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Dear Friend, Thank you for purchasing this Ebook on the Mighty Memory SystemTM, a system for accelerated learning and enhanced memory. I’m very excited for you. In the course of your journey, your memory would have improved so much, it feels like you have literally grown another brain! By the end of the course, and following the daily exercises that just takes 5 minutes a day, your memory would have increased by 200%! You would have activated your natural “photographic memory” that has remained dormant. The principles here are timeless and can be used in any situation that requires pen and paper, yet it is so easy to learn that a 5-year old kid can learn it and have fun doing so. FACT: did you now that that the brain is made up of chemical and electrical signals which are transmitted and received by something called Neurons? There are more Neurological connectors in the brain than people living on earth! So lets take a look at how all these connectors work – they are a bit like pathways really, but it’s important to know roughly how they work so that you will be able to make the best use of any memory techniques you learn. The pathways in the brain can be best thought of as being like a small stream that is made in soft sand by a trickle of water. At first the stream is small, you can disturb the path of the stream very easily. However after a period of time the stream creates a more permanent path down which more water can flow without being disturbed until finally there is a river – solid and unswerving. In the same ways when a memory is first formed it can be easily lost. However, if the memory is recalled a surprisingly few number of times, then it is retained and cannot be disturbed. Most people believe that when they remember something once they will remember it for a long time. This is unfortunately untrue. The other error that is made is that if you remember something now you will easily forget it. Again, untrue. The methods taught in this course were adapted from learning technologies by Professor Bruno Furst . The methods and techniques have been tested and found to have profound effect in learning and memory enhancement. At the beginning, the methods would seem ludicrous, absurd or silly, but trust me, they work! Your mind and your memory would run like a supercomputer, releasing your perfect mighty memory! Imagine meeting over fifty new people at a party and being able to say good-bye using the first and last name of every person you’ve met. Make more money and get faster promotions at work by learning faster. Making a speech without notes, instantaneously recalling dates and appointments, things to do, directions, phone numbers, verses of the bible, facts and figures. Imagine being a student studying for the exams and being able to recall everything needed to ace the exam and studying in one-third the time to get great results. This is what I mean when I say you’ll release your Mighty Memory!

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You have to be patient and persevere just a little to reap the rewards later. We will work on the fundamentals in building your foundation. Once you have the tools, the software for your brain, you will experience a newfound freedom. Your friends will be amazed. Your grades will improve by leaps and bounds, by so much in fact, your teachers may even suspect you cheated. Not only that, but it has been shown that for those who are elderly, daily “mind gymnastics” which this ebook teaches are necessary to keep your memory strong and keep senility and Alzheimer syndrome at bay. Whatever your reasons for wanting a better memory, learning to learn is fun, productive and anyone can do it! During the course, we will be using our imagination on an extensive basis. We shall be using our imagination to generate stimulus for anchoring our memory. We shall see how research has shown the importance of stimulus in increasing recall dramatically, so we shall unashamedly use this fact to our advantage. Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. The more you apply your imagination to memory, the better your memory will be. It’s a fact that when Albert Einstein died they opened up his head to look at his brain – it was smaller than the average size! However, he used much more than most people. Doing memory stunts will enable you to retain larger amounts of information and genius is not so much about being clever, but seeing how one part of life fits with another part of life. The more you know, the more you can link them together. So start thinking like a genius! Once again, congratulations and I hope you will prosper by leaps and bounds once you’ve successfully completed the course. Remember, you set your own limits.

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com . Alphabet List.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Contents Chapter 1 How Good Is Your Observation? Chapter 2 The Basis Of Memory Chapter 3 How The Human Brain Evolved The Role Of Emotion In Memory Chapter 4 Test Your Memory Chapter 5 Link Method of Memory. Scripts and Anecdotes. Flag Pole List. Chapter 6 The Peg System of Memory Chapter 7 Uses of the Peg and Link Systems Chapter 8 Training Your Observation Skills Chapter 9 How To Remember Speeches. Articles. Chapter 10 How to Remember Long-Digit Numbers Chapter 11 Some Other Quick Pegs – Body List. MightyMemory. House List. Rhyme List & Number Shape List Route Method Chapter 12 How To Learn A Foreign Language Chapter 13 How To Remember States And Capitals Page 6 Page 10 Page 12 Page 13 Page 19 Page 15 Page 25 Page 32 Page 35 Page 37 Page 40 Page 42 Page 53 Page 60 Page 3 Copyright ©2007.

com . MightyMemory.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 14 Remembering the Presidents of the United States Chapter 15 How To Remember Names And Faces Chapter 16 How To Remember Schedules And Appointments. Chapter 17 Tips for absent-mindedness Chapter 18 Learning The Books Of The Bible (and Biblical Verses) Chapter 19 Remembering Directions Chapter 20 Tips On Listening In A Lecture & Studying Chapter 21 How To Review Effectively Chapter 22 How To Remember Hard Facts From The Hard Sciences (I) Learning Chemistry (II) Learning Mathematics (III) Learning Physics Chapter 23 How to improve your vocabulary Chapter 24 How To Break A Bad Habit Chapter 25 Using Your Trained Memory For Card Tricks Chapter 26 Reconnecting With Lost Memories Page 65 Page 69 Page 74 Page 76 Page 77 Page 79 Page 80 Page 82 Page 84 Page 86 Page 89 Page 91 Page 92 Page 94 Page 98 Page 4 Copyright ©2007. .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 27 Effective Study Methods In Memory And Learning The Role Of Stimulus In Memory The Importance Of Relaxation And Breaks The Importance of Scheduled Review For Long Term Memory Page 100 Page 101 Page 102 Chapter 28 Mind Mapping For Review And Creativity Conclusion Special Health Report On Factors Affecting Memory Page 105 Page 121 Page 123 Page 5 Copyright ©2007.

which light is on top. While I sat in front of the TV! I am telling you this not to impress you but rather to impress upon you that having a trained memory is within reach of anyone. Your memory will explode and as you engage and release your photographic memory. The problem is not so much about having a bad memory. you’ll have fun doing it.German Proverb Everyone talks about how bad their memory is. I was a slow learner and developed the rudiments of a trained memory to help me with schoolwork.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 1 How Good Is Your Observation? “Begin to weave and God will give you the thread” . The system here will enable you to use much more than the average person. In fact a dyslexic person actually have an advantage over most of us. But let’s say you were in a quiz show and this question determines whether you win a million dollars or walk away with nothing. While at college I was the only person not to have post-it notes spread around the house and memorized some 100 important history dates and related information in just 2 hours . Later on. 7 days a week. the distinction is whether you have a “trained memory” or not. I can only show you the way. we’ll see a chapter on how a person with dyslexia can have a more powerful memory than a normal person. You can turn your mind into a limitless filing cabinet. Well you don’t need to pay a princely sum to have a monster memory. MightyMemory. Once you’ve started on this system. all you need is to pay a modest sum of money (which you have) and I’ll put the riches of your kingdom at your feet. There is no such thing as a bad memory. while helping with youths coping with dyslexia and an organization helping the mentally challenged (retarded) people. That said. Now then. In school. Many people have told me they wished they could have a trained memory like mine. Later. you’ll be surprised how simple and powerful it really is! Psychologists and educators have said that we use only a small percentage of our brainpower. Just imagine what 5 minutes a day.. you are one of the few people in this world who acknowledge the problems an untrained memory brings and have taken the first step to do something about it. But here’s the kicker. but few people ever do anything about it. over a month. the rest is up to you. the Red or the Green? Page 6 Copyright ©2007. 3 months or 6 months will unleash your “monster” memory and you wouldn’t even know you’re doing it once you mastered the system. I started to do serious research into how to have a trained memory. I said “your kingdom” because how much you want to progress in life is all up to you. Which light is on top of the traffic light? Is it the Red or the Green? You might think this is an easy question. The key to this system is . Here’s a test..

and that one is always in the middle. and you just looked at it a second ago! Again. for caution. Green is always at the bottom. you had to look at your watch to check. The system will also make you use your imagination with more purpose than ever before. Since you will observe automatically when using my system. be associated in our minds with. you are probably hesitating now. are you? If you are sure. Don’t look at your wristwatch! Don’t look at your wristwatch and answer this simple question. you will find some interesting observation exercises in a later chapter. Now. most people can’t. then you’re one of the minority who has observed what most people only see. Decide on your answer as if it were really important that you answer correctly. There is a world of difference between seeing and observing. Don’t feel too badly if you couldn’t answer any of these questions. Were you? Or were you wrong in both cases. Can you tell me now. is your imagination. or to. the exact time on your watch? Probably not. if you were sure that Red was the correct . Try this on your friends.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM If you have been able to picture yourself in the above position. Although people see their watches many times every day. before you look at your watch. it is usually amber. Is the number three on your watch dial. Red is always on top of the traffic light. in order to be remembered. but you didn’t observe. have you decided on your answer? Now. few of them can tell you about the numeral three . either by sight or hearing. If there is a third color. because you’re not really sure which light is on top. even though they see the traffic lights countless times every day! By the way. of course. you saw. look at your watch and see if you were right. by the fact that most of the people to whom I put the above question to. I’ve taken the time and space to talk about observation because it is one of the things important to training your memory. the Arabic 3 or is it the Roman Numeral III? Think this over for a moment. as I said before. something we already know or remember. it is association with which we will mostly concern ourselves withl. it must. We cannot possibly remember anything that we do not observe. Although the systems and methods contained in this book make you observe automatically. proven. either gave the wrong answer or are not sure. because your watch doesn’t have a numeral three at all? Does the date window occupy the space instead? Did you answer this question correctly? Whether you did or did not. let me see if I can hurt your pride a little with another observation test. All right. Page 7 Copyright ©2007. After something is observed. and more important thing. MightyMemory. The other. You’re on that quiz show again and there’s a lot of money at stake. This.

even if you’ve never studied music.” but how many times have you relied on it when it was necessary to know the number of days in a particular month? If you were ever taught the nonsense word. all the rest have thirty-one etc. is only due to the fact that you have subconsciously associated it to something else. We were being taught that the word. simply means the connecting or linking up of 2 or more things to each other. and say. Indigo and Violet”. Almost every child that studies music is taught to remember the lines of the music staff or treble clef. The Sentence. Blue. The new thing. Green. I’ve already stressed the importance of association and I want to prove to you that you have used definite conscious associations many times .G.D and F don’t mean a thing. June and November.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Association. you should know them by now. then you must have studied music when you were young. and E. the initial system.B. which was a great help to me in my early grade spelling classes. in your mind. “believe” was spelled with the e following the i. You were made to remember something by the thing you saw or heard.Does this sentence mean anything to you? If it does. This was a subconscious association. “Oh. “Every Good Boy Does Fine” does have meaning. The letters. They are just letters and difficult to remember. and they certainly do work. One of the best examples I know. People who have forgotten many things that they learned in their early grades. This again is the association and initial system. I am sure that many times you have seen or heard something which made you snap your fingers. Anything you manage to remember. by remembering. In order to help us to commit this to memory.. However. without even realizing it. You might have learned the jingle “Thirty days hath September. F. which usually had no obvious connection to the thing you remembered. Orange. the 2 things were associated in some way. If you have read this chapter so far.A.C. concentrating as you read. Again you associated something new and meaningless to something you already knew and to something that had meaning to you. MightyMemory. you remembered that the spaces on the staff are. The spaces of the music staff were committed to memory with the same system. that reminds me…” . E. we were told to remember a short sentence. or have managed to remember. Right now. April. “Every Good Boy Does Fine”. I am pointing out a few examples of conscious associations at work. the thing you had to commit to memory was associated with something you already know. If you remembered the word. still remember the spaces and lines of the treble clef. “face”. “Every Good Boy Does Fine” . as pertaining to memory. “Never believe a lie” Page 8 Copyright ©2007. “VIBGYOR” then you still remember the colors of the spectrum : Red. Yellow. is the one. and is something you know and understand.

figures. from memory? How about China. Yes. Page 9 Copyright ©2007. and introduced a paradigm shift. Apple Computers understood how the human mind works. perhaps many years ago. The system and methods in this book will show you how the principles and ideas of simple conscious associations can be applied to remembering anything. Why did this picture appear in your mind’s eye? Only because. ever again misspelled the word. advance mathematical formula. can be used to help you memorize many things. The spelling of the word. The word. at one time or another. If I had mentioned Italy. None of the students that heard that little sentence. social or business life. was the new thing to remember. If you did. anything. “lie” is a word we all already knew how to spell. “believe”. facts. It’s the software to program our minds. You can see that simple conscious associations helped you memorize abstract information like the above examples very easily. just remember the phrase. You might be skeptical and say. The idea was a runaway success. They are never quite sure if the I is first. MightyMemory. you either heard or noticed that the map of Italy resembled a boot. the technology that will be taught in this course will be far more powerful. we will be day dreaming a lot! We will be using pictures because that’s the way our mind works.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM This is a perfect instance of a conscious association. items. Apple Computers introduced an icon driven operating system for its Macintosh home computers. and if you draw a boot. However. school. that is child’s play. “piece”? If you do. did a picture of a huge beast with a long trunk and white tusks appear? Or did the word “Elephant” come to mind? Many years ago. This phrase will always tell you how to spell. the systems and methods you will learn in this book. have made billions of dollars from this idea. try to think of an Elephant. “piece of pie”. The shape of Italy. remembering anything. 90% of you would have immediately have seen a picture of a boot in your mind’s eye. the multiplication tables. We now know that Apple Computers Inc. speeches. Well then. including names and faces. can be applied to anything and everything in everyday life. the word “piece” Can you draw anything that resembles the map of England. or if it is the E. the boot was the something we already know and . The initial system that I mentioned earlier. you will have the approximate outline of the map of the country of Italy. I know for a fact that many adults still have trouble spelling the word “believe”. In other words. We will be using pictures conjured up by our imagination. of course. objects. “Wait a minute” I don’t think in pictures. “believe” was the new thing to remember. it taught the machine how the human mind works with a machine human interface that is icon-driven. that’s right. Japan or Sri Lanka? You probably can’t draw any of these. Do you have trouble spelling the word. In a way.

Cyrus was able to call every soldier in his army by name. but cannot retain them for any length of time. can’t . that there is no such thing as a bad memory! This may come as a shock to those of you who have used your supposedly “bad memory” as an excuse for years. The question that people ask me most often. Anything you wish to remember must in some way or other. in many ways. or how to drive your car. it is much easier to attain a trained memory than. just as there are some who can remember things quickly. you would have to start learning everything from scratch. Remember please. the more you can remember. Of course. but it is true. to learn to play a musical instrument. a purer sense of observation. I believe that the more you remember. be associated in your mind to something you already know or remember. all our knowledge is based on our memories. after hearing them once.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 2 The Basis Of Memory An accurate and retentive memory is the basis of all business successes. “Isn’t it confusing to remember too much?” There is no limit to the capacity of the memory. all the things we attribute to habit. so must the memory. In the last analysis. You can be taught to have a trained memory just as you can be taught anything else. I can assure you a quick and retentive memory for just about anything. but a painfully slow one. if you weren’t associating knowingly. Habit is a memory. Let me explain. There are only trained or untrained memories. many things. As a matter of fact. should be attributed to memory. say. and if you read and study this Ebook. A clear example is that you could not be reading this book right now. etc. is like a muscle. If you apply the systems and methods taught in this book. then you would already have the beginnings of a trained memory. The difference is that the muscle can be over trained or become muscle bound while the memory cannot. nevertheless. or do remember. if you were to lose your memory . if you didn’t remember the sounds of the 26 letters of the alphabet. and have a normal amount of common sense. Actually. most of you will say that you have remembered. you will have acquired a trained memory! Along with the trained memory you will probably acquire a greater power of concentration. But. Almost all untrained memories are one-sided. and that you do not associate them with anything else. cannot remember telephone numbers. There are those who have a pretty good retentive memory. a stronger imagination. You see. Lucius Scipio was able to remember the names of all the people of Rome. or apply your makeup. and those who remember phone numbers. MightyMemory. That’s true!. You wouldn’t remember how to dress. while Seneca could memorize and repeat 2000 words. just like a newborn baby. is. and perhaps. for the life of them. That is to say that people who can remember names and faces. or shave. This may seem far-fetched to you. If you can read and write English. or whether to use a knife or fork. A muscle must be exercised and developed in order to give proper service and use. The memory. Page 10 Copyright ©2007. remember the names of the people they wish to call.

whether you realize it or not. what was not associated strongly. It will be more of an academic discussion on why emotions are such powerful anchors for our brain due to the fact that our ancestors use the primitive brain as a means of survival and it continues to play a major part as our brain evolutes. MightyMemory. It is your true memory that does the work for you. After a while. you will have acquired a trained memory. have been associated subconsciously with something else that you already knew or . However. most of the things you have ever remembered. Keep in mind that the system that I teach you is an aid to your normal or “true memory”. When you have learned to do that. There is a very thin line between a trained memory and the true memory. I am going to teach you to associate anything you want to. Page 11 Copyright ©2007.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM You see. Since this tiny exercise takes place without you knowing. will be forgotten. What you subconsciously associated strongly. you cannot help it. and as you continue to use the system taught here. that line will begin to fade. That is the beautiful thing about using my system. consciously. it becomes automatic and you almost start doing it subconsciously! In the next chapter we shall discuss the methodology of using emotions as a brain stimulus to anchor our memory. will be remembered.

it was called the “limbic” system. Page 12 Copyright ©2007. in the olfactory lobe. from “limbus. The most ancient root of our emotional brain is in the sense of smell. embarrassment and jealousy in modern times are built into our psyche. be it nutritious. MightyMemory. The emotions of fear. the great bulb of convoluted tissues that make up the top layers. emerged the emotional centers. When the new mammals arrived. The most primitive part of the brain. or.” As it evolved. Every living entity. As the story of the evolution of the human brain unfold. Decisions like knowing what to eat and what to reject were still determined largely through smell. pain. During primitive times the sense of smell meant the distinctive between life and death. there came new. the cells that take in and analyze smell. is the brainstem surrounding the top of the spinal cord. has a distinctive molecular signature that can be carried in the wind. we see why the use of emotions as memory anchors play such an important role in primitive times and in modern times. and so discriminating good from bad. greed. These. This brain was very important in the Age of Reptiles. Picture a snake hissing to signal the threat of an attack. Because this part of the brain rings and borders the brainstem. This primitive brain cannot be said to think or learn rather it is a set of preprogrammed regulators that keep the body running as it should be reacting in a way that ensures survival. more ancient parts. comparing a present smell with past ones. from these emotional areas evolved the thinking brain or “neocortex”. The connections between the olfactory bulb and the limbic system now took on the task of making distinctions among smells and recognizing them.” the Latin word for “ring. look roughly like a bagel with a bite taken out at he bottom where the brainstem nestles into them.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 3 How The Human Brain Evolved Over millions of years of evolution. These revolutionary advances allowed an animal to be much smarter in its choices for survival. there was an emotional brain long before there was a rational one. From the primitive root. the limbic system refined two powerful tools. pleasure. predator or prey. surrounding the brainstem. Millions of years later in evolution. key layers of the emotional brain. as well as controlling stereotyped reactions and movements. This root brain regulates basic life functions like breathing and the metabolism of the body’s other . the brain has grown from the bottom up. The fact that the “thinking brain” grew from the emotional reveals much about the relationship of external stimulus and learning and memory. poisonous. shared with all species that have more than a minimal nervous system. sexual partner. more precisely. happiness in primitive times and more subtle and complicated emotions of envy. it could be avoided next time. and to fine-tune its responses to adapt to changing demands rather than having automatic reactions If a food led to sickness. learning and memory. with its higher centers developing and building onto lower. the brainstem.

say. MightyMemory. nestled toward the side of the head. and the rudimentary basis of the neocortex.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM This was done by the “rhinencephalon”. as well as any feeling about feelings. a snake seen on TV versus a snake in your backyard. The Role Of Emotions In Memory In humans the amygdala (from the Greek word for “almond”) is an almond-shaped cluster of interconnected structures perched above the brainstem. near the bottom of the limbic ring. The amygdala is the storehouse of emotional memory. Research by neuroscientists now seems to suggest that the hippocampus. Piled on top of the thin two-layered cortex. In contrast to the ancient brain’s two-layered . The human amygdala is relatively large compared to that in any of our closest evolutionary cousins. A person who has his amygdala removed will lose all recognition of feeling. several new layers of brain cells were added to form the neocortex. a part of the limbic wiring. the result is a striking inability to gauge the emotional significance of events. To this day these limbic structures do much or most of the brain’s learning and remembering. The neocortex is the seat of thought. is more involved in registering and making sense of perceptual patterns than with emotional reactions. The Homo Sapien’s neocortex. The hippocampus’s main input is in providing a keen memory of context. art. has added all that is distinctly human. in evolution. so much larger than in any other species. one on each side of the brain. There are two amygdalas. imaginings. literally. which has been long considered the key structure of the limbic system. the neocortex offered an extraordinary intellectual edge. This condition is also known as “affective blindness”. the thinking brain. About 100 million years ago the brain in mammals took a great growth spurt. It adds to a feeling what we think about it and allows us to have feelings about ideas. and thus of significance itself. comprehend what is sensed. it is the hippocampus that recognizes the differing significance of. If the amygdala is severed from the rest of the brain. it contains the centers that put together and comprehend what the senses perceive. vital for emotional meaning. the amygdala is the specialist for emotional matters. symbols. the regions that plan. Page 13 Copyright ©2007. the primates. The hippocampus and the amygdala were the two key parts of the primitive “nose brain” that. the “nose brain”. Life without the amygdala is a life stripped of personal meanings. coordinate movement. gave rise to the cortex and then the neocortex.

of course. Under stress (or anxiety). the stronger the imprint. But it is the amygdala that adds you don’t really like him or her. like what stretch of path we were on. Put simply. Page 14 Copyright ©2007. was it a man or woman we crashed into and so on. which surge through the body priming it for an emergency. MightyMemory. a nerve running from the brain to the adrenal glands atop the kidneys triggers a secretion of the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine. or presumably even the intense excitement of joy. or what we were doing when we heard the news the New York World Trade Center Twin Towers had collapsed. These hormones activate receptors on the vagus nerve. triggered by epinephrine and norepinephrine. the hippocampus is the crucial in recognizing a face as that of your classmate. in effect. they activate neurons within the amygdala to signal other brain regions to strengthen memory for what is happening. the hippocampus retains the specifics of the incident. were there many people around who witness the incident. ensuring that animals would have particularly vivid memories of what threatens or pleases them. The more intense the amygdala . This means that.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM The hippocampus remembers the dry facts.. the brain has two memory systems. for example to remember where we went on a first date. one for ordinary facts and one for emotionally charged ones. A special system for emotional memories makes excellent sense in evolution. the very same neurochemical alerting system that prime the body to react to life-threatening emergencies by fighting or fleeing also stamp the moment in memory with vividness. The amygdala is the main site in the brain where these signals go. This amygdala arousal seems to imprint in memory most moments of emotional arousal with an added degree of strength. it also carries signals back into the brain. the experiences that scare or thrill us the most in life are among our most indelible memories. That’s why we are more likely. the amygdala retains the emotional flavor that goes with those facts. while the vagus nerve carries messages from the brain to regulate the hear. If we ride on a bicycle in the park and collide with the person we were trying to overtake. But it is the amygdala that ever after will send a surge of anxiety through us whenever we try to pass a pedestrian or another bicycle in similar circumstances. The Role Of Stimulus In Memory And Survival The brain uses a simple but clever method to make emotional memories register with special potency.

of me. after you’ve read Chapter 5. pot. Book. coat. or memorize the contents of an entire magazine. I feel that these tests are quite important. razor. In order to do that. in exactly the same order in which they appear here. cup. and it is much better if you read from one to the other.don’t’ flip through the book and read only the chapters that you think will help you. you can take about 2 minutes to do so. curtains. watch. you will find a space for your present score. . match. Since your memory will improve with almost every chapter you read. All the chapters will help you. bull. before you take the test .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 4 Test Your Memory I don’t think you’ll find the tests in this chapter quite as difficult. since no one will know how badly you did on them. After each test. That will give you confidence. Give yourself 5 points for each correct one. In this way. or yourself! Test#1 Read this list of 15 objects just once. banana. for they will be out of sequence. plate. So take a few moments and mark yourselves on the tests that follow. or that you would be able to remember a shopping list of 50 items. MightyMemory. and a space that is to be used for your score after reading those particular chapters. One important point. you will be able to take the same tests after reading certain chapters. of course. and compare your scores. key. I want you to see that improvement. __________ Score after learning Chapter 5 __________ Page 15 Copyright ©2007. sunglasses. Then try to write them. remember that if you leave out a word. I must show you first how poor your untrained memory is. or remember prices and important telephone numbers without pen and paper you would surely think I’d gone mad. Do not jump ahead. Write your score here. Even if you do. it doesn’t matter. without looking at the book. But read and study this book. wallet. which in itself is important to a trained memory. that will make the remaining words incorrect. When scoring yourself. I will remind you to take this test again. If I told you that you would never again be troubled by forgetting names or faces. and see for yourself! I imagine that the best way for me to prove it to you is to let you see your own progress.

com . 12. Horse 9. 74927129365837412749 Write your score here __________ Score after learning Chapter 10 __________ Test # 4 Take 7 to 9 minutes to look at this list of 10 people and their telephone numbers. Then copy all ten people onto a piece of paper. then take a piece of paper and try to write it from memory. I will remind you to take this test again. Give yourself 10 points for each telephone number that you list correctly. Chair 8. 4. Radio Airplane Lamp Cigar Picture 6. Tea cup 11. Remember that if you were to dial one wrong digit. if only 1 digit in the number is wrong. 18. MightyMemory. Give yourself 5 points for every number that you put down in its correct place or sequence. 15. and see if you can write the telephone number next to each one.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Test #2 Take about 3 minutes to try to memorize the 20 objects listed here. Give yourself 5 points for every object that you put with the correct number. by numbers. that the important thing here is retentiveness. 20. 1. Page 16 Copyright ©2007. 13. Egg 10. after you’ve read Chapter 6. 3. after you’ve read through Chapter 10. close the book. which you cannot test until you have read Chapter 10. You’ll be reminded to take this test again. 19. so. but to which number it belongs. you get no score on that particular one. 17. 2. 14. Dress Flower Window Perfume Book 16. You must remember not only the objects. 5. from memory. Telephone 7. you would get the wrong party. Bread Pencil Curtain Vase Hat Write your score here __________ Score after learning Chapter 6 __________ Test #3 Look at the 20-digit number below for about 2 and a half minutes. Understand please. Then try to list them yourself without looking at the book.

it is used to measure your progress as you read through this system. First of . because they can’t remember their schoolwork. but with their lack of interest. It does not take a lot of work and study to be able to get 100% on all these tests. or is interested in. how many parents complain that their children have terrible memories. You cannot possibly remember anything you do not observe. etc.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Baker Tailor Dentist Mr Goldstein 78639571 19497849 96942854 81423168 Lawyer Mr Ranjit Singh Doctor Mr Kerrigan 55623179 49821357 71423185 28322801 Write your score here __________ Score after learning Chapter 10 __________ Do not feel discouraged because of the poor marks that you may have received on the above tests. I say. Force yourself to be interested enough to observe anything you want to remember or retain. This proves that the student does have a good memory for things that he likes. Also. They know all the rules of baseball or who made what great play in what year for which team. or that you are not interested in remembering. there can hardly be remembrance. I have given them to you for a definite purpose. Take for instance. history. If they can remember these facts and figures so easily and so well. MightyMemory. If a student has a good memory for one subject. some of these same children can remember the batting averages of every baseball player in the major leagues. If you want to improve your memory immediately. The problem is not with their memory. The proof of the pudding is in the fact that most children excel in at least one particular subject. I like to refer to the system in this book as the “lazy man’s” way of remembering! Memory and observation do go hand in hand. and consequently get poor marks? Yet. to show you how unreliable an untrained memory really is. why can’t some of them remember their lessons at school? Only because they are more interested in baseball than they are in algebra. force yourself to want to remember. Without motivation. It is extremely difficult to observe or remember anything that you do not want to remember. however in an amazingly short time. geography and other school subjects. you’ll find that there is no effort at all required to make yourself want to remember anything. “force yourself” because at first a little effort may be necessary. he is good student in that subject. even though they have poor marks in all the others. Page 17 Copyright ©2007.

figures. With the systems of association as an aid to your true memory.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Many of us learnt a foreign language while in high school. Page 18 Copyright ©2007. and that you will have confidence in your ability to retain them. and facts-anything. you are on your way to an amazingly remarkable and retentive memory. But not many of us remember much of the foreign language. will improve your memory to a noticeable degree. even without the actual system and methods of associations that will be taught in this system. This . The trick now is to make up your mind that you will be interested in remembering names. MightyMemory. If you’d traveled to these countries that speak the language. dates. faces. you’d wish you had paid more attention in class.

what I call the Link Method of memory. it is almost like a game. You can now immediately start to remember as you’ve been able to before.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 5 Link Method of . Curtains Book Cup Banana Table Door Pencil Bus Cake Hammer Television set Spoon Headphone Telescope Lamp Vase Ketchup Dog Shoe Cigar I’ll teach you now. Don’t be alarmed! It is child’s play and as a matter of fact. I’ve told you that your trained memory will consists mostly of ridiculous mental images. So let’s make ridiculous mental images of the above 20 items. The pictures or images that come to mind has to be vivid and crystal clear with lots of actions and emotions. you will accomplish just that if you read and study this chapter. Here are the 20 items that you will be able to memorize in sequence in a surprisingly short time. I must let you know that your trained memory will be based almost entirely on mental images or pictures. Page 19 Copyright ©2007. I don’t believe that anyone with an untrained memory can possibly remember 20 dissimilar items. The mental pictures will be easily recalled if they are made as ridiculous as you can possibly make them. Feel the feel and smell the smells. after hearing or seeing them only once. Before going into actual memorizing. in sequence. MightyMemory. Even though you don’t believe it either.

You must now associate or link curtains to. take a whiff. As soon as you see it. and making the mental image as ridiculous as possible. stop thinking of it and go on to your next step. Page 20 Copyright ©2007. “cup”. ludicrous and silly as possible. book. MightyMemory. Or imagine a cup filled with soup with tiny books instead of croutons or your favorite book right at the bottom of a tower of cups that come crashing down as you pull the book from the bottom Imagine the crash and the pieces all over the place. See yourself drawing your curtains open and seeing a gigantic book outside your house . you have a mouth full of saliva. that might make it easier to see the picture. book to the next item on the list. You can either visualize the most gorgeous curtains money can buy or you can imagine or you can imagine the curtains in your own home. Now take a bite out of one half. Thousands of pieces. Please do not just try to see the . in colorful vivid picture. or with. too much. the first ridiculous one that comes to mind is usually the best to use. Back to the list. pain. You can picture yourself reading a book with the words printed on curtain material instead of paper. It is too logical. please do not stop for 15 minutes to find the most illogical association. The association must be as ridiculous. more is better. Close your eyes for a second. you have successfully imagined a vivid picture of the lemon.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM For example. Pick the association which you think is most incredulous and see it in your mind’s eye. try again with more details. Link it with emotions. You must actually see this ridiculous picture in your mind’s eye. You might see a cup made of tiny books and leaking as you pour hot water into it and scalding you. “curtain”. Now then. Either one of these is a ridiculous picture or association. Associating it with pain. The first thing you have to do is to get a picture of the first item. you might picture the curtains in your home is made out of many small books. therefore the next step is to associate or link. I cannot stress. which is. more is better. if I were to tell you to imagine a lemon. you’d have to vividly picture a nice juicy yellow lemon. If by now. feel its texture. Can you smell its fresh “lemony” citrus aroma? Now imagine taking a nice shining knife and cut it in half. Your mental picture must be ridiculous or illogical! Take my word for the fact that if your association is a logical one. the necessity of actually seeing this picture in your mind’s eye. curtains. The 2nd item you want to remember is “book”. you pay no attention to “curtains” any longer. here is your first and most important step towards your trained memory. boring is bad. imagine its juices trickling down your hand. See yourself in the picture. Imagine you’re holding it in your hand. For instance. Make an entirely new ridiculous picture with. You are to pick the one that you think is most ridiculous. However. or between cup and book. you will not remember it. at first. If not. At this point. Remember. Remember. A book on how to make curtains would not make a good association. I’ll give you 2 or more ways in which you might form your pictures with each pair of the 20 items. emotions or sexual innuendoes would be helpful for later recall. The thing that you already know or remember is “book”. or one you’ve thought of yourself. in your mind’s eye. Don’t just see the word but visualize in vivid pictures.

And everyone around you laughing at how ridiculous you look. Pencil and bus .See yourself watching television and eating cereal but you forgot your spoon. See either of these pictures in your mind for a moment. Now ‘”table” and “door” . this is the previous.See yourself wearing headphone shaped like spoons with the long handles sticking . We now come to the next item which is “banana”. Or you might want to imagine peeling a banana and out comes tiny little cups that crash to the floor . MightyMemory. So make a ridiculous association or link between banana and table. Feel the embarrassment. Page 21 Copyright ©2007. the bus moves off and the puff of black exhaust blows into your face. or the new thing that we want to remember is “table”.see your dining table top made out of a door with the door knob sticking out or a door with table legs sticking out. Like an avalanche. Or see yourself boarding a bus and you take a seat and squish. You could “see” a table with legs of bananas or using a gigantic banana as a table . You blow the candles and the cake moves off like a bus. you sit on a cake… yuck! Cake and Hammer . Television and Spoon . Door and pencil .See yourself watching a football match and in frustration. choking you. See the picture you think is most ridiculous. you throw a hammer onto the screen… crash! Maybe you’re watching a TV program about giant hammers invading the earth and smashing the buildings and flattening them. and book to cups.See yourself hammering a cake and the cake and cream flying all over the room… what a mess! Or see yourself eating a large piece of cake and “clunk“. then stop thinking of it. or the thing we already know and remember. Since we have just used “banana”. Bus and Cake . Spoon and headphone . See yourself coughing with a face covered in black soot. The actor on TV realize you are without a spoon and hands you one out of the TV screen! How weird is that? But weird is good.You might imagine losing your keys to the door of your house and using a giant pencil to crash it down. You must make a ridiculous association between cup and banana. The present object.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM We have now linked curtains to book.See yourself boarding a bus in the shape of a giant pencil or see yourself scribbling on the back of a bus. You’ll realize that we are always associating the previous object to the present object.See your birthday cake in a shape of a bus. Or you open your house door and out pours millions of pencils and they overwhelm you. there is a hammer hidden inside! Hammer and Television . You might want to see yourself peeling a cup like a banana and cracking your tooth as you try to eat it… ouch! Try to associate pain.

Let’s see now if you have remembered all the items. because you saw yourself pouring hot water into a cup made of tiny books and the water spilling out through the gaps scalding your legs. If you were to “see” the curtains. what would that bring to mind immediately? Books of course.See yourself looking at the moon through a telescope and the moon is wearing headphones and smiling at you! See the moon grooving to the beat of the music.Imagine a dog chewing your favorite shoe or a tiny dog sleeping in your yell in pain.Imagine smoking a cigar shaped like a shoe. Then you saw a table with long bananas as legs and as you put your casserole on the table.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Headphone and telescope . Have lots of action. Or a dog wearing 2 pairs of your favorite shoes and you running after it. Or putting ketchup instead of water into a vase and putting beautiful bright flowers into the vase. Lamp and Vase . from “curtains” to cigar. book brings cup to mind. You saw yourself peeling a cup like a banana and breaking your tooth as you tried to eat it. Shoe and Cigar .com . Or the light switch is too high on a wall and you extend a telescope in order to turn the lamp on. Dog and Shoe .Imagine yourself making a bedside lamp out of a flower vase or the lamp crashing onto a vase and breaking it. Of course. If you can’t remember an item. Try it! You will see that you will go through all the items without missing a beat.Picture yourself pouring ketchup out of a vase. Vase and Ketchup . it takes many times the length of time to explain this than to simply do it. “Ouch. ouch” . You saw yourself drawing the curtains open and a giant book outside your window! Now. before going on to the next one. Or putting your foot into your favorite shoe and burning your toes because someone put a lighted cigar into one of your shoes or a shoe smoking a cigar! We have finished! If you have actually “seen” these mental pictures in your mind’s eye. MightyMemory. Each mental association must be seen for just the smallest fraction of a second. you will have no trouble remembering the 20 items in sequence. Telescope and lamp . Ketchup and Dog .You have just bought a new lamp shaped like a telescope with the light coming out of the lenses. Whichever is the more vivid picture. your association is not vivid or ridiculous enough. crash! The legs couldn’t hold the weight. change it and imagine the colors and sounds that go with it.Imagine your friend smearing ketchup onto his or her face and your friend’s pet dog licking it off your friend’s face. Page 22 Copyright ©2007. chances are.

and most important. Action. The reason for this phenomena is that the memory is being engaged and your mind is starting to release its photographic memory. If you imagine the pointed lead ends sticking into you. 4. 4. Have fun doing it. If you’ve ever been in an embarrassing situation or an accident. Picture your items out of proportion. 3. Picture the items in motion whenever possible. Substitute your items. Exaggerate the amount of items. did the pencil in your imagination have an eraser at the end? What flavor was the cake? Did it have icing ? … etc. the second to the third. You may squirm whenever you think about that situation and can probably describe the details. This method can be used quite often. you may have problems.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM You may realize that you have been brought up thinking logically and here I am telling you to be ridiculous. action. as you review the list a second time. you have both action and exaggeration in your picture. with practice. Substitution. Some of you may have a problem with making ridiculous pictures However. peeling a cup like a banana or putting spoons on your ears as headphones. Associate the first item to the second. Out of Proportion 2. ACTION! You may realize that it is often the most embarrassing or violent episodes in our lives that we remember. your pictures will become ridiculous as you get in touch with the “inner kid” in you. Try a few more times and you’d notice your mind thinks like a Japanese Bullet Train! Page 23 Copyright ©2007. It’s a method of picturing one item instead of another for instance. the third to the fourth and so on. 3. and with a little practice you’ll find that a ridiculous association for any 2 items will come to mind instantly. Try to get one or more of the above into your pictures. your pictures are not vivid and in detail enough. Think action. Exaggeration. If you have trouble recalling the list. MightyMemory. You may notice the first time you visualize the list. your mind works faster and the pictures come faster and are more vivid. Make your associations as ridiculous and/or illogical as possible. The objects to be remembered are actually linked one to the other forming a chain and that is why I call it the link method of remembering. chances are. Here are 4 rules that may help you come up with vivid and ridiculous pictures. In my illustration above. SEE the pictures in your mind’s eye. 1. The entire Link method boils down to this . In my association between door and pencil. I told you that you might see millions of pencils coming out as you open the door to your house like an . 1. However. I use the word “gigantic” to make the items out of proportion. 2. you don’t need a trained memory to remember it vividly. For example.

MightyMemory. with the score you had before you read this chapter on the Link method. and how you can use it to help you remember speeches or scripts. The Link method is also used to help memorize long-digit numbers and many other things. why not try the Test#1 in Chapter#4 again.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM In later chapters. How it can be used to help you to recall your daily schedule or errands. Page 24 Copyright ©2007. Best of all. Have them make out a list and you make vivid pictures of this list and call out to it. you will learn how to apply the link method in a practical manner. Compare your score now. Your friends can test you a few hours later and you’ll still remember it. You can now show off to your . you can recall the list backwards! By the way.


Chapter 6 The Peg System of Memory A man was arrested and taken for a ride in a police car, He overheard the following conversation on the police frequency radio. “10-4, this is squad car alpha Zulu 28. 2010 in progress and is hot. 40-9 is no longer in sight. I have sight confirmation of 20-15, 30-12 and 30-15, all are moving fast… real fast. Requesting back up of 40-7 instead. Please advise ETA and your numbers so that we can be ready when you get here. The reply came hard and fast, ‘Roger alpha Zulu 28, this is Bravo 2-20. We are 5 clicks from your position. Requesting for 30-5 with 20-10 instead. Roger and out.” The man was impressed with the police lingo and said, “You cops must be busy with all that crime happening in the city, why bother with a small time pick-pocket like me?”. The policeman turned around and said wryly, “What crime? That was one of our guys ordering a croissant with his black coffee instead of his usual doughnut with jelly… and it seems the cafe is running out of chocolate doughnuts… fast!” Although the above is just a joke, you must be thinking the law enforcement officers must spend most of their waking hours memorizing the felony codes as they converse over the police radio. Let me assure you that it can be both quick and fun, if you ever want to be a policeman or one whose profession depend on memorizing codes. First, however, you must learn how to remember the numbers. Numbers themselves are about the most difficult things to remember because they are completely abstract and intangible. It is almost impossible to picture a number. They are geometric designs and they mean nothing in our minds, unless they have been associated to something you know over a period of time. You may have memorized your own telephone numbers or address, but you need a method or system to associate numbers in any combination easily and quickly. I’m introducing to you, the peg system of memory. Like the Velcro on your shoe or piece of clothing, you need pegs for something to hang on to. The idea has been developed and modified many times so that it is now easily learnt. However, you must learn a simple phonetic alphabet which consists of only 10 sounds and with my help, it should not take more than 10 minutes to learn them. This will be the most worthwhile 10 minutes you’ve ever spent, since this phonetic alphabet will eventually help you to remember numbers, or numbers in conjunction with anything else, in such a way, you never would have thought possible. I will give you now, a different consonant sound for each of the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 0. These, you must commit to memory. I’ll make this simple for you by giving you a “memory aid” for remembering each one. You can use your own body as a memory aid. Beginning from the foot to your head. Read them carefully and with your full attention.

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The sound for #1 will always be - T or D. Just remember T for Toes, and wriggle your toes. The sound for #2 will always be - N. Just remember kNee and lightly tap your knee or the lower case n with 2 down strokes. The sound for #3 will always be - M. Just remember M for muscle and squeeze your thigh muscle. Or lower case m with 3 down strokes. The sound for #4 will always be - R. Just remember R for your rear. And give it a pat. Or r is the last letter of the word four. The sound for #5 will always be - L. Just remember L for love-handles. Give your own love-handles above your hips a light pinch. The sound for #6 will always be - J, ch, sh, soft g etc. just remember your shoulder.

The sound for #7 will always be - K, hard c, hard g. Just remember your collarbone or two mirror image of the number 7, one on top of the other forms the letter K.

The sound for #8 will always be - F or V. Just remember your face or veil across your face. The sound for #9 will always be - P or B. Just remember the top of your head or point. The sound for #0 will always be soft C or S or Z- Just remember the ceiling above your head. The sound for 0 (zero) will always be - S or Z. First sound of the word, “zero”. Please keep in mind the letters are not important; we are interested in the sound only That is why I call this a phonetic alphabet. With some of the digits, I’ve given you more than one letter, but the phonetic sounds of these letters are the same, in each case. Your lips, tongue and teeth are used in the same identical way to sound P and B or F and V, or J, sh, ch, etc. The sound of the letter G as in the word “gentle” or the exclamations “gee, this is easy” would be represented by #6, whereas the same letter in the word, “go” would be represented by #7. The letters Kn as in the word “Knife” or “Knee” would stand for #2 because the K is silent. The letter C in the word “cake” represents #7 but the same letter in the word “cease” would represent zero, since it is pronounced with the s sound. Now, take a look at the letters again.
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This completes the system of numerals and gives us the following: I t d th 2 n 3 m 4 r 5 I 6 y sh ch soft g tch, dg 7 8 9 0 z s Soft c

k ƒ P hard g V b hard c ph ng q

Close the book and see if you can remember the sounds 1 to 0. You must know them all before proceeding and out of sequence too. This simple phonetic alphabet is very important and should be practiced until it is second nature to you. Once they are, the rest of the Peg system should be a walk in the park. If you need practice, do it on a daily basis anytime you see a number for example, if you see the license number 3142, you should be able to read it as m, t, r, n. A bus number 962 should be seen as p j n. The word car is 74. The word couch is 76 and the word television is 15802 and so on. None of the vowels, a e I o u have any meaning at all. Neither do the letters, w, h or y. (Remember the word “why”) Before going any further, complete the following exercises. The first column of words should be changed to numbers, and the second column of numbers must be broken into sounds.

Building Cloud Mountain Planet Computer

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

8276 9187 1937 2067 3987

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

See the end of the Chapter for the answers.

You are now ready to learn some of the “pegs” I mentioned. I would suggest you know the sounds thoroughly before you go on to the pegs themselves.

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Since the number 1 contains only one digit and that one digit is represented by the t or d sound. Do you know how I formed those words? If you do. They all begin with t or d for #1 and end with sh. then I can go ahead and give you the first few “pegs”. we could use touch. we could use any of the following:. and that one sound is the one representing the digit of the number. You can picture poison Ivy or ivy growing all over the your house. Picture an old. we must use a word that contains only that one consonant sound. “BEE”. Here I suggest you picture your own Remember we are interested in the consonant sounds only. “MA” will mean #3. Number 8 is the word “IVY”. Number 9 is the word. The word “LAW” will always represent #5. Once you decide on a particular mind picture for this. Page 28 Copyright ©2007. “RYE” will always represent the number 4. so I will give explanations of all those where I think an explanation is necessary. dish. Therefore “tie” will always represent the number 1 to you. white haired man on an ark. Here I suggest you picture a policeman or a judge because they represent the law. So we will use the word “TIE”. ch sound for #6. Number 7 is the word “COW”. You can see how I arrive at these words.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM We now know a certain phonetic sound for all the digits from 1 to zero and we can make up a word for any number. The word. The word. no matter how many digits it . or for any of the pegs. Each one of the peg words that I will give you has been specially chosen because it is easy to picture in your mind and that is important. MightyMemory. note. nut. if we wanted to make up a word for #21. because they all begin with the n sound (#2) and end with the t or d sound (#1). You can picture a Rye Bread. They all have only one consonant sound. it is important to be able to picture these objects. For example. knot. knit etc. “NOAH” will always represent #2. The word . As I said. gnat. neat. use that particular picture always. Number 6 is the word “SHOE”. For #16. dash teach etc.

and you’ll know that that’s the right one. If you have realized the importance of actually “seeing” these ridiculous associations in your mind. you’ll have no trouble. Just see the picture and try to imagine the painful sensation as they sting you. First I gave you an aid to remember the phonetic sounds. you might say to yourself. and containing that particular consonant sound only. 9.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Number 10 has 2 digits and must be made up of a t or d sound and an s or z sound. now those sounds are your aid to remember the very important peg words and the peg words will help you to remember anything where numbers are . 7. “tie. out of sequence and prove to you that you can remember them after reading them only once. All you have to do is make a ridiculous and illogical association of the peg for #9. what I’ve done. with a little concentration. When you say the right one. If you come to a number. 9 6 4 7 3 ----------wallet radio bottle soap bulb 5 --2 --8 --1 --10 -computer ceiling fan clock pencil cloud The first one listed is #9. starting with. To show you how fantastic your memory can be with my little memory aids. tea. I’ll give you a list of 10 objects. We’ll use the word “TOES” If you’ve read the 10 words once. 3. you can do this until the words become second nature to you. now.. You should know that #3 is “ma”. You can see. then try to remember the peg word. Page 29 Copyright ©2007.” you’ll know that that is the correct word. 5.” “Noah”. without repeating. it will sort of “ring a bell” in your mind. For this first one. tie” as soon as you say “tie. you might see yourself opening your wallet and a swarm of bees coming out of it and stinging you. you probably already know them. Test yourself in and out of order. I’ve built you up slowly with each item. which is “bee” and wallet. Make sure you know them well. 4. 1. 10. I’ll show you how to use them for remembering objects in and out of order. ma. and say any words that come to your mind. “toy. and you think you can’t remember it’s peg . Try it! When you say the number yourself. MightyMemory.think of the sound for that number. Shoe Cow Ivy Bee Toes Once you feel you know the first 10 peg words thoroughly. tow. 8. 2. For instance. if you can’t think of the peg word for #1. think of its sound first. Tie Noah Ma Rye Law 6.

#3 (ma) --. Picture yourself with super long legs reaching out and touching the clouds with your . #8 (ivy) --Clock.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM #6 (shoe) --. The first illogical picture that comes to mind is usually the best one to You can see yourself putting your shoes to your ear and listening to music broadcast. tie. And every time she talks. it lights up. Or see your mother with a necklace of lighted Christmas bulbs around her neck going on and off.ceiling fan. bubbles start to come out of its mouth. Then picture Noah hanging on the ceiling fan having fun going around in circles with his white beard trailing as he swings and you know #2 is ceiling fan. Or imagine yourself scribbling something on someone white tie. Picture a cow standing on its hind-legs taking a shower and using a bar of soap to wash itself. and the ridiculous picture of you wearing a pencil as a tie. I’ll help you with the first and try to fill the objects in order from 1 to 10 and try to fill in the objects in order without looking. Feel the ticklish sensation. Crunch. because that is the one that will come to mind later on. #4 (rye) ---bottle. #2 (Noah) --. ouch! That hurt! I am giving you one or more ways that each object can be associated ridiculously with its peg word. Page 30 Copyright ©2007. MightyMemory. so you know #1 is pencil.pencil. he is having fun. Later on. You can see Noah hanging onto a ceiling fan going round and round going “wheee…” .com . #10 (toes) --. #1 (tie) --. Imagine ivy climbing up a grandfather clock. You can see your laptop or computer with legs patrolling the streets like Robocop. Imagine yourself or someone wearing a pencil as a tie.soap. You can see your mother with a bulb above her head. you should be doing it on your own. just picture your peg word. #5 (law) --.bulb. Now take a piece of paper number it from one to ten. You can see yourself putting a bottle in between 2 slices of rye bread like a sausage and trying to eat it. #7 (cow) --. You are to use only one of these pictures for each one Use one that I give or one that you think of yourself. When you come to #1. Or see a cow chewing on a bar of soap and as it moos.

com . Answers for exercise in Chapter 5 Building Cloud Mountain Planet Computer 95127 751 3212 9521 73914 8276 9187 1937 2067 3987 FNCJ BTVC TPMC NsChC MBFC Page 31 Copyright ©2007. the beauty of this system is that you can remember them out of sequence and backwards. We will now proceed to remember peg words listed from numbers 11 to 25. picture a gravestone. For “tomb”. MightyMemory. 20. Tub Nose Net Nun 23. 18. you might want to take test#2 in Chapter 4 once again. If you know the pegs from 1 to 25 thoroughly. 17. Try it and then compare your present score with the original one. 13. 16. you can see “nemo” the clown fish. you can see the object made out of “tin”. Nero 25. For #12. You should learn them as you learn the first 10. Have your friends call out any number and you can list the item. For #24 (nero) you can picture a roman playing a fiddle.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM You will not only remember the listed objects. You can use this method as a party trick by having friends list out 25 items and you remembering them in a heartbeat. See the shock on their faces! Please do not go to the next chapter until you’ve memorized the peg words from 1 to 25. Towel Dish Tack Dove 19. 21. 11 12. 22. tot Tin Tomb Tire 15. Nail For “tot” it is best to picture a child that you know. For #23. 14. nemo 24. You should now be amazed at you own memory.

buy beer for tomorrow night‘s football game. Simply link the first item to the second item. We can now use the Peg and Link system or a combination of both to remember errands to be run for the day. see your dentist. catalogue numbers and long-digit numbers (e. The way our memory works is incredible. Let’s say you have to have your car engine tuned. a strong wind blows and the stamps get stuck to a nicely wrapped present with a giant red ribbon. see a vivid picture of your dentist tuning your car engine with a tuning fork. collect a parcel at the post office. Some of the walking watches take out bottles of milk to feed crying babies in prams that the terrified mothers have abandoned. The watches are ticking and they explode into flowers of different colors and hues. The key difference between the Link and the Peg systems is that the Link is used to remember anything in sequence while the Peg is for anything in and out of order. you taste the raindrops and it is beer! Of course. Using the link method. It is like a filing cabinet.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 7 Uses of the Peg and Link Systems The Link and Peg systems of memory are 2 of the 3 ways that your trained memory will be based upon. You can memorize or forget a list at will. Each time you complete an errand. collect your suit at the laundry shop and buy milk powder for your . simply go over the list in your mind the day after you memorized it and then again in a few days later. so on down your list. Credit Cards) and addresses. out jumps a parcel and it explodes in mid-air raining confetti of postage stamps. unless the errands are arranged in this manner (maybe they are all along the same route). Page 32 Copyright ©2007. That might not be convenient. along comes a dog which rips the ribbon apart. you don’t need to do the errands in the sequence. MightyMemory. the list will be etched in your memory to be used when you need it. The Peg system is extremely useful for remembering telephone numbers. buy a birthday present for your niece. buy dog food. Go over the link to see if you’ve missed out on any errands at the end of your run. buy flowers for a sick friend. The 3rd system is a system of substitute words or substitute thoughts An example of how to use the Link system is to use it for your grocery list. You can memorize a different list the next time you go shopping without fear of confusion. the dog gets entangle in the red ribbon and crashes through the window of a watch shop. go over the link in your mind. After a few times. repair your wife’s watch. out of the smashed windows comes giant walking watches wearing nicely pressed suits. If you have a list with no immediate use but one which you feel will be useful in the future. Retaining a list in your memory is one of motivation and desire.g. It then starts raining heavily. the second to the third.

36. you could see a giant cigar with a “notch” in it. Picture a dog in a white wig in a judge’s uniform. 34. Picture your mother trying to slot her best home-baked apple pie into the mailing box at the post office. 40. go through your errands as . 42. Before going to bed or before your day starts. 43. 50. Rower Roll Roach Rock Roof Rope If the item associated with #26 were cigar. Imagine a cow wearing a neatly pressed suit and tie.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM We can use the Peg system for the same thing. You might see yourself wearing a tie with a car engine tied to the bottom of your tie. 29. 39. Notch Neck Knife Knob Mice Mat 32. Vividly imagine Noah screaming in pain in his ark as the dentist pulls out one of his tooth. 49. 26. Just think of tuning your car engine with the peg word for #1 (tie). 41. They follow the rules of the phonetic alphabet as do all the pegs. 46. For #41(rod). 28. Page 33 Copyright ©2007. 37. Imagine an Ivy plant climbing up a gigantic towering milk bottle. Imagine someone with a ticking shoe and taking off her high-heeled shoes to check the time. 33. 48. Picture yourself tying a red ribbon on a rye bread sandwich. 47. We’ll go further into remembering schedules and appointments in later chapters. 35. For “mower” picture a lawn mower. that’s all there is to it. 31. Moon Mummy Mower Mule Match Mug 38. Lace Movie Mop Rose Rod Rain Ram 44. Imagine soaking your tired feet and swollen toes in ice-cold buckets of beer. 30. 27. Imagine a bee giving flowers to his lady bee and the lady bee blushing. 45. Before going on to the next chapter. please learn the pegs for #26 through to #50. Dentist to Noah (#2) Post Office to Ma (#3) Birthday present to Rye (#4) Dog food to Law (#5) Wife’s watch to shoe (#6) Your suit to cow (#7) Milk powder to ivy (#8) Flowers to bee (#9) Beer to toes (#10) Let’s begin your with your second errand. MightyMemory. picture a fishing rod.

Then if you’re feeling . Page 34 Copyright ©2007. MightyMemory. You shouldn’t have problems remembering all 50 in a short time. do all 50 in one shot.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Be sure you know the peg words for 1 through 50 One way of doing so is to write them on cards for each 10 words and practice them when you are waiting for someone or while in the queue for something.

If you check it out one more time. guess what? Your observation is not as keen as it should be. Page 35 Copyright ©2007. your sense of observation can be strengthened with a little practice. Now go back to it and check it to make sure it is right. Some of you may think this is a silly exercise but it’s important for you to be absolutely sure of what it says. take a blank piece of paper and go around your room and write down the things you see. what does it say? Does it say “Flowers in the summer”? Are you sure? Check it again. As a practice. the stuff in your room. Read it again to makes sure you know what it . Repeat what it says aloud. Have you looked at it again? If you still insist that it reads “Flowers in the summer”. Compare the 2 lists and see what you’ve missed. it actually says “Flowers in the the summer”! Yes there is one “the” too many in the phrase ! This little exercise goes to prove that our sense of observation needs to be sharpened. MightyMemory. Now if you’ve looked at it closely at least 3 times. Although my system actually forces you to observe if you apply them.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 8 Training Your Observation Skills TOURISTS IN THE THE SUMMER * Have you read the phrase in the box above. try to list on a piece of paper. After you’ve finished.

go to the supermarket and using the Peg or Link system. For #54 lure. Ship Case Cat Coin Cam Car For #63 chum. 58.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM If you’re sitting on a subway or a bus. Lad Lion Lime Lure Lily Leech 57. 55. Log Lava Lip Cheese Sheet Chain 63. 67. see how much you actually “see” correctly. Coal Chum Chair Jail Choo choo Check Chef 69. try to remember the prices of items. 68. Before reading any further. 75. 56. 65. 54. MightyMemory. 53. you can picture a close friend. you can picture a bait. If you need more practice. 64. 71. Do they have freckles? Then the next time you meet. For #73 cam. type of nose. With time and with constant practice. 72. 66. lips. I would suggest that you memorize the Peg words from 51 to 75. you can picture a camera. 60. you’ll find your observation skills are becoming sharper. your observation skills gradually improve over time. complexion. 51. take one second to glance at the person standing or sitting opposite you (don‘t stare as it is rude). then open your eyes again and take a quick glance and see what you’ve missed. 61. the color of their spectacle frames (can you remember if they even wear spectacles?). 73. Think of a colleague or a friend in school and try to imagine his/her face as vividly as possible. Page 36 Copyright ©2007. . You’ll find that with practice. What are the colors of their eyes. which side is the hair parted. 74. 70. 52. 62. . . mind his diction. It is no secret that the best speech-makers prepare well beforehand. the rat runs after it yelling “Stop come back”. But somehow. just think of a hole in the ground. Not only must the speaker know his subject well. tell relevant jokes and stories to keep the audience interested . Scripts and Anecdotes. But this can present a problem if the words are mixed up or somehow forgotten. Some people memorize their speeches word for word. we imagine a “typewriter“. speak and look confident. you just have a piece of paper (maybe 2) with KEY WORDS as your thoughts. adjust his vocals and a lot of areas of concern. you will lose touch with the audience as you continually look down on a piece of paper. The best way to make speeches is to lay out you thoughts and ideas and link these thoughts or ideas. they remember their speeches well.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 9 How To Remember Speeches. Then link sub-thoughts with arrows forming branches as they come into your head. (1) Returns on Investment (2) Types of watches to invest in (3) The time frame to wait (4) Pitfalls to look out for (5) Safekeeping your expensive watches You have 5 key words. gauge the audience reaction. We can now begin to imagine a vivid picture with lots of action in a totally nonsensical manner. the keys Page 37 Copyright ©2007. it is easy to forget what one is suppose to say or even falter due to nervousness and this can lead to awkward situations. Think of a giant rat turning and rolling a typewriter down a hill. For safekeeping. there are people who relish making speeches. Types. For types. he must also be able pace his speech. it can be a few seconds of embarrassment. For example Let’s say you need to make a speech on how to invest in luxury watches. Safekeeping. If you wish to memorize your speech. By the time you finish. use the Link method and you would be forming a sequence. For returns. All these works are rather abstract so you may have to break up certain syllables in a word to something you can easily picture and sounds the same. Then there are those who get around the problem by reading from script. it is no wonder that most people fear making speeches. flowing from one thought or idea to the next. it sounds like “rat turns“. You have wrote down your key words on a piece of paper and the points you want to make. Articles. you might want to write down your key thoughts by using KEY WORDS on a piece of paper. we imagine a giant “safe“. You can start linking the key words by the methods already discussed. Down it goes faster and faster. There are no words to forget since you’ve not memorized any. time frame and pitfalls. Making speeches can be a frightening affair. Taking all these into account. To prepare. MightyMemory. But even with timely preparation. And if you lose your place on the paper. For time frame we imagine a picture frame and for pitfalls. and inject humor at the appropriate moment. Returns.

List as many of them as you need to remember the entire speech. 76. 99. 95. Disease Page 38 Copyright ©2007. it is usually necessary to memorize them word for word. So just remember the main thoughts of the speech and the incidentals. 90. 81. 96. 77. The same idea of linking Key Words can also be used for lyrics and scripts. 91. 79. Just remember that you must take care of your thoughts and the words will follow. 97. MightyMemory. More importantly. As you progress with the . let us learn the last of the one hundred peg words. 83. Of course. 87. the confidence you gain by knowing that you remember your talk will show as you deliver it. You may have to start out with 2 or 3 key words for some thoughts. whys and wherefores will follow. 84. You just have to go over them more often. “clunk”. the amount of key words will be lessened. Bear Bell Beach Book Puff Pipe 100. Just take note of the main points. And expensive watches pours out of the opened safe. You can hear lots of funny stories and jokes and forget them the next day. If you have trouble remembering your cue in a play. 92. 78. you can remember the last word of the line prior to yours and make a link to the first word of yours? The same system can be used for remembering jokes. 86. the entire article can be remembered. So like the tiny hooks of a Velcro. buts . The rat stops to admire the intricate carving on the frame before running through it and chasing the typewriter which finally falls into a deep pit. Fifi FBI Bus Bat Bone Bum 94. The main point of the article will link to the sub-point for which key words have been chosen. the safe goes through a giant picture frame. Phone Foam Fur File Fish Fog 88.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM from the typewriter starts coming off and the rat steps on them yelling “Ouch!”. 98. 89. ands. 93. Before we proceed any further. 80. Cage Cake Cave Cop Vase Fat 82. Simply use the Key Word system to link the words in the punch line and the entire joke comes to mind. The same idea goes when you read an article and want to remember it. down and down it goes until it hits a safe at the bottom of the pit with a loud. but the key word idea will make it easier. 85. the ifs.

If you go over them just once in a while. or commuting by bus or .Think of a Now try to count from 1 to 100 with your peg words only. French poodle named fifi.Think of secret agents in trench coats. Page 39 Copyright ©2007. For #88 (Fifi) . they’ll soon be lodged in your long-term memory. in a traffic jam. You can practice when you are in a queue.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM For #89 (FBI) -. MightyMemory.

For example. You have just committed to memory. we have 3-digit Peg words.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 10 How to Remember Long-Digit Numbers Any number. credit numbers. it gets rolled over and crushed. after hearing or seeing it once. The superior adult does the same with an 8-digit number. Instead of using 2-digit words. Page 40 Copyright ©2007. you can use your imagination and use 4 words to memorize a 12-digit number. The roach is making a call on a phone and climbing on a large piece of cake. The tank fires salvoes of bananas like shells at a giant monkey that gobbles up the bananas as they fly towards it. Suddenly a volcano erupts and hot lava comes flowing down and moves the giant roach into a jail cell. Just make up words to fit 3 digits at a time and link them. Intelligence experts tell us that the average adult should remember a 6-digit number forwards and backwards. a 12-digit number linking 6 objects with your imagination. Go over it once or twice and see if it gets memorized. 539 Lamp 127 Tank 922 Banana 327 Monkey You can vividly imagine a street lamp in the way of a rolling army tank. try to memorize 244682775865 24 Nero 46 82 77 roach phone cake 58 lava 65 jail Think of the peg words as you focus on the numbers and move from left to right across the row of numbers. In about half a minute. you should be able to make this association. Think of Nero with his fiddle sitting on a giant roach. you are forced to concentrate on the numbers. You’ve just done the same with a 12-digit number! If you’ve grasped the concept of what I’m teaching. it is simple and it can be retained for very long. whether they are telephone . In repeating the number . MightyMemory. Using the Peg and he link system. all you do is change the picture back to peg words into numbers. historical dates can be made to mean something and be remembered.

Sometimes it is not possible to form words with 4 letters. I don’t think you would ever find it necessary to memorize a phone number that you didn’t intend to use for a great period of . Ketchup oozes from beneath the boulder . If you think you’d be confused with the sequence of the numbers. Paul Smith 35-82-05-76 You might want to picture a Black Smith with a long pole (Paul) hitting a mule. MightyMemory.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM If you’re using this method to remember telephone numbers for example. In this case you might not need to use the link method or think of a word for the last 2 digits that are not in the list. 4 or even 5 or 8-digits words. it drops a gigantic boulder on the cattle and flattens them. in chapter #4 and see the progress that you’ve made! Page 41 Copyright ©2007. However. The mule (35) runs to a phone (82) booth and calls the police (law-05). Now try the test #3. 3-digit. use them. simply use a peg word for the last 2-digit which is not part of he list example Catch or Cash. in which case you can break it down to 2-digit. If a long digit number can be broken down into groups of 4 digits that can make up meaningful words. your natural memory will probably tell you which set of peg words come first. 4952 aeroplane 7115 cattle 9514 boulder 7169 ketchup 1204 dinosaur You can now make up a ridiculous picture story of how an aeroplane flies over a herd of cattle. Let your imagination flow. For example. A 20-digit number can then be broken up into 5 words. A big dinosaur comes along and starts licking up the ketchup. The police arrives and puts the Blacksmith in a cage (76). After making the call a couple of times.

Study desk 3. 5. Ceiling House List Room 1 . Sofa 2.Study Room 1. You can use the body list that I’ve mentioned earlier in the chapter. Showcase. Room 2. Bed 4. Love handles 6.Bedroom 1. . Room 4. Muscle 4. Rear 5. Body List 1. Book shelf 2.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 11 Some Other Quick Pegs There are other great ideas thought up on how to devise peg lists. Small Bench 2. Knee 3. Oven 3.Living room 1. Microwave 4. Dresser 2. Lamp 5. Kitchen sink Room 3 . Side table. . Piano 4. Island 5. Page 42 Copyright ©2007. . You may on occasion need a short list to help you recall. TV Set 3. Computer Station 4.Kitchen 1. Toe 2. Point 10. Wine rack. Shoulder 7. Full length mirror 3. Face 9. Walk in wardrobe. Refrigerator 2. Collar 8.

it will be the first thing I see as I enter the living room from the outside. the first room would be the living room. I’ve used a witch to represent that. The flag pole list 1 --2 --3 --4 --5 --6 --7 --8 --9 --10 --Flag pole See Saw Tripod Car Five point star Dice 7-Eleven Store Sexy woman Police car Bowling Ball 11. The #1 look like a flagpole with a flag flying in the wind. followed the kitchen. hourglass body. #9 is a police car as most emergency numbers start with 9 like 999 or 911. to-do lists etc. #5 is a fivepointed star. followed by the sofa which I sit on to watch my favorite TV shows and the piano is near the TV followed by the wine rack nearby. #4 is a car with four wheels. It should not take more than a minute each time. Let me explain how I came up with the list. #12 is a grandfather clock as it has only 12 digits for the hours. For example. #16 Sweet sixteen which is linked to candy.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM The house list is a powerful peg list as it links already known items in your house Since the items are known. MightyMemory. 10 frames. the study room and finally the master bedroom. #2 is seesaw as it goes up or down. there is a small bench where I sit to put on my shoes before I leave the house. if I were to enter my house. like running errands. #15 . #11 looks like a pair of chopsticks for Chinese meals. 10 minutes total over a 3-day period to lodge it into your long-term memory! All you need to do is go from room to room according to the layout of your house and identify items that are placed in its usual place to be used as pegs. That’s right. a strike. #6 is dice as it has only 6 faces. all you need to do is review it 10 times during a 72-hour period to commit the sequence into the long term memory bank. #7 is a 7-Eleven convenience store.I link to Valentines day on February 14 where roses are given to the ladies. #3 is a camera tripod with 3 legs. #13 is often associated with being unlucky and here. 10 pins. 2 people sitting on each side.Rugby team as there are 15 players in a . Obviously. grocery list. In my living room for instance. --12 --13 --14 --15 --16 --17 --18 --19 --20 --Chop Sticks Clock Witch Rose Rugby Team Candy Jackpot machine Voting Booth Golf Club Spectacles The above list is easy to remember and comes in handy when you need to remember things while on the move. #14 . #10 is a bowling ball. #8 is a sexy woman with a curvaceous. #17 is linked to a jackpot machine commonly Page 43 Copyright ©2007. 4 doors etc. In each room I then identify items that are in it’s usual place as I move my eyes across the room. only 2 ways.

Picture someone eating photos and negatives with a pair of chopsticks. See yourself wrapping a toy car in a leaf of lettuce and eating it.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM called the “one arm bandit” and 7 is considered lucky.Eye J --. frozen minced beef.Ham N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z --------------------------Ant Oar Pea Queue Ark Ass Tea Ewe Veal Walrus Axe Wine Zebra Instead of using the obvious Bee for “B”. 19th hole.the inverted golf club looks like a 9. #20 is link to a pair of spectacles for 20/20 perfect vision correction. See a police car chasing a giant box of detergent on wheels. See a sexy young woman in a tight fitting dress and she is talking slower and slower until someone puts batteries in her mouth. you can imagine the Page 44 Copyright ©2007. For H. She also needs you to pick up some dry. See someone mincing meat in a meat grinder and out comes dice instead of minced meat. She needs ketchup.18 years old is the age where most citizens are eligible to vote. detergent for the laundry. a bottle of milk taking photographs with a camera on a tripod. See your neighborhood launderer pressing your dry cleaning with a huge bowling ball. Picture someone throwing tomatoes on a 5-point star and the tomatoes sticking on the pointed ends.Eel F --. MightyMemory. For R.Sea D --.Hell M --. I’ve used B for Beer so as to avoid conflict with the basic peg for #9.Jeans H --. batteries. Some kids sitting on a seesaw made of . and aspirin from the pharmacy. #19 is linked to golf clubs . Just use ones that sound like the letter.Dean E --. you can imagine the edge of a cliff.Cake L --.F15 G --. You can picture a flag that is covered in Ketchup on a flagpole or a giant bottle of Ketchup being used as a flagpole. #18 .Beer C --. a loaf of bread. at the launderer and some photos that she wanted developed.Jail K --.Ape B --. See a giant clock going ding dong ding dong very loudly and your wife holding her head and yelling “Give me an aspirin!” Alphabet List You can also use the alphabet to make up a list of 26 Pegs. See a loaf of bread wearing a 7-Eleven uniform and greeting you behind the cash register. lettuce.Edge I --. A --. F15 is a premier fighter aircraft made in the US and used in many countries. infant milk formula. spaghetti. Picture yourself pulling the lever of one and an avalanche of coins start pouring out!. Let’s say your wife calls you up in the office and ask you to pick up 12 items before you come home.

and it will take less effort. Now. FORWARDS. You will get quicker in time.Beer or you can chain Ape all the way to Zebra. when you say the word ‘1’. Now create rhymes for each of those numbers. This way. you can recite the alphabet backwards. AND INSIDE OUT! I know you can do it because I’ve taught this method to a group of youths with dyslexia and their memory recall improved TEN-FOLD! Take each number between 1 and 10. #2 (Noah) . but here is what I use.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM biblical ark. ‘5’ would make you think of a beehive.Ape. You should do it yourself. This is not exclusive and you may prefer your own rhymes. Incidentally. W is the exception to the “sounds like” rule. BACKWARDS. The above alphabet list would come in useful for remembering Chemistry elements. cool isn’t it? The Rhyme List IN 5 MINUTES TIME YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RECALL A 10 ITEM SHOPPING LIST IN ORDER. You can use anything that starts or looks like W. and solid concrete ideas – emotions will not work. for example. I will be using numbers in the text to make it easier for you to read. you can link them to the numerical position. physics and mathematical formulas using alphabets and are highly abstract. immediately you should have the rhyme of a bun (in my case). You are working with pictures not ideas! 1 Bun 2 shoe 3 tree 4 door 5 hive 6 sticks 7 heaven 8 gate 9 wine 10 hen MOVE ON TO THE NEXT STAGE ONLY WHEN YOU ARE SURE THAT YOU CAN REMEMBER YOUR OBJECT RHYMES. if you start linking the letters in the alphabetical sequence. MightyMemory. I’ve used walrus. like when a trickle of water becomes a stream. like twin peaks. What is important is that they are memorable. a big ship holding 2 animals of every . This is your peg system. Now I am going to give you another list – this time to remember Hat Coat Dog Page 45 Copyright ©2007. #1(Tie) .

larger than life etc. Just concentrate on each picture as you get to it. you will find it hard to stop your memory from throwing out the information! Images will tumble out faster and faster as you get used to using your memory. and finally the picture which includes what you are trying to remember. Do the same for each item on the list. Now. then the rhyme. MightyMemory. They are still . Page 46 Copyright ©2007. Don’t worry about forgetting earlier items. as mentioned earlier.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Mouse Car Jacket Sofa Light bulb Candle Briefcase Your task now is to join your RHYME to the appropriate object that you want to remember. so imagine the jacket being beaten up with some sticks or a similar image. Maybe the jacket is playing the drums. close your eyes. Say to yourself ‘1’ and recall the rhyme. For example the sixth item on our list is a jacket.have action in it. Amazingly as you go through each object you will recall the number. but you will get used to it. But perhaps what you will find most unnerving is that once memorized. 6 rhymes with sticks. Here is a simple table to help you. As you memorize each picture. Use the power memory booster tips of humor. Its very strange at first. and keep it clear in your mind. What was the rhyme linked to. try to make it move .

THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Number Shape List A number has a shape all of its own. The graphics in this section will help you. MightyMemory. 0 is an orange 0 1 is a paint brush 2 is a swan 3 is a camel 4 is a yacht Page 47 Copyright ©2007. but needs a little .

com .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM 5 is a hook on a fishing line 6 is a trunk of an elephant 7 is a cliff 8 is a snowman 9 is a golf club 10 is a bait Page 48 Copyright ©2007. MightyMemory.

you will need to decide which system you like best. From No. MightyMemory. 1-10 is the same as a simple list. In the THIRD 10 (21-30) then each ‘shape’ will interact with a shoe! So number 28. Firstly. but the bun means it is HAS A 1 AT THE FRONT.e. the third with a camel etc. if a car is at position 5. would be a snowman wearing a pair of shoes. Number 15 would be a bun on a fishing line. Vice versa if you preference the other. It works like this. Lets assume that you prefer rhymes. Page 49 Copyright ©2007. All the numbers from 11 to 19 are the shapes. this time memorize a new list of 10 items.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Using the guidelines for number rhymes. So for example number 11 would be a paint brush painting a bun a color. then that is the BANK. 11 upwards you create COMBINATION . i. but the bun interacts with the 10 shapes lists. you might be imagining pulling a car from a river using a hook and line. See the table over for further clarity. How to turn 10 into 100! A bit clever this …. However. but this time link the pictures of the SHAPES system to the objects. and the patch should be the rhyme system then use the following table. rhymes or shapes. Each image will always have a ‘bun’ in it. Link your first item with a paintbrush (for 1) the second with a swan. as the first 10 will stand on their own. you could have NIL = HILL. Patch Bank 1Brush 1 11 21 31 41 51 61 71 81 91 2Swan 2 12 22 32 42 52 62 72 82 92 3 Camel 3 13 23 33 43 53 63 73 83 93 4 Yacht 4 14 24 34 44 54 64 74 84 94 5 Hook 5 15 25 35 45 55 65 75 85 95 6 Elephant 6 16 26 36 46 56 66 76 86 96 7 Cliff 7 17 27 37 47 57 67 77 87 97 8 Snowman 8 18 28 38 48 58 68 78 88 98 9 Club 9 19 29 39 49 59 69 79 89 99 10 Bat & Ball 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 See Note 1 Bun 2 Shoe 3 Tree 4 Door 5 Hive 6 Sticks 7 Heaven 8 Gate 9 Wine Note: for the first bank it is not necessary to have a number. So. and the shapes become the PATCH. If you decide that your Bank should be the shapes system. If it is rhymes.

But there is one more thing which I will touch on now. and by using this kind of system of combining different elements the images remain quite distinct from one another. which will be covered later. Because they are sequence based with a system we are already used to – that of counting – we are sure that we have not missed anything vital. This confusion would create an unstable memory image that might be forgotten. So when you DECODE the image you will need to know which came first. Otherwise you would be asking yourself if your placement of the clock was at number 86. So if you wanted to remember a clock at number 86 (IN THE FIRST TABLE).com . an image. and on his back is a giant clock. or 68.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Patch Bank 0 Orange 1 Brush 2 Swan 3 Camel 4 Yacht 5 Hook 6 Elephant 7 Cliff 8 Snowman 9 Club 1 Bun 1 11 21 31 41 51 61 71 81 91 2 Shoe 2 12 22 32 42 52 62 72 82 92 3 Tree 3 13 23 33 43 53 63 73 83 93 4 Door 4 14 24 34 44 54 64 74 84 94 5 Hive 5 15 25 35 45 55 65 75 85 95 6 Sticks 6 16 26 36 46 56 66 76 86 96 7 Heaven 7 17 27 37 47 57 67 77 87 97 8 Gate 8 18 28 38 48 58 68 78 88 98 9 Wine 9 19 29 39 49 59 69 79 89 99 10 Hen 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 The way to use this system obviously is to introduce the object to be remembered into this new composite image. The reason for needing the idea of a BANK and PATCH system is that an image is just that. In fact. MightyMemory. and that is the process of recall and long-term memory. in this version number 68 is sticks and a snowman. it widens it to a river. There are optimum times for this process to be efficient. But for now it is worth realizing that using a systematic approach you will be able to recall far more information without the need to recourse to the quick glance to Page 50 Copyright ©2007. but will be dealt with a little more later on. The act of remembering creates the effect of strengthening the chemical bonds of a memory – or in the analogy of the stream. If you simply look again at the information to remind yourself then you are not actually remembering. then you would have an elephant stood knocking (movement and sound) on a gate. Look now at the second table – what would the image be for a car at number 73? Work out which system you prefer and then stick to it! How and why does it work? We can retain separate images in our minds quite easily.

it is very easy to drop in the other systems. MightyMemory.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM remind yourself if you have forgotten anything. you ride past stations that you can identify not only by . and true power memory is information which goes into long-term memory. because of the flexibility of this system. fields. In fact because it is all just about remembering pictures you probably will enjoy it! Using the objects or landmarks or a familiar route If you take a regular journey to somewhere. and because it relies on nothing more than familiarity with the real world. driving or a passenger. without reference to a sign. Imagine a train journey that you might take to work. What about erasing information? Now that is the really clever bit. Of course if you can identify other points in your journey – bridges. Page 51 Copyright ©2007. Such glances keep memories in the shortterm area of your mind. the chances are that right now you will be able to sit down and recall each individual step along the way. All you need to do to memorize your information is place your key images on each station. One last thing as we move on. familiarity will mean that you have in your mind both sequence and unique images all ready to drop in your lists or other information that you want to store away. Hopefully you will be realizing that your memory is very impressive – in fact why not start impressing others now by doing a demonstration? It’s a strange feeling the first time you manage it because somewhere inside of you. you probably didn’t think that it would work without all the strain and effort that you used to. so do not be concerned that you are going to end up with 1000’s of elephants running around in your head because the systems covered here are simply a tool to help you 1) retain the information in the first place 2) get it into long term memory. office blocks and so forth – then you will have many more points of reference that will provide you with the building blocks and pegs for your memory system. Whether you are walking. All you have to do is to go through the images without their attached items and you are ready to start over – a bit like erasing a tape recording or recordable CD or disk which has just been re-formatted. using the same route over and over. put in at school. You can either let your mind lose the information over time (around 4 days!) or you can erase it ‘manually’. you will no longer need the system to recall the information as it will become part of your normal thinking. or still do. In fact the amazing thing is that once the memory has been firmly fixed in the mind. What’s more. but you know which station is before it and which station is after it.

this is not impossible and you can search the Internet to find such record breakers! As you can see. you could use each station in combination thereby increasing to 10 thousand separate images! Believe me. the phonetic list is probably one of the most versatile and unlimited in its use.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Earlier you learned how to create a system of 1000 images. but if you had a journey of 10 stations. MightyMemory. Page 52 Copyright © . However. although the above lists is easy to remember and highly effective.

one would think that during the many years which have passed a method could have been found for making the study-process easier and the learningprocess more effective. they offer nothing new for the mind to grasp. Because acquiring a foreign language is one of the oldest branches of knowledge. the new words are the most important thing. The human mind is so constituted that it is always looking for something new. he repeats the two words one after the other until he thinks he has them fixed in mind.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 12 How To Learn A Foreign Language EVER since people began to engage in trade and commerce and thereby to come into contact with foreigners. we think in it naturally. When we are learning a foreign language. when we can really speak the new language well. and get full marks. For a foreign language you may be talking around 5000. But I would have forgotten it all by the time I got to the summer exam so flunked! Page 53 Copyright ©2007. It wanders and busies itself with something else while the lips mechanically keep on murmuring the words. That seems an awful lot. the further into the background this linking of words recedes until finally. for such absent-mindedness really ensues when we try to learn something yet at the same time let our minds be occupied by something else. The further we progress in the foreign language. and before we do anything else we must learn to translate them from our mother tongue to the new language. they have had to learn the language of the country with which they wished to do business.I would learn the vocabulary for the vocabulary . only the last few decades have produced a small number of volumes based on a truly rational method. The average man applies the method which he uses in learning a vocabulary of foreign words. You can hope to learn competently around 20 to 30 words a day. MightyMemory. Most textbooks still prefer to follow the tradition sanctified by long usage. What is the weakness of this method? It does not take long to find it. that is. without translating. though there is no official figure for to get a proper answer you would need to interview all people from all cultures and find the average. So how many words can you hope to retain? Well the average human being has a vocabulary of around 12 thousand words. That means that to get to a language that you can consider yourself fluent in you will be looking at around 6 to 12 months of daily work. however. What happens is the exact opposite of concentration. In reality. and the scary thing is that what happens if you forget all the preceding work? When I was younger trying to learn French that was often the problem . If the vocabulary or words to be memorized are repeated one after the other in a more or less mechanical fashion. It is a direct invitation to woolgathering.

This is how you do it: break it down into its phonic (sound) parts . Another french word .. or nearly the same.La tete . Now I know that the tete is a gallery.. You can choose either one. It sounds complicated and the instructions below may seem a little long winded. In English-German there are. for instance: rose—Rose ring—Ring gold—Gold grass—Grass rust—Rost man—Mann Then follow the words which. "fenetre". but your brain works at lightning speed and will get the hang of it soon enough. Fan-ate-raw. MightyMemory.meaning head. in the tete gallery. Next. This means finding substitutions. This example is but one of thousands which could be cited from foreign-language . The first thing to do is to recognize that a foreign word. in his own language. I’ll present to you two ways to learn a foreign language. depending on your preference. The student must keep impressing this word on his mind by the usual process of repetition until it sticks. Method 1 uses a substitute word in English (or your native tongue) that sounds or looks as close to the foreign word as possible. Poehlmann points out. aided by the similarity in sound of the two words. so I put a head image. unlike the words of our native language. that Latin textbooks for beginners usually introduce farmer-agricoía early in the course. I was so good at repeating it that I found that I could recite it onto the test paper. Simply imagine a giant fan eating raw meat.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM That’s because I didn’t use a system but tried the repetition method. I call it a “bridging word” as it bridges the original word in English to that in a foreign language. no extra time or thought need be spent on the compounded word agri-cola (ager colere). yet have a fairly similar sound: steel—Stahl moon—Mond father—Vater come—kommen Page 54 Copyright ©2007. giant sized. Lets take the French word for window. while differing in spelling. but there is no rule to say you can’t incorporate both. quite correctly. How much easier it is for the student to learn that acre is ager. If in addition he has learned that to cultivate is colere. are similar to numbers in the fact that they are sounds that don’t make a lot of sense to us. It is more logical and to the point for anyone who wants to learn a foreign tongue to study first of all those words which are spelled the same. What we need to do is to turn those sounds into recognizable clues to the foreign word we are learning..

If we therefore insert manufacturer as the linking word between hand and manus. we use this chain of thought: I am trying to think of the Latin word for hand. but try to learn foreign terms with the aid of a modern textbook or by inserting your own linking words and you will shortly see how astonishingly well you remember them. Basing my conclusions on an extensive study of many languages. But it is easy to form a connection between tomb and grave. parrotlike repetition is done away with. Another example: To know is cognoscere in Latin. Now. Page 55 Copyright ©2007. we find the following example: In Latin. there are a great number of terms for which it is impossible to find linking words as closely related in meaning to the words in one's own language as the cited examples. Hand reminds me of the man who makes something by hand or causes it to be made by hand. stupid. If thought-associations like those given above cannot be made. tends to destroy concentration. that remembering it presents no difficulty. The habit of endless repetition. originally someone who made something by hand. If I know this word. of course. The reader cannot check this assertion offhand. with a little practice in inserting linking words I can make a connection in my own language whenever a natural connection does not exist. In spite of this fact we need not discard our method. therefore manufacturer. I have found that in almost all instances it is possible to discover a word in our own language that is similar in sound to the foreign word. If we go back to the Latin. if the foreign word sounds entirely different from the same word in our own language. There is a twofold advantage in learning words in this way: First. and there is apparently no connection between the two. The following examples demonstrate this point: The English word tomb is entirely dissimilar and has no relationship to the German word Grabmal. In English.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Whether such words are few or many depends upon the degree of relationship between one's own language and the particular foreign one. The simplest and most effective is to find a linking word in one's own language. once they are learned. we can lighten our task of learning it by employing linking words. This word is so similar to the Latin term I am trying to think of that memorizing the latter offers no further difficulty. Naturally this plan again offers various possibilities. Second. as I have pointed out. I can easily recall the Latin word manus. These are entirely different words. But if I know someone I can say I recognize . Once I know such a word. and the latter word sounds so much like the German word Grab. a word which in meaning is similar to the given word but in sound resembles the foreign word to be learned. hand is manus. that is. terms learned by the method I have outlined make a much deeper impression and remain in the memory much longer. MightyMemory. we have the word manufacturer.

I shall present a series of examples.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Since actual practice is much more instructive than theory. emphasizing the fact that the etymology of the words is entirely beside the point. we can naturally dispense with mnemotechnical aids (bridging word). Examples for English-French: English Top women share danger insanity middle busy death house hot noon mail song speed food duty clock shadow ear Bridging Word summit feminine part risk demented center occupied mortal mason brilliant midday post chant rapid nourishment function hour . . for if it is known. umbrella aural French sommet femmes part risque demence centre occupé mort maison brullant midi poste chanson rapidité nourriture fonction horloge ombre oreille Examples for English-German: English basement cloakroom tomb merchandise duty soft assist boy dog savage Bridging Word cellar wardrobe grave ware toll weak help young hound barbarian German Keller Garderobe Grabmal Ware Zoll weich helfen Junge Hund Barbar Page 56 Copyright ©2007. I assume that the etymology of the word is unknown to the reader.

com .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM letter flower flour enemy meat Road Carpet Table Shave brief bloom meal fiend flesh way tapestry dish razor Brief (a brief letter) Blume Mehl Feind Fleisch Weg Teppich Tisch rasieren Examples for English-Spanish: English Child Horse Door Heart Mind Neck at once prize table knife scale wages untruth star Bridging Word infant cavalry portal core mental collar prompt premium mess cut balance salary false stellar Spanish infante caballo puerta corazón mente cuello pronto premio mesa cuchillo balanza salario falsedad estrella Examples from English-Latin: English Home Big Peace Chief King Slave Life Light Shelter Bridging Word domicile magnify pacts principal reign serve vital luminous protection Latin domus magnus pax princeps rex servus vita lux tecta Page 57 Copyright ©2007. MightyMemory.

Any word that you may have to remember. you can use the system of Substitute Words. can be made to mean something to you by using the substitute word or thought. The Spanish word for “hello” is “Hola”. Make up a substitute word when you come across a foreign word that means nothing to . yet must be remembered. This method is important when you need to remember names. The Spanish word for “cup” is “taza”. and it is tangible and can be pictured in your mind. phrase or thought sounds as close as possible. MightyMemory. Picture yourself saying hello to someone down in a manhole. This is easy. The Spanish word for “rice” is “arroz”. The substitute word . for example a foreign language that is meaningless. You can picture a famous male Newscaster or Newsreader wearing a veil and reading the evening news on television. This sounds like “new veil”. Substitute words or ideas are used whenever you want to remember something that is abstract.You can picture all your friends in army uniforms. to the word you’re trying to replace. The Spanish word for “room” is cuarto (pronounced quarto). The Spanish word for “cat” is “gato”. If you plan to learn a foreign language. That sounds like “gate”. The French word for “news” is nouvelle. Picture tarzan in his loincloth having a cup of English tea. It wouldn’t work as well with a female newscaster as the former picture looks ludicrous and tends to stick. You can break down each syllable of the foreign word to something that sounds like something you know and can be pictured. That’s why they’re so difficult o remember. it cannot be pictured. The French word for “friend” is “amie” . Now for some French words. the vine snaps and he falls into a giant cup. or unintelligible. Picture a room piled high with quarters. or is intangible and unintelligible. So you can imagine a cat hanging by it’s claws on a gate and the gate slams shuts on its paws and the cat falls off. Or tarzan swinging on a vine. complex mathematical formulas or a foreign language.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Method 2 of Learning a foreign language Using your vivid imagination to break up a foreign word to form pictures A word in a foreign language is nothing but a group of sound if you are not familiar with the language. imagine going to a Spanish restaurant and ordering a rice dish and it comes on a big plate full of tiny arrows. Page 58 Copyright ©2007.

but wait until you have tried the experiment yourself. From experience I know that at first glance these methods of learning terms will seem odd to many of my readers. When you are learning something that makes no sense to you. The French word for “bread” is “pain”. Just make the following experiment: In the next few days learn one or two hundred foreign words by the method you usually employ: in the following few days learn the same number in the same language (naturally different words) by the method I have outlined. perhaps even three or four times as many as you learned by your old method. make substitute words with similar sounds that you can picture in your mind and make it meaningful. nor the like. you have a great advantage over Gillette: You need invest no money. that is. you will have remembered at least twice as many words. Remember that everything new first meets with opposition and that every forward step is apt to be greeted with a headshake. You have only to make an experiment with your own mind before you come to a decision on the matter. build no factories. Imagine yourself biting into a French loaf with a stone in it. that is. before the insertion of linking words of your own choosing. In the present instance. It took Gillette many years to convince men that his razor is safer than the old-fashioned blade. Do not form a hasty opinion. Practice is the only sure test of a workable method of study. MightyMemory. the Prussian Academy of Medicine proclaimed that no one could suffer such speed without going crazy. That is only human. like a foreign language. Dozens of illustrations come to mind. so that innocent bystanders would not be scared out of their wits by the sight of the madly speeding monster. Put it to the test of actual . It is pronounced as “Pun”.. So that’s it. I can tell you in advance that the using either Method 1 or Method 2 is sure to be 100 or 200 percent higher. however. When railroad trains were invented and the first train was to swoop along at the then unheard-of speed of twenty miles an hour. before forming an opinion. So you can also imagine yourself punting a loaf of bread over the Eiffel tower. without even thinking about it.Picture someone pouring a colored liquid onto your shirt. and in all seriousness demanded that a high wooden fence be erected along the entire length of the track. After about two weeks see how many words you remember of those you learned by the old method and how many you learned by the new method of employing linking words.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM The French word for “shirt” is “liquette” . Page 59 Copyright ©2007. all proving that the new always meets with opposition. Then let the whole thing alone for a week or two.

alarm and all able. Arkansas California Colorado 6. Alabama Arizona Allah. collect. The word nearest in sound to Alabama perhaps is alabaster. MightyMemory. Going down the list of states in this way. calipers. A person who can do this naturally does not need any mnemotechnical aid. colonist connect. collective series of difficult names? As a concrete example. Beside each state write words of similar sound which have a sensible meaning. calico. But even these persons will find it worth while to read the solution of this problem carefully. For the person who relies greatly on aid the sound must be very like that of the word to be memorized. alas. archaeologist caloric. but the actor who is just beginning to learn his lines has to rely on the prompter during the whole performance. the states of the United States. delusion Page 60 3. There are some people. write down the complete list of names serially —in this instance. These rather exhaust the possibilities. a rather long. we have something like the following: 1. who visualize the map so clearly that they can name the states according to their geographical location. delicious. delectable. deliberate. archaic. reel off their names as though reading from an actual map. deliver. The relationship here resembles that of actor and prompter. college. let us take the forty-eight states of the US. How shall we set about memorizing. we begin with Alabama. arc. of course. that is. area. Connecticut Delaware Copyright ©2007. Taking the states in alphabetical order. colleague. arid arid zone ark. 7. arithmetic. alas. collision. The degree of similarity in sound is an individual matter. 2. all able. because the same method can be used for all sorts of other things difficult to memorize. although you may think of a few more. since mnemotechny should be employed only when certain facts are hard or impossible to retain naturally. alabaster. First of all. Then there are allah. The actor who knows his part pretty well needs to be prompted only occasionally.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 13 How To Remember States And Capitals Our next problem is to learn how to master names which are especially difficult to remember and for which we cannot easily find meaningful words of similar sound. calibre. archives. . Alp aristocrat. alarm. call color. connexion delegate. by a simple method. 4. 5. architect.

india-rubber. miss. 24. hamper New Jersey New Mexico New York jersey. yoke. yore North and cars. 25. misrule. 19. cancel kennel. jerry. misunderstand. misuse. candidate. idea. 10. new mechanism York. geography Ida. minister. Jerry maximum. carols Page 61 Copyright ©2007. massive. 20. miss mountain. MightyMemory. ken. indicate. Monday nebulous. hemisphere. 11. miserable. jerk. Michel. illicit. 13. mingle. mass (in church). 9. Louise Main Mary. 31 32. 18. 30. illness. mass (a lot). Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland florist. indigo. yawn. massage Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada mischance. illiterate. Neptune. 28. 12. missed Miss Urey. 26. married. master. 23. florid. idol. Kent Louis. never New Hampshire ham. floor George. 22. mechanic. 21. illegal Indian. illogical. marriage Massachusetts message. mission mineral.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM 8. Kenneth. misuse. 16. 27. 17. can (noun). month. 14. 15. idle ill. minute. nap nephew. 29. Minnie misses. in . misshapen. carols South Carolina cars. indiscreet can (verb).

com . wrote. whisk. naturally one word for each state. 48. wisdom why. Such a story might read: George and Louis. 34. vermin. Virginia Washington Wisconsin Wyoming doctors. 38. 35. pen. he drank whisky and wine to prevent illness and ate two Virginia ham sandwiches. why omit For the present we are not trying to memorize the states in any particular order. utensil. which were delicious. 41. pensive road. 42. lived in a Utopian world and played the organ in his alabaster home. vermillion. to utter. code. wine. original. 40. washing done whisky. 39. He wrote an I. utopia verse. Our problem is merely to associate substituting words for the individual states. day coach high road. paint. 37. which he never washed. with his pencil and canceled his 10 o'clock date with Miss Urey in Ohio. oar. rode. 45. wish. Oh I oak. 36.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM 33. The two cars came from the arid zone of Mexico over the nebulous mountains and took the main road connecting Kentucky and New York. who wore a colored jersey over a calico shirt. Page 62 Copyright ©2007.U. 46. had a daily massage. ore. utterance. whine. rodent tennis. organ pencil. The simplest way is to make up a story incorporating one of these key words for each state. ten taxes. George was an architect and the son of a minister. whisker. virgin Washington. 44.O. orange. Louis was a vermilion Indian. rode with the Misses Mary and Ida in taxis on the special mission. taxi utter. He played tennis. o'clock origin. very Virginia. you. wash. two doctors. His business flourished. or. North and South Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia W. MightyMemory. 47. 43. takes.

and the third. MightyMemory. Dakotas and Virginias are introduced only once. but in every instance the word two appears with it (two doctors. he said to Ida: "You call to that Indian hiding behind those two day coaches to wait for a nebulous day before washing the ore in those arid mountains. If you would like to remember the states. and anything learned so tediously and arbitrarily is apt to be forgotten in a few weeks or months. The factors we have considered before hold true for these words too. Louis's personality. heard two carols and listened to the wisdom of a preacher. you can collect the ten dollars I owe for the new arc. It begins with the Eastern states and progresses through the Middle West to the Far West. we choose substituting words for the capitals as well as the states. two cars. In order to show you that the story given above is not the only possible one. the more nearly they sound like the original word and the more simply they can be connected in meaning with the original word. I want to tell you. You will remember this story more easily because your own creative activity is involved. the second describes George's personality. I suggest that you make up a story yourself. Merely note: the first paragraph tells about the trip George and Louis made. the better they . He met George and Louis. Every boldface word was chosen from the key words previously given. It will take only ten or fifteen minutes if you have improved your memory steadily by doing our exercises. using the key words given above or others of your own choosing. two Virginia ham sandwiches). But let me again remind the reader: one remembers best the stories he invents himself. built on the same system and following the same rules. Only forty-five words are given in boldface because the Carolinas. In connection herewith he observed on the floor two paintings of the Virgin Mary by Michel. This example is better because it incorporates the states in geographical order. but alas he missed Kenneth." When he got home. It usually takes hours to memorize the names of the forty-eight states. suppose you take the next logical step and learn their capitals. Outside under an oak he said to Miss Minnie: "Oh. since I was ill. I cite a second. As you will see.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM The names of all forty-eight states are in this story. The little story quoted here is so easy to remember that you run no risk of forgetting it. Because we remember those things best which have meaning in themselves. that is. Then he put on his new jersey and went in a pensive mood to hear mass in a New York church. this little story can be memorized merely by reading it through four or five times. A man rode down to Main street where he bought some very delicious hams. but I never could understand why it takes so much new mechanism to put it up.” Now that you have memorized the states. Let us begin with the first state in alphabetical order: Page 63 Copyright ©2007.

so much the better. It is possible to learn and remember the names of the forty-eight state capitals by this method in about one half-hour. Paul jersey—cloth tent—Trenton sandy—Santa Fe Nordic—Bismarck high in history—Columbus pencil—hurry—Harrisburg taxi—car—Austin O Ming—Chinese—Cheyenne Capitol—seat of law—Olympia The associations suggested here are so easy to formulate that further explanations are unnecessary. Montgomery reminds us of mountain (if one knows French. while memorizing them in the traditional manner would consume many hours and even then be . tall house. Here are some further examples: Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Iowa Maine Minnesota New Jersey New Mexico North Dakota Ohio Pennsylvania Texas Wyoming Washington floor.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM The capital of Alabama is Montgomery. and among the key words for Alabama we have Alp. Tallahassee Atlantic seaboard—Atlanta idle boys—Boise ill—spring fever—Springfield I owe money—Des Moines May—August—Augusta minister—preach—St. Alp and mountain are closely connected in our minds. for mont means mountain). Page 64 Copyright ©2007. MightyMemory. So we can easily impress the following on our memories: Alabama—Alp—mountain—Montgomery.


Chapter 14 Remembering the Presidents of the United States Every American should know the names of the Presidents, but the task becomes more involved when we attempt to remember names in a definite, unchangeable order. The. little stories in the preceding chapter illustrated how much easier the task of memorizing is when we are completely free in using our substituting words in a composition. In learning the Presidents of the United States we have no such freedom, for in this case a serial order is the most important factor. While this restriction makes composition of the story a little more difficult, it does not affect the system itself. First we list the Presidents and find substitute words for their names, a process which need not be explained again. Then we work out a story embodying these substitute words just as we did in the case of the states, except that in this instance we must use them in historical order. The story might run somewhat like this: In Washington Adam was jeopardized by a mad monster. Adam and Jack ran to the bureau, but in their hurry they broke a tile or poked a tailor. They filmed more buildings, pierced by a cannon which was linked by John to a grand tree. The haze over garden and field sheltered Arthur, who cleaved his way in a hurry. He cleaved mockingly as he cried: "A rose taffeta dress will hardly be the right thing in a college; but whoever desires rose veils may truly wear them? The underlined words mean:
Washington Adam jeopardized mad monster Adam Jack bureau hurry tile poked tailor filmed more pierced by a cannon linked John grand haze garden and field Arthur Washington Adams Jefferson Madison Monroe Adams Jackson Van Buren Harrison Tyler Polk Taylor Fillmore Pierce Buchanan Lincoln Johnson Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur
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cleaved hurry cleaved mockingly rose taffeta will hardly college whoever rose veils

Cleveland Harrison Cleveland McKinley Roosevelt Taft Wilson Harding Coolidge Hoover Roosevelt

This story is somewhat harder to learn than the one about the states, because of its prescribed order. Nevertheless, one can learn this list without special effort in half an hour, while to learn the Presidents without such aid takes much longer. Every American is expected to know not only the names of the Presidents in chronological order but also the dates of their terms. The latter, too, is considerably lightened by mnemonics, but before we attempt it we need further preparation. The following interesting version of the list of Presidents was worked out by Mr. Edwin C. Silvey. It is excellent in that it avoids many connecting words. This series, a masterpiece in phonetics, is also easy to learn: Washing done, a dame gave her son medicine. We know Washington Adams Jefferson Madison Monroe at times that son, a wine bum, had his son dial (telephone) her: Adams Jackson Van Buren Harrison Tyler broke; tell her Polk Taylor fill my Fillmore purse By cannon and gun Pearce Buchanan Lincoln our field. Gaiñeld Are they Arthur

John's son groaned Johnson Grant

to haze Hayes

gleeful and merry, son? Cleve and Mack when they rose felt Cleveland Harrison Cleveland McKinley Roosevelt tough. Well, son, Hearty! Taft Wilson Harding College over. Who's fooled. Coolidge Hoover Roosevelt

However, if you are not a poetic person you can always fall back on the peg system. Below is an illustration of using the peg system and arranging the Presidents according to their term in office using selective words.
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Now, in learning the dates, we must be careful to select words which have a close connection with each President or with the substituting words in the story. Since it is taken for granted that anyone would know the centuries of the respective presidential terms, we need substituting words for the last two figures only. And as we need concern ourselves only with two figures in each case, it makes no difference how many consonants there are in the substituting words in addition to the initial two. Here are the key words, with explanatory notes in case they are not clear:
1. Washington 1789 Washington — fable (there are many fables about George Washington) 1 2. Adams 797 Adam — epoch (with Adam and Eve began a new epoch in world history) 3. Jefferson 1801 — statement of rights (Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence) 4. Madison 1809 mad — spiteful (both words have a similar meaning) 5. Monroe 6. Adams 7. Jackson 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Van Buren Harrison Tyler Polk Taylor Fillmore Pierce Buchanan Lincoln Johnson Grant Hayes Garfield Arthur Cleveland Harrison Cleveland McKinley Roosevelt — attack — knowledge (the apple from the tree of knowledge) — unbending (Andrew Jackson was unbending) 1837 bureau — mocha (on the bureau is some coffee) 1841 hurry — ready 1841 tile — hard 1845 poke — relent or relax 1849 tailor — robe 1850 film — lucid or illustration 1853 pierced — limb (a limb pierced by a bullet) 1857 cannon — lock 1861 — shot (Lincoln was shot) 1865 John — jolly (similar to John in sound) 1869 grand — chap 1877 haze — coke (smoke from coke makes haze) 1881 — Garfield the cartoon cat is Fat 1881 Arthur — feat (King Arthur's feats) 1885 cleave — fly or flay 1889 hurry — evaporate (moisture evaporates hurriedly) 1893 cleave — boomerang or bomb (it cleaves the air) 1897 mockingly — beguile 1901 rose — sweet (the rose is the sweetest flower) 1909 1913 1921 1923 1929 1933 1945 will hard college rose true — supreme (Taft was on the Supreme Court) — tomb (Unknown Soldier's Tomb) — nu t — name or number — unhappy (the 1929 crash) — give mama a rose — ruler 1817 monster 1825 Adam 1829 Jack

27. Taft 28. Wilson 29. Harding 30. Coolidge 31. Hoover 32. Roosevelt 33. Truman

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MightyMemory. even though they must have memorized them for school. Page 68 Copyright ©2007. as a rule. — the economy boom in his time All of these auxiliary key words have been chosen to be remembered after one or two readings. Reagan 1981 ray gun 41. Nixon 1969 nick 38. Bush 1989 Bush 42. Carter 1977 cart 40. Thus you can learn the dates for all Presidents in from five to ten minutes.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM 34. Johnson 1963 john 37. . a task which might take you hours in the old-fashioned way of memorizing. Kennedy 1961 can 36. you'll find very few who remember their Presidents. If you try this out on your circle of friends. memorized dates vanish from one's mind soon. Ford 1974 ford 39. Clinton 1993 — bloom — shot (in a different century as Lincoln) — Little John is a Chum — chip or nick — car — cart — fad (Star Wars program never took off) — He was fabulous in defeating Iraq. Eisenhower 1953 flower 35.

you may wish to ask the person being introduced how to spell it. you can picture a hill made out of donuts. like what food you’d like to have for lunch or did you answer the email from your boss. The main reason that most people forget a name is because they never remembered it in the first place. Try to use the person’s name when you say good-bye or if the person is being led off. what we see register in our brains more than what we hear. rule #1 for remembering names is BE SURE YOU HEAR THE NAME IN THE FIRST PLACE”. simply imagine a giant tennis racket with a “W” on the strings. especially last names is to make silly pictures to help us remember. if you’re introduced to a Mr . “Good-bye Mr Goodrich. they can be 2 or 3 shops selling the same things or have similar services. That would generate interest in your mind and helps you to remember better. Therefore. it was nice meeting you”. Not only can this be embarrassing. ask the person or the introducer to say it again. the person being introduced would not feel offended but would be happy you take an interest in his or her name. think of the extra tips you can get by remembering people’s names. For example. Where I come from. but I can’t remember your name”. so why bother as you give a courteous smile and say “Nice to meet you”. Say something like. but usually only hear the name. The method which we are going to use to remember names. but can sometimes hurt in business and may cost you money or a promotion. Page 69 Copyright ©2007. how long it is or how difficult to pronounce. Trust me. You may have been engrossed in other areas. If the name sounds interesting. You always see the face. If you were a valet at a swanky hotel. MightyMemory.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 15 How To Remember Names And Faces How many times have you bump into someone on the street who you recognize but fail to remember the name? I would say most of us The reason for this is quite simple. you can always find a substitute word or thought for it. This rule alone will boost your chances of remembering names by 25% or more. That’s why most of us have to say “I recognize your face. If you didn’t hear the name right. You may be thinking that you’ll never meet this person again. No matter how strange a name sounds. In such a situation. wouldn’t it be great if you could remember all your customers’ names and rise above the competition? What if you were working as a waiter or waitress to pay your way through college? Think of the extra tips you can get by remembering your customer’s name and what they ate the last time. If you’re introduced to a Mr Wilson. Most of us are what we call “eye-minded” In other words. There is nothing more pleasing or sweeter sounding than someone hearing his own name or having it remembered by someone. Think of the impact you would have made on the first day of your job by remembering the people you were introduced to .

you can picture a dustbin. anything. For a military person you might want to remember a captain by a pilot’s uniform. Mr Wilson parts his hair at the center. For a judge this would be a white wig or a gavel. We call this the “see” peg. it does not matter. picture tiny lawn mowers trying to trim the wicks sticking out of his brow. . Aside from finding an outstanding feature. a needle or white doctors uniform. type of walk. For Sebastian. the things you choose are the right ones to use. colored hair. ears that stand away from the head. you can imagine a Sea Bass. a big fish. speech defects. large chin. It is a place for us to put down the information. For example. Or Mr Roberts has a large mole on his left cheek. Some people may think it’s too cumbersome and rude to stare at a person’s feature and trying to find a substitute word. low forehead. lines or creases on the forehead. a colonel with a fried chicken in his hands (Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Page 70 Copyright ©2007. Some people have other titles like doctors. large mouth. wide nostrils. double chin. The thing is this. a crazy hair do. jutting chin. For example. narrow nostrils. you can picture a person getting married or a little lamb. broad nose. large ears. it only takes a moment. mustache. Someone else may choose something else outstanding about the person that is different from you.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM How to remember faces Whenever you meet someone new. The “see” peg forces you to focus on the person and to engage your memory. imagine a tennis net in the middle of his head and 2 tiny persons playing tennis on his head. small eyes. The information is turned into a picture and mental glue to hold the picture to the peg. teeth. a loud sweat shirt. picture a Robot trying to yank the mole off his face. small ears. large eyes. type of hairline. clefts. The “see” peg can be anything. So to help you remember. Mr Morwick has busy eyebrows. like Dr John Howard. the substitute word and the outstanding feature chosen is an individual thing. When you have decided on the outstanding feature. for example for Mary. small mouth. After just a little practice. there are other things that can be taken into consideration such as manner of speech. MightyMemory. judges or a rank in the military. you’ll find that you’ve found a substitute word for the name and have associated it to an outstanding feature on the person’s face in less time than it takes to say “hello”. you can use their names in conjunction with something you’d associate with their profession like a stethoscope. It could be something the person is wearing or an accessory. character. you are ready to associate the names to that particular part of the face. a flower in the hair. long nose. The thing that stands out to you is the thing that will be obvious and outstanding when you meet this person again. lines on the face. look at his face and try to find one outstanding feature. high forehead. The other person may be offended if you do not address them by their titles. For Justin. dimples. a big red tie. but trust me. etc. The same goes for remembering a person’s first names. thin lips. thick lips. manner of bearing etc.

Suddenly his engines give up and he falls back to earth. Indian Astronomer Hema Sanjay. Below are a sample of six which I’ll use as an example. You can hear his heart beating very loudly as he glides down. he can’t see far as his eyes are too . the Chinese gentleman is wearing spectacles and with small eyes. to get a bird’s eye view. He quickly takes off his spectacles to be used as a parachute. a General with stars across the person's forehead etc. Chinese. It may mean a job promotion. German millionaire Helmut Koeller and Californian businessman Jose Sanchez.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chicken). So picture him at the top of a pagoda. spectacles and small eyes. NASA Propulsion engineer Craig Hanson. Page 71 Copyright ©2007. Remembering a right person’s name at the right time may mean a lot in the future. he puts on his Lee jeans which are strapped to rocket engines. He flies high into the sky in a thunderous roar. a business opportunity or a big sales contract. We’ll substitute his name into something we can picture like “Lee” jeans and “Yung Jin” sounds like “engine”. MightyMemory. Let’s begin with a example Let’s say were invited to a party of 50 very influential people and you need to remember ALL their names before leaving the party. From left is a top Chinese heart surgeon Dr Lee Yung Jin. these are our “see” pegs. leading ceramic composite researcher Stephanie Steinburg. So please try to remember people’s names for your own sake. Starting from the left.

Picture him opening a crate and out comes baby male chickens wearing bow ties (sons of Hen). jumps off and steps on the baby elephant. The male baby chicks climb on top of his head and start pecking and pulling on his hair giving him a crew cut He gets angry and starts launching small rockets at them to scare them off. Picture the person with a helmet on his head. Stein sounds like “shine” and “burg” sounds like a ice berg. Her name Stephanie sounds like “Stepping on an elephant” and for her last name. We’ll substitute his first name with “Hose” and his last name with “martini”. You have a hot curling iron in your hand and you try to curl his hair but he is wearing a helmet. Steinburg. He quickly zips off in his Ferrari and comes back with tanning beds to try to dry the place. You see this Indian lady starts dancing . Last is the Californian businessman Jose Martinez who deals in exotic fast cars. His name Craig sounds like “crate” and “Hanson” sounds like “Hen” and “son”. He is slightly tanned and wears a T-shirt inside his shirt which we’ll use as our “see” peg. Next to him is a pretty young Indian lady with a toothy smile. The baby elephant gets angry and starts smashing plates. a small elephant comes along and starts plucking the olives off her sweater. Page 72 Copyright ©2007.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM The second person is wearing an olive green sweater which we’ll use as our peg. You then start curling his beard and he takes off his helmet to hit you and he starts throwing bales of money at you. His first name is Helmut which sounds like “helmet” and “Koeller” sounds like “Curler”. He takes of his T-shirt to try to dry the place but in vain as the Martini keeps flowing out. You may think this Indian lady is pretty and if you meet her at a party. The reflection from the sun on her teeth blinds you and you throw your hammer to try to stop the glare which hits a Jay bird in flight. Picture yourself coming out of your house with a hammer at into bright sunshine. Picture her wearing a sweater made out of green olives. You can see stars (astronomy) circling the Jay bird’s head. our “see” peg is therefore “Indian” and “toothy smile”. Third from left is a gentleman with a crew cut which we’ll use as our “see”peg. Her name Hema sounds like hammer and “Sanjay” sounds like “sun” and “jay” as in jay bird. cups and bowls (ceramics) into pieces. But who carries a pen and paper to a party? With my system. you might want to have her phone number. the Martini gushes out and the floor is wet. MightyMemory. bollywood style and flashes a toothy grin at you. now you can memorize phone numbers on the fly! Fifth from left is a gentleman with a moustache and a beard which we’ll use as our “see” peg. She climbs on top of the iceberg. Picture this man bringing in a large fireman hose and starts filling up glasses with martini. She runs into a dark room and shines a torchlight and finds an .

Zebra with a sack Now go back and attempt Test#4 in Chapter 4 Page 73 Copyright ©2007.Pole on a line .Queen weighing a ton . Soon you’d get a hang of it.Leaves on a toy Marsha.Yellow van. You’ll be surprised at your recall.Marshal Natalie .Ray shining on shell .Uncle Sam on a mule . But go through it one more time and the pictures become more vivid.Ear Nest Frank .Giraffe Hank . Here are some sample first names and similar sounding picture words.Frankfurter Gerard . Thinking in pictures happen at the speed of light.Urn in the cellar . engage more emotions and actions. If you still have problems recalling. Now look at the picture again.Dentist or tennis Ernest .Trees .Windy .Net with leaves Oliver .Jet on a tree Karen .Handkerchief Isaac .Olive Pauline Quinton Rachel Samuel Teresa Ursula Victor Wendy Yvonne Zach . Alan .Viking .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM You may think the above information as daunting to remember.A lion Brandon . That’s because of a phenomena of the brain . .Current (Electricity) Leroy .Branding Cecilia Silly ear David .Eye sack Jeffrey .Star of David Dennis . make your picture more . MightyMemory.

As the day progress. With time and with practice. “Rude” or “Rat”. the regular word “Moon” is reserved for Wednesday at 2 o’clock. For example Friday at 11 o’clock is 511 (Latte) and Saturday at 12 o’clock is 612 (show down). Thursday 11 o’clock can be “Red”. Wednesday at 12 o’clock shall be “Man”. For example Tuesday at 11 o’clock would be a new peg word. With 11 and 12 o’clock as the exception. You can then imagine a giant white mice testing your eyes. #3 to Wednesday and so on. Don’t worry about the confusion caused by whether the appointment is A. you associate the #1 to Monday. you can form 3 digit Peg Words. #10 escapes this problem as it is thought as a zero. MightyMemory. Page 74 Copyright ©2007. You’ll know by the event. the night before. Then picture your dentist trying to yank your bad tooth out with a long rod. you can throw away your note pad or your Palm Pilot. Wednesday 9am would be #39 (Mop) and Thursday 5pm would be #45 (roll). The word “Rod” is reserved for Thursday 2 o’clock. “Mane” or “Mine”. The alternative is to use the regular peg words for 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock and new peg words for 11 o’clock and 12 o‘clock. you might want to check the Peg list of schedules in case you miss one out. You will therefore associate a 2digit number and its Peg Word to every hour of a weekly schedule. “Ride” . For example. So let’s say on Thursday at 12 o’clock you have a lunch appointment with your “significant other” and at 2 o’clock. The word “net” is reserved for Tuesday 2 o’clock. You will then associate #30 (mice).THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 16 How To Remember Schedules And Appointments. you have to go to the dentist. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to remember your schedules and appointments in your head rather than relying on a Palm Pilot? Well you can with Peg word system and it‘s easy. #2 to Tuesday. Let’s say you have an appointment to see your optometrist to have your eyes checked on Wednesday . Every hour of every day of the week can be associated with a Peg Word. “nut“.M. The only exception is 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock that are made up of 2 digits. Assuming that your Monday is the 1st day of the week for you. Just picture your significant other wearing a thick red fur coat (if it is summer) or a red skimpy outfit (if it were winter). for example a dentist appointment cannot possibly be at 10pm or a lunch date cannot possibly be at 12 midnight! When you wake up each morning or if you’re a night person.M.or P. Monday 2pm would be #12 (Tin). go over all your pegs for that day or the day after..

toes. and then link it to the key event in history. 10 and 40. and tried the new technique. (Our natural memory would tell us in was in the 19th century). Of course some dates cannot be associated with a Peg word. This will enable you to revise your list accurately whether or not you are near your source material – in fact this is crucial for learning techniques I have discussed earlier. How could he remember such things. 1492 you can imagine Columbus’ ship made out of tires and bones or just think of Columbus blowing a Trombone. they were meaningless? For weeks before the exam all my friends had sticky notes all over their rooms with the dates and key events on. then think of your friend wearing Jeans made out of nets wearing over-sized shoes (06) and stepping on tacks (17) Dates of history can be remembered in a similar way using the letters system. An hour later I had the lot. You can imagine a picture of also retain information for longer. Think of it like a shopping list where you also memorize the best-before date as well. It does seem at the time to take a long time. in which case you can use 2 Peg words. For example if your friend Stephanie’s birthday is on June the 9th. but if you were to compare the accumulative time that most people spend on rote learning. revision and checking. then it is also wise to learn them as you would any other list and make sure that they are . rose. Birthdays and Historical Dates If you want to remember people’s anniversaries or birthdays. It is a useful point to make however that if you need to learn a lot of dates. one for the month and one for the day. The Battle of Britain took place between July and October 1940. You can see Spitfires shooting at cows holding roses in their toes. We can use the numbers 7. MightyMemory. Page 75 Copyright ©2007. picture and Elephant climbing up steps (Step ‘phant) and the peg word for 69 and entering a ship at the top of the steps. just associate the people or substitute words for their names. In college we often had to learn more than 30 dates for exams. called dyscalculia. If you wish to remember historical dates like when did Columbus landed in America. if I was lucky. It was two nights before the exam I finally sat down. to the date. the systems are much faster . Break the number down into two groups of two. June 17th . I knew from experience I could garner about 30% into my memory. I had problems until I was taught this method by a history professor who had number dyslexia. I know that cows do not have toes but this makes the picture more ridiculous. or else keep it as a 4-digit number (unless it is below 1000 of course!) Create your object from this to remember. Let’s say your friend Jeannette has her birthday on June 17th. for example.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Remembering Anniversaries.

because you never remembered in the first place. If so. you’re in the ranks of millions of people who are absent minded. However. I believe you can solve this problem with just a little effort and with tips I’m giving you . at least you will know the places where to look first. you’ve acquired a habit. Let’s say you need to put a letter in the mailbox before you catch your bus to school or work. Next time you will know where they are. But please realize that like all exercises. Therefore if you put things away without thinking or doing things “mechanically”. if you put them down on the sofa enlarge those keys to huge size. Your natural memory will take over and you don’t have worry about whether you’ve turned off the iron when you’re out of the house or get out of bed to check on the alarm clock. They are entirely different. you’ll forget where they are. you sometimes worry whether you’ve locked the door simply because you locked it unconsciously. The solution to the problem then is to consciously associate the action with vividly imaginative action. naturally you’ll be able to find them when you leave the house. if you put your car keys on top of the TV set. the last thing they do is to lock the door or gate. simply close your eyes and see yourself setting it. Give him a name. Then consciously imagine something ridiculous. So.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 17 Tips for absent-mindedness Do you constantly misplaced your things? Do you waste precious time looking for your car keys. do you drive your husband up the wall when you can’t find that lipstick that goes with your dress? Men. absent-mindedness is nothing more than inattention. If you were to pay attention where you put your car keys. simply thinking of the action as you do it should suffice. without giving it a thought. your glasses or the pencil that is stuck behind your ear? Ladies. Another way is when you put your keys down link them to where you are putting them. Page 76 Copyright ©2007. inside is a giant envelope. Actually. MightyMemory. when you turn off the iron. Of course the key to remembering these petty actions is to practice at it. Or the TV set swallowing your car keys with a gulp. like the TV set exploding as soon as the keys are placed on top. When you set the alarm clock. when you leave your house. For most people. What happens if you put them down in lots of different places – how will you know where you are up to? Well the chances are that you will not have this . do you drive your wives crazy when you’re late for that important dinner and can’t locate your cuff-links? If so. it has to be practiced. For instance. For some petty actions. its quite amazing. who looks like a key. For example. the door is a giant envelope or as the door to the lift open. it may take some willpower but when you see the results. simply see yourself turning it off. Please don’t confuse absent-mindedness with poor memory. then imagine as you close the door. People who have good memories can also be absent-minded. For example. and imagine them changing into a person. you’ll want to do it more often and before you know it.

They are also making other kinds of jams. I’m replacing with the letters. Go through this story a couple of times and make the picture more vivid as you do. Peter with a “pit”. Thessalonians with “Dress“. Romans or Jar. And all it takes is a few minutes! Let’s take the New Testament as an example I’m substituting the chapters with words of my own. I now have Marmalade in a jar. A group of Indians are coring apples and they are girl Indians (gals). Next comes the books of John. Titus with a “Swiss-made Titus watch”. it’s time to learn the books of the bible in sequence. For Galatians. Red Indians are making the marmalade in jars. Ephesians with “Efficient”. She squeezes some lemon juice into a tea she is brewing with the jam.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 18 Learning The Books Of The Bible (and Biblical Verses) If you’re one of those who have to look at the contents page of your bible whenever a verse is quoted in Church. They are a lot more fun. She doesn’t notice a big pit and falls into it. I’m replacing with “Gals”. Hebrews with “brew” as in brewing tea. . John with a “toilet”. You can practice with the books of the Old Testament. Here’s my story. Colossians with “Colossal”. He throws a rope into the pit and ties the other end to his big Harley Davidson and revs the engine loudly and pulls out the big red Indian lady. They seem to be very efficient as they use Phillips screwdrivers to core the apples. For the first 3 books of Matthew. She checks the time on her big Titus watch on her wrist. Philippians with a “Phillips screw driver”. Philemon with “lemon”. Corinthians sound like “Coring Indians”. The other red Indian girls see this and knock excitedly on the door of a toilet and out comes Jude Law on his motorcycle. Jude with the actor “Jude Law” and revelations with “revving” an engine on a Harley Davidson motorbike. you would have remembered the books of the New Testament. Mark Luke. you can use yours if it’s easier to picture or remember.. Timothy with “time“. MML which seems like the acronym for Marmalade. Along comes a colossal red Indian woman wearing a pink polka dot dress. MightyMemory. You even know the books backwards! So you’ll never lose your place in the bible in church when the Pastor refers to the other books. James with “Jam”. In a few minutes. Page 77 Copyright ©2007.

com .” Let’s picture a Gladiator with Armour of tin (12). MightyMemory. This is useful if you have many verses to remember and to avoid confusion between the verses. you can picture your favorite can food labels still stuck on his Armour. The tot takes out his Rye (4) bread sandwich which he uses as a shield and then traps the bee between the 2 slices. Picture a tot (11) being chased by a bee(9) he hides behind a Palm tree. Page 78 Copyright ©2007. He then hop (hope) on the sandwich and throws a thick heavy book (word) at it to try to kill the bee inside. I have put my hope in your word” For Psalm we can picture a Palm tree. you can use either the peg list or the flag pole list or you can create a new word from the numbers. He is fighting a ferocious monster and tangles it in a big net (21). but overcome evil with good. Tip : For the chapter and verse numbers.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Remembering Biblical Verses Let’s take Romans Chapter 12 Verse 21 which says “Do not be overcome by evil. When he has the monster in the net. he offers the monster some candies (with goodies) Psalm 119:114 “You are my hiding place and my shield.

it’s easier to make a picture or a movie in your head. here’s a way to remember directions using your imagination. The person may reply. “Oh yeah. If it looks like a building with a lot of glass windows. So let’s say the person said “turn left at the 2nd intersection”. So when your traveling companion asks “Did he say turn left or right at the intersection. You thank the person and turn to your traveling companion and say. Ask the person what kind of gas station is it. For left. MightyMemory. then make a right turn. Now. there’s a yellow mail box”. This may be a bit discomforting to your companion but you know you’ll get to your destination. You decide to ask for directions. You can then ask for a description of the library and you should be able to get to your destination. when you ask for directions. “I hope you remember what he said. is it an Exxon. You can ask. The hotel you want is just after the library. remember to always ask for landmarks and what the landmark look like. You stop your car and ask someone how to get to the hotel you want. Page 79 Copyright © . then picture a big Rat throwing rocks at the windows and breaking them and shards of glass come raining down. First we turn the abstract terms left and right into something we can picture. You can also ask what the First State Bank looks like.”. So you know you can picture Noah which represents 2 trying to shove a big leaf into a yellow mailbox. This way. “Is there something I should see at the 2nd intersection”. Instead of irritating your mate. Then picture a big mountain of dry leaves catching fire at the gas station and the gas pumps start exploding and there’s a huge ball of fire. we picture a leaf. you can say “I don’t know but I’ll know when I get there”. Mobil etc. The directions may go like this “Turn left at the second intersection.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 19 Remembering Directions Let’s say you’re driving into a city or town that you’ve never been before and you got lost. keep going until you see the gas station and make left. For right we picture a Rat. then keep driving till you come to the First State bank.

com . whatever that draws your attention when you revise your notes You now have keywords from your lecture. If you’re someone who is prone to drifting off in a daydream. like arrows or pictures. is my understanding correct?“ this will. and it is not being engaged in a meaning full way. MightyMemory. But the ACCUMULATIVE time is far shorter. learn. no one is going to grade you on your notes or your handwriting. use the pitch adjuster.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 20 Tips On Listening In A Lecture & Studying Before we begin on our introduction on how to study cold hard facts in school. you may not be able to remember much because the mind is too focus on the writing to make any tangible connection between what was said and what the memory is associating with. As the lecturer speaks. boost your memory recall by more than 50%. that is our “brain”. I’d like to briefly outline the correct way of writing notes during a lecture or class. And you now know the important parts of the lecture. Page 80 Copyright ©2007. Tips For Studying When you have the right techniques. The reason why we daydream is because we have this supercomputer in our head. If you ask questions on something you do not understand or ask the lecturer to rephrase something you do not quite understand. Using the above tips. It is thinking at the speed of light and the information that is coming through is too slow. Unfortunately. You can start using the linking and chaining method on the words. you probably remember more than the person who is too busy writing down chunks of notes. write it down on your notes. Imagine that the speaker is talking to you directly and you are the only person in the lecture. It therefore needs something to occupy itself and therefore it starts to daydream. which you can break it down to similar sounding words that can be pictured. write down key words instead of long grammatically correct sentences. Use symbols freely. You need to be aware that memorizing as you read seems to be a slower process than the traditional way of read. If the audio sounds funny. When you come to a part where you think you might be tested. you can boost your attention span 5 times! When you get home. you can playback your recording at twice the speed. analyze. like “Excuse me. Following is the suggestion for more effective studying. take notes. Some of us would scribble notes feverishly as the lecturer speaks on a topic. which may be tested. studying actually becomes fun. even if it is a boring subject. do you mean to say this and that. these tips will help you focus on what is being said. I would suggest you invest in a variable playback speed tape recorder with a pitch adjuster to record the lecture. in red and in exclamation marks. and this should be kept in mind. Another reason is that you do not feel connected to the topic. At this point. And you’d probably do better in the tests.

An effective way is titling. Page 81 Copyright ©2007. I would imagine 3 men stood before me. To know the final point is therefore preferable. It may take a couple of study sessions to get to this stage.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Overview: Take a moment to read the contents list. even if it is a completely different subject or topic. create reference points along the way and understand your route. For example. Next is how you study the text itself and keep your interest at a maximum. This is your key thought and you attach it in the correct place in your mind map -. You will find that when you recall it later you will be able to bring forth the main thrust of the idea. read through all the subheadings and continue to form your thoughts. one is short. and position in your virtual world areas of the town that you will need in which to store the information. You don’t just set out but instead look where you are going. It is a little like when you are traveling some distance and would need a map to work from. From this overview stage you can now begin to build your virtual mind map. for each paragraph find a word or phrase from that paragraph that you feel best summarizes the text around it. Give yourself time to form an opinion of what might be in the contents of those chapters. one is tall. and the middle medium sized on is giving me a letter. you need to connect in the text itself. Create a mental picture. Also at this stage create links with any information that you are already aware . MightyMemory. As you create your images from the headings and subheadings. The overview stage is very important. say the phrase you were trying to remember was ‘the medium is the message’. one is medium sized. Put in the key central area. What questions do the titles raise? Next. It is not memorizing as such but you are creating a mental environment where you can build information bridges later. To do this. Study is not like reading a novel in that novel writing is about unveiling a hidden plot for pleasure: an academic work is communicating a concept by careful explanation using preceding argument or explanation to get to a final point. This will give you links to areas that you are already familiar with. but it is worth it.

But there is more. it will ALWAYS go into short-term memory first and it requires further work to get it into the long-term memory area. Rote or familiarity-based learning does not create the same strong chemical changes. and trying to build the freeway from scratch with no guide whatsoever. The secret is the timings of when you study. and when you recall. Likewise. but in reality you are putting materials directly into your long-term memory. Immediately at the end of the 20 minutes recall all the information. carriageway and finally a motorway/freeway. and giving your mind the physical time to create the chemical bonds. such as getting ready in the morning. The feeling is that you are recalling it just before you have forgotten it. you can’t decide when something goes into your memory where it will go – into short term or into long term! In fact. Its like having a filing tray and a filing cabinet. When you RECALL a memory there is a much more profound chemical change going on which establishes stronger memory links much quicker. It’s the difference between building a guide path and then strengthening it into a path. Short-term memory is useful for those day-today tasks. Rote learning appears to work because you are using familiarity. MightyMemory. This is how you do it. so that you don’t keep going back to do them over and over again. and this is not how the mind was designed to work. You can store only so much in the filing tray and you need to get it into the cabinet. This being the case it stands to reason that you should form images.. It is my belief that . such as cleaning your teeth. it stagnates and STOPS learning) makes it very hard work and makes you tired.. and then recall them once they are in your head so as to create the stronger memories. and about short term and long term memory.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 21 How To Review Effectively Right at the beginning of this book I talked about the mind being like a filing cabinet. coupled with boredom (the brain doesn’t like doing things over and over. forming your images and image links as you go. Study for just 20 minutes. you wouldn’t want to remember every time in your whole life that you have cleaned your teeth! Unfortunately. Then take a break for 5 minutes. But again. You need to remember those things that you have just done. road. Page 82 Copyright ©2007. just doing it over an over isn’t only boring but unhelpful (too much keeps it in short term memory) and will not give you space to learn more.

keep it in picture format. MightyMemory. This will enable you to place newly learned information as part of a pattern for the whole rather than in isolation. If at any point you want a quick review. Do something else completely different. Do not look anything up even to remind yourself before you recall it. each time you recall any information you should make sure that you also recall the basic structure that hasn’t yet had further information attached to it. if not completely unrequired as the information becomes familiar. Page 83 Copyright ©2007. You will get a feeling if you miss helps if before you sit down to study you decide what one section is. If you are studying a book. Next day recall again. don’t decode the information. Try not to. A manual hobby perhaps. It is the act of recall which builds the bonds. as it makes revision much easier. perhaps just headings. You will find that the information in your head wants to be thought about. listening to music etc. recall the information once more. As more information is tied into the original you will discover that you will find recall is easier. Then after 5-minute break.. find your own balance. Do this as many times as you like for new sections of information . don’t study or read. At this point you can very quickly read over your text to make sure you got everything – don’t reread it in detail. recall ALL the information so far. After half an hour recall as much information as possible. Say waiting for a bus or the kettle to boil .com . and a struggle for memory will be made all the more firm.its amazing how quickly you can flip through the images. An hour later recall the information one more time. You can now continue studying for another 20 minutes. If you can’t remember something then come back to it. as doing so will keep some of the information in the short-term memory. If you missed anything. Repeat with this block of information – recall immediately. and then monthly after that.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM At the end of the 5 minutes. Walk around your virtual town. This is a useful technique to practice just before falling asleep at night as your subconscious will continue to process the information. as it will put the information back into short term. Build into your study pattern this time for recall. Recall the information weekly for 3 more weeks. use power memory boosting techniques to get it firmly established. Leave half an hour at the end of your study period for rest.

He takes a mop and stirs the contents of the tub and realizes its soup of Ivy bubbling inside. But doing it for the entire periodic table would be mind-numbing. you notice they have deep notches on them. F . Let’s imagine you sewing dimes on an ape. But instead of missiles. Iron (Fe) .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 22 How To Remember Hard Facts From The Hard Sciences Learning Chemistry Element Iron Sodium Potassium Gold Symbol Fe Na K Au Atomic Number 26 11 19 79 Atomic Weight 55.frog Now let’s engage your photographic memory using your imagination with lots of action. Giant ants are carrying the dimes to you as you sew them. dium sounds like dime.Ant and ape. A tot comes up and kicks the ape.You can picture a normal household iron. 26 Notch. . “Yummy” the Ass exclaims. And the Ass starts drinking the soup. The syllables sound like pot+ass+yum.847 22. You can think of a big pot on the ground and in it is a cake. Here are some suggestions on how to go about it using the memory system. A nun who is puffing on a cigarette tries to stop the tot and she is stung by a bee and she let’s out a big yelp of smoke. K is represented by cake. 55-Lily 847 . slippery eels start to fly from the wing tips. 39 -mop 09 is soup and 8 is ivy.F15 fighter jet.tub. So sounds like Sew. 11 is tot.098 196. MightyMemory. As the eels zoom towards the target. Potassium. E . 22 is nun.Eel. 98 is puff and 9 is bee Let’s begin. An Ass comes along and kicks it and starts eating the cake that is inside.989 39. Page 84 Copyright ©2007. Sodium .966 You may be able to get by memorizing the above facts by rote learning. (Na) . The eels hit a lily pad and a frog sitting on a lily pad and it explodes into pieces. You’re a new rookie pilot and they are ironing your call sign on your brand new F15 fighter jet. You take off and fire missiles at your first target.Let‘s break down the syllables into similar sounding words. The Ass notice there is a tub nearby.

Symbol Au -Ape and ewe. The giant berry flies into the sky and lands on a radar (radium) station. Picture a sharp flagpole shooting into the sky and it punctures an air ship filled with hydrogen. It is stopped by a cop who is riding in a tub with wheels. On board the air ship is a girl named (Lina) wearing a gigantic ruby ring (Rubidium). To remember elements with Valency 1. She grabs the cake she is eating (K) and jumps off. you do not have to worry about where the decimal point lies and your natural memory should guide you. 19 is tub. 69 is ship and 66 is choo choo. the hydrogen catches fire and explodes. She notices the Eiffel tower and swims towards shore to France (Francium) To remember elements with Valency 2. Using this method. 79 is cop.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Gold. the berry is magnetic and comes rolling down the hill. if someone were to ask you. He takes a large horseshoe magnet (Magnesium) and tries to pull the berry off the hill with magnetism. Picture an old man (Noah-2).com . “what valency is Potassium. The man comes with a long bar (Barium) and hits the berry with the bar as it comes down like a baseball bat. The cop puts both animals on a ship but the ship runs on a track like a train and moves off like a train going “choo choo“. Noah panics and uses his mobile phone to call (Calcium) a strong (Strontium) muscular man to help him. symbol K?”. But she falls into the sea (Cesium). MightyMemory. Imagine a golden Ape riding on an Ewe like a mythical creature on a busy road. If you remember that atomic number of the elements is about half of it’s atomic weight. Strangely enough. and he sees a large ripe berry (beryllium) on top of a hill Noah is hungry and decides he wants to eat the berry. Valency 1. you can immediately picture the girl Lina jumping off the hot air balloon with the Cake”. Page 85 Copyright ©2007.

adjacent can be broken up to 3 syllables that sounds like “add“.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Learning Mathematics Learning The Multiplication Tables The Easy Way Do you remember trying to memorize your times (multiplication) tables? Most people do it by rote learning repeating the times tables over and over again. Imagine the sound of the coins crashing down on the bee. The bee starts to itch from the poison and starts to fly in an erratic manner and finally crashes into a tall tower of . And there you have it. She is running all over the place with a net trying to snare a cow. So let’s picture your cousin sitting on a hippopotamus adding cents into a jar. How about trigonometry functions? The cosine function of an angle is defined as the adjacent side of a triangle divided by its hypotenuse. your child has just memorized. “jar” and “cents“. However. 9 (bee) x 8 ( Ivy) = 72 (Coin) Imagine a bee on a poison ivy. you can make it fun for your kid and your child will WANT to do the times table the fun way. Page 86 Copyright ©2007. Hypotenuse sounds like hippopotamus. 3 (ma) x 7 (cow) = 21 Simple isn’t it? Let’s do another one.. Think of a crazy picture like your mother trying to catch a cow with a net. Cosine sounds like cousin. MightyMemory.

you can use images of things that attaches to other things like handcuffs. a pair of stilts. If you picture an animal with 2 heads or 2 noses. for the triangle ABC in Diagram 1. a2 = b2 + c2 . etc. Velcro. MightyMemory. The divide sign ÷ looks like a “see saw” or you can picture something that is underneath another picture. British double-decked buses. Or you can imagine Oprah (Opposite) Winfrey sitting on top of a hippopotamus and singing. safety pin. Page 87 Copyright ©2007. The Cosine Rule The cosine rule states that. a swarm of locusts. etc The minus sign can be replaced with a flying object like a spear. lasso. You can replace the square symbol with anything that ordinarily exists as one. you can replace the equal symbol “=“ with similar pictures like the parallel bars used in gymnastics. Imagine yourself singing off key opposite a hippopotamus. paper clips. goal-posts. that should stand out! For multiplication. a flying bullet a dart or the action of pushing something away etc. a flock. like you only have one . a herd. Or imagine putting an object into a machine that multiplies like a photocopier machine or imagine something that multiplies itself like bacteria. a belly button or a nose. A square root sign looks like a house or a slide to me. For the addition sign. superglue.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM The sine function of an angle is defined as the opposite side of a triangle over its hypotenuse. railway tracks etc.2bccosA Diagram 1 For complicated equations. you can use things that become or comes in “many” like confetti. use your imagination for the picture that suits you best. The animal gets angry and starts charging at you and you run as you sing.

c2 is represented by a 2-tailed cat etc. an ape with 2 heads kicking a football over a goalpost. a 2 tailed cat (C2 )on a leash (+). Tip: Write the formulas you wish to remember with its accompanying story on cards and carry it with you. b2 is represented by a giant baby with 4 eyes. Try the formula again a few hours later to check if you can still remember the ridiculous picture you’ve made.headed ape in her arms (multiply by cosine A) You may want to accentuate the parameters that are important like picture the baby 2headed ape with red fur as distinct from the other apes. on a bus. the 2-tailed cat having striped tail. The formulas should be lodged in your long-term memory for easy recall later. waiting for food to arrive etc. A swarm of bees (multiply by b) comes out of a hive that stings Noah (2) who throws confetti (multiply by c)to try to get rid of them. Let’s start with our story. the formula should be committed to memory by your natural memory. Noah throwing colored confetti and the bees with bright yellow and black stripes on their bodies and big stings and a giant mama ape wearing an apron. the ball hits a giant 4-eyed baby that is walking it’s pet. Each formula should take about a minute or less to review. Picture in your mind’s eye. Review them 10 times over a 72-hour period. The giant 2-headed baby gets angry and throws its giant rattle (-)which hits a hive. MightyMemory. Look at the formula itself and go through the story a few times. In less than 2 minutes.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Here. for a2 I’m picturing an baby ape with 2 heads. in vivid . Page 88 Copyright ©2007. Out of nowhere many 2 headed apes who are cousins of the original ape including a giant mama ape comes along and takes the baby 2. the heads are talking to each other as the ball flies. You can do it anywhere. queuing at the bank or post office.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The apple is moving round and round the flagpole. U is the initial velocity. You can use the flag post peg list for this one. t is time in seconds.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Learning Physics Newton's First Law of Motion: I. MightyMemory.Ewe A . in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector. Picture a flagpole with an apple attached to it with a string.Ass U .com . The relationship between an object's mass m. Newton's Third Law of Motion: III. S .Tea Page 89 Copyright ©2007. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. Newton's Second Law of Motion: II. Along comes Newton draped in a Jedi costume and he stops the apple in mid flight using the “Force” as seen in Star Wars. Picture your ma (3rd law) holding 2 sumo wrestlers at bay. and the applied force F is F = ma.Ape T . its acceleration a. a is acceleration. Picture two very fat (F) mamas (ma) on a see saw (2nd Law). One of her left and the other on her right. Acceleration and force are vectors (as indicated by their symbols being displayed in slant bold font). Here’s an example of a physics equation dealing with motion and acceleration S = ut + ½ at² Where S is the distance traveled.

Page 90 Copyright © .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Picture an Ass walking on long stilts as it needs to travel a long distance. the Ewe is leashed to an Ape (+) and drinking 2 cups of tea (one in each hand) while standing on 1 leg (½). It sees an Ewe frolicking in tea leaves (multiply by t). MightyMemory.

and even in his daily intercourse. A picture that is thought out by yourself is more likely to be remembered and with practice.000 words.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 23 How To Improve Your Vocabulary Quickly It is important for a person to have a varied vocabulary to stand out in a crowd. But if he reads or hears words whose meanings he does not know. MightyMemory. Page 91 Copyright ©2007. he gets electrocuted and lands on the ground. In order to enrich his vocabulary he should pay attention to unfamiliar words when he runs across them in books or newspapers or in his attendance at lectures. You can picture the clump of furs from a shedding cat or a dog . he should never neglect looking them up in a dictionary or an encyclopedia. boy and ant.000 to 15.000 or 3. whereas the average vocabulary embraces only 2. An address is always more effective if the speaker can vary his vocabulary as well as his sentence structure. Let’s say you just come across a new word Flamboyant which means “showy in appearance or manner. We’ll replace “con” with a convict and “voluted” sounds like “electrocuted with volts” . often . which means “without definite shape or form”. find a better mate or be more persuasive in their arguments. blowing flames from his mouth to kill some ants. Orate sounds like orange or a crate.000 words. write them down. You can break down the word in 3 syllables Flame. as a further step. it should take just a few seconds to imagine and to make it stick. there are few things which bore an audience more and make a lecture more thoroughly monotonous than the constant repetition of words. He should. his body twisted like a pretzel. Amorphous. The other terms either are theoretically familiar to the student of public speaking but not freely used. He should impress them on his mind and. A person who is able to articulate well will. Picture a convict trying to escape from prison by climbing a high voltage fence. For instance. accustom himself gradually to use them and so in time widen his vocabulary. which means “coiled or twisted“. Orate – To speak. So imagine a person speaking very loudly on top of a crate of oranges. Like clouds or spilled milk for example. Convoluted. be able to get a better job. if need be. The good speaker employs a vocabulary of 10. The word sounds a lot like “more furs”. all things being equal. Picture a boy in a circus show in colorful costume. And then imagine people throwing oranges at him. all without definite shape or form. or else they remain unknown to him.

I decided to try the techniques discussed in this book to help me overcome my weight gain. we have learn how to manage the information in an order that is linked to other bits of information which we can retrieve and juggle with whenever we need them. Coupled with a busy lifestyle. drinking and overeating. the fats and the sugar in our food and the alcohol in vodka or whiskey that gives us the temporary pleasure to take us away from the stressful situation at hand. The first thing to do was to associate massive pain to my weight problem. as we go through life. This leads to erroneous associations leading to bad habits like smoking. MightyMemory. So I decided to create an alternate state of reality for myself. As the brain processes information. it is a complex and lightning fast network of thought and association that powers our daily lives. that is our subconscious . have lodged itself into our neural network of association. we’d some stressful situations that made us respond in a way that spawned our bad habits. The sweet stuff like cake and ice cream. The turning point for me came when I went for my medical examination and was told my cholesterol level was off the charts and my blood pressure was too high. I linked tremendous pain with the food I like most. the mind can’t tell that which is real and that which is imagined. until it’s too late. It may be in the past. Together with the thinking or conscious mind. our unconscious mind makes certain associations that may be harmful to us and which we don’t think about. the fried stuff like chicken and French fries. I grew up in the part of the world where cuisines from any country is readily available. I imagined the blood pressure being too high for my blood vessels to handle and they were weakening. I imagine the cholesterol clogging my arteries and giving me a cardiac arrest. I’d like to share with you one of my own bad habits. So powerful are these associations that it makes our bad habits tough to break. When you change any associations of food and the pleasurable feelings. and boy was it tough at first! Page 92 Copyright ©2007. However. my weight ballooned and I was overweight by 20 pounds in no time. I started my exercise program. Such bio-chemical factors like nicotine in cigarettes. a supercomputer like nothing else that has been created by man. one thing reminds you of another. I imagined myself being hook up to one of those dialysis machines I see on Fund Raising Shows on TV when my kidneys failed. By training our mind in a particular way. These habits. through bio-chemical associations. which reminds you of something else. To this end. which is overeating.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 24 How To Break A Bad Habit We have at our disposable.

Imagine yourself with clean teeth without the tobacco stain and the bad breath. How much healthier you would become if you gave up smoking. you’ll succeed. Page 93 Copyright ©2007. I associated pleasure with my morning jog and walk. we would ask the waiter for an extra plate so that we can share some of the food instead of ordering the large portions.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM I woke up an hour earlier each day to begin a morning walk or jog. I bought nice clothes a size smaller and imagined myself in them. I imagined getting admiring looks from people who appreciate a fit taut body. It’s not an easy process if the bad habit is deeply ingrained but if you associate massive pain with the habit you’re trying break and massive pleasure to being successful. Imagine yourself breathing easier without coughing. I would tell myself how many miles it would take to burn off the calories if I ate that stuff. I started lifting weights at the gym. Imagine how much healthier you can become when you give up alcohol. slowly but surely. Imagine yourself drinking fruit juice instead of whisky. Use your vivid imagination and picture yourself getting rid of your bad habit. Imagine yourself conversing closely with an attractive member of the opposite sex because you no longer have “smoker’s breath”. Make your imagination work for you and don’t give up! Remember vivid with feelings is the key. due to my busy schedule. I started to drink fruit and vegetable juice and imagined it giving my body the life force it needs. vodka or brandy. My weight started coming down. I bought an MP3 player to listen to those songs that I would otherwise not have time to listen . MightyMemory. Imagine the alcohol killing your brain cells the next time you feel an urge to down a glass. And there was always salad at our table. Every time my wife and I ate at a restaurant. Every time someone offered me a piece of cake or every time I see a fried chicken commercial.

we have an established system. Because they are so simply and logically created you will find that you will be able to hold the information with around 30 minute of study. 5 minutes is still good! It is quite simple. MightyMemory. So here are a couple of fun things to do with this. but is fairly simple in operation. First you can memorize whole lists of cards. But hey. decide for yourself as to your own imagery. go through your favorite peg list. Cards are of course somewhat ambiguous (you will by now be getting used to the fact that this is true for much in our world being like that) and so you will have to give them some sort of solid imagery Thankfully with our . Page 94 Copyright ©2007. The jacks are simply pictured as the card suit that they are. which is considered average. the only anomaly is the king of clubs. which again is the word King. and associate each card in shuffled order with the peg word. Its clubsy but it works! The kings Similar to the queens. Apart from the queen of hearts (which is simply a queen) the letter of the suit has been substituted for the first letter of the word queen. The queens. but to really do well you must do this in under 5 minutes. AC 2C 3C 4C 5C 6C 7C 8C 9C 10C JC QC KC cat can comb cote coat cash cock cuff cap case club cream king AH 2H 3H 4H 5H 6H 7H 8H 9H 10H JH QH KH Hat hone hem hare hail hash hog hoof hub hose heart queen hinge AS 2S 3S 4S 5S 6S 7S 8S 9S 10S JS QS KS Suit sun sum sore sail sash sock safe soap suds spade steam sing AD 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D JD QD KD date dune dam door doll dash dock dive deb dose diamond dream drink As usual. Just a word of note before I divulge this secret: the court cards.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 25 Using Your Trained Memory For Card Tricks This is another neat trick. and then the closest rhyme used. See below for the full details. The system combines the phonetic letter and number system together with the first letter of each of the suits to create a new word and therefore memorable object. and under 3 minutes to stand any chance against the grand masters. So the jack of hearts is a heart.

you may find that it would get confusing to use the same distortion method. and simply go through the deck in SORTED order in your head. Once done lay the cards to one side.for example run over it in a steam roller. Work with a partner on the other side of a stage who knows the system. If however you can get this last stage to below 20 seconds (which is doable . It is not as hard as remembering every card in play. Just so long as you distort the card each time. freeze it. They are asked to look at the card. You will not look at it so that you can not be seen to be cheating.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM But how about card counting . and no one would be the wiser. Heighten the tension with some suitable clock countdown music. On the other side of the stage your blindfold partner calls out (after the usual strain!) the card. eat it. and then after 20 seconds reveal all cards at one time. identify and place the unburned cards into a simple 5 place peg system. Then proceed to switch (using your favorite method) the deck for your own stacked deck. Ask a volunteer to shuffle your deck. perhaps even blindfolded. Now. Have someone in the audience call out a number between one and 52. Page 95 Copyright ©2007. Now go through the whole deck and mentally destroy the cards. if you are waiting for a certain card to appear instead of having to go through the whole deck or remember a long list of cards. If your card is still clear of damage then you perhaps have a winning hand. which bounces around a bit. tear it up. The volunteer on stage then counts down the cards to that number.that is remembering what cards have already been played in a game so that you are more readily able to calculate the odds of a certain hand being possible. MightyMemory. Each time you come to a card that you have not mentally ‘destroyed’ you can shout it out. This way you will keep most information in your scratch memory. They know the card of course because it was the number called out by the other volunteer from the audience. burn it. Make out that this is so that it is a truly random selection and that you could have had no influence on the deck at all. instead a bit of reverse psychology is used. So the recommendation is that you should use a different distortion ‘method’ over the course of 7 hands. You could do this with a thrown ball. Now you can do this with imagery . before returning to the first method. feed it to a . For example if you use a stacked deck you can create your own individual stack. When a card is played you imagine it ‘destroyed’ in your mind. Here is a nice trick. concentrate on it. In this way you could claim that your mind has organized the cards and then ‘thrown out’ the results in one go. If you play a number of hands. A similar trick would be for the audience to remove 5 cards from a shuffled deck.the imagination can work quick and sift images rapidly) then it is possible to go through the cards. just ask yourself if it has yet been destroyed. or stamp on it. There are other various things you can do with this.

Next trick. use a fan or other method. and watch the movements of the missing card.. Palm off by any lift technique these 4 cards and pass the deck to a volunteer for a good shuffle. If you wish you can just glimpse the base card to name the missing card. Ask them to look with you at the cards on the table and to choose just one card. you will know that the moved card is the ace. the volunteer must end up with the portion that contains the top 4 cards Now ask your volunteer to remove the top card and place it in the middle of the pack of cards. to identify the chosen card simply go through the memorized pack in order from the first card and see which card doesn’t fit the story.. and then without you touching the pack to place the card back anywhere in the pack. or else reveal them in whatever way you prefer. Next to remove the card they have cut to and place it to one side. Finally. remain the this case it is important to use a CIRCULAR STORY METHOD to memorize the order of the cards in that the last card image links back to the first. If he touches the deck containing the top 4 cards thank him for choosing the deck and allow him to keep it. but personally you are memorizing the 3 cards. to show that all the cards are different. As you know these cards you can use them in another illusion. Place a pack of cards on the table and ask a spectator to cut the cards. Secretly however during this time of ‘drivel’ you are memorizing the order of the cards top to . The removed card however should have fallen to the top of the pack in the story. Now you are ready. but of course it will now be out of order. but not to complete the cut. they should complete the cut. First. BENEATH the top card. However you do this. Because you memorized the pack in a circular story. So in this example if the bottom card is the 2 of hearts. As they are doing this take some time to explain that Derren Brown uses suggestion methods to make people choose the card he wants them to. cards face up.. Pre-order a packet of any 20 cards and memorize the order of the cards . So. in a circular sense.they must do all they can not to move and you will not influence their choice of card at all. and order. ask that they carefully remove the next three cards and place them on the table. except for the one removed. Try this trick out with a simple deck of all the hearts in order backed onto all the clubs in order. then tell him that you will take one deck and ask that they touch one. Palm any 3 cards from a deck and place them in your pocket (though you can do this without the palm and simply place 3 cards in your pocket before the show starts). IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THE CARD NOW ON THE BOTTOM in the memorized sequence of the cut deck is the missing card. it doesn’t matter where the first cut is made because the order of the cards will. MightyMemory. Have the volunteer look at the card and remember it. or else is able to ‘read’ the choice of a person by their body language . Next. What this does is to keep the order of the cards still in the story order. but not to touch it or to give the game away in any other way. The quick way of course is to realize that card. Ask a volunteer to shuffle the pack as much as they want to and then to deal 4 cards face up onto the table.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Another trick. Page 96 Copyright ©2007. AND YET ANOTHER . Place the deck on the table and have the volunteer cut the deck into 2 smaller decks. Take the pack back replacing the cards on the top of the deck. If he chooses the other deck then remove it from the table.

This makes identification of the spectators card smoother than counting through all 10 as you will be able to quickly identify your marker cards. and on the third time count 4 and rotate the 10th card. but rather the counting of cards in your pocket. and of course one of them is the choice of the volunteer. as if feeling for the right card. Now. As they do so remove one of the originally placed cards in your pocket . . This will hopefully be of interest and will point you in the right directions for further development of your memory skills Page 97 Copyright ©2007. then place it back in the center of the pack saying.on the second ‘dip’ count a further 3 from this rotated card and rotate the sixth card. But how about trying 9 cards in the pocket and asking for 10 to be dealt! The hardest part is not the memory of the cards. In reality you rotate the 3rd card of the volunteers choices in your pocket by 90 degrees lie up wards) .one of the three .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Once they have made their choice you should collect the cards IN THE ORDER IN WHICH YOU HAVE MEMORISED THEM and place them in your pocket ON TOP OF THE CARDS YOU SECRETLY PLACED THEIR EARLIER.. makes sure all the cards lie long edge upwards in your pocket. Now ask the volunteer to concentrate on their card . Everyone now thinks that you have just one card in your pocket whereas in reality you have the 4 cards dealt by the volunteer..and look at it.. Do the same for the next two cards. To aid counting. with a mystical grin (or a knowing one if you can’t do mystical!) ask the volunteer for their choice of card. and each time you place your hand in your pocket pause... ‘not that one’. As soon as they tell you count down to the correct choice in your pocket and reveal it with a flourish. 3 cards done like this is pretty good .

a good friend of mine dropped by my house for tea. Page 98 Copyright ©2007. I then taught her basic relaxation techniques and how to communicate with her inner self. your facial muscles and then the your forehead. You can use a technique often times used by hypnotists. focus your thoughts on the memory you’re trying to retrieve. your thighs. Let’s say you’ve lost something valuable. When was the last time your saw the item or use the information? Then gently tell your subconscious mind “Dear subconscious. You should pick a quiet or relaxing moment. Let me know the answer. neck muscles. She remembered that I used to teach her young daughter how to remember her schoolwork which worked very well for her. Starting from your toes. and you gradually unwind. Vividly imagine how relieve or happy you would be if you found it. like a ring or pendant. Her husband had promised to buy her another. Years ago. Imagine as you tense and release each body part. I was taught the basics of hypnotism and the power of suggestion. You have to make the feelings as real as possible. As you go into a calm and relaxed state. shoulder. during a psychology class.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 26 Reconnecting With Lost Memories Here is a simple technique on how to retrieve lost memories. get busy about something else. not lost information. As you do so. Then clench your fist and relax. it may be valuable in money terms or you have an emotional attachment to it. Vividly imagine the last time you were using it. start tensing up the body part and relaxing. start to curl up your toes and then relax. I trust that you know where is the ____________ . At first I said I couldn’t help because my techniques dealt with how to organize and process new information for later recall. Then it hit me. Imagine every part of your body to be like a tightly wound bunch of rubber bands. a warm sensation flows over it as you relax. you know and see all things. just before bedtime and after a relaxing bath would be ideal. abdomen and then chest. Then tell your body to relax. A few years earlier. up your calves. When you are preoccupied with something else. She had lost her wedding ring a few weeks ago and it meant a lot to her. upper arm. followed by your ankles. but she felt an attachment to it. your knees. the answer will come to your mind like toast pops out of the toaster. MightyMemory. your buttocks.” Keep repeating the phrase “Let me know the answer” like a lullaby as you focus on the . Here is a variant of it. Lie down on a couch or in your bed. followed by your forearm. My friend asked me if I’d any techniques for lost items. If you awaken and you do not have the answer.

especially before sleeping. try to imagine when was the last time your were reading the letter. Use the above methods to “talk” to your subconscious to program it release the lost information when the time is ripe. Remember to stay relax. focused and keep asking yourself those background questions. By asking these tiny questions. was the TV on? What program was on? Was it a documentary or a comedy? Was there anybody else in the room? Was there music playing? Try to vividly recollect the last moment before the item went missing. She took it and placed it on her study desk. Tip You are encouraged to listen to the 10-minute Mighty Memory Alpha StateTM mp3 file to help you with trying to retrieve lost memories. Somehow. her subconscious had heard the tinkle as the ring hit the driveway and linked it to the fact that her daughter was with her in the car. Page 99 Copyright ©2007. My friend had not previously notice it as it was beneath some notes and letters on her . But keep trying and trying and in most cases. if she’d seen the ring. as you follow the relaxation technique. As she tried my suggestion. it may take several sessions. When you receive it and what time was it. we’re trying to recreate the background and trying to find a link back to the information we’re trying to retrieve. But depending on how long the item is lost or what are other memories are blocking it. So she ask Sarah. Sometimes it may take 1 session and the lost memory pops right back in your head. her daughter. So for example. I received a phone call from her and she was thrilled to inform me that she’d found her ring. playing the mp3 file a couple of times everyday. It contains more than 100 subliminal memory affirming messages which encourage your subconscious to release lost memories to your conscious mind. she had a strong intuition and a small voice that kept telling her to ‘Ask Sarah”. Her daughter replied that she had found it in the driveway as her mother was taking groceries out of the car. a few days later. Just keep trying.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM A few days later. MightyMemory. a headache or cold? These questions may seem unimportant but your mind is an associating machine and every bit of information is linked to some other bit of information. if you’re trying to recollect where you put an important letter. Were you in good mood or bad? Did you receive a phone call from someone? How was your health? Did you have an ailment acting up. your mind will reveal to you what you’ve been looking for.

sexuality. and considerably less of things from the middle of learning periods. we can use humor.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 27 Effective Study Methods In Memory And Learning The Role of Stimulus In Memory The role of stimulus in anchoring memory is an important one. and such a memorization event is know as the Von Restorff effect). From the graph. we tend to recall. MightyMemory. we tend to recall more at the beginning. this point occurs in a time period of between 20 to 50 minutes. For normal purposes. it is clear that under normal circumstances and with understanding fairly constant. B and C) and more when things are outstanding or unique. color and exaggeration as our stimulus. vivid imagination. it is necessary to find the point at which recall and understanding work is greatest harmony. (Green curve) From the graph it is clear that under normal circumstances and with understanding fairly constant. We also recall more when things are associated or linked (Peaks A. As we’ve already . gradually decreasing our recall and more at the end of learning period. The graph below indicates that we recall more from the beginning and ends of a learning period. symbolism. Graph showing how stimulus can increase memory recall 100% A B C 75% More Stimulus 50% Less Stimulus 25% 0% Point in time where Learning starts Point in time where learning ends If recall is going to be kept at a reasonable level. more of things which are outstanding or unique (the psychologist who discovered this characteristic was Von Restorff. A shorter period does not give the Page 100 Copyright ©2007.

a book or the mass media is to take 2 hours. The small breaks will guarantee eight relatively high points of recall. and can be prevented from dropping during the later stages of learning. Breaks are additionally useful as relaxation points. In this way the recall curve can be kept high.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM mind enough time to appreciate the rhythm and organization of the material. it is far better to arrange for brief breaks during these 2 hours. with four small drops in the middle. The Importance Of Relaxation And Breaks If a period of learning from a lecture. and a longer period results in the continuing decline of the amount recalled. if there were there no breaks at all. Page 101 Copyright ©2007. Each of the drops will be less than the main drop would have . They get rid of the muscular and mental tension which inevitable builds up during period s of concentration 2 of 8 High points Of recall 100% recall curves when when planned breaks are taken 75% - 50% - 25% - 0% - 1 hour Point in time where Learning starts 2 hours Point in time learning ends Blue curves represent when periodic breaks (gaps) are taken during 2 hours learning Red curve represent recall curve when no breaks are taken for 2 hours or more. MightyMemory.

The person who does not review is continually wasting the effort he does put in to any learning task. MightyMemory. thinking and remembering. The graph shows memory recall rises for a short while after learning but plunges steeply thereafter.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM The Importance Of Proper Scheduled Review For Long Term Memory One of the most significant aspects of proper review is the accumulative effect it has on all aspects of . (80% loss of detail within 24 hours) Page 102 Copyright ©2007. Graphs Depicting Memory Enhancement After Scheduled Reviews st 2nd review 1 review 100% 3 review rd 4th review 75% 50% 25% 0% 10 minutes 24 hours 1 week 1 month The red graph shows maintained knowledge without review The orange graph shows maintained knowledge with 1st review after 10 minutes The green graph shows maintained knowledge with 2nd review after 24 hours The brown graph shows maintained knowledge with 3rd review after 1 week The blue graph shows maintained knowledge with 4th review after 1 month The red graph shows a typical learning session where no review of the knowledge has taken place. and putting himself at a serious disadvantage.

recall can be kept at a high point shortly after learning. and the connections. a programmed pattern of review must take place. needing only the most occasional nudge to maintain it. his recall of previous knowledge gained will be at a very low ebb. jot down on a piece of paper. and that his efficiency and speed through the new material will also be less. The result is that many people after having finished their formal exams. which should be made automatically. But the brain needs a few minutes to complete and link firmly all the interconnections within the new material i. If review is organized properly. The second. each review being done at the time just before recall is about to drop. This will mean that his understanding of the new material will not be as complete as it could be. This will keep the recall high for about one day. This means it will be familiar in the way a personal telephone number is familiar. Each time a person approaches a new learning situation. if ever. it is forgotten. which may mean scrapping the original notes and substituting for them a revised and final copy. this will allow time to assimilate the new information. will be dismissed. This continuing negative process results in a downward spiral that ends in a general despair of ever being able to learn anything – each time new material is . approach books again. The first review. everything that can be recalled. and each time new material is approached it seems to become more oppressive. when the next review should take place. The first review should take place 10 minutes after a one-hour learning period and should itself take 5 minutes. After this time the knowledge will be lodged in Long-Term Memory. If review is done after 10 minutes. this time for a period of 2 to 4 minutes. After this. third and fourth review sessions should take the following form.e. seldom. The enormous drop must be prevented with proper notes review. if notes have been taken. the decline within 24 hours will be rapid and 80% of information can be lost. In order to accomplish this. recall will probably be retained for about a week. “sink in”. MightyMemory. Page 103 Copyright ©2007. This should be checked against the final notes and any connections or additions to what has been recalled should be made. when another 2-minutes review can be completed followed by a further review after about one month.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM The initial brief rise takes place at the very moment the learning period has ended. should be a fairly complete note revision. If no review takes place.

On the opposite side of this . When you study. each new piece of relevant information. The more you maintain your current body of knowledge. the more you will be able to absorb and handle. Page 104 Copyright ©2007. This will enhance your confidence.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Failure to review is equally as bad for general memory. The process is much more like that of the traditional snowball rolling. the advantages of reviewing are enormous. the expanding amount of knowledge at your command will enable you to digest new knowledge far more easily. it will not remain at a conscious level. and will not be available to form new memory connections. where the snowball gets rapidly bigger the more it rolls and eventually continues rolling under its own momentum. MightyMemory. If each new piece of information is neglected. your work and your life. As memory is a process which is based on linking and association. the fewer items there are in the “recall store”. the less will be the possibility for news items to be registered and connected.

it’s fun. Also. and thereby dramatically boosts one’s ability to recall immense quantities of data. much better. is born from the interaction of both modes with each other. don’t worry. it calls upon your brain’s innate desire to perform swiftly. then two brain hemispheres are better than one. and take this preference into adulthood. The technique of Mind Mapping is as close as one can presently get on paper to reproducing the natural thought processes of the human brain. the topic of Mind Mapping has to be mentioned. One extremely powerful and enjoyable way in which to achieve such communication is through the practice and application of Mind Mapping. If teachers operate in left mode. the interstate highway which transports us from mediocrity to genius. If two heads are better than one. return and have a go at one of the most powerful uses of the memory system I can imagine. This is not true. As discussed in the previous chapter. the importance of scheduled review of learned material cannot be over emphasized for long-term memory building. which calls upon both hemispheres. I would recommend that you don’t try this system until you have grown confident using all the other systems. and students think in right mode. we get disharmony. This is not entirely accurate. If you can’t do that yet. The dominance of the left mode is commonly perceived as being responsible for spawning intellectuals whereas right mode dominance produces artists. The right mode is equally important. Invented by Tony Buzan. Creativity. Amazingly simple to learn and strikingly powerful in application. Mind Mapping creates colors and images on a piece of paper which by their very nature are more memorable. while the right mode is comparatively unimportant. extensively and in natural harmony with it’s own . They are also fantastic tools for being able to pull together information and cross-reference it. but also to accelerate it greatly. without the restrictions of the linear page. MightyMemory. in it’s purest sense. and “creatively”. because true intelligence or artistry depends upon the active interaction of both left and right modes of thinking.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Chapter 28 Mind Mapping For Review And Creativity In dealing with the subject of memory and accelerated learning. However. We are predominantly operating in left mode not long after we have started school. and when you can. and that you are able to create strong images in your head in under 5 seconds. in it’s purest sense is the balanced participation of the left and right hemispheres constantly communicating with each other via a bridge of between two and three hundred million nerve fibers known as the corpus callosum. The tool of mind mapping is particularly useful as a replacement of note taking during review of a subject after a learning session or as a tool of creativity to brainstorm a problem. With only a couple of days practice you will be able to. Page 105 Copyright ©2007. The skill of Mind Mapping allows an individual to not only access his or her own intelligence. The common belief is that the left mode will develop our intellectual skills.

structure.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM This is a technique that very quickly shows you how to learn with total effectiveness. how to record information dramatically. and so on. This comes as close as one can to taking a photographic snapshot of our thought process on that topic. equipped simply with the desire to maximize their brainpower. 2. MightyMemory. Ideas then hook onto the initial . and the following pages take you step by step over the entire process. images. own idea. Start out with a blank sheet of white paper. Page 106 Copyright ©2007. and radiate outwards. Color tickles the right side of your brain’s cortex and helps you greatly with your imagination and memory. within the same Mind Map. But since we cannot install a camera inside our brain. Your thoughts focus much better. letter or A3 or any size large enough to expand your thoughts on. imagination. subject. this skill is indispensable for anyone in any profession. It is very easy to learn the laws associated with this skill. for purposes of later recall. Begin at the center Every thought is born as a central speck somewhere within the brain. Paper with lines and margins is not always brain-friendly and does not help in making your thoughts flow. White paper is initially recommended as it is user-friendly for a new skill being learned. like this It is in the “landscape” format as as oppose to “portrait”. Draw a central image that is your very special. and are thus never confined to space between lines and margins. dimensions. 1. and the whole exercise is simply great FUN! Use at least three or four colors for the central image. words. It is also much easier and more enjoyable to pay attention to material when it is in color. and convert it into a graphical “picture”. 3. we are able to rapidly expand and explore an idea in either note form. your memory improves like never before. It allows you to use both hemispheres of your brain. order. such as colors. It frees up your mind to remember and think of many more ideas and things. of any age or sex. about your story. like the sun 4. topic or thoughts. A Mind Map reflects the natural radiance of our thought processes. or as a verbal presentation. The radiant structure of a Mind Map follows the natural architecture of the human brain. A picture is worth a thousand words. Words and images have lots of room to spread out. The size can be A4. Blank paper lets you have total freedom for writing and drawing. and how to remember that information for whatever length of time we need to retain it. Use the paper on its side. Harmonize with nature and you harmonize with genius. lines. By using the left and right attributes of our brain hemispheres.

The brain works best through associations. it won’t let all your thoughts fit on the page. They are more fun to do. Let it remain open. i.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Keep the size of the central image to approximately between 5 cm to 5. MightyMemory. Every image is unique in shape as well as in appearance. if too small. If a word is being used. Do not enclose and trap the central image in a frame or border. central image. graceful. as longer or shorter lines interrupt and break the flow of thoughts. cursive writing) makes it very easy for the brain to capture snapshots of the words. 5. A free image is easier to remember and much more enjoyable to play with. Curved lines look . robbing it of its freedom. Printing (as oppose to joined-up.e. tapering outwards. separate.. lower-case letters can be used as you branch outwards. disconnected fragments are “brain-hostile” Page 107 Copyright ©2007. and are therefore “natural”. and flowing. A frame imprisons the image. The main themes emphasize their prominence by being connected to the central image. The central image is attached to a few main themes radiating outwards. and therefore are easier to remember! They are connected directly to the central image. thereby permitting their relative importance to be highlighted through direct association with the central theme. indicating relatively decreased priority. It must be placed on a line (Main Branch) of the same length. curved and organic.. not just words alone. These are somewhat equivalent to the chapter headings of a book. They are cupped within and on the main branch. your central image will not have enough area to accommodate all the main branches. They reflect nature.e. whereas words written to match the line length helps to make the connections easier to remember! thicker at the The main branches are thick. Remember word length = line length. Connections dramatically emphasize the relationship between the main themes and central thoughts.50 cm for the size of writing paper commonly used. i. This size has been proven to be just right and allows the Mind Map to develop without any worries about running out of space. you will find it difficult to develop when you have a rush of ideas. except that we can use either words or images to represent our thoughts. It helps us to read and remember much better and faster. it must be printed in CAPITAL letters. If the image is too big. However.

the next the third. Your brain has an infinite capacity for generating and receiving a multitude of ideas. Let your thoughts flow . Because each word and image has millions of possible associations. 6. and thinner. The Mind Map allows you to catch them and put them into a formidable format for action. This will make your main themes easily recognizable. By this I mean they move around very fast. fourth levels of thought. style. it is able to pluck out and chuck out ideas at random. The words and images you started with. Start adding second. the next one the second level. write only one word per line (branch). Add more main theme branches to the central image. Therefore.e. and associations occur to you. and versatility of the letters and words convey information about their importance and meaning. the main branch would be the first level. this is usually done towards the outer sections of the Mind Map. MightyMemory. So. Let them bounce around freely. Remember: Lines (branches) are connected. Script merged with images or symbols are fabulous for provoking creativity. Page 108 Copyright ©2007. make you think of so many other words and images. (Of course. jump and slide around the Mind Map as the links. See examples below. Mix them up with words if you wish. skip. These words or images sit on their own branches.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Remember. The typeface. or in addition to words. but are very much linked to the main branches that triggered them. at varying speeds. all the different main themes are still connected with each other. Thoughts have a natural capacity for athletics. Connected lines create relationships and a structure. if you give it its own freedom. They also show levels of importance. not capitals) if you want to show them to be less important. Use images wherever possible. third. Words should again be printed. size. instead of. 7. as from a branch to a twig. one connected with the other. you will get many more ideas from it. to whatever word or image triggers them. Like a trillion-tentacled mega octopus. but may be lower case (i. and help to set off more and more thoughts in motion. and so on. hop. it is not necessary to “finish” one branch before proceeding to the next. Attach them. connections. simply because they all connect to the central image).. and be able to remember it more clearly.

We will develop it according to the Laws of Mind Mapping. You will soon learn to appreciate the beauty of your brain blossoming. so you can remember better. Our topic is TRANSPORTATION. and codes. so does a Mind Map. you wish to do so for a particular reason such as for placing added emphasis on a point. Use different colored highlighter pens. The unique shapes of these. cloud outlines serve as powerful memory anchors. All these items help to make important points stand out. Add arrows. Let us begin with an example on the next page. so that they hug the shape of the branch. Sometimes enclose branches of a Mind Map with cloud-shaped outlines in colors. and different styles for each. unless of course. This will save you having to repeat writing the same information. MightyMemory.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM 8. or in maps). Page 109 Copyright ©2007. can show the connection between different branches. Just as nature grows through nourishment. symbols. and . The outlines will create unique shapes (as you find in clouds. symbols. the arrows. Add new dimensions to your Mind Map.

5 cm and 7. Page 110 . have at least three or four colors be approximately 5 cm high and wide for A4 paper and approximately between 6.Step 1 Start With The Central Image The paper should be . • • Blank In landscape (placed sideways) The central image should : illustrate what the topic is all about not be enclosed inside a frame or box.5 cm for A3 paper.

Page 111 Copyright ©2007. anywhere Filled with color Shaped with graceful. tapering to a point outwards. curved .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Step 2 Add A Main Branch To The Central Image The main branch should be: • • • Touching the central image. MightyMemory. thicker at the central image.

com . • Of the same length as the branch. and should represent one of your main ideas about the topic. MightyMemory. • Written in capital letters. only one word per branch. If words. of a reasonably large size (if it is a word) • In colors of your choice Page 112 Copyright ©2007.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Step 3 Add A Word Or Image On The Main Branch The main branch should have the word or image: • Sitting on the branch.

MightyMemory. and should represent your ideas about the sub-topic • Of the same length as the branch • Shaped to follow the curvature of the branch • It must be written in capital letters. Page 113 Copyright ©2007. but only one need be selected. • Sitting on thinner branches. The word ‘Boats’ as well as the image for ‘boat’ have been depicted here for showing the options. but smaller than the sub-topic if it is a word • In colors of your choice Note : The image here is located on the third level of expansion. ‘Boats’. and represents a type of boat (dinghy) associated with the previous level.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Step 4 Add Words Or Images Off The Main Branch And Then Off The Next Levels Of Branches The words or images should . itself a development from ‘Water’.

from the ‘Present’ main branch. the main branch ‘Present’. of the ‘Historical’ main branch serve the as cross-reference. if it comes crops up in the other branches.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Step 5 Add Further Main Branches And Expand Them As You Did In Step 4 The symbols placed over ‘Land’ and ‘Water’ respectively. for example. MightyMemory. Later. This saves you having to repeat the same . the second symbol placed on a second level branch coming off ‘Water’). This means that all information related to ‘Historical’ branch is also relevant here. Page 114 Copyright ©2007.

THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Step 6 Keep On Going. As You Did In Step 5 You can play with the Mind Map and add empty branches to provoke new ideas. as it does not restrict you in an area where you might be feeling trapped. The use of the curly arrow (any shape will do) to create or move into additional space is a very useful device. MightyMemory. Page 115 Copyright ©2007. Put them onto the branches as they occur to .

com . MightyMemory.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Page 116 Copyright ©2007.


The temperature of your skin on the outside is approximately 33oC though the temperature of your earlobes under those conditions. three-dimensional’ gnosis. washing our faces. this is directly proportional to the thickness of callus. hairs and blood vessels are located. The dermis provides the skin with its strength and ability to stretch. dead surface. they get squashed flat and die. Skin conditions millions of sensitive nerve-endings and sensory receptors (mechanoreceptors) which signal the brain with information about light touch. which would correspond to the inside temperature of your skin.8oC. and can be transcoded into written form in the notes below.1oC and 37. temperature. but never wearing out. dead. In this region. nerves. would be in the region of 27oC (due to the low volume of blood present there. Our Mind Map contains additional information on this subject. the thickened. with an area of about 2 square meters. This flexible platform of dead cells is waterproof. solid. knowledge) refers to the ability to identify unseen objects by handling them. with the latter accommodating the perceptions of texture and weight. pressure. The areas of greatest sensitivity are at the tips of your lips. The normal body temperature. and is constantly being renewed via ‘touch’.Mind Map On The Sense Of Touch ( An Illustration) Our sense of touch comes initially and largely from our skin. as well as on the participation of sensory areas in the parietal lobe of the cerebral cortex. pain. ranges between 36. vibration and sensations. and weighing approximately 3 kg). which has an outer. An interesting phenomenon called stereognosis (Greek: stereos. tongue. constantly being ‘eroded’. about two millimeters thick. teeth and fingers (of course. Proceeding from main branch to main branch. regardless of the external temperature. Page 118 . New cells are constantly being pushed up. The skin essentially responds to the sensations of temperature and pressure. vital glands. we have Sources The main sources of raising awareness within ourselves about the sense of touch come from the skin (the body’s largest organ. The top half-millimeter or so is called the epidermis. outermost layer of our skin). This micro-thin layer covers two main layers which are alive. Approximately every two weeks. and scratching result in the removal of dead skin. This ability depends upon the sensations of touch and pressure. But the constant regeneration of the skin’s outer surface is necessary as the simple acts of bathing. beneath which is the dermis. which actually depend upon how much pressure is being applied as any moment on the surface of your skin on different parts of your body. and it’s relatively slow movement). where near the surface. the epidermis gets completely renewed.

pressure. or in the same location as. It is where we perceive the sensation of touch. Page 119 Copyright ©2007. a sense of touch is vital for ‘reading’.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM You will lose consciousness if your inside body temperature rises above 41oC or falls below 33oC.and avoid those places and circumstances which may be dangerous to us. but also in your muscles and joints via the myriad sense cells. love. cold. or any two people. can be synergetic with regards to establishments of harmony in society. The Braille alphabet consists of raised dots which form letters and words. what you see. They respond to light touch. if we were say. we could stanch the flow of blood or perhaps. allowing for the presence of callus. pain helps us to record. pain. pain. So this sense of touch would be related to a ‘body-sense’. and therefore. Touching can also reduce stress levels in people. genuine. heat and cold. such as winking. that is. and in fact. vibration and tickling. in learning. good intentions. Hence. purely because we never stay exactly the same size and shape in the course of our lives. also known as ‘position-sense’. heat. Sense Of Touch Your sense of touch is developed through the interaction between your brain and your body. The motor cortex recognizes and controls our voluntary movements. Your body is a complex mechanism with numerous maps of its functions and ‘responseabilities’. The exact location of the temperature sense receptors on our skin has not yet been determined. and sense of touch. if it is done with pure. This results in physiological growth. what you physically feel. The skin has eight types of sensors (as categorized here. thanks to the existence of Braille which is read with the fingertips. These maps work in connection with your vision. For people who are blind. MightyMemory. and is felt in a foetus as early as the seventh week of pregnancy. Nevertheless. Pain is a vital element among the sensors because it awakens us to the presence of injuries. but it is suspected that they may be a part of. It is for these reasons that pain receptors are the most numerous. of course. The somatosensory cortex is the region where we sense our awareness of body position. and affection. as say between a baby and mother. An experienced reader can ‘read’ up to 50 words a . They link up due to the existence of memory which exists not just in your brain. creates bonding. Benefits The benefits of having a sense of touch are obvious from the point of giving and receiving care. the pressure receptors. remember. Cortex The cortex is the uppermost (cap) part of the brain. The high concentration of light touch receptors in the fingertips gives them enhanced tactile sensitivity. the scientific name for it is ‘kinaesthesis’ (Greek:kinesis or motion + aesthesis or perception). The sense of touch is the earliest one developed. bleeding. Of all the senses this sense has the broadest range. but this could be further expanded). suffer from a fatal infection. the maps are constantly changing.

Above what temperature will one lose consciousness? 7. heat and cold? 15. what is the 4. What is the standard temperature for your earlobes? 6. Name four benefits of touching 11. What is the approximate temperature of your skin on it’s outside surface? Page 120 Copyright ©2007. How many types of touch sensors does our skin have? Can you name them all? 9. What is the range for normal body (inside) temperatures? 5. Why can pain be a good thing? 10. pain. What is the largest organ in the human body? approximate area it covers? How heavy is . Where is the brain’s cortex located? 13. What is the scientific name for your sense of touch? 8. Which category of touch receptor is the most numerous in the human body? 14. What are the main sources from where we perceive the sensation of touch? 2. Where is the greatest sensitivity to touch perceived? 3.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Review On The Sense Of Touch Mind Map 1. MightyMemory. What is the speed in words per minute for a good Braille reader? 12. In which cortex do we sense our awareness of body position.

and iconic recognition. and if we recall that event on an even vaguely regular basis the result is that we will remember it. is listed. It could literally run into thousands of pages if all applications where a trained memory is needed. What we are doing with a memory ‘system. This happens automatically but only because of years of practice. and that a vividly imagined scene or event can leave the same ‘brain trace’ as a real or experienced . Oh. It’s almost like the working memory of a car. some mnemonists suggest. and then used in whatever the task is required at the time. and then the word goes back into long-term memory. I have yet to meet the person for whom this is true. is not recalling information in its truest sense of the word. and translated into data.real engrained chemically strong bonds that operate at a purely subconscious level. In a timed test the Chinese children completed 3 times more problems than did the American children. believe that we think with the same parts of the brain that we use to perceive objects. This principle is how a genius would think. As soon as you come across a word. Page 121 Copyright ©2007. For example reading.all information you hear. Driving a car would be good example .American and Chinese. which meant that they knew the answers to basic problems without needing to recalculate them each time. You are only limited by your imagination. and this iconic memory may be the victim. That information alone should help you in the development of your own systems. and those 1st graders? By the third grade they were so way behind that they never caught up! You now have the basis and foundation of a trained memory. It has been found by researchers that children with speech difficulties also have memory problems. The system is so far reaching and applicable than what has been stated above. Each word is recognized as a whole. An experiment was conducted in America between two sets of first graders . Usable data is brought out of long-term memory and into short-term memory. Researchers have also found that recognition is infinitely more powerful than simply recall alone. We all know just how easy it is to remember experienced events. as they would learn to apply solved problem from one area of life to another area with little thought. MightyMemory. This frees up space in the brain for sorting through the other areas of the problem. you will find that you are able to encode and decode almost at a subconscious level . Talking and reading are interesting because they use iconic memory. It seems that the reason for this was that they repeat basic skills more often. But what exactly is going on with remembering ? Well certain memories are just that . US.or even talking. If you practice your memory.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Conclusion Researchers at Northwestern University. which makes the brain overall more effective. Having a good memory though could in the end save you time. see or read. What we are doing is attaching an easily recognizable systematic key to ambiguous lists and items. it enables a recognition attachment to another object.

waiting for a friend.. the rest is up to you. If you do this for 5 minutes everyday. million-dollar memory. look at the faces in the news and look at their names and make a “see” peg and change the persons name into pictures. Just practise. for a week. Try to recall the article a few hours later. MightyMemory. The power that you have and the abilities that you possess just needed to be released. May you never be the same! Page 122 Copyright ©2007. This course is really designed to bring forth the power you already possess. Read a magazine and breakdown the article into key words and link the key words to form a . You can practise with the newspaper you are reading. a month. These techniques really can turn your life around. brushing your teeth. 2 months… it all adds up and you’re on your way to a perfect. I urge you to spend 5 minutes a day reviewing the peg lists and practice what you have learned. anywhere. when you’re at lunch.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM I do hope I have given you a glimpse of what can be done with my system.

the worse it becomes. Learn to relax and let go. You can learn a new hobby or make new friends. It was his most precious possession. Just remember. take a long walk. Soon his tears of anguish turned to joy when he saw in the distant horizon. Although both emotional and physical stress is part of everyday living. “Why. For example strenuous physical activity like weight lifting. a ship heading straight for his little island. it is more blessed to give than to receive. take a vacation or do something more affordable like take a hike to the nearby hills or forest. You can also give your time as a volunteer to people less fortunate than you.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM SPECIAL HEALTH REPORT ON FACTORS AFFECTING MEMORY In this report. your problems don’t seem so big all of a sudden. physically and spiritually. I like the story of a man who was stranded on a deserted island. the captain of the ship told him. the hut he was living in caught fire and burned to the ground. Emotional stress is an elevated level of a particular type of emotion. until we saw your smoke signal”. running a marathon. he dropped to his knees and cried out to God. it can be a positive emotion like happiness or negative like fear. keeping him dry in wet weather and cool in hot weather. That way. Learn to view things in a positive light or what lessons can be learned from it. you just got to move… mentally. God. there are several ways to deal with it. After he was rescued. Usually. MightyMemory. “We have sailed this route many times for years and always thought the island was deserted. why!?”. what choice do you have? Thinking positive thoughts may not be the only solution. anxiety or anger. learn to move on and see the brighter side of life. take a long Page 123 Copyright ©2007. I know this is sometimes easier said than done. Despondent. Learn to let go. Stress has been known to affect memory. Sometimes just the very act of trying to remember something causes you stress. go fishing or do some gardening You’ll be surprised how being close to nature can calm your senses. One day. we shall be examining some physiological reasons why we can’t think clearly and why it can affect our memory. the harder you . Here I’d like to discuss 2 kinds of stress Emotional and Physical. sit by the sea. but think about it. we need to balance it out so it does not overwhelm us If you are facing great emotional stress in your personal or work life. If it’s a matter of great personal loss. anything to get your mind of whatever is bothering you. childbirth or even a mundane activity like reading can cause physical stress. Physical stress is caused by factors that overstrain the body’s physical limit. just like when you’re trying to remember someone’s name or a solution to a problem.

an amino acid that promotes sleep. Pork takes longer to digest than other meat. MightyMemory. it’ll be the best investment you’ll ever make. your emotions are affected as well which in turn affects your memory. I have found that doing simple basic Yoga exercise balances everything out. bake something or watch something funny on TV. Vegetables and fruits are digested very quickly. You won’t feel lethargic and will be more mentally alert because the digestion won’t slow you down. The best way to make sure that you stay physically healthy is by the food you eat. salads would be a good choice. if you are physically healthy. Certain foods take longer time to digest than others. be aware of the digestive times of certain foods.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM bath. If you have not tried it before. you can find out where you can learn it in your community or you can borrow a book from the library to learn a few basic movements. trust me on this. Foods to avoid. exercise and fruit juice. blood goes to the digestive organs. Fasting cleanses your body inside out. knit a sweater. For example. then comes poultry and fish. Sometimes the solution just pops right into your head in the midst of doing a relaxing activity. Turkey is rich in tryptophan. you feel better emotionally and the same problems don’t seem so pressing. You are advised not to take heavy meals prior to “brain heavy” activities. On the other hand. Beef takes less time. If it’s a question of stress brought about by poor health. meeting or school test that comes after. You feel more dynamic and vibrant and your memory capacity improves in . Nutrition and memory The body and mind are intertwined and work synergistically. Invest in a good fruit juicer. were you feeling mentally slow and lethargic? Were you sleeping at the couch. whole-wheat pasta is healthier but tend to take longer to digest than regular pasta. Don’t be intimidated by the pictures of lithe bodies bent in impossible positions. I cannot over emphasize on 2 factors that are the elixirs of life. Page 124 Copyright ©2007. When it comes to complex carbohydrates. have a meal with more vegetables and fruits. If you are feeling bad physically. It’s not only the quantity of food that affects your concentration. After a heavy meal. As you are doing the exercises in this book or any other heavy “brain work”. you can cleanse your body by fasting. If you must have a filling meal before an important meeting or class. exercise (even a leisurely daily stroll) just gets your body cranking and sends oxygen to the cells of your body and fruit juices flushes out the toxins from your body and rejuvenates it with precious enzymes from within. It is not necessary to bend yourself into a pretzel to gain benefits. each affecting the other. exercising and taking plenty of fruit juices. do the simple exercise in your own degree and it becomes yours. Just keep it simple. if it’s after a family Thanksgiving dinner? Keep away from turkey if it’s an important business deal. Think about the meals where turkey is served.

soda. which is the sugar found in fruits is absorbed faster into the bloodstream. I’m referring to the processed sugar found in coffee. Until you take another cuppa. by slowing down the neurotransmitters. so approach with care. which in short. makes you . You get slightly constipated and blood rushes to your digestive organs to help with the digestive process. White-flour products like bread are hard on the digestive tract as well. which is the hormone needed to break down sugar so that it can be used by the body. It is the caffeine in the coffee that makes the neurotransmitters fire rapidly away and as a result. However. This paste is what lines your intestinal tract.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Sugar can affect the memory because it makes the pancreas secrete insulin. If you take whole-wheat flour and mix it with water. MightyMemory. we feel mentally alert. less blood is available for your brain and your thinking slows down. Your pancreas doesn’t have to work as hard and you don’t have that much of a sugar highs or lows. that’s why coffee is also addictive. Alcohol on the other hand works the opposite way. candy or baked foods Fructose. Some of us just needs that cuppa in the morning to kick start our day. If you need to be convinced. its effect on individuals who are allergic to them are a cause for concern. and affects the pancreas in a smaller degree. There is a difference between simple and complex carbohydrate. Coffee and alcohol. Page 125 Copyright ©2007. You get “high” for an hour or so but “crash” after that and your mental processes slow down. nothing happens and it will not harden. mix white flour with water and you get a white paste. faster. Although the research is mixed on these 2 ingredients in found in colas and snacks. White flour is a simple carbohydrate. Aspartame and MSG (monosodium glutamate). They just make the neurotransmitters fire in a random manner and people who are allergic to MSG for example. Whole wheat is a complex carbohydrate that has a relatively low glucidic rate. are known to just collapse and remain unconscious for a few minutes. A sudden uptake of sugar makes the pancreas produce more insulin to deal with the sugar load and you get a “sugar rush”. When I talk about sugar. As a result. Simple carbohydrates like white flour have a high glucidic rate and are therefore high in sugar and that makes the pancreas work overtime to produce high levels of insulin to break it down. the slowdown comes pretty quickly and last longer.

is around 400 milligrams. The adult daily nutritional requirement for magnesium. a building block of the many neurotransmitters in the brain that form the basis of thought and memory. you think quicker and faster. If you have high levels of lecithin in your brain. It should be in the 30-35% range. Ph. organ meats. And don’t wait until you are thirsty . the building blocks of the brain are organic. They also help maintain memory function in middle age and beyond. Geniuses who have IQ s in the region of 150200 have high lecithin in their . After all. Lecithin contains choline.. in Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head. Water And Fats It might not be too surprising to note that there is a significant link with good nutrition and a powerful memory. extracted from the leaves of the ginkgo tree improves oxygenation to the brain. Lecithin is a phospholipid. read the recommended dose on the outside. Gingko biloba. If you want to increase your memory power. which refers to the purity of the lecithin you are buying. This goes the same for water. eat foods rich in lecithin.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Memory Boosters Magnesium helps to build bones. It makes you more alert mentally and substantially improves your brain power and memory functions. release energy stored in muscles and regulate body temperature. eggs and wheat germ. which is a class of fats. The results are that the better you eat the better you are able to perform. You can also take in lecithin in the form of supplements and can be easily found in most pharmacies or health stores. Foods rich in lecithin are soybeans. like the jittery feeling some people have on drinking strong coffee. Lecithin has also been found to be beneficial for memory. Carla Hannaford. Guarana is a herb with properties like caffeine without the side effects. Also check the PC that time it is too late! If you want to be at peak fitness. make proteins. the electrical signals are produced from the body. leafy vegetables. says that the brain is between 75% and 90% water! Which means that if you get dehydrated your memory and attention will suffer. Magnesium helps regulate key brain receptor important for learning and memory.D. It is also found in health stores. drink 6 pints minimum a day. MightyMemory. a trace mineral found in foods such as dark green. Maintaining proper magnesium levels in the cerebrospinal fluid is essential for the maintaining the brains ability to learn and remember. But studies show that as many as half of us do not consume enough. Page 126 Copyright ©2007. If you have to take lecithin as a supplement. Strong evidence suggests that magnesium deficit may lead to decreased memory and learning ability.


In a controlled study co written by Gordon Winocur, Ph.D., a senior scientist at the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto and a psychology and psychiatry professor at the University of Toronto, rats who were fed a diet consisting of 40% fat--similar to what many Americans eat, showed reduced cognitive function. "[The reduced ability] was widespread, and it ran the spectrum of cognitive functions--memory, spatial ability, rulelearning and so on," says Winocur, whose study was published recently in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. Rats that ate a diet high in saturated fat suffered more impairment than those who ate mainly unsaturated fat. (psychology today, July 2001) Nutrition List Fruits Vegetables Blueberries Blackberries Cranberries Strawberries Raspberries Plums Avocados Oranges Red grapes Cherries Red apples - Kale Spinach Brussels sprouts Alfalfa sprouts Broccoli Beets Red bell peppers Onions Brewers or nutritional yeast Nuts and seeds Legumes Wheat germ Dairy products Lean meat and poultry Seafood Eggs Whole grains Spinach and leafy greens Carrots Asparagus Broccoli
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Salmon Sardines Bluefish Herring Mackerel Tuna Cocoa A nice cup of the right kind of cocoa could hold the promise of promoting brain function as people age. In an age increasingly ageing world, medical researchers are seeing more cases of dementia and are looking for ways to make brains work better. One potential source of help may be flavanols, an antioxidant found in cocoa beans that can increase blood flow to the brain, researchers disclosed at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Dr Ian MacDonald, of Britain’s University of Nottingham, reported on tests given to young women who were asked to do a complex task while their brains were being studied with magnetic resonant imaging. Among the women given drinks of cocoa high in flavanols, there was a significant increase in blood flow to the brain compared with subjects who did not drink the cocoa, he said. This raises the prospect of using flavanols in the treatment of dementia, marked by decreased blood flow in the brain, and in maintaining overall cardiovascular health, he said. The next step, Dr MacDonald said, is to move from healthy subjects to people who have “compromised” blood flow to the brain. Dr Norman Hollenberg, of Harvard Medical School, said he had found similar health benefits in the Cuna Indian tribe in Panama. They drink cocoa exclusively. But the cocoa typically sold in markets is low in flavanols, which usually are removed because they impart a bitter taste, Dr Hollenberg said. But he added, a lot of fat is removed from the chocolate used in cocoa, “I see a bright future for cocoa,” he said.

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Sleep, Learning And Memory It is a well-known fact that a restful night's sleep is vital to a healthy mind and memory. Disrupted sleep or insomnia can affect brain function. A chronic lack of sleep will even force the brain the take “micro-naps”. The dreams that we have while sleeping are the pathways through which our unconscious mind communicate with our conscious mind. A lack of sleep appears to disrupt the functioning of the hippocampus, an area of the brain that forms new memories. The latest of the medical journal Nature Neuroscience reported on Harvard Medical School investigators who recruited 28 volunteers who were either randomly deprived of sleep for two days and a night or who were allowed to sleep normally. They looked at and tried to remember a large set of pictures while a scanner screened them, mapping their blood flow, and hence cerebral activity. The subjects were then allowed two full nights of sleep before a second test in which they had to spot the original slides in a batch that included new pictures. The sleep-deprived group did worse in the first test than those who had slept. But in the second test, those who had been sleep-deprived did much better than those who had earlier slept. The scanner showed that in the first test, hippocampus activity among the sleep-deprived was far lower. Previous research had found that sleep after learning is vital for consolidating memory, but hard evidence has, until now, been lacking as to the effects of lack of sleep before a memory is created. “These results demonstrate that an absence of prior sleep substantially compromises the neural and behavioral capacity for committing new experiences to memory,” said the study. “It therefore appears that sleep before learning is critical in preparing the human brain for next-day memory formation.” In a separate study work on rats, by a team from Princeton University found that a lack of sleep affected the hippocampus. It found that the stress hormone corticosterone caused the effect. The researchers compared animals which were deprived of sleep for 72 hours with others which were not.

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head to the kitchen and reach for some kiwifruit. MightyMemory. If you find it a hassle to peel the kiwifruit. they said periodic learning sessions-swimming in a tub of water until finding a submerged platform to stand on-slowed the development of those two abnormalities in the mice. If you're having trouble falling asleep at night. simply cut it in half and scoop the contents out with a spoon. The fragrant flower has been used for centuries to treat frazzled nerves. And here's a handy tip. the more likely you will stave off Alzheimer’s disease Just a modest amount of mental stimulation can go a long way towards warding off Alzheimer’s disease. the reduction cell proliferation ended. Researchers at the University of California-Irvine studied hundreds of mice altered to make them develop abnormalities known as plaques and tangles in brain tissue that are considered hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease in people. Exercise Your Mind The more you work your brain. digestive disorders and period pain. When the animal’s corticosterone levels were kept at a constant level. A cup of Chamomile tea before bed is now as commonplace as a nighttime milky drink. Page 130 Copyright ©2007.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Those who missed out on rest had higher levels of corticosterone and produced significantly fewer brain cells in a particular region of the hippocampus. Writing on Tuesday in the Journal of . It’s effects have been confirmed by a study that found German Chamomile tea boosts levels of compounds in the body that relieve muscle spasms and increase antibacterial activity. This is the opinion of researchers who created mice genetically modified to get a condition similar to it. A study by Taipei Medical University has found that eating two kiwifruits an hour before going to bed can improve your sleep quality by as much as 40 percent. skin complaints. This may explain why people who experience lack of sleep face concerntration problems and other difficulties.

we think. The findings highlight an idea that also has emerged in other research-that exercising one’s mind is important to staving off Alzheimer’s . Page 131 Copyright ©2007.” Green added. if the patient has no other serious illness. nine. MightyMemory.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM “The remarkable thing was that just by learning infrequently. Eventually. “What we have shown is that by learning by stimulating your mind. 12. beneficial effect.for a week at a time every three months. learning a new language-anything you can do to stimulate the brain is going to be beneficial. The mice that performed the task experienced slower development of the protein beta amyloid clumping in the brain and forming plaques. Alzheimer’s disease first affects parts of the brain controlling memory and thinking.” Green said. The sessions were four times daily for a week at two. “Crossword puzzles reading books. reason. As it advances. gooey build-up that accumulates outside nerve cells. one of the researchers. it kills cells elsewhere in the brain. if you learn more and more and more. the degenerative brain malady that is the most common form of dementia among the elderly. “ said Kim Green.” The mice were given “a very mild learning experience”-essentially figuring out a maze but in the water . There is no known cure for Alzheimer’s. the loss of brain function will prove fatal. 15 and 18 months of age. six. the study found. Smart link Green noted that other studies have found that highly educated people are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than people with less education. Hyperphosphorylated-tau. Green said the researchers are looking into whether more frequent and intensive learning sessions might provide bigger and longer-lasting benefits. it’s going to have a huge. you’re able to protect against the development of the pathologies associated with the disease. that can lead to the formation of neurofibrillary tangles-twisted fibers in brain cells. communicate and carry out daily activities. make judgments. which gradually destroys a person’s memory and ability t o learn. they still had a very dramatic effect on the Alzheimer’s disease pathology. These mice also experienced a slower build-up of another protein in the brain. “So it suggests that in humans.

Speaking two languages delays the onset of memory lapses." said Dr Morris Freedman. The patients spoke 25 different languages. Asian countries like Singapore where the Chinese citizens are not only fluent in English and Mandarin. "The data show a huge protective effect. the study said. MightyMemory." said co-investigator Fergus Craik in the statement.THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM Learning Two Languages Slows Down Dementia Researchers find that probable Alzheimer's patients who speak two languages get dementia four years later than their . immigration. it is therefore not surprising that such countries have comparatively lower rates of dementia per capita population. which may provide protection against the onset of dementia. Yiddish. neural dysfunction in the brain. the Canadian researchers said. Most if not all on this tiny island can speak at least two languages. The difference in dementia onset remained even after the researchers factored in the possible influence of culture. in addition to the Malay and Indian languages. they are also adept at the other dialects of the Chinese languages (of which there are four main Chinese dialects). a study found. The research so far is consistent with that of other countries where speaking two or more languages in the population shows less people in the population have problems with dementia. formal education. Researchers in Canada. social involvement and education may improve overall brain health. examined 132 patients with a diagnosis of probable Alzheimer's disease. including Polish. employment and gender on the results. "There are no pharmacological interventions that are this dramatic. Page 132 Copyright ©2007. director of the Memory Clinic at Baycrest Research Center for Ageing and the Brain in Toronto. Previous studies have shown that lifestyle factors such as physical activity. where the official languages are English and French. Romanian and Hungarian. in a statement today. in particular dementia. It appears that having learnt and speak two languages or more may delay the onset of neural deterioration as compared to those who did not. the researchers wrote in a study published in the February issue of the journal Neuropsychologia. Bilingualism may help the brain build what is called a cognitive reserve. German.

END OF REPORT Page 133 Copyright ©2007. MightyMemory. long .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM So do take the time to exercise your mind. all the exercises and tips in this book will help you keep a sharp mind for a long.

com .THE MIGHTY MEMORY SYSTEM TM NOTES Copyright ©2007. MightyMemory.

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