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Closing Message IIAD.IA BAINON G.

KARON Chairperson, Bangsamoro Women's Committee, M|{LF GPH- MNLF- OIC TRIPARTITE CONFERENCE Ileld at Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia February 22- 23,2011

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

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H. E,. Prof Ekmelleddin Ihsanoglu, liecretary General of the OIC and other honorable members of the OIC H.E" Rezlan Jenie, Ambassador of Indonesia, Chair of the OIC Peace Committee for Southern Philippines;. and others Members of PCSP. H.E,. PROF Nur Misuari of the MNLF H. E Datu Muslirnin G. Sema of the MNLF' H.E. Dr. Farouk Hussien H. E,. Hatimil Hassan and members; of the MNLF Central Committee Hon. Secretary Teresita Quintos Deles and other officials of the Government of the Philippines Hon" Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo, the ,-rfficial representative of Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao and olJrer ARMM Officials Hon. Sec Hadja Pombaen Karon F,ader of the DSWD-ARMM Hon. Representatives of the Civil Iiociety Groups particularly the network of Women Engaged in Action on13il-5, inthe person of Ms Fatmawati Salapuddin and Ms Yasmin Lao

Brothers and Sisters ASSALAMU ALAIKLTN4 W.W.


First of ail I would like to thank Sec Deles of the government of the PHILIPPINES for allowing us to altend to this very historic Triparlite Conference of the GOP-MNLF-OItl.
and Fatmawati as representative of the Civil Society Organtzations to observe this Tripartite Conference. This is also in line with Philippine Gove,rnment's commitment on the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. And I am proud to inforrn our brothers in the MNLF that through the efforl of our of our sisters the issue of the Bangsamoro women and the Indigenous Peoples were included in this IJN I{esolution.

14. I am here with our other sisters Yasrnin


We wanted to clear also that our participation here is voluntary. Were not hired nor paid by the Philippine (iovernment. We are here because we wanted to contribute in whatever ways in the crafting of the Peace and Development Programs for the Bangsamoro People in general.


I would like to relay also the SALAM DUAH of my brother Datu Randy Karon to both His Excellences, official and mernbers of the GOP- OICMNLF and our brothers and sisters'who are in this conference. He is
praying and hoping for the success of this conference.

Being a senior MNLF member I would like to commend and salute the courage and resoluteness of our brolhers and sisters on the ground that despite the sad experiences brought about by the injustices and insincerity of the previous leaders of the Philippirr: Government in the implementation of the signed Peace Agreement we continuously adhere to our quest for real genuine and just peace to reign in the Bangsamoro Homeland. In the struggle we lost hundreds and even thousands of our brothers and sisters in the midst of the conflict. Women were widowed aqcl became solo parent of their children. Hundreds and even thousands of our children became orphans. Majority of our MITILF cornbatants were gettinpi,old. And their children who have no cha,nce to be in school and be emplryed because of poverly and helplessness may have already been driven towards undesirable activities. A11 of this should be given priority considerations by the MNLF Leaders and the New Administration under the Leadership of H.E. President Benigno Cojuanco Aquino Jr. in the Road Map for the building of the Nation for the
Bangsamoro People.


So I AM APPEALING to the MNI-F LEADERS to make up for therr differences and consider the status a.nd situation of our brothers and sisters in the ground for us to move on in cralting the destiny of our people parlicularly the Bangsamoro People,.


I am also appealing to the MNLF leadership to consider the suffering of the Bangsamoro Muslims. It is not onilr us the leaders who have sacriflced for
our Agama (Faith), Bangsa (Natior\) and Lupah/Inged (Homeland). It is the masses of the Bangsamoro Muslims who have fought, bled and died. it is the masses of the Bangsamoro Musiims whose mothers, sisters and

r t

daughters have been widowed. It is the masses of the Bangsamoro Muslims who have been orphaned and displaced by the war.


The 1996 Final Peace Agreement should have delivered peace to the Bangsamoro Muslims who are now concentrated in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. Our people on the ground expected that this review will deliver peace, security, development. It is rightly so since the Revolution fi Sabilillah was for therp. It was not for us. It was for our people. It was for the Bangsamoro Muslims.


I humbly appeal to the leaders of the MNLF to unite. And united, let us deliver peaee, security and development to the Bangsamoro Muslim communities who fought and struggied.
The Bangsamoro Muslims when they voted for President Benigno Aquino III in the last elections manifested their hope and faith in his leadership. Let us respect the voice of our people. The Philippine Government has accommodated most of our demands. As the Report of the Legal Panel has slated, 33 of the 36 dernands of the MNLF has already been met. Let us staft on the doables and not delay ourselves with issues where we cannot agree.




In behalf of my husband, Datu Ibrahim Sema, brothers and relatives who have met their martyrdom in the Ri:i'zolution. I than-k the Organization of Islamic Conference and the Peace Committee lor Southern Philippines for staying with us notwithstanding ou1 frailties and imperfection. I thanl< the Govemment and leadership of President Benigno Aquino III whom the vast majority of the Bangsamoro Muslirns have voted to office, for continuing to have faith in the capacity of the Bangsamoro Muslims to better their


Than-k you very much, and may Allah bless our effofls.


Assalamu alaikum.