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Write the questions and answers on your own sheet of notebook paper

Discovering the Atom

Instructions: Go to each website and use the information and animations to answer the questions. The links should work.....if they do not, try cutting and pasting the address into your browser. The questions should be answered in full detail. Your classroom textbook also contains useful information on the history of the atom. For questions 1 and 2: 1. According to Democritus, what is the composition of matter? 2. What is the root of our word "atom" and how is this root misleading?

For questions 3 and 4: 3. Look at the above website and describe Daltons theory of the atom. (You may also use your textbook)

4. Draw a detailed picture of how Dalton saw the atom. For questions 5 and 6: 5. How did William Crookes determine the nature of the beam in cathode ray tube? 6. What did he conclude from his experiment?

For questions 7, 8 and 9:

7. How did Thomson use the cathode ray tube in his research? 8. What did Thomson conclude based on his research? 9. How did Thomsons findings change Daltons Atomic Theory?

For questions 10: 10. Describe and sketch Thomsons model of the atom. What is wrong with the picture presented on the page?

For questions 11-12: &folder=rutherford_experiment 11. How did Rutherfords experiment disprove Thomsons model of the atom? 12. What new model did Rutherford propose? Sketch it.

For questions 13: 13. Which subatomic particle did James Chadwick discover? Compare its mass to that of a proton. If you finish use the following websites to check your understanding and review 06tlm.htm Cloze06tlm.htm

If you finish looking at the review sites. Check this out for FUN!! For questions 14-17 Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment: Visit the four sites above and then go back to the simulation at the last link ( and complete 14-17. 14. Press the bulb of the atomizer and observe. Describe what happens to the oil drops. 15. Now turn on the circuit, by pressing the button on the bottom right so that it goes from reading OFF, to reading ON. Spray the atomizer again. Describe the behavior of the drops. 16. Now play with the voltage by changing the potential difference. Spray the atomizer and observe. Move the voltage up and down and observe the drops. Record the voltage that makes some of the drops stay suspended in the middle of the apparatus. 17. Based on the interaction between the oil drops and the electric field, what did Millikan conclude?