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Indian Standard



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May ;‘,;6

CHARRABAETl Roorkee Sanz S. Dns Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals SHRZ M. Bombay Saab H. LELE ( CSIR ). C.~u~. CHZE~ ENQINEER Madras Municipal Corporation of Delhi CEIEF ENQZNEER ( WATER ) DRAINAQE EN&NEER ( Alt6maze ) Bombay Municipal Corporation CITY ENGINEER HYDRAULZO ENOINEER ( Altmrate ) Indian Institute of Arohitects. BDC 3 Appliances Chairman Fittings Sectional R6pr6scnling Municipal Snnz V. D. Calcutta LALA G. KAPOOR Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute SHRI R. N.~~wGovernment Engineering Department. CHADHA Central Building Research Institute ( CSIR ). SHRI S.IS t 8008( Part III ) . DEEA~ Members Bombay Corporation Ministry of Health ADVISER Indian Iron & Steel Co Ltd. Calcutta SHRZ H. BISWA~ ( Alzanafa ) Ministry of Railways SHRI V. BADYAL SRBI K. M. P. SHARMA ( Allentats ) Central Public Workr Department. D.1976 Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FOR INJECTION MOULDED HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE ( HDPE) FITTINGS FOR POTABLE WATER SUPPLIES PART Sanitary III SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS and Water FOR 90” TEES Committee. Nagpur SHB~ J. New Delhi CHEB ENQ~NEER SUPE~INTEN DING ENQINEER (Alternate) Loca. K.S. V. publisher shall be deemed to be an infringement of copyright un x” . D. T. C. Cat~s E~o~~xxn SUPERINTEND~NQENQINEER ( Alternate ) Tamil Nadu Water Supply & Drainage Board. R. DAVE ( Azzcmate ) ( ~hu6d on PO86 2 ) 0 BUREAU OF Co&right INDIAN 1976 STANDARDS This publication is protected under the Indian Cbj$ght Acl ( XIV of 1957 ) and rmission of the reproduction in whole or in part by any means except with written er the said Act. MAJUMDER Institute (CSIR). DALLAS National Test House. KANS~ Delhi Development Authority SHRI. Calcutta National Environmental Engineering Research PROP N.

RAJVANEEI Public Health Engineering Department. H. I. K. JAOANATH RAO E. New Delhi DB A. P. A. S. RDC 3 : 8 Bombay Municipal Corporation SHBI S. R. Bombay Sast B. S. AJITEA SIMHA. Government of Rajaslhan. Trivandrum SHRI K. M. MHATRE ( Alternate to Shri K. R. Army Headquarters CAL RAJ KUMAB Sam I. Director General. SHHI R. Jaipur National Buildings Organization. M.-Parry Ltd. Ministry of Health. APTB New Delhi SEBI 8. CEINTAMANI ( Allcrnntc) Institution of Engineers ( India ). Bombay SHBI S. RAU Public Health Engineering Department. R. SOVANY Hindustan Bahadurgarh SRBI V. MEHHA SHBI D. MULEKA~ Members Pipes Subcommittee. APPUKUTTAN NAYAR SEBl K. BHIDE ( Affernolc ) SHBI P. CEHBDA Small Scale Plasticd Pipes and Fittings Manufacturers’ Association. K. MEHAN~ALE ( Al~rrnats ) Sanitaryware & Industries Ltd. S. ISI ( I?x-ofi& Membrr ) Director ( Civ Engg ) Secretary SHBI S. N. S. Smu P. RAYAOEANDltAN ( Alrcraatr ) Engineer-in-Chief’s Branch. Rrpresrnlin f Directorate General of Technical Development ( Akern&) Bombay Potteries & Tiles Ltd. CH~BABARTY ( Alfumaic ) SHEI H. BUTANI Garware Plastics ( Pvt ) Ltd. Bombay ( Continud *He is also alternate to Adviser. on page 6 ) 2 . ANANDADOSS ( Alternate ) DB B. D. MAQ~~ Assistant Director ( Civ Engg ). Bombay Public Health Engineering Department. L. D. Chandigarh SHBI A. Government of Kcrala. M~TBA ( Altcrnula ) Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd. BEDI ( Alfnnofc ) Sam P. RAO Stssr G. MALLIOK SHBI N. Madras SHBI T. K. Mulekar ) ADVISEB Ministry of Health SEBI V.IS t S908 ( Part III ) . V. ANAND Calico Chemicals. Plastics and Fibres Division. GovernSHBI J. R. Ssrrtst ment of Haryana. B. CHAWLA ( Alfermtr ) SHEU S. C. T.1976 Members N. ISI Plastic ConDtW SEBI K. S. D. B~ATT ( Al~crrratc ) SEBI D. SBINIVABAN Sasx R. Calcutta *SHEI B.

the result of a test or analysis. dimensions and tolerances. *Specification recision ) . for high density polyethylene pipes for potable water supplies (firr! tRules for rounding off numerical values ( revised ).1 This standard ( Part III) lays down the requirements for manufacture. shall be rounded off in expressing The number of significant places retained accordance with IS: 2-19607. 1.3 The requirements of injection moulded HDPE fittings are covered in seven parts of the standard as given on the fourth cover page. welding process. and marking for injection moulded 90” tees made of HDPE for potable water supplies. 0. Part I of the series deals with the general requirements applicable to all HDPE fittings and specific reqrtirements of different types of fittings are This Part III deals with the covered in separate parts of the standard. 0.4 For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of this standard is complied with. specific requirements for 90” tees. in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard.2 The injection moulded HDPE fittings are used for connection.IS t 8008 ( Part III ) -1976 Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FOR INJECTION MOULDED HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE ( HDPE) FITTINGS FOR POTABLE WATER SUPPLIES PART III SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR 90” TEES 0. the final value. 3 . SCOPE 1. after the draft finalized by the Sanitary Appliances and Water Fittings Sectional Committee had been approved by the Civil Engineering Division Council. 0. to HDPE pipes covered by IS : 4984-1972*. by 0. observed or calculated.1 This FOREWORD Indian Standard ( Part III) was adopted by the Indian Standards Institution on 26 February 1976.

2 Manufacture 2.water supplies: Part 1 General requirements.2 thereon A typical shall illustration with of 90” tee is shown overall those given in Fig. to IS : 8008 Laying Lmgfh -The comply laying length in Table I read 5 and tolerance with Fig.5 i 3 pm&.ALL Fig. 1. REQUIREMENTS general requirements 2. FIG.5 f I 45 f 2 50 i 2 58. 2.5 i 2 98.< (2) ml” (1) mm 20 25 32 40 50 63 2 110 25i 1 30 f 1 37. sampling and inspection ( Part I )-1976*. 4 l S~cification for injrction mouldrd high drnsirj polyethylene ( HDPE ) fittings for .2.IS:8008 (Part III)-1976 2. and SIZE 90” TEE LAYING I.ENoTH.1 2.5 84 f 2 122.1 General -The methods of test. 1. for material.22.oOTyE. shall conform manufacture. TABLE 1 DIMENSIONS 1 90” TEE LAYING 1j LENGTH OF FO. \ Clawr 2.2.

--.&$ng ) shall comply with the requirements given in IS : 8008 (Part I )* i with the following mark.1 Each Certification Mark. Details of conditions under which a licence for the use of the IS1 Certification Mark may be granted to manufacturers or processors. testing and quality control which is devised and supervised by IS1 and operated by the producer. ISI marked products are also continuously checked by IS1 for conformity to that standard as a further safeguard.2. 5 ( HDPE ) fittings for * . *Specification for injection moulded high density polyethylene potable water supplies : Part I %eneral requxements.IS I 8098 ( Part III) .1 Each 90” tee fitting shall be marked Manufacturer’s a> information: name or identification b) The size of the fitting and the appropriate class ( working pressure ) to which the pressure rating of the fitting corresponds. may be obtained from the Indian Standards Institution. NOTE .The use of the IS1 Certification Mark is governed by the provisions of the Indian Standards Institution ( Certification Marks ) Act and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder. The ISI Mark on products covered by an Indian Standard conveys the assurance that they have been produced to comply with the requirements of that standard under a well-defined system of inspection. and 3.1976 2..3 The outside diameters and wall thicknesses of tees at ends (for . tee fitting may also be marked with the IS1 90” $1. MARKING 3.

R. P. Madras CHIEF ENQINEER ( WATER ) Municipal Corporation of Delhi DEPUTY CHIEB EKOINEEB ( WATER ) ( Alternate ) SHBI J. RAO Ministry of Defence Saw K. K. Chandigarh SH~I R. 0 SHBI S.LADHA~EOY Chemical Industries ( India ) Ltd. RATR~ Public Health Engineering Department. Madras SEBI G. Bombay SH~I P. K. K. MAJMUNDAR SHRI S. RAJAN ( AItnnat~ ) Union Carbide India Ltd. KANQA City & Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. SIVARAMAKRISBNAN Chemicals & Plastics ( India ) Ltd. GovernREPBEBENTATIVE ment of Haryana. Government of Kerala.IS 28008 ( Part III ) . RAO MAJ S. PARIKSEIT Directorate General of Technical Development Central Public Works Department Soar G. Nagpur SH~I R. KAPUB Imperial SKRI A. DAVE National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. Calcutta SEBI R. K. S. A~~ARWAL ( Alternate ) Polyolefins Industries Ltd. Trivandrum SEBI A. M. Lucknow SUPEBINTENDI NR ENGINEER ( Altcrnotc ) CKIEF ENQINFXH Tamil Nadu Water Supply & Drainage Board.lalorLB. Calcutta SBRI U. KHURANA ( Altsmotc ) SHEI R. P. V. I%. Calcutta DR V. PABAMA~IVAM ( ~ltcraatc ) SHBI S. S. New Delhi SHJX~ 0. S. SRINIVASAN SHSI K. JAIN Cent. C. KALIDAS ( Alternate ) Wavin India Ltd. DEY EMCO General ( Plastic ) Industries ( P ) Ltd.Ueilding Research Institute (CSIR ). B. KAMATB Pub& Health Engineering Department. R. B. Bombay National Chemical Laboratory ( CSIR ). L. P.1976 Members CHIEB ENQINEEB Represcnring Local Self Government Engineering Department. RANQABAJAR ( Altsraatr ) 6 . CHAKHAB~BT~ ( Alternate ) SKRI K. Madras Saw R. Pune DB S. K. RAO National Buildings Organization.

Bhadbhada Road. 14/l 421. BIS. Khanpur. I. No. Campus.. V. KANPUR 208005 { f: :. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. BHUBANESHWAR 751002 531’5. Branch Offices: I 2 63 49 +. 331 13 75 Telegrams: Manaksanstha ( Common to all Offices ) Telephone 331 01 31 I Central Regional Offices: : Manak Bhavan. 32” 6 23 05 I6 21 04 16 21 17 2 51 71 5 24 35 ‘Pushpak’. 6 32 92 95 : Manakalaya. Barua Road. P. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg. R. 89 66 28 Bombav 400007 SSales Office in Bangalore is at Unity Building. 205-A West High Court doad. 82/83. Palayam TRIVANDRUM 695035 Inspection Offices ( With Sale Point ): Pushpanjali. Calcutta 7GOO72 *Sales Office in Bombay is at Novelty Chambers. Lewis Road. NEW DELHI 110002 lEastern : 1 /14 C.O. 29. New Delhi. Nagar. Grant Road. Shankar Nagar Square. I. I. BOMBAY 400093 Marol. 3 31 77 GUWAHATI 781003 5-8-56C L. CALCUTTA 700054 : SC0 445-446. AHMADABAD 380001 2 63 48 Patliputra Industrial Estate. NAGPUR 440010 Institution of Engineers ( India ) Building. University P. E9 MIDC. JAIPUR 302005 I 6 98 32 117/418 B Sarvodaya Nagar. MADRAS 600113 Andheri 331 1375 36 24 99 21843 3 16 41 Northern I Southern twestern !: 22: :: I 41 2916 ( East ). P. 1332 Shivaji Nagar. T. First Floor. Sector 35-C. Scheme VII M. 5th Floor. NEW DELHI 110002 Telephones: 331 01 31. Road. T. 71 Bangalore 560002 &prograpl~y Unit. CHANDIGARH 160036 : C. T. Bangalore Tumkur Road 38 49 55 BANGALORE 560058 38 49 56 I Gangotri Complex. Maniktola. 0.G. Narasimharaja Square. Princep 27 68 00 Street. Ward No. 667 16 BHOPAL 462003 5 36 27 Plot NO.C.BUREAU Headquarters: OF INDIAN STANDARDS Manak Bhavan. PUNE 411005 *Sales Office in Calcutta is at 5 Chowringhee Approach. India . 23 1083 HYDERABAD 500001 6 34 71 R14 Yudhister Marg. C Scheme. Nurmohamed Shaikh Marg.Peenya Industrial Area 1 st Stage. Gupta Marg ( Nampally Station Road ). 5th Byelane. 2.s. PATNA 800013 T. T.‘N.