September 12, 2013 Evan S.

Dobelle, President Westfield State University 577 Western Avenue Westfield, Massachusetts 01086 Dear President Dobelle: The Commissioner of the Department of Higher Education, members of the Board of Higher Education (BHE) Executive Committee, and I have had the opportunity to review the independent report produced by O’Connor & Drew regarding expenditures of state funds including credit card expenditures incurred by individuals employed by Westfield State University. I have also reviewed your August 29, 2013, letter. This report – and your letter – raise serious concerns about the appropriateness of certain expenditures. We also have concerns about the handling of the O’Connor & Drew findings. As Chairman of the Board of Higher Education, I am requesting a meeting with you to discuss the O’Connor & Drew findings. I will be joined by Commissioner Freeland and Secretary Malone at that meeting. I intend to invite members of the Westfield State University Board of Trustees to meet separately with the Secretary, the Commissioner, and myself and possibly other members of the Board of Higher Education to discuss the Westfield Board’s analysis of the O’Connor & Drew report and what actions they have taken or intend to take in response. It is my goal to schedule my meeting with you on the afternoon of September 20 if possible, at the Department of Higher Education. I look forward to your prompt reply. Sincerely,

Charles F. Desmond Chairman cc:
Matthew Malone, Secretary, Massachusetts Executive Office of Education Richard Freeland, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, Massachusetts Board of Higher Education Members

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