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Notes: Week 1 was up and down. Was right on with the Titans and Eagles (Predicted 31-24 actual score was 33-27). The Falcons were a play away from covering and winning outright in a pretty shocking low scoring game. The Vikings lost by 10 in a game where Christian Ponder played like a bad high school JV quarterback. Still, if Reggie Bush doesnt house that dump pass Vikings probably cover. Winning big money on the Eagles Monday night made the losing week tolerable. Some of the best news in week 1 was that the Eagles, Titans, Colts won (teams I bet OVER their win total) and the Bucs and Redskins lost (bet the UNDER on win total). If the Lions would have lost it would had been incredible start to those future bets.

Sunday 1 PM San Diego AT Philadelphia -7 (-120) The Eagles were a bad call (Vick backwards pass that let Redskins go up 7-0 in the 1st quarter) from being up 40-0 at Washington. Both of teams are on a short week, which favors Philly not having to travel. The Chargers kicked off their season by having a Norv Turrner type Chargers collapse in the 2nd half. They must be crushed and now have to fly 3,000 plus miles and face the wrath of Chip Kellys offense at 10 am pacific time. Look for the Eagles to take an early lead and Philip Rivers be forced to pass to his five number four receivers behind a terrible Oline. Eagles will roll. Eagles 38 Chargers 19
Editors Note: The next 2 weeks set up nicely for the Eagles on the gambling front. After the Chargers on Sunday they get the Chiefs at home on Thursday night. Andy Reid teams blow on short weeks without time to prepare. It doesnt matter that Reid is familiar with most of the Eagles personnel since the Birds run totally different shit and schemes with Kelly in charge. Week 4 the Birds travel to Denver. Most pencilnecks are going to be predicting a big-time Denver win, but the Eagles get set up nicely with 10- days rest while the Broncos have to play week 3 on MNF. Denver has zero edge players on defense to contest the Eagles offense. Chip will get extra hours to find matchups and the players will get some much needed rest. This could be the spread of the year to bet.

Sunday 1 PM Cleveland +6.5 at Baltimore Tennessee +9.5 at Houston Carolina at Buffalo +3 (-120) St. Louis +6.5 at Atlanta Not much handicapping insight on these matchups, but Im wagering on these 4 dogs along with Arizona and planning to go 32 if not 4-1. Underdogs rule early in the NFL season after week 1 with the marks and squares overreacting to one or two games. Houston favored by almost 10 vs. Tennessee is a hate crime. Sunday 4 PM Detroit at Arizona +1.5 The Lions shouldnt be favored on the road against anyone other than Jacksonville and Oakland. The Cardinals know they cant afford to start 0-2 in the NFC West. Despite the 10 point win over the Christina Ponder terribly quarterbacked Vikings, the Lions still shot themselves in the foot with stupid penalties, dumb plays and brutal coaching decisions. The Lions shouldnt beat a solid team with a good defense on the road. Arizonas secondary will challenge Detroits pass attack. Cardinals 24 Lions 21 Sunday 4 PM New Orleans -3 at Tampa Bay Josh Freeman couldnt read Rex Ryans defense last week or recognize any of his blitzes after having an entire offseason to prepare. Freeman will get the same pressure and mix coverages from Rob Ryans Saints this week who have better personnel than the Jets. The Bucs should struggle to get pressure on Brees who will fire balls to whomever Revis isnt covering. Jimmy Graham could have 200 yards easy. Saints 31 Bucs 18 Monday 8:30 PM Pittsburgh +6.5 at Cincinnati Pitt isnt as bad as everyone is making them out to be and the Bengals arent the world beaters people think they are. The Steelers defense is still really good (still is in until Polamalu gets hurt sometime in the next 3 weeks). The Bengals cant run the ball that well and look for Andy Dalton to throw a brutal pick to keep this close. Bengals 17 Steelers 14
3 Team Teaser: Philadelphia -.5 , Atlanta -+.5, Green Bay (E) I like all 3 teams to win their games so I teased down to less than a point on each. Thursday Night Tease-New England -5 and Under 49.5 Not putting action on the spread. These Thursday night games are so unpredictable and often sloppy. Teasing is the way to go.