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The call centers, in the Bahamas with..

*Asterisk |

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Introduction to new telephony concepts Start using powerful OSS communication tools for daily businesses Build ground breaking telephony solutions Create awareness Show some demos!

Introduction to Asterisk The spanking new Asterisk 11
Whats installed for Asterisk 12?

Asterisk mobility How to incorporate *any* business [Astrification!]

Create high performance, high available, scalable Asterisk solutions Recent Case Studies

Cool demos WebRTC + JavaPhones [if time permits ]

What can Asterisk do?

Talk Detection AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) Google Talk Text-to-Speech (via Festival) Predictive Dialer Graphical Call Manager H.323 Three-way Calling Privacy Outbound Call Spooling IAX (Inter -Asterisk eXchange) Caller ID on Call Waiting Time and Date Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) Predictive Dialer Jingle/XMPP Call DetailTranscoding Records Calling Cards Overhead Paging TCP/IP Management Interface MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol Call Forward on Busy Conference Bridging E&M Trunking Protocol Conversion SCCP (Cisco Skinny) Call Forward on No Answer Database Store / Retrieve E&M Wink VoIP Gateways Remote Call Pickup SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Call Forward Variable Database Integration Feature Group D Voicemail: TDMoE (Time Division Multiplex over Ethernet) AT&T 4ESS Remote Office Support Skype Call Monitoring Dial byPBX Name FXS Visual Indicator for Message Waiting AllowsRoaming direct connection of Asterisk EuroISDN PRI and BRI Extensions UNIStim Call Parking Direct Inward System5ESS Access Stutter Dialtone for Message WaitingFXO Zero latency Lucent Route by Caller ID Call Queuing Distinctive Ring ISDN 1 GR-303 - Voicemail to email Uses commodity Ethernet hardware National SMS Call Messaging Recording Distributed Universal Number Discovery) Loopstart - Voicemail GroupsNational Voice-over IP ISDN 2 SpellCall / Say Retrieval Do Not Disturb Groundstart - of Web Voicemail Interface AllowsStreaming for integration physically separate installations NFAS Media Access Call Routing (DID & ANI) E911 Kewlstart Zapateller Uses commonly deployed data connections Nortel DMS100 Supervised Transfer Call Snooping ENUM and DTMF Allows a unified dialplan across multiple MF offices Q.SIG support Call Transfer Robbed-bit Signaling (RBS) Types Call Waiting MFC-R2

What can Asterisk do (in a nutshell)

Enterprise PBX stuff Integration with computers Relatively large scalability Connects to lots and lots of other communication devices Human interaction (interactive) Customizable for most needs

What can Asterisk do (mobility)

Virtual extensions Gtalk, GVoice, XMPP Pure browser phones PBX in the cloud Inter/intra company communications Smartphones

How does Asterisk work?

Asterisk ---------> Your PaBX
Architecture Showdown


Asterisk 11 Whats new

WebRTC DTLS-SRTP ICE, STUN and TURN Chan Motif Hundreds of enhancements

Asterisk 12 Whats planned

New SIP channel driver RESTFul API Message BUS Major API standardization Flexible channel bridging and much more

Asterisk and Mobility - WebRTC

WEB RealTime Communications Its a project started by Google to

Enable RealTime Communication straight off browsers Run rich realtime media without extra software Run on existing supported browsers

Is now adopted by the internet task force IETF and the W3C consortium
A HTML5 standard Supporting different types of media such as jingle/SIP/XMPP Audio, video, telepresence, chat, etc

Asterisk and Mobility Why WebRTC

Creates lesser interface/software Build extremely integrated browser/internet functions with real time communication Less coding huge functionality (built-in APIs) Works with almost ANY types of setup (network) Works across different browsers, OS platforms and version Works over Web ports (443/80)

Asterisk and Mobility WebRTC & Asterisk

WebRTC protocol is officially supported on Asterisk 11 Coupled with STUN, ICE and TURN for best connectivity Easy configuration and setup Supports g711, g722, iLBC and iSAC audio codecs and VP8 video codecs Supports RTP and RTPS over web

Calling with WebRTC on Google Chrome Reviewing the install steps


On Android

Asterisk in the cloud Why?

Centralized phone system Pure mobility Runs on virtualized environments Connect to telco via IP as well BYOD now can include Voice and Video communications! Unify your communications Interconnect branches Interconnect partner offices Save cost!

Asterisk in the cloud How to achieve?


SIP and secureSIP H323 IAX2 (Asterisk proprietary) WebRTC (of course) Skinny MGCP Social (Facebook, Gtalk, Skype)

Desktops (Wintel, Linux, Macs, etc..) Mobile (Apple IOS, Android, WinMo) PADs (iPADs, Android PADS, Windows Tablets)

Asterisk in the cloud Connectivity sample


Branch A
{Private | Shared | IaaS | VaaS}

Routing engine for all branches

Branch B

Asterisk in the cloud Other connectivity


Asterisk and Web

Build web embedded solutions

Integrate with CRM, websites, blogs etc

Create dial on demand services

Build a site users just need to click to dial

Standardize phone usage Disaster recovery sites Create rich interactive websites

Asterisk Use it NOW!. {Astrification}

E1/IP WAY *any* WAY



Do not expose unprotected SIP/Extensions

Weak passwords Weak trunks Weak DISA

Do not expose AMI without strong passwords Do not expose WebUIs without strong passwords Do not expose DBs without strong passwords

In the spirit of 1Malaysia

1VoIP 1Asterisk

Making calls with WebRTC on Chrome Receiving calls from Chrome Reviewing the codebases

Making calls with Skype Making calls with Gtalk

Making calls with Java based softphone

Now, lets decide

Where do you want your office/callcenter to be?

Resources (Consulting, POC, demos, help with
My blog:


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