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Ukraine increases corn exports Ukraine has announced plans to export over 16 million tons of corn to the world

corn market.Experts say that despite the delay in sowing of spring crops Ukraine stands a good chance to being among the top three world leading corn exporters i n 2013. Ukrainian farms are expected to harvest about 26 million tons of corn.All the pre requisites for the record crop are in place, according to Minister of Agrarian P olicy and Food Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, who has said Ukraine will expand corn export s to Europe, Asia and Africa. Corn is one of the tradable crops on the world market, especially in Asia, Afric a and the Middle East.It will always be in a high demand outside of Ukraine.Demand for Ukrainian corn on new markets, particularly in South-East Asia, has increas ed and the crop today competes favorably in the region with American corn. Ukraine has everything it takes to ensure high corn yields. The current high dem and for Ukrainian corn on the world market ensures high profitability and encour ages domestic producers to expand corn cultivation. Growing demand on foreign markets stimulates Ukraine to boost corn production.The Ukrainian climate has become steadily warmer in recent years. The additional th ermal resources have lengthened the growing season for corn and other crops.Every 100 degrees of additional heat during the growing season with proper selection of varieties increase yield by 1-1.5 tons per hectare. Over the past three years, corn yield has almost tripled and is up some 24% in 2 013, year-on-year. Prysyazhnyuk said Ukrainian farmers have been increasingly using high-yield and high-quality seed. The grain yield in 2013 is up by 5.5 hundredweight per hectar e, year-on-year. Offset: Ukraine farmers will harvest 26 million tons in this year