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 DVD and VHS move  Group Study Room  Resources for Geography & Cartography  IMLS Instruction Workshop  Redecorating and Electric Signs  American Indian History Online  Your liaison librarians

DVDs Now on Main Floor
Photo by Chris Nixon. Used under Creative Commons NC-BY-SA license.

days, people who wanted to look at movies on the weekends were often out of luck.

Unsatisfied with letting such a vast collection go underused, the library decided Get your favorites at Did you know that the to move the the library Linscheid Library has DVDs—and thousands of DVDs and soon the VHS VHS tapes? Only people who tapes—to the third floor. You explored the library’s second can now browse all the library’s floor and made it to Media SerDVDs, at any time the library is vices would be able to say “yes” open. They are located just past to that question. The DVDs and the Circulation Desk to the left. VHS tapes were kept in the back We’ve made it even easier for room of Media Services, where you to find what you’re looking they were neatly organized, but for by sorting the DVDs into the collection couldn’t be Education and Entertainment browsed. Since Media Services is sections. TV shows and movies only open until 5pm on week-

are in Entertainment, and documentaries and instructional films are in Education. Use the DVDs to catch up on classes, watch the latest Oscar winners, or to brush up on the classics. Students can check out three DVDs for three days at a time, which means your weekends can be spent watching things like Game of Thrones, Inception, and Blazing Saddles from the Entertainment section, or films like Human Planet, Walking With Dinosaurs, and Ken Burns’ The War from Education. Instructors, you can have us check out your favorites at any time or put them on reserve. Contact the Circulation Department for more information.

Get A (Study) Room
There’s an awesome new system in place to make sure that you can always get the Group Study Room whenever you need it. You can now make reservations up to two weeks ahead of time, for up to two hours a day. To reserve the room, just go online to booking/groupstudy and click on the blocks of time you want to reserve. You can also scan the QR code inside the room, or just walk up to the Reference Desk and ask to make a reservation. The Group Study Room isn’t only for studying, either. If you want to have a presentation or class in the Group Study room, contact Chelsea Baker to get more information. Get the most of study sessions by reserving the Group Study Room



Resources for: Cartography and Geography
The Geography & Cartography Department at ECU has more available at their fingertips in the library than you may have realized. The second floor of the library houses the Cartography collection, a series of maps, books, and historic magazines all about maps & locations of resources. There are maps focusing on Oklahoma’s topography, weather, history, and roads, but also contains maps for places around the country and even the world. You might find something interesting in each area of the library. Special Collections holds the original blueprints of the Linscheid Library and other campus buildings. The oversized books section has maps of the state’s oil reserves. In fourth floor stacks you can find a whole section of atlases and books on mapping and geography. Check out all sorts of cool resources in the library, or look at all your resources online on your library page.

Explore the world with the Map Collection.
Photo by Suzanne Chapman. Used under CC BY-NC-SA license.

Freshman Seminar Tests & Tours
ECU has a commitment to teaching information literacy in the general education curriculum. The library helps further this goal, both by testing students as they enter & leave the general education curriculum in the UNIV courses, and delivering custom instructions for the Freshman Seminar classes to help introduce them to the library. Linscheid librarians administer SAILS tests to both the Freshman Seminar and General Education Seminar classes. SAILS, which stands for Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills, helps the library see how well students apply information literacy skills and how those skills develop through their time at ECU. This year’s set of Freshman Seminar students have already completed their SAILS test, and testing for General Education Seminar classes will soon be underway. Every Freshman Seminar classes are lucky enough to get an interactive tour of the library, where they investigate different features of the library and present their findings to their class. Each class votes on their favorite feature, and winners have included everything from the DVD collection to the plaque of Linscheid himself. This year, students that have had their library tours have returned to the library, either to study, to work on homework, or even to help their friends in other seminar classes. The librarians hope that student’s enthusiasm for the library stays with them throughout their tenure at ECU.

Instruction Librarian Chelsea Baker writes down ideas from a Freshman Seminar class

Instruction Workshop Report
As part of a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the ECU librarians attended a summer workshop on integrating assessment into library instruction. This grant, part of a collaborative project with five regional Oklahoma university libraries, provides training in assessment and in developing effective online tutorials. All five universities sent librarians to the workshop delivered by nationally-known assessment librarian, Lisa Hinchliffe from the University of Illinois. The librarians intend to implement assessment practices during the coming academic year.







Find a Spark & Take A Seat
Keep your motors running and your batteries charged without any guesswork with our new power signs. Outlets with electricity are now marked with a handy power sign on the second and fourth floors. Signs for the third floor are being made & hung as this story goes to print. Collection Services has made excellent use of this knowledge, and has moved all the furniture on the second floor to best use output on display thanks to the hard work lets. All microforms have been of Student Assistant and Art major moved to the southeast corner Chance Brown. by the copiers, freeing up live fear outlets for student use. Study when you carrels and couches have resee this placed the tables in the atrium, symbol and those tables have been moved to the former microforms area.

Charge without

You may also notice new art in the second floor stairwell. These pieces by artist Kelley Haney are donations that have just been

Enjoy art by Kelley Haney in second floor stairwell

Take advantage of the newly-redesigned study spaces on the second floor

Digital Resource: American Indian History Online
Students in Native American Studies, or interested in Native American history, this is the ultimate source for you. to get a brief overview. You can do more in-depth research, too. Search for articles & resources like any one of the If you want to learn a little more library databases—full books are about Native American history, available, and others are available maybe by historical era or differin parts. Primary documents like ent areas of the Americas, the site letters, drawings, treaties and allows you to do so easily. Choose legal reports are available in full a subject from the Topic Center text. One of the most fascinating features is the ability to look through maps. You can select subjects, like economics, languages, wars, and removals, and then search the maps by era. If you want to add a visual pop to your history presentation, this might be the source for it.

This site may look different than others, but its ease of use makes it an excellent choice for doing research

Connect With Your Librarian
Did you know that all departments have a librarian assigned to them? Liaisons can help faculty and students find information best suited to their area of study. Find yours below or at facultyandstaff.

 Theda Schwing, Technical Services  Librarian Computer Science Education Kinesiology Music Psychology
Photo courtesy of Orange County Archives. Used under Creative Commons Attribution license.

 Katherine Sleyko, Public Services

Librarian  Art  Biology  Communication  History  Political Science & Legal Studies

 Dana Belcher, Assistant Director &
Collection Services Librarian  Accounting  Business Administration  Mathematics  Nursing  Chelsea Baker, Instructional Services Librarian  Chemistry  English & Languages  Physics  Sociology  Patrick Baumann, Media Services Librarian  Cartography/Geography  Environmental Health Science  Family & Consumer Sciences  Human Resources

Contact your liaison librarian for oneon-one help if you’re a student, as well as classes and materials you’d like, if you’re faculty. The librarians are your guide to the best resources, so make sure that you use them.

Though libraries have classic style, we’re more than just books—check out all our digital resources and research strategies

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tion Act of 1973, and other federal laws and regulations, East Central University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, handicap, disability, or status as a veteran, in any of its policies, practices or procedures. This includes, but is not limited to, admissions, employment, financial aid, and education services. This publication is issued by East Central University as authorized by Title 70 OS 1981, Section 3903. East Central University has printed 0 copies at a cost of $0. 04/13.

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