NOTE; The following information is not to be construed as legal advice but as educational information only. The American’s Bulletin will not be held liable to any use or misuse of the following information. Conditional Acceptance For Value on VOID CAFV is the tool to use to EXHAUST YOUR PRIVATE ADMINISTRATIVE REMEDY to determine if there WAS a valid Case constitutionally prosecuted or the case was VOID from the beginning. You are not expected to run into court just because you think you have a problem and want to sue somebody! You want all your ‘ducks’ in a row. If, in your use of CAFV you then determine that you have controversy, by the other side providing the requested ‘Proof(s) of Claim’, then the court is the place to go to settle the controversy! But what if your opponent goes silent and or refuses to bring forth ‘Proof of Claim’ (discovery) and what if you do the Affidavit of Notice of Default and the Certificate of Non-Response; is your opponent in the best position? NO! He’s in default and in dishonor! With the two witnesses against him (Affidavit of Default & Certif. of Nonresponse) along with the fact that he has ‘stipulated’ to the facts as they operate in your favor! You can want a THIRD PARTY witness (private person) or a notary. Also, you may want to a NOTRIAL PROTEST on the dishonor of the VOID CAFV. Contact your nearest Notary for the service. If, your local Notary does not know of the process or won’t do it, contact The American’s Bulletin for service referral. Normally you allow the other side 30 days to respond with ‘Proof of Claim,’ allowing three days for return mail. If they fail to respond, then mail out the OPPORTUNITY TO CURE, allowing them three days to cure their fault with three to five additional days for return mail back to you. If then no cure is made and received, you then you mail out a copy of the Affidavit of Notice of Default and either the Affidavit or Certificate of Non-Response. Later, you can have completed the Notarial Protest, or you can wait to do that in regards to a Tort Claim, if you decide to file a Tort Claim.

Your VOID CAFV comes with a MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT as found within the book or CD files. It does not have to be notarized, just signed and is a part of your CAFV record within you Private Administrative Process.

If you are dealing with any matter, after the CAFV has been sent, after the average 30 day time period has concluded, you send out the Notice of Fault with Opportunity to Cure, then the Affidavit of Notice of Default and the Certificate of Non-Response at the same time. The ‘Certificate of Non-Response’ does not have to ‘Notarized’, only signed by a Notary if your Notary is your Third Party. HOWEVER, if a Third Party 9who is not a Notary) is to receive a response and does not, then it becomes an ‘Affidavit of Certificate of Non-Response… and it does have to be notarized! It is then good to utilize the Notarial Protest to obtain the official ‘Protest’ on the ‘Dishonor’ on the ‘CAFV’ The Notarial Protest takes about three weeks for processing – and costs around $2 to $300.00, if you cannot locate a local Notary to provide the service, contact The American’s Bulletin!

ITEM NUMBERS; You’ll notice that in the footer at the bottom of each CAFV is an Item number. That number is a number that you create to identify the document OR you Can use the date you create the document as the item number; i.e., 112707-1/ABC. The 11 represents November, the 27 is the day and of course 07 is the year for 2007. The dash 1 is for the first document. If there is to follow additional documents, make those 2, 3, 4 as needed. The initials ABC would represent the agency/department, etc. you are dealing with. You would utilize the item numbers to identify your documents by this number in other documents or within COPY CERTIFICATIONS. See Copy Certification in the files herein. COPY CERTIFICATION: Contained on this ‘CD’ is a ‘COPY CERTIFICATION’ file; (CC), which is used any time you submit documents (exhibits) into an Administrative Hearing, court or otherwise. You fill in your name and identify the documents and the exhibits with their corresponding ‘certified mail numbers’, ‘Item numbers’… however the document can be identified. Then have the ‘CC’ notarized as you sign it in front of the Notary. Since you are having the Notary ‘acknowledging’ “these” are copies and that you are the custodian of the originals, it is always a good idea to create an extra set of ‘originals’ (as the Notary must see the originals!) so that you can make extra copies as needed to place one set under ‘CC’… to be filed into a court matter if necessary! Understand, that to date no government agent/employee or otherwise has yet responded to and provided the Proof(s) of Claim in any case situation per any CAFV as sent in to resolve a problem! Therein the Secured Party WON the issue on the facts of the matter based upon the individual giving the ‘opponent’ the opportunity, with good faith and clean hands to provide the facts and evidence to support their claim and charges if any.

But ‘they’ all seem just to go into default and dishonor and therein giving stipulation, agreement and confession of the fraud and injuries by the opposing party! In this case, that the Case was VOID AB INITIO… from the beginning!!!

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Last updated 6-20-2007