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English Test

Name: _____________________________________________________ Grade: _____________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________________ I.- Zero Conditional Remember that we use the zero conditional when the result of the condition is always true. Condition Result If present simple If Example: you heat ice present simple it melts.

I.-Match the situations with the results ( 1. If you mix red and white 2. If you eat too much fastfood 3. If you drive without a driving license... 4. If you dont brush your teeth every day 5. If the electricity goes off 6. If you add sugar


the police puts you into the jail._______ you go to the dentist every week._______ you get the color pink._______ it tastes sweet.________ I use my torch.________ You get weight._______

II. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb given in parenthesis (_____/20) a) If I ________ (miss) the 8 o'clock bus I ______(be) late for work. b) If I ________(be) late for work my boss _______(get) angry. c) If Sara_______ (not eat) she ______(get) hungry. d) If I ______(have) a headache , I ______an aspirin.

e) If you ______(heat) the water to 100 oC ,it _______(boil). f) If he ____(get) bad marks on my exams,his mother_____ (get) angry with him.

g) If we ______(sleep), we _____(not be) tired. h) If it ______(rain), you ______(need) an umbrella. i) j) If the sky_____(be) clean, you_____(see) the stars. If she _____(be) sick, she ______(take) medicines.

II. First Conditional Remember we are talking about the future. We are thinking about a particular condition or situation in the future, and the result of this condition. There is a real possibility that this condition will happen.


Condition present simple

Result WILL + base verb I will stay at home

If Example:

It rains

III.- Match the situations with the results ( 1. If my father sells his old car, 2. What will you do 3. If it rains, 4. The boys will play football this afternoon 5. If you stop shouting at me 6. Mark will eat all the apples on the table 7. If you talk to her 8. We wont invite them again


a. you will understand her.________ b. if they dont know how to behave themselves.________ c. if he is very hungry._______ d. I wont be angry with you._______ e. if they find their ball.________ f. the girls will take an umbrella._______ g. he will buy a new one._______ h. if he sees you here?________

IV.Write the correct form of the verbs (


1) If I_______(be) late, they ______(be) very sad. 2) If you _______ (study) harder you_______(pass) this exam. 3) If it _______(rain), I_______ (take) an umbrella with me. 4) I ______(buy) a new bike if I _____(have) money. 5) I _________ (go) to the concert if I ________ (get) the ticket. 6) If I _______ (have) time tonight, I _______ (finish) the novel Im reading. 7) She________ (ask) him to give her a lift if he ________ (not / leave) too late. 8) If I _____ (not / finish) the homework today, I ____(try) to do it during the weekend. 9) He _________ (not / marry) her if she ________ (not / love) him. 10) If you __________ (not / study) enough, you _________ (not / have) good marks.

V.- Choose the correct alternative ( 1.-If you ________ an apple every day, you'll be very healthy. a) eat b)will eat 2.-If we don't protect the elephant, it ________ extinct. a)becomes b)will become 3.-She ________ completely different if she cuts her hair. a)looks b)will look 4 .-You'll pay higher insurance if you ________ a sports car. a)buy b)will buy 5 .-You ________ better if you turn on the lamp. a)are able to see

/10) 6 .-You ________ heart disease if you eat too much meat. a)get b)will get 7 .-If you don't put so much sugar in your coffee, you ________ so much weight! a)don't put on b)won't put on 8 .-You won't pass the course if you ________. a)don't study b)won't study 9 .-If a deer ________ into your garden, it ________ all your plants. a)gets... will eat b)will get... eats 10 .-If I ________ some eggs, how many ________?

b)will be able to see

a)cook... will you eat b)will cook... do you eat