self-paced learning. Amani Al Hajri a learner at HBMEU says: “While some of the classes are synchronized;. Others are recorded. Learners can go back and see it at their own convenience, instead of relying on colleagues or on any other teachers,» she said. «Because classes are recorded, I listen to lectures in my car on my way to Abu Dhabi and back because I have a lot of

in a conventional one. In a virtual class, we use a microphone and a webcam. Learners can send private messages to the professors and ask them to further explain. We have a button that shows we are raising

Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University, has changed the conventional classroom into a laptop screen, you attend the class virtually from wherever you are. Fayez Mohammed Al Naqbi, a learner at HBMEUsays: “Before I joined Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University, I was worried about the communication level in the virtual class room, but I have come to realize that conversing with fellow learners in the “virtual classroom” is just like conversing with them e-Learning is convenient for those who’s work or family obligations prevent them from attending classes during traditionally scheduled hours. HBMEU’s e-learning courses guarantee the same credits as classroom courses and require at least as much of the student’s time and attention.

Abd El Rabb Ahmad Khalifa, a learner at HBMEU said: “The system at HBMEU is very flexible, I both work, and have a family, Sometimes i might not be free at a particular moment when the lecture is, yet I can always go

back and download the lecture at my own ease, when I am between my kids, or when at a café.” Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University comprises four main colleges, e-school of quality and business management, school of e-education, e-school of health and environmental studies and e-school of continuing education. Each of these colleges is multidisciplinary and offer many options for the university students.


are in C Sk
ou may think that every make-up wearing person should know how to clean their faces, but with the amount of products on the shelves these days and the different things we need for different skin issues or requirements it is impossible to know exactly which way things should be done. Most of us just slap everything on in whatever order we pick the bottles up. Here is how it should be done.



tine Rou y

Step one: Cleanser
This may seem obvious but the obvious must be spoken about before wqe move on to the other steps. It is important that we wash our faces before we try to treat or maintain anything else. With out the cleansing process to dissolve dirt, oil and grime, our pores can become blocked and keep other products from getting in and doing their work.

tine Rou
Step two: Exfoliant
It is unnecessary to cleanse if you are exfoliating as they both remove dirt and oil. Exfoliation should be done a few times a week

Step three: Toner
Many experts do not like the idea of toning. It is ideal as a soothing lotion if you have rubbed your face too hard trying to get the make-up off. It is more recommended to use cold water

Step four: Prescription products
Any sort of medicated or prescription products should be put on fresh clean skin. It is important that they are put on before any other creams or lotions. This way they can really penetrate the skin and do what they are supposed to.

41 41

Step seven: Redness relievers
These can be used during the day, in place of your regular moisturizer. Always pair them with sunscreen and cut back on other potentially irritating products; retinoids, scrubs, and alcohol-based serums as they aggravate ruddy complexions.

Step eight: Moisturizer
Moisturizer usually contains more oil than water so putting anything which you need to use for the health of your skin on before your moisturizer is pointless as they will just slide off your face. By using moisturizer last you actually lock in all the healing qualities and help them to sink in.

Step nine: Sunscreen
If your moisturizer doubles an effective sunscreen then you can omit this but if it doesn’t and most don’t then make sure you protect your skin from sun damage. After all the whole reason why you use these treatments is to protect your skin so you should protect it from the sun.

Step ten: Makeup primer

Whether using it to fill in lines, hide pores or just create an even canvas for color, siliconebased primer is your last step. It’s like waterproofing your skin let your skin absorb the moisturizer and sunscreen completely first and then apply this.

Step five: Antioxidant serum
Any sort of skin protection or pollution protection should be put on next. Antioxidant serums fight free radicals, repair collagen damage and help sun damage skin.

Step six: Eye cream
Eye cream should be put on before your moisturizer. Pat on the eye-cream gently and whatever lotions you use afterwards will actually seal in the active ingredients from the eye cream.

42 42


enin Ev
Step one: Cleanser
Just like the daytime routine begin with removing makeup, dirt, oil and daily grime so all those nighttime creams can work on clean, bare skin.

tine Rou g
mance. So wearing one on top of the other makes good sense. Hydroquinone sense should also be used after dark as the sun, which promotes melanin production, can counteract hydroquinone’s pigment-inhibiting effects.

Step four: Peptide serum
Peptides are most useful at night as the skin is in renewal mode. If you’re already using one or more of the other products listed above, opt for a peptide-rich night cream instead of a separate serum to streamline your routine.

Step two: Retinoids/ prescription skincare
Skin-smoothing retinoids take top precedence at night. Retinoid products should never be used over any sort of serum or lotion, and should only be applied after dark as sunlight can render them powerless also putting them over another product can cause severe irritation. If your complexion calls for a different kind of prescription drug, use that product here in place of retinoids.

Step five: Eye cream
Use a night version (no SPF) with reparative retinol or peptides.

Step six: Night cream
At night, the skin’s pH is lower, which means dead cells shed more easily. Microcirculation is higher, allowing the skin to make new cells and mend old, tired ones. Smoothing on a healing night cream bolsters this activity. Rich formulas are best because their thick, heavy base can help drive active ingredients into the skin.

Step three: Hydroquinone spot treatments
Supposedly hydroquinone (skin whitener) and retinoids work synergistically, intensifying each other’s perfor-


rain Bah n shio Fa ek ‘09 We

Moda Mall hosted Bahrain’s fashion week which brought the spirit of Milan to Bahrain with designers ranging from local artists such as our cover story Kahlida Rajab to UK’s finest in Omar Mansoor. The event was a great success with Khalida wowing the crowds with her elegant designs ranging from formal looks to classy nightwear. We attended the event to give you a taste of Khalida’s work!

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out with this finitely a time to glam h This summer ’09 is de aight from the s makeup trends str sh seasons hottest trend ol glamour with a da xing old-scho Hollywood experts. Mi have been yonce rs like Fergie and Be of retro-futurism, sta se simple fashion these trends. With the as followers of spotted d shiniest. ur smartest sexiest an s this summer will yo tip

The foundation style for 09 is definitely minimal, ideal coverage would be tinted moisturizer with a nice pale blusher. This will also have the advantage of cutting down your getting ready time.

Eye Shadow

Metallics are still here people. 09 is a time in which you can try any sort of metallic shade you find appropriate such as silver, gold, bronze or mauve.



are going to False eyelashes 09. (once again) in 20 be huge e demand of thes With the great ing easier becom extensions it is me. apply them at ho to

Hooray for peach shades. This wonderful color on the lips is almost universally flattering. This means that there is no chance of looking washed out from dark lip shades. Face it not everyone can pull of reds nor browns on the lips.

Smokey Eye
The new smoky eye, which you will see a lot of on the red carpet is done mostly in mauves and metallics so leave all the heavily dark make-up in your drawer and go for the brighter versions.

49 49

hrain’s Ba ashion F Icon: Khaleda Rajab
Khaleda Rajab is a local Bahraini designer that opened up for Bahrain’s fashion week held at the Moda Mall last month. Her clothes reflect the new generation of the youth in Bahrain, we sat down for a one on one exclusive with Khaleda


People call you the Paris Hilton of Bahrain, why do you think that is?

(Laughs) I get that a lot! I really don’t know what it is! One of my friends, a few years back, arrived from the states and got me a gift and it was a fake Paris Hilton driving license, it was really funny. But either way it’s definitely a compliment, she’s a beautiful person.

I’ve seen you around in your Porsche, what made you decide to buy that car?
I love sports cars, the first time I laid my eyes on a Porsche I knew that that’s the car I wanted. There’s something masculine and at the same time feminine about a Porsche. I love driving a challenging car or a car that men would think a girl would never be able to drive.

Where’s your trendiest spot to unwind and relax in Bahrain?

Fugi Sushi bar for lunch and Mai Thai for early evening, I love lounges that are on the sea or near water, there’s something very relaxing about that place. Bushido is great for relaxing I really like the concept of the restaurant. My favorite spot by far though in Bahrain is Jarada island. Its one of the most beautiful island I’ve ever been to in my life. I love going to the island on a weekday when there’s not even a single person on the island when it’s quite and my family and I or friends are the only ones around. Jarada is defiantly my spot to unwind and relax

How do you get your concepts for your clothes?

I sketch a lot, I start sketching my designs with whatever pops into my head and then go from there, such as a simple dress that’s strapless, long sleeves, one shoulder etc, depending on how I feel, then I start adding unique cuts or layers that are so different from what you see in your everyday style or in boutiques out there, something that will make a women stand out in a crowd. In a really good way, it should be “fierce”. I’ve always had a wild imagination when it comes to clothes, don’t get me wrong, I love simplicity in certain types of clothing and materials, but there’s also something really special about having a dress that’s very unique and out of this world. For a designer, creating an outfit or a dress, innovation is one of the most important aspects in designing. Playing it safe wont get you anywhere, there has to be pieces in a collection which will make the buyer think ‘there must be a story behind this dress.’


What makes your clothes different to everyone else?
My designs, the colors, cuts and layers, anything that surrounds me inspires me. For example I was looking at a picture of a parrot and it automatically inspired me, the colors on the bird inspired me to create a dress that’s feathered that represents the beauty of this creature and with that I created a parrot dress that’s innovative and really hot to wear. I never play by anyone’s rules I design clothing that are innovative and wearable at the same time, I like to make outfits that are challenging and always add that aspect to my designs. My signature designs that you are going to be seeing in every collection I launch is the butterfly cuff dress, of course though in each collection it will be of different styles and materials. I made it in neon yellow, orange, and green in my previous collection.

Do you feel that Bahrain’s market caters to your field of work?

Yes and no. People in Bahrain have good fashion sense but tend to stick to what’s safe and repeat things, however I think the new generation are becoming more daring and becoming more into what’s in and what’s not. I’ve also taken into account the more conservative fashionist’s by making the Abaya shawl and some longer sleeved dresses.

What are some of the difficulties that you face as a designer?

I actually don’t face any difficulties as a designer. If someone doesn’t appreciate my work it won’t upset me, everyone has his or her own taste and style. I always try and add something to my designs that will cater to every persons style needs.

What kind of people are you targeting and why?

I’m targeting the whole world, I made a collection in Bahrain fashion week for every age and culture, I made three dresses that are from my peacock mermaid collection. One of the dresses was short and playful with that dress I’m targeting teens and adults, with the long strapless evening dress I’m targeting adults that aren’t afraid or hesitant to show off their curves, the deep blue long sleeve turtle neck peacock dress is created for the conservative women out there; that dress does not need a cover up you can look stunning and comfortable in it just by wearing the dress. I’m also

52 52

targeting different age groups and people that lack the self confidence they should have, just because your old or struggling with your weight or your image it doesn’t give you the right to stop taking care of yourself, fitting into the perfect dress or outfit can give you that self confidence that you were looking for. You have to feel good in whatever you’re wearing, whenever you’re wearing it!

For people reading about you for the first time, what message do you have for your potential customers?

Dress fitting’s are always very important, make sure you get a dress or any type of clothing that’s not too small or too big on certain areas of your body buy a dress that’s made for you not for someone else. Buy a dress that wows you not something that you’re not sure about buying. You have to have a couple of outfits in your wardrobe that will last a lifetime something that you can pass down to the next generation.

What can your customers look forward too in the coming months? Any new designs?

Many new designs, I’m working on my fall winter 2009 collection your going to see a lot of fur and funky retro looks in the next collection and some elegant simplicity pieces here and there. My next collection is made especially for the courageous outrageous super fierce women out there, that’s not afraid to stand out in between a crowd glitzy and shinning like a star and is definitely keeping up with the trends.

t you fe wont ge ces laying it sa P as to be pie e ere, there h anywh will make th tion which e a story in a collec ere must b er think ‘th buy dress.’ behind this

What’s your favorite item of clothing that you have produced to this day? And Why?

My feathered collection I love a challenge, to some people color coordination is a necessity to me its not; I love experimenting with colors, with the feathered collection I had to play

with muted colored feathers for certain dresses and wild flashy colored feathers for other dresses and the ruffles I added to one of my feathered dresses added a huge touch to the dress. My peacock mermaid collection was the most work I ever put into a 3peice collection. the color of the beads are the most important once you slip in a wrong color of beads into a dress it can immediately look tacky. What

I did with the peacock mermaid dress was I drew the shapes I wanted embroidered on to the material and I sketched the shapes and sizes then I tried different bead colors on each layer till I got the perfect colors. I did the same with the other two peacock evening and cocktail dresses, they are by far one of the nicest pieces in my collection.


Where do you see yourself in five years time?
I love this question! i want my collection to be sold in different boutiques all around the world and I want to have a couple of solo boutiques in the US, UK , and the middle east. I want to dress up celebrities in my clothes my favorite celebrities are Nicole Richi, Beyonce. I want my clothes to be appreciated and recognizable.

I’m opening my own boutique very soon in FALCON TOWERS in the diplomatic area , my boutique is going to carry my everyday wear lower line kr-couture, my higher line KHALEDA RAJAB COUTURE, and KHALEDA RAJAB HAUT COUTURE, my office is in the same building to cater to people wanting haute couture designs.

Where can people find your products? Do you own your own shop?


The Internet has become the most effective selling point in 2009, when would we be able to purchase your clothes online?

I’m actually in the process of creating a website where I post videos of my fashion shows so people can have a better idea of how my clothes would look like on a person not a mannequin , I also want to sell my clothing on line but that’s going to take time hopefully sometime next year.

Yes, definitely, I love accessories my closet is full of accessories and shoes. A simple dress with the right accessories has a huge impact on a dress it can make it trendy or even classy but at the same time if accessories are over done on a certain outfit it can go wrong so handle accessories with care!

Do you plan on expanding your line up into accessories for your clothes?

What future events do you have lined up to promote your brand?
Im doing my own solo fashion show hopefully by October to promote my fall winter collection and I’m also thinking about showcasing my collecting in Dubai fashion week because its such a great market and people really appreciate fashion there.

What kind of music do you listen too and what’s your favorite artist?

House, when I’m driving back home all alone in the car. I also love R&B, Joe, and Brian McKnight are by far my favorite artists. Music always reflects on my mood. When I’m in a good mood I would listen to really loud music and sing along really loud it drives my friends crazy ( laughs ) when I want to reminisce about the past I play old songs and of course when I’m feeling down slow sad songs .

What is the most attractive quality in a guy?

He has to dress to impress, plus his eyes – you can tell a lot from a persons eyes, they can tell a story. Honesty is really important to me , a man that’s honest is definitely attractive.

Could we see you ever producing guy’s clothes in the near future?

YES !!!!!! that’s something that’s been on my mind for a very long time. Especially t-shirt funky ones with graffiti and funky pictures and quotes! Coming soon guys !



be can also good, we ecome evil. ers are “When oth is easy for us to b a saying , it There is rs are evil hen othe good. W

ingAnger troll on
K Alhadija Doss


Anger is an ugly and destructive emotion waiting to flare up and take control of our lives when the occasion arises. Uncontrolled anger can cause a great deal of harm both physically and emotionally. But, like any other human emotion, anger can be brought under control.

The Danger of Anger.
It is said that an angry person transfers the effect of their anger to themselves when they regain their reasoning. Whom or what do we fight with when we are angry? We fight with ourselves, and become, as it were, our worst enemy. Anger grows stronger when fueled by emotion, especially when craving is behind that emotion. At the moment of intense anger, a person ceases to be human; they become a dangerous animal capable of destroying not only others, but also themselves. Anger can cost people their reputation, job, friends, loved ones, peace of mind, health and even their very own self worth. When a person is angry, six things belittle them which would help the cause of their enemies and make them rejoice. 1. They will be ugly despite being well groomed and well dressed. 2. They will lie in pain, even when sleeping on a soft and comfortable couch. 3. They will do things that give rise to harm and suffering by mistaking bad for good and good for bad. 4. They will lose their hard-earned wealth and even run into trouble with the law. 5. They will lose their reputation and fame, which have been acquired by diligence. 6. Friends, relatives etc will avoid them.

56 56


These misfortunes are those that ones enemy would like to wish for. However, these are the very misfortunes that befall a person who is overcome by anger.



unnoticed. Their minds are always pure and undisturbed. When we are angry, we must be aware of our own anger. We must gain greater confidence in being able to control ourselves and will not act foolishly. Not all people have the same strategy to control anger. Thomas Jefferson said, “When angry, count to ten before you speak, if very angry, count to a hundred.” To develop better control of your temper, repeat these ideas mentally several times a day to yourself: ‘I can control my anger, ‘I can overcome irritability, ‘I will be cool, ‘I will be unmoved by anger as a rock, ‘I am courageous and full of hope, By repeating these lines, we can strengthen our minds to gain confidence and calmness. This advice if followed grows in effectiveness: By recalling some of the good qualities of the hated person, and start thinking of his qualities and the good things he has done, then the anger may soften and give way to loving kindness. Instead of being angry, you develop compassion for the other person who will have to face the result of his bad actions.

By developing thoughts of loving kindness to all beings. Great blessings come to those who develop their minds through the practice of love and compassion to all. By not letting your mind be polluted by evil thoughts towards the person who has wronged or hurt you. The anger you have in your mind does you more damage than to the other person. At the end, cultivate a life of happiness and love, even while living among the hateful.

* *

A good way to control anger is to act as if the undesirable thoughts do not exist in our mind. By using our will power, we focus our minds on something we find pleasure in and overcome negative emotions. It is not easy to react peacefully to someone who is insulting. Although the physical body is not harmed, the ego feels humiliated, thereby making a person feel like hitting back. The test of character is how we deal with situations confronting our daily lives. It seems even from our childhood, we like to take revenge for our own satisfaction. Darkness cannot be displayed by darkness only by brightness. In the same way, hatred cannot be overcome by hatred but by loving kindness.The best and perfect way for a person to act is to be as if letters written in the wind, they let abuse and uncomfortable gossip pass by

* *

57 57

gs ru D


rugs addiction is the spectre that enters homes and destroys the happiness of any family. It is the faster and the shorter way to death. Drug addiction is one of the most serious social problems of our time around the world and there are many reasons that push towards the addiction. The most important ones are being distant from religion, bad companions, and over-spoiling the children or neglecting them without keeping close eyes on them.

Mohammed Sadiq

Here are some of the signs that an individual may be addicted to drugs addiction:
The person wants to be alone more than usual. He or she spends inordinate amounts of time isolated from the rest of the family. Excessive need for privacy; keeps door locked or closed, won’t let people in. Drop in school or work performance; skips or is late to school or work. Receiving telephone calls at odd hours and using some strange and suspicious vocabulary. Neglect of religious duties like prayers. Increase or decrease in appetite; changes in eating habits, unexplained weight loss or gain. Cycles of excessive sleep. Violent temper or bizarre behaviour. Unexplained need for money; can’t explain where money goes; stealing. Abnormally slow movements, speech or reaction time, confusion and disorientation. For smoked drugs, a persistent cough or bronchitis, leading to coughing up excessive mucus or blood. Suspected drug paraphernalia such as unexplained pipes, roach clips or syringes. Needle marks or bruises on lower arm, legs or bottom of feet. Smell of substance on breath, body or clothes.

58 36


di in If you find that there is a drug adlikctthis: e
your family, try to be calm and act
When dealing with a drug addict, we should act in a very wise and tranquil way away from cruelty, violence or intimidation. We should be very secretive. Choose the appropriate time to speak to the addict and give him the chance to express his feeling, then start advising him. A lot of drug addicts lose their battle against despair, so try your best to renew their hopes in life. Search for the reasons behind the addiction wither social or psychological and try to tackle them. Never give money to the drug addict. The family members should understand the nature of the drug-addiction treatment and how to deal with the addict. Ex drug-addicts can be very helpful in the treatment. Reward the patient and encourage him whenever he/she achieves any improvement. When treated, the patient should be welcomed and accepted by all of his family members. It’s very important to follow up and keep an aye on the patient to spot the emergence of any negative signs or indicators that show any relapse.

In conclusion, I wish the international community to appeal to every State not party to international conventions to join drug trafficking and to implement its provisions, and to provide material assistance to countries suffering from problems related to drug smuggling across the border. In conclusion, I’d like to send a call to the international community to appeal to every State that is not a member of the International Drug Control Conventions to ask them to implement its provisions, and to provide a financial assistance to those countries that are countries suffering from problems related to drug trafficking across their borders.

I’d like also to appeal to all ministries, governmental and ministrie private bodies to adopt a privat visio vision of an comprehensive and integrated strategy to an c combat drug addiction and to coordinate to produce films and programs to address this phenomenon on television, radio and Internet sites. I also wound like to appeal to the clerks to spread t the awareness of the th dangers of drugs among da people. I can not help but peo pay tribute to and thank all the tr police officers and workers in the of Ministry of the Interior for their great t effort to address and prevent the entry addres of drugs into our beloved kingdom. I would also like to express my gratitude to w the Anonymous Addicts Community for their th great efforts in helping the addicts. gr


ver had that sinking feeling when someone embarrasses you and insults your intelligence? That is known as a ‘Face-Threatening Act.’ This article is about how it effects everyday situations in universities and how the teachers can prevent damaging the abilities of the students.

Amjad Mahmood
Department Computer Department of Computer e u Sciences University of Bahrain


What is ‘FACE’


“FACE” is a term which refers to the self-image or esteem of a person which is maintained in society. Everyone is conscious of his/her face and wants to protect it at any cost. While interacting with other people in society we often say something which is likely to ‘hurt’ the feelings of someone else. Such acts can be thought of as ‘face threatening

acts’ as they have the potential to tarnish the others self image. In this article I would like to discuss the effect of such face threatening acts when it comes to teaching in Arab universities. Also to suggest how such acts can be avoided so that the atmosphere and environment in the classroom enhances the opportunity to learn.



In everyday conversation, there are ways to go about getting the things we want. When we are with a group of friends, we can say to them, without the risk of offence such as; “Go get me that plate!”, or “Shut-up!” However, when we are surrounded by a group of adults at a formal function, in which our parents are attending, we must say, “Could you please pass me that plate, if you don’t mind?” and “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt.” In different social situations, we are obligated to adjust our use of words to fit the occasion. It would seem socially unacceptable if the phrases above were reversed. According to Brown and Levinson, co-authors of the original text on politeness theory, politeness strategies are developed in order to save the hearers’ “face.” Usually you try to avoid embarrassing the other person, or making them feel uncomfortable. Face Threatening Acts (FTA’s) are acts that compromise the hearers’ ability to maintain his/her self esteem, and be respected.

Different Ways to Interact

• Bald on Record, • Negative Politeness, • Positive Politeness, • Off-Record-indirect strategy.

To avoid causing embarrassment to others while also saving our own face we should follow a few simple guidelines. For this purpose a range of politeness strategies are developed for the main purpose of dealing with these FTA’s. These strategies are meant to minimize the threat to the face. There are four types of politeness strategies, described by Brown and Levinson that sum up human “politeness” behavior:

For example, what would you do if you saw a cup of pens on your teacher’s desk, and you wanted to use one? How would you go about asking for permission? Would you say; A) “Ooh, I want to use one of those!” B) “So, is it O.K. if I use one of those pens?” C) “I’m sorry to bother you but, I just wanted to ask you if I could use one of those pens?” D) Indirectly say, “Hmm, I don’t where I put my pen.”


If you answered A, you used what is called the bald on record strategy which provides no effort to minimize threats to your teachers’ “face.” As the name of the category suggests no phrases or “hedges” are used in order to soften the threat to the face. With the bald on record strategies there is a direct possibility that the audience will be shocked or embarrassed by the strategy. If you answered B, you used the positive politeness strategy. In this situation you recognize that your teacher has a desire to be respected. It also confirms that the relationship is friendly and expresses group reciprocity. This strategy attempts to minimize the threat to the hearer’s positive face. This strategy is most commonly used in situations where the audience knows each other fairly well. Quite often hedging and attempts to avoid conflict are used. If you answered C, you used the negative politeness strategy which is similar to positive politeness in that you recognize that they want to be respected, however, you also assume that you are in some way imposing on them. If you answered D, you used off record indirect strategies. The main purpose is to take some of the pressure off of you. You are trying not to directly impose by asking for a pen. Instead you would rather it be offered to you once the teacher realizes you need one, and you are looking to find one.

As is evident from the above, in ordinary daily communication our face is constantly prone to threats. In particular, in classrooms there is a constant risk as our negative and positive faces are threatened in teacher-student interaction. In particular, if the teachers are not fully aware of how badly they can pose a threat to the face of their students. Not only do the FTAs cause embarrassment to the students, but it also has negative effect on their learning abilities. If our self-esteem is hurt, our abilities to think critically and creatively will diminish to a great extent. My personal experience indicates that in Universities, teachers tend to pass remarks on the performance of the students which can potentially lower the esteem of the students in the eyes their peers’. It is not uncommon to hear remarks like, ‘You do not understand…’ or, ‘You do not get the point’, and so on. The question then is: how can we avoid causing undue embarrassment to our students? There are many ways how FTA’s can be addressed in the classroom. Teachers can adopt various methods in order to avoid face-threatening language. As pointed out earlier, executing face threatening acts in the classroom can be particularly de-motivating for the students and may take away the will and determination to learn. It will affect those students who are particularly sensitive and susceptible to face threatening acts to the point of depression and doubt.

62 62

The change, however, is not expected to take place overnight. The university authorities can and has to take a number of steps in order to improve the situation in the classrooms. Here are some of my suggestions which teachers, professors and lecturers can consider: • An awareness drive can be launched in the university to create general realization in the teachers about the notion of face and how it works in the classroom. • Teachers are advised to adjust the situation and take effective measures where FTA is unavoidable. This means that if a teacher has to remark on, for example, students less than expected performance, the phrases like; a. ‘It would improve your presentation if you....’, b. ‘Have you thought about...’ c. ‘Why don’t you rewrite it in a way that...’ These mitigating remakes can go a long way in encouraging the students to put more effort in their performance. • Teachers should concentrate on what is good rather than what is wrong. Criticism should start with what strengths there are and then point out areas where improvement is required.

As pointed out above, these strategies are not expected to come to teachers over night. Deliberate efforts should be made and measures should be taken to introduce awareness. Teachers should use polite strategies to motivate students to take interest in learning.

Other measures need to be taken include:

• Special workshops should be held in order to create awareness in university teachers, focusing on driving the point home how politeness strategies are important. • The point that using face threatening acts can be severely de-motivating for students which can adversely affect the learning process. • Face and its importance should be made a mandatory component of all teacher-training programmes to understand the idea of face and how awareness of it is essential in teachers to avoid unpleasant situations. It is hoped that adopting the above suggestions will go a long way in improving the teaching/learning situation in the universities and brining the teaching standard at the par with most modern universities of the world. Also it would bring Arab universities a step closer to the international standards of teaching. If our self-esteem is hurt, our abilities to think critically and creatively will diminish to a great extent.


old CSummer
By May Mahmoud
Need some relief from Bahrain’s scorching summer heat and humidity? Then you won’t be able to resist these ice cream creations. Especially if they bring back lots of childhood memories!

ater &t e t nu P

Bu Jelly m e Crea es Ic andwich S
1. Preheat oven to 180 degree C. Knead flour into cookie dough. On a lightly floured surface, roll dough into a rectangle and cut into 1-1/2inch squares. Transfer to ungreased cookie sheets. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until edges are firm and tops are browned. Cool on cookie sheets for 1 minute. Remove and cool completely on a wire rack. 2. Place 1 teaspoon jam or preserves on flat side of 1 cookie. Place a small scoop of ice cream (about 1-1/2 tablespoons) on jam. Top with another cookie, flat side down, and press lightly. Repeat with remaining cookies, jam, and ice cream. Wrap and freeze 4 to 48 hours.

1 peanut butter co okie dough recipe, or a refrigerated pean ut butter cookie dough ro ll 1/4 cup all-purpo se flour 6 tablespoons pr eserves, such as raspberry , cherry, or strawberry 1 pint vanilla bean ice cream

64 64


owballs ’ More Sn S
ares cracker squ 12 graham y oops rock 12 small sc e ice colate fudg road or cho ups) ut 1 1/2 c cream (abo hmallow 1 jar of mars fluff topping
1. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper. Arrange cracker squares on waxed paper. Use a small ice cream scoop to place scoops of ice cream on each cracker square. Cover and freeze while preparing frosting. 2. Mix the frosting in the jar to loosen. Place frosting in a large pastry bag fitted with a large round tip (1/4-inch). Pipe frosting over each ice cream mound to cover. Or use a spoon to spread frosting over each ice cream scoop, spreading to cover. Freeze at least 1 hour (cover loosely after frosting is firm). 3. f you would like to toast your snowballs, you will need a really hot oven. Preheat oven to 220 degrees C (if your oven can get hotter than this it is preferable). Transfer squares to a greased baking sheet. Bake, uncovered, for 3 to 4 minutes or until frosting is golden brown. Serve immediately. Makes 12 servings.


o Rebirth Camar
kes ’em how they should Chevy finally ma be!


come t took me a while to ing line up with an open n for this story and the enly hit me. Why it sudd l for this not keep it real…rea rican road genuine all-Ame : THE terror…to put it simply RO IS BACK! CAMA

The Test-Drive Experienc


I was handed the keys to a magnificent V8 SS model and naturally my expectations were high. Naturally when the keys to the American car were handed to me I planted my foot on the throttle and wait for the catapult launch. Let’s just say I followed procedure and the Camaro did not disappoint. To put it simply, it was an engine strapped onto a plank of wood coupled with suspensions and covered by a fiber (not carbon-fiber) body-shell that looked like a soap bar. It seems that some of the tech from the Z06 and Holden development programs has found its way into the Camaro and the car can now actually grip the road. The standard manual transmission and the optional automatic are both six-speeds.

66 66


Interior details
Inside the four-passenger cabin, a well-executed balance of heritage, modern design and attention to detail conveys simplicity and refinement with contemporary details in the cluster, switches, dials and lighting, using low gloss, soft touch surfaces throughout. The only real complaint I had with the car was its limited supply of front-seat headroom which is kind of like the old car. Also to be precise there isn’t much of any kind of room in the back seat. But, the combination of available eight-way power seat adjustment, plus standard tilt and telescopic steering, should make comfort easy to find for most people above average… but those in the beyond “above-average should seriously just give it a pass.

67 67

At the heart of the 2010 Camaro beats an engine that delivers performance in unexpected ways, especially where power is concerned, securing its stance as an ideal vehicle for the Middle East. There are two engine options available; a Direct Injection 3.6L V6 pumping out 323hp available in manual and six speed Driver-Shift-Control (DSC) automatic transmission, a first for Camaro, while the more powerful 6.2L V8 engine in the SS version produces 462hp with the manual and 441hp with the automatic six speed DSC transmission. All of the Camaro’s engines channel their power to a responsive chassis that features independent front and rear suspensions, large four-wheel-disc brake systems with standard ABS and GM’s StabiliTrak electronic stability control system.

This is the part that most of you should be reading with eyes wide open. Yep, this Camaro is a lot safer than the coffin-on-wheels that was its predecessor. GM has deployed a comprehensive system of safety features including the use of high strength and ultra high-strength steel in key areas throughout the structure. Secondary safety features include the regular front air bags, safety belt load limiters and front passenger air-bag deployment suppression detection system to ensure that your passenger doesn’t make an involuntary exit head-first through the windscreen.

68 68 68


Take it to the track
The Camaro is equipped with 19-inch wheels standard on the LT model and 20-inch wheels as optional. For SS models, 20-inch wheels are standard, with tire sizes of 245/45R20 up front and 275/40R20 at the rear. SS models are equipped with Pirelli Pzero summer-only, Z-rated tires. Through it all, you are able to keep your foot on the gas, flying over harsh road impurities in a way that makes the Camaro handling characteristics superior to competition.” If you want the freedom to drive on the road and also at the track, then you’ll want to get the SS - and not only because it has more power with which to break loose the rear wheels; all Camaros come with standard stability control, but only the SS includes a competitive/sport mode to allow a more…race like driving style. In similar vein, the SS with manual transmission also has a Launch Control function for perfect starts, every time.

The car itself, I like a lot. GM has cleverly blended classic muscle-car character and performance…and what a performance it is. GM has produced an amazing looking sports car for anyone out there that wants to use it on or off the track. The only changes you’d need for the immediate future would be a spare set of racing wheels. For those thinking about the long term we can’t wait until one of you decides to slap on a super-charger and get this thing rolling with the likes of the ZR1…for a fraction of a price. Now that’s what we call money well spent!

69 69 69

rowwn G rO s ou enu p Y V tra Fly
D Do ’t Don’t you jjust hate it when those darn flies just buzz th t h th d fli j t b around and annoy the sanity out of you? Fly swatting does the trick some time but it’s just bothersome getting the fly swatter, waiting for the fly to land, whacking it only to miss the pest. Well don’t fret. With your very own “Grow Your Own Venus Flytrap” fly extermination will never be the same again. Each “Grow Your Own Venus Flytrap” comes with mini plant pot, Venus Flytrap seeds, a compost pellet, and of course detailed instruction on how to raise your seed into a fully fledged carnivorous plant. Just wait four to six weeks after planting the seeds and voila you have your very own fly-exterminator. Who knows with enough time you could probably teach it to go for bigger critters, (like younger siblings).

aser L
op leidosc Ka



There existed a time when MTV actually played music and friendships didn ’t involve “SuperPokes!” The psychedelic age was when the kaleidoscope ruled the icon of all gadgets. Alas that time has long passed and kaleidoscopes are now ancient relic s of the past (along with big poofy hairs and parents). But this age the kaleidoscope is making a come back and it had an upgrade . Introducing the laser kaleidoscope, a laser pow ered kaleidoscope reminiscent of an acid trip. The kaleidoscope with its high powered laser beam is the size of a small torch and shoots out its laser beams onto the near est surface for all to share. You can change the pattern by turning the dial on the front, mov ing the prism and creating a laser show that the likes of Pink Floyd would be proud of and also creates the perfect mood for a dance party.



Wide al Movie ersoneater P Th
Imagine watching a blockbuster film on big screen theater from the comfort of practically anywhere, without the annoyance of people talking or the usher’s flashlight. With the 52 Inch Widescreen Personal Movie Theatre, you no longer have to imagine, you can literally create your own private viewing experience anywhere. Curl up on the couch without having to pay the ticket prices, or even bring your Personal Movie Theatre out with you and set up your own home theatre business no matter where you are. All you need is a video I-pod, a portable DVD player or even a personal game video system and it enlarges and enhances the picture to resemble your own private movie screen perfect with its surround sound quality. This gadget also comes with an adjustable head strap for comfort’s sake. It has a battery power that lasts up to eight hours so there’s no need to worry about battery life (unless you’re watching an entire season of Lost). All in all, this little gadget is the perfect toy for a movie buff. (Do not use while driving)

2 Isccrh en 5 ne

Zen p
Write class notes, jot down a reminder, or even scribble, the Zpen will remember it all. Add a little personality in your writing Clip the receiver to the top of any piece of paper or notepad and it will record every single stroke the Zpen makes, even if you’re just doodling aimlessly. All you need do is plug the device into your USB drive in your computer or laptop and it effortlessly transfers your scrawl to your PC. If you need to convert your handwritten note into a document you can even transform it into plain text using the smart software provided. It’s small enough to carry in your pocket, so if you’re ever inspired by an idea fever you can write it to a cafe napkin and scribble away to your heart’s content. The Zpen is a brilliant and futuristic way of letting your creative juices flow in the computer without the boundaries of the keyboard.

Q-SOUND Solar-

powered Bluetooth Headphones

What better way of going eco-friendly and at the same time hip and trendy with the QSOUND Solar-powered Headphones. These cool space-age influenced headphones generate enough juice to hold up a battery life for an extra forty hours. In fact for every hour that stays in direct sunlight you add up an extra two hours of running time played with maximum volume (Though we wouldn’t recommend you standing out in the heat for the sake of battery life). Aside from that, these headphones are also Bluetooth compatible (From portable media players to cell phones, you name it). This means you can deal with any call when you need to. Each rubber-based earpiece can be adjusted to fit any type of head for you to indulge it’s full the comfort level. With this earth-friendly, trendy gadget we can assume that Al Gore and Anne Wintour have finally found some common ground.


It was only a matter of time before a company was brave enough to put child slavery where it belongs ... on television! Eyeworks, a television production company, has just inked a deal with OctoMom Nadya Suleman, finally making her dream a reality. Nadya has longed for her ‘terrifying ordela’ to be aired on television so we can only assume that her dream was to exploit her children for as much money as humanly possible. Octo’s been trying to get a show going for a while, but now, despite all good sense and decency, it looks like it actually may happen. If you count each of her fourteen kids as a large sacks of money, then this show will be six large sacks of money better than Jon and Kate Plus Eight!


Eminem and Jay-Z To Collaborate on New Video Game “DJ Hero”
The upcoming DJ Hero video game just landed two heavy hitters as MCs: Jay-Z and Eminem. Both rappers are bringing their music to the newest offshoot of Activision’s successful $2 billion Guitar Hero franchise. The game, played with a turntable-shaped controller, is due out this fall for PlayStation 3, PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii (no price or rating yet). A limited edition comes with the rappers’ exclusive new greatest-hits CDs, possibly including previously unreleased tracks, plus an advanced version of the controller, a DJ stand and metal traveling case. Jay-Z and Eminem will serve as consultants to Activision and the game’s developer, FreeStyleGames.

e e us r. Drx”DnbDtr. D I
“Deto r Ad Peppe
It may just be a few seconds of music, but Dr. Dre fans will remember the new Dr. Pepper ad as the spot where they heard the first officially released beats from the much-delayed “Detox.” The L.A.-based hip-hop producer appears in the last installment of an ad campaign entitled “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor,” and teases music from the long-awaited album, currently slated for a late 2009 release on Aftermath/Interscope.



Soulja Boy Offers “iSoulja Eminem is
Boy TellEm” For Just $2.99
Teen rapper Soulja Boy has always been ahead of the curve, as far as promoting himself with new technology. After getting signed thanks to the enormous fanbase he built online, the rapper released one of the biggest singles of 2007/2008 with “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”, launching his career into the mainstream. This year, despite being written off as a one-hit wonder, Soulja Boy returned with his sophomore album iSouljaBoyTellem, producing two more chart toppers with the singles “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” and “Turn My Swag On.” Using technology again, he’s offering fans -- for a limited time -- the chance to buy his new album, in MP3 format, for just $2.99 via Amazon’s MP3 store. Additionally, when you purchase the album, you can send a personalized “Turn My Swag On” video to your whole crew for free and set them up with a gift card through HD Greetings.

the Biggest Selling Artist of the Decade

Rihanna Set To Testify Against
Chris Brown in Court!!

Rihanna’s lawyer just said the D.A. told him his client will be subpoenaed at the next court hearing. Donald Etra said Rihanna will be called to the stand to testify at Chris Brown’s preliminary hearing next month. Etra says his client will cooperate and take the stand. It’s

not at all unexpected that the alleged victim would be called to the stand in a prelim. Also today, the judge rejected a motion made by Chris Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, asking for an order requiring the LAPD to ante up info regarding leaks in the case.

Eminem, who was born 2-1/2 years after the Beatles broke up, is the only artist who has sold more albums in this decade than the fabled foursome. Eminem’s new album Relapse sold 608,000 copies so far, lengthening his lead as the artist who has sold the most albums in the 2000s. The rap superstar has sold 31,127,000 albums since the first week of January 2000. In second place: The Beatles, who have sold 27,591,000 albums in the same period. (That’s not bad for a group that broke up in 1970.) The Beatles have done better in this decade relative to the competition than they did in the ‘90s, when they were the #5 album-selling act.. Only four of the top 20 album sellers of the 1990s also rank among the top 20 album sellers so far in the 2000s. The Fab Four is joined by Metallica, Alan Jackson and Celine Dion. Nielsen/ SoundScan, which has tracked sales for Billboard since 1991, doesn’t carry a list of the top album sellers of the 2000s on its site. But the information is all there, if you know where to look (and can do simple subtraction). Eminem, 31,127,000. First charted: 1999. Eminem, 36, is the top male artist and the top rap artist so far in this decade. His 2000 album The Marshall Mathers LP is his best-seller. It has sold 10,178,000 copies.


Talking with inter
Michael Owen in
talks with Everton
Everton are preparing to offer Michael Owen the chance to resurrect his career at Goodison Park following a three year spell at Newcastle United that has been beset by injury and culminated in relegation from the Premier League. Owen, 29, is a free agent after coming to the end of his four-year contract at St James’ Park and the club’s fall in to the Championship has ended any prospect of the former England striker penning a new deal on Tyneside. With a succession of injuries restricting Owen to just 71 league outings for Newcastle since his £16m transfer from Real Madrid in August 2005, the former Liverpool star is not expected to prompt interest from any of the current Big Four this summer. But FA Cup finalists Everton are understood to be keen to lure Owen back to Merseyside, providing that the player is prepared to accept a drastic pay cut from the six-figure weekly salary that he has earned during his time at Newcastle. Everton’s highest earners – Yakubu and Tim Cahill – are currently paid in the region of £50,000a-week and Owen would be expected to settle for a similar figure, which would be boosted by a generous signing-on fee due to his status as a free transfer. With the package likely to cost Everton £4m in terms of wages and signing-on fee, it would be regarded as a relatively low-priced ‘gamble’ in a transfer market inflated by the wealth of Chelsea and Manchester City. Everton manager David Moyes has shortlisted Owen as a possible summer recruit, despite the player’s injury problems, and Owen is understood to be keen to return to the north-west, where he y still has a family home. Chelsea midfielder Deco could be on his way out of Stamford Bridge after just one season after claiming he is in talks with Internazionale. Deco joined the Blues last summer after falling out of favour at Barcelona and started his first Premier League season strongly. However, fitness problems following the arrival of Guus Hiddink as manager in January led to a lack of first-team opportunities and Deco now claims he is considering moving on to Italy. The 31-year-old would be reunited with former FC Porto coach Jose Mourinho at Inter. “I can confirm I’m talking with Inter,” said Deco. “I didn’t get to play much this year at Chelsea and a move to Italy would be a very good solution. “To be coached by Mourinho again would be very interesting. “But I don’t want to go into details because it’s not me who’s dealing with the matter.”

Reds losing ground in Carlitos’ battle
Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez’s unwillingness to meet the £25.5 million asking price for Manchester United’s Carlos Tevez has allowed Manchester City to move ahead in the race to sign the Argentine, while Chelsea and Real Madrid are also interested parties. Tevez’s representatives will meet United chief executive David Gill tomorrow to discuss the forward’s future, though privately Tevez holds out little hope of United coming to an agreement that would see him remain at Old Trafford beyond the end of the month, according to a report in the Independent newspaper. United, who have already paid around £10 million in fees during the player’s two year loan at the club, have been trying to negotiate a reduced fee for the player, but with City more than willing to pay the asking price, that appears unlikely to bear fruit. City would also be able to offer Tevez vastly inflated wages and the Argentine’s sense of frustration with United, with whose fans he enjoys an excellent relationship, may make the controversial move across the city more feasible. Real and Chelsea remain in contention but the London club’s pursuit of other high profile attacking options, such as AC Milan playmaker Kaka, means Tevez’s chances of being

a regular starter at Stamford Bridge, a key consideration after being relegated to the Old Trafford bench for much of the season, appear limited. Kia Joorabchian, who leads a consortium that holds Tevez’s economic rights, is confident both clubs would match the figure demanded and therefore is in a strong bargaining position with both Liverpool and United. United, though reluctant to let Tevez go, especially to one of their Premier League rivals, appear to have reasoned the money saved would be better spent strengthening the midfield.

74 74


Ronaldo worth
the money

Inspired by a film

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez says any money needed to land Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo would be well spent. He told the Radio Television Espanola programme, ‘59 Seconds’: “I don’t know anything about the story of Cristiano Ronaldo. I only just took charge. “But what I am sure of is that which seems expensive is the cheapest. “In my last era the cheapest was (Zinedine) Zidane, who seemed very expensive because we paid 73 million (euros) for him. “Without knowing who we can get, there will be a massive effort for the great players of the world, because that is the Real Madrid model.” erez laughed off suggestions that Ronaldo’s temper could hinder him at the Bernabeu. “I have not seen anything about him that would prohibit him from playing at Real Madrid,” he added. “I have seen him get angry because he wants to win and (because of) his competitive spirit. “The information I have on him says that he is an example on the pitch, a model.”

Triumphant Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola could add film director to his burgeoning CV after producing the perfect images to inspire victory over Manchester United in the Champions League final. Guardiola showed a specially made film to his players in their dressing room 10 minutes before the final in Rome, which Barcelona won 2-0 to dash United’s hopes of becoming the first team to defend a Champions League title. The film highlighted action images of his players’ finest moments - featuring every member of the Barca squad - and Guardiola had clearly done his homework on the Eternal City and Italy ahead of the final in the Stadio Olimpico. The pictures were set to a soundtrack from the Russell Crowe film Gladiator and the opera Turandot performed by Italian legend Pavarotti. The film had the desired effect as Barcelona went on to outclass United to become champions of Europe for the third time

thanks to goals from Samuel Eto’o and Lionel Messi. Before showing the film to the Barca squad, Guardiola gave members of his staff a sneak preview, moving several of them in tears. Barca’s success was also a personal triumph for rookie boss Guardiola, who insisted that he should not appear in the movie.

Madrid finally gets their galactico
Real Madrid have announced the signing of Brazil international Kaka (picture) from AC Milan. Madrid gave no financial details but reports late yesterday said the Spanish club will pay Milan ?65 million ($131.5 million) for the attacking midfielder, making it one of the richest deals in football history. The largest previous transfer was set by Zinedine Zidane when he joined Madrid from Juventus for US$65 million in 2001. Milan also confirmed Kaka’s transfer to Madrid on its website. Kaka, who passed a medical in the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife earlier yesterday, has signed a six-year contract. “Kaka is one of the players that every team would like to have and Madrid had the chance to get him,” Madrid president Florentino Perez told radio station Onda Cero just before the signing was announced. The attacking midfielder is the first player to join Madrid since Perez regained the club presidency unopposed last week. Perez has said he intends to revive his “galactico” policy which, as well as Zidane, attracted star players like David Beckham, Ronaldo and Luis Figo to Madrid earlier in the decade. Kaka, who was the 2007 Fifa world player of the year, earlier this year turned down a world-record ?100 million transfer to Manchester City. Kaka, who is in Brazil with the national team for World Cup qualifiers and who will then travel to South Africa for the Confederations Cup, said before he left he was happy in Milan. However, the size of Madrid’s bid appears to have proved too good for Milan to turn down. Last week, Milan president Silvio Berlusconi and chairman Adriano Galliani said the club had made huge financial losses recently.

75 75

Angels & Demons:
When a murder of a physicist, Leonardo Vetra, finds a symbolist, Robert Langdon, and Mr. Vetra’s daughter, Vittoria, on an adventure for a secret brotherhood, The Illuminati. Clues lead them all around the Vatican, including the four alters of science, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. An Assassin, working for the Illuminati, has captured four cardinals, and murders each, painfully. Robert and Vittoria also are searching for a new very destructive weapon that could kill millions. Star Rating: * * * * *

The Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3 g
Pelham 1-2-3, a subway train, becomes the focal point of the most audacious and unusual terrorist attack ever seen. Four gunmen, going by color codenames, seize the train and hold its passengers and conductor hostage halfway between underground stations, demanding a hefty ransom else they will begin executing hostages. A veteran NY transit policeman leads negotiations with the hijackers to prevent any killing, but amid the showdown a question nags at authrorities - with the gunmen and their hostages in a tunnel surrounded by police on all sides, how can they possibly escape? Star Rating: * * * *

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Revenge of the fallen
Decepticon forces return to D Earth on a mission to take E Sam Witwicky prisoner, after S the th young hero learns the truth about the ancient origins of a the th Transformers. Joining the mission to protect humankind m is Optimus Prime, who forms an a alliance with international armies for a second epic battle. a S Star Rating: * * * *


Terminator Salvation:

A teacher opens a time capsule that has been dug up at his son’s elementary school; in it are some chilling predictions -- some that have already occurred and others that are about to -- that lead him to believe his family plays a role in the events that are about to unfold. Star Rating: * * *

Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor is the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright, a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet’s operations, where they uncover the terrible secret behind the possible annihilation of mankind. Star Rating: * * *


Children of Hurin
J.R.R. Tolkien returns with the Children of Hurin reuniting fans with the middle earth, Elves and Men, dragons and Dwarves, Eagles and Orcs. Presented for the first time as a complete, standalone story, this stirring narrative will appeal to every fans and expert readers alike, returning them to the rich landscape and characters unique only to the LOTR universe. With Tolkien’s vintage style writing accenting the dark yet beautifully plotline, “Children of Hurin” is indeed another masterpiece that fits in nicely with the saga.

By J.R.R. Tolkien

By Tom McCarthy

By Benjamin Black

McCarthy’s debut novel features an unnamed narrator who suffers memory loss as the result of a mysterious accident, and who is awarded an £8.5 million settlement which he uses to help re-enact events he remembers or imagines in his quest for identity.

Christine Falls
Benjamin Black, the pen name of Booker Award winning author John Banville (“The Sea”), makes his crime novel debut with a book about a Dublin pathologist who seeks to determine the truth about the death of a mysterious woman named Christine Falls.

The pesthouse

By Jim Crace

Jim Crace introduces us to a post apocalyptic America in which society has collapsed and its people live out a meager living by any primitive means necessary. The only reasonable hope for survival is a difficult trip east through the environmentally devastated land and passage by ship to Europe. Heading east, naïve farm boy Franklin teams up with Margaret, a recovering victim of the mysterious “flux” whose shaven head (mark of the unclean) causes passersby to shun her. Their love blossoms amid misadventures in an anarchic landscape.

The Bill from My Father A Memoir

By Bernard Cooper

By Ishmael Beah

A Long Way Gone Memoirs of a Boy Soldier di
Ishmael Beah tells the story of how, as a boy, he fled attacking rebels in his violent homeland of Sierra Leone, and by the age of thirteen, he’d been picked up by the government army and became a child soldier, capable of terrible acts.

When Bernard Cooper receives the inheritance from his deceased LA divorce lawyer father in the form of an invoice for $2 million, an itemized breakdown of the cost of his own childhood, he pens a memoir exploring financial and emotional indebtedness.



21st Century Breakdown

By Green Day

The eight album from Green Day is indeed a refreshing comeback for listeners; it has all the elements of classic neo-punk all the while giving the album the same zest if not better than American Idiot. Their greatest fault however is that it sounds too much like American Idiot; for a band that paved the way for neo-punk a little reinvention wouldn’t hurt, they never sound purposely redundant but listen a little closer and you’d swear you’ve heard it all before. Fortunately even if it sound’s like a remake, everything about it is way more superior than its predecessor. All in all the album is a decent return to head banging, fist pumping, feet thumping, nostalgic rock era.

By R.O.O.T.S

Its been a long time coming for Eminem fans but the wait is over! This album is the compilation of Em’s ups and downs over the last few years. He has adopted a jerky style that cannot be emulated and has created a niche so strong that he was awarded the ‘number one artist in a decade’ award for record sales! This album is definitely his most diverse with songs ranging from him preaching to his audience to child molestation when growing up and its definitely an iTunes download!!

Flo Rida
Hip Hop purists don’t care for Flo Rida, but Flo Rida doesn’t make music for Hip Hop purists. He makes muscular singalongs designed to make entire clubs explode with excitement. This album sounds a bit like Black Eyed Peas might if Will. had discarded his musical ambitions and decided to focus solely on the partyhearty formula of “My Humps. Right Round, the single off the album, is hybrid of headbanging hair metal and walloping disco…sure, its not the most sophisticated music ever, but is there anything more fun?

By Lily Allen

By DJ Slevin

The High End Of Low
r Fightsta


Lily Allen
Now people who know me look at me as a local Hip House producer. Nevertheless I still keep my ear to the street, and this album caught my attention for its originality. I was browsing on iTunes and previewing songs and let me tell you, for those of you awho are trying to come up in the music industry, take a listen to this album and the project itself as a whole. The beats and melodies are unique, her voice is unique, the delivery is top class and the end result is an album that will force even the non-listeners to put their hands together for a job well done!

Slevin Selections Vol 1
For our avid readers, DJ Slevin is not an unfamiliar face as he was our cover guy last month! Well we sat down and listened to his CD and decided that this guy is definitely worth mentioning! Ill be honest with you guys, I still have his set playing in my car to this day and its definitely the type of CD you leave in your player while stuck in traffic heading out! It features all the top DJ’s with a touch of Slevin magic and, for a local DJ, this set is setting the benchmark for the rest of you!

Marilyn Manson returns to his original styles and persona in this album. The high end of low which utilizes Twiggy Ramirez’s bass playing has been a great advantage in making this Manson’s most brutal, shocking and insensitive album since Mechanical Animals. Though the music gets a little redundant at times any Marilyn Manson fan will enjoy this dark metal.


Mar 21 - Apr 20
Children will be of major concern if you haven’t kept the lines of communication open. You can surprise members of your family, which in turn will bring you a pat on the back. Your unique approach to life will interest others. Secret intrigues could get you into trouble. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Friday.


Apr 21 - May 21
Be careful if a friend asks you for advice. Your partner’s a little jumpy. Hide your cards and learn to say no. You will do extremely well if you get involved in competitive activities this month. Putting yourself first is not selfish now. It’s the best way to nourish yourself and raise your abilities to their highest potential. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.



May 22 - Jun 21
Your family needs to spend some time with you, too. Don’t let your personal partner hold you back or slow you down. Sudden changes regarding colleagues may surprise you. Problems are really your best opportunities to improve, so don’t surrender. Focus your energy toward the future rather than fretting about the present moment. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday.


Jun 22 - Jul 22
Changes in your residence will be favorable in the long haul. Confusion is apparent and you’ll need some sound advice if you want to do the right thing. Think of starting a new business or emotional partnership. You can sort out any differences you have in an amiable manner. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.

Jul 23 - Aug 22
Avoid any over indulgences. Be prepared to step into the limelight if you wish to promote your ambitions. Think of starting a new business or emotional partnership. Don’t let the expectations of others limit you. There are many ways to express your creativity, and it’s your job to find the outlet that works best for you. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday.



Aug 23 - Sep 23
Take your time; do not make any decisions in haste. Do not let in-laws upset you. You may need to lend an ear to an old friend. Don’t overspend to impress others. Putting others first can work for a while, but will wear you out if you continue to ignore your own needs to serve theirs. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday.

Sep 24 - Oct 23
Jealousy may get in the way of a good relationship. Emotional relationships will be plentiful if you attend group activities. Make any necessary changes to your insurance policy. You’re still in the early stages of a long-term cycle that will continue to inspire your creativity and advance your spiritual development. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday.



Oct 24 - Nov 22
Enjoy a quiet dinner for two and discuss some of the plans you have for the future. Be primed to use your intellect in order to get what you want. Secret affairs will eventually backfire on you. Exercise your talents and present your ideas to groups you think you can contribute to. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday.

Nov 23 - Dec 21

You will be emotional when dealing with coworkers or employers. Loss or theft may occur if you are careless with your belongings. Get back into the swing of things. Your mate needs extra attention and is feeling rather insecure when you’re not in sight. Your support and concern will help. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.


Dec 22 - Jan 20
You may be angry if someone tries to take credit for something you did. Your creative ideas must be put to good use. This is a great day to spend with family. You are best to stick to yourself this month. You’ve earned the right to take some time off, so enjoy yourself without feeling guilty about what others might think. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Tuesday.

Jan 21 - Feb 19
Your lover may be annoyed if you have been flirtatious or not attentive to their needs. You need to spend less time daydreaming and more time accomplishing. You can make new friends and experience new things if you do a bit of traveling. You may find it difficult to discuss personal matters with family members. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.



Feb 20- Mar 20
Be careful not to show your temper when dealing with the boss. A better diet, exercise, or a change to a relaxed atmosphere could be ways to soothe your nerves. Try to enlist the support of your coworkers first. You will need to spend extra time sorting through your work. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday.

You are: Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty and Adaptable. You can be: Superficial, Impulsive, Restless, Devious and Indecisive. Marilyn Monroe Born : June 1, 1926 Donald Trump Born : June 14, 1946


Mar 21 - Apr 20
Children will be of major concern if you haven’t kept the lines of communication open. You can surprise members of your family, which in turn will bring you a pat on the back. Your unique approach to life will interest others. Secret intrigues could get you into trouble. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Friday.


Apr 21 - May 21
Be careful if a friend asks you for advice. Your partner’s a little jumpy. Hide your cards and learn to say no. You will do extremely well if you get involved in competitive activities this month. Putting yourself first is not selfish now. It’s the best way to nourish yourself and raise your abilities to their highest potential. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.



May 22 - Jun 21
Your family needs to spend some time with you, too. Don’t let your personal partner hold you back or slow you down. Sudden changes regarding colleagues may surprise you. Problems are really your best opportunities to improve, so don’t surrender. Focus your energy toward the future rather than fretting about the present moment. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday.


Jun 22 - Jul 22
Changes in your residence will be favorable in the long haul. Confusion is apparent and you’ll need some sound advice if you want to do the right thing. Think of starting a new business or emotional partnership. You can sort out any differences you have in an amiable manner. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.

Jul 23 - Aug 22
Avoid any over indulgences. Be prepared to step into the limelight if you wish to promote your ambitions. Think of starting a new business or emotional partnership. Don’t let the expectations of others limit you. There are many ways to express your creativity, and it’s your job to find the outlet that works best for you. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday.



Aug 23 - Sep 23
Take your time; do not make any decisions in haste. Do not let in-laws upset you. You may need to lend an ear to an old friend. Don’t overspend to impress others. Putting others first can work for a while, but will wear you out if you continue to ignore your own needs to serve theirs. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday.

Sep 24 - Oct 23
Jealousy may get in the way of a good relationship. Emotional relationships will be plentiful if you attend group activities. Make any necessary changes to your insurance policy. You’re still in the early stages of a long-term cycle that will continue to inspire your creativity and advance your spiritual development. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday.



Oct 24 - Nov 22
Enjoy a quiet dinner for two and discuss some of the plans you have for the future. Be primed to use your intellect in order to get what you want. Secret affairs will eventually backfire on you. Exercise your talents and present your ideas to groups you think you can contribute to. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday.

Nov 23 - Dec 21

You will be emotional when dealing with coworkers or employers. Loss or theft may occur if you are careless with your belongings. Get back into the swing of things. Your mate needs extra attention and is feeling rather insecure when you’re not in sight. Your support and concern will help. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.


Dec 22 - Jan 20
You may be angry if someone tries to take credit for something you did. Your creative ideas must be put to good use. This is a great day to spend with family. You are best to stick to yourself this month. You’ve earned the right to take some time off, so enjoy yourself without feeling guilty about what others might think. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Tuesday.

Jan 21 - Feb 19
Your lover may be annoyed if you have been flirtatious or not attentive to their needs. You need to spend less time daydreaming and more time accomplishing. You can make new friends and experience new things if you do a bit of traveling. You may find it difficult to discuss personal matters with family members. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.



Feb 20- Mar 20
Be careful not to show your temper when dealing with the boss. A better diet, exercise, or a change to a relaxed atmosphere could be ways to soothe your nerves. Try to enlist the support of your coworkers first. You will need to spend extra time sorting through your work. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday.

You are: Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty and Adaptable. You can be: Superficial, Impulsive, Restless, Devious and Indecisive. Marilyn Monroe Born : June 1, 1926 Donald Trump Born : June 14, 1946


write to:


Ive been reading your magazine to get by my long breaks in uni and I noticed you have been getting a lot of contributors, which is really cool! Can I just send you my stuff or how does it work exactly? Maria

My name is Yusuf and I am a student here in Bahrain. I have been looking a lot at the local talent we have here and really thank you for all the exposure you have given some of the artists. I know one of the guys you featured who used to be in university… Great job!

A Maria,

We have been thrilled with the student involvement in our publication, and yes, its as easy as that! Just choose a topic that you think college students would be interested in and benefit from and give us your story and we will be sure to publish it! CO-EDS


Thanks for the words of encouragement, we are striving to expose local talents and artists of all types whether it be music or artistic. So if you feel you have something to show, let us know!

I am new to Bahrain from Saudi Arabia and am looking for a college to attend, I picked up last issue of your magazine and saw your heavy involvement with all the Universities in Bahrain, could you please help me decide? Ahmad


Dear CO-EDS,

g to say? Got anythininions? Have any op ! Let us know
If you think you have good opinions and topics that the students of Bahrain would be interested in reading then send us in your work. If it is any good it will be printed along with your name and photo (if provided). Being published is great on your CV/resume and it will also be great for CO-EDS to have more voices in our pages. For more information or to send in your articles contact us at:


on Subscripti r all Fo rs contributo

Firstly we would all like to welcome you to the Kingdom! Im sure you will settle in really well. With regards to your University of choice, why don’t you send us some more details about what field you are looking to go into and we shall provide you with all the contacts necessary? Look forward to hearing from you

A Ahmad,

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