Chapter One “U

ncle Lucian, I don’t need a new secretary. Look what happened to the last one.” Nasedo complained to his uncle who has been nagging ever since he fed off his last secretary and put her in the hospital, as they all knew it was against the rules to feed off humans except in really serious emergencies but according to the information his situation was considered an emergency, now after two weeks Lucian was forcing him to take a new secretary. Thanks to Maximillian’s engagement, the life of the Arludwings were no longer from school to school it was now work, work and more work for all of them. Maxwell decided to join their uncle in new York leaving the rest of them to start taking some serious responsibilities, due to how young they looked, no company in their right minds will employ them and they really needed something doing, so Lucian opened a new branch of the enterprise in los Angeles, so that they might be close to home and still work. Since Nasedo looked older than Ty, he is to be the acting CEO of the new branch, Pvienne, his mother was the CEO. He acted on her behalf when she wasn’t around, while Ty just stayed at home and worked on his game, since the first one sold well, he decided that he would continue to make the games. The most annoying part was that Lucian thought it was a good business to add to the company, so instead of helping out with the other sections, Ty had a separate section in the building where he had his own staffs, for days he wouldn’t step into the office, leaving his vice to report to Nasedo. After thinking of the additional work he decided that indeed he needed a secretary, but he wanted a new exciting person and was sure that no one in the building would befall such a talent. Lucian told him that to avoid a mess like the last time it would be better to get an

immortal instead of a weak mortal as his secretary. He dropped the receiver after hearing his uncle’s usual quarrel, and then picked it up again. “Castiel, where are the people that came for the interview, get me the file.” He issued out his order to his vice, Castiello. He was of the same age with Nasedo's brother, max only he was seven hundred going on twenty-five while max was seven hundred going on eighteen. Castiello strolled in with the files. “I still don’t understand why you want a human, I mean haven’t your last experience thought you anything?” he asked dropping the files on the table and sitting to get some answers. “I don’t know why I want her too but I just want her, she may be what I need to help efficiently and perhaps if she doesn’t pass the test we can always just wipe her memory and set her down lightly.” He said glancing through the files one by one and stopped immediately he looked at her picture, halo looked so familiar but he was sure he had never met her. “Most of the others are immortals they have nothing to swear to but even if she passes she still must swear and sign the agreement form.” He still tried to change his mind but Nasedo would have none of that. “Castiel, please can you send them into my office again?” “The human wasn’t available for the first interview should she be part of this one?” he asked wanting to hear no, but not to his surprise he heard, “I want her last.” Castiel just went out and asked the first one in, the girl was all dressed like a gothic superstar, dark untidy long hair, very dark eyes, dark lipstick, her corporate black suit and very high sandals. She almost couldn’t walk well in it. “Are you Hayden LuEllen?” she nodded, underneath the gothic make up he could see that she had the most appealing face but

he couldn’t understand why she would choose to spoil her beauty in this sense. “Hayden, please sit. Why are you dressed like this and why do you want to work here?” he asked the personal question first to take her off balance and the normal interview question next to get her riled up. “I love to dress this way because it defines me and I need the job to pay for my many expenses.” She answered trying to sound professional. Castiello sighed from his office and asked the next question through the monitor in Nasedo's office. “Are you sure you need this job, if I was dressed like you and came to your million dollar office for an interview, what would you do?” “Well, I don’t know since I’m me and you’re you. I know that I am efficient and strong and I’ll be the best secretary you ever had.” She said directing her answer to Nasedo. “If I gave you a million dollars and asked you not to take the job, what would you do?” Nasedo asked, she looked like the type that would want to work and he was right, “I won’t take your money, I want to work with you and earn my money.” She answered firmly looking at him puzzled. “That will be all thank you.” Nasedo said and asked her to call in the next, there were more than thirty girls and after fifteen he asked the rest to come back the next day, he needed to feed and he couldn’t enjoy lunch with people answering questions they didn’t take their time to understand. “Excuse me, I’m Halo Stevens.” “Interview’s over, come back tomorrow Halo.” He called out coming out of his restroom and seeing her, she was dressed in a white skirt suit that looked like it was stained with mud or maybe it was the design, Nasedo thought to himself.

“I’m sorry but I can’t come back tomorrow.” “Why is that?” “I stay in Compton and it took all my money to make it here today. I hate to admit it but I have no money and in fact nowhere to stay.” She tried to explain her situation but the guy didn’t seem like he was listening, he just kept staring at her dirty suit. “I think you should um…I don’t know how to say this but I think your security is coming for me.” She said terribly embarrassed, he laughed unbelievably. “what do you mean, it shouldn’t be hard for them to find you if…” the door swung open and two heavy looking men barged in, they were pretty scary but Halo didn’t seem scared at all by their appearances, she looked like she had the backing of a king and they would do themselves no good to lay a finger on her. “Hey get your hands off me, he is talking to me, so it will be best if you left us alone, unless of course you don’t like your job.” ‘Nice one, you ain’t got the job yet and you are already issuing threats,’ halo berated herself. “I’m sorry sir. It was like she had a sort of shield. We didn’t perceive her at all.” Though hungry as hell, Nasedo enjoyed the hold up. There was no one stopping him from taking her as his secretary and if he ended up in an impossible situation he’d flee before he’d hurt her. “It’s okay George. She’d be joining me upstairs for now.” No one was more surprised than Halo herself, the guards just went away stunned but Halo stiffened. She couldn’t find her voice let alone use it to decline. He noticed that she was still dumbfounded so he sat down to wait for her, and when she finally came around, he decided to ask her a few questions. With the problem of Carmen’s father still n their trail he couldn’t take chances, he tried to read her mind but…he couldn’t, it’s impossible. He thought, why

couldn’t he read her mind? Only a life mate’s mind was unreadable. “I’m just hungry nothing else.” Immediately he said that she came to life. “What?” she asked forgetting she had a date with him, but why would he want to have a date with her, invite her to his pent house. Then she snapped, “You pig, you want to have sex with me before you give me the job, don’t you? Well for your information I’m not that kind of girl.” He looked at her surprised, no one had ever called him that before and he hadn’t met the girl for thirty minutes but she was already breaking records. “What are you talking about?” he asked sincerely confused and well…furious “Yeah, go on play the innocent but I know you, I know your kind just to let you know, you picked the wrong girl to tackle. I’ll sue you and your stupid company.” “Halo, you have no money.” As if she just remembered that little detail, her frown changed to confusion. “No…no matter what, I’ll still sue you for…” he interrupted her silly accusation as she stammered looking for what to sue him for. “You can’t sue me for anything, you are a stranded girl that I am trying to help, if you take me to court I’ll rid you of any penny you think you have. Now calm down.” He gave the order seriously and she obeyed gently sitting down. The truth was that she had no fact whatsoever. “If you have somewhere to stay, go but if not I don’t have cash on me and you don’t expect me to give you my credit card, that’s why I offered the penthouse. I can’t do your interview because Castiel has gone home and I’m on my way out now. So if you want to stay with me lets go if not get out of my office and come back

tomorrow.” He said angrily but serene, she couldn’t explain his voice, it sounded harsh but sweet, she didn’t know if to be insulted or pleased and his pale skin seemed to be getting paler or was it just her imagination going wild. The voice was like a harmonious sound only better, it was cold yet warm. It was rough yet velvety. It was calm yet agitated. She just wanted to keep on hearing the voice and feeling it’s warmth inside her. She sat there meditating on the voice and when she opened her eyes he was gone, immediately she rushed out after him and got to the elevator, “Hey, what do you do, live without me?” she didn’t know him but something about him made this whole arrangement right. He just smiled as he held the elevator for her to enter. The penthouse was at the topmost floor of the building, it had at least five bedrooms in case the family wanted to spend time with him and their latest enterprise. Pvienne comes in every now and then to check on things since she is the official CEO and he was just her vice, when she wasn’t around he took over but that will be like every 360 days in a year. Carmen and Maximillian spent some time a week back their excuse coming to visit their honey moon suite. They figured they’ll check the penthouse out. That didn’t work out anyways. “Whoa, you stay here alone?” she asked after swallowing a big gulp of spit, as soon as the got into the house “Yes I do.” He really didn’t have time to talk since he wasn’t capable of seeing her flesh again all he saw were the veins in her body. “Make yourself at home, I’ll be right back.” He said and rushed into the room, where he had his fridge locked up. He raced to get the key and opened it grabbing three bags. He popped open the first one followed immediately by the second and when he got to the third, he calmed down and took it lightly. He went into the

bathroom to get himself clean before returning to his guest, it was nice to have someone other than family in the house. “You have no food?” she said attacking, then stopped in her attack as if noticing something in his physique, “I guess you were homesick, you look better than you did a moment ago.” She said smiling sheepishly. “Thank you, I guess you can say that I was. About the food, I usually eat out so if you are hungry, we can…how do you say it when you want the food brought to your house?” it had been centuries that he ate and hell he didn’t know what they called it this day because when he was human he didn’t have that luxury. “Order in?” she asked if that was what he was looking for and immediately he snapped his fingers, “exactly, we’ll order in. what will you have?” he asked picking up the phone, he didn’t understand what his guards were saying when they said they couldn’t smell her but he was getting the picture now, he didn’t perceive her as a human, it wasn’t hard for him to be close to her or be with her, but he could still hear her heart beating, that was the only prove he had that she was human. “Give it to me, only I can explain what I want, what do you want?” he asked him snatching the phone from his hand as the restaurant answered, “Tell me quick.” “Err…I’ll have red wine.” She looked at him as if he didn’t know what he wanted, then hissed and answered the person on the other end, after she said the red wine, what came after it was something he had never heard before. “What did you order for yourself?” he asked as she came back to his side to return the phone.

“Why aren’t you eating, I ordered red wine and pizza for you and ordered French fries for myself with champagne.” When he looked at her as if he was surprised she added, “Since you’re buying I took the liberty of ordering their special for the day and to bring samples of all the cakes they had available.” She snorted when he just kept on staring at her waiting for her to tell him why she was so excited she continued, “the lady asked if I had the money and I laughed and told her to deliver it to the Arludwing penthouse, she went hysteric and shouted for joy and even told me that she would be delivering a few other things on the house.” When she finished her tale she was already on the floor gasping for breath but still laughing, Nasedo couldn’t help but smile. The truth was that was the reaction they got from everywhere they name is mentioned but there was no need to stop her excitement, he just let her continue laughing and when she was done, she saw him sitting across the room smiling at her embarrassed self. “I don’t understand you. Do you give aid to every dirty stranger you can find or is it just me?” she asked sitting close to him now and staring into his eyes. “It’s just you.” He answered her truthfully, he didn’t know why but he felt attached to her somehow and wanted to be able to protect her but the question was still ‘why?’ Nasedo asked himself. Maybe talking to Maximillian would do him good he thought. “Why?” she asked serious now, he didn’t know how to tell her that he didn’t know himself but he didn’t have to as he was saved by the bell literally. “That must be our lunch.” She said and hurried to open the door, a set of people walked in each carrying either a hamper or a tray then there was the pizza and a whole lot of other things, Nasedo hoped she was hungry because she alone had to eat all these

things. Finally at the end of the long line of people a woman dressed in red walked to him and said, “I’m so glad to be of service to you, Mr. Arludwing. I hope you call us for more deliveries.” “Thank you for taking time out to be here with the delivery, I’ll be sure to give you a call if I need any such order again.” He said shaking her hand and she went out immediately. “Hope you are hungry because you have a lot to eat.” “You don’t think I will be able to stomach all this. Do you?” he nodded and she let out an excited noise running towards the whole lot. “I’ll taste every single thing here and I hope you are ready for the fun ride.” She said running into the kitchen probably to get spoons unfortunately, “You don’t have any spoon too?” she said waltzing back into the living room. He shrugged, “I’m a bachelor?” he said hoping it was a good enough reason because the next one he had was ‘I’m a vampire. I don’t feed on this garbage.’ After thinking of how that sounded he quickly brushed it off his mind, there was no good way to tell someone that you were a vampire and he didn’t have the time for her 21 questions so he gave her the only answer she could handle. “then I guess we’ll have to do it the traditional way, wont we?” she sat down next to the vanilla cake and used her hand to cut it and eat, the act alone was repulsive but she made it look so seductive, it was giving him pain watching her eating one thing to another with hand because she made him want to rip her clothes and make love to her. Nasedo wasn’t really fun to be around he knew it and everyone complained but here she made him want to do things he didn’t realize existed. She made him want to live again. He tried now that he had eaten to read her mind but still

couldn’t get through, he decided to call Maximillian but they had to keep it between them because if the family got to hear it would be hell for him. Nasedo remembered vividly what they did to max, when he found his own life mate if the same fate should fall on him he’ll just die. “Why are you so quiet, and why don’t you like to eat?” she asked then laughed, “You know this is ironic.” “What is?” “I’m asking you questions now, but in less than let me see…” she searched for a clock and when she found one she started calculating then finally continued, “in less than twenty hours time, you’ll be the one asking the questions.” He just smiled at her remark which was absolutely true. “so are you prepared for the job, do you really want it?” he asked trying to change her mind, the girl was a temptation to him and he wanted her far away but he wanted her close too, he was in a very serious dilemma. “well, your hall, the one from the elevator to the main house is bigger than my father’s entire apartment, I need the job to give them a good life after all they went through for me to have an education, it’s the least I can do.” It was nice to see the vulnerable side of her and know that she wasn’t just about bed and roses. “What if I just hand over a million dollars to you, would you still want the job?” he asked the last fifteen he asked said they’ll take the money and walk, he had a feeling her reply would be different. “Are you interviewing me already, wait till tomorrow please because you are making me nervous already.”

“Why did you wear this stained outfit for your interview?” when she gave him a look that said drop-it, he quickly added, “Off the record, I’m just curious.” “Well, I had to borrow this suit and on my way a bus splashed dirty water on me, even my hair was full of dirt that’s why I rolled it up.” He didn’t ask her another question, he had embarrassed her enough. “So tell me about your own family, I know they are rich but what else, do you have any siblings.” “My brother is getting married to Carmen next month, my sister, dainty is in Dartmouth schooling and finally my brother is into games, he should be in his house now.” “Wow, you really know how to tell a story about family.” She praised him sarcastically and understanding her he couldn’t help but smile. Halo kept to her word, she made sure that she tasted everything and those she didn’t like she didn’t take more than a bite. The girl could eat. She told him more tales of her family and the fun she had growing up and how they weren’t her real parents but they were the ones she knew, Nasedo couldn’t cheat her by not telling her some stories from his own family. When he confessed that he was also adopted she sighed and said something that rang in his head all night long. “why didn’t they adopt me, I could have been used to this now and look at it the bright way I wouldn’t be looking for a job, but on the other side I wouldn’t have had my parents and wouldn’t have known that there was such poverty in the world.” He couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She slept like a log on his lap after they watched one movie that he didn’t know he had. “Where are you going to, Nas?” she asked drowsily as he dropped her on his bed and turned to leave the room.

“Go back to sleep now, tomorrow is a big day.” She couldn’t help but obey his gentle command. Nasedo knew that Elvira left some things here just incase she came into town and didn’t want to stay in the house, since she was about Halo’s size it wouldn’t be a bother if he got one of her cloth and gave to Halo to wear to the interview. After getting the perfect dolce white fitted trouser suit, he called leas, he knight in shining armor to come early the next morning with her equipments, she had a bug to kill.

Chapter Two “H
ello! Mr. Nasedo?” Halo said upon waking up in the most gigantic bed she had ever laid eyes on, all she remembered was falling asleep after talking to a man…a man for hours, Halo wasn’t one to converse for too long with a particular person much less a man. She called out about three or four times but got the same reply, silence. She thought of where he might have gone to but she really needed to do other things, when she got back into the room she found the cloth on the bed and a note beside it, “Good morning, sorry I had to report to the office early, the cloth on the bed is for you to wear for the interview and don’t worry if you feel the need to return it be my guest. You have till 9:00am to get ready for your interview, Good luck.”

It was nice that the man had taste, she immediately checked the time and it was 8:00, she had just one hour left. After having her bath and slipping into the dolce suit, “oh bless my heart, the feeling is even different. I’ll be damned to return this piece.” She said smiling to herself as she looked at the mirror, then all of a sudden she heard her name, “Halo, Halo?” Leasandra stiffened when the person’s name she had been screaming came out, she was speechless. In all her four hundred years she believed that she had seen all the best and worst sights in history and nothing could surprise her but Halo cleared her doubt, the child was definitely the worst she had seen, she had a very bright skin, fresh and beautiful but also chaotic, her hair dirty but it wasn’t supposed to be dirty blond, if a celebrity had this hair it would look ecstatic because she would have been able to maintain it and wash it frequently. “Yes, I’m Halo can I help you?” Halo said wondering how long she had been in the house. “I’m leas. Nas called me for your hair and make up. I have to be back in New York so there isn’t much time. Come sit and let me take care of you.” Leasandra explained to Halo who was just stunned that the guy really wanted nothing in return for all his kindness. She walked slowly over to the chair Leasandra prepared for her. “So do you like stay in new York?” “No I was making Beyonce up for her new video, that’s why I don’t have a lot of time. When I’m done I’ll come back and we can chit chat but for now please be quiet and let me do your hair.” Even if Leasandra hadn’t told her to shut her mouth, she probably would still keep shut because she was dumbfounded that she was having her hair done by a celebrity’s stylist. “Oh God, please save my soul. I can’t believe this is me.” She whispered to herself, it was almost too good to be true.

“How can he do this to me?” Leasandra said to herself, it was bad enough Nasedo drew her away from her job but for a human, he had to have a very good explanation if not he was in deep trouble. She didn’t know she had blurted that out until she saw Halo moving away from her with a hurt expression. “I understand if you don’t want to make my hair because it reeks of cheap shampoo and you are used to rich hairs like Beyonce but please don’t make this to be anyone’s fault as it is not.” Leasandra didn’t know what to make of her. She was from the slums and had a good heart. All the people she had encountered from the slums were always gold-diggers or fowl people, but this one was cool and a bit polished with a good heart. After reading her mind, she figured that the girl was fair both inside and outside. “I’m sorry if I hurt you but I wasn’t talking of you and if you think I don’t prefer your hair to that of celebs then you obviously don’t know anything.” “I thought you said…” “You heard wrong.” Leasandra said and immediately Halo repeated it, she couldn’t remember what they were talking about. “what were we talking about?” she asked, thank God the girl was only human, had she not been able to wipe her memory they would have had a very long talk full of lies mostly, but this way she gets to choose a topic of discussion. “how did you meet Nas?” she asked, knowing fully well that except Nasedo wanted something from her or she meant a great deal to him, he would never pull her out of a job, now the question was what Nasedo needed from this girl. “I am one of the secretary candidates, I met him yesterday and didn’t have anywhere to go so he offered and I can’t believe that we have gentle men like him walking the planet.”

“What do you mean?” “Well he didn’t try anything funny. He gave me a dolce suit and now you. Can you believe it?” Leasandra shook her head in agreement, she didn’t mingle with humans except necessary, so she couldn’t possibly know what Halo was talking about but she had an idea. The bell rang and she was happy that she was through with the human’s hair and her make up was pretty much done. “Oh hey George, what’s up?” “Nas said to bring the human down, it’s almost time for her interview. Are you done with her?” he asked but left his mouth open when Halo came to meet them, her heels were incredibly high, her suit was pure white and dolce, her looked like a celebrity on the red carpet and her make was natural but it was like she was glowing. Her beauty was striking even George refused to believe that he tackled her the previous day. “George, close your mouth before something you don’t like get in.” Leasandra said smiling at her new colleague, because if they didn’t take her for the job, it wouldn’t be because of her appearance it would be because she was human, but Nasedo wouldn’t have done this except he was prepared to go all the way with her. “Thank you leas, I hope we meet again. Wish me luck.” She said walking past George who still stood there dumbfounded. “Oh, I’m sure of it. Good luck.” She whispered to herself as she packed up her stuff to get going. Their pilot was probably tired of waiting for her. She was already twenty minutes late but she still had to talk to Nasedo before leaving. “Can I come in?” Leasandra asked from the door, walking in without waiting for a reply.

“A human, Nas, a human? You could have done better.” was all she said and he knew what she was talking about. “Castiel, please excuse me for a moment.” He said and switched the webcam off and turned to face Leasandra as she sat in front of him. “Could you perceive anything?” now that she thought of it, she couldn’t. Why couldn’t she perceive her? Leasandra asked herself. “I couldn’t either so don’t beat yourself up, but could you read her mind?” she wondered again why he was asking then it struck her, “Are you saying you couldn’t?” “Wipe that smirk off your face I was hungry and tired. I bet if I tried now I would be able to.” He lied, if she could do it why couldn’t he for Pete's sake. “Hey I have to head back to New York but when I come back we have to talk and if you try to evade me, I’ll call your mother and tell her all I know.” Finally she had what to blackmail him with. “what is it you think you know?” he asked relaxing in his chair as if he wasn’t moved, but sincerely he wasn’t because, she was his friend and there was nothing they didn’t share with each other, but one thing he was sure of is her loyalty. “I’ll…tell her that you can’t read the mind of your secretary to be.” “Ohhh…I feel so scared, get out of my office before Marcus runs mad waiting for you.” He said hugging her and pushing her towards the door playfully. “Can I get some blood, I’m hungry and I ran out this morning.” She went over to his already open fridge and took a few bags then turned to him, “please ask those in the bank to send my usual to my office.” Immediately she said that she was out. Halo came in some minutes later and he put his webcam back on.

“Castiel, she’s here.” He said into the laptop, it was cool how technology made everyone comfortable. “Please have a sit. Miss Halo Stevens.” He acted professionally, she began to wonder if he was the same sweet hero she spent her night with but since they had a third party, she’d best just let it be for now. The first question was from him, “If you were given a million dollars to not work here, what would be your reply?” she didn’t know he would ask her the same question, but what the hell. “I want to work and make my own money. I don’t want to be a charity case to anyone. So no I wouldn’t take the money, I’d prefer to work here. Sir” he smiled a reassuring smile, just when she was rejoicing a question came from the guy he called Castiel, “what if we asked you to sign a form, stating that you will never blurt out anything you see in here, will you still take the job and will you keep your mouth shut?” she was shocked by that question, were they dealing with illegal drugs or something? She asked herself, but he added, “We may not be dealing with anything illegal.” “Then I will sign and my signature is my bond.” Then she smiled, it was like in the movies now for her. “Why are you smiling?” Castiel asked her, “Well my answer to the question was like how they say in the movies,” when neither of the men seemed to know what she was saying, she continued, “you know, in the movies when you ask someone. ‘are you certain’ they answer ‘my word is my bond’” by now she knew that they didn’t know what she was saying, but the both smiled like they didn’t want to hurt her feelings and make her look stupid. “I’m sorry can we continue?”

“That’ll be all, wait in the room with the other ladies.” Nasedo said and even for her the man was just complicated, he acted as if he had never seen her in his miserable life. She didn’t want to spoil his show with his friend but if he didn’t want to be recognized with her why did he help her and why did he even try to make her look this grand when all he was going to do was treat like Satan. Immediately she got into the room she could tell that she stood out, she alone looked like she didn’t need the job, the others were like cast-offs or something they looked out of this world dirty and well most of them looked nice but not compared to her. She sat on a separate couch. The other ladies just looked at her with their why-is-she-here look. She didn’t even get a chance to shout when she saw Nasedo’s office men, it was huge she thought. Finally after like two hour of waiting, George finally came in and said to them, “Halo Stevens, Hayden LuEllen, please come with me. The rest of you are dismissed, there is no more vacancy. My associates will see you out of the building, thank you for coming.” While they were murmuring, he escorted Halo and Hayden back into Nasedo’s office. The office with a view that was constantly covered, she couldn’t help but ask herself, why anyone would want a view if they were going to leave the blinds on covering the view. “So we have talked and I think you two are going to be hired.” “I thought only one secretary was needed.” Hayden said. “Aha, Hayden we chose you on the condition that you will remove those dark things on your body and be more natural. We don’t need you chasing people away. If you are prepared to remove them then we can talk with you, if not there’s the door.” She nodded sadly but she really did need the job.

“Okay, go with George he’ll give you the contract and you can start tomorrow you’ll be with Castiel. Halo Stevens you’ll be with me, but first you need to sign a few forms here.” “What am I signing to?” she asked wondering why the other girl didn’t sign the forms too. “Well, you need to sign that what ever you see or hear here will remain here, no one outside this building must hear of it.” “This is all so CIA” mentioning the name brought back some ugly memories but also some good ones, at least the CIA brought Carmen to max. “Can you be serious, please? Castiel I’ll talk to you later.” He said and switched off the cam. “Did I mention that you look nice?” she shook her head and he said, “You look radiant.” He moved the paper to her and she didn’t know if he meant it or if he wanted to use his charm to get her to sign, it didn’t matter, she signed because if it were bad she believed that Nasedo would never be involved. “Thank you.” She said giving him back his papers. “I hope you understand that this is very serious, you just signed without reading through.” She glanced at the paper and saw that she had signed all of them without reading truthfully she had never been that careless. “What do they say?” knowing that he would never lie to her. “Um…the first one says that you won’t go out with our news, the second says that you won’t ask too many questions on things you don’t understand and the third states that we are allowed to wipe your memory if you ever want to leave us.” She didn’t believe that she just gave them room to destroy her life if she broke any of these rules.

“What happens if I don’t obey this document?” she asked not wanting to here the answer, but the fact that Nasedo didn’t want to tell her made her anxious and not in a good way. “Let’s not into that, just know that you don’t want to annoy the board of directors. Now getting on to other matters like your tour, and I hope you understand when I tell you that your house is not ready yet so since I’ll be needing you more than you’ll be needing yourself, you’ll stay with me, but we need to go shopping first.” She didn’t believe that this guy that looked more like a teenager than her boss in his dirty jean and t-shirt with fitted blazer and it seemed like all his collars were popped up. He didn’t smile much but when he did it was enchanting, like he was casting a spell on someone. Then his eyes were silver-red, at first she thought it was the light reflecting light on them but now she was sure that they were his eyes or maybe he had contacts. “Can I ask a question?” he nodded moving towards the door and ushering her towards it, “why are you this nice to me, I mean you did everything you could to get me this job. Why?” “I didn’t do anything to get you this job, in fact I don’t want you here, don’t get me wrong, I like that you did well and I’m glad I got you but I’m scared for you.” ‘What was he a freak?’ she asked herself, what was he talking about, he is scared for her, why? “I don’t understand why would you be scared for me?” “This will be your office.” Nasedo obviously needed a change of subject and tried his best to make her think of something else. Halo gasped putting her hand over her mouth, her office was the room where the candidates awaited their results, and it was huge. There was a fridge close to her table and it had a coffee maker on it, the air-conditioning was intact, she had a phone that actually works. “God…I still can’t believe this.” She said sitting on her chair that spinned. She had almost forgotten that her boss was there in the

room with her, her excitement was getting the best of her, embarrassed by her outburst she turned to face Nasedo, who just slowly smiled at her. “I’m sorry.” When he nodded she continued, “You have to understand, I thought an office like this was set only in movies and now I have my own office. Thank you for this opportunity, I mean, how hard can it be to be your secretary?” it was now obvious to him that she didn’t know what she was asking, if only she knew how he lost his last secretary, she wouldn’t be in this office jubilating. “Halo, I need you to start right away as you can see, there is a lot of work for you to do, the catching on can come later, since your apartment is not yet ready, you’ll be staying in my pent house because I might need you at night.” She looked confused because since she wasn’t the first secretary, where was the other one staying, with him? “Can’t I move into the house, the other girl stayed in?” “No, we left the house with her. All secretaries are staying in a building together, but with different apartments. I don’t want you there, so I am building an apartment for you close to the office.” The man had his ways but what the hell, she would try to do her duty, and most likely enjoy doing it. “When do we go shopping, you do realize that you have nothing, don’t you?” he nodded and gave her a soft smile, “I’m most certainly aware, if you are ready, let’s get going.” He said after taking a final glance at her new office, she jumped and made a faint noise then walked out of the room with Nasedo beside her. On their way he gave her a partial tour, in the sense that he told her where to go and where not to go in the area they passed, showed her what some facilities could do and then finally they were in the elevator, going up. He needed a change in his appearance and maybe she needed one to, she looked too formal,

“Do you have any other female clothing lying around, this is too formal to wear, don’t you think?” He couldn’t make out her look but it seemed as if she asked the question not out of her need for the clothing but for disclosure on his status, her expression was suspicious and smiling that made Nasedo want to fall and just faint. Her blue eyes were taunting him and it was like he could see her soul as he looked into her eyes. “What did you ask?” he seemed to have forgotten what she asked all he could remember was that she had asked him for something. “I asked if you had any other female clothing.” “Yes as a matter of fact I do, my sister left some of her clothes here and you two are about the same size.” He stressed the word sister but he didn’t need to because immediately she heard it, all her mischievous look was done it, she straightened her face and continued to examine his. The guy wasn’t fun to talk to because he really didn’t talk much but something about him still made her want to talk to him. “I think we should do the shopping tomorrow.” He quickly blurted out before he lost the nerve to say it. “Why?” the disappointment all over her face wasn’t hard to miss. “I was teasing, c’mon in, look for what you can wear, freshen up and I’ll see you in a bit.” Immediately he left the room, Halo removed the blinds. She was getting tired of his habit, trying to block the sun, the beautiful sunlight out of his house, his office and maybe his car too. She was feeling like he was some sort of child of darkness, because in the movie the children’s eyes burned whenever they entered the sun. Nasedo didn’t want to sound too much in a hurry, he didn’t know how to tell her that the sunny day wasn’t his idea of fun, when he tried to postpone the outing, the look on her face wounded him, it

was like he could feel her immediate rush of tears that was why he decided to lie that he was ‘teasing’ her. Couldn’t she think, how could he have been jesting, how many time did he jest in a year or since he met her how many times did he jest? The girl was not his problem, immediately he got her apartment for her, she will be gone and this feeling or whatever that he was having will vanish. While he took the blood from the bag, his cell phone rang, only family members had his number so which of them is calling now? He asked himself, rolling his eyes as he saw the name that appeared. “Hey max, what’s up?” he wanted to talk to his brother but he didn’t want to talk to his brother, it was a contradiction on his own part, but still he needed to know something. “Nasedo, Nita and I decided to surprise you.” He wasn’t sure what Maximillian was talking about but he was certain that they did not buy him a gun. “What surprise, where are you?” “We’re here!” they both said, sounding excited, he refused to believe that the voices he heard were not from the phone but in the living room? He walked slowly and tried to compose himself, but on getting to the living room, he saw their happy faces, they believed that they had done him justice by just showing up in his house. He wanted to scream, break things but couldn’t, they were his family and they loved him, no matter how stupidly they proved it. “what are you guys doing here?” was his first welcome to them, Carmen held an outraged look that made him think twice about annoying her, if she made up her mind now she could find out that there was someone else in the house, in fact in the shower, he just had to act normal and make them leave before…

“Miss Hartga, where should I put this?” George came in with the bags. That was when he arrived at the conclusion that they weren’t planning to go anywhere.

Chapter Three “W
hat is happening here?” he said almost screaming.

“Since we are to be married here, we told Uncle Lucian that we wanted to settle here, so he said that we’ll have to join you in the growth and expansion of this company here. Wait a minute I thought you knew?” aha, there it was, his obituary. Carmen wasn’t too hard with puzzles, she would put two and two together before you complete the question and here she wasn’t doing too badly. “If you didn’t know then why are you building a house close to the office?” Nasedo’s face almost made Maximillian laugh. “Maxwell don’t you dare laugh at me when your wife is giving me hell here. Do something.” It wasn’t a plea but an order. “Nita, come lets sit down, I knew that he wouldn’t build that house for us, it’s too small. Remember what the doctor said?” she nodded and followed him to the couch. “She said I shouldn’t stress myself too much because of my condition and that I should just look into people’s head if I was confused about anything.” Now he knew that his brother was his number one enemy, he actually wanted his wife, digging deep inside his head, not gonna happen. Nasedo thought to himself. “What condition?” her face lit up immediately he asked maybe he should have kept his mouth shut. “I am…” she stopped and turned to look at max, who was hopelessly in love and asked him, “should I tell or do you?” he nodded and gave her permission to tell then on top of her voice she screamed, “I’m pregnant!” he was stunned that she was so excited about the news, definitely she would be doing things extra now, feeding would be twice of before, almost everything will irritate her and mostly her smell would be… “Is there a human here, Nasedo?” just what he wanted to avoid, “I have a lot of human staff, so maybe you perceived the scent in the hall before coming to the house.” That may be a good excuse

if the person he was telling it to was not Carmenita Hartga. The panic on his face was not well concealed, but he didn’t understand why he was panicked. “I have to take a bath, honey?” seeking his approval which wasn’t an issue, but they all knew she wasn’t going to have her bath, she was going to clear her mind and figure who has Nasedo tied up in their sleeves. “Okay…okay, I wanted to talk to Maximillian about this alone since you just can’t mind your own business, I’ll talk but you have to promise not to tell anyone else in the family about this.” She nodded quickly and rested her head on Maxwell’s chest as he narrated his story to them. “Wow, are you serious that you can’t read her, that’s good news but what is she doing in your house?” he skipped the part of her staying till the building was completed and the part of her spending the night but Carmen always the know-all couldn’t miss that detail. “Well, she is kinda staying here till the house is completed.” They nodded and smiled at each other a mocking smile, he could smell their laughter from afar then all of a sudden they just burst out laughing, he couldn’t believe that they were making a joke out of him, but then again no normal vampire can smell her why can Carmen, even with her pregnancy, she shouldn’t be able to smell her. “Can you smell her, max?” he sniffed and sniffed then shook his head, and that was odd so he inhaled again and still nothing. “Why can’t I smell her, did you put some kind of antivampirespray on her?” “Don’t berate yourself. I can’t either and neither can George or leas.”

“What are you talking about, she stinks to me. In fact the smell is horrible, repulsive and strong to me. I couldn’t miss it even if I wanted.” They both stared at themselves wondering if it was the pregnancy or if it had something to do with her Tulia extra package. “So where is this human?” “She is in dainty’s room, probably still searching for what to wear. She will definitely not have seen clothes like that before.” He said knowing that she would have a difficult time with the dresses, he needed to feed and attend to other matters that was why he asked her to do the search by herself and thank god for that because they had been able to talk without any distractions. “I’ll go help her, but I need to feed first, nobody wants me touching their life mate before they have time to mate.” everyone knew she was referring to Nasedo but no one commented as she walked into Nasedo’s room to get blood from his fridge, then without returning to the boys, she went to see the woman worthy of Nasedo. The smell was intoxicating, but she didn’t understand why she was the only one who smelled the girl. Immediately she entered the room, she could see all of Elvira’s clothes all over the room and a tall but slender girl in front of the mirror dancing with the clothes she had on, it was as if she wanted to have her own photo shoot. When she finally turned and saw Carmenita starring at her, shock or stunned whichever way she stiffened unable to move, it wasn’t just the hair color that had her, it was the elegance and her smiling face that made halo feel a little save with her, but still the question arises, “Who are you and how long have you been watching me?” Carmen looked at her like something to eat, but in a brief moment she summed her up, she looked like a goddess in Elvira’s clothes, her eyes were shining with all the sun reflecting in the room, her

hair was golden and shone like the sun that shined on it, then without much ado she smiled and answered, “Halo right? I’m Carmen but you can call me Nita.” She looked confused now. “Aren’t you Mr. Nasedo’s brother’s fiancée?” Carmen nodded then she continued, “I thought you were in New York?” so they have shared family stories, that was a plus for Nasedo, Carmenita thought. “Well, I’m back. Maximillian is in the living room. I came to help you find a cloth to put on but I can see that you don’t need my help.” “No, no of course I need your help, I can’t believe he told me that his sister left a few of her clothes and it was like a forest of clothes in there.” “Yeah that’s dainty. She does all the family shopping.” When she looked at Carmen with a questionable look, Carmen read her mind and knew the question that was there, “I do my husbands shopping with him by my side but when there is no time, she does it without complain too, when you get to meet her, I’m sure you would like her and get to enjoy the shopping like she does.” “Do you enjoy it?” “yes I do, when I first went shopping with her, I was surprised at first but in the middle I didn’t want to stop and before I continue, please can you put the blinds back on?” she almost screamed the request, maybe when she was still human she like the sunlight but now that she was a vampire and a pregnant one at that, she dreaded it. “Oh sure, I’m sorry.” Without asking the question in her head she covered the sun and the room was dark again…okay not dark because of all the lights that were on but still it wasn’t like the sunlight.

“I’m sorry for my reaction, I’m expecting, so a lot of things irritate me, for instance the Sun.” and you she added silently. “Oh you are?” she couldn’t hide her surprised expression her first thought was ‘aren't you a bit too young?’ “oh don’t worry, I am as young as my mother when she had me and it wont be hard, I’m a bit stronger than most my age.” She answered smiling “I was just thinking that you were a bit young to be a mother but I can understand.” She couldn’t understand if Carmen could read her mind but that was only in movies or novels. “The look on your face when I mentioned my pregnancy gave you away in case you were wondering how I answered what you asked only in your head.” There she had done it again, Halo said to herself and Carmen couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “I think we are going to be good friends.” “Thank you, I too would like to be your friend, you make me talk less, like you can read my mind or something.” They both laughed now. Immediately they finished arranging the other clothes, they went to join the guys in the sitting room. “Hey look who I dragged in, boys.” Carmen said producing Halo, in a short jean skirt and a white top that complimented her eyes made it bright blue and her golden blond hair that was parked in a ponytail, the two men just stood up as they entered the room. The look on Nasedo’s face was one that she would have had to pay money to see if these two hadn’t come, he was actually laughing with his brother, who would have thought he was capable of such a thing. “What were you talking about?” Carmen asked as they entered the room. They knew that she could find out if she wanted to so instead of beating about the bush Maximillian just told her,

“we were talking of your own office, which section you would like to work in, Nas actually said that if we were in the same section that we would run the company down because I wont be able to work with you and likewise.” She turned to look at Nasedo who still had a small smile on his face, but to wipe that smile off, telepathically she said, “Look who is talking.” She turned to look at Halo to show him what she was talking about, immediately Halo noticed both eyes on her and was a bit flushed, “What?” “Nothing, don’t mind your boss, have you eaten.” Carmen asked not turning to see the why-did-I-say-anything look on Nasedo’s face, she smiled at her victory. “We were about to go shopping.” They couple to be turned to look at Nasedo waiting for an explanation, but he turned his back on them so they continued with Halo, “There is nothing in this house, no food stuff, cooking and eating utensils, nada, although I have noticed that he doesn’t eat much but…” “How did you notice this?” Carmen asked, he felt like strangling her, he wondered why the FBI hadn’t snatched her up. “Well, yester night. When we ordered, I ate most of everything. He just took the red wine and nothing else.” She didn’t miss the look the couple had. “You slept here yesterday and you are sure that Nasedo took in wine.” She nodded and before they could ask another embarrassing question, Nasedo spoke up, “We have to get going, Maximillian you are riding with me. Carmen please don’t kill Halo, she my last secretary.” With that remark they left the house.

“I can’t believe this, Nasedo you are going shopping in broad daylight.” Carmen said chuckling. She knew that she could be annoying when she put her mind to it. Nasedo didn’t answer her, he just walked quickly with max like if given the chance now he would run, but as CEO they had to call his attention to a lot of things so it was impossible to just run out of the building like that. “Have you guys seen Ty?” he asked wanting to ease his mind before his self restraint wore off and he tried to kill his brother’s mate in public. “No we thought of going there from here and can you contact an agent for us, we need a house right away.” Carmen said “When I get to the office tomorrow I’ll call the agent we have, but does anyone know what is going on with Ty?” “Not really, I spoke to him about the game and he said he was having some difficulty with it but he called in some technician to fix it, I haven’t quite heard anything after that.” Maximillian explained “So what are you guys going to buy?” the surprise look wasn’t on only Halo’s face but also on Nasedo and Maxwell. “What are you talking about aren't we going together?” “We’ll go see Pvienne first then head home later at night, did you supply to the house this morning?” Carmenita asked. “Yes, we make the deliveries every morning, so there shouldn’t be any shortage. Greet her for me and tell her to make certain she comes for the meeting tomorrow.” Nasedo answered, truthfully if Pvienne heard they came into town and didn’t see her first then all hell would be let loose and nobody could afford that sort of scandal now and even though Carmen has been thought to soothe people’s mind to give them a better thought she was asked not to enter the family’s mind as often as possible.

“You guys should have fun. Halo I’ll see you when we get back, since we need to have girl talk.” “Hey, I believe you wouldn’t tell her anything please I don’t want max’s fate to be bestowed on me.” “Don’t be scared if you promise to get us our house fast and me something to do, I guess I can keep my mouth shut.” Carmen blackmailed. After they went their separate ways, Halo was into talking again but she didn’t understand the last part of their conversation and wanted to ask but she had already signed to unnecessary questions. “I love Carmen but why do you guys call her Nita?” she asked as they got outside the building. “Excuse me sir, would you like to go out now with the limousine or your personal car?” the chauffeur asked “I’ll be going out with my car and please hurry in bringing it out.” He said to the man then turning to her he answered her question, “Her full name is Carmenita and since she doesn’t like the name, she shortened it to Nita.” “I thought she was English, she looks English and sounds it too.” “Well a Spanish nurse was given permission to name her but she is definitely English.” He clarified and moved forward to open the door for her. His personal car was a black porche and once again the windows were tinted. She stepped in and the car was more comfortable than she had imagined. “Wow, this is just great.” “What is?” he asked not feeling what she was feeling “This life, I could really get used to it.” She said smiling and silently he added ‘you’d better’ when the got to the market and

came out she breathed and smiled “what a beautiful day it is, the sun shining and the birds singing in harmony. Isn’t it nice?” she asked but his silence was proof that he wasn’t enjoying it the way she was. He looked at her with irritation, as he mumbled, “the sun” he couldn’t stand being under it for so long, it was painful enough that she brought him to a market he knew nothing off but if they didn’t get to a shade now or somewhere out of this sun that dehydrated him slowly, he would start screaming. “Can we get to business, I’m tired of being under the sun like this please?” his face was hardened as he made his request, making certain that there was no room for arguments or suggestions that will put him under the sun any more than necessary. How could he like the sun or enjoy it in its smallest supply, he was a bloody vampire! He still couldn’t understand what brought the idea to him to shop under this great supply of sun. Halo didn’t make life easy for him, they could have gone to a supermarket at least that would have everything she needed and keep him out of the sun for as long as it was mandatory. Halo started her shopping in the open market and wanted to get almost everything she saw or maybe that was all they needed for the kitchen he wouldn’t know after all, it was his mother that was into the kitchen stuff and Maximillian often helped. He couldn’t understand why humans loved the same sun that ate their skins alive and yet people went out to sunbath, some even called it tanning, didn’t they know that it ate their skin as it did his, his only advantage was that his body was working day and night to repair damages but thanks to Carmen he forgot the cooler of blood he prepared to bring on this short hell date. “Nasedo, do you feel well. You look a little…dehydrated?” yeah like she didn’t know she was the cause of his mishaps, he said he wouldn’t have to feed directly from humans again but thanks to miss I want all over here he just had to do just that else he would die. He thought as she continued to touch his forehead.

“Halo I’m fine.” He said but as she gave him a look that said yeah-mister-I-hope-you-can-see-the-mirror-now look, he added, “I kind of have an allergy to the sun.” that was just close to the truth, in the real sense, when you put a vampire under the sun for at least four hours you get maybe no more vampire. “Why didn’t you say so? I can’t believe I dragged you all the way into the sun and now you are sick, I should have guessed. What the hell is wrong with me?” She gulped and continued, “I made you fall ill. It is my fault that you are this sick. I haven’t been your secretary long yet and I am already making you ill. I’m so sorry.” She continued to berate herself, in truth she was the cause but he was also at fault here and it made him feel not too good that she cried because of him. “No Halo, you are getting it all wrong, I’m not ill, just a little tired. Once we get out of the sun I’ll be fine.” He lied giving her his handkerchief. “Really, then let’s go in door. We can get anything we want inside.” He looked at her stunned, so she drained him in the sun because she wanted to get a tan or what? He screamed in his head. She went to get other things while he waited for her around a corner. He knew that he would feed easier if she wasn’t hovering around him. “You look like a dead man in hommies clothes.” Some fat lady thought as she passed his side, the lady that was no good to look at had the guts to feel better about herself, seeing someone in distress, he knew that feeding was allowed only in emergencies and seeing that this was an emergency, without thinking he began to get his lunch ready, she was definitely going to make him feel better for a long time, he gently moved to a more private corner and she followed him quietly, when they were as confined as they were going to be, he arranged her hair to the other side of her neck and bent her head gently but at the same time swiftly and dug in, he made sure that he put in another memory for her and used his tongue to clean

the bite marks, then before she opened her eyes he disappeared and got to the position where he waited just in the nick of time. “I’m sorry I wasted time the cashier didn’t know what she was doing until someone else came to take over.” She knew that there was something different but couldn’t place her hands on it yet, “Don’t worry about it, I understand, did you get everything?” she could now understand that the sun was really like poison to him, just in a matter of minutes he was feeling better. “I see you are feeling better.” “Yes actually I am. Where are we off to now?” “I thought you might want to rest.” “Lets shop, have you gotten the clothes. I know of a nice place, shall we?” he said offering his hand, which she took. Though she didn’t understand why he was so child-of-the-dark but seeing him lively was something she could get used to. They shopped for hours and he almost loved everything she put on, whatever she touched or commented on was their for the taking, she couldn’t tell who was a shopaholic, him or his sister but right about now her money was on Nasedo. “Pvienne are you home?” Carmen shouted from the door, but the question was forgotten as soon as they heard the smell of something unidentified from the kitchen. “Darlings, when did you arrive? Aren't you a day early?” she asked as she hugged from one person to the other. “Well we missed you guys too much and even though New York is fun, except uncle luc and dainty, the rest of our family is here.” Carmen said taking one of the pancakes and putting on a plate to pass to Maximillian. She was trying her best to keep Nasedo’s mate a secret but it was too hard, she needed to share the news with the entire family, but that will be betraying him.

“Speaking of Lucian, how is he doing?” “Is he really okay with you two leaving him there alone?” Pvienne asked, knowing fully well that he wasn’t happy. She just wanted to here it from someone other than herself. “He isn’t sad but he isn’t happy about it either, say, have you heard from Ty or Nasedo.” Carmen asked and as max turned to look at her, she shrugged. “I didn’t say anything.” She said to Maxwell telepathically, it was odd that they couldn’t read each others mind except when they were making love and unlike any other mind they saw images of each others thoughts but they could send messages to themselves telepathically. “What is going on here?” Pvienne asked seeing the look that they had been exchanging for a while. She knew they were hiding something. When she tried to read Maxwell’s mind he was singing a song, out of the others max’s mind wasn’t tough for her to read but Carmen’s she couldn’t read at all. “If you don’t tell me, I will…” “Pvienne don’t threaten us if you want some gossip.” Carmen said and she could see Pvienne's scowl turn to a grin. “okay I’m sorry tell me what is it?” she left the pancake on the fire and went for some gossip, if there was anything she loved more than blood it was news, news on the other children. “Mother there is nothing for you to hear.” He turned to Carmen and said, “C’mon lets get back to the penthouse, before you and my mother get into this female gossip.” While he was busy talking to Carmen he let down his guard mistakenly and Pvienne didn’t waste any time sneaking in. “What! And this is what you wanted to keep from me?”

Chapter Four T
hey looked at her shocked and wondering what she was talking about but in the real sense they only had one thing to hide so it must have come out of one of them. “I can’t believe you told her, Nas is going to kill…” Maxwell was scolding Carmen but before he could finish Pvienne started again. “You two come here. Why in god’s name didn’t you want me to find out? For the record Maxwell you know you could not really hide anything from me.” Carmen didn’t want to say anything, she just looked at her soon-to-be hubby to make him feel guilty and apologize for the accusation but max was in no mood for her guilty-come-clean attitude, if Pvienne found out it was all thanks to Carmen, she was the one that brought it up in the first place. “Is she pretty? When was Nasedo going to tell me about this? I don’t understand why you children have decided to hide things from me…” “Hey mom, before you start making things into what they are not the girl is just a secretary, so don’t start you match making and stop with the self pity please.” Maxwell said to the two women that even if they didn’t talk they could make a man fall to his knees and beg them to keep quiet. He was off to give Nasedo the worst news he had yet to hear, knowing that Carmen will fill his mother in on the remaining details. “Nas, Maximillian what’s going on?” “Mother knows of your mate, nobody told her, I let my guard down for just a second and she sneaked in. get her room ready please, I know she is coming to spend time there.”

“Oh man, what am I going to do now? I think I’ll have to travel.” Nasedo said thinking of all his options. If there was one thing Pvienne was good at it was match-making and she didn’t care whether you want it or not, once you are in her book then at the end of the day, you are definitely going to get married right or wrong. “Don’t worry man, the girl is a secretary, give her work loads and she won’t have time to sit with mother to discuss anything.” “Alright men, thanks.” As he was about to drop the phone, max gave him another piece of advice. “Make the rule of no one touching her mind, to read or control. If you cant no one else should do it. Are you in the penthouse?” “No we went shopping for clothes and I think she wants the entire boutique.” Forgetting to mention that he was the one wanting to get the entire boutique for her while she complained. When max entered the room, the gossips didn’t notice that he was around, they kept on planning strategies. “Mom, Nas said if you’re coming I should give you some rules.” “Rules? He can’t give me rules. I’m his mother.” She stated with surprise, she didn’t realize how much responsibility have been given to them that they felt grown up all of a sudden. “One that you shouldn’t read the girl’s mind or control it and two that you shouldn’t match-make.” “Is that why he thinks I want to see him, I’m very disappointed…” “Mother don’t start we all know you are going to try to matchmake, so don’t even try to deny it.” She wiped her face clean of the fake tears that were rolling down her cheeks. “Okay, okay whatever lets get going I want to see my future daughter.”

“Mother, get a hold of yourself, nobody is into the girl yet.” Silently she said ‘not yet but when I’m through Nasedo will be all over her.’ At that thought she smiled arranging her bag and getting ready to go do her job as a mother, Maximillian carried her bag to the car. Nasedo was not tired of seeing Halo in different dresses the problem was the fact that they all seemed to give her a nice fitting, even when the cloth was not good, it looked perfect on Halo’s body. The manager of the boutique actually offered her a job as their model, but then she was in their boutique with her boss, she couldn’t just say ‘hey, thanks, Nasedo I quit.’ Even if her pay wasn’t going to be as good as she had hoped she believed that she was going to like her job. “Nasedo I’m tired of wearing cloth after cloth. I think I’ve had enough and I am kind of hungry.” “will these be enough for you?” he said pointing to half of the boutiques best clothes, the question amused Halo because she had never owned more than five pairs of pants and two tops, so asking her if about two hundred pairs of clothes were enough for her, she almost cried. “What is it, are they too small? You could eat and we’ll come back.” She shook her head, covering her face with her hands, she didn’t want him to see her tears but eventually he’d see it. They got out of the boutique and went to the restaurant that had some things delivered to them the previous night. The manager was almost breaking the ground to please them. “Welcome Mr. Arludwing, what can we do for you?” normally when someone comes in, you usher them to their table, but he never had to come all the way to her restaurant to eat. He never ordered anyway until last night but to see him in the restaurant maybe he had a business meeting or maybe he wanted to give

her a job, but he could have sent anyone to do his bidding. Nasedo was tired of hearing the lady’s confused mind. “Can we get a table?” the surprised look on her face was not left unseen by all who sat close to where they stood. “What, are you saying you want to eat here?” now they were confused, does she want them or doesn’t she want them? “I understand what you are going through but seriously I’m famished, can we get a table, please?” Halo said, if the question was unclear before now it was clearer and she had no excuse or they’ll take their royalty else where, Halo said silently. “Oh my god, yes, right this way, please follow me.” The woman was obviously too excited, it was like the president had shook her hand. She took them to a private room that looked like a section for VIPs which they were anyways. Halo had always thought rich people were punks with big pockets but Nasedo proved her wrong when he remembered the lady with the not too big restaurant. She ordered the special for both of them and when the special finally arrived at their table, it was something that looked like lobster designed with tomato and onion and a whole other vegetable, it looked disgusting by Nasedo’s perspective and before he could make another suggestion, Halo was already half gone. “Do you really like this stuff?” He looked at how she devoured it and seemed to be enjoying the meal. “Don’t you?” that was when she saw his plate and got her answer, Halo almost swallowed herself up. There she was looking for more like a glutton when the one paying for the meal had not laid a finger on his plate let alone the food. In all her years if there was one thing she had learnt, it was that men didn’t like women that ate too much and in her case she didn’t only eat too much she ate like she was in the comfort of her home, without manners.

She struggled to swallow what was in her mouth and dropped her cutlery immediately she did, staring at him and he back at her. “Please if I’m making you uncomfortable…say so and I’ll leave. I like that you are enjoying your lunch.” She nodded and picked up her cutlery again but not the same attitude she had some minutes ago. “Halo, I don’t eat much that’s why I wasn’t eating, please fell free to eat how ever way you choose to eat.” That was all she needed to know that he wasn’t one of those shallow kind of guy. “So you don’t mind if I’m not eating like a debutante.” He picked up his cutlery to try the food, occasionally he ate but it didn’t taste good at all, he just forced himself to eat to keep up appearances, it didn’t take humans long to start suspecting and when they did it also didn’t take them long to start hiding in corners and looking for dirt on someone and the dirt they would find on him will definitely be bigger than anticipated, the food didn’t taste as bad as he had thought and it wasn’t as good as blood but it was okay, he knew she was waiting for his answer so he gave it and turned back to his plate to carry out some more experiments. “Hell yes, if you were eating like one of them, I probably would have to leave sooner than expected. I like that you love to be yourself.” After the lunch Halo decided that she had done enough shopping, so they went back to the house. When they got in, her feet were killing her thanks to the heels Nasedo bought for her. She went straight to dainty’s room to tell the guards where they should put the clothes, immediately they left, she jumped on the bed like it was a trampoline. “Halo can I get…” Carmen stopped herself as she saw Halo going up and down the bed. As soon as Halo saw her she tried to stop but couldn’t then finally she stopped, breathing heavily she asked,

“What can I get for you?” “Um…um nothing, I just remembered where I put my own.” Carmen said heading back, in truth she couldn’t remember what she wanted to collect from her. The sight of seeing her like that happy made Carmen think of her new family, not all of them are that happy and Halo will be good for Nasedo, bring him out of his darkness and into the light. “I told you she was tired, you still had to go disturb her.” Nasedo said as he saw Carmen coming out with her dumbstruck face. “Was she sleeping?” max asked acknowledging the look on her face as if she just saw a ghost. “No she wasn’t, she was playing.” “What do you mean by playing?” Pvienne asked, she hadn’t, met the girl but she already loved her. “Do any of you remember when you played, like really had fun?” “Like the kind we have in the club?” “No like play in the sand or go to the beach and splash water on each other or play games like volleyball?” Carmen wanted to show them what she was seeing but she didn’t know how to do it, that kind of image sharing was between her and Maximillian she had never tried it with others. According to some other Tulia they found he said there were a lot of things she had to learn to do, but she hadn’t had the time preparing for her wedding and working on their house. Truly the pressure was bound to get her down one way or the other. “Carmen what is all this about?” Maximillian asked, the only time he called her Carmen’ was when he was freaking out. He sometimes feels like she made a mistake choosing him, like she wake up one day and figure that it was all a mistake. He loved her like no one will and if she made the choice to leave him he will accept it, if there was one thing he didn’t miss a chance to do, it

was pleasing her. He would never give up a chance to get her what she wanted. “Max, I just stormed in on Halo jumping up and down the bed and wondered if you miss or if you had ever played around like that.” His frown was finally turned into a smile. “Don’t worry sweet heart you are stuck with me forever and we should add, Hawaii to our list.” “What least?” Halo asked from the entrance into the room, their number one thought was hope she didn’t hear their conversation. “Our honeymoon least, we have a lot of places to visit. Oh have you met Pvienne, she is Nasedo’s mother.” Carmen explained to Halo, moving her forward to meet the great Pvienne. “Mom, I have to get Halo started on some work.” Nasedo said and as the entire household turned to look at him, he quickly added, “That is if you are strong enough if not tomorrow is fine.” The only person giving him thumbs up was Maximillian but even that was behind the ladies. “I think she would like to have a bath and probably my famous pancakes.” Pvienne said and Halo nodded accepting the woman’s kind gestures, all Pvienne needed was sometime alone with the girl to know how she feels about Nasedo and if possible amend her thinking a little, with a little push at a time the mountain just might fall, just like how Maximillian fell. “You boys should go do something with yourselves. We need a little girl time. Don’t we ladies?” Carmen was first to nod excitedly and Halo even though she believed she didn’t have a say, nodded slowly. The thought alone of leaving Halo with his mother and Carmen made Nasedo want to scream and he did. “Haaaaa!” he screamed on top of his voice as Maximillian drew him out of the room.

“Mother I don’t want you feeling her head with garbage, now promise me.” He said still struggling to keep his cool. She shook her head at his first request but when he shouted the second request she didn’t have much of a choice. “Promise me!” “Okay, okay, you freak out on the simplest joke. Seriously you need a woman.” Everyone knew of whom she was speaking except the woman involved. “Say it.” He commanded calmly, Pvienne rolled her eyes before saying, “Okay I promise, now get out of here.” “Shona, make sure you feed before coming back and max…” she paused and when he walked over and gave her the kiss she obviously asked for she added, “I love you.” Nasedo rolled his eyes as he left without Maximillian. It was as if he was fed up of the display of emotion. They literally were unable to keep their hands off each other for too long. “I told you men, you have to take control. See how Pvienne obeyed?” Maxwell was commenting, was he in anyway suggesting that Pvienne was weak in the knees because of his meager outburst? “She just didn’t want me loosing my cool in front of the girl she hopes I settle with, if she wasn’t present, I could shout for hours and Pvienne wouldn’t care a stick. She’ll probably smack the outburst out of me.” Nasedo corrected his brother. “I should be partner, right?” Maximillian said as the got into the office, Nasedo immediately went over to his fridge, he was starved and eating at home wasn’t really secure because of the human stranger, the day after tomorrow was a new day for him, because Halo would be moving to her own apartment and Carmen and max would have gotten their dream house, without Halo in

his house his mother will definitely go back home, meaning that he would be free again. Nasedo never thought that he would miss his solitary existence as much. “pass me one bag, will you?” the look on his brother’s face needed a camera and he had it all planned, so while Nasedo’s mouth was open and his face was almost hitting the floor, he clicked and was happy with the result of his news, he had an embarrassing picture of his children’s uncle in case they needed to blackmail him. “Yeah I know, I got that look from all of you involved, I have it all on camera.” When he paused Nasedo coupled himself and tried to believe he didn’t hear what he thought he heard. There were some impossible things even for immortals such as themselves. A disease born with a vampire remains with him or her…but he couldn’t understand why his brother was trying to play with his head. “I wasn’t with the dig cam when it happened to Lucian but that was my mistake and since then I am always prepared. Remember the Tulia I told you about, well he said with enough of Carmen’s blood running through my veins, I’ll be able to feed with the bagged blood but I have to stick with my blood group only.”Nasedo just nodded and checked if he had any o-positive and when he finally found one he gave it to Maxwell, just to see for himself that max wasn’t messing with his head. “Max, this is crazy, I can’t believe that you can finally take down bagged blood. It’s like a miracle.” “Yeah I know the real miracle is Carmenita. I don’t know how I lived without her in my life all those years. If only you can know how much I love her then maybe you’ll believe me when I tell you that it’s a good thing to feel that kind of love, she’ll be like a bright light surrounding your darkness. I feel very protective of her like just been here with you…” he trailed off when he saw his

brother’s face eagerly waiting to hear what he had to say, then he continued, “no offence to you or anything like that, its just that I want to see her every minute.” ‘Yeah I noticed’ Nasedo said silently. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Pvienne said taking Halo to the bathroom, she blocked the water hole in the bathtub to stop the water from going down, and then opened the tap. Halo just watched her in awe and confusion, ‘how could this woman treat me like a guest, it was obvious she didn’t know that I am the secretary.’ Halo wondered, Pvienne just smiled and asked her to enter the ready made bath. “Miss Arludwing, I’m the new secretary.” Halo said just to make sure she was aware of her position, she should be preparing a bath for her not the other way around. “I know, now get in. tell me how your day went, you really did a lot of shopping.” “Well we went to the open market.” She saw the look on Pvienne’s face so she quickly added, “that was before Nasedo mentioned that he was allergic to the sun, I’m sorry if I knew I would never have gone there in the first place.” Pvienne wasn’t angry she was just surprised that Nasedo cancelled his meeting to take his secretary to an open market. “Tell me more, where did you get these beautiful clothes?” “Nasedo took me to this really expensive boutique and just watched me try on different outfits, I thought we were going to pick the best out of them but he insisted on getting everything, it was fun.” She finished but Pvienne had not heard enough. “didn’t you guys eat anything?” if there was one thing she knew, it was that at this point Nasedo should be having some trials, wondering if the food is good or not just like Maximillian. “I made a fool out of myself today in the restaurant.”

“How dear?” She didn’t even want to look at Pvienne’s face, because she would just feel a lot worse, “don’t be shy dear, what happened?” “Well…I kind of ate this food like I was the hungriest soldier in this world and at first Nasedo just stared at me so I thought that maybe he preferred been seen with debutantes but then…” as Pvienne drew her whole self into the gist, she almost killed Halo when she stopped. “Don’t stop now, what happened next? Carmen can you hear us.” She shouted. Halo couldn’t really make sense with what was happening why they were in such a state just to hear what happened in the diner. “Well…he ate a bit and told me that I was better off.” “He ate?” Pvienne asked to be sure she didn’t hear what she wanted to hear with a grin forming on her face. Carmen came into the bathroom then, “did he eat food?” “Yes we were having lobster and he ate, though he didn’t finish it but he ate at least half of it.” They started screaming, Carmen reached for her phone and started dialing a number, Pvienne did the same, Halo felt like she just solved one of the world’s largest problem. “Hey Shona, guess what?” she didn’t hear what Carmen’s fiancé said but it seemed like he didn’t have a wild imagination or perhaps he guessed wrong. “No Shona, Nasedo ate.” Now Halo heard the scream from the other end of the phone. “Yes he ate lobster with halo, at least half the plate, is he there?” “Okay, okay, hurry back, I miss you lots.” She said and cut the line. The two were so much in love. She had never seen love displayed the way they did it, halo thought. Pvienne was still making her own call,

“Yes, Lucian he ate, I can’t believe it. For so long I have waited and…and now…” she broke into tears, the moment was too emotional for her. Halo came out of the bathtub and joined Carmen in the room, they consoled her for a while then after sometime her face lit up again and she was in a better mood. “Don’t mind me, I’ve just waited for my kids to take responsibility for so long and now that they are I am feeling kind of alone and well emotional, its like a dream come true, you know?” they both nodded their agreement but halo didn’t understand how long she had waited, in that moment Pvienne stood up remembering that Lucian was still on the line, grabbed her phone, “Lucian! Hello Lucian. Are you there?” she kept it on speaker. “Yes, you were getting all riled up by the fact that your wishes are coming true. I had a client waiting so I used the time to set up another meeting, now tell me more about this girl and don’t cry.” “We can talk about that later, for now, say hi to halo…” she motioned for halo to give her the surname. “Oh…Stevens, halo Stevens.” “Yes say hello to halo Stevens, Nasedo’s new secretary.” She could hear the ‘ohhh’ sound in Lucian’s voice but didn’t understand it. “hello cherie how are you and how are you enjoying your new job?” he asked his voice was almost as velvety as Nasedo’s but his was more mature, it was seductive, the way he called her ‘cherie’ was the most enticing part of his greeting. “Um…I’m fine thank you and as for my job, I got employed today so tomorrow should be a better day for the question.” They talked with him for another hour or so before finally hanging up and going to get something to eat.

“Who was that, is he a relation or something?” halo asked, she wanted to ask the man but thought of it as rude so she decided to wait until they were off the phone to ask. “That was Nasedo’s uncle. He heads the company headquarters in new York.”

Chapter five S
he stiffened, she couldn’t believe that she just laughed and joked on the phone with a man as rich as bill gate, if not richer, he sounded so…so, there wasn’t a word for how he sounded, he was so free and polite and likable, it was as if he knew her but of course he didn’t, where would they have met. “My God he must think I am insolent. I had no idea, wait a minute is he Nasedo’s blood uncle or…” the way they looked at her made her trail off. “He told me he was adopted.” That made them calm down then Carmen explained, “Once in the family, everyone is related by blood, but in the real sense, he is Shona’s uncle.” That made sense.

“Okay now I understand. How did you and Maximillian meet? You two seem so in love.” The topic didn’t seem like one she wanted to tell but she started anyways. “We met in school sometime ago and just continued with the relationship.” That was the beginning and the end of her short tale. Her phone rang and halo would have guessed that it was her would-be husband, but as Carmen started to frown she knew it wasn’t. “What do you mean by the design I chose can’t be made by your staff, I met someone…” the guy cut her off. “Miss Hartga, I’m sorry but the only person that can do it here has quit. We have some others if you like I can bring the samples to you.” The caterer said from the other end of the phone, it was audible to them because she didn’t want to hold it her ear so she put it on speaker. “No I don’t want any other cake from…” she didn’t want to continue the discussion so she immediately cut the line. “What are we going to do now? The wedding is just weeks away.” “I know someone who bakes very well. She can make the cake for you. Just tell her what you want done and don’t worry about it.” Halo said and the two women just looked at her, she knew she was not of their class and no one she knew would be of their class, so the excuse she had for blurting out that sort of rubbish was still not clear in her mind. Carmen knew what she was thinking so instead of making her feel out of place, she agreed to meet the caterer. “When can you invite her over?” Carmen asked and even Pvienne was shocked that Carmen was giving a damn about the cake she most likely would just taste and it wouldn’t matter whether she like it or not.

“I can call her later.” Carmen raised her eyebrow and halo understood that this was a now situation, so she added, “or now if you’d like.” Carmen smiled and excused herself. Halo watched how Pvienne made the pancake and wondered where a rich woman like her learnt to cook. “I wasn’t always rich you know.” She shook her head then Pvienne continued, “My parents weren’t rich so we had to struggle hard for bread to eat. I didn’t do much though. I had Lucian and Lucius to take care of me when my parents died.” She went on and on about how they started working to make ends meet and how they were finally adopted by this very rich lonely man who was too old to be alive. Of course she skipped the part that they had to feed off the maids and sometimes they fed outside the house but never from the kind old man, after two years he died and left them with his entire fortune. They didn’t change the name of the company instead they changed their own name to Arludwing and have been bearing the name ever since. By the time she was through with her story max and Nasedo opened the door as if they were waiting for her to finish her tale before they entered, they were tired of hearing the same story, she repeated the tale right from when they were little till now and she still told it with joy as if it happened yesterday and not a thousand years or so ago. “Mom, don’t tell me you are boring my secretary with the origin of our family wealth. Not everyone needs to know you know.” She just smiled “What of Carmen?” max asked “Oh she got a call from the caterer and got like really mad. She has been inside ever since.” Halo explained. “Halo, get some sleep, being my secretary isn’t a very funny job. You may not have your beauty sleep again so use this time wisely.” As he saw his mother trying to butt in, he quickly said to

her, “mom don’t interfere, this is my business.” She just closed her mouth like a baby and moved to the living room to watch television. Nasedo knew his mother was upset but that didn’t stop him from going to her side. “Okay I’m sorry, what were you going to suggest. Promise to listen.” He knew that would tickle her, she turned to him then smiling, “I was just thinking that she is going to be a member of the family and all, we should get to know her well.” “Mother, what do you want? And my promise is only if it is within my power.” She nodded and said, “Well, I wanted to call dainty and Ty to come spend some time with her. Lucian said he’ll be here before the wedding just to see her, they already talked on the…” “Mother!” he screamed, “Don’t bother calling anyone to come and if you treat her like a member when we don’t know for sure that she’ll be. You’ll just be raising her hopes high unnecessarily. Take it easy, everything in its own time.” He said and dragged her head to rest on his chest, then they just watched the TV in peace, Carmen and Maximillian came to join them sometime later and they all slept in the sitting room till the next morning. Pvienne was the last to wake up the next morning after Nasedo carried her to her room. The day started normally for all the residents, Nasedo got ready for the office but not a minute before waking halo up, he went to her room to wake her but she was just stepping out of the bathroom. “I’ll see you in the office.” He said and walked out. Soon enough halo was in the office, she checked in with her boss of course and that was when her job really started. “Halo, get my itinerary and schedule from Judith on the ground floor and send the delivery guy to my office on your way back.”

Just as she turned to walk away he added, “And halo, make that snappy.” She quickly went to the ground floor and asked for a Judith, it wasn’t hard to find her and to halo’s greatest surprise. Judith was the same receptionist that laughed at her when she arrived at the company, halo quickly put on her who’s-got-thelast-laugh look as she approached her. “hey are you Judith?” the girl nodded without raising her head up, that kind of stung because halo wanted to see the look on her face when she saw the Cinderella return. “Can I get Mr. Arludwing's itinerary and schedule?” she still tried to sound polite and when the girl tried to protest she was shocked to see who was demanding for the schedule. “You…you look different.” She stated something that was obvious. Her face was almost on the floor when her phone rang. “Good morning sir.” “Is my secretary there with you or is she lost somewhere?” “Sir, your secretary…” halo reached out to grab the phone from her before she stammered her way out of a job. “It’s Judith that’s delaying me, by the way Nasedo where is the delivery department?” she could have asked that question with a little more respect, but she wanted the receptionist to understand her level. After he explained and told her to be fast with his things, she dropped the phone and collected the books that Judith held up for her. “Where is our breakfast?” Pvienne asked Carmen who just sat looking over her list, “I asked Nasedo to send up some blood for us, I wonder what is taking so long.” Carmen didn’t seem like in the mood to be disturbed so she just suggested without looking up from the wedding planning book, “why don’t you call him and find out what the hold-up is all about.” Pvienne nodded and went straight to the phone.

“Nasedo.” He answered, “Nas, where is our blood, I am kind of hungry and Carmen doesn’t really have time now, we could have come down, when is it coming?” “Mother, calm yourself, it will be up in a minute.” He hung up immediately he saw halo approaching his office. “what took you so long, have you called the delivery guy for today?” she nodded and immediately Ian walked in with cooler, on one side of it was crested ABB, then the other side had Nasedo’s name on it, halo wondered but no questions asked at least not outwardly. “Ian, take these to the penthouse, my mother and Carmen are in the house and they aren't in the best of moods. Immediately you give these to them, bring another batch to my office and call my brother.” Ian just nodded and left the room. While halo went over his schedule for the day, “You have a meeting with the board of directors, and after that you have to call your uncle?” she looked at him expecting some kind of explanation but he just brushed it off like a stain he wanted off his shirt and before she could verbally ask for the explanation she needed, Maximillian saved his brother. “Remind me of any other appointment, when its five minutes to the time. That’ll be all, there are some files on your table, take care of them.” She stood up and on her way out hailed Maxwell, and then she was out of the office. “Hey what’s up? Are you ready for some serious work?” Nasedo asked his brother who looked like he could use a drink, “did you feed before coming down?” “I met the delivery guy in the elevator, do you mean that you don’t have any blood in your office?” Nasedo shook his head and picked up the receiver to call on his secretary.

“Halo, please quickly come here.” “Can you rush to the delivery room and tell Marcus to bring up two bags of o-negatives as fast as he can?” he stressed the he as if Marcus was faster than her or faster than anyone else for that matter, halo thought as she walked to the delivery room again. She didn’t understand what it was that they were delivering but what the hell, even if she solved the mystery, what advantage would it add to her life, she continued to think. The Marcus guy seemed like a very normal guy but then again superman did look normal, she smiled broadly now as she wiped that outrageous thought off her head, after delivering her message, she went over to the fridge for employees on the fifth floor to get a candy bar or something. She hadn’t started for up to a day and she was already missing shopping and eating without work. “Halo what time is your friend supposed to arrive?” Carmen said immediately she got back to her office to find her waiting. “She should be on her way here now with some samples.” Halo didn’t know if Luersha would keep to time after all she wasn’t known for her punctuality. Immediately Carmen left, she picked up her phone to dial Luersha’s number, “Yeah, who is this?” always her unmannered friend, but they have been friend since forever so her ill-manners didn’t bother anymore than it used to before. “Lu it’s me, where the hell are you. Please don’t blow my job for me and this is a chance for you to do something big with yourself. You better not fuck this up.” It wasn’t a plea as it was meant to be anymore it was a command. Luersha was one of those people that want to live big but didn’t want anything to stress them up, like pressure. “Hey calm yourself, I’m right in front of the tallest building my eyes has ever seen and I think I’m gonna faint, please come down and pick me. I don’t have time to explain anything to anyone

especially those unhappy people I see welcoming people in.” before she could protest Luersha hung up. “Nasedo do you need anything now, I have to go run some errands.” She said to Nasedo who just looked at her stunned, run some errands, who would be sending his secretary to run errands? He asked himself silently. “Whose errand?” was all he could come up with in a low pitch voice in order to hide his anger, the bloody girl wasn’t just his secretary but his mate, he didn’t want anyone sending her but him. “It’s for the wedding.” Oh why didn’t I think of that? Nasedo looked apologetic he didn’t understand why he was so angry at first without sitting to think that it must have been something like that. “O…okay, take your time but come back as quickly as possible.” He didn’t know what he was saying again, she should take her time but still come back early? He replayed the words in his head. He didn’t fail to see the smirk that was forming on his brother’s face, if Nasedo didn’t have a lot of control, he would have burnt his brother there and then. “Wipe that smirk off your face and get a life.” He regretted saying anything at all when his brother immediately burst out laughing. “Oh my god, Nas, you should have seen your face, I would have been a fool not to laugh. I tell you, yours is sooner than mine.” He was still trying to stop laughing when halo knocked and came in with the smallish girl, that carried a small box and quickly they tried to compose themselves. “Nasedo this is Luersha, she should be making Carmen’s cake.” He really wanted her to skip the introduction and tell him what the girl was doing in his office, “Carmen said she should let

Maximillian taste the cake and choose one that she is on her way down.” Carmen he should have known. “Hello Luersha, have a sit and max, come meet your caterer. Meanwhile halo have you finished with the report on your table, I need for the meeting later today.” The girl looked at halo with suspicious eyes and didn’t hear her name until the third time of calling it. “Yeah?” she said coming out of her greatly imaginative mind, the girl was good with one look she could see the sparks flying Nasedo thought to himself. “Maybe you should wait for Carmen in halo’s office.” She nodded and followed halo out as soon as they were out Maximillian continued with his bagged blood, he was so lucky that he had hidden it when they heard the knock on the door, he was most certainly not getting a mortal as his secretary. “Did you see the size of that girl, she reminded me of Carmen’s friend Samantha.” Maximillian said ever since they left school this was actually the first time he thought about the place, he knew that there would be CIA agents around the place for a while that was why going back there wasn’t really convenient. “max is my protective nature that obvious the girl wasn’t here for two minutes before her mind started going wild, she even thought we had already slept together.” He couldn’t imagine why the girl would think of such but then again she looked rough all he wondered was how halo coped with a friend like that. “So…tell me, how was it?” Luersha said. Carmen was even more confused about the question than she was about the reports that were just scattered in the computer, she may know a few things about arranging document but this was too much given the time limit.

“How was what?” she didn’t look up but that didn’t stop the questions her friend had in store for her. “How was the sex and don’t tell me you saved it up all this years to give it to that incredibly handsome hunk? If I knew maybe I would have saved mine too.” Carmen was sure Luersha was talking about sex but she refused to believe that her friend thought of her in that sense. “What do you mean, I don’t think I understand. Are you insinuating that I slept with my boss?” “Well did you?” surprise almost made her stumble, why would her best friend come up with such an absurd insinuation. She really wanted to handle this now but she had work to do, so instead of looking at her friend’s annoying but concerned face, she faced her computer and started arranging, “FYI, I slept with no one and I really can’t believe you thought I did.” She said to break the annoying silence. From the side of her eye she could see Luersha’s face light up, like that was the answer she wanted to hear. “OMG, you guys look as cute as a couple, but I’m glad my friend’s brain got her the position not her assets. So how come you call him by his name and he allows it.” “Well I’ll give you the gist later for now I’ve got work. Tell me though how is everyone? I’ve not had time to call.” Luersha told her of their friend’s one after the other and of how her parents were happy for her. “They haven’t shut up about it ever since you told them that you had the job and that you had an apartment for yourself. I don’t think I’ve seen them that happy in all my days.” Before she could respond to what Luersha was saying Carmen walked in as usual, she was a sight. Luersha couldn’t close her mouth, Carmen looked like all those characters in a fantasy movie that you could only

dream of and not imagine seeing in real life but halo was over that now. “Lu, this is Carmen, Maximillian’s fiancée.” Even though Luersha hadn’t gotten over her daze, she still brought out her hand to shake and immediately she touched the hand she shivered. “It’s nice to meet you Lu.” She still couldn’t say anything so she nodded, she didn’t understand why the girl’s hand was so cold but maybe she just overreacted. Luersha could feel something here between her and the others, none of her friends knew that she was not as human as they all were, but maybe here they will notice, even though the other two didn’t seem to notice maybe the lady would, there was something not right about them and touching Carmen was proving her suspicions more and more. “I’m sorry you are just so beautiful, I expected to see a Latino.”

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