Urban Design Standards: Select Sources List to Approximately May 2009

Title Peacock Hills Case Study, Processing LID Technology Through the Entitlement Process The Benefits of Parks Suggested Adaptations to BMPs in the WA Stormwater Management Manual to Include Benefits of LID Techniques Higher Density Development Myth and Fact A Plan for Tomorrow: Creating Stronger & Healthier Communities Today 8 Pillars of a Sustainable Community Storefront Design Guidelines Suburban Development & Neighbourhood Mixed Use Centres Design Brief LID Development Checklist LID Development Checklist - Predevelopment LID Development Checklist - Site Analysis Powell river Waterfront Plan Principles of Universal Design Sustainability Matrix Zoning Practice Town Center Zoning zoning Practice PUDs Parking Management Best Practices Project Driven Process Chicago Declaration LA County Passes Landmark Green Building Ordinance Cities Rack Up Public Artwork with Bike Racks Design Review: Guidelines for Multifamily & Commercail Buildings Pedestrian and Transit Friendly Design Design Guidelines Manual Design Regulations & Guidelines Copper Mountain Resort Design Guidelines Downtown Design Guidelines Pine Street Commitments and Actions for a Great Street Design Review: Capital Hill Neighborhood Design Guidelines Design Review: West Seattle Junction Design Guidelines Design Review: University Community Design Guidelines Zoning Practice - Town Center Zoning Small Town Design: Getting it Right Design Principles for Neighborhoods and Towns New Planning Technology for a Better Future The Fused Grid: A Neighbourhood and District Layout Model Maintenance of Low Impact Development Facilities Zoning Practice - Land Supply Monitoring Land Devision Evaluation Criteria and Development Standards New Planning Technology for a Better Future Major Public Open Space Design Guidelines Greenprint for King County Growing Smart Legislative Guidebook Greensboro, North Carolina Low Impact Development Draft Stadards Growing Smart User Manual Green Building Impact Report 2008 Addressing Environmental Issues: A Land and Resource Management Toolbox Bioretention System Technical Guide Source Dennis Handberg, Apex Engineering Trust for Public Land CH2MHill ULI ULI Mark Holland Beckwith Consulting City of Kitchener Pierce County Pierce County Pierce County Coriolis Consulting Group NC State University, Center for Universal Design, College of Design Mark Holland APA APA Todd Litman - Planning APA PPS World Congress of Architects Zev Yaroslavsky - Planning Report Jeff Martin - USA Today City of Seattle Reid Ewing - Smart Growth Network Puget Sound Regional Council Robert Voigt - City of Oak Harbor Intrawest City of Portland City of Seattle City of Seattle City of Seattle City of Seattle Zoning Practice - APA Planning - APA Traditional Neighborhood Design Rick Harrison Site Design Studio Date

2006 2004 2005

2005/06 2006 2007 2005 2005 2005 2005 1997 2007 2007 2006 1993 2008

1998 2003 2006 2001 1983 1995

2007 2007 2008 2002

Washington State University - AHBL Zoning Practice - APA City of Everett Rick Harrison Site Design Studio City of Bellevue King County APA

2008 2008 2001 2000 2005 2002

Tom Low of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company
Washington State University - AHBL APA Rob Watson - Green Buildings.com Jennifer L. Wyatt - Jacques Whitford Environment Limited Pierce County 2007 2002 2008 2003 2006

LID: Bioretention Model Smart Land Development Regulations This is Smart Growth National Model for Smart Growth Louisianan Speaks: Planning Tooldkit Oakridge Centre Policy Planning Program Docs Downtown Newhall Specific Plan Walkability Checklist Master Plannng Goes Retail Ten Principles for Rebuilding Neighborhood Retail 31st Design and International Development Awards City of Los Angeles Urban Design Principle Places to Grow: Growth Plan Places to Grow: A Guide to the Growth Plan Places to Grow: Built Boundary Provincial Policy Statement Growing the Green Belt Ontario Planning Act Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Urban Throughfares for Walkable Communities Fact Sheets: Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Urban Throughfares for Walkable Communities Designing for all Users Active Facts: Complete Streets for Active Communities Melbourne Principles for Sustainable Cities Placemaking Tools for Community Action River Islands at Lathrop Urban Design Concept Glatting Jackson Design Team Project Sheets Public and Private Controls on New Communities Growing Smarter at the Edge Executive Summary Model Legislation and Commentary on Planned Unit Development design Standards Manual Filling In the Spacaes: Ten Essentials for Successful Urban Infill Housing Malls into Mainstreets Designs and Codes that reduce Crime around Multifamily Housing Model Code Provisions Urban Streets and Subdivisions Model Development Code & User's Guide for Small Cities Infill Development: Strategies for Shaping Livable Neighborhoods Local Ordinances for Washington Cities and Counties Theme Towns

Curtis Hinman - WSU APA Smart Growth Network Urban Design Associates City of Vancouver City of Santa Clarita

2006 2006

2006 2005 2005 2008 2007 2007 2006 2006 2008 2005 2008 2009 2006

Michael D. Beyard - ULI City of Los Angeles Ontario Ontario Ontario Ontario Ontario Ontario ITE ITE ITE Active Living Resources City of Melbourne Concern Inc Lathrop CA Glatting Jackson Design Team David L. Powell - Hopping Green and Sams Lincoln Institute of Land Policy APA City of Sparks The Housing Partnership Congress of the New Urbanism Local Government Cossission WA CTED Oregon Transportation and Growth Management Program

2006 2006 2002 2002 2002 2005 2004

2003 2005

1998 2005 1997 2000 1994

MRSC MRSC Mira Engler Oregon Transportation and Growth Commercial and Mixed-Use Development Code Handbook Management Program Better Site Design Fact Sheet: Narrower Residential Streets Model Ordinance for a Conservation Subdivision University of Wisconsin-Madison Model Ordinances AWARE Colorado Identifying the Model Smart Growth Code New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Downtown Design Guidelines Pleasanton CA Kitsap County Code Development Kitsap County Subdivision Standards Community Rules Conservation Law Foundation Conservation Subdivision Design Project Metropolitan Area Planning Council Linked Landscapes Creating Greenway Corridors Through Conservation and Subdivision Design Strategies Randall Arendt Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning Victoria Transport Policy Institute Conservation Subdivision Design Town of Cary Subdivision Code - Anacortes Anacortes Subdivision Code - Bainbridge Island Bainbridge Island

2000 2008 2003 2008 2002 2000 2003 2006 2008 2008

Municipal Code - Bellingham Municipal Code - Cheney Municipal Code - Edmonds Muncipal Code - Everett Municipal Code - Maple Valley Municpal Code - Mountlake Terrace Municipal Code - Ocean Shores Municipal Code - Port Townsend Municipal Code - Redmond Municipal Code - Seatac Municipal Code - Sequim Open Space Residential development or Conservation Subdivision Design Model Bylaw Model Ordinance for a Village Plan Alternative Subdivision The Benefits of Better Site Design in Residential Subdivisions Model Ordinance Riparian Corridor Conservation District Growing Greener Conservations by Design Low Impact Development A guide for Elected Officials Subdivision Design Subdivision Design Manual Smart Code a Comprehensive Form-Based Planning Ordinance V 6.8, 8.0, 9.0 Smart Code Modules Steps to Creating a Great Waterfront Design Guidelines for 'Greening" Surface Parking Lots A National Model for Smart Growth By Design: Urban Design in the Planning System Model Urban Design Guidelines 100 Year Vision Midtown - An Urban Design Strategy for Midtown Calgary Land Use Bylaw Part E - Architectural and Urban Design Guidelines fo Commercial Development Village of St. Davids Urban Design Guidelines City of London Placemaking Guidelines Historic Preservation Design Guidelines Commercail Design Guidelines Large Format Retail Urban Design Guidelines Area-Based Urban Design Guidelines (various) Reston Association Governing Documents Planning and Urban design Standards Getting to Smart Growth Getting to Smart Growth II The Surrey Design Charrette The Brentwood Design Charrette Great Streets Selecting Roadway Design Treatments to Accomondate Bicycles Tools of the Trade Communities Benefit Taking a Closer Look: Design and Aesthetics Taking a Closer Look: Transportation Planning Topics Taking a Closer Look; Downtowns & Town Centers Planning Commissioners Journal Roadways The Infill and Redevelopment Code Handbook Evaluating Arterial Road Configuration Options for a New Community

Bellingham Cheney Edmonds Everett Maple Valley Mountlake Terrace Ocean Shores Port Townsend Redmond Seatac Sequim

2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2000 2003

Rockingham Planning Commission Watershed Protection Techniques Natural Lands Trust National Association of Counties City of Ontario City of Brampton PlaceMakers PlaceMakers PPS City of Toronto Ventura CA UK - Centre fo Architecture & Built Environments (CABE) Niagara Region City of Calgary Town of Canmore Village of St. Davids City of London City of Aspen City of Los Gatos City of Ottawa City of Toronto Reston APA Smart Growth Network Smart Growth Network James Taylor Chair In landscape & Livable Environments James Taylor Chair In landscape & Livable Environments Allan Jacobs US DOT Transportation and Growth Management Program Oregon DOT National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse Planning Commissioners Journal Planning Commissioners Journal Planning Commissioners Journal Planning Commissioners Journal Oregon Transportation and Growth Management Program CHMC

2001 2002 2006 2005



2005 2005 2000 2005 2006 2003 2006

1996 1999 1999 1994 1995

1999 2005 2002 2007 1999 2005

Town of Milton Eco-Tech Village Pilot Project Urban deisgn Charrette Residential Intensification Case Studies: Built Projectrs Residential Street Pattern Design Applying Fused-Grid Planning in Stratford, Ontario Residential Intensification Case Studies: Muinicipal Initiatives Dealing with Change in the Connecticut River Valley: A Design Manual for Conservationa and Development Greenways Clarsburg Master Plan Implementation Study Landlines: Various Articles Economic benefits of Parks and Open Space Jerrerson County Open Space Master Plan Charter of the New Urbanism Conservation design for Subdivisions: a Practical Guide tyo Creating Open Space Networks Best Developoment Practices Growing Greener: Putting Conservation into Local Plans and Ordinances Design Review Criteria for Harbor Hills Fundamentals of Urban Design Suburban Nation Small Town Image Development & Marketing Guide Design Guidelines to Enhance Community Appearance and Protect Natural Resources Rural by Design Planning Commissioners Journal Fresh Perspectives Planning Commissioners Journal Opening the Door Parking Management Made Easy Above and Beyond Community Design and Architectural Design Guidelines A guide to developing Downtown Design Guidelines Main Street: When a Highway Runs Through It Aesthetics, Community Character, and the Law Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Planning Commissioners Journal Our Feature Attraction Urban Design Guidelines for The Retail Warehouse Official Plan Designation Child-Friendly Transport Planning Whole Building Design Guide Design Standards Pattern Book Planning Commissioners Journal Pattern Bookls for Communities How Dimensional Standars Shape Residential Streets Promoting Active Living Communities The Energy Yardstick Integrating Daylighting How is the Rise of Green Building Affecting Retail Arch? Are There New Emerging Design Techniques or Materials Owners are Asking For? Current and Future Trends in Retail Architecture Smart Growth Toolkit Planning for Barrier-Free Municipalities 10 Qualities of a Great Waterfront Port Credit Village Design Standards Downtown Oakville Design Standards Kitchener/Waterloo Design Standards Cambridge Design Standards Cultural Mapping Toolkit Trails for Active Transportation

CHMC CHMC CHMC CHMC CHMC MA Dept of Environmental Management Montgomery County Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Steve Lerner - Trust for Public Land Jefferson County Congress for the New Urbansim Randall Arendt Reid Ewing Randall Arendt Harbor Hills Richard Hedman Andres Duany Oregon Downtown Development Association Joan Chadde Randall Arendt Planning Commissioners Journal Planning Commissioners Journal Oregon Downtown Development Association Julie Campoli Town of Caledon Oregon Downtown Development Association Oregon DOT APA APA Planning Commissioners Journal Town of Markham Centre for Sustainable Transportation WBDG Conway Planning Commissioners Journal Joel Russell Robert Wood Johnson Foundation US Dept of Energy RetailTraffic RetailTraffic RetailTraffic RetailTraffic Smart Growth BC Ontario PPS

2004 2004 2002 2004 2004 1993 1999 1996 1999 1996 1996 1996 1999 1994 1984 2000 2001 2004 1994 2003 2002 2001 2002 2002 2002 1999 1999 2000 2003 1995 2004 2008

2008 2003 1996 2005 2007 2007 2007 2001 2005

Creativity CA Walk and Bikde for Life


City Comforts Bridgehead Design Guidelines

Davis Sucher City of Vancouver

1995 1997

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