Folder organization – Teaching Practicum 2 1. Setting description 2.

Plano de Trabalho – Aulas observadas - Critical and Reflective report of the class(es) observed. Indicating how you have planned to address some of the problems that you noticed. • Result of Need Analysis – tabulado com percentagem • Problem statement • Objectives • Brief review of literature • Plan of actions – methodology • Results • Final Thoughts 3. Need Analysis :Results and Analysis – Tabulados com percentage – Colocar na pasta todos os questionários aplicados 4. Critical reflection – Regência. 5. Use of technology • Have used technology in education before the Teaching Practicum? If yes, where, which technology and how it was used. • Which technology did you choose for your teaching practicum? Why? • Did the use of technology helped to promote students´critical thinking? How? • How was your perspective on the use of technology in your teaching practicum? Was it the same of the students´ perspectives? • How has this activity contributed to your professional development? • Would you use technology in your teaching when you leave Ufes? • Do you feel prepared to use technology in your teaching? If yes Do you think that Ufes has contributed to it? • Do you think UFES prepare you to use technology in your teaching? Explain your answer. 6. ESP • How was your experience in teaching ESP • How was students reaction to the ESP classes? • What were the difficulties did you find in the teaching of ESP? • What were the positive aspects of teaching ESP? • What would you do differently to improve your ESP lesson? • Do you feel prepared to teach ESP? • How could UFES contribute to this area? 7. Evaluation of the subject Teaching Practicum 2: • Positive and Negative Aspects • How did the teaching practicum contribute to you professional development • Evaluate critically your participation in the whole process • Suggestions for improvement 8. Critical reflection – vivência pedagógica • Estabelecimento: • Onde atuou? Descreva brevemente o local. • Motivo que levou a escolha do estabelecimento • Quais as atividades desempenhadas

Declaração – vivência pedagógica – copy 10. (Estrutura – currículo – professores – coordenação – estágio extra curricular) • Positive aspects • Negative aspects • Do you intend to be an English Teacher? Justify Remember to be brief in describing the items above. you must hand in the media with the movie segment or song…You need also to post the lesson plan with the reflection after you teach on the Ifes/Ufes blog/site.• • • • • Resultados obtidos Dificuldades encontradas Pontos positivos Pontos negativos De que forma a experiência contribuiu para a sua formação 9. . Evaluation of the course “Letras-Inglês”. Example: If you use a movie segment in your class or a song. • REMEMBER: During the time you are teaching the classes: For each class you teach you need to hand in the lesson plan/reflection and all the materials/realia that were used during the class.

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