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topics studied during the 3rd term.


The present reinforcement workshop will have a value of 5 %; the works, folder, guides and the complete notebook with excellent presentation 5 % and the evaluation 80 % for a total of 90 %. Remember that the suitable development of the workshop will allow to reinforce the knowledge and hereby to be prepared for the Evaluation. It must be done by hand, with excellent presentation. Before performing the workshop, check and correct the notes, guides, quizes and synthesis evaluation. 1. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice. Use Simple 2. Rewrite the sentences in present continuous passive present. voice. a. He opens the door. ____________________________ a. Sheila is drinking a cup of tea. - ____________________ b. We set the table. ______________________________ b. My father is washing the car. - ______________________ c. She pays a lot of money. -________________________ c. Farmer Joe is milking the cows. - __________________ d. I draw a picture. - ______________________________ d. She is taking a picture of him. - __________________ e. They wear blue shoes. - _________________________ e. I am writing a poem. - __________________________ f. They don't help you. - ____________________________ f. We are not playing football. - ______________________ g. He doesn't open the book. - ________________________ g. He is not wearing a tie. - _______________________ h. You do not write the letter. - _______________________ h. Is she preparing the party? - ______________________ i. Does your mum pick you up? - ______________________ i. Are they talking about the meeting? - ________________ j. Does the police officer catch the thief? -_______________ j. Is she watering the flowers? _______________________ 3. Write the sentences in simple past passive voice. Use the verbs in brackets. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez (rob) _______ ________ last night. Their Stereo, laptop, jewelry, and TV (steal) _________ __________. Nothing (leave) _________ ___________ in their apartment., except the rug. Fortunately Mr. Lopezs money (not /take) ____________ __________ because they have saved into the security box. They were glad because the money had been (give) __________ to them by his son Timmy for their expenses. The thief (see) _______ __________ by the neighbors who called the police and the man (arrest) _____________. He (send) _________ ___________ to jail for seven years. A day after the robbery, the stuffs (return) ________ __________ to the Lopez family. 4. Correct the following statements. Rewrite with the right information in parenthesis. Example: Did Picasso paint the Mona Lisa? (Leonardo Da Vinci) No. The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. 1. Did Martha cook the dinner? (a Special Chef) ______________________________________________ 2. Did Simon Bolivar discover America? (Christopher Columbus. __________________________________ 3. Did Shakespeare write Tom Sawyer? (Charles Dickens) ______________________________________ 4. Did the Chinese build the pyramids? (Egyptians) _____________________________________________ 5. Did Lucero sing like a prayer? (Madonna) _________________________________________________ 5. Rewrite the sentences in present perfect passive 6. Rewrite the sentences in future passive voice. voice. a. Jane will buy a new computer. ________________ a. Kerrie has paid the bill. _________________ b. Her boyfriend will install it. -__________________ b. I have eaten a hamburger. - ______________ c. Millions of people will visit the museum. - ______ c. We have cycled five miles. - _______________ d. Our boss will sign the contract. - __________ d. I have opened the present. - _____________ e. You will not do it. - _____________________ e. They have not read the book. - _____________ f. They will not show the new film. - ___________ f. You have not sent the parcel. - ______________ g. He won't see Sue. - ________________________ g. We have not agreed to this issue. - ____________ h. They will not ask him. -__________________ h. They have not caught the thieves. - ____________ i. Will the company employ a new worker? - __________ i. Has she phoned him? - _____________________ j. Will the plumber repair the shower? -____________ 7. Write Should / Shouldnt + have + past participle of the verbs in brackets. a. Luis arrived late to the airport this morning. He _______________ (arrive) earlier. b. My mom was really upset. She burned her cake. She ______________ (take out) of the oven sooner. c. We are bored because we cant see very well the TV. We ________________ (buy) a small TV. d. My girlfriend is sad because I went to a party last night. You _________ (go out ) with your friends. e. I borrow my car to a friend and he had an accident. You ____________________ (borrow) it. 8. Choose Could / must have a. Diane got a stomachache. She could have / must have eaten many candies today. b. George and Julieth dont talk each other. They must have / could have broken up. c. I dont like this blouse. It is horrible. You must have / could have bought another one much better. d. It seems I know. You are familiar to me. I think we could have / must have seen even before. e. Jhon woke up crying in the middle of the night. He must have / could have had a bad dream. f. Wilson married Jenny without love. He could have / must have prevented that disaster. g. What a beautiful ring. It could have / must have cost a lot of money! h. I could have / must have gone to Oxford University but I preferred Harvard. i. She must have /could have married him but she didn't want to. j. They must have /could have bought a house here 20 years ago but chose not to.

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