The world is going into a democratic system, guided by economic consideration, every one considers equal to others, many

students think they are paying the teachers, so the teaching Profession is no more Nobel , the system of guru and student is a myth only can be read in books and can listen from very aged teachers. Teachers nowadays are facing a lot of confrontation from their students. Students have started challenging the authority of the teachers very often in the class, however it is much less in Medical and Science education, and it has set in chaos in Arts and other related subjects. The many senior teachers are interested more in expectation on discipline rather than contribution of their knowledge to the development of students, the gap creates much chaos in the system. There are students indifferent to understand their role for learning for future development of their career. Teachers should Never forget our first actions are important to continue in peace, never forget to ascertain role as teacher to realise that we were with a Job to make them better people to serve the world. The tougher the teacher is on her first offenders, the better the student behaviour would be in the future. The students need to be taught their boundaries as the very foundation of learning depends on the discipline in the class. If one ignores the act requiring disciplinary action, the student, gets the message of acceptability of the bad behaviour. Teachers need to know the skills of disciplining the students. Students need to learn the value of discipline if we are looking for a healthy society. Merely knowing the subject well is not enough for the teacher. She/he is also to know how to assert her authority in front of the students. If the teacher cannot control the class, he is doing harm to the students many are eager to learn but cannot because of the disturbing class environment. Students often misbehave in the class to get the attention of the teacher & the yelling by teacher worsens the situation. To a committed teacher life is challenge far from over and I still remember my early days how I struggled to stay in the main stream of teaching, to survive. The best lessons I learnt never openly confront in the class which makes you temperamental, and many times we lose our mind. When an important rule is broken, the consequences must follow. The punishment should fit the crime. Teacher should be vigilant to the class talks going on in her/his class. She must find out the problem that students are facing. We can call the student individually & talk to her/him away from the class. Even every good teacher loses temper, and become angry, if the teacher loses her temper in class, he/she need not be apologetic to the class. Let the students feel guilty & things will gradually improve. Every one need to settle in the class, never start the class the moment you enter the class, give students five minutes to settle and be firm that you will start your lessons only when the class is settled .Start your lesson in a normal voice. Motivate the students that if they finish work on time, they will have last five minutes for chatting as everyone needs relaxation. But be firm on your rule. Never forget nearly 100 students are observing us, Be a good Role Model, Students are good observers. It is rightly said that “Actions speak louder than the words. “Values are to be caught & not to be taught. “You need to be disciplined, courteous, focussed to install the same in students. Think life as positive approach for success, shed your negative feeling towards the students, Try to Use of Positive Peer Pressure, There are students in the class who are highly motivated to learn, are disciplined & practice good values, and should be encouraged to form Positive Peer Pressure to control the group with negative peers. If I look back at my life, every lecture was a challenge for me, however my continuous positive

approach made me better; as teacher I believe and maintain my good rapport with my students. I believe, in I can make students understand the value of Discipline by being straight forward with them on the issues, and remind struggle of their parents in educating them, after all I tell them it is your money you are spending think are you losing the value for your money or gaining. There are also substantial benefits and rewards for those who decide that they want a career in teaching. The truth is that every job has its own unique set of challenges, Teaching is no different, The simple rule to succeed in teaching is be a good learner by self and motivate many others with your own thoughts and knowledge. Dr.T.V.Rao MD, Professor of Microbiology, free-lance writer

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